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The Clara Parker will bo down io
lay. The Oretjon is due this morning
from San Francisco. The Male sails.
Geo. T. Myers is reported to be gel
ting ready to build a cannery at 11
waco next season.
Game is getting plenty. A fine
pheasant flew into 3. Y. Welch's
kitchen yesterday.
Reports from the Chehalis river
say that salmon are running light,
but enough are caught to keep the
cannery busy.
The Mereia came down yesterday:
the llespigadera, City of Florenrr,
City of Hankow, and (Jrisodah- go up
stream to-day.
W. C. Tweedale, G. M., of L O. O.
J1., for Oregon will visit Beaver lodge
next Thursday night. A full attend
ance is desired.
Geo. Spero, the Greek who was in
jured by a falling tree at Skamokwa
last Thursday, died at the hospital
in this city yesterday afternoon.
Capt. 1. P. Whitcomb, formerly of
the Uoc. Newell, on Gray's harbor,
has been appointed first officer on
the steamer Urdway, plying between
here and Portland.
Another boat race is announced to
bo sailed on the 5th of November, at
ten a. m., between Chas. Wood, 3L J.
Anderson, and Jas. Doyle. The race
will be for 100 a side. It is proba
ble several others may enter on the
same terms.
The Oregonian takes time by the
fetlock and suggests tu members of
the legislature that they bring their
knives with them. Something to
whittle would come handy, too. 'Tis
mighty bard to close a trade without
something to whittle.
The work of issuing certificates to
Chinamen aboard the Coloma fin
ished yesterday. Of the 350 aboard,
330 realized the cash value of the cer
tificates and demanded them. Capt.
Noyes cleared yesterday and will
start to-day on his sixteenth voyage
to China.
The choicest and finest fruit, the
juciest and freshest that arrives is
daily to be found at J. "SV. Bottom's,
next door to the Seaside bakery.
Heyneman's Punch cigar, the best
for the price in the city, to be had at
J. "W. Bottom's Virginia cigar and
tobacco store. Try them and you will
use no other.
The British ships City of Hankow,
1,185, Muir master, 11 days from San
Francisco, llespigadera, 1.G29, Pur
cell master, 52 days from Sydney,
Durisdeer, 989, "Webster master. 81
days from Otago, the CriseduJe, pre
viously reported, and the MacDi
armid, L5G0, Constable master, GO
days from Sydney, arrived in yester
day. Arrangements have been made lor
a fight between Tom "Ward and Larry
Sullivan for $250 a side, with bare
knuckles to a finish, London prize
ring rules, to bo fought in the same
ring immediately after the Dempsey
Campbell fight on the 2nd prox.
Ward ought to have no difficulty in
giving Sullivan all he wants and a
little more. An excursion boat will
leave here the morning of the fight.
United States district attorney
Watson has libeled the British ship
Earl Derby, moored at the Albina
wharf, for alleged negligence to keep
any light burning at night. It is said
by some that the absence of light on
board the vessel was the cause of the
Willamette's grounding on the 11th.
Others say differently. It appears
that the vessel though tied at the
dock was in the channel. It is to be
regretted that the channel up there
is so narrow.
A'movomeut is on foot to secure a
good wagon road from llaiuier to the
Nehalem valley. Such a road would
be of untold benefit to Haulier and
the entire Nehalem country, and
those interested should be unsparing
of both time and money to complete
it It would traverse a better section
of country than either of the roads
now laid out, besides possessing the
advantage of being more direct and
having much lighter grades. As it is
now, it takes a resident of the Ne
halem two days to come out to any of
the river landings and return home,
and for the greater part of the year
he cannot even do this with anything
of a load; but if a road were put
through from Bainier the round trip
could easily be made in a day with a
good load. Wo understand that the
Kellogg and Telephone transporta
tion companies are willing to aid lib
erally in this matter, and in addition
each man who works five days on the
road will receive a free pass to and
from Portland, for himself and fam
ily, upon tho steamer Telephone, on
the completion of the road. Oregon
J will pay S." to any person who will
bring my Bed Irish Setter dog home.
Ocean Encampment No. i:t,
1. O. O. F., a full attendance is desire
able at the regular meeting to-morrow
evening as business of importance is to
be transacted. By order. C. P.
Special Notice, f . O. O. F.
Members of Beaver Lodge No. 35, 1. 0.
O. F., and sojourning Bros, in good
standing arc hereby notified that 15ro.
W. C. Tweedale, G. M. of Oregon, will
visit Beaver Lodge No. :ir in an official
capacity on Thursday evening, October
29th, 1885, and a full attendance of the
members is requested on that evening.
T.S. Jkwett.
Kec Se-
Astoria, October 24th, 1883.
Fresli Goodwin Butter
And a full assortment of staple and
fancy groceries always on hand at 1).
L. Beck & Son's.
School Books 20 per cent less than
any other place at Adler's.
After plowing the stormy main for
twenty-eight yeans the Shubrwk is
about to go out of service, and unless
urgent occasion positively requires it
it js not likely she will go" on outside
duty any more. Sometime ago it be
came evident that apart from the re-
reqmrcu emcieuey oi tno service,
that common safety required a new
vessel in this 13th lighthouse dis
trict. Accordingly a new vessel, the
Madron', was built, at a cost of S73,
000. The appropriation was made
for this district, and the Mudrona
was intended for this district, but
just before being relieved, Capfc. Dav
is, the late inspector of this district,
kindly recommended the department
to send the Madroua to San Francis
co, which was dene: tho Munzanita
will take the place of the Shubrick
and will be brought up here after the
arrival of the Madrona which is now
on her way to San Francisco and is
expected to arrive there sometime
next January. The Madrona is just
the vessel needed for this northwest
coast, and but for the officiousness of
Capt. Davis she would have been
sent here, for which place she was
built. This district needs a staunch
vessel; there are over 200 buoys to
look after along a stormy stretch of
coast; the Manzanita is a stout little
vessel of some 320 tons burthen and
is vastly superior to tho poor old
Shnbrh-k which has weathered many
a gale and buffeted the storms for
nearly a generation.
At noon j'esterday the fishing boats
that had entered for the prizes of
fered by .TefTof the Telephone saloon,
took their places in the stream oppo
site Wilson & Fisher's dock. The
wind came in puffs from the west;
there being hardly enough to make
the start exciting. The boats were
started at intervals of one minute,
each one standing straight up stream
for the spar buoy. 3L J. Anderson
of boat No. 12, lost his tiller just af
ter starting, and using an oar for a
rudder put in to shore after a new
tiller which he shipped and started
out again, too late, however, to stand
much show of winning.
By the time the boats had tacked
down toward Smith's Point the breeze
freshened considerably, and the homo
race was a good one. Tho start and
finish of the winning boats wore as
Start. Arrival.
h. in. It. in. s.
JJoat No. !: 12: 7 :::20:40
Boat No.:?: VJ: 1 ;!:23:2r
Boat No. i), entered by II. Jones,
won first prize, a silver watch worth
$35 and S25 in cein: boat No. .3, en
tered by W. Wilson, took second
prize, entrance money less expenses.
The prizes were handed over imme
diately after the race. Pools were
sold to the amount of $300.
Jiitt a Improbable.
Ever siuce tho Alaskan came out
here the newspapers have, everv
month or so, disposed of her and
stated just what she was going to do.
Lately it was stated that she was to
be sold to the Canadian Pacific rail
road company. Now it is denied by
Manager Prescott of the O. IX. A: N.
Co., whereupon comes tho rumor
that she is to be put on between
Portland and the seaside next season.
It would bo a splendid idea aud
would be a great accommodation all
round, but that is just as improbable
as the other story. Sho would cost
too much to run, and would be a fail
ure financially from tho start. The
fact of the matter is, the Alaskan is
about as near being a whito elephant
as the north Pacific coast will prob
ably ever see.
After Many Dav.
Jacob Underbill received informa
tion yesterdav, savs the Oregonian,
that his claim of SS,000 againgj the
government, for war insurauce paid
upon merchandise, had been allowed,
together with five per cent interest.
This claim was based on the Geneva
award in the Alabama case. The
principal aud interest amount to
something over S1G.000, which will
enable the gray-haired argonaut to
pass the renvtiner of his davs in com
fort. Simon AlcKeuzie is making rapid
headway on the schooner, Uenesta,
build iug a short distance below Ilvra
co. Some of our seafaring men claim
that a schooner, clinker built, cannot
stand the bar, but Mr. McKenzio
claims that such boats built in Eu
rope, that are used for deep sea fish
ing, are more durable and better sea
boats than any other model, and that
the Uenesta will be a success. The
building of such boats for fishing off
the bar, is of course something new
for Columbia river men, and they are
anxious to see the new vessel tried.- -Ilwaoo
Corr. Pacific Journal.
Major Bogers, commanding at Fort
Canby, has taken possession of Saud
Inland and all its appurtenances, in
the way of fish houses, net racks, etc.,
in the name of the United States,
and proposes to exclude trespassers
therefrom in the future. Sand Is
land is reserved by the general gov
ernment, and the major proposes that
in the futnre it shall not be used as
private property by any one. Patijic
Preaching in the Swedish language
every Sunday in the Episcopal Chapel,
upper Astoria, on the hill near the
Swedish Lutheran Church. Morning at
10:20; evening at IZ'fi. Swedes. Nor
wegians and Danes, and all who under
stand the Swedish language are cordial
ly invited.
Fall and Winter Goods.
New Suitings. Fine Underwear, and
the latest stvles iu Scarfs and Ties just
received at "Mcintosh's furnishing store.
Parties wishing spars or piling of any
size or length can be supplied by leav
ing orders with J. U. D. Gray.
The Crnie tr the "Ccnvin" in Arctic
It is refreshing in these hard, mon
er-grabbing days, to readso thrilling a
tale of adventure as the cruise of. the
Corwin, which arrived on Monday
from the Arctic regions. Tho author
of the "Wreck of the Grosvenor"
neTer wrote anything more exciting
than the log of this gallant craft
It was on the 1st of July that the
Corwin broke through the ice at the
mouth of Kotzebue sound, northeast
of Behring'a straits. At the head of
the sound she landed two parties to
explore the Noatak and another arc
tic river. Having sent them off,
through slush and ice, she pushed
farther north, and succeeded in res
cuing a disabled bark which was ly
ing helpless inside of the arctic circle.
When she had towed her to a place
of safety the officers returned to their
scientific duties, and crossing the
straits, succeeded in mapping out
Mechigme bay, in Siberia, which is
laid down in Petroff's map, bnt
of which no survey has been made.
Here they found a landlocked harbor,
with fourteen fathoms on the bar, an
importaut discovery for whalers. .Re
crossing the straits, the Corwin
struck the whaling fleet of Wain
wright islaud in latitude 71 degrees
north. She came just in time. Al
though it was in the second week of
August, an arctic storm burst upon
the fleet shortly after the revenue
cutter came to anchor. Half a dozen
men from the whaler Abraham Jlar
kcr were visiting the Corwin as the
gale began. They endeavored to re
gain their ship in their boat, but tho
sea was too heavy, aud tho boat cap
sized close to the llarker. The offi
cer of the deck on the Corwin
hastily ordered a rescue party to put
out in a boat. Third Lieutenant
Kennedy tumbled into it as it swung
clear of the davits, without stopping
to change his clothes, find it arrived
in time to rescue every one of the
drowning mon. Then the galo rose
higher, and the cables of tho two whal
ers parted and they drifted ashore.
The crew or the George and Susan
launched their boats, but they were
cracked like shells against the side of
the ship, throwing tho men into the
water. Again tho Corwin sent out a
rescue partv, and of tho whole ship's
crew only three were lost The crew
of the other whaler got safely to land,
aud were taken off next day by the
revenue cutter. All through that
awful storm the little revenue cutter
stood by the whalers, some of whom
had lost their anchors and were drift
ing blindlv, while others had suffered
in their rigging. When tho gale went
down tho Corwui had added forty
nine men to her complement, rescued
from death.
Meanwhile the exploring parties
had been doiug good work. Lieu
tenant Cautwell traced the Kowak
river, which is only just indicated on
the goverment map, to a portage
which leads to the head waters of
the Koyukuk, a confluent of the Yu
kon. To do this he and his party
had to wade for days together in the
waters up to their waists, pushing
their skin boats before them. En
gineer McLenegau performed a like
service on the Noitah, a considerable
river which is represented on PetofFs
map as rising in 155 and emptying
itself into Kotzebue sound. Tho du
ty was so perilous that none of the
natives were willing to accompany
the engineer. Ha and a siuglo sea
man ascended. the river for a dis
tance of 400 miles from its mouth,
through rapids and shoals full of
broken ice. sometimes wadiug, some
times paddliug a long skin canoe,
and returned in safety, having con
tributed cot a little to onrknowledge
of that inhospitable couutry.
Altogether, the cruise of the Cor
win is a feather iu the cap of the
treasury department which shonld
make some of our navy parlor sailors
blush with envy. S. F. ('hronirlf.
ilnvlilvi's Arnica Salve.
Tin: 1kst in the world for
Cuts, lnusps.Sorts.riivr.-.Salt Rheum,
I'ever Snies. Tetter. I'ltnppt'd Hands
Chilblains. Corns, and nil Skin Kiup-
tioii.x. ami puMtivi'ly cure J'lles, or no
pa ivijnired. it iguaranttTd to giw
perfcrt satisfaction, r iitonev refunded.
net' 'Si cents imt Im.v. l or sa Ui !v v.
K. Dement & Co
XjTup ofFis.
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Fig Syrup Co. San" Fnuii'isco Cat is
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pleasant, prompt ami effective remedy
known, to cleanse the system: to act on,
the Lier. Kidneys and" Bowels gently
yet thoroughly; to dispel Ileadaehs,
Colds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion aud kindred ills.
Warranty deeds, mortgages, etc. A
full line of 'legal blanks on baud at this
Heudy for Kiisiness.
For a good cup of coffee or a plate of
line oysters go to Frank Fabrc's Coffee
House; opposite M.C.Crosby's.
You Tliililc that -Icfl
The Chop House
(Jives you a meal for nothing, and a
glass of something to drink V "Not
much H but he gives a better meal and
more of it than any place in town for
25 cer.Ls. He buys by the wholesale and
pays cash. "That settles it."
W. Lussier oi San Francisco has en
gaged in the photograph business with
Crow the leaning photographer.
All the patent medicines advertised
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perfumery, ami toilet articles, etc can
it bomjht at the lowest prices, at J. W.
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Shilolfs Cough anu Consumption
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Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. Sold
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Washikgtox, Oct 18. The Sun
day Herald prints the following to te
day: There aro really somo pathetic
cases among tho office seekers hero.
A poor fellow was telling me his sto
ry the other day. He is from the Pa
ciBc coast He was sent as a dele
gate to the Democratic national con
vention. Ho rotsd for Cleveland
first, last and all the time. Ho has
several letters in his possession from
Cleveland and several from Colonel
Lamont, acknowledging his services
during the campaign. He came here
with strong indorsements in June
last, and has remained ever since.
He is so far from home that he can
not afford to go back and forth, and
believed he would be recognized. He
talked as follews: "Here I am this
cold, rainy night with a summer snit
of clothes on, without an overcoat,
with my shoes worn out I have
been here since June. I received a
letter from my wife to-day, saying
that tho rent is due aud long past
due on our house, and that she needs
money. I havo none to send her. I
have none for myself. I have not so
much as a five-cent piece. When I
started to the national convention at
Chicago last year I had a bank ac
count of $3,000. I have now nothing.
God knows what I shall do. They
offer me a 1,000 position. What a
come-down that is for a national or
ator. I can't afford to take anything
of that kind." And so he stays and
hopes, and the wife and babie3 m the
far-away Pacific land long for his re
turn. There are a number of similar
The tents at Ocean Grove camp
meeting were large and neatly fur
nished, and back of each tent was a
frame kitchen. These rows of tents
were not more than twenty yards
from the tabernacle, and being quite
close together, tho conversation that
took place in one tent could be heard
iu tho next
There was, of course, a good deal
of pious flirting going on, and a
youug couple had becomo engaged
somehow or other. Before retiring
to his tent the young man. whose
namo was Jim, convorsed with Carrie
somewhat after this fashien:
"Now, Carrie, let me seal that vow
before 1 go."
"No, James, I cannot think of it.
Indeed it would bo quite wrong.
What would Deacon Smith say?''
"But Carrie, wo are engaged now.
Let me seal that vow, Carrie."
"No, James, it would not bo prop
er' "Come, Carrio, let mo seal that
Just at this crisis the voice of Car
rie's brother was heard in tho back
part of the tent, for ho lifted it up
and said:
"For goodness sake, Carrie, lot
Jim seal that vow, or none of us will
got a wink of sleep to-night"
The vow was sealed. Texas Sif't
ings. Wild Cherry auil Tar.
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bouse tor Coughs. Colds. Croun and
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Cheap Single I5cI.sica!s
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st reels.
lu delicate health and all who suffer
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Figs more, easily taken, ami more bene
ficial in effect than any other remedy.
It nets promptly yet gently on the Bow
els, kidneys. Liver aud Stomach, and
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The Tables Supplied with the
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Itund MaiVM. Scroll Srws.
Rubber and Leather Belting:,
I was surprised on taking possession
of the archives and property of the
American legation in Sweden to find
there was no American Hag there. On
inquiry i ascertained that foreign min
isters never displayed their countries'
flag at the Swedish capital, and that to
hoist our banner would be considered a
breach of diplomatic etiquet. But it
seemed to me that this diplomatic cus
tom was one "hotter honored in the
breach than the observance" so when
November 0 came around, the anniver
sary of the day when Sweden's greatest
king, Gustavus Adolphus, fell "at Lut
zen, and when great bands of singers
bearing banners, marched through the
crowded streets to the mausolem, where
nes emomueu tins lion or. the north"
and sung paeans In his praise, it so hap
pened that the stars aud stripes were
run up from the American legation in
honor of this idol of the Swedish heart.
This act was approved by the Swedish
people. The Swedish newspapers ap
plauded "A tribute at once beautiful
yet simple, as became the reputation of
a republic." After this our banner
floated unchallenged on Washington's
uuuiua,). -uuniuuui u;iy, inu xouriu ui
July and our other holidavs. Hut 1
hoisted it impartially; if the" flag went
up February 22, it would also fly out on
the birthday of Kinir Oscar, and the
star spangled banner was flung out
aiiKe on the holidays ot Sweden and
America. Many times some American
traveler has dropped into the legation
to say, ! don't want to bother you, and
I've got no business here, but I'm an
American, and I just called to thank
you for giving me a sight of the old flag
way up here in the North."' American
goods are quite common. 1 sent .out
one day for a lock for mv door and they
brought back a Yale lock made in Con
necticut. At every stationer's you find
the Eagle lead pencil. There is not a
town of any considerable size in Swe
den where canned lobsters packed bv
our own Portland Packing company
are not sold; and the same may be said
of our western canifed corned beef.
American apples are printed on the
bills of fare of nearly all the eating
houses in the kingdom, and I have
eaten many an apple in Scandinavia
that I will take my oath came from the
state of Maine; or else my boyish sense
of taste and smell, acquired partly in
orchards not my own, has deserted me.
Then we export to Sweden leather, ag
ricultural implements, petroleum, grain,
flour, and those thousand and one arti
cles that come under the prolific head of
Yankee notions. Why you can scarcely
go into a well-to-do 'Swedish farmer's
house without seeing hanging on the
wall an American clock, frequently
embellished with an engraving of
George Washington; and every farmer's
and fisher's cot in Scandinavia is lighted
at night with American kerosene. Er
Minlstcr Tliornton.
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Is of Superior Quality, and is Endorsed
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Hole Aseuta lor Astoria.
Anil others who want to keep an exact copy
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accommodated at
The Astorian Job Office.
Copying Ink
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iu any ordinary copying press.
Bills of Lading.
Letter and Note Heads.
And all kinds of work that usually requires
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Low Rates as Ordinary fort
SB-Call and see samples of our work ata
concern, that I the undersigned have
and do claim the NW ii of section 28, town
ship 8 N, range 8 VT, ICO acres. I request all
parties not to trespass on the above men
tioned land or Its effects, as I have given
sufficient proofs of mv rights through the
United States Land Office in Washington
City. District or Columbia,
LT3 I" i
98 l-Al
s gPfll
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Gents' Furnishing Store!
-The Best Place
In the Tailoring Line I am Showing the Latest Patterns inEaellsh, French
ami American suitin;;s, which will be made up to order First Class or
Equal to AiJj-ih3ii;rin the State!
perfect pi nviiynisEAii:'tiADE
-FITTING- UbU I ivlB'BAiY-tiiiE
In Men's, Youths' and Boys'.
hose a. s-eciAr.T-jr.
-A. Large Assortment of "ttevtml
New Dress Goods,
Newr Suitings, :'
New Wraps, '
New Trimmings,
New Underwear,
New Gloves,
Newr Flannels, Etc., Etc.
Carry In Stock,
Prescriptions carefully Compounded
Furniture and Upholstering,
Mattresses Made and Repaired,
Paper Hanging, Carpets Sewed
and Laid.
Furniture Sold on Commission.
Shop, corner Main and Jefferson Streets.
in the City to Buy-