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...APRIL 2.18
(Monday excepted)
Terms orSubKcrlptlon.
Served by C.irrier, per week 15cts.
Sfijt by Mail, per month uOcts.
" " one year . ...S7.00
Free of postage to subscribers.
fS""Advertlsements inserted by the year at
the rate of S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fltty cents per square, each
Notice To Advertisers.
The Astobian guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Begins to look a little dry.
The annual hunt for houses has begun.
Easter eggs eighteen cents a dozen at
Jeff's spring poet turned loose yester
The News takes time by the fetlock in
a suggestion as to how Portland shall
spend the 4th of July.
W. H. Gray returned from a San Fran
cisco visit yesterday and goes to his Klas
kanine farm this morning.
The price of lumber advanced in San
Francisco during March, to 14 por M
for rough, and $30 par SI for surfaced.
C. B. Thomson, -who has recently fin
ished an abstract of Clatsop county rec
ords, has removed his law office to room
i, over City Book store.
Collectors and men who handle money
say that times are easier and money plen
ties That will certainly be news to a
many of us who yearn for ihe unattain
able. A few more boats were out yesterday
than wore out the day before, but noth
ing like activity will prevail before the
April full moon which will be on tho
23th inst.
By cvcrv cannery lies a heap of scrap
tin, glittering in tho sunlight on top, a
rusty red below. Were this stuff at
Swansea it would be worth six dollars a
ton. Here it is worthless.
Capt. John "Wood came over in tho
Hunter from Shoalwater bay yesterday.
The Hunter has been used last month in
catching some fine codfish about a xnilo
outside tho faraway buoy at that place.
Mrs. E. C. Holden is prepared to fur
nish ladies and gentlemen with the com
forts of a home at her private board
ing house eligibly situated and easy of
access to and from the business portion
of the city.
One hundred and thirty-seven men
went to Kant's store yesterday to see
"the man with four arms," that worthy
having stationed a man at his door with
two fire arms, which, according to his (
figuring mado four.
Judging from the piles of freight for
Astoria on yesterday morning's steamer
it is evident that the business men of the
city aro of tho opinion that we are to
have a busy season. Astoria is one of
tho best of San Francisco's northern
The sale of reserved seats for the min
strel entertainment next Monday evening
at Liberty hall indicates that there will
be a crowded house. The management
desiro it stated that each, reserved seat
will be a chair, and that no benche? will
ba in the reserved seat portion of the
house. The box sheet is now open at tke
New York Novelty store.
Tho presence of a good many promi
nent in the salmon business, for tho past
two weeks has as yet resulted in nothing
definite as to future arrangements. Some
of the embarrassed canneries would run
if they had tho money; more will run
anyhow. Several thousand cases are
reported contracted for at prices as much
below as above one dollar.
Though Clatsop dwellers depend most
ly oh boats, it happens that now and
then a ride in a four-wheeled vehicle is a
necessity. For this reason a stylish turn
out, such as B. B. Franklin imported yes
terday, fills the bill. True it is a hearse,
and something that no one cares partic
ularly about; but it is a good one and an
ornament to any undertaking establish
ment. The story is told of an eastern lady
who visited in this "vicinity not long ago,
and who in coming around Tongue point
caught sight of the buoy depot. "Well,"
said she, "I've heard a good deal about
the size of vegetables -in Oregon; more
than I believed, but I declare if those
Oregon pumpkins don't beat anything I
ever did see." The "Oregon pumpkins"
that she saw were two yellow nun buoys
on the dock.
Holt Bros, bought the mill and build
ing known as the Howe planing mill yes
terday afternoon. In future it will be
known as tho Astoria planing mill. The
new proprietors are men of considerable
experience and practical knowledge; they
will be joined by two more brothers who
are on tho way from Iowa, where they
have had charge of extensive planing
mills and sash lactones, and about the
15th of the month they expect to begin
active operations. In the meantimejthe
mill and machinery will be thoroughly
overhauled and put in good shape for bus
iates. A man from over yonder says that he
can tell the state of the tides from the
appearance of his cat's eyes. When the
tide is at low ebb her eyes contract and
become more oval. When the tide is on
tho flood her eyes expand and elongate.
This theory easily explains what cats are
mado for. They are mado to serve as
tide indicators. There was a time when
some person of weak intellect started the
story that cats were invented to catch
rats and mice. But when we recall the
fact that over a billion rat and mouse
traps aro annually manufactured in this
countrv while only ten million of kittenB
aro born in tho same period, then the
whole story at onco explodes.
An analysis of the tin, obtained from
old cans, was recently made that is of
interest to dealers in canned goods.
There are parties in New York who pur
chase at $1 per wagon load all the old tin
cans they can get. After being soaked
in water in order to remove the labels,
thoy aro placed in revorberatory furnace
and exposed to a low temperature, yet
sufficient to remove the tin and solder
from the cans. The iron plates are then
rolled flat and sold to umbrella and
trunk manufacturers. One week's
smelting amounted to 21 tons. An analy
sis made from this failed to show even
n trace of lead. This certainly is conclu
sive evidence that, bo far as that metal is
oonoornad, consumers of canned goods
have no cause to fear the formation of
tho salts of lead in food preserved in
A girl wishing a situation to do
housework, may apply at this office.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry will be
eacrifled this week at Adler's. They
will be warranted in the bargain,
The wreck of the Silca tie Grace by
buoy N. 4, is fast disappearing. "In the
days of old. the days of gold, the days
of '49,' there came n man named Gray
with that vessel, up from California; it
was sometime in July or August, and he
beat up the river a3 far as ho could get
and ransacked tho country for lumber,
buying every foot he could find at from
12 to $15 per M. He bought as far as
Salem and had the lumber hauled to the
vessel; then warped and worked her down,
loading at every place possible till he had
nigh on to a million feet aboard. His
heart was glad with high hopes of great
fortune, for lumber was selling at $330 a
thousand in San Francisco, and the cargo
or the aura at Grace was worth to nlm
3T0,000 in San Francisco harbor. Day
and night ho worked, and one pleasant
afternoon in September, '49, he got the
vessel round Tongue point, when, stand
ing too far to the south of the channel,
she ran on assert of forked rock and no
amount of effort could get her forward or
Gray was almost frantic Every dav's
delay made it all the more probable that
some kind of a saw mill would be rigged
up in the harbor of Yerba Buena, now
San Francisco, and the golden visions of
selling a million feet of lunber at $350
a thousand last disappeared as he found
the unfortunate Sttra rf Grace, fast on
that'fatal rock.
Three days after there came an Ameri
can ship from the Sandwich Islands
which had sailed from Boston with car
go for that place and was now under or
ders to return via the Columbia with
what freight could bo there procured.
To the captain went Gray and offered
him $10,000 as a. gift to himself and $75
a thousand t load the lumber from the
wreck of the Silva dr Grace and carry it
to San Francisco. The captain refused
and Gray offered him $15,000, $20,000,
$25,000, but to no avail, the captain re
maining obdurate and declaring that
were he to lose his vessel in the attempt
he could never look tho owners in the
face af ter disobeying their orders.
In those days vessels in the Columbia J
were like angels' visits few and far be-
tween that season a brig and a little
later a schooner put in here and took a
part of Gray's cargo to San Francisco;
the rest staid here till it was no longar
profitable to move it. and the Silca He
Grace which was built of live oak and as
sound as a dollar, was cut down to her
bulwarks, the stubby edges showing tip
black and grim even now after a lapas of
thirty-six years as tho tide ebbs its lowest
to the west.
The IdaJio sailed for Alaska yester
day. The Elmo, lost n good charter by not
arriving from Valparaiso yesterdpy.
The Oregon came in over a smootk bar
at an early hour yesterday morning; the
State sailed in the afternoon.
Tho Beechdale henoo to Falmouth, the
Dunvcgan, the C. S. Bement, Golden Gats
and County ofilarioneth arrived out last
The clipper ship El CavUan, engaged
in trade between Philadelphia and San
Francisco, was recently sold at the for
mer place for $50,000.
Tho steamer Beaver, which was launch
ed in 1835, and which was the first steam
Teasel over seen on the Pacific, was re
cently pronounced perfectly safe by the
inspector at Victoria.
Four miles outsido of Humboldt bay
on March 21st, tho steamer City of Ches
ter fished up a buoy, which had broken
adrift from its position inside the bar,
and brought it to San Francisco.
Tho American registry papers of the
bark Julia Foard have been received at
Port Blakelev, and the vessel is now load
ing for San Francisco. She was former
ly the foreign-bark Augusta, which, after
Soing ashore, was rebuilt and placed un
er tbfiAmerican flag. Captain Bergman
is m'&sHr.
Hall Brothers, ship builders, have been
awarded by .the United States govern
ment the contract to construct a govern
ment cutter to take the place of the Ktch
ard Rush. The new vessel will have the
engines of the Richard Rush and will be
a first-class craft. She will be 161 feet
long on deck'. 2C feet beam and 14 feet
depth of hold, and will be built at the
Hall Brothers yard, at Port Blakeley.
The -demand for salmon has been fairly
good, and, in view of the lack of inquiry
for some time past, is considered highly
satisfactory, es there is evidently some
approach to the previous rate of con
sumption. Grocers rtport a good retail
trade, but not withstanding this fact,
none of them appear to be laying in
stocks. Prices are without change Lin
erpool Corr. London Grocer.
A meeting of Sacramento river salmon
canners was held last Taesday, in the of
fice of A. Lusk & Co., for the purpose of
fixing on a price to bo paid for fish, in
the coming season, which should bo fair
to the fishermen, and allow a profit to the
packers. Messrs. Johnson, Pardini,
Bradford. Gibbs, Beck, Ehrman and
Dean were present and participated in
iub lmuruim uibcussiou wxueu. ensued.
In the view of tho meeting, thirty-five
cents on the river and forty cents in San
Francisco was considered an equitable
price, and a -compact by which packers
shall bind themselves to make no advance
on these figures .is to be circulated among
them for signatures. Those of the Sac
ramento river canners who will pack in
the coming season are now anxiously
waiting the commencement of tho run.
Fish are not very plentiful; the markets
not having been nab! surjolied dnrincr
the past week, but is is said that a very
light run will afford all needed material.
CaL Grocer and Canner, March 27.
The war clouds arc disappearing, but
the ladies are just beginmug to appro-
on every artiole in his store.
You will nover buy silverware as
cueap again as iuuer is sewing it now.
Now neltlnor intprprtincr AHIri:
closing out sale. An enormous reduc
tion on everything.
Boys' and Children's suits just re
ceived at Mcintosh's new store.
Choice Seed Oats
For sale at J. H. D. Gray's.
. One more Behr Bros. celebrated cylinder-top,
grand, upright piano and one
fine Chase organ are to be nad at a great
bargain at Adler's. These Instruments
speak for themselves and the price set
on the same is within the reach of every
body. Private card rooms at Jeff's new sa
loon "The .Telephone."
One of the finest billiard tables on the
coast at Jeffs "Telephone."
Flower pot brackets, and flower pots,
the.latest styles, at John A. Montgomery's,
Aetlre Prepirttleas far V7r The Keellns la
London, April 1. From Monday
night, when the opposition in the house
of commons greeted the refusal of Lord
Edmund Fitzmaurics to answer Sir Hen
ry Drutamond Wolfs Afghan question
with the loudest and fiercest shouts of
anger which St. Stephens .has heard for a
generation, on throagh to this day, tho
war preparations have been marked by a
steady accumulation of ovidenco that a
conflict with Russia is probable. The
calling out of the reserves, which was tho
directest possible offici&L testimony to
the gravity of the situation, surprised no
one, for every Englishman was already
convinced that the country was in for
war. .Everybody is convinced that it was
a matter of only a few weeks, and no
body seems particularly sorry either.
The truth of th matter is, that the En
glish feel pretty generally that so long as
a grapple with Russia is inevitable some
time, it had better come now than later,
sinee- it will be easier to keep the bear
out of Herat than it would be to dislodge
him when he once gats in. The decided
actions of the government during the
last few days, both here and in India,
are particularly satisfactory to this con
dition of the public mind, as tending to
make it impossible for either side to back
No doubt these truculent steps are
born of a desire to frighten Russia and
to impress the ameer of Afghanistan
even more than a" wish to be ready if tho
worst comes to the worst, because un
readiness ib the fundamental rule of all
English official action, but each step
really renders a peaceful solution mora
and more improbable, and is correspond
ingly popular. There is, moreover, great
eagerness here, if war must come, to get
at Russia before the ice breaks up in tho
B&ltio and liberate the big merchant
nest now lying in various portions, it
is with this end in view that all the en
ergies of the admiralty are now focused
on the work of equipping a fleet ready
for sailing by the middle of next week,
as the belief is general that -Russia is de
laying matters now simply for the pur
pose of getting her Baltio shipping safely
on its way to the Pacific For the time
being, work is suspended on the vessels
now under construction and efforts are
confined to coaling, stocking and man
ning ships for commission.
It is finely characteristic of the Eng
lish temper, anent the war, that while all
their papers have been howling during
the last six months about the wretched
condition of the English- navy, they now
unite in telling what wonders the Bamc
navy can do in case of war. No doubt
the navy ought to bo much better than
it is, but its real weakness is in tho largo
number of worthless commanders hold
ing positions by means of family favorit
ism. If it surmounts this danger there
need be no fear that in other respects it
will not distinguish itself, for the condi
tion and morale of tho men aro fine and
the armament at least as good ps Russia's
is. There is a disposition here, and from
the first it has seemed to be an especially
ugly sign, to make this war go just as far
towards eternally smashing Russia as
possible, and if pluck and skill can get
at Odessa, Biga and other big places, the
English temper is not to leave one stone
in them on top ot another. There is
certain to be an earnest attempt on the
part of the English to make the navy a
grand feature in the fight, but the Eng
lish weakness in .torpedo boats, tho pre
ciso point wherein Russia is stronger than
any other power, makes the result of such
an attempt doubtful. , ,
TrABSAtlastle Tricks.
New Yobs, April 1. Canned goods are
more largely talked, of this week than
anything else. Packers here assert that
English receivers have been deteoted in
placing new labels on the stocks of salm
onjthere. There are several -brands, and
it is declared that-the cans of the poorest
are carefully examined from the outside.
If the can seems to be full tho old label
is taken off and a new one is put on rep
resenting tho goods to be of the best
brand. Canned meats have been in re
quest, as it has .been found that orders
from Great Britain would be to large as
to withdraw all the surplus supply from
this country. Retailers and jobbers have
hastened to stock up the Colambia river
salmon that has been sent overland in
large quantities, as well as all other kinds
of California and Oregon goods, as, ow
ing to the demoralization of freight rates,
it would seem most likely that they could
be moved here cheaper than late in the
"I Don't Feel Like Work."
It makes no difference wliat business
yon are engaged in : whether you are a
Jireacher, a merchant, a mechanic, a
awyeror or a common laborer, you
can't do your work well while you are
half sick. Thousands try to, but all in
vain. How much better to keep your
organs In good order by taking Parker's
Tonic when j'ou feel "a little out of
sorts.' It would be money in your
pocket One hour of good, rejoicing
health Is worth half a dozen hours full
of languor and pain.
Tkrc'e Fishers,
Three fishermen .went gaily-out toward
the north,
Out toward the north as ihe sun went
And they laughed with glee as they
sailed forth,
Saying Jeff's Restaurant is the best in
And Jeff's is tho place to go and Hue
You are sure to have luck before morn
ing. Tares fishermen sailing up from the bar
at noon.
Hungry and dry from their toll of night,
They said "Oh,if we were by the Tele
phone saloon
We could get lunch and a drink and be
all right
For men will drink aud men will eat
You can do both at the Telepheno and
that's a treat
Ami breakfast at the Chop House in the
Three grangers came into the town one
They came by the way of Necanicum
To the Chop Honse to dine we'll go,
says they.
The best dinner there every aay in the
For Jeff does sow and Jeff must reap.
He gives the best meal, and has many
to keep.
Get your cocktail at the Telephone in the
AH the patent medicines advertised
ln.this paper, together"with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc-can
be bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite OcMden
betel, Astoria.
For Dinner Parties to order, at short
notice, go to Frank Fabre's.
A nice question is going to be submit
ted before long to the people of this city
and this state. In the last report of the
board of fish commissioners it was stated
that tho pack of salmon for tho yeof 1SS4
fell short of the pack oi 1883 by at least
50 per cent. It is known that the fall run
of salmon in the Sacramento last year
was the lightest ever known within the
memory of the oldest fisherman. One of
the chief causes of tho decline is stated
by tho commissionors to bo tho consump
tion of salmon by seals, which follow the
fish from the Golden Gate to Rio Vista.
An old salmon fisherman, who has fol
lowed the business all bis life, has ob
served the habits of the seals, and says
that they are most destructive to fish;
that they seldom take more than one bite
out of a salmon, and thus kill several fish
in a day for their daily allowance of thirty
pounds" of food. He estimates that one'
third of the fish which enters the Golden
Gate are killed by seals; and, he adds,
that the destructionof this valuable food
fish in this manner is going on as rapidly
in the Columbia as in the Sacramento
The fact raises the question, Which is
best worth preserving, the seals or tho
salmon? It is a matter of faith with all
good San Franciscans that the seals of
the seal rocks must and shall be preserved.
Wo regard them as tho old Egyptians re
garded the bull Apis. And there is good
reason for the sentiment. Nowhere in
the civilized world is there in the vicinity
of a great city so unique a sight as the
seal rocks covered with scores of mon
strous phoco, tumbling around in the
surf, lowing and wrestling with each
other for good positions to watch the
spectators at the Cliff house. It is the
one rare thing which San Francisco has
got and other cities haven't got, and can't
get. That the seal rocks are of pecuniary
value to the city; that they attract visit
ors and induce them to remain longer
than they otherwise might do, is not to
be denied. Are they worth moro than
the salmon? If wo can't hava both,
which shall we keep? Which is our near
est, which our dearest, seals or salmon?
Last year it was reckoned that 000,000
salmon wero takon in the Sacramento.
This catch represents a large sum of
money. It feeds numbers of people and
affords employment to a large number in
the canneries. Can we afford to allow
this resource to bo cut off for tho sako of
preserving a remarkable natural curios
ity? It is p question for people to think
over. Sooner or later they will have to
decide it one wav or the other. S. F.
Chronicle, SO.
Sereral Els.
Donqola, March 31. The rival of El
Mahdi is named El Makki and tho num
ber of bis adherents is increasing. He
has occupied'El Obeid. Tho followers of
El Mahdi are alarmed.
The joke on the gentle plumber
Now silently steals away;
And the jest on the new bonnet
Will linger along till May;
And through the loug hot summer
Like the curse of a fearful dream,
Will float the ancient chestnut
Of the girl that likes ico cream;
And the joke of tho boy and the apples
Through the autumn winds srill sound;
But tho joke on the wretched ico-man
Lastcth the whole year round.
Piano stools two dollars at Adler's.
Hugh Conwav's Called Back. Dark
Days, Circumstantial Evidence, In One
Short Year, The Missing Will, and his
twelve other celebrated books in paper
torm at Auier s to-day.
For u Xcat Fitting flout
Jr Shoe, go to P. .1. Goodmans, on Che
namtis street, next door to I. W. Ca.e.
AH goods of the best niaki and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new good.-,
constantly arriving. Custom work.
At Frank Falrc.
Board for 3220 a month. The best
in the city. Dinner from 5 to 7.
Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar .shingles A full M guaranteed.
Buy your Lime of (J ray at Portland
Don't pay 25 to 50 cents for dinner
when you can get a better, one at the
Telephone for 15 cents from 11 to 2.
The Best Evidence
Of the merits of a remedy is the effect
on the .system, so there can be no doubt
that the California Fig Syrup Company
is pursuing the wisest plan possible to
make known the wonderful efficacy of
Syrup of Flgforall the ills arising from
an inactive condition of the Liver, Kid
neys. Stomach and Bowels, in giving
away sample bottles free of charge. Ask
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ment & Co. for a free sample bottle, or
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tures at his New Gallery, No. filK, on
Ihe Roadway.
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the remedy for you. Sold bj' W. E. De
ment & Co.
Syrup of FiTM.
Nature's own true Laxative. Pleas
ant to the palate, acceptable to the Stom
ach, harmless in its nature, painless in
its action. Cures habitual Constipation,
Biliousness, Indigestion and kindred
His. Cleanses the system, purifies the
blood, regulates the Liver and acts on
tho Bowels. Breaks up Colds, Chills
aud Fever, etc. Strengthens the orpins
on which it acts. Better than bitter,
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, salts
and draughts. Sample bottles free, and
large bottles for sale by W. E. Dement
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Freak Eastern and JShoalvvater
Bay Oyster
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1. 1 vrill noc bo required to detect Vu presesc ot
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xcasi in toe world.
Healthy Bread.
Trie peat dry hop yeast In the world.
Bread rateed by this yeaat Is llght.whlte
andwholoaomo like our grandmother's
delicious bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
laaTrs of Dr. Price's svsclai FmTonnz Extracts,
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo
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Portland, Oregon
PRING, 1885 !
I have Just received an
Gent's Furnishing
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Social Reception
By Cushing Post No. 14, G. A. K. and Cush-
ing Eelief Corps No. 3. : Being first
appearance of
Cushing Post Cornet Band,
Tuesday ETenin, April 7th, 1885.
$1 OO
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WALKING SHOES at 5.00 a pair. I am receiving new styles in
Button, Gaiter, Lace, and Low Cut Shoes at prices unequaled.
A fine assortment of Trunks, Valises and Umbrellas constantly
in stock.
Dry Goods,
Etc., Etc.
The Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House
SJSgSoJe Agent for Butterick's Patterns.,
Pythian Suilding.
Cannery for Sale.
Price S4.409. Apply to
Clifton, Or.
Astoria, Feb. 25th, 1335.
Fine Stationery,
Blank Books,
School Books,
Music Books,
Me Mil Bathing Saloon.
Ladies' HairDresserandWigMaker
All kinds of
Ladies' Hair cutting and Shampooing a
specialty. -All work done In the most artis
tic manner and In the latest style.
Ii. DbPARE, Prep.
Farkcr House, Main St., Astoria, Or
I have removed my entire stock into the 5
S now store formerly occupied by R. Dixon, s
S and opened with a large stock of new H
goods for Spring
D. ft. MclNTOS
Boots and Shoes.
JLstoria, Oregon.
Astoria Bakery
Columbia Candy Factory.
T.a. Jarkhon. Proprietor.
Candles, - 20Ctsperlb.
Bread, Pies and Cakes delivered even
day. Agents for Stock's
Little Giant, and
Kranlch and Bach's Pianos,
Taker, and Western
Cottage Organs,
One E. W. BLISS, Latest Improved
With West's Crimper attached.
TfaU Machine Is Jfearly Xeir aad h Sold for
Want of Use.
New Orleans. La.
and Summer