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Wu gtrnty gtsfc-ran.
At Ross' Opera House.
Miss Grace Hawthorne and her
To-night, Miss Grace Hawthorne
in "Queen3," at Boss1 opera house.
A. B. Thompson advertises fresh
fish, game, etc., at the Columbia mar
ket. Reserved seats for the Grace Haw
thorne theatrical entertainment nt
the New York Novelty store.
It is desired by the management it
be stated that this afternoon and to
night the theater will be comfortably
Tickets for the concert and enter
tainment by Cashing Post Cornet
band, can be had at the New York
Novelty store.
There will be a matinee at the op
era house this evening when the
emotional drama of !East Lynue"
will be produced.
Children can procure reserved seats
for twenty-five cents to the entertain
ment to be given by Cushing Post
Cornet band at Ros3 opera house
next Tuesday evening.
People who had overcoats and
wraps at the theater last night, found
them useful. The building needs
heating, and something on the floors
and on the stairs, to deaden the
sound of feet.
The official figures of the salmon
pack ofthe Fraser river for the past
season is 87,330 cases; of other rivers
in British Columbia, 18,800, making a
total of 106,130, a shortage of 32,815
as compared with the pack of 1884.
Among the Tacomaites indicted by
the Vancouver grand jury was John
A. Comerford, late editor of the Ledg
er. As Mr. Comerford is now en
route for Valparaiso, the Chronicle
thinks the warrant will hardly be
served unless an oxtradition treaty
exists with Chili.
If you, as a business man, could
get along and transact your business
with three clerks, would you pay six?
If it were folly in you, as a private
individual to employ twice as many
as you have need for, what is it in
the city council to allow twice as
many policemen as there is need for?
O. Sovey, D. Hart and F. D. Win
ton went to the office of the city aud
itor and clerk yesterlay afternoon,
the former stating his desire to qual
ify as councilman elect The request
was refused, the reason given being
that the records of the last council
meeting stated that the mayor had
decided that he was not elected.
Besides being a success as a mill
man, J. C. Trullinger has an inventive
mind that manifests itself in various
useful improvements. One of his
more recent inventions is a new sys
tem of building the wheel of a stern
wheel steamboat. It consists in a
peculiar arrangement of the paddle
boards whereby the usual jar is al
most entirely obviated.
Section 35, chapter V of the city
charter says: "A majority of the
whole number constituting the coun
cil, as then provided by law, is a ma
jority of the council or members
thereof, within the meaning of this
act and not otherwise, unless express
ly so provided. The concurrence of
a majority of a quorum is a sufficient
majority to determine any question
or matter, other than the final pass
age of an ordinance, and the appoint
ment or removal of an officer."
The Oregon state board of immi
gration has issued a pamphlet of 64
pages entitled "Oregon as it is." It
claims to be authentic and asserts
that its statements are "solid facts."
It says that ocean steamers and ships
drawing twenty-two feet arrive at
Portland and depart therefrom, and
in a list of "other towns" mentions
Astoria last on the list It gives
Clatsop county the proportional
prominence due a count)' that is rep
resented at Salem by one-half o a
representative and one-third of a
senator, and blows loudly the trum
pet of southern Oregon. It says the
Daily and Weekly Gateway Herald
is published in Astoria, and appears
to be equally reliable in other re
speots. The taxpapers of Clatsop
county pay their full share of the
5,000 which is appropriated for this
institution, one of whose alleged du
ties is the publication of "facts."
Preaching in the Swedish language
in the Episcopal chapel, upper Astoria,
on Sunday, at 10:30 and 7:30, and in
the English language in the same place,
Thursday evening at 7:30.
Tailor System of Dress Cutting.
A teacher of the tailor system of dress
cutting, also all kinds or useful fancy
work, will be in Astoria shortly to give
lessons. Terms S20 per scholar. After
learning will inform pupils where they
can find ready sale for their fancy work.
Applications may he made to Miss L.
Bayer, care Astorian office.
For Rent
The store next door to Empire Store.
Apply to Carl Adler.
One hundred thousand Envelopes jus
received from factory east, will he sold
for S1.50 per thousand at Adler's Book
store. Books and stationery at prices
that will astonish buyers. My stock of
Holiday goods is now on the wav from
the east.
Parties wishing spars or piling of any
size or length can be supplied uv leav
ing orders with J. H. D. Gra y.
School Books 20 per cent less than
any other place at Adler's.
juts, uaies nas reiurneu ana win give
lessons in embroideries for a few weeks
lor the holiday trade. Also does the
indelible stamping, waranted not to
rub off.
Our Home and Fireside Magazine,
25 oleographs and 12 large engravings
free to every subscriber, all for the sum
of one dollar. An entire new develop develep
ment: you don't pay till you get the
premiums; now to be seen at Carl Ad
ler's. sole agent.
Is three a majority of five?
What made Councilman Dealy re
sign? Who is going to be councilman
from tho rst ward?
Who is going to be councilman
from the second ward?
Who is going to bo brought out as
a candidate for mayor?
Who is likely to bo chief of police
in case the trade is made?
How long before we can get the
steamer mail re-established?
Are you going to have tho electric
light in your place of business?
Will the present legislature give
Clatsop connty just representation at
When will the freight consignees
in the Queen, of the Pacific case get
their money?
At the present rate of filling up
how long will it be before the chan
nel will need dredging?
If three policemen were enough in
November, 1883, what is the need of
Will there be another raise in all
the city officers' salaries (except tho
chief of police) after the next elec
tion? Where is tho neiid or what is the
good of mixing party affairs in the
selection of municipal officers next
Is it not possible to run this city
cheaper in 18SG and 1837, than it was
in 1884 and 1885? What are you go
iug to do about it?
The funeral of John McCuIlough
took place at Philadelphia last Thurs
day. Mabone is going to leave Virginia
and will locate in tho Bed river val
ley, Dakota.
Now York Chinese merchants have
thanked President Cleveland for his
recent proclamation.
The governor-general of Canada
has ordered that Biel shall be hanged
at nine o'clock a. jr., the 16th inst.
The free trade conference at Chi
cago demands "free ships and the ab
olition of our restrictive navigation
The Louisville,Ky., E ceniug Times
proposes that southern soldiers shall
raise funds for a monument to the
memory of Gen. Grant.
The pope has issued an encyclical
letter -which attracts great attention.
He exhorts Catholics to "devote care
ful attention to public matters, to
take an active part in all municipal
affairs and elections, and to make
themselves felt as active elements in
daily political life."
Secretary Bayard has requested
Secretary Whitney to seud a man-of-war
to the Samoan islands, for the
purpose of opening communication
with that government. Tho in
habitants are Christians, mostly
Presbyterians. The country is under
protection of the United States.
King Thebaw of Burmah has de
clared war against England. For
eigners are not allowed to leave and
will not be molested until invaders
cross the frontier when all European
residents are to be slain. The Brit
ish expeditionary force will .cross the
Burmese frontier to-morrow.
Tho jury iu the second case of the
United States vs. Daniel Hughes, for
alleged murder cf Chinamen at
Squak, came into court nt Seattle
Thursday morning with a verdict of
not guilty. Court convoned at 9, to
try caso third, of DeWitt B. Burasoy,
also one of the seven indicted for
murder. Should the jury not con
vict in this case, a nolle pros, will
probably be entered in the case of
tho remaining four.
A railroad wreck occurred at Blue
stono quarry on the B. ic O. railway
Thursday morning. Train No. 12,
the through express from Baltimore
to Pittsburg, consisting of a sleeper,
two coaches, two baggage and one
express car, ran into a misplaced
switch and was completely wrecked.
Tho sleeper rolled over the embank
ment into the Yonghiogheny river.
The other cars were upset and the
whole train detached from the engine.
Sixteen persons were injnred, but
none were killed outright
A project for the establishment of
a line of fast ocean steamers between
Fort Pend bay, L. L, and a point on
the west coast of Ireland is being
actively pushed by President Corbin
and directors of the Long Island
railway. Plans are being prepared
for a number of steamers of 7,000
tons, to cost Sl,500,000 each. A peti
tion has already been prepared,
which is intended to bo presented to
congress during the coming session,
asking lor a subsidy for carrying
mails. It is proposed to have the
line a strictly American one iu every
respect, the vessels to be constructed
iu American yards.
The Edward Perry has arrived
The captain of the ship Dashing
Wave, which arrived at San Francis
co on Tuesday from Tacoma, reports
speaking the schooner Dakota, No
vember 1, in latitude -18 8' north,
longitude 126 30' west. She had
lost her main and mizzen-masts and
shifted her cargo on tho night of Oc
tober 30. The assistance of the Dash
ing Wave was refused. Two days
later the Dashing Wave's captain ex
perienced the heaviest gale he had
ever encountered, and thinks that it
it reached the Dakota she must in
evitably have been lost. The Dakota
was bound from Puget sound to San
Pedro with lumber.
BucklcnTs Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve i n the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores.Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It Is guaranteed to give
Perfect satisfaction, or money refunded,
rice 25 cents per box. For sa le by W
E. Dement & Co.
Iu the house, on the 12th, bill No.
41, by Lewis was introduced creat
ing the seventh judicial district
of Crook, Gilliam, Morrow and
Wasco. Bill provides that terms
of court be held in the respective
counties of tho fifth judicial district
as follews:
Fifth district: Clatsop county
Second Monday in January, third
Monday in May and first Monday in
September. Columbia On Wednes
day after the first Monday in May.
Ciackamas Third Monday in April
and second Monday in November.
Washington Second Monday in
June and first Monday in September.
Leinenweber introduced bill No. 51
making it unlawful to sell canned
salmon when it is not stated on the
label the name of the packer, and
whether fall or spring salmon, and
providing punishment for violation
by a fine of S5 for each can or pack
age disposed of.
Geer introduced bill No. 59 to pre
vent prize fighting. This bill is
similar to such bilk in other states.
Black offered, by permission, house
bill 47, providing for the appointment
of :i commission to prepare an assess
ment law to be submitted to the next
legislature. Under snspended rules
tho bill went to its third reading.
Cnsick thought that it was not
necessary, and that the amount it
would cost (1,009) would be money
thrown away.
Black said that the assessment
question was involved, and that it
took lime and stud to organize any
practicable proposition. The legis
lature had shown its inability, in the
brief timeof its sitting, to do this,
and for thus reason he proposed the
commission. The cost would be as
nothing to tho immense benefits of an
equitable assessment system.
The bill passed, with thirty-two
affirmative votes.
Leinenweber offered house bill No.
02, amending the pilot bill, by mak
ing the president of tho pilot com
mission "managing owner" of the
state pilot boat for purposes of regis
tration at the custom house, and oth
er purposes. Leinenweber explained
that this was necessary for the prop
er preparation of papers at the cus
tom house at Astoria, and asked that
the bill go to its third reading under
suspended rules.
Permission was allowed, and tho
bill was passed.
Storey's bill for maintenance of or
der at places of public resort, passed
under suspended rules.
In the senate Miller introduced a
bill providing puuishmentiu peniten
tiary of not less than six months for
malicious or wanton destruction of
private property.
The following bills were also intro intre
duced: Reimbursing certain counties mon
eys paid state of Oregon as taxes on
assessed mortgages as follows Doug
las countv, S2.271.6G; Polk countv,
S2.592.53; Marion county, $1,133.54;
Washington county, S2,577; Clacka
mas countv, S178.62; Umatilla countv,
Providiug for sealer of weights and
measures for the different counties of
the state.
Regulating and restricting the sale !
and smoking of opium. J
Repealing the act apppoiuting aj
board of immigration commissioners
and the appropriation of money for !
immigration purpeses: read twice. j
Providing for the election of a pre-
cinct assessor in each precinct in tho
state, and the abolishment of county '
assessors. '
jumuuiuji iuc luud ui will l"ULCU
ure in relation to attachments. The
bill is to correct an error made iu the
bill passed at the regular session.
Correcting tho bill as to tho man
ner of drawing grand juries, passed
at the last regular session.
Providing for the maintenance of a
county inebriate :isylum in each
count' of the stato, and the course
of treatment It is recommended
that all food, clothing, etc, of the in
mates be impregnated with alcohol,
the idea being that this will cause a
loathing of liquor, and thus perma
nently cure the patient.
To see "Camillo" inevitably sug
gests comparison. The character is
a difficult one to portray, and is in
terpreted by Grace Hawthorue the
shading of the picture is of a differ
ent tone to that adopted by Clara
Morris or Modjeska. The names of
these three actresses must go to
gether in connection with this play
of Dumas, and it isbnt just praise tb
the graceful lady who appeared for
the first time in Astoria last evening,
to say that the merit of her acting is
of the highest degree. The play is
an old one, well-known and hack
neyed. It is one that nearly every
actress thinks she can play, anil
usually fails nt before she finds out
her mistake. The principal charac
ter is a brilliant courtesan who. while
a Phryne to all else would be a
Penelope to the man she loves and
who loTes her. The plot is complex,
the end distressing, and the play one
that few care to see again except at
long intervals. The company is a
small one, is good thronghout and
gives a finuhed performance. This
afternoon Mrs. Henry Wood's emo
tional drama of "East Lynne, or the
Earl's daughter," will be given, and
to-night, "Qneenn."
.1 Startling Discovery.
Physicians are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The factthat Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and all Throat and hung diseases is
daily curing patients that they have
given up to die, is .startling them to re
alize their sense of duty, and examine
into the merits of this wonderful dis
covery; resulting in hundreds of our
best Physicians usinc it In their practice
Trial Bottles free atW.E. Dement &
Co."s Drug Store, Regular size 1.00.
A Grand Army of the Republic badge;
red ribbon with rank bar attached.
Finder will receive two dollars reward
at this office.
W. Lussier oi San Francisco has en
gaged in the photograph business with
Crow the leading photographer.
Tho twenty-seven citizens of Taco
ma who were arrested last Monday
afternoon aro as follews:
Jame3 Wickersham, probate judge;
A. W. Mills, contractor and builder;
A. W. Cone, shoe factory; John Bal
long, contractor and builder; E. G.
Bacon alderman; W. Christie, lumber
dealer; M. Mcxltee, blacksmith; H. A.
Stevens; T. L. Nixon, real estate -and
president Y. M. C. A.; James N. Fer
nandez, contractor and builder;
Frank McGill, policeman; John
Forbe3, capitalist; H. S. Bixier, soda
works; M C, Gillis: Geo. D. Lawson,
editor Tacoma Daily News; J. Ralph
carriage builder; O. J. Anderson,
meat dealer; L. Stimson, meat deal
er; A. Raduezell, contractor and
builder; M. Kaufman, dry goods; H.
C. Patrick, former proprietor of the
News; Dolph Hanna, alderman;
Geo. It Epperson, proprietor Tacoma
New?: C. E. King, photographer;
Ben. Everett, saloon keeper; B. J.
Weisbach, mayor and grocery dealer;
E. Von Schrode, capitalist.
Wednesday morning the prisonors
were brought up before Judge Hoyt
at Vancouver for examination. The
indictments were read, charging the
entire party with the violation of the
Burlingame treaty, and with insur
rection and conspiracy. Hon. J. P.
Judson, counsel for tho defense,
asked for a change of venire, and
Judge Hoyt took the motion under
consideration. The question of bail
then came up, and Mr. Judson in
formed the court that each man was
ready with a S20.000 bond. Judgo
Hoyt then fixed the bail at 85,000,
and the permission was granted to
allow the bail to be furnished at Ta
coma. If the bail was given at Van
couver the parties would hare to pay
their own expenses to Tacoma, and
they thought that so long as the gov
ernment arrested them without jus
tifiable cause it should at least be
compelled to furnish transportation
expenses. Marshal George then took
tho party in charge, nominally, and
bronght them to Portland.
They informed a reporter of the
Standard that their arrest was made
at tho instigation of tho Tacoma
national bank. General Sprague is
oneoftheKrupp guns of that institu
tion, and he has wielded for many
years the most aristocratic power in
the management of the municipal
affairs of Tacoma. He began to
believe that people there had no
right to think or to act without his
gracious sanction, and when the
citizens took an independent stand in
the matter of the expulsion of the
Chinese, General Sprague became
grievously indignant, and resolved to
have his revenge. This we are assur
ed from many sources is the history
of the present arrest iu a nutshell,
One thing which conclusively shows
the status of the men arrested is the
fact that they were able to produce
before the court an affidavit from the
county treasurer of Pierce county
showing that the valuation of their
assessable property amounted in tho
aggregate to one quarter of a million
of dollars. The witnesses brought to
testify against them do not pay taxes
on more than 5,000.
A check for $7,500 purporting to ba.
drawn by B. M. Steele was received
by the Portland Savings bank from
its correspondent in San Francisco,
the Pacific bank, for payment, on
Wednesday evening. It was seen at
first glance to be a forgery. It is
drawn on a blank of the Willamette
Savings bank, the word Willamette
having been erased and the word
Portland written above it It is dat
ed October 9, and to a certification
stamped across the face the nams of
R. L. Durham has been forged. On
the back is indorsed the name of R.
M. Steele, and under that, Union Con
tract company, and Calvin Pratt. As
one of the forged checks mentioned
in a dispatch from Pendleton yester
day, as having been received at the
First National bank there, from the
Pacific bank, was signed Union Con
tract company, and Calvin Pratt, the
forgeries are probably all by the same
person, and arc supposed to be the
work of Pratt There appears to havo
been no attempt to imitate the Big
natures of Mr. Steele orMr. Durham.
The three eudorsements are all in the
same handwriting as the signature of
Pratt. It is impossible to say upon
whom the loss will fall, as it it is not
known whether the check was nego
tiated at the Pacific bank or received
on deposit from some customer who
had negotiated it. The bank was at
once notified by telegraph of the
forgery, but nothing has been heard
in reply.
Calviu Pratt is well known hero,
having been an engineer employed by
the Oregon Railway & Navigation
company 10 make measurements and
pass upon the work of constructing
tho Palouse branch of their road. He
was brought back after ho had left
here to explain some crookedness,
which was allowed to pass as a mis
take. He had an account with the
Willamette Saving bank, and the
blank on whi 'h the forged check is
made was probably taken from a
check book he had at that time.
The Portland Savings bank a day
or two since received a dispatch from
the Second National bank of New
York, inquiring if F. Dekunm was
authorized to refer to it. It looks as
if some one was trying to play some
queer business in New York, using
the name of Frank Dekum, president
of the Portland Savings bank. ure
gonian, 13.
Mr. Pratt will be remembered in
Astoria as the heavy gentleman who
so fluently represented to the Astoria
chamber of commerce his views and
plans about two years ago regarding
the advantages to be derived from
building the railroad from a point
opposite Kalama to this city.
Amongst our eastern shipment of
goods just received at Adler's, is a beau
tiful willow carriage with double top,
which can be used summer and winter;
also a few of those handy house-carnages.
On account of remodeling the
store the Bohemian wares will not he
unpacked vet Look out for new goods
to arrive daily from the east at Adler's
Crvstal Palact.
"'Ek? 5?vo "wOB 'ertHHes, aad
U hat They Sayabout Stage Lire.
"Billy" Emerson has recently
made a phenomenal success in Aus
tralia, and is rich.
Emerson was born at Belfast in
1846. Ho began his career with Joe
Sweeney's minstrels in Washington
in 1857. Later on he jumped into
prominence in connection with New
comb's minstrels, with whom he vis
ited Germany. He visited Australia
in 1S74, .ind on his return to America
joined Haverley's minstrels in San
Francisco at $500 a week and expen
ses. With this troupe he plaved be
fore her majesty the queen, the
Prince of Wales, and royalty gener
ally. After this trip he leased the
Standard Theater, San Franoaco,
where for three years he did the
largest business ever known to min
strelsy, la April last he want to
Australiaagain.where he has "beaten
the record."
"Billy" is a very handsome fellow,
an excellent sieger, dances grace
fully, and is a true humorist.
"Yes, sir, I have traveled all over
the world, have met all sorts of peo
ple, come in contact with all sorts of
customs, and had all sorts of experi
ences. One must have.a constitution
like a locomotive to stand it."
"Yes, I know I seem to bear it like
a major, and I do, but I tell you can
didly that with the perpetual change
of diet, water, and climate, if I had
not maintained my vigor with regular
use of Warner's Safe Cure, I should
have gone under long ago."
George H. Primrose, whoso name
is known in every amusement circle
in America, is even more emphatic,
if possible, than "Billy" Emerson
in commendation of the" same article
to sporting and traveling men gen
erally, among whom it is a great fa
Emerson has grown rich, on the
boards and so has Primrose, because
they have not squandered the pub
lic's "favors." Stage Whispers.
A very singular accident took place
a few day3 ago at Westport. A can
exploded and hurt three men. S. S.
Whitowas showing his Colts rifle.
which is said to be a recent invention,
and capable of being fired very rapid
ly. Mr. Shirley, to test it, fired it at
a target, when all the cartridges in
tho magazine exploded and burst the
gun into fragments. One niece hit
Frank Lovell, on the leg, while others
also were struck by flying fragments.
Proper Treatment for Co u gits.
That the reader mav f till v understand
what constitutes a good Couch and
Lung Syrup, we will say that Tar and
Wild Cherry Is the base of the best rem
edies yet discovered. These Ingredi
ents with several others equally as effi
cacious, enter largely into Dr.Bosanko's
Cough and Luug Syrup, thus making it
one of the most reliable now on the mar
ket. Price 50 cts. and 31.00. Samples
free. Sold by J. W. Conn.
In delicate health and all who suffer
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?leasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of
'igs more easily taken, and'more bene
ficial in effect than any other remedy.
It acts promptly yet eentlv on the Bow
els, kidneys. LiYer and Stomach, and
does not sicken or debilitate. For sale
by W. E. Dement & Co.
Amongst the large stock just received
from the east at Adler's Bookstore is a
beautiful lot of Illuminated Note Paper.
specially ordered for this place, which
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manufacturer will be sold at the ex
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teed quality. A full stock ; new goods
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Syrup orFJgs.
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Fig Syrup Co. San Francisco Cat is
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olds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
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Furltcr House, Main St.,
For a flrst-class Shave, scientific Hair-cut.
and hygienic Sliainpoo.-etc.
Alter September 1st I will uo prepared to
manufacture all kinds of hair work.
II. Da PAHK, Prop.
Pine Stationery, Blank Books, School Books and Supplies,
Musical Instruments. Sheet Music and general variety of Novelties.
All Publications Received as soon as Published.
atrxsMiT ec.
All kinds of new Guns made to order.
Breech-loading Guns made from Muzzle
loaders. All repairs done prompt and cheap.
.First class work guaranteed. Address letters
Care of John Kopp, Astoria, Or.
MaDconald & Mcintosh's.
New Dress Goods,
New Suitings,
New Wraps,
New Trimmings,
New Underwear,
New Gloves,
Xew Flannels, Etc., Etc.
Carry in Stock,
Prescriptions carefully Compounded
Furniture and Upholstering,
Mattresses Made and Repaired.
Paper Hanging. Carpets Sewed
and Laid.
Furniture Sold on Commission.
Sum, corner Main and Jefferson Street.