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She gatht jstowsm.
(Monday excepted)
Pcm.TsiiEits and rRormirrons,
Terms of Subscription.
Served by Carrier, per week l3cts.
ent by Mall, per mouth GOcK
4f " one year .$7.00
tree of postage to subscribers.
"Advertisements inserted bv the vcar at
tue rate of S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
Notice To Advertiser.
The Astoriax guarantees to it ad
vertisers the largest circulation of anv
newspaper published on the Columbia,
Astoria and Vicinity.
The festive torn cod is in the market.
A. "W. Berry is the Astoria agent for
the new steamer Coot Bay.
The county board of equalization meets
at the court house to-morrow.
The Alameda has 47,931 cases salmon
aboard and will finish loading T'uesduy.
Tho Columbia is due from San Fran
cisco this morning. The Stale sails to
The Garfield, W. T.f grand jury has in
dicted Eugene Spedden for assault with
intent to kill.
The Grisedale's cargo consists of tin
plate, coke, pig iron and salt, consigned
to Balfour, Guthrie & Co.
The British ship Grisedale, 1147, Mc
Lellan master, 135 days from Liverpool,
arrived in yesterday afternoon.
The school children of District No. 11,
and the one adjoining had a pleasant
time on a picnic and excursion last Fri
day. Mrs. T. A. Orcutt leaves on the Wide
West this afternoon on a six months1
visit to Hon. Chas. H. Chase of Portland,
On Friday sailed from San Francisco
the steamship Columbia, the new steamer
Coos Bay, the American ship llrn. J I.
Starbuck, all for Astoria.
W. J. Ingalls has bought efcht- acres
tide land on Lewis and Clark's, adjoin
ing W. E. Dement's place and will im
mediately proceed to dike it.
The Kate a)ul Anna crossed in yester
day; the Rebecca went out; the Gypsy
went to Portland; the A. B. Field leaves
for Tillamook next Tuesday.
There will bo divine service on board
the British ship Kirlarood, lying at the
O. 1. & N. dock, at 4 o'clock, Rev. J. Mc
Cormac officiating. The Bethel flag will
fly from the masthead.
Any one addressing any communica
tion to The Astoeian will confer a favor
by directing it to 'J. F. Halloran & Co.,
Astoria, Oregon." If so directed it will
probably reach us. Otherwise, other
wise. The Oregon Prohibitionists have chosen
their electoral ticket as follews: J. G.
Maddock of Umatilla, G. W. Dimick of
Marion and W. F. Owens of Douglas.
They claim that they will poll at least
1500 votes at the November election.
Since a good supply of water has been
received at the county jail, confinement
in that prison has an added terror. Sheriff
Ross believes that cleanliness is not only
next to godliness, but that it is part and
parcel of godliness. His first remark to
a prisoner nnder sentence is: "Take off
your clothes!" "All of 'em?" "Yes, all
of 'em." Then he turns the hose on and
washes all outward stains away. He
doesn't intend to allow any smells or ver
min in that jail if plenty of cold water
can prevent it.
The "Walla "Walla board of fire delegates
have set a move on foot to organize a
firemen's association for Eeastern "Wash
ington and Oregon and Northern Idaho.
Should the movement meet with success
the association will consist of the follow
ing companies. "Washington, Tiger,
Vigilant and Rescue of "Walla Walla, the
WaitBburg company, the Dayton steam
engine company,the Pendleton company,
Sprague and Cheney hook and ladder
companies, the Spokane hose company,
Lewiston hook and ladder company, and
the Colfax steam engine company.
Mr. Walsh, editor of the Chehalis Vi
detie, has been visiting the Quinault res
ervation. He says that any claims as to
Srogresa or improvement among the In
ians on that reservation are "utterly
baseless and without foundation;' that it
is "a Humbug without excuse and an im
position without defense," and summa
rizes in the statement that the records
show plainly "that twenty-five years of
expenenoe, the expenditure of from
one-half to three-fourths of n million of
dollars, the donation and exclusive use
of two hundred and twenty-four thousand
acres of the best land in western "Wash
ington, has proved;a grievous curse to
these Indians, for it has left them more
degraded, more superstitious, more de
based and more miserable than ever the3T
were in their original condition before
the reservation system was instituted."
En. Astebiak:
The stockholders of the O. F. L. i B.
Association held their annual meeting in
the lodge room of Beaver Lodge No. 33,
yesterday afternoon at 2 v. m. Notwith
standing the financial depression and
dullness of last year, the directors were
enabled to make a satisfactory report to
the stockholders. It was found that the
venture had paid 7 per cent on the in
vestment clear of all expenses, and it
was ordered that one dollar per share bo
paid to the holders of all paid up stock.
It is desirable that all Odd Fellows
should interest themselves and see that
the balance of their stock be taken up.
Will Not Attend.
Ilwaco, "W. T., Aug. 22. 18S4.
Editob Asteeiak:
We have learned since last announce
ment that Mrs. C. R. Simpson of Chi
cago cannot be with us at the camp-meeting
as par notice in last week's issue of
The AsTORiAif. I consider it my duty to
bo inform the public. P. A. Smith,
Cor. Sec. P. A. S.
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work. None but first-class work done at
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doors back ot nanir.
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viiiiinh'c Cimtrh nnrt nmisnmntinn
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption, ooiu oy w.n.uc
xnent Gray sells Sackett Bros.' Al sawed
cedar shingles. A full M guaranteed in
ftch bunch.
The Astoria Delegation Returns
Bearing; for tho Third Time the Oham
pionsbip of the State.
The Department Gives Them an Enthn
Maitir Itcccptiou.
A Torchlight Procession; Addro of Wel
come, and a Banquet.
Astoria was illuminated last night.
Lights shone in the windows, flags and
transparencies decorated the buildings,
and crowds filled the streets. One thous
and people were at the dock when the
Wide West arrived with the returning
delegation from the Albany tournament
bearing with theiu the trophies of a
well-earned victory. As the lines were
made fast the boat was filled with an
enthusiastic crowd, and after the first
congratulations were over a procession
was formed, the post of honor being giv
en the victors, and tho streets
of the city were paraded. The line of
march was illuminated, and ehrera were
given as they passed.
Rescue No. 2s building was the center
of attraction. It was a blaze ot light
and in the lower room was spread a ban
quet; abovo stairs tho ladies served ice
cream, coffee, eic.. and no attention was
wanting to show the appreciation of As
toria of her representative delegitiou.
When the procession reached thd cor
ner of Genevitve and Sqaeiuoqua, halt
was called, and fro.u the balcony of
Two's building. Mayor Hume, who had
been with "the rest of the boys," deliver
ed a short address. He said that the
public officers and citizens of Albany did
all they could for them under tho circum
stances, and that the Salem people had
outdone themselves in their splendid
He paid tribute to the firemen of the
state, and congratulated the Astoria fire
department on tho part they played and
the credit they won in tho tournament.
Al. Cleveland followed in a congrat
ulatory speech welcoming the return of
the boys, and assuring them that those
who stayed at home were proud of i heir
While these .speeches were going en
outside, an enthusiastic crowd was in tho
main room, the excitement cooling down
a little and giving Ben Worsley a chanco
to make himself heard. Ho mounted a
chair at the head of tho banquet board,
and in a very neat speech, presented W.
J. Barry with a gold-headed cane, as a
mark of appreciation and a gift from the
hose team of No. 2. Mr. Barry was
taken entirely by surprise, but in a few
graceful words of thanks assured the
donors that their handsome gift was
most heartily appreciated.
Cheers, congratulations and hand
shakings were in order, and joy ruled the
hour. Tho supper that was served down
stairs and tho refreshments up-stairs
were disposed of, and the story of the
contests was told again and again. Tho
boys are unanimous in praise of the way
the Salem people treated them Friday
night. They gave tho Astoria bo3's a
royal reception, made them tho guests of
the Capital city, and went to consider
able expense in entertaining our dele
gation. The following additional account of
the tournament is from yesterday's
As the first contest was not finished at
the close of yesterday's report, the fol
lowing is a complete record of the same:
Companies ran in the order named:
Linn Hoso Co. No. 2 ( Albanv) 1:11
Albany Hose Co. No. 1 '. 0:00
Rescue Hose. Co. No. 2 ( Astoria)... QZ
Astoria Hose Co. No. 1 0SGK
Capital Hose Co. No. 1 (Salem).... 0:53
More interest was taken in this race
than any other in tho tournament, and
the Salem boys were well cheered for the
good time made.
Contest No. 2 was "omitted on account
of no two hook and ladder companies en
tering. Contest No. 3 Steam engines to sta
tion with cold water, lay 100 feet of hose
and throw water 100 feet from nozzle,
Prize, 2T.
Tiger Engine Co. No. 2 (Salem ). . .11:42
Linn Engine Co. No. 2 (Albany).. fl:4SK
The time made by the Astoria Engine
Co. No. 1, in Astoria, July A, 1832, was
C.-024, so that the time made at the
tournament was very poor.
Contest No. 4 was passed for the same
reason as contest No. 2.
Contest No. 5 Steam engines on dis
tance, steam limited to 120 pounds, not
over. First-class steamers to pla3T
through 2."0feet of hose, second-class 200
feet, third-class ISO feet, fourth-class 100
feet. Prize, .$50.
Tiger No. 2 (Salem) 255 ft. 10 hi.
Linn No. 2 ( Albany) 201 ft. 5 in
Both engines being fourth-class, played
through 100 feet of hose. Linn Engine
Co. No. 2, the loser of tho contest, is the
same engine that won the Centennial
medal in our city in 187C, by a throw of
23G feet and 10 inches. Her poor throw
ing qualities surprised tho Albany folks.
The throw made by the Salem engine
was exceedingly good.
Contest No. 9 Engine tender com
panies, twelve boys, 10 years of age or un
der, to run 200 yards and carry 200 pounds
of coal. Prize, 10. This race was a hotly
contested one by tho Salem and Albany
lads. Both companies made the same
time, 30 1-5 seconds. The pnrso was di
vided. Contest No. 7 Steam engines to run
100 yards; hose company to run 200 yards,
layiOO feet of hose, and throw water.
First prize. .$100. A second prize of 25
will be given provided more than two
companies enter for the contast. After
tho throwing contest, tho Albany steamer
became out of gear, and the above race
looked doubtful for some time, as the
steamer from Salem waB under orders
from its home not to be used in any race
except those in which its company (Tiger
No. 2) contested. But after a little per
suasion, the proper ones, with common
sense, allowed the visiting companies to
use the same. The time made wis:
Tiger No. 2 (Salem) 1:01
Astoria No. 1 (Astoria)
Rescue No. 2 (Astoria) 0:41 2-5
Linn No. 2 (Albany) 0-49 3-1G
Tiger laddies made a hitch in connect
ing hoso to engine, and lost considerable
valuable time. Astoria Engine Co. No. 1
mado a splendid run and no doubt would
be the winner of the race, but the hose
was supposed to be in one continuous
line, ana by some unknown manner tlie
hose broke at the place where the nozzle
was to bo attached, and no time was al
lowed. Linn Engine Co. No. 2 used their
own steamer.
Contest No. 8 was omitted, for same
reasons as contests Nos. 2 and 4.
Contest No. 9 Hose companies, any
team to "make' and "break" five coup
lings in "line" hose. Prize, 15. The
following teams entered:
B. S. Goodhue, T. Howard Capital.. 1:52
R. F. Prael, J. W. Hare Rescue.... 1:23
J. F. Hail, M. E. Brink Linn 1:53
Hare and Prael made a splendid run,
nnd were heartily encored.
Contest No. 10 Grand sweepstake foot
race, for any company on the northwest
coast, to run 300 yards. Foreman to cer
tify active membership for thirty days.
Prize, 20. List of runners were: R. JD.
Patton, B. S. Goodhue and Geo. S.Wright
of the Capitals; Pete Grant of Astoria s
and Geo. Noland of Rescue. This race
was easily won by Noland in 33K seconds.
Ho could have bettered his time consider
ably, but looking around and noticing
tho gap between him and tho next man,
ha slowed speed. Noland is an excellent
runner, and no doubt is the best amateur
in tho state, nnd could put many profes
sionals to tho blush. After Noland had
won the race the Rescue boys were wild
with enthusiasm, and lifting their favor
ite from his feet placed him upon their
shoulders and carried him into tho hotel
amid tremendous cheering.
Chief IX. Crane, of tho Walla WaUa do
partment, attended the tournament.
The handsomest apparatus that ever
came together in Oregon, was at Albiny
A finer set of firemen than the Astoria
laddies are bard to find.
This morning J. W. Hare, in behalf of
the Astoria Fire Department, made a
small speech in the hall of the Ladies'
coffee club, thanking them for the su-
Eerb manner in which the boys were
andled; this was responded to by the
president of the club in a neat and ap
propriate manner, eulogizing the bays
for the Gentlemanly manner in which
they behaved themselves, while the
guests of the Albany department, and
thanking them for the liberal patronage
and inviting thein to Albany at any
Just on the eve of the departure of the
lire boys, who were escorted to the de
lot by Chief Hoffman and headed by tho
Albany baud, throe rousing cheers were
giveu for the time-keepers and judges for
the magnificent manner in which they
discharged their duty; also for Chief J.
Hoffman, W. J. Barry, Ladies' Coffee
Club, e-Chief K. A. Strang, Secretary
Frank E. Hodgkin, George Noland, Ben
Worsley and the Astoria Fire Depart
ment for the laurels won. Three heavy
groans were given to tin proprietor of
the Revere House for the uncommodious
manner in which ho treated the Astori?
The ball was an tnjo3able affair. Tho
Ladies' Coffeo Club will receive, as they
richlj' deserve, appropriate resolutions of
thanks from the Astoria Department.
The Club fod between 400 and 5C0 at the
free dinner yesterday.
The Astoria Department remained over
at Salem, tho guests of that Department,
and will leavo to-morrow morning to
catch the Wide Wat the samo day.
The boys cheered tho railroad com
panies and the employes for favors
Rescue Engine Co. No. 2, of Astoria,
goes home loaded with laurels. The
compan' to-day stands tho champion of
Captains Pete Grant and Frank Park
er deserve mentioning for tho manner in
which they hnndled their respective
"You mako a good deal of fuss over
this matter,' said a visitor last ovening
as he saw the enthusiastic reception given
the returning tennis. Well, yes: Astoria
pleads guilty to making considerable
fuss over her firemen at all times,
and under nil circumstances, more
particularly when for the third
time tho department has proved at a well
contested trial, its right to the claim of
being the best volunteer department in
the state. All this, apart from tho sport.
It is only two weeks ago that the n6ws
camo that two fast trotters away over on
tho Atlantic slope had made a mile in
two minutes ana ever so few seconds,
and the news was telegraphed all over
creation. Tho lucky chap that rodo the
winning horso got 10,000 from its owner
for tho ride, and there was no end to the
fuss mado over it. It doesn't seem to be
such n very important matter whether
Ja3 Ej-e Seo can trot a mile in 2:10, or
Maud S. in 2.-09 3-4, but there is doubt
less lots of fun in seeing tho race and
lots of satisfaction in beating the record.
In the contest between tho firo compan
ies of tho state a good deal more depends
on the result than the simple matter of
makiug a good "record." When last
Thursday tho news was flashed from Al
bany "Linn, 49: Rescne,41,"' wo all cheered
hero and felt good over it, partly on ac
count of home pride, and partly on ac
count of a stronger reason which all at
homo nnd abroad will appreciate.
It was only a littlo matter of eight sec
onds in getting water; a mere trifle to be
sure, and not worth making a fuss about.
But let the midnight alarm ring out, and
v citizen springing from sleep finds his
house wrapped in flame and those he
loves the best in danger; pnd no ten
thousand dollars will equal in value
those precious eight seconds; and the
grandest archangel that ever flew from
Heaven's throne would not be so welcome
as tho sight of the hose team and engine
dashing around the corner, an embodi
ment of strength, courage and fleetness.
And this is why Astoria made such a fuss
over her returning firemen last night,
nnd why wo attach so mnch importance
to the record, and feel glad that wo have
in ourdepartment the nerve nnd training
that gives assurance of timely succor in
the hour of need.
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Cholera is reported in England and
The valuation of California railroads
aggregates 51.0100,000.
Sixty thousand dollnrs worth of lum
ber was destroyed by fire at Rathdrum,
Idaho, last Friday.
Geo. Walker, Jeff Davis' first Cabinet
secretary, and the m?n who gave the or
der for firing on Ft. Sumpter, dipd at
Huntsville, Alabama, last iTiday.
War between France and China has
begun. Admiral Courbet began bom
barding Foo Chow on tho 23rd. The
Chinese will invndo Tonnnfn.
sides have leen preparing for war for
some time.
Thp United States tjfoihnoViJr. T-.;
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O. xuiii-iff "ii Lua iiitibeucuuseilS COaSt,
last Friday night, and sunk. Two lives
Trpro Inqf. Thft onntnin hr.tir-V.- i.
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The Tunes has no ambition to ficuro as
a teller of big fish stories, nevertheless,
when the New Westminster Cobcnbian
comes to hand with an enthusiastic par
agraph abont a "king salmon," and falls
short of the mark, up goes Victoria's big
fish. It was brought to this city on Sun
day b3' Mr. J. A. Carthew, who arrived
here on the Princess Louise. The fish is
from River's inlet catch, and is, it is
state J, beyond doubt tho largest and
finest fish that has ever been caught in
those waters. It has a length of 4 feet
5 inches, a girth of 34 inches, and
weighs 97J pounds. These dimensions
and weight, Mr. Carthow states, were
carefully taken, and he insists that they
are true. Let this fish go on record as
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ducing facts equally incontrovertible, by
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X the Sisters of Chanty, Is now ready for
tlie reception of patients.
Private rooms for the accommodation of
any desiring them.
Patients admitted at all horns, day or night.
No physician has exclusive right, every
patient is free to and has the privilege ot
employing any physician they prefer.
United States aiarlue
Seamen who pay Hospital Dues, are enti
tled to Free care and attendance at thLs Hos
pital during sickness. Permits must be ob
tained for United State3 Marines at the Cus
tom House.
Sailors Wanted.
erpool direct will be ready to ship crew
about 25th Inst. Wanes out of port-crew
to be paid In full at Liverpool. Apply to
Captain on board.
Good Building Lots
For Sale at Low Rates.
At office of Clatsop Mill Company,
on the Roadway.
Great Gnce Sale
j v ,
Leading Dry Goods
o ,&sogE.a..
We are now showing- the largest and choicest assort
ment of BLACK and COLORED SILKS ever shown in
Ladies in need of such goods and want to get the
genuine article would do well to give us a call.
Bonnet's famous Black Silks in all numbers. Rich
Brocaded Silks, Rhadames, Moires and Get Colored G-ros
Grain Silks. Latest Shades. Fancy Brocaded Silks, New
Designs. Evening Silks, in all the latest tints. Summer
Silks in checks and stripes.
Pythian Building,
Best BREAD in tlui City.
Finest Ornamental Work
to Order.
At Capt. Holers old stand, corner ot (l-s
ami vjuuii oircuut.
SUlp and Cannery work, lIore.shoei!i.
Wagons mado anil repaired. Good woik
t. vrnvKN's.
Have lust received a mammoth stock or
Books. The young aud old, rich and poor
can all be accommodated. 1
KrauU'h JL Bach anil .Unndj.rVlilt A j
.Votnl Pianos ami 1VcMttru
Cottage Organs.
Orders Tor all kinds or Music or Instrn-1
ments will be promptly tilled. '
IM17 & Stems
I wtLm 1 13
Has opened the Largest anil Most Complete Stock of Soft
and Stiff Hats in all the Latest Shades and Stan
dard Styles of the Best Manufacturers,
Finest Good
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Fine Underwear, Hosiery, Neck
Wear, Etc., Etc.
Clothing at Beduced Prices
To Make room for Fail Stock which will arrive from the East in a
Few Weeks.
- The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher.
and Clothing House
- Astoria, Oregon.
agaaenmraac n m 9Ji
I AVC. DANIELSON, - - Proprietor.
KclttiiitniMl Stelltted Throughout
Tlie Rest or
For a Good Cigar, call for one or
"Danielson's Best."
Comer West 9th and VaterStrf-f ts, Astorhi.
J. II. D. ttRAY,
Wholesale and retail dealer Id.
Hay, Oats, Straw, Wood, Etc.
General Storage and Wharfage on reason
able terms. Foot or Itcnton street, Astoria,
0:0:312 .aJF lEssfar? i
Royal Brand Flour
MjmiKtturai by the
I-- or Superior Quality, and is Endorsed
by all uliouseit.
Or Superior ItLsing Quality.
Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.
Mole Axeiit lor Antoriu.