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Wxt gatljj Historian.
AUGUST 10. 18S4
(Monday excepted)
Tcrmi of Subscription.
Sorted by Carrier, per week 15cts.
Sent by Mall, ncr month cocts.
" " one year . .J57.00
Free or postage to subscribers.
"Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of S2 per square per month. Tran
sient advertising fifty cents per square, each
Notice To AdTertlsers.
The Astoriax guarantees to its ad
vertisers the largest circulation of anv
newspaper published on the Columbia
Nashville Jubilee Singers to-night.
The Alameda has 24,000 cases salmon
The A. B. Field goes to Tillamook next
The City of York finishes discharging
coal to-day.
Note Holden's auction sale at 2 o'clock
to-morrow afternoon.
The Oregon arrived in yesterday. The
Columbia sails to-day.
Mr. Coleman returns to San Francisco.
He prefers the overland route.
Congressman-elect, Binger Hermann,
is making a tour of the state.
Hereafter the Miles will leave for the
forts on Thursday morning3 at 6 a. u.
There -will be a gold watch raffled at
the Occident at 7 o'clock this evening.
Reserved seats for the great perform
ance to-night at the New York Novelty
Harper's Magazine for September has
an article on the wheat fields of the Co
lumbia basin.
It is thought that Captain Powell will
be succeeded by Major Jones abont the
1st of October.
The Tillamook Packing company, at
Hobsonville, Tillamook county, begin
operations to-day.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the L X. L. Packing Company will
be held on the 30th inst.
Reserved seats for Bob Ingersoll's lec
ture will begin to be sold to-morrow
morning at the New York Novelty store.
The latest addition to the bunting of
the city is a magnificent banner that is
flung to the breeze above the Odd Fel
lows building.
Ihe'Chronicle and Herald, two daily
papers of Seattle, are to consolidate, and
will in future divide the field with the
The "Weekly Astoman, in stamped
wrappers, ready for mailing, published
this morning; full of news and home hap
penings; price ten cents.
Otto Von Geldern, a government en
gineer of high reputation, who went back
to the Fatherland a few months ago to
get married, arrived on the Oregon yes
terday. Charlotte Thompson, one of the best
actresses on the stage, is playing "The
Sea of Ice" to poor houses in Portland.
The theatrical business has been over
done in the northwest this season..
A pleasant party of ladies and gentle
men assembled at Liberty hall last even
ing to meet and welcome the new pastor
of the Presbyterian church, Rev. Mr.
Garner. Refreshments wore served and
all present passed a pleasant evening.
It has been decided to defer the open
ing of the session of the Oregon school
for deaf mutes of 1884-5 to October 1st.
An additional teacher from the east will
be on hand at that time, and the new
building will be in complete readiness.
Negotiations regarding the disposal of
the Independent terminated yesterday in
the purchase of the material by Bob
Wihlgren for $3,500. He holds a mort
gage which falls due next Tuesday for
fl,500, with interest, and pays the in
1 'debtedness. F.Owon leases the material at
the rate of $75 a month; various parties
who hold stock costing $22.50 a share get
$7 a share.
Henry Sale of "Woodland farm, in this
vicinity, makes a good showing with his
poultry from March 1 to August 1. He
says: ""With 22 hens I have received 103
dozen eggs, raised 144 chickens and 80
ducks (it being more profitable to hatch
and raise ducklings with hens than
ducks). Feed for chickens and duoks
during that time cost $20. Spring chick
ens sell at $4.50 and $5 tier dozen, ducks
from 75 cents to $1 apiece, eggs from 25
cents to d5 cents per dozen.
This session of the circuit court has been
almost totally devoid of interest except
to those directly concerned in the suits,
and beyond a formal record of the day's
transactions but little attention has been
bestowed upon it. Yesterday, however,
came up a question for adjudication,
which was ably argued and promptly de-
ciaea. xiast weeK one a. uamatta was
indiotedby the grand jury for alleged
assault with intent to kill. The alleged
assault was committed on the north side
of Sand Island. "When the cage was called
yesterday, Fulton Bros, appeared for the
defense, and McBride and "Winton for the
state. The point raised was did the
court have jurisdiction; could a man be
tried in Oregon for an offense committed
in "Washington territory waters?
Seldom has a case been argued in the
county with greater force or keener rea
soning, each side advancing both law and
.logic m support of their views concerning
this question which is one of importance
as establishing a precedent.
Judge Taylor decided that the court
had jurisdiction in the matter, and the
case was given to the jury without evi
dence or further argument, a verdict of
guilty being rendered by that body.
Enlarging the County Boundaries.
There is on the lower Nehalem in
Tillamook county a large area of conn
try that is naturally tributary to Astoria
as a distributing center and which is be
ing filled up by settlers who, desiring a
market for their produce, are agitating
the question of annexation. They are
reported as being desirous to be set off
from Tillamook county pnd incorporated
into Clatsop county. The idea has not
yet, assumed tangible shape, but seems to
be that if .Clatsop county will continue
the present road down the Seaside to the
county line, a distance of some sixteen
miles, they will complete a road from
their settlement northward to meet it.
It will require hearty cooperation on
the part of all concerned and some speo
ialjlegislative enactments next winter, all
of which are among the possibilities.
Journalistic Compliments.
. Will the rogue, swindler, trickster,
arch-traitor, sordid wretch, greedy spoil
er, blustering idiot, arrant humbug, wily
speculator, bookless booby, weak ignora
wio. fftithlesa renecade. shuffling im
postor, juggling charlatan, bundle of
clap-trap, cheap swashbuckler, scheming
demagogue, shameless time server, dis
aembUng hypocrite, unprincipled politi
cian, and self-worshiped, debased, igno
rant, tinscrnpclous knave who writes the
things in the Post-Intelligencer please put
hig name to the bottom of them in the
ftttuw, so that the right man be held re-jpowible?-Seattfc
Herald, 12th.
Manitoba has an enormous wheat crop.
French troops are being massed at Paris
for China.
England is shipping gold by the million
to New York.
The cholera still decimates Italy and
southern France.
Dte Indians are raising Hades and
scalps in southeast Utah.
There is a general strike in the car
shops of the Union Pacific.
Germany will fight if necessary in de
fense of her fisheries in the North -Sea.
An earthquake shook up the Lower
xiane uamormans last vednesday night.
The Duke of "Wellington dropped dead
on the London train from Brighton last
Eicht thousand deleeates to th Irish
National League convention are in ses
sion at jjosion.
The last bridge across the Sacramento
on the California and Oregon extension
will be completed to-day.
Postmaster-General Gresham, has dis
covered a swindle on the part of govern
ment envelope contractors.
Ingersoll is invited to lead in prayer at
the opening of the San Francisco Repub
lican wigwam on the 25th inst.
Francis Medhurst, "an English gen
tleman," has skipped Portland-ward
from Butte, Montana, owing $75,000 of
gambling debts.
The American Bankers' association in
convention at Saratoga think that the
coinage of standard silver dollars should
be discontinued.
My own idea is that the day is not far
distant when the coast counties, and not
the region known as the "inland empire,"
shall supply not only Astoria and the
river towns, but the metropolis as well,
with good and healthy beef. The tide of
live beef has been in past years constant
ly ebbing toward the ocean, but I look
for a reflux that shall ere bix years more,
drive it up stream. To begin with, I will
admit that the bunch grasi makes fatter
beef than any other sort of herbage.
And there you have to stop. There is
nothing else to bo said in favor of the
great plains. The hot summers often
render it difficult for the lowing herds to
obtain a sufficient supply of water any
where contiguous to the "pastures. Then
there are the cold winters with the deep
snow that covers the grass so that an ox
can get no sustenance, and the ice so
hard that when ho reaches tho brook ho
can get no drink, and must therefore
perish of thirst. Add to this the fact
that the eastern counties are settling up
rapidly and tho laud onco used for pas
turage is now being rapidly converted
into orchards and fields of grain, and you
will readily discern reasons why tho cat
tle trade in the coast counties of Wash
ington territory (and Oregon, too, for that
matter) should increase rather than
diminish from year to year. There aro
no cold winters in these coast counties;
and the cattle that have been allowed to
hibernate for themselves in densely
wooded copses whore the browse was
good, have frequently come out fatter
and more marketable than those which
have remained in barns and stood to hay
all winter. And when it comes down to
the consideration of dairying, nobody will
deny the superiority of clover for pro
ducing butter and cheese. Tom Merry
in Oregonian.
Johnson's Cyclojixdla Examined by Another
Eminent Scholar and Divine.
The examination of Johnson's cyclopjc
dia confirms my opinion of its superiori
ty over the bulky Britanuica as contain
ing the facts wo are searching for when
wo consult an encyclopaedia. "Without
the elaborate discussion which we prefer
to read in treaties of our own selection.
The editorial staff is composed of those
who have achieved high standing in the
several departments, and some of them
wear tho highest honors in tho walks of
science, art and literature.
Their names coupled with the editors
in chief, President Barnard, of Co
lumbia College, pnd Prof. Guyot, of
I'nncton Uollego, .N. J., are the warrant
lor acuracy, comprcnensivencss ana im
Hev. A. L. LrNDSLET, LL.D.
Portland, Or.
From H. B. Norton of tho state normal
school, California, As a general refer
ence it is unsurpassed by any rival.
The elite of Astoria are subscribing.
C. H. Libby, tho general manager for
the Pacifio coast, is daily adding to his
large list of subscribers. Drop him a
card and ask to see it.
Read What Is Said or The NashTllIo Students'
Concert In Henrr Ward Beecher's Church
Christmas Night.
Bbookltk, N. Y., Dec 23, 1833.
The Nashville Colored Concort Co.
gavo a grand concert last evening in Ply
mouth church for the benefit of tho
Bethel Mission. A most cordial greeting
awaits them whenever they may favor
us with a visit.
James Lane,
Ch'n Com. Plymouth Church.
Those who assume to know predict
that the Central Pacifio will lease the
Oregon and California railroad, and
that the recent visit of Henry Villard to
Europe was to bring about this end.
"When Charles Crocker, vico president of
the Central Pacific was in Victoria a few
days ago, he remarked to n Portland
gentleman that negotiations might bo
commenced soon for sncli a lease, adding
that the Central had tried more than
once to secure it, but negotiations were
always broken off. "Whatever will be
done, will be done between Mr. Villard
and C. P. Huntington in New York. Or
egon ian 14.
irl Wautcil
To do housework for family of five,
washing. Apply at this office.
"Wedding Presents.
A large stock from which to select at
Carl Adler s urystai raiace.
For a Kent Fitting: Boot
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A full line of Ladies' Lace Milts of all
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Just received a new lot of Parasol, at
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All the states will elect presidential
electors on Tuesday, November 4th. The
electors then chosen will meet at their
respective state capitols on "Wednesday,
December 3d, and cist their ballots for
president and vice president of tho
United States.
Alabama eleoted state officers and leg
islature on Monday, August 4th; con
gressmen on Tuesday, November 4th.
Arkansas will elect state officers and
legislature on Monday, September 1st,
and vote npon an amendment prohibit
ing the levying of any tax or tho making
of any appropriation to pay certain rail
road and levee bonds of the state; wtll
elect congressmen on Tuesday, Nov. 4th.
California will elect part of its legislat
ure and congressmen on Taesday, Nov.
4th, and vote upon a proposed constitu
tional amendment providing for a state
board of education.
Colorado will elect state officers, legis
lature and congressmen on Tuesday,
November 4th.
Connecticut will vote upon amendment
providing for biennial elections on Mon
da3', October Clh, and elect state officers,
legislature and congressmen on Tuesday,
November 4th.
Delaware will elect legislature and con
gressman on Tuesday November 4th..
Florida will elect governor, lieutenant
governor, legislature and congressmen on
Tuesday, November 4th.
Georgia will elect governor and legisla
ture on "Wednesday, October 1st; con
gressman on Tuesday, November 4th.
Illinois will elect state officers, legisla
ture pnd congressmen on Tuesday, No
vember 4th.
Indiana will elect state officers, legisla
ture and congressmen on Tuesday, Ntf
vember4th. Iowa will elect minor stato officers and
congressmen on Tuesday, November jith.
Kansas will elect stato officers, legisla
ture and congressmen on Tuesday. No
vember 4th.
Kentucky will elect congressmen on
Tuesday, November 4th.
Louisiana elected Democratic stato of
ficcrs and legislature on Tuesday, April
22d, and voted on several amendments,
some for and some against, including
among the latter ono providing for an
increase in the rato of intonat upon the
?nblic debt; will elect congressmen on
'uesday, November 4th.
Maine will elect governor, legislature
and congressmen, and vote upon p. pro
posed prohibitory amendment to its con
stitution on Monday, Soptembor 8th.
Maryland will elect congressmen on
Tuesday, November 4th.
Massachusetts will elect state officers,
legislature and congressmen on Tuesday.
November 4tb.
Michigan will elect state officers, legis
lature end congressmen on Tuesday, No
vember 4th.
Minnesota will elect legislature and
congressmen on Tuesday, November 4th.
Mississippi will elect congressmen on
Tuesday, November 4th.
Missouri will elect stato officers, legis
lature and congressmen on Tuesday, No
vember 4th.
Nebraska will elect stato officers, legis
lature and congressmen on Tuesday, No
vember 4th.
Nevada will elect supremo judge, legis
lature and congressmen on Tuesday, No
vember 4th.
Now Hampshire will elect governor,
railroad commissioners, legislature and
congressmen, and vote upon the question
of holding a constitutional convention
on Tuesday, November 4th.
Now Jersey will elect legislature and
congressmen on Tuesday, November 4th.
New York will elect two judges of the
court of appeals, two assemblymen and
congre"Smen on Tuesday, November 4th,
and vote upon a proposed amendment to
tho constitution of the state prohibiting
the loan or use of public money for pri
vate purposes, and restricting the indebt
edness of counties, cities, towns and vil
lages for any purposes whatever to 10
per cent of their valuation.
North Carolina will elect state officers,
legislature and congressmen on Novem
ber 4th.
Ohio will elect minor state officers and
congressmen on Tuesday, October 14th.
Oregon elected a Republican congress
man and legislature and a Democratic
supreme judge, and defeated a woman's
suffrage amendment to the state consti
tution on Monday, June 2d.
Pennsylvania will elect a legislature
and congressmen on Tuesday, Nov. 4th.
Rhode Island elected Bepublican stato
officers and legislature on "Wednesday,
April 2d; will elect congressmen on Tues
day, November 4th.
South Carolina will elect state officers,
legislature anu congressmen on Tuesday,
November 4th.
Tennessee will elect governor, railroad
commissioners, legislature and congress
men on Tuesday, November 4th.
Texas will elect state officers, legislat
ure and congressmen Tuesday, Nov. 4th.
Vermont jnll elect state officers, legis
lature and congressmen on Tuesday,
September 3d.
Virginia will Meet congressmen on
Tuesday, November 4th.
"West Virginia will elect stato officers,
legislature and congressmen on Tuesday.
October 14th, and vote upon a proposed
amendment to change the time of the
general elections to November.
"Wisconsin will elect state officers, leg
islature and congressmen on Tuesday,
November 4 th.
Perfect copies of nature in all her
beauty aro Abell& Son's photographs.
Take tho elevator, 29, "Washington St.,
Do You Tliinl iUnt -Jcfl" of
The Chop House
Gives you a meal for nothing, and a
glass of something to drink? "Not
much !" but he gives a better meal and
more of it than any place in town for
25 cents. He buys by the wholesale and
pays cash. "That settles it.''
At enormous expense has secured the
services of Professor Ellis, one of
the best white cooks in the state; and
Jeff proposes to excel any of his former
efforts in the culinary art. Italian dish
es a specialty.
His Success
Financially and socially aro largely due
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The Only Correct Version
or a Historical
George," said his father, with a coun
tenance more in sorrow than in auger.
"George, some one has cut down my fa
vorite cherry tree. Do you know any
thing about it?'
Young Washington did not quail before
his father's accusing glance. Ho looked
him straight in the eye, and an express
ion of honest resolution gleamfd in the
clear eyes and frank countenance.
"My father," he said, "I will not de
ceive you. I do know something about
it, but that is not -the issue at all. You
have, in effect, charged me with being
privy to tho destruction of your favorite
tree. Now, the question is, since you
have filed information and laid this
charge against me, what do von know
about it?"2 .
"I know that you have a hatchet," re
plied his father sternly, I know what a
boy with a hatchet is liable to do. I
know that some one has cut down mv fa
vorite cherry tree '
Stop right here," interrupted the fu
ture father of his country. You say this
was your tree?"
I do."
'How came it yoars?'"
I planted it,"
'Now sir, are you certaiu it was not on
this farm when you came here?"
"No, sir, it was not."
"Then why do you say so?"
"Why do 1 say what?
'That's right; ovade, quibble, crawl out
of it somehow. All right. If yon don't
want to answer a plain simple question
you don't have to.
"But I didn't say it was on tho farm
when I camo here.
'Oh, very well, deny it. Is there any
other retraction vou would like to
"I don't retract anything. I mprely
declared that I never said that tree was
on tho farm when I came hero."
"Oh, well, father don't get excited and
talk loud. You may go back on your en
tire statement if yon wish. Perhaps you
will next try to make us believe that this
farm wasn't here either when you came."
"Why, of course it was here. I don't'
"Didn't you say a moment ago that it
"That was the tree!"
"Ah, yes; yon turn it off on the tree
now. lou've been talking about tho tree
all this time, then?"
"Why, certainly I have."
"Then you just admitted that it was
hero when you came here?"
"No, my son, that was the farm."
"But not half a dozen questions ago
you admitted that. You said in these very
words, 'Why, of course it was here,' did
you not?"
"I said thoso words, but I was speaking
of tho farm."
"And yet you said but this very mo
ment that all this time you had been
talking about the tree. It is useless to
continue this examination. My father,
of all human vices lying is tho common
est, and I doubt not it is the worst. It
blunts our moral sensibilities, it leads us
to distort and exaggerate simple state
ments of facts; it blurs our powers of in
telligent observation, until even a man of
ordinary scholarship and intellectual de
velopment is unable to tell whether he is
talking about a farm or a cherry tree.
The complaint is dismissed. I doubt very
much if you can even establish the fact
that you over owned a tree. Go to the
nursery, and if you intend planting a tree
in the place of the one you imagine you
have lost, you had better take a man with
you to show you tho ground, lest you
might plant the tree in your hat. You
may go."
Sadly tho old man turned away, but ho
told the man who helped him plant the
new tree that if ho had a hundred boys
he wouldn't let another one of them
study law. Burdelle.
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Wood Yard.
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Benton street, will sell wood at the follow
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aro planked, between Trulllnger's Mill and
O'Brleu's Hotel, back to Astor street :
Green Alder, 2-cut $4 25 per cord, long $3 50
do 4 CO do do 3 75
do 4 25 do do 3 SO
do 4 50 do do 3 75
do 4 CO do do 3 75
do 4 75 do do 4 00
Gr'nHemlo'k do
Dry do
Green Fir
Dry Fir
Extra Maple
and S. limbs do
Vine Maple
and S. limbs do
5 50 do
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Wood of Ail Kinds
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Astoria, June 1st, 18&1.
For Sale.
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Check Lost.
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to the undersigned and bere-
Astoria, Aug. 9, IBM.
Miss Georgia Parker, from Portland is
in the city visiting for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Allen leave to-day
for an extended trip to California.
Jerry Coldwell, one of the solid men of
the Oregonian force, was in the city yes
terday, on his homeward voyage from the
sounding sea.
Major Blakeney, superintendent of the
life saving service on this coast, returned
yesterday from a trip of inspection to the
Sound. He goes to San Francisco on this
morning's steamer.
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Notice to Taxpayers.
j9l representation of their taxable proper
ty on the county assessment roll should
hand In their statements immediately, as
tho oMir .T. F. Warren Esa. is now com
pleting the roll.-at the court house, or
wnue me circuit tuuri. t m i&"'
office of w. W. rawer uepuiy assessor, un
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ment of BLACK and COLORED SILKS ever shown in
Ladies in need of such goods and want to get the
genuine article would do well to give us a call.
Bonnet's famous Black Silks in all numbers. Rich
Brocaded Silks, Rhadames, Moires and Cet Colored G-ros
Grain Silks. Latest Shades. Fancy Brocaded Silks, New
Designs. Evening Silks, in all the latest tints. Summer
Silks in checks and stripes.
Pythian Building,
Best BREAD in the City.
Finest Ornamental Work
to Order.
At Capt. Rogers old stand, corner of Cass
anu uourc streets.
Ship and Cannery work. Horseshoeing.
Wagons made and repaired. Good work
Have just received a mammoth stock of
Books. Tho young and old, nch and poor
can all be accommodated.
Kraaleli A. Bach and. SlandBfelilt &.
Kotnl PianoH and Western
Cottage Organs,
Orders for all kinds of Music or Instru
ments will be promptly filled.
d. a. Mcintosh
Has opened the Largest and Most Complete Stock ofSoft
and Stiff Hats in all the Latost Shades and Stan
dard Styles of the Best Mannfactnrers,
The Genuine Blaine Hat.
Gents' Furnishing Goods, Fine Underwear, Hosiery, Neck
Wear, Etc., Etc.
Clothing at Reduced Prices
To Make room for Fall Stock which will arrive from the East in a
Few Weeks.
The Leading Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furiiishe,i
and Clothing House
- Astoria, Oregon.
- Proprietor.
Rebuilt and Befitted Throughout.
The Best of
For a Good Cigar, call for one of
"Danielson's Best."
Corner West 9th and Water Streets, Astoria.
Wholesale and retail dealer in.
Hay, Oats, Straw, Wood, Etc.
General Storage and Wharfage on reason
able terms. Foot of llenton street, Astoria,
Royal Brand Flour,
Manufactured by the
Is of Superior Quality, and is Endorsed
by all who use It.
Of Superior Elsing Quality.
Guaranteed to .Give Satisfaction.
Sole Agents for Astoria.