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AUGUST 18. 1S55
(Monday excepted)
Terms of Subscription.
Served by Carrier, per wcek.........
15c tS.
sent uy aiasi, per montli
" " one year .........,
Free of postage to subscribers.
t3F"Advert4scments Inserted by the year at
the rate of S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
Notice To Advertisers.
The Astoriax guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
This paper is on fde at the. St. Charles
Hotel, Portland, Or.
"The Eajab."
'Do you know?"
Company H, O. S. 31. -will meet at tho
armory at eight this evening.
Last appearance this ovening of the
Madison Square Theater Co. in this city.
The Madison Square Theater company
appear at ltoss' opera house to-night in
Tho Clatsop campers go on the steamor
Sam from Wilson & Fisher's dock at 7:30,
sharp, to-morrow morning.
Tho British ship Portia, James master,
1424, from Cardiff via Port Moody, ar
rived in Sunday afternoon.
Fine musio was supplied by an able or
chestra at tho theater last evening.
There will be equally good musio to
night. Those who saw 'Tho Private Secre
tary" last night will want to see "The
ltajah" to-night. Reserved seats at Carl
Beginning at ten o'clock this morning
E. C. Holden will sell at public auction
all tho furniture of tho Astor house
without reserve.
Tho 0. 11. & N. has conferred on Capt.
I. A. Bailey tho title of post captain.
Masters of all boats of that company re
port to and receive instructions from
Tho usually vivacious Posl-Intclligencer
chronicles tho captnro of a shad near
Seattle last Thursday, that weighed
"fully five pounds." What a whopper
the shad we mean.
There is less snow on Mount Hood at
present than there has been for fifteen
years, and farmers living near by are
considerably alarmed. Largo quantities
of sulphur smoke issue from Crater rock
at times.
George Hennes3oy, aged 14, of Port
land, was drowned near Brookfield last
Saturday. Tho lad had been fishing and
hunting in that locality, and accidentally
fell in the river. Tho body has been re
covered. It is only once in a year that such a
theatrical company as tho Madison
Square Theater company get here. To
Jiight they play "The Rajah." Last
night's great audience will doubtless bo
repeated to-night.
Tho machinery of the steamer North
Pacific, amounting to three carloads, has
been brought from tho Sound and will be
repaired at Portland. The steamer will
be placed on ways at Seattle and fully
repaired. The entire cost will bo 30,001).
The Telephone's dock was crowded Sun
day afternoon, awaiting the arrival of
that flyer. Sho was a little lato on ac
count of the smoke-fog, but finally could
be seen coming through tho clouds off
Hanthorn's cannery, and betting com
menced on her time to opposite landing.
Somo had it 7, 8 and 10 minutes, she
made the run in 7 minutes, 4)4 seconds.
"Way over in New Bedford one's water
bills must be paid in advance, or the wa
ter will be shut off. As the United States
government never pays bills in advance,
tho er-whalers have just been treated to
the edifying sight of tho postofiice and
custom house without water, because one
of tho water uscers complained that the
government was being treated better
than common folks.
"We are requested to state for tho bone
fit of those who havo made inquiry of
the auctioneer regarding the same, that
the fine fire and burglar proof safe, with
chilled steel vault, and which cost 420
new, will be sold to tho highest bidder at
precisely eleven o'clock this morning,
standard time. Immediately after tho
sale of the safe, the handsome- pool and
billiard table, with, outfit complete will
be the next article sold.
Major W. A. Jones and family came
down from Portland Sunday. MajorJones
goes to view the government work at Ft.
Stevens to-day.
Geo. Dorris, Master "Workman of tho
A. O. U. "W., writes that he cannot at
tend the reception to bo given Father
TJpchurch upon his arrival in this city.
Major T. J. Blakenoy returned from
Shoalwatcr bay last evening and goes to
San Francisco on the Oregon to-day.
The bids for tho removal of tho boathouso
at Shoalwater bay life saving station will
be opened upon Major Blakenoy's return.
A good theatrical troupe is always ap
predated in Astoria, and the company
that last evening delighted the vast au
dience at Ross' opera house in "Ihe
Private Secretary," certainly deserved
the enthusiastio applauso with which
they were received.
The irresistible fun of tho play proved
infectious and long before the first act
was concluded everybody was laughing.
As "The Private Secretary" W. H.
Gillette fully sustained his reputation as
a first clas3 comedian. M. A. Kennedy,
as "Old Cattermole" gave an artistic
representation of that oharacter, and
Frank Taunehill Jr., as "Douglas Catter
mole," was equally clever. The rest of
the cast were good throughout. To-night
"Tho Rajah" will bo presented. It is an
other of the Madison Square Company's
specialties and will be given with tho
same care and fidelity as played 230
consecutive nights at their own theater
in New York. Reserved seats at Carl
Adler's. Secure your seats this morning
and avoid the rush to-night. This is tho
last appearance of that superb companj'.
Attention, Company III
All members of Company Jl are re
quired to meet at the company's armory
Tuesday evening next at 8 o'clock p. m.,
sharp. By order commanding officer.
E. D. C cutis,
From San Diego.
Just received per Fannie Adclc, the
Finest and Freshest Honey. .None Bet
ter. For sale only at Foard & Stokes'.
Will Arrive in Astoria and YiIt Sea Side
Lodge No. 12.
Among other visitors at Astoria, is
"Father TJpchurch," tho founder of tho
A. O. D. W. Ho has beenjnet and warm
ly welcomed in California, and comes in
fraternal greeting to the lodges of Oregon
and "Washington territory.
J. J. TJpchurch was born in North Car
olina, March 2G, 1820, and is in his GGth
year. He was the son of parents in tho
humble walks of life, and his bo hood
and youth wero passed similarly to that
of other farmers' children. As a young
man he drifted into mechanical occupa
tions, married and settled down. For
over twenty years succeeding 1813, he
was in the employ of railroad com
panies of Pennsylvania, occupying for
the greater part of that timo tho position
of master mechanic in tho shops. Wbilo
in this position he saw many respects in
which the life of tho mechanic might bo
improved. Having in view first, princi
pally, the idea of bringing employer and
employee together in a fraternal organi
zation for a better mutual understanding
and the prevention of strikes, and sec
ondarily the education, elevation and fra
ternizing of the masses and a proper pro
vision for the future of their families, he
commenced evolving his plan for the
formation of tho order. This was in
April, 18C8. All know that the order has
so far outgrown its original scope that
tho secondary idea aforementioned has
become the primary one, and tho order
instead of being confined to mechanics,
embraces all classes of society, even tho
highest officials in tho laud. As to tho
remainder of tho story wo give it in his
own werds:
"On October 27ih, 1803, at Meadville,
Pennsylvania, Jefferson Lodge No. 1, A.
O. U. W., was instituted with fourteen
members. On the morning of tho 28th,
a number of the fourteen demanded that
tho words "whito male" be stricken from
the constitution. I persistently refused
to do so, and tho recorder refunded to
every member his entrance fee. I cau
assure you that tho future looked dark,
but I was determined to do my duty. On
November 3d, tho second meeting night,
seven of tho fourteen came forward and
paid their entrance fee for tho second
time. That evening we took in two new
members. Wo went to work with re
newed energy and determination to trv
and build up tho infant order. When
wo were nino months old we had twenty
'When mv mind runs baci: i can hard
ly realize tho fact that our noble order,
now over 110,000 strong, is the oat
growth of that twig planted in Meadville,
Pa., Oct. 27th, 1803. Its growth shows
the justice of our cause. Let us not
grow weary in well doing, but push the
good work forward until every man is
brought under its beneficial influence."
in oruer 10 protect mm in uis jusiiy
merited fame and allow no ono to divide
tho honors with him, tho supreme lodge
of 18S3 placed on record its decision pro
nouncing .tamer upcuurcu me original
founder of the order and its protector
during its infantile years. Tho body
has also voted him the honors of past
supreme master workman, and members
of tho order everywhere are esteeming it
their privilege to cheer tho declining
vears of the old man and smooth his
pathway toward the end of life.
Omitting all reference to nationality,
political opinions or denominational dis
tinction or preferences, but believing in
the existence of a God, tho creator and
preserver of tho universe, and recogniz
ing as a fundamental principle, that use
fulness to ourselves and others is a duty
which should bo tho constant aim and
care of all, tho following are submitted
as the aims and purposes of the Ancient
Order of United Werkmen:
L To embrace and givo equal protec
tion to all classes and all kinds of labor,
mental and physical; to strive earnestly
to improve tho moral, intellectual and
social condition of its members; to en
deavor by wholesomo precepts, fraternal
admonition, and substantial aid, to in
spire a duo appreciation of the stern re
alities and responsibilities of life.
2. To create a fund for tho benefit of
its members, during sickness or other
disability, and in case of death, to pay a
stipulated sum to such persons as may
bo designated 03' each member, thus en
abling him to guaranteo h's family
against want.
3. Tho adoption of such secret work
and means of recognition as will insure
tho protection of its members wherever
mo oruer may exist.
4. To hold lectures, read essays, dis
cuss new inventions and improvementr,
encourage research in art, scienco and
literature, and when practicable, main
tain a library for tho improvement of its
This play was tho third great success
at tho Madison square theater, New York
city, and had a run of 230 nights. It
was. then at the close of the Reason, tak
en on the road, where it was witnessed
by delighted thousands, from Maine to
California. Tho character of "Tho Jlaj
ah," as portrayed by Mr. Gillette, is a
master xerformauce.
Tho cast will bo tho full strength of
tho company, and all who have seen the
"Private Secretary" should seo tho "ltaj
ah to-night.
Haro'.d Wyncol. the Itnj.ihWm. II. Gillette
(JladvsWyncot.liisward-Mbs Mauri tfu.Lmi
.Toiefih .ltkl. nttorncY Mr. 51. A. Kennedy
Job. his assistant M. Hal Warren
Ulchnrd Jocclyn.. . Mr. t ramc 1 eniienui, j r.
Mrs. Frlngie . Miss Fannie Addison
Emelia Jckjl Miss Maude liiroux
Cragin . Mr. If. A. Moray
Buttons.... Mr. G. 1L li:isipr
First Striker, Mr. Ed Barrow
Ro3srved seats at Carl Adler's.
Shad, silver mines, bears, hemlock,
strawberries, trout, fat cattle, apples,
brick, elk, salmon, seaside resorts, tide
land, advice and lumber are nmong Clat
sop county's principal products. Tiie
Curry county can boast of all the above
and much more, among which wo might
mention wildcats, pretty girls, clams,
young 6ports, potatoes, raco horses, mut
ton sheep, brass, huckleberries, sea lions,
peaches, cotton-tail rabbits, cedar, mus
sels, green corn, snake poison, office seek
ers, tan uarK, ueer niaes, juveniles, usu
traps, and lots of young-men-on-the-mar-ry.
Carry Co. Gazette.
At Frank Fahre's.
Board for S22JS0 a month. The best
in the city. Dinner from 5 to 7.
W. LussierotSau Francisco has en
gaged in the photograph business with
Crow the leading photographer.
Good Dwelling House
For rent or sale, one block from Post
office. Apply to Jeff.
ocTorrs, or detil-fish.
A good sized specimen of tho octopus
or devil-fish was reported Ecen off North
beach last week. This monster is not
rare off tho California coast, and has
been seen in more northerly latitudes.
Tho dcvil-fibli or clam crackor, as it is
often called on tho Atlantic coast, also
frequents the waters of tho Carolina and
Georgia coasts. Before tho war, an ex
pedition against a devil-fish was account
ed the rarest sport going, and was at
tended with somo danger. Col. Elliott,
in his admirable littlo work entitled
"Carolina sports," gives a full and accu
rate description of this grand fish, as to
its physical peculiarities and its habits.
He relates the narrative of frequent bat
tles ho had with these giants of tho deep.
Tho method of pursuit followed by Col.
Elliott was to man a staunch and fast
rowing barge, with a man armed with a
light harpoon tt tho bew: the ropo being
carefully coiled before him on tho bow
seat. The devil-fish is often playful and
indifferent, and will allow the approach
of a boat within striking distance. Onco
harpooned, it dashes off with great vigor
and at an immense rate. Often a hatch
et has to bo used to savo a light boat
from being 'submerged by a powerful
strain on the bow. Sometimes they
strike out for deep water, and such is
their swiftness and endurance that tho
fear of losing sight of land forces tho
crew to cut loose from the monster. Col.
Elliott advocated tho attack by several
boats at once. If two or moro harpoons
can be firmly fired in the fish, its capture
is pretty well assured, though there is a
en so on record in which a huge dovil fish
lowed three boats rowing hard against
it so far out into tho offing as to
force them night coming on to cut
loose nnd savo themselves. It is true
that tho devil-fish measures moro tran
sverselj than from head to tail. By aid
of its mighty flippers it is able to throw
itself clear out of tho water, turn a som
ersault in tho air, and fall on its back,
causing an immenso splash. .Tho writer
has seen hundreds of these fish in tho
water, and several fine specimens on land,
hauled up after capture. Tho largest he
siw measured sixteen feet ono way by a
foot or two feet ho can not exactly re
member, across tho wings. This queer
fish has a trick belonging to tho tentacu
lar family of rubbing itself against tho
anchor and hawsers of boats with which
they, in their fright, get sometimes en
tangled, and clasping tho object with
their feelers, start off with tho boat, to the
consternation of tho occupants. If tho
devil-fish reported of North beach be still
t here its pursuit and capturo might afford
rare sport.
The Select Knlsnls.
Connected with the Ancient Order of
United "Workmen is a branch called Se
lect Knights. They are governed by the
same general laws, and aro made up of
memb2r3 of the Ancient order of United
Workmen in good standing. The family
of everyone belonging to this branch who
parucipaio 1:1 11s ueneuis, :s cuiiueu 10
.'52,000 on tho death of a member. This,
with the 2.000 in tho regular Ancient
Order of United "Workmen, entitles tho
members' families to l,O0J. E. H. Stol
to, of Portland, is supreme deputy com
mander of tho Select Knights, and may
institute a legion m this city. Hie late
Robert Newcomb was a member of the
Select Knights, and on the 13th of July
Mr. Stolte paid his widow $2,000. In or
der to secure this amount for his family
Jlr. Newcomb had only paid in 17 in
duel and assessments.
A Prize Fight Arrange!.
David Campbell and James Reil ley hayo
signed an agreement to fight a prize fight
with bare knuckles according to the new
ra!e3 of the London prize ring, for $500
a side. Tho contest will tako place with
in 100 miles of Portland four weeks from
date, tho winner to have both slakes and
tho entire gate money after expenses are
paid. Campbell is of Oregon, and his
previous experienco in tho ring wa3 the
defeating of Peter Lawlo over a year ago
at tho Pavilion. Campbell is a hard hit
tpr and will bo hard to defeat, licilley
has never had any ring experience, but is
a well built, game, young man, but has
not as much scienco as his opponent.
Roth will go into training immediately,
lteilley under the tutelagoof M. Sullivan,
and Campbell with J. McDonald as his
mentor. Xcics.
Hktorj Repeat Itself.
There was somo talk a short timo since
of an opposition lino of steamers being
put on tho route between this port and
San Francisco, but tho project fell
through. The following from tho San
Francisca Bulletin will throw somo light
on the matter: "The steamer Wilming
ton is now lying in tho creek, above Al
ice street bridge, drawing a subsidy of
23 per month for keeping out of ser
vice. Tho William Tuber has been lying
in tho creek higher up for yoars drawing
a still larger subsidy for the same pur
pose." The Firemen' Tocrcament.
The Clemen's tournament held at Asto
ria was a grand success. Capitals No. 1
of Salem are the champions of tho state,
beating Rescue No. 2 of Astoria by just
one-fifth of a second (pretty close figur
iug) in the state association hoso race,
and thereby winning n prize of 200.
This competition is good and will no
doubt bo tho medium of improving tho
various companies. There was no hood
lumism or wrangling of any kind. Tho
next tonrnaraont will bo held at Salem.
Pacific Coast Pcciac for July.
A. Startling Discovery.
Physicians are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and all Throat and Lung diseases is
daily curing patients that they have
given up to die, is startling them to re
alize their sense of duty, and examine
into the merits of this wonderful dis
covery; resulting in hundreds of our
best Piivsicians using it in their practice
Trial Bottles tree atW.E. Dement &
Co.'s Drug Store. Regular size 1.00.
o Yn Til I nit thai "Je,,, oi
Tiie t'hoj Iltutsc
Gives you a meal for nothing, and a
glass of something to drink? 'Not
much !' but he gives a better meal and
more of it than any place in town for
25 cents. lie buys by the wholesale, and
pays cash. "That settles iL"
fchonlwater Kay Oysters
Constantly on hand, cooked to any tj ie
at Frank Fabre's.
Gctjonr photographs taken at Crow's
gallery by W. Lussier of San Francisco
Foi Dyspepsia andLivcr Complaint,
Jou have a printed cnarantee on every
ottle of Shiloh's Vitalixer. It never
fails to cure. So!d by W. E. Dement.
The owner nnd navigator of a sloop
engaged in fishing on the bay is Jas.
Peace, 87 years of age, and a California
pioneer of the pioneers, having come to
this ccast in 1818. In 1817 ho sailed from
England in the ship Xereod, bound for
tho Columbia river, in the service of the
Hudson Bay Company. Sho put into the
bay of Monterey, where ho became im
plicated in a mutiny and was placed in
irons. In April, 1818, tho vessel cast her
anchor in the bay of San Francisco,
where he stolo away in ono of tho ship's
boats and niado bis way to the Mission
Dolores, where the fathers furnished him
with blankets and a pony and; directed
him to tho camp of "William Smith, on
tho site of "Woodside, San Mateo county.
In this vicinity he continued to live for
sixty-seven years. He was remarkably
skillful in tho use of tools, and instructed
tho natives of the Santa Clara Mission in
theis use. Tn 1S40, with about forty
Americans, ho was seized by tho Mexican
authorities, placed in irons and sent to
San Bias as a prisoner. Ho was taken to
Tepic, where the charges of being impli
cated in a conspiracy against Mexico
wero found to bo baseless, and he re
turned to his home in tho redwoods. At
tho close of tho Mexican war ho settled
on a largo tract of land at Half moon bay.
Here, in 1849, ho hoisted tho first Ameri
can flag in Spanish town. This relic ho
still has in his possession. In 1833 Peace
married tho daughter of Pedro Valencia,
and has two sons living. In tho course
of time ho lost his property, and in his
old ago made use of his skill in construct
ing a sloop M feet in length, in which ho
cruises the bay inquest of fish and clams,
which are marketed at lied wood City.
Collision on the Colnmbls.
At about 9 o'clock last evening a col
lision occurred between the steamers i?.
It. Tliompson and Multnomah on tho
Columbia, at a point just this side of
Oak Point. Tho Multnomah struck the
Thompson amidships, tearing a great
hole in her sido twenty feet wide.
The Multnomah it seems struck a
snag, which disabled both wheel and
rudder. The force was so great as to
throw tho wheel out of tho pilot's hands.
This caused him to lose all control of tho
Multnomah, and sho swung around
and struck tho Thompson on the port
side amidships. Tho Multnomah was
badly damaged about tho bow from tho
collision. Tho holo in the Thompson
luckily was above the water lino and no
water of any consequence entered tho
boat. Both steamers were filled with
passengers and tho accident caused quito
a panic, but the officers were cool and
soon restored order. Tho vessels arrived
at their respective docks at two o'clock
this morning. Xcws, 17.
He Set the Hirer on Fire.
Tho Clyde river, in Scotland, burned
for thirty-six hours week before last. A
fisherman who was wading in the water
struck a match to light his pipe nnd
while it was still burning threw it in tho
water. Gases from the mineral workings
underneath tho river's bed had found
their way to the surfaco through a fis
sure, and lighted up at once. Flames
rose to tho height of three or four feet,
and wero very difficult to extinguish.
ISucii!cns Arnica fsalve.
The Best Sai.vk in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sorcs.UIcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands.
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, anil positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
(erfect satisfaction, or money refunded,
'rice 23 cents per box. For sale by W.
E. Dement & Co.
Syy;ip orfifrs.
Manufactured only by the California
Fig Syrup Co. San Francisco Cal. is
Natures Own True Laxative. This
pleasant liquid fruit remedy may be
had of V. E. Dement & Co, at fifty cents
or one dollar per bottle. It is the mot
pleasant, prompt and effective remedy
known, to the system ; to act on,
the Liver, Kidneys and Bowels gently
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Colds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
All tho patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet article. ctc can
be bought at the lowest prices, at .1. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Ocidei t
hclel. Astoria.
The Babies Cry For It,
And the old folks laugh when they
find that the pleasant liquid fruit reme
dy Syrup of r igs is more easily taken
mid more beneficial in its action than
"nitter, nauseous medicine. It strength
ens the Liver, Kidneys. Stomach and
Dowels while it arouses them to a
healthv activity. For sale by V. E.
Dement & Co.
A Nasal Injector free with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
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Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Uem
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The Itev. Geo. II. Thayer, of Uour
bnn, I nd- sajs: 'IJolh myself and wife
owe our livestoSini.oH's Consumption
Cuke." Sold by V. E. Dement.
For Dinner Parties to order, at short
notice., go to Prank Fabrc's.
Ill a nit.
iVarnin's. deeds, mortgages, etc. A
full line of legal blanks on hand at this
Anv one desiring the services of Mrs.
Kate Duffy as nurae from the 10th of
September until tlic lUlli 01 .December
will please address her at little Falls,
Lewis Co., Washington Territory.
Ingtigcmeut Extraordinary.
Prof. McManus the celebrated pianist
from .London, lias been engaged at
great expense by the enterprising pro
prietor of the Telephone saloon, and
will furnish fine music at all hours.
Free hot lunch every day. The best
place in town to have a good time.
inhere is any body in Astoria that
deserves success in business, it is Jeff.
At his own expense he lias built and
thrown open for traffic a sidewalk from
lhe rear of the Telephone Saloon to the
lloadwav. May lie live long and get
his reward in this world.
Eastern Turpentine in quantities to
suit at Wilson & FisnEit's.
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a oosi-
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Test Yonr BaMng Fowfler To-Bay !
Brands adTcrtlictl is tbsolnte!y pcra
com 'x.. t zj
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fcrated.thcn resnoro the cover and smell. A clicm
It trill not bo required to detect tho presence
I! ileslAfclBcia Uzt NEVER Ea QKtUesei.
In a million horses foraqnartcrof accnturj It
aktood l&e consumer's reliable test,
Prico Bating Feeder Co.,
Dr. Price's Special Flavoring Extract:,
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)t. Price's Lupuiin Yessi Gams
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Tho pest dry hop yec9t In the world.
Bread raisod by this yoa3t is light, white
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Port!and, Oregon
YPJI. ALZ.E&, Irop'r.
First Class ii Every Respect.
Free Condi lo tltc House.
I I. l!KOW".
St. Charles Hotel,
(European Plan.)
BKOWN & KNOWLES - - Proprietors
FutaT Class ix Evekv ItKsrrcr,
Good Kestncrant Connected with the House
Fire-firoof ilriclc Caildint;. l'ORcoms.
In tho Center of the City.
Cor. Front ami ilorrison Str., rortlantl. Or
Will Slake
Forts Stevens and Canby,
And Eiwaco.
The second trip will be made upon the ar
rival of the boats from l'ort!and.
Tills gives every one a splendid chance to get
And sec the Month of the Columbia.
Corner Third anil USlrccfw,
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MEALS.25 cents. LODGIXC.SSsnd 9)cem
Free Buss to and from the Mouse.
6B".o riilncMC Ihnployetl.-wi
E. Leniitoa, (Iilc ol Minnesota IIouse)Prop.
A Larj;c Stock or
Of Every Grade
So, S Xorlh Fronl St.. rorllaml. Or.
Sole agents for the
New York Belting nnd Packing Co.
We handle nothing but the Lest and guar
antee more service for the innnev than can
be obtained from any other llubber Goods
in the market.
For a Kent Fitting Boot
OrShoe,gotoP.J.Goodman3, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work. -.
jjrr sea m ''slfi
n S3
E Irtn? MS-asT v
tf iic-h fc-5ri !Ni fcTur-nsa
3 n g a
And Must
With the fcxnectalion of a large Clothing Trade at the end of the
fishing season, I placed large orders in MEN'S SUITS of all kinds to
arrive before July 15th, and whereas these Goods are now upon my
hands, and must be sold within the expected time, I have concluded
to put the knife clear in to the quick, by marking the Suits at prices
that '. ill close them out without fail.
Men's Dark Mixed All Wool Business Suits $10 00
Men's Mixed Cassimere Sack Business Suits 13 50
Men's Mixed Cassimere Frock Bnsiness Suits 13 50
Men's California Cassimere Sack Business Suits--. 15 00
Men's Silk Mixed Black Sack Business Suits 17 50
Men's Black Diagonal Sack Dress Suits : 17 50
Men's Black Diagonal Frock Dress Suits 17 50
Men's Finest Dress- Suits from $20 to 32.50, equal to anv Suit
made bv Merchant Tailors.
I also have just received a large stock which .must be disposed of,
in Boys Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Shirts, Underclothing,
Hosiery, Etc., Etc.
A. 11 GrGOC2.JS
Marked in Plain Figures and One Price to All!
Gil tffe &k Bfe 0B Bfe 4fe
a ni uUUrLil 5
0. K.
Hair Dressing Saloon
ParJter House, Main St.,
For a first-class Shave, scientific Hair-cut.
and hygienic Shampoo, etc,
II. u PA1CK, Prop.
Everything new received
. J. II ART.
Having built and refitted with unproved
machinery the above mill at larno expense,
wo are now prepared to
And Furnish all Kinds and Sizes of
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
And every description of Mill "Work with
Promptness and Dispatch.
Mouldings, Turning and Bracket Work a
AH Kinds of Finished Lumber for
Wc cordially invite our friends and the pub
lic to circ us a call.
Cor. Genevieve and Astor Sts., Astoria, Or.
BAIN & IIART, Proprietors.
The Leading Clothier and Hatter,
New Goods!
Men's, Toutiis' and Boys'
Hats and Furnishing Goods..
Pporiafi f
Carry in Stock,
Prescriptions carefully Compounded
as soon as published.
Holclen's Auction Rooms
f Established January 1st, 1877.
Ileal Estate nnd General Auctioneer
and Commission Merchant,
Chenamus Street, - Astoria, Oregon.
Auction sale of Sundries every Saturday,
at 10 -J3Q A. m., at mv Auction Booms.
Will conduct Auction Sales of Bcal Estate.
Cattle, and Farming Stock wherever de
aired. Cash Returns Promptlf mado after Sales.
Consignments respectfully solicited.
Notary Public for the State of Oregon.
Commissioner of Deeds for Washington
Agent for Daily and Weekly Orcgonfan.
New Styles!