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....NOVEMBER 27, 1SS2
(Monday excepted
runLiSHEns asd mornm-rons,
Terms of Subscription.
Served by Currier, per wcel; I3cts.
.Vont by Mail, per month OOcls.
" " ' one year ................ 57.00
Free ol postage to subscribers.
"Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate or $2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, rach
Notice To Advertisers.
THE Astoriax guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Fine "weather.
No paper to-morrow.
Blaine wears a 1$ hat; Cleveland 1.
The Queen is due from San Francisco
this morning.
The Lillian leaves for Knappa at four
this afternoon.
Carl Adler has the agoncy for the cele
brated Bockford watch.
Pacific Lodge No. 17, K. of P., will
elect officers to-morrow night.
Beaver Lodge No. Si, I. O. O. F., has its
annual election of officers to-night.
There will bo a general cessation from
business throughout the city to-day.
Mrs. F. E. Stokes and J. Strauss are
among the passengers on the incoming
The proceeds of Jo3. Cook's lecture
to-night will be for tho benefit of the
Y. M. C. A.
The Astoria Ladies' Coffee club have
their first annual ball at Liberty Kail
this evening.
Jos. Cook at the Presbyterian church
this evening. "Seven modern wonders
of the world'
There will be no supper in connection
with the ball given by the Astoria Ladies
Coffee Club this evening.
Divine service in Grace church this
morning at 10:30. Union service at
Presbyterian church, same hour.
"The Seven Modern Wonders of the
World" is the title of Rev. Jos. Cook's
great lecture at the Presbyterian church
this evening.
To enable Carl Adler to put his im
mense stock in order for the opening
exhibition to-ruDrrow evening, his store
will be closed from lto 7r. M. to-morrow.
The company in command of Lieut.
Merril, recently transferred from Fort
Stevens to Fort Canby, have received or
ders to proceed to San Francisco. A de
tachment from the Presidio wilL take
their place at Fort Canby.
Election celebrations are still going on
all over tho nation. That's all right.
Just so long as the Stars and Stripes are
borne at the head of the procession the
country, the dear old countrj, is safe.
Let us have peace and an appropriation
for the Columbia bar.
Clatsop county with 1,5G9 voters and a
population of 8,000, has one-half ofva
representative and one-third of a senator
to represent ber at Salem. This is un
just and calls for remedy. It is not only
unjust but it is cowardly. Each political
party is content to let it go as at present,
fearing that more representation might
help the opposition. And that's just why
we have not adequate representation at
the state capital.
C. H. Cooper's leading dry goods and
clothing house will close Thanksgiving
day. Thursday, the 27th inst.
The Oregon Short lane
Will be open December 1st, and com
mence running trams on that date.
Pullman and Emigrant .sleepers will
run through from Portland to southeast
Missouri river points without change
The only line running them to these
Emigrant sleepers are hauled on lirst
class Express trains and no charge foi
berths. Distance: Portland to Kansas
Citv. 470 miles the shortest; to St. .Jo
seph and Leavenworth, 493 miles the
shortest; to Omaha, 463 miles the short
est, and 29 hours the quickest time. 248
miles the shortest to St. Louis, 281 miles
the shortest to New Orleans, and many
hours the quickest time. This line is
hundreds of miles the shortest and davs
ol time the quickest to all points in Ne
braska. Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee.
Kentucky, Etc. Rates always as low as
the lowest.
Tickets on sale at all principal offices.
Remember, no change of cars. For in
formation concerning rates, time tables,
etc., call on or address
B. Camubelt,, Gen. Agt
No. 1, Washington St.
I. O. . F.
Election of officers of Beaver Lodge
No. 35. 1. O. O. F., this Thursdav even
ing. November 27th, 18S1. A full at
tendance is requested.
By order N. G.
T. S. Jewett,
Grand Opening;
Of new goods of the latest styles at
Adler's Crystal Palace to morrow even
ing. All the novelties of tue day on ex
hibition. A visit will repay you. Ad
ler's Crystal Palace.
An oil painting, framed, given away
; Adlar's Crystal Palace.
Hare You Seen
Those fine Wall Papers at M. Olsen &
Co.'sV The finest and largest stock in
the city. Call and examine the new
and fashionable styles. They cost no
more than the old-fashioned wall paper
and are really elegant for parlor, office
or room.
At Frank Faibrc's.
Board for S22.50 a month. The best
In tho city. Dinner from 5 to 7.
Mrs. A. B. .Jewett lias removed to
rooms 3 and 4, Odd Fellows Building.
Dresses cut, made and fitted in the most
fashionable style.
Board at JcfP.s.
The best in America, $20.00 a month.
Boston Baked Beans and Brown Bread
every Sunday at Jeffs from c a. m. to
Fifteen hundred numbers of Lovell's
Library and ten mail sacks full of other
fine reading matter just recelvsd at Ad
ltr'0 Crystal Pftlaes.
At the Presbyterian church last oven-
ing Joseph Cook spoko to a rapt audience
on "Ultimo fe America.' It is an all em
bracing tlicme: it has in -ur. (Jook a
worthv esponout. His stvle is fo differ
ent from the ordinary lecturer as to make
it difficult to report, and his remarks can
be but briefly summarized as being elo
quent, convincing, logical and complete.
His mind is an all-embracing one.
Wherever ho turns tho brilliant lamp of
his intellect shine out new discoveries,
and did time permit ho could talk all
night without wearying. Ho spoke for
two hours hist evening and it was with
regret the audience heard his final per
oration. Usually an orator adopts a certain
theme or definite line of thought. Mr.
Cook's discourse last evening was to the
ordinary lecture what tho Amazon is to
the Hudson or the Columbia to the tiniest
brook that flows into it. Whether dis
cussing tho physical configuration of tho
continent or the adaptability of woman
suffrage; the topography of the old world
or the requirements of civil service re
form; the dusty tabic of statistics or the
more inviting" field of future greatness,
the historic parallels of the old and now
worlds, or tho matter of municipal mis
ruie, he displayed such penetration
ot intellect, such loftiness of thoucht.
such breadth or judgment and .such ex
nuisito beauty of language as to compel
me most cnmudiasuc aumirauon irom
tho most listless of his audience. He can
be compared to no one that has ever ap
peared in Astoria and whether ho talk in
the most tremulous tones of pathos, the
solemn voico ot prophesv, tuo sarcastic
utterance of keen observation or the
warm-hearted utterance of a true patri-
ui, lie is as ait nines oaring uis discourse
a delight to his listeners.
Mr. Cook will locturo at tho same
place this evening on "The Ssven Mod
ern Wonders of The World' said to bo
his best lecture.
During tho past week there has been
comparatively no movement at all. How
ever, after all due allowance for the gen
oral departure from business during the
campaign, the condition of trade in sal
mon is not surprising. The present sit
uation is novel and interestiug. The
reserve of the Columbia river pack of
1SS1 is now reduced to "KI.OOO cases.
There aro several anxious foreign inqui
ries which would tako up the entire
residue of tho season's pack. Jobbers
aro aware of the entire strength of the
inquiry, and aro, steadily drawing upon
the supply for small loK. The character
of tho jobbing trade demand is a menace
to the buyer for export, and tho packer
uses the inquiry from abroad with great
effect. Aside from these considerations,
the balk of the reserve is composed main
ly of standard brands, which always com
mand full figures. While trado is slow
the market show.sgreat firmness, and the
season closes as it opened up, one of the
most remarkable in the memory of Co
lumbia river packers. California Grocer
and Canner, 21.
Invidious Criticism.
Tho cities of Oregon that mako any
claim to importance as business centers,
are fast falling into tho methods of larg
er communities in the way of travelinc
accommodations. The town of Astoria
is more or less noted for the enter
prise of its inhabitants in keeping
pace with the rest of the world.
The latest improvement was inaugu
rated this week by the starting of a
force of laborers in preparing the road
way and laying tho track for a street
railroad. It is rather late in the season
to begin such an enterprise, but as it is
not of gigantic proportions, it is not
supposed that work will be much imped
ed by early rains. One special feature
of satisfaction in movements of this
character in neighboring states and ter
ritories is the fact thut the rails, running
gear and most of tho incidental material
are purchased in tho San Francisco mar
ket. S. F. Bulletin 22.
Snlt DKmhsed.
The suit of St. Mary's hospital of As
toria, Or., against Charles E. Wendt, ad
ministrator of the estate of John Flana
gan, to recover 536 for the care and
maintenance of Flanagan's daughter, aM
grown woman, wnne suo was an invalid
in the hospital, has been dismissed at
plaintiff's request. The suit was brought
on an alleged promise of Flanagan to pay
the bill. His administrator denied that
Flanagan had made any promise and re
fused to pay the bill. "Tho suit has been
pending a year, and tho final settlement
of the estate has only been awaiting its
disposal. The administrator filed his final
account yesterday in the probate court.
is. t. (jail, 2isu
"Hurrah" for Maria!
"Hurrah" for the Kid!
Get jour dinner at JEFF'S:
You'll be glad that vou did.
jTIiaukgirin Bill 04
Baked Fresh Salmon
Ham, Tongue, Corned Pork, Corned
Turkey, Cranberry sauce. Beef, Muttsn,
Pork, Veal, Heart, Lamb,
Stuffed Duck.
Oyster Patties. Kidney Saute. Venison
Pot Pie, Macaroni Italian.
Mashed Potatoes. Green Corn, Cabbage,
HJKeu uquasn, ueaus.
Cleveland Plum, Brandy Sauce.
Mince, Apple, Cranberry, Pumpkin,
Nuts, Raisins, Apples.
Meals, 2j cents.
Does not make any second-class Pic
tures at his New Gallery, No. 61, on
the Roadway.
Home for Children.
Mrs. Wagner, whose residence is next
to U. W. ulton's. is now nrenared to
take entire charge of a limited number
of children. Lvery attention naid the
mtie ones, ana any one leaving their
child with Mrs. Wagner may be sure
inai it win receive a inoiuer s care.
Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar shingles A full M guaranteed in
ean ounce.
Polltlct Wrather Electrical Prepsratlon.
"Special Correspondence
New Orleans, Nov. 17, 1SS4.
There was not that tempest of enthu
siasm which might havo been expected
hero over the election of Cleveland.
Some guns were fired, and then most of
tho people seemed to fear they had been
enthusing too previously, as in the Tilden
time. Some fireworks were indulged in
by the great newspaper office here, tho
Cotton exchange and the Pickwick club,
but thoy were not all concentrated on a
single night, as the Cotton exchange was
doubtful longer than the Times-Democrat
over the result. There was a feeling of
general relief when it was all over, and
Louisiana did not care very much, except
that the defeat of Kellogg in his own dis
trict by a Blaine Democrat caused some
rejoicing. William Pitt Kellogg has had
a singular political career in this state,
and even by prominent political gamblers
has been considered a great corrnption
ist; but the day of his destiny seems to be
over, and the star of his fato has certainly
declined. Louisiana, on tho contrary, in
the opinion of many Democrats even,
has gone Democratic for nearly tho last
time. The majority in this city was only
4,000, and proper organization could un
doubtedly have carried this state for
Blaine. Ono of tho most prominent
Democrats here, Jim Houston, whose
brother, the judge, was beaten by Hahu,
a Jiopublican, for congress, said to me
yeterday: "If Arthur had been nomi
nated by the Republicans we wouldn't
have had the ghost of n show. Tho al
luvial states, especially Arkansas und
Louisiana, would most certainly havo
gouo for him."
This Houston is ono of tho gamest men
in the country. Ho has had tho misfor
tuno to kill several mon and at one timo
last winter ho had tho whole Creole ele
ment down on him. At a local election
Captain Fortier, a violent Creole of the
outside Democratic faction, fired at Hous
ton near tho polling place and Houston
returned the lire, killing him instantly.
The Creoles were wild nnd held a meet
ing for tho purpose of taking Houston
out of jail, without trial, and hanging
him to a lamppost. Houston publiahed
a statement in tbo papers which ho sub
stantiated in court nnd which made
tho other faction admit that ho
could not havo avoided killing
Fortier. Still, however, there is much
bitterness felt ngaiust him by some of
that element, and occasionally thoy at
tack friends of his. The other night in
a billiard room, six fellows picked a row
with n man named Murphy, who drove
then off with a billiard cue ana was defy
ing them in the open. Houston happen
ing b3', saw these fellows drawing their
roolvors against this Murphy, who
nroved afterwards to be unnrnaeu, ana
sprang to tho rescuer Being a rather
short man he jumped onto a chair and
said to tho crewd: "If yon want to 'do'
this man, you've got to 'do' me too."
Knowing the man, the ruffians postponed
that job. Houston is much misjudged
by those who do not know him personal
ly, and who regard him as merely a po
litical rambler. Ho Is a man shrewd
and keon, but withal true to his friends,
and one cannot neip reeling mac uo
ought to mako a better mark in the
world than a mark for pistol practice.
It has been said that good Americans
when they dio go to Pans: but it seems
to me that they would snow more sense
if they only summered there and win
tered here in New Orleans this climate
is so celestial so unspeakably divine.
Theso are days in which it is a luxury to
live days when mere nto suinces wiinoui
Gould's gold or Shakespeare's genius.
Tho rich costumosof tho women on these
broad and brilliant boulevards aro in
keeping with the hectic flush of the leaves
on tho forest trees that adorn many of
the highways, in curious contrast with
the still green magnolia and the orange
tree that king of beauty, which to many
a poor man's garden lends a look of tem
porary opulence with its multitude of
golden globes.
Color may ba said to culminate in this
oity, and tho perennial bloom of its gar
dens finds a parallel in tho social temper
of its peop'e. Narcissus, who fell in lovo
with his own face pictured in the placid
stream, might bo taken as a prototj-pe)f
this people collectively as well as individ
ually and. I fancy that Cable, in his cre
olo caricature, called Narcisse, had this
fancy forming in his mind and took
it: thoucH it seems to mo
that he makes Narcisse of tho novel very
tiresome, which tho Narcisse of real lifo
hero never can be. Tho richness of col
oring predominant bore brings mo to the
Exposition as a subject inexhaustible.
Much has been published about tho ex
traordinarily large and splendid build
ings prepared for exhibitors, but a rsoent
visit to the Exposition grounds convinces
me that they, the- grounds, will call forth
even mora wonder and admiration than
the palaces of southern progress that
rest upon them.
'Che embellishment of theso naturally
attractive grounds, which are a level
lapse of 250 acres just on the crescent
curve of tho great, tawny rivor which
brings so much tribute to the city of New
Orleans, is in keeping with tho character
of the climate and tho tastes of a deli
cately luxurious people. Mimaturo lakes
and fountains, winding walks amid
plumps of tropic trees, groups of banana,
orange, lemon, maguey, mesquite and
many others, will form a dazzling mosa
ic of color in motion whenever a breeze
comes laughing with perfume up from
tho Gulf of Mexico. And when tho
breeze may come, tho lordly live-oaks.
which extend over much of the grounds
tho grateful protection of their magnifi
cent nmbrago will wavo their long
streamers ot bpamsn gray moss m play
iul answer to tne nags on tho mam
bmldinc or tho countless smoko wreaths
of tho steamers that crowd up tho river
from Europe, the Indies, Moxico and the
South Americau republics. Tho illumin
ation of tho grounds at night are on as
grand a scale as the other preparations
for this international display. In the
lake Rubio. named after tho wife of Gen.
Porfirio Diaz, president-elect of Mexico,
an ornamental stand pipe rises to a
height of 100 feet. At three intervals of
twenty-five feet each this pipo throws
out a circle of jets each circle lessening
toward the top liko the spray of a foun
tain. On top of a spire oxtending fifteen
feet above this column, an electric lamp
of 100,000 candle power flashes its rays
aeross the waters of tho lake and over
tho cadenced jets of tho fountain. In
front of fivo of tho principal entrances a
30,000 candle power Aieavitt-Mueller elec
tric light is placed, and in fivo different
sections of tho grounds thero aro towers
123 feet high, each lighted by ten stand
ard arc lights of tho Jenny system and
fifty additional Jenny aro lamps are
ranged around the grounds and steam
boat landings on tho river front.
For a good bath, pleasant shave, or
shuiupuo, go to the City Baths, corner
iiquamoqua and Olney streets.
Jwi. Q. Cbaxtsks, Prp.
! From our Regular Correspondent.
( Washisgtok, Nov. 17, 18S4.
f The average aopartment clerk m now
t holding his breath in suspense, and is al
together in a state of great tribulation.
The calm, moderate judgement of those
who are in a position to know is that
Mr. Cleveland will mako but few changes,
excepting of course tho offices, such as
heads of bureaus, who must of nocessity
be in entire accord with the spirit of the
administration. But when the sonl of
tho department clerk is being filled with
these sweet assurances of security and
his mind at rest, sonio one liko Governor
elect Gray, of Indiana, announces that
the departments must bo cleaned out,
and that tho rascals must go, and inti
mates that presumably all Republicans
aro rascals. Then is the spirit of the
clerk wrought up onco more and he he
gins to practice the most rigid economy,
whereupon the shopkeeper curseth with
exceeding great fervor. The result is that
business here is utterly dead at present,
but it is not probable that this condition
will continue for any length of time.
It is now generally conceded in Wash
ington that the result of the presidential
contest is definitely settled, nnd all the
political wiseacres aro busy confiding to
tho public how the thing was done. Mr.
George Gorham, a stalwart of tho stal
warts, said to Roscoe Conkling in the
lobby of a New York hotel a f ow days
age: "Yon withered Blaine with tho hot
blast of your silence," and Roscoe smiled
as though the idea met with his emphat
ic approval. Mr. "Mike" Crogan, ono of
tho noted Republican loaders of Now
York city, has baen in Washington for
the last day or two, and ho blandly ex
pressed his conviction to your corre
spondent that tho national Republioan
Committee was a choice collection of
"chumps," and sneeringly said that El
kins had given tho boys $3,000 for use in
Now York city when they should havo
had at least $150,000. Mr. Cregan talked
very freely in this strain and butchered
the English language to an alarming ex
tent. Every newspaper man at tho national
capitol is now transformed into a cabinet
maker and is benevolently endeavoring
to lift some of tho burden of state from
the shoulders of tho president-elect. All
hands seem to agree that General Mc
Clellan will enter tho cabinet, taking
either tho war or navy portfolio. It is
said that he prefers the latter, as he"
thinks that a great reputation can be
m ado by rebuilding our shattered navy
and that the time is ripe for it. The
south claims two cabinet officers, and
asks for the attorney general's and post
master general's portfolios. Senator Gar
land of Arkansas, is very generally men
tioned as the coming attorney general.
Beyond this no two seem to agree. It is
understood that Senator Bayard or Rep
resentative Randall do not caro to enter
the cabinet, and many formerly opposed
to Randall urge that be be made the
speaker of the next congress. However
this is going a long way into the future,
and Randall may to-morrow bo put
down for tho secretaryship of the treas
ury. Tho social world is already beginning
to be anxious about the inaugural ball.
"Where are we going to have it?" is ask
ed on every hand. It had been planned
to have tho new pension building finish
ed in time for tho occasion, but now the
architect announces that the building
cannot possibly bo roofed iu by March
on account of unavoidable delays. Al
baugh's new Grand Opera House, one of
the latest improvements at tho capital,
is spoken of, and one or two of tbo largo
halls of the city are mentioned, but it is
certain that no building yet suggested
will be entrely adequate to tho occasion.
At Garfield's inaugural ball the National
Museum, then just completed, was used,
and it is possible that this building may
be called into service once more. It will
be vividly remembered by some that for
Grant's second inaugural ball a hugo
frame structure was specially erected in
Judiciary square. The night of tho ball
was intensely cold and the beaux and
belles moved about enveloped in over
coats and wraps. I remember seeing
one fair daughter enveloped in a car
riage robe, and heard her remark to her
partner. "What a perfectly splendid
timo Fm having." Many very severe
colds were contracted and for some time
afterwards coughs were epidemic in tho
upper circ'63 of society. Tho birth of
tho Hayes administration was not mark
ed by tho usual Terpsichoresn ovation.
There was too much doubt up to within
a weeek of the timo as to whoso ball it
would be.
Many organizations have already en
gaged quarters here for the 4th of March,
and the prospect is that tho demonstra
tion on that day will bo tho most impos
ing ever seen in Washington. On
inauguration day all citizens of Wash
ington abandon political opinions and
unite in making the thousands of
strange s welcome, and join with them
in making the day ono of national re
Oia Trial.
The little daughter of Mr. T. M.
Casad, Corydon, Iowa, was cured of
a severe burn by one application of
St. Jacobs Oil, the magical pain-cure,
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Overcoats, Novelties in Neck Wear,
Hats and Furnishing Goods.
Fine Merino and all Wool Hosiery.
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Astoria, Oregon.
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Secure Bargains.
Engine House.