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O'DONOVAX kossa killed.
TUESDAY-.. FE1J1UAKY 3, 1885
(Monday excepted)
Terms ofSubscrlption.
Served by Carrier, per week .. . 15cts.
Sent by Mall, per month GOcts.
" " one year- ..........?7.oo
Tree or postage to subscribers.
ErJ-Advertiseincnts inserted by the year at
the rate of 2 per square per month. Tran
Ment advertising filtv cents per square, each
3folice To Advertisers.
TnE ASToniAX guarantees to its ad-
ertisers the Iarpest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
"Wheeler & Kipp have dissolved part
nership. See "Michael Strogofr' at Occidental
Hill to-night.
Circuit court convened again yesterdaj',
Judge Taylor on the bench.
ltesorved seats for to-night's perform
ance at the the New York Novelty Store.
The county court was in session yes
terday, and resumes its deliberations to
day. Gerhard Coleman was yesterday ad
judged insane by a board of medical ex
perts. Ho will" be taken to Salem to
morrow. It would bo a good idea to half-mast
the flags to-day in respect to the memory
of Mr. C. Jioclliug. one of Astoria's old
est and sturdiest pioneers.
On the eve of the presidential election
last November Messrs. Gra and Kuddook
wagered each a gold watcli on tho result
of the ballot, and tho vicissitudes that
these watches have since passed through
in a legal point of view would, if de
tailed, be an interesting chapter in tho
history of attachments, garnishments,
garnishees, garnishees, replevins, writs,
claims, recovcrancei, conveyances, pro
curements, stays of proceeding5!, levies
and various other little legal games. Tho
hist stage in the proceedings was reached
yesterday morning when Sheriff Ross sold
the brace of timopiocos to Sam Harris for
SSJi'J. They now adorn the walls of his
It was an American of Hibernian de
scent that snid that black berries arc
always red when thoy aro green. Tho
1st of the month is always collection day
in Astoria, and yesterday being the first
of the month, on account of the day bo
foro being Sunday, a goodly number of
gentlemen were out with sacks and bun
dles of bills. The same thing occurred
last month, when January 1st, though a
regular collection day, was not observed
on account of it being tho first day of tho
year, and collections began on the 2nd.
It will be the samo way next month, be
cause, as in February, the 1st day of tho
month boiug Sunday no well regulated
businessannn will start collecting beforo
daybreak Monday, March 2nd. Just
how it will bo in April depepds: tho
salmon season on the Columbia begins
that day and prophecy nlwaj'S fails re
garding anvthing in Astoria after the 1st
of April. Collection day is an honorable
cHstom handed down to us from tho
past and still perpetuated moro in defer
ence to an ancient tradition than for any
resultant benefit. On tho 1st of each
month, or thereabouts the form of going
around from store to office and office to
shop is gone through with. It is a pleas
ant form of exercise for those who par
ticipate in it and is conducive to appetite,
especially when tho collector after
traversing sixteen blocks has collected
enough to pay for a lunch. "JefF' has
begun to sot out a lunch hot and free
which in this connection, is duly appre
ciated for reasons which will suggest
themsolves to the fraternity of collectors.
The trials of the collector, as related to
an Abtoeixn attache yesterday, are nu
merous. "Do you know,'' said tho collector, as
ho brushed away a tear from his bright,
blue eye, "(hat some people act toward a
collector as though they thought ho was
a sort of inferier: They tell him to come
again, when it is just as easy to pay him
then as to make him repeat his visit;
they say they haven't got the money,
when they have; they dispute tho bill,
just to gain time and have tho pleasure
of deferring payment until another bill
is made out; they keep him waiting and
snarl at him when he presents his bill as
though ho was only made to be snarled
at: as though he had down in his bill
'snarling. 2.50,' and that they were
afraid they weren't taking snarling
enough for the money."
'Then again," said tho collector, as he
shifted three or four rolls of twenty-dollar
gold pieces from his side to his hip pocket,
"peoplo will tell you 'times aro hard.'
Now if you can tell mo a surer way to
mako what overy body seoms to dread,
to bring on hard times than to say it
just for an excuse to keep from paying
httlo bills, why I'll treat. The way to
keep times from getting hard is to keep
coin in circulation. Tho ten dollars that
I paid you this morning I saw you give
to another man who receipted his bill;
that ten dollars he paid tho grocer; tho
grocer, I know, paid it out right away,
and I'll bet you that if that ten dollars
was traced through Astoria to-day, it
would be found that it paid 200 worth
of debts: have a cigar?" and tho collector
got into a wagon bound for upper town.
It is just possible that somo of what
that collector said may be so.
A Boarding; House To I.ct
Furnished complete, near the O. R. &
X. Company's dock. Terms reasonable.
Inquire at Foard & Stokes.
Temple Lodgrc o. 7, A. F. and A, 21.
Regular communication this evening.
Important business to be acted upon.
A full attendance requested,
By order
(t. W. Lonnsberry,
Members of tho Pioneer and Histori
cal Society of Oregon are requested to
assemble at Rescue Engine Company's
rooms, this day at one o'clock, for the
purpose of attending in a body, the fun
eral of our late fellow member, Conrad
Jnst KcccircdL
At Carl Adler's", Ogilvie's Popular Read
ing, NO. 14;
Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar shingles A full M guaranteed in
each bunch.
Shot Dead in His Office.
New Yoqk, Feb. 2. O'Donovan Rossa,
the famous dynamiter, was shot and in
stantly killed in his office this afternoon.
It was a woman who did it. TJie news
has created intense excitement Every
expression of opinion is heard in Tegard
to the killing. In numorous instances is
heard tho remark, ''I'm glad of it."
Svlem, Feb. 2. The senatorial ballot
to-day resulted as follews: Prim, Si;
Hirsch, 22: George, 1; G. H. "Williams, 1;
Dick "Williams, 1; Hare, 0; Failing, 4;
Hill, 7; Bonham, 1: absent, 4: blank, 1.
It is now said in some quarters that if
Hirsch gets 27 Totes it will have the samo
effect as though a Republican caucus had
been held and he were the caucus nomi
nee. the astobia charted.
The chamber of commerce charter
amendment if it pass will bo with the
property qualification clause stricken out.
The council charter is before tho house
this afternoon. Its friends have strong
hope3 of its carrying.
Pobtland, Feb. 2. E. Wineburg, a
prominent merchant of this city, failed
this morning.
The Grisnicr-Davios Troupe gave a fine
representation of "Monte Cristo' last
evening. As "Kdtnond Dantes,' Mr.
Grismer looked and acted the part
throughout, and in his vicissitudes from
imprisonment in the castle d'lf, till his
escape and reappearance as tho rich
count, tho interest of the audience was
kept up throughout. Miss Davies as
Mercedes elicited tho warmest com
mendation for her able rendition of that
character. Tho two leading perform ers
were fairly supperted:
"jlichael btrogou, the great story on
Russian life, from Jules Verne's story of
that name, will be nroduced thisevenincr.
Mr. Grismer will assume the title role,
as originally played by him. The follow
ing clipping is from the Unite City
Miner: ' 'Michael StrocofP abounds in
thrilling situations, strong dialogue,
witty repartee, and roaring comedy. Tho
auuicuco laugu, weep anu appiana uy
turns, at tho discomfiture of tho English
newspaper correspondents, tho sufferings
ofStrogoff and the heroism of Nadia.
Mr. Grismer, as Michael Strogoff. the
courier of the czar, with the motto 'For
God, for the czar and for my country,'
was soldierly, prompt and intrepid. His
self-control, self-reliance, and self-sacrifice
were well depicted. From tho time
the czar dispatches uim from .Moscow
across the snow r lad mountains and tho
desert plains to Iiku'sk, till his arrival
at his destination, after doing battle, be
ing taken prisoner by the Tartars, sub
ject to tho torture of blinding by tho red
hot sword, of walking thousands of
miles half starved and threatened by
wolves and Tartars, with tho one obpet
of serving his master, the czar, he por
trayed those qualities out of which Jules
Verne created tho character, patience,
courage and endurance. Nadia Fedor,
an orphan, played by Mis3 Phcebo Davies,
was rendered with a just regard for truth
and its effects. Her handsome face, her
girlish figure and pathetic eyes won moio
hearts than Michael StrogofFs for sho
was the favorite of all."
Death of Conrad Iloellin?.
Mr. Conrad Roelling, an old and honor
ed resident of this city, died last Sunday
evening of paralysis, Ho had had two
strokes in tho last year, and a few days
before his death expressed tho belief that
he would soon have a third which, he bo
lieved, would be fatal. Decoased was
born in Germany in 1803, and camo to
this country in loiy, arriving in Oregon
in 1817, and in Astoria in 1819, being a
continuous resident of this city for the
last imny-bix years, ad me year or nis
arrival ho built and fitted up the old"As
toria hotel," then on the beach on the
present site of tho property corner Main
and Concomly streets; this he was pro
prietor of for many years, but since his
70th year he relinquished active business
life. He leaves a wife and six children,
one of his daughters being tho wife of
Capt. Geo. Flavel; another married to
Capt. Moses Rogers. Mrs. Flavel and
her two daughters aro now in San Fran
cisco; tho rest of his children and grand
children are in this vicinity.
Tho funeral will take place from Grace
Episcopal church at two o'clock this
afternoon. Tho remains will be interred
in the cemetery on the hillside.
The Telephone VnJer Steam.
Captain U. B. Scott's now boat, the
Telephone, steamed down tho river Satur
day to St. Johns for the double purpose
of testing tho machinery and taking on
wood. The boat left tho "Washington
street wharf at 7:40 a. m. and arrived at
St Johns at 8:10, making tho distance in
thirty minutes, but ono minuto behind
the Fleetwood's time. After loading, the
Telenhonc moved down to tho month of
tho Willamette, and after a stop the bow
was turned toward St. Johns, the back
trip, seven miles being made in twenty
eight minutes. Tho wheel is eight feet
in diameter, and makes fourteen revolu
tions per minute, with four paddles in
tho water, two totally and two partially.
The regular trial trip will be made in three
weeks. News, 1.
An Annojance.
Ed. Astebiax:
I respectf ully submit for the consider
ation of all concerned, might not tho bell
rung at the conclusion of the Sabbath
morning service bo omitted entirely; or
at least postponed until each service, or
sermon, in the other churches is con
cluded. W. R.
Astoria, February 2,1885.
One of the finest billiard tables on the
coast at Jeffs "Tel phone."
Private card rooms at Jeffs new sa
loon "The Telephone.'
For Dinner Parties to order, at short
notice, go to Frank Fabre's.
Mrs. Bryce would respectfully an
nouce to the ladies of Astoria that she is
prepared to do dressmaking in all its
branches at her rooms on Cass St., op
posite Odd Fellows building.
Buy your Lime of Gray at Portland
Tho fishing season of '85 does not givo
any promise of activity. The business
of canning salmon on tho Columbia has
been carried on at a great disadvantage
during tho last two years and several
cannerymen are now undecided whether
thoy will or will not run their establish
ments next summer. The last season
was so disastrous to nearly every ono
connected with tho business that a prob
ability of similar conditions in 85 causes
many to hesitate.
Lack of common purpose or settled
unity of interests" among the canners is
not the least among the causes that op
erate .to unsettle tho business. Thero
are about as many different ways of
looking at the matter as there are can
neries on the river. One man is now
paying 22 cents a fathom to white men
for knitting nets; another is employing
Chinamen to do the same work for 8
cents; another firm is trying to set tho
price of salmon for the coming soason at
GO cents, while a fourth insists that com
bined action will bring the fish to the
price that he proposes to pay 35 cents.
There seems to be a sort of division of
interests this season that will result in
separating thoso interested in the busi
ness into three classes: thoso who fur
nish money and take almost absolute
control of the manufactured goods; thoso
who get money advanced to tbem and
work on tho cooperative plan, and thoso
who are what may bo termed independ
ent cannerymen." To tho last named
belong such establishments as that of
Mr. Juo. A. Devlin, J. O. Hanthom, J.
G. Megler, A. Booth; to tho second be
long such establishments as tho Colum
bia Canning Co., "West Coast, Union,
"White Star, Fishermen's, Scandinavian,
etc.: among the first mentioned may bo
enumerated "W. T. Coleman & Co., D. L.
Beck & Sons, Allen & Lewis.
Among these last named firms there
seems to be a mutual objection
this year to advance money to purchase
supplies, and among tho companies who
usually obtain advances there also
seems" a mutual desire to get money
elsewhere and in a different way
from heretofore. Thero was so much
litigation and misunderstanding between
agencies and Astoria factories in '81 that
whatever is done this year will be greatly
restricted. Each side has its own story,
and is confident that the other sido is in
the-wrong. Viewing tho matter with an
intent to be impartial, it would appear
that on the part of tho agencies "there
has been an effort to improve on a good
thing and imposo a little more that the
business would bear: a desire to get two
fingers in tho pie: and on tho other hand
a distrust against capital thus employed
that makes men ready to believe that a
transaction that they cannot exactly un
derstand, involves a swindle.
Tho present situation seems to suggest
that the season of '8.1 will bo character
ized by several featuros differing from
some former years. There will be fewer
boats by f00 on the river: thero will be
fewer canneries in operatien: there will
be a lower price paid for fish: there will
bo fewer "outside" boats; fishing will
not begin much boforo May lfth, and not
till Juno 1st will thero bo anything like
the old time activity; effort will be made
to induce unanimity of sentimont among
all .interested in the business, and the
struggle for supremacy on tho part of
rival "agencies' will not bo characterized
by such liberal concession as in tho past.
The business must sooner or later settle
down to a legitimate basis. It has been
butchered and oerdone and cannot for
some years assume tho proportions it did
in '82, "83 and '84. Sooner of later the
buyers of raw material will tiro of pay
ing high prices to tho swarm of men who
swoop down hero every summer, sty for
twelve or thirteen weeks, and then away
with their earnings. In this connection
it may be said that the cooperative com
panies have tho best chance for survival
if they can only realizo that where their
interests as catchers of fish and sellers
of canned salmon clash, thegreator profit
lies in gotting less price for the raw mate
rial that they may mako moro on the
goods in the case.
But it would appear from circumstances
now transpiring that tho cooperative
companies would bo forced to the wall
unless great care is observed and consid
erable business sagacity practiced. For
several reasons the cooperative canner
ies are a help to Astoria and anything
looking toward their continuance, if by
that continuance tho men that work could
make money, would inure to the common
prosperity of tho place.
Hot JLimcli, at tltc Telephone
From 11 to 2 every day.
Bean Soup.
Rare Roast Beef.
Clam Chowder.
Pork and Beans. Etc. etc.
Fresh Eastern and Sshoalwater
Jlay Oyster
Constantly on hand, cooked to any style
at Frank Fabre's.
At Franlc Falrc?.
Board for $22.50 a month. The host
in the city. Dinner from 3 to 7.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Apply to Mus. Muxsojj.
Does not make any second-class Pic
tures at his New Gallery, No. GIJ", on
the Roadway.
The sale of Syrun of Figs is simply
immense. Everyone is taking it, and
all admit that it is the best medicine over
used. Children cry for it on account of
its pleasant taste, and grown people
who have used it once never take any
thing else. Unlike other remedies for
biliousness and constipation it never
loses its power to act, and it always
leaves the organs on which it acts strong
er than before. Besides, one feels fresh
and bright and realizes that it is Nat
ure's own true laxative. W. E.Dement
& Co. are agents for Astoria, Oregon.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this piper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc-can
be bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Ociden
hctel, Astoria.
Syrup of Figs.
Nature's own true Laxative. Pleas
ant to the palate, acceptable to the Stom
ach, harmless in its nature, painless in
its action. Cures habitual Constipation,
Biliousness, Indigestion and kindred
ills. Cleanses the system, purifies the
blood, regulates the Liver aud acts on
the Bowels. Breaks up Colds, Chills
and Fever, etc Strengthens the organs
on which it acts. Better than bitter,
nauseous Liver medicines, pills, salts
and draughts. Sample bottles free, and
large bottles for safe by W. E. Dement
& Co., Astoria,
.Sketch or n Famous Woman Who at Her
Death was Legally Worth Two Hna-
ilred 3IilIion Dollars.
The death of Mrs. Myra Clarke Gaines
at the age of seventy-nine, recalls the
history of the mo3t famous law suit in
the nation. A brief history of the case
is not without interest.
The mother of Mrs. Myra Clarke Gaines
was a beautiful Creole. Her father was
Daniel Clarke, an influential Irishman,
owning large estates in Louisiana and
much properly in Philadelphia. It is as
serted that they were secretly married in
Philadelphia about 1S03, but he never ac
knowledged his wife publicly. Myra was
the second child of this union. She was
born in 1S0G, in New Orleans. Clarke was
sent to "Washington as the first Louisiana
delegato to congress, and his wife, learn
ing that ho was unfaithful, separated
from him. He amassed great wealth and
died in 1813, under circumstances which
led to the belief that he had been pois
oned. The will, leaving his wealth to
Myra, was never found, butnn aged negro
in Clarke's service testified that ho had
seen his partner open Clarke's secretary
after his death, and tako from it a sealed
document and burn it. When, some
years later, the partner was told that
Myra had declared in open court that her
father had mado this will and that it had
been destroyed by nn interested party, ho
exclaimed: "Great God! did she say
that?' and throwing up his arms, fell
dead from apoplexy. Myra married "Wil
liam Whitney, n southern gentleman,
from whom she learned of her rights and
of her just titlo to property oven then
worth millions of dollars. Sho also
learned that her mother still lived, and
that her good name had remained all
these years under a dark cloud. To see
her mother aud prove her marriage to
her father was Mrs. Whitney's first
thoughi. The beautiful home was aban
doned, and a few weeks later Mr. and
Mrs. Whitney wore living in New Or
leans, and had taken the first plunge
into tho litigation. This was about 1832,
Sho was at first successful, but her hus
band died of yellow fever, leaving her
with three small children to fight out
the contest. To legal opposition wero
added slanders about the character j of
the beautiful young widow, and even at
tempted assassination. For the sake of
her children and her own name, she
pressed tho suits with vigor. But her
means ran low. When sho had finally
reached a desperate strait, and was ex
posed to insult and poverty in New Or
leans, she was befriended by General E.
P. Gaines, the hero of Fort Erie, and
an old friend of her father. He was her
gallant protector, and sho at length bo
c?mo his wife. Sho thereafter had a
respectful hearing. Tho suit was carried
to tho United States supremo court threo
tinier on questions of practice, and at
length, by compromise with one of the
defendants, sho gained a victory in 1818,
tho United States supremo court declar
ing that a marriage had taken place, and
thot Mvra was entitled to four-fifths of
Clarkefs estate. But Mrs. Gaines found
that, to secure tho property, she would
Iikvo to bring suits against each of its
owners in succession. Her suit against
tho executors reached a hearing in the
supremo court in 1831. Tho defenso was
vigorous this time, and she found her
self non-suited at the end of nineteen
years, tho conrt reversing its for
mer decision as to tho marriage
of her mother. In 1849 her hus
band had died, aud now, unaided, sho
again began suit under the will which, it
was alleged, had been destroj-ed by her
father's partner. She won at every step
up to tho United States supremo court,
which decided in her favor in 1861. Tho
war stopped the litigation, but at its close
sho was ready nsain, and in 1SG5 her
rights wero reaffirmed in the United
States supremo conrt. Tho property,
which includes the best parts of New
Orleans, was then worth one hundred
million dollars. But the judgments ob
tained by her in the supremo court of
tho nation simply decided her right to
bring suit against tho individual occu
pants of her property. Tho number was
great. Sho pressed the one against tho
city of New Orleans, and it was determ
ined, in 1883, that the city was indebted
to her in the sum of two millions of dol
lars. The long fight, however, wore hor
lifo out. In the course of tho fifty yeurs
of litigation in which sho was engaged
such men as Daniel Webster, Caleb Gush
ing, Charles O'Connor, Judah P. Benja
min, and others of tho ablest lawyers of
tho ago were eniploj'ed in the case. Mrs.
Gaines once argued her own case before
the United States supreme court against
Daniel Webster, and won. Sho is des
cribed as a slender little woman, with
brilliant eyes and vivacious maimers, and
was at once witty and eloquent in con
versation. The great wealth to which
she established her titlo will go to heirs
who will, it is believed, accept comprom
ises which sho rejected, and thus end a
colebrated case in American jurispru
There is, says tho Xetcs, a busy effort
to treat Mitchell as though ho were a
candidate and kill him in offigy; but it
is made ridiculous by the fact that his
namo has not been brought forward, and
tho further fact that it probably will not
be. If, in tho maelstrom of uncertain
ties, it should come to tho front, not all
tho smouldering embers of old abuse
could be fanned into a living flame
against it. It is pretty generally under
stood that a good man has been put out
of tho race by the bitter hatred of friends
turned enemies, and this robs abusive
statement of its effective sting. If there
should ever be a broak toward Mitchell,
not all the sneaking ambuscades around
tho state house could avail to stop it.
It would go Hko a prairio fire through
and over all tho cuddiing tricks to real
ize on the Mitchell strength, while hunt
ing promises, and at the samo timo
holding back an agreement, to turn
forever from the old love. Something
in the way of this is known, and it is
contemptible. Not that Mitchell will be
a candidate for ho probably will not be
certainly not through any act or word
of his ewn: but in tho interests of fair
dealing all around. It is curious to seo
how tho Mitchell question enters into
the race of every ono else. Tho Hirsch
men remember thoir candidato as a most
loyal friend of Mitchell. The Hill men
think of their candidato as the original
cnemv and tearer-down of Mitchell.
Tho Failing men think of their candi
dato as tho purse-proud member of the
anti-Mitchell clique.
Buc!tlcxis Anxica Salve.
The Best Saxve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by W.
E. Dement & Co.
Widely Different Vleirs About the Value of
Stono and Tiles Delivered at
Point Adams.
Following are tho bills received by
Capt. Chas. F. Powell. U. S. engineer, for
25,000 tons of stone for the government
jetty at Point Adams:
James Bays, Portland, 71)c, delivered at
Tongue point.
E. J. Jeffory, Portland, 55c. delivered
atBugby Hole, thirty-five miles abovo
Point Adams.
James Frainey, Portland, G4c, at Hun-
Sry Harbor (opposite Astona); S4c at
ugby Hole.
Elijah Corbett, Portland, 1.40 on cars
at Fort Stevens.
J. B. David, Portland, 1.30 at Astoria.
Wrm. L. Smith, Portland, 1.30 at As
toria. Brazil Grounds, Portland, $1.45 on
barges at Point Adams.
Oregon Pavement fc Contract com
pany, Portland, 95c at Astoria; 65c at
Ellis peint: 70c at Cathlamet.
Wm. E. Holmes, Portland, 43c at Bug
by Hole.
James Neal, Portland, 82)c at Tongue
Leandcr Michall, Dayton, Or., C5c at
Point Adams.
P. O'Neil. $1.23 at Hungry Harber:
1.45 M mile abovo Hungry Hhrbor:1.40
at Tonguo point.
Vincent Cook, Portland, G2c at Bug
by's. J. J. Holland, Portland, 9lc at Tongue
point; 7Sc at Cathlamet point; 90c at
Hungry Harbor.
Chas. B. Martin, Astoria, 1.25, fifteen
miles from Point Adams, on Washington
territory side.
Elijah Corbett, Portland, 90c near
Cook's cannery.
It will be seen that each contractor
named the place at which ho would de
liver the stone, and this partly accounts
for tho widely differing figures. The
price mentioned is for a ton. For in
stance, W. E. Holmes' bid is 43 cents;
Leander MicbaH's 05 cents. The former
agrees to deliver the stono at Bugby
Hole, about thirty-five miles abovo Point
Adams, and the government estimates
that it is worth 1 cent per ton per milo
to tow it, which makes the bid equal to
83 cents; while Michall's bid for stone,
delivered at the proposed work . is G5
cents. The highest bid is nearly 150 per
cent, above this.
Following are the bids for 20,000 lineal
feet of piles to be delivered at Point Ad
ams: Brazil Grounds, Astoria, 9 cents per
lineal foot.
Leandcr Michall, Dayton Or., CM cents.
Ole Bowman, Scappose, 11 cents.
J. H. D. Gray, Astoria, 1 cents.
Thos. Baxter, Vancouver, 7 cents.
J. C. Trulliuger, et al., Astoria, 9 cents.
P. F. Fallert, Kalaraa, G cents.
All the bids have been forwarded to
Washington a summary by telegraph
and a copy of the bids in full by mail
and tho jiward will bo mado there. Ore
rjonian. Test Tour BaMng Fowfler To-Day !
Urands advertised as atoolntcly para
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l;.tot.ito J the consumer's reliable test,
Price Baking Powder Co.,
I'lsnn or
Dr. Price's Special Flavoring Extracts,
The Etroagost, most delicious and natural
flavor known, anil
3r. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems
1 or Light, Healthy llrend.Tho Beit Dry Hop
Yeast In tho world.
Light Healthy Bread.
The deat dry hop veost in the world,
Broad rateod by this yeoat is Hght.whlte
and wholesome like our grandmother's
delicious bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
MTis of Dr. Price's special FtoYoriHs Extracts.
Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo.
For sa'.c by Cctting.Mkrlk & Co., Agents
l'ortland, Oregon
For Rent.
tlic second and third floors In tho cor
ner building on Olucy and Squemoqna
. Elegant Rooms.
JIume's build nc.
Notice of Application.
LS undersigned will apply to the Common
Council, of the City of Astoria, at its next
regular meeting for a license to sell wine,
malt and spirituous liquors, in less quanti
ties than one quart, for a poriod of one year
in the building known as the Anchor Saloon
situated on Benton street, betweeu Benton
and Lafayette streets on Lot No. 23, Block
No. 10, in the city of Astoria, as laid out and
recorded by John McClure.
Astoria, January 15tb, 1SS3.
ForaKcat Fitting Boot
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
naraus street next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. Afulhstock; new goods
constantly arriving, Custom work.
I is
A GfBat Re Mi Sale in Men's
On account of an overstock in these goods I shall offer for cash,
during the next 30 days, the following lines regardless of cest:
Men's Mixed Cassimere Overcoats.
" Blue Chinchilla
" Gray Mixed Reversible
" California Doeskin "
" Heavy Chinchilla "
J Brown Beaver Dress "
'' Blue Beaver " "
" Black Diagonal "
" Gray Chinchilla "
' Huntsman Green Melton
'' Blue Germania Beaver
fi Brown Chinchilla '
' Blue Chinchilla "
New Shade, Satin lined, Dress
Pythian Building,
Agents for :
& :
And Geo Steels
Little Giant
For Fine Stationery, School Books, Blank Books, j TABERand
Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, Variety '
Goods, Etc., Etc. j wester
Subscriptions recelred for any Periodical published at rnttaca
publishers Prices. oae
eir Stock Arrlrlng Dally. "ORGANS.
$67,000,000 Capital !
Liverpool and London and Globe.
North British and Mercantile
Of London and Edinburgh.
Old Connecticut of Hartford,
Fire Insurance Companies,
Representing a Capital of $67,000 OOO.
B. VAN DUSEN. Asent.
Keeps constantly on hand a full stock of the best made
In Business Suits and Dress Suits.
Also the largest stock and the newest patterns in
French and .American Cassimeres, Worsteds, Cloths,
Scotch and English. Tweeds.
Which will bo made up to order in the very latest styles and at the lowest prices.
HATS in all the Latest and Standard Shapes.
A complete line of
Gents7 STurnisliing Goods.
The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher,
at $9.00 for $7.00
at 11.50
at 13.50
at 14.00
at 14.50
at 16.00
at 16.50
at 18.00
at 18.00
at 20.00
at 22.50
at 25.00
at 25.00
at 30.00
Astoria, Oregon.
Chenamus Street, Astoria.
The Best of Lager 5 Cis. a Glass.
Orders for the Celebrated
Columbia Brewery Beer
Left at this place will be promptly
attended to
jks-No cheap San Francisco Beer sold at
this place.
Wm. BOCK, Proprietor.