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She gjattg tortmu
(Monday excepted)
Terms of Subscription.
Served by Carrier, per week , l"cts.
riit liy Mall, per month . COcts.
one year . .S7.00
Tree of postage to subscribers.
"2r?""Advcrtlseniets inserted bv tbe year at
tbe rate or S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, eacb
Notice To Advertisers.
Titk Runrantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Last day of tho legislature.
The Columbia arrives to-dpy.
The Orisedale haa arrived out.
Samuel Elmore and family are on the
incoming steamer.
A popular vote in Astoria would elect
Mitchell senator by a large majority.
The choir of the Congregation church
"will hold their regular rehearsal this
A substantial addition has been made
to Wilson & Fisher's dock at which the
Telephone will land.
The O. R. & J. Co. announces the low
rate of one dollar a ton on wheat from
all points on tho Willamette to Portland.
This knocks the backbone out of the op
position but temporarily benefits the
raisers of tho valley.
Frank Surprenant started from Fort
Stevens last Wednesday afternoon in a
row boat, but one of his oars breaking,
he went drifting toward the bar. The
crew of tho Geo. S. Homer rescued him.
It was a narrow escape.
No word was received, yesterday from
Salem regarding the election of pilot
commissioners, but it is very probable
that Capt. Allan Noyes and Louis Wilson
of this city and J. A. Brown, of Portland
were elected.
N. Johansen. of upper Astoria, was one
of a picked bodyguard of thirty-five men,
who accompanied General Gordon in his
operations against the Tai-pings in China
in 18C3. Mr. Johansen says that he was
tho bravest and coolest man he ever saw.
A bill to give the Columbia bridge com
pany the right to build across the Wil
lamette river between Portland and East
Portland has been passed by tho senate.
The structure will cost in the neighbor
hood of 100,000, and will have a 100-foot
According to to the now city directory
the population of the city of Portland
proper is 33,000. This not including the
Chinese who number 2,000, nor doe3 it
take into consideration East Portland
or Albina, which would swell the total
to 43,000.
Henry Failing: John H. Mitchell: Sol
Hirsch one of these three will bo elected
I nited States senator at Salem to-day,
w th their chances in tho order named.
Party majority entitles Hirsch to the elec
tion; a popular vote would give it to
Mitchell, but Henry Failing will bo likely
t j capture the prize.
The Oregon is advertised to sail for
San Francisco to-day. Among other
things she takes 15,000 sacks of potatoes
to California, tho largest shipment ever
made. Oregonians are getting half a
oent a pound, and tho shippers figure
that at San Francisco prices they can
clear 1 cents n bushel. This is close
A dispatch received from Salem lost
evening says: "Hirsch, 29; R. 13. Cochran,
31; Williams, 1C; Watson, 2; Boise, C;
George, 1; Carson, 1. Tho contest is get
ting interesting. Salem is crowded with
poople from ail parts of the state. The
tug of war begins in earnest at noon to
morrow." Owing to the unceasing rain the pro
posed parade of Astoria Division No.
One. Uniform Rank, K, of P., did not
take place yesterday afternoon. The
lodge met, initiated some new members
and elected the following efficers: A. E.
Shaw, C: J. W. Hume, L. C: F. L. Par
ker, H.; S. Bozorth, R.; H. F. Prael, T.;
G. W. Woods, G.; J. A. Davidson. S.; Jay
Tnttle, I. O.
A stage was upsot in Applegate oreek
in southern Oregon the other day by a
rush of salmon. The horses were cut
loose and the driver escaped on their
backs, Tho salmon crowded the river
from bank to bank and the school was
over a mile long. Hundreds of them
jumped out upon the banks and wriggled
around until they died. The farmers of
Applegate are feeding their hogs upon
the fish, and dozens of the farmers' boys
are spearing the salmon for fun.
Yosterday, "says th6 Tacomn Netcsot
the 13th, a term of tho district oourt,
Judge Greene presiding, was held on
board the stoamer Wilmington while
that vessel was on the way from La Con
nor to Seattle. It appears that just after
the oourt had adjourned for the term,
two men accused of murder were taken
to La Connor. The sheriff was direoted
to put the prisoners on board the Wil
mington, where court was opened in due
form and an examination took place.
Thomon were acquitted. This is the
first instance within our knowledge of a
term of court being held on a steamboat
at sea.
The regular meeting of the Astoria
Ladies' Coffee Club will be held at the
residence of Mrs. J. W. Hume, Friday
Feb. 20th, 1883 at 7:H0 r. m. A full at
tendance is requested.
Mrs. Geo. P. Wiieei.ek,
A celluloid pin. Apply at this of
fice. Hfolice.
There will be a social party at Knappa
Hall, Tuesday evening, Feb. 24, 1885.
All are invited and a pleasant time an
ticipated. Knappa, Or- Feb. 14, 1883.
Docs not make any second-class Pic
tures at his New Gallery, No. Gltf, on
the Roadway.
Open Again.
J. G. Charters' Palace Baths. First
class fittings. Only 25 cents. Private
bathing apartments for ladies.
Tcm Thousand Dollars Wertk
OX brilliant, flashing, dazzling dia
monds on exhibition for the next ten
days at Adler's Crystal Palae.
The Brilliant Electric Lamp
JLt Carl Adler's. Ask to see it. The
best in use and one dollar cheaper than
any trhere else in the city.
In tho state senate last Wednesday,
Siglin's woman suffrage bill came up un
der special order. Davenport did not be
lieve in the constitution taking away the
rights of hnlf of its citizens; did not be
lieve in vested rights; believed all power
was inherent in tbe people, and as part
of the poople women should have the
right of suffrage.
Lee felt in honor bound to heed the
voice of his constituents, who had de
clared their will at the last election upon
this question.
Siglin should vote for this bill, because
it was just and right. There was no
constitutional inhibition against such
measure. He believed men were cowards
who would not honestly face this subject.
He thought his daughter had as much
right to vote as the man who blacked his
boots; believed in keeping paco with hu
man progress, and though others, might,
he would not anchor his faith to the
dead past.
Haines explained that his constituents
had voiced their sentiments upon this
question, and ho would not change by
his vote their verdict.
Hare believed women could vote under
the constitution but they should go to
the courts for redress. He voted against
the bill, against the earnest appeal of his
wife and daughter.
The vote of the bill stoed: Ayes Bil
yeu, Carson, Cartwright, Davenport,
Hall, Hirsch, Hoult, Miller, Siglin, and
Voorhees 10. Nays Allen, Burch, Cau
thorn, Coleman, Dorris, Emmitt, Haines,
Hare, Lee, Myers, Pennington, Prim,
Reed, Riuehart, Shupe, Simon, Weather
ford and Waldo 18. Warren and Wil
liams were absent.
The general appropriation bill in the
legislature provides as follews: Work
shop and penitentiary, $10,000; additions
and repairs to tho asylum, $30,330; agri
cultural college, 5,000:n ight watchman
at the state capitol, $1,800; expenses of
the superintendent of public instruc
tion, $1,850; purchasing governors'
portraits, $1,50; books for the
stato library, .VL'.fAAJ; payment of tho
state officers, $20,800; land for the asy
lum, $10,000; blind school, $11,000; mute
school, $12,000: incidental expenses of
the state departments, $18,000; convey
ing convicts to the penitentiary, $13,000;
conveying insane to the asylum, $14,000;
printing and binding, $18,000; salaries
of judicial officers. $05,000; care and
treatment of the insane, $134,800; sup
port of the penitentaary, $503,000. or
phan's homo at Salem, $3,000; expenses
of the legislative assembly, $35,000;
orphan s borne at Portland. $3,000: arrest
of fugitives, $3,000; management of
state lands, $13,000; pilot commission
ers, $2,400; health officers, $1,200; sup
port of state paupers, ;$1,000: janitor
and assistants, fc.2,809: return of purchase
money, $2,750.
The following a re deficiencies for which
no provisions have been made: Contin
gent expenses library ana advertising,
$800; incidental expenses, SG3G: trilot
commissioners and clerk, $1,000; rewards
for mail robbers, SttUU; expenses of bund
school, $1,559; expenses of asylum, $41,
000; conveyance of insane, $4,420; con
veyance of convicts, $4,800; pay to exocu-
tivo and administrative officers, $3,300:
pay to judicial officers, $11,000; pay of
California wireworks, $7,OS0; heating ap
paratus for asylum, $2,995; expenses of
penitentiary, $20,135; cells at penitentiary
$lG,8i4; water supply at asylum, $3,150.
expenses of mute school, $2,879; pay of
Captain Mutlan, state agent at Washing
ton, D. (J., $2,000; repairs and additions
to capitol building, $3,045: pay of agents
selecting swamp lands, $11,059: miscel
laneous claims, $2,857; back pay Governor
unaawicK, 51,1.4.
Another Jftn "Behind the Tlae."
"Anti-monopoly legislation" reached
high water mark in the new pilot bill de
vised to "free the Columbia river bar''
from monopoly. It takes $10,000 out of
the treasary to keep up a little sail boat
that will be of no use whatever, and will
cost tho wheat growers of the state many
times this sum in increased rates of pi
lotage. The sail pilot boat can't bring
a vessel in, and both her pilot and the
tug pilot will have to be paid by the ship.
This will come out of the wheat crop, of
course. Your anti-monopoly legislator,
when he gets right down to his work,
can do fearful and wonderful things.
Editorial in 5V-tfmaj.- Oregonian.
The Steamer Telephone.
Captain U. B. Scott's new steamer
Telephone is being finished as fast as
possible. It is expected by her builders
that she will be ready for active service
one week from to-day. The upper inside
painting is being done ut present. The
cabin floors will be of ash. The seats
were taken down to the dock yesterday
and will be put in immediately. The in
terior is white with golden trimmings
and presents a beautiful appearance.
She will have sixteen cosy staterooms,
several closets, cupboards, a purser's of
ficet a dining room and a fore and after
cabin. From the Telephones present ap
pearance it requires no stretch of the im
agination to see that she will be the
handsomest'as well as the fastest boat on
the river. News.
iXcwhpapcr Agency.
I beg leave to inform my Scandina
vian friends and countrymen that I am
agent for the following Scandinavian
papers published hi Chicago, 111.:
Svcnsha Tribunal and Svenska Amcr
Ikanarcn. If my friends and country
men feel inclined to subscribe for either
of these papers, they will please notify
me. The regular subscription price is
c- pni cur, sinu 1 1 icy win wiereuy
save trouble and expense by subscrib
ing with me.
Aug. "Danielsox,
Act. for Astoria and vicinity.
At Frank Fabre's.
Board for $22.50 a month. T.he best
in the city. Dinner from 5 to ,7.
For a Neat Fitting Boot
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to r. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
Fresk Eastern and JShealvratcr
Bay Oysters
Constantly on hand, cooked to any style
at Frank Fabre's.
Hot Iamcli, at the Telephone
From 11 to 2 every day.
A fine lunch with drink or cigar, 25
Xo charge after two o'clock,
The balance of trade has been in favor
of the United states for sight years past,
during which we as a nation have lived
within our means and have saved twelve
hundred million dollars. During the
same eight years not less than six hun
dred million dollars of gold and silver
have been dug out of the ground, and
been added to all the other hundreds of
millions in the country prior to 1877.
Including these three sources, it may be
reasonably stated that the United States
ought to be ahead now at least $5,500,
000,000 in coin, and would be were it not
for tho payment of debts owed by our
people in Europe. It is hard to believe,
though, that anything like the amount
above named has gone for that purpose,
or the half of it, and the supposition is
probably a good one that there is now in
the country not far from $1,500,000,000
in gold and silver. This is a sum beyond
comprehension, but it is no more so than
it is beyond comprehension where all the
money has gone. 'With a record like the
foregoing one would think that all the
channels of trade should be gorged with
money, and that the people under such
circumstances would have entered upon
a career of enterprise and speculation,
or of extravagance, unparalleled in his
torv. Such is not the case, however.
On'tae contrary it has been a long time
since such caution in business and such
general economy has been witnessed as
as boeu the rule of the American people
during the past twelve months, and, we
may say, taking the people as a whole,
during the past twelve years. Tho result
has been the formation of a national
habit of economy, rigid almost to a fault,
which cannot be shaken off or hanged
for years to come, and which must end
in the accumulation of wealth beyond
all past report or conception.
Going back a half dozen years only,
und wo find our merchandise exports to
and imports from foreign countries to
be as follews:
Years. Export.. Imiwrts.
18S4 $749,303,802 $929,827,730
18S3 795,166,116 687,066,216
1882 767,931,046 752,843,507
1881 833,514,126 670,117,903
1880 889,683,422 (6,807,176
1679 765'159,82.- 513,602,790
$4,800,809,240 $3,950,265,322
The six years' balance in our fuvor was
A shipwrecked mariner was cast
Upon a lonely desert isle,
And there he was obliged to fast
For a considerable while.
At last be saw with rapture wild
A vessel coming from afar,
"'A sail! a sail!" be cried and smiled,
"A schooner coming o'er the bar,"
The sailor reached his childhood homo,
And fancied he should like full soon
The dear, familiar streets to roam,
The well-ramembered beer saloon,
A foaming goblet soon beguiled
Tho sorrows of tho shipwrecked tar,
"A .sale! a sale!" he cried and smiled,
"A 'schooner' coming o'er the bar.'
Bncklcn'.s Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores,IJlcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by W.
E. Dement & Co.
Syrup of Figs.
Nature's own true Laxative. Pleas
ant to ttie palate, acceptable totheStom
ach, harmless in its nature, painless in
its action. Cures habitual Constipation,
Biliousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills. Cleanses the system, purifies the
blood, regulates the Liver and acts on
the Bowels. Hreaks up Colds, Chills
and Fever, etc. Strengthens tln organs
on which it acts. Better than bitter,
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, salts
and draughts. Sample bottles free, and
large bottles for safe by W. E. Dement
& Co., Astoria.
Furnished Rooms To Let,
Apply to Mus. Muxo?f.
Do You Thiii It that JVfl
The Chop House
Gives 3'ou a meal for nothing, anil a
glass of something to drink V "Not
much !" but he gives a better meal and
more of it than any place lu town for
25 cents, lie buys by the wholesale and
pays cash. "That settles it.
That Hacking Cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it Sold by W. E. Dement
Why will you cougn when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief. Price
10cts50etsandSl. Sold by W.E. De
ment Shiloh's Cough ana Consumption
Cure is old by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W.E. De
ment All the patent medicines advertised
in thiffp&per, togPther with the choicest
Eerfumery, and toilet articles, etc-can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Ociden
betel, Astoria.
For Dinner Parties to order, at short
notice, go to Frank Fabre's."
Private card rooms at Jeffs new sa
loon "Tho Telephone.'
One of the finest billiard tables 011 the
coast at .IcfTs "Tclphone."
Buy your Lime of Gray at Portland
Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar shingles A full M guaranteed in
each bunch.
Shiloh's Yitaliier is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Diz
ziness and all symptoms 61 Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by W. E. Dement.
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure tor uatarrn, uiptneria and
Canker Mouth. Sold by W. E. Dement.
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Hem
edy. Price 50 cents, Masai Injector free.
jjorsaie oy w. .e. uement.
Sleepless Nights made miserable
livfltnfr fnrrllilo nrmrrli SJlnlrlV f.i.. .r.
the remedy for you. Sold by W. E. De-
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
T.ivpr fVwnnln'TifcP Kbllnfi'e "VltaliTm- (.
Siarauteed to rare you. Sold by W. E.
Dynamite is prepared by simply knead
iug with the Baked hand3 twenty-five per
cent of infusorial earth and soventy-five
of nitro-glycerine until the mixture as
sumes a putty condition, not unlike
moist brown sugar. Before mixing the
infusorial earth is calcined in a furnace
in order to burn out all organic matter,
and it is also sifted to free it of large
grains. "While still moist it is squeezed
into cartridges, which are prepared of
parchment paper, and the firing i3 done
by fulminate of silver in copper capsules
provided with patent exploders.
Nitro-glycerino is made of nitric acid
one part and sulphuric acid two parts, to
which is added ordinary glycerine, and
the mixture is well washed with pure
water. The infusion is composed of
small, microscopic silicious shells which
have lost their living creatures. The
cellular parts receive the nitro-glycerine
and hold it by capillary attraction, both
inside and out. The eirth is very light.
Water is expelled from it by means of a
furnace, and then in the form of a ikw
der it is mixed with nitro-glycerie. Nitro
glycerine has a sweet, aromatic, pungent
taste and tli6 peculiar property of caus
ing a violent heudache when placed in a
small quantity on the tongue or wrist.
It freezes at forty degrees Fahrenheit,
becoming a white, half-crystalized mass,
which must bo melted by the application
of water at a temperature of about 100
degrees Fahrenheit.
FIrt Come, KIrt Sfrrrd.
A case of interest to wholesale mer
chants was decided by the supreme court
Tuesday. It was the case of Atwood
against Martin, sheriff of Umatilla coun
ty, and others, appealed from Umatilla
county. Briefly told it is a3 follews:
Tho stock of one Donaca, a general mer
chandise dealer at Contcrville, Umatilla
county, was attached by Portland cred
itors in January, 1834, for sums aggregat
ing about $10,000. Donaca confessed
judgment, and in due course of timo the
sheriff took possession of the property
and began making preparations to sell
it to satisfy the judgments. Donaca
owed about $8,000 in San Francisco, and
these creditors asked for an injunction
to prevent tho sheriff from selling the
property, on tho ground of alleged fraud
between Donaca and the Portland cred
itors. When tho case came up for trial
in the state circuit court the plaintiff did
not establish tho charge of fraud and
tho injunction was dissolved. Tho su
preme court affirmed the desision of the
lower court, and tho San Francisco cred
itors are "out and injured.' It was a
case of speed in securing claims, in which
Portland outran San Francisco and had
the law to protect them. Orejonian, 19.
In It IVot True?
There can be no argument as to the
qualities essential to a perfect remedy
for tho ills arising from a disordered or
inactive condition of the Liver, Stomach
and Bowels. Everyone will admit that it
should be perfectly safe for -old and
young of both sexes, at any and all
times; that it should be acceptable both
to the taste and the stomach; that it
should never fail to act promptly and
thoroughly, yet painlessly, and ttshould
give strength to those organs. It is now
well known that Syrup of Figs jx.sses
es those qualities in a pre-eminent
degret. W. E. Dement & Co. are agents
for Astoria. Oregon.
gaued in taking the census of School
District No. 1. Parents anil others interest
ed will coufer a favor by assisting him to
make it as complete as possible. All per
sons over four and under twenty years of
age are entitled to, and should be included
in the census.
District Clerk.
To Cannerymen and Fishermen.
ing to tlitt trao that xve have secured
the services or Mil A. JI. JOHNSON, so
long anil favorably known in the SAtL
MAKINC; trade in AMorla. Hereafter Mr.
.lohnsoii will have .sole supervision of our
Sail Loft and will give his pergonal attend
ance tr the manufacture of Boat Sails for I lie
Columbia Hiver trade.
"W. C. NOON & CO..
Cur. It and Front Sts. Portland. Or.
sell for the next ten clay?, :i lotofeholce
firocerles. fine Teas, and Canned (Winds, at
the lowest figures possible. (Joods all freli
and of the best brands.
Opposite O. K. & N. (is Duek.
Elegant Rooms.
Hume's bulldlnir.
Bought and Sold,
From a Bottle or a Pound of Hags to a
Hawser or a Ship's Anchor, at
Ship Supply Depot,
In Hcadington's Building, west of the
O. K.&N.Dock.
Cable. Blocks, Tackle, Ships' Stores
Junk of All Kinds.
Whatever in that line you want can
be had at Foard & Stoke Ship Supply
Notice of Reduction.
I will now sell
Choice Cooking Extracts.
At the following Kedueed Prices :
25-ecst elze
51 -
35 "
These extracts arc put up with ureat care,
and guaranteed equal to any In the market.
If not as represented please return anl
get your money refunded.
J. IV. C07VV.
School Notice.
gal voters or School District No. 1. Clat
sop county Oregon, will be held at the school
Building irusaid district, on Monday evening
March 2nd, 1883, at the hour or 7:30 p. 31.
The object or said meeting being the elec
tion or one director for three years and one
clerk for one year.
By order of the directors.
Clerk School District No. I.
Clatsop Co., Or.
T:n T7SED.
Xaallln, Lemon, Orange, etc.. Haver
Cnkei, Creams, raddlncx, c, ai dell
catcly act! naturally as the fruit from '
which licy aro made.
i"or Strengtli and True Fruit
Flavor They Stand Alone.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo.
tiAKtnf or
Dr. Prices Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's lupulhi Yeast Gems,
. Heat Dry Hop Yen.t.
Light Healthy Bread.
The Dost dry hop yeast in the world.
Bread raised by this yeost la light.whlte
ond wholesome like our grandmothers
delicious bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
KanTrs of Br. Price's special Fra?onBz Eitracts,
Chicago, III St. Louis, Mo.
For sae by Clitjng.Merlr & Co., Agents
Portland, Oregon
ress in Stvle!
Tie Best of Ms !
If Yon Want tie
LowestBed-rock Prices
Clothing Emporium.
For Fine Clothing, flats mid Caps, Boots
and Shnt Gents Furnishing Goods.
old customers that I shall, on the 1st of
February next, move to Portland. Oregon,
where I will have charge of Messrs. "w. C.
Noon & Co.'s Sail Loft,
Any orders for Boat Sails sent to W. C
Noon & Co. will be made up under ray per
sonal .supervision and will be fully equal to
any work heretofore manufactured by me.
Hoping a continuance of your favors I re
main, sincerely yours,
Notice of Application.
undersigned intends to apply to the
common council of the city of Astoria at its
next regular meeting, for a license to sell
wine, malt and spirituous liquors in less
quantities than one quart, in tho building
situated on Lot No. 4, Block No. 10, corner
01 uoncomiy anu uenton streets in tne
City of Astoria as laid out aud recorded by
John McClure.
House to Rent.
Inquire of W, B. HEADINGTON.
Rooms to Rent.
Apply to C. Y. BLIS8ET, Upper Astoria.
u. H
Dry Goods.
Etc., Etc.
The Leaflinc Dry Goofls GloMnff House
xisr ma city.
CUSTOMERS while purchasing their Wearing Apparel, find
their greatest difficulty in obtaining Style, Fit, and Value, in their
BOOTS or SHOES. Knowing this, we have studied the different
points about these goods of the best manufacturers and are now in a
position to show the public a First-class Article in every way, and at
prices as low as is often paid for inferior makes. The following are a
few lines of the Large Stock made to SPECIAL ORDER, and just
1st Is a fine FRENCH KID SHOE, medium high cut, neat shaped
heel, medium and point toes, and come in different widths must b'e
seen to be appreciated.
2nd Is a PATENT LEATHER SHOE with Glove kid tops, beau
tilully finished, and verv Stylish,
3rd Is a KANGAROO SHOE, which is made of the leather of
Kangaroo and Cameleopard Skins aud is of a nature adapted to a wet
climate, while retaining the softness of the finest kid. It is made in
the Common Sense st3le.
4th Is a No. 1 quality of AMERICAN KID SHOE, made in same
styles as the French Kid, and is ofteu taken for the same.
oth Is a Fine FRENCH CALF BUTTON SHOE, with Kanga
roo tops, and made with a Separate Sole of Cork placed between the
main sole acd upper, which prevents dampness to the foot, from the
wet planks.
2"Ye also have for ladies, a fine assortment of New, LOW CUT
SHOES, and FRENCH KID SLIPPERS, besides Misses' and Chil
1st Is the ENGLISH WALraNCr SHOE, made of calf, with Kangaroo tops.
Cap Toes, heavy Sole, and hand sewed, and is nia-lc on the WALKENPHAUST
LAST, a last designed by a man of that name, in Europe, from the outlines of
the human foot, made upon a sheet of naner with a pencil. This Shoe is ciYinjr
great satisfaction.
2nd Is the KANGAROO SHOE, made on the Walkenpliaust Last, but with a
Light Sole, which makes a ve Dressy and Comfortable Shoe. The merits of
the leather used in this shoe are spoken of in Description No. 3, of Ladies Shoes.
:trd Is a CALF DKESS SHOE, the Latest Style and Snaps box, cap, and
medium Toe, and a Solid Vamp Sole.
made with neat cap Toes, broad Sole, and the Cork Sole, put on the same as in
Ladies' No. 5.
Want of space propibits in this announcement, mention of the numerous other
lines of Low, and other Cut Shees: also the fine DRESS BOOTS, in French Calf,
and Kangaroo.
EtTRUBBER BOOTS aud SHOES of all kinds constantly in stock.
C. H. COOPER, - Pythian Building, Astoria, Oregon.
Fine Stationery,
Blank Books,
School Books,
Music Books,
J. Pilger's . Stock Commences
Friday, Feb. 13th at 9 A. M.
Special Price List: Cloaks and Suits.
50 Ladies' Ready-Made Suits, Eeduced from S18 to S7.50. Black and Col
ored Ulsters, Marked down from $15 to $5. Ladies' "Walking Jacketa,
Former Price 10 reduced to $4.50.
The Entire Stock Will be Sacrificed Without Reserve.
Keeps constantly on hand a full stock of the best made
In Business Suits and Dress Suits.
Also the largest stock and the newest patterns In
French and American Cassimeres, Worsteds, Cloths,
Scotch, and English Tweeds.
Which will be made up to order in the very latest styles and at the lowest prices.
HATS in all the Latest and Standard Shapes.
A. complete line of
Gents" Furnishing Goods.
33. An McIHTOSS,
The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher.
Boots and Shoes.
Agents for Stock's
Little Giant, and
Kranich and Bach's Pianos,,
Taber, and Western
Cottage Organs,