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Iie gattg Historian.
(M'uulaj excepted)
pi rmsiikk am riroruiKToif.
Terms of Subscription.
Served by C trner, jr w 'k. ...
Sent by M til. per month .
' ...
Fret of posUi ; to mii rlU-ri.
jar-Advertlsfiii ah inserted b the ear at
Uie rate of 2 n r Miu.m.' ior inonlli. Trtii
slent uavertLsiug fifty cents per square, each
A Geneiution Aoo. Yesterday morn
ing the feet of a human skeleton were
noticed extending out from a bank of
earth on the south ."ide of the roadway
near Leinenweber's tannery, where some
excavations have recently been mode for
road repair. While the bones were being
carefuliv nicu&d un and collected, it was
learned by an Astobiak reporter thPt they
were the only remains or an Italian sailor
who came here in an Aincncau bark
commanded by a Capt. Mitchell in 1&3.
Tne vessel anchored opposite "Warner
mill, which was then standing about on
the present siie of the Point Adams
Packing Co.'s premises. He was a Maaon,
and was given as decent sepulture by tho
then residents of the city as was possible
at the time to give. By a curious coin
cidence, Mr. Thomas Goodwin, of Clat
sop, happened along just as the bones
were being exhumed. He was one of the
party who buried the sailor thirty-one
years ago and remembered the circum
stances very well. There were with him,
Capt. Alfred Crosby, Capt. George
Staples, William Spratt, Win. Harrington
and others. Dr. Tuttle took charge of the
As You Please. The Astobiah is re
sponsible for the assertion that there are
newspapers in the United States pub
lished in nineteen languages; few in real
good English. Among that numbc-r are
English, German, French, Spanish,
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish,
Hollandish (low Dutch), Italian, Welsh,
Irish, Bohemian, Portuguese, Polish, He
brew, Chinese, Cherokee and Icelandic.
Tbis is the roughest shot at our editor
we have seen for soma time. It amounts
to an outrage, and wo demand an apol
ogy from tne paper compiling the above
list. Why was not Latin and Greek in
cluded. We demand satisfaction. Seat
tle Herald. So bo it! Whnt, ho! Without!
Pistols and coffeo for two and coffin for
one, and dig deep a grave where tho firs
grow green.
Geand Abmv Challenge. The Win
field Scott Post, G. A. It., of Tonawanda,
N. Y., ha8 challenged all posts and sub
posts to a grand chsmpion bcan-eatiug
tournament, to be held there on the 13th
of April. The general plan will be to
have several heats of ten minutes each,
with an intermission between each to
allow the knives and forks to cool off.
The beans will be furnished by yeight.
Besides the badge, a number of otuer
prizes will be awarded as follews: To
the most graceful eater, a box of cigars;
the most awkwjrd, u handsome pipe; the
smallest eater, a cigar-holder; the fast
est, a handsome drmking-cup; tho slow
est, a leather medal.
She Kkew. A teacher in one of the
district schools proved that it may be
embarrassing to use one's own self as an
illustration. She was hearing a class in
spelling and defining words. The word
"orphan" had been correctly spelled, but
none of the class seemed to know its
meaning. After asking oiieor two of them
fihe said, enceuragingly: "Now, try again.
I am an orphan. Now, can't some of you
guesa what it means?' Tho look
upon their faces remained, until one of
the duller scholars raised his hand, and
said, with no intention of being saucy:
"It's same one who wants to get married
and can't.''
Telephone. At 5:15 p. m., yesterday
the telephone rang in The Astobiak
office for the first time in Astoria and
messages were transmitted to and from
the central office in Kinney's building.
On to-day's steamer a man arrives who
will take'eharge of the office and attend to
its demands. The service is rather costly,
but will be of great convenience to all who
ose it. Mr. Lawrence, the efficient super
intendent, has taken considerable trouble
in seouring absolute accuracy in all the
details and intends to put the lines in
exact and satisfactory working order be
fore taking his departure.
Emebson's Minstbels. On several oc
casions there has been an effort to in
duce Emerson's MinBtrels to come to
Oregon, but the continued success they
have achieved at their Standard Theater
in San Francisoo has occasioned the de
ferring of their trip. However, they will
appear at Occidental Hall tips evening
in all their mirthful strength and pris
tine beauty and will give the best min
strel performance of any company in the
School Dibectob3. Considerable com
ment is made in Eastern Oregon upon
the fact that at a recent school election
In Union county a woman was elected
school director. That's nothing there
are three women in Clatsop oounty who
have been elected as school directors and
make good officers too. Two of them
are married, and one is a single lady.
Lose3 Its Appobtioxment. From Mr.
H. Sloop, county superintendent of pub
lic instruction, it is learned that district
No. 6, comprising Ft. Stevens and vicin
ity, will lose its apportionment of school
mony for this year by reason of the neg
last or refusal of the proper officer to
make report as required bylaw.
Real Estate Transaction.
G. H. Grimes to Mrs. G. F. Plummer,
eX lot 1, blk 2, Ocean Grove; $25.
D. H, Welch to Wm. Douglas, lot 5,
blk 54, Shivelv's Astoria; 40J.
J T and H. A. Mulk6y to Lilly Gib
son! lot 3, blk 2, first addition to Ooan
sEetoA?V. Curtis, lot 18, blk 1,
Ocean Greve: $ 23.
W H. and M. I, Herren to J. Huhtal,
lots 11 and 12, blk 35, Shively's Astoria;
Something Kevr.
The latest in Ladies' fashionable
Wraps is the Newport scarf. It is de
signed to take the place of shawls or
dolmans, and Is the most elegant wrap
for the price in existence. They can
AnijinhtAinidat Dreent of Mrs. A.
B Jewett, who has introduced them in
this market It Is worth your while to
see them.
Special Notice.
Mr N. Loeb has Instructed me to dis
pose of his entire stock of Clothing,
FurnlshiiUf goods, Boots andS.ioes, etc.,
at cost, without reserve.
fc w C. P. Moffit.
JSoats Tor Sale.
Joe Leathers has two fine boats for
sale at the boat shop, one block west of
Hansen Bros.' mill.
At the Empire Store
You will find the finest laces and em
broideries, of richest quality.
ChUdn-7u Him Dlmmltt's Cough
I It So SondnaU-d In the Bend."
By last evtning'H mail Sheriff Twom-
j bly received Mime formidable documents
1 and a subycuur. in the cane wherein The
' Dundee Moitgage and Trust Investment
Cmipany, limited." is ihe plaintiff, and
School District N. 1. et al., are'defend-
j ants. The case is now ponding in the
Circuit Court, and comes up for nd-
judication next May. The complaint nl-
i lege, that the plaintiff is a foreign cor
poration with its office at Dundee, Scot Scet
land: Hint its business is loaning money
on real estate security in the comities of
Oregen: that for tho use of tnch money
loaned it takes notes secured by mort
gages, and that such notes and mort
gages are promptly sent to Dundee where
they are held till paid. That further the
Dundee company has borrowed a large
sum of money in'Great Britain and that
theao Oregon" securities are held as col
lateral for such loan, and that the mort
gage tax law tends to depreciate the alue
of the nforesaid collaterals. The com
plaint $o alleges that sixteen sheriffs of
the commonwealth of Oregon are now
rmed with warrants to collect taxes
flora the Dundee company, and the
aforesaid sheriffs do threaten to sell the
mortgages in question for taxes unless
tne taxes be paid, and that they don't
want to pay them, because they don't
tniuk they ought to, and for came allege
that the mortgage tax law is void, in
valid, of no effect, and altogether cultus,
because it was never legally passed by
tho Webfoot legislature, inasmuch as
the bill should have originated in the
house instead of the senate, ac
cording to section 18, of article 4, of
the state constitution for such cases
made and provided. And for further
cause tho complainant's do aver that the
bill was not read by sections on three
several days, and that the bill chauge-
the conditions under which tho Dundee
capitalists had made previous loans, and
that it thereby impairs their contracts,
and that it tries to tax mortgages anu
notes that are held in Scotland, and that
it is unconstitutional and inn't right, and
hurts their business and oughtn't to be,
and they want an injunction against
Mack Twombly, or anyone else named in
tho cjmplaint, collecting any taxes in
Oregon from the aforesaid Dundee cap
italists, and that all these sixteen sheriffs
be forever enjoined and prohibited and
prevented and estopped and stayed, and
all the rest of it, from collecting or pro
ceeding to collect the taxes that are
assessed upon the mortgages they hold in
the various counties of our beloved state.
A perusal of their bill of complaint
shows that the Dundee people are loaning
a good deal of money to Oregonians. In
Multnomah oounty they are taxed upon
mortgagos representing 209,000.00; in
Marion county, $109,1) 19.00; in Polk
county, $3o,20.i.OO; in Lane county, S55,
237.00, and so on through tho list.
A Republican county convention for
the county of Clatsop is hereby called to
meet at the county court house in the city
of Astoria, on Wednesday, April 233, at
one o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
electing six delegates to the Republican
state convention, and to nominate ojunty
officers and transact such other business
as may properly come before the conven
tion. The convention will consist of 44 dele
gates apportioned among the several pre
cincts us follews:
Astoria 20
Ch.tiop 3
Seaside 2
Cnfton 2
Young's River 2
Lewis and Clark's 1
Mishawaka 1
John Days 1
Upper Astoria 4
Ves per. 1
Westport 2
Fishhawk 1
Knappa 4
Total 41
Tho same being one delegate for each
precinct and one delegate for every 20
votes, and one for every fraction over
one-half thereof cast for Hon. M. C.
George at the last general election.
It is recommended by the committee
that the primaries be held on Saturdpy,
April 12th.
It is also recommended that delegates
unable to attend give their proxies to
parties residing within their own pre
cincts. By order of Republican county com
mittee. T. S. JEWETT, Secretary.
Astoria, March 20, 1881.
A Jurj Census.
Tho Oregon City Courier, writing of a
cow case, in which the jury failed to
agree, adds: The heifer has become a
minor matter. To keep their eyes open
during the night's siege, the jurymen
amused themselves with inquiring into
each other's family relations, etc. They
furnish the following quaint census re
port on the cow case. The ten jurymen
are all farmers and unanimous in opposi
tion to woman suffrage:
Acres of land owned by jury. 2,046
Ag :?regat3 age of jury (years) , 501
Average age of jury (years) 50.1
Total number of children belonging
to jury 03
Average number of children of jury
men G.3
Bovs 36
Girls 24
Jurors born in Ohio 3
" " Missouri 2
" " Illinois 2
" " Prussia 1
" " NowYork 1
" " Texas 1
Republi cans 6
Democrats 4
Onurch members 2
Noa members 8
Girl Wanted.
To do general housework; apply at
AyroitiA.N Office.
Extra Quality or Coal Oil
By the gallon, five gallon can or case,
to" be lotind at the Crockery store of
Jordan & Bozorth.
For a Seat Fitting Boot
Jr Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
nanius street, next door to I. W. Case,
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
Corett and Underwear.
All the latest makes and styles of cor
sets and ladies underwear at Prael
Bros.' Empire store.
Stop That Cough
By going to J. E. Thomas's and getting
a bottle of Leroy's Cough Balsam.
It will cure tou.
A Xvw Departure.
Ed Jackson the popular confectioner
has oprned a coffee, and Ice cream par
lor at his estaoiisnraent ou unenamus
street. Every attention paid to custom
ers. --
AVIIAT: do you think that
gives you a meal for nothing and a glass
of something to drink? 'Not much!"
but he gives a better meal and more of
it than any place in town for 25 cents.
He buys bv the wholesale and pays
cash. "Tha't settles It."
Dlttugh BHameve,
Dlmmltt's Cough Balsam never fails.
Pennies and three cent pieces circulate
in Seattle.
The Walla Wallians are giggipg salm
on on the Yellowhawk.
Seattle is fondly dreaming of a navy
yard at Lake Washington.
The editor of the Walla Walla Union
domes being bought by tho N. P. K. B.
Co., and has both right and reason for
such denial.
Mr. Newman. 84 years of age, who
dipped and fell, breaking her leg, danig
tue laht freeze, died of uer injury bundaj
night last at Lafayette.
Eleven hundred people of eastern
Washington petition congress for protec
tion of their titles in the controversy be
tween the N. P. and themselves.
Three- large devil fish, two of them
measuriug eight feet between the tips of
the tentacles, were brought to Anacortes,
W. T., on Thursday by some Indians.
Oak Point, W. T.; is situated within
eigJitv rods of the Eouthwest corner of
Cowlitz county, and is the southern ter
minus of the Oak Point and Gray's Har
bor R. R.
At Albany on the 2-jth, in the case of
the boy Fhilaysou on trial for murdering
his grandmotuer with an ax, the jury
brought m a verdict of murder in tne
first degree.
Grading was begun on the Burnt river
section of the O. it. & N. Co.'s road last
week. Tne Cninamen hava concluded to
go to work at 8J cents a day, reports the
iiedrock Democrat.
John O'Neil, tried on Tuesday la3t in
the state circuit court and found guilty
of stealing about $123 from tne dwelling
of J. O. L. iifiller.iiiedr Wright's bridge,
Clackamas county, gets five years at
The ownors of the bark Lizzie Mar
shall, wrecked lately at Bomlla point,
uavo sent in a claim against the govern
meul for ivuie 1.50J, for the loss tliey
maintain they havt- sustained by the rob
bery bj British Columbia Indians.
The settlements on the upper Clatskanie
are now within one mile or those on the
Beaver, and in a short time a road will
be cut connecting the two settlements,
when there will be a continuous roau
from St. Helens to the lower Ciatdkanie.
Nothing definite can be learned as to
when work will be resumed on tho Ka
lama branch of the N. P. It. R. But it n,
currently reported the Mist says that it
probabiy will be commenced by the mid
dle of April or the first of May.
The flow of immigration to Oregon is
not entirely confined to the ocean steam
ers or to tne Northern Pacific railroad,
the uncompleted Oregon Short Line hav
ing already become a well patronized
means of transportation. Parties of set
tlers are coming into eastern Oregon
daily from the east over this line.
The steamer Clatsop Chief has been
meeting with rather bad lucK lately. A
week ago last Thursday, while towing a
barge up the Lewis river, she ran upon a
snag and sunk. She was raised and pro
ceeded on her journey. Last Wednesday,
however, on her return from Portland,
she ran upon the same snag and again
sunk, where she still remains.
When the bark Lizzie Marshall was
wrecked on the Vancouver shore a few
weeks since, the steamer Ooliah was in
Neah bay. On hearing of the danger oi
the vessel and crew, Capt. Dnscoll, of
that steamer, ordered the engineer, wuost
name is Hoyle, to get up steam on tut
vessel so that lie could go to the bark'
assistance. The engineer, however, in u
very cowardly manner refusad to obe
orders, claiming that the weather was too
rougL aud that he "thought more of his
little ufe than all the whole world." The
Times thinks that if the Goliah had gone
to tue Marshall's aid, that vessel woulu
havo been saved. The distance from the
scene of the wrtok was short, and the
stesincr could have goue there inside ol
two hours. An investigation of the action
of the cowardly engineer is now going on
in Seattle before thu board of steamboat
inspectors, and it is thought his license
will be taken from him. It is hoped
samething of that kind will be done, as
th6 loss of the essel and tho drowning ot
one of her crew may be blamed to his
Incoming Passengerf.
The steamship Slate of Califoruia is
dne this morning from San Francisco
with tho following list of passengers:
J U Wilson H D Long
S Rosenthal J S Fisher
P E Brigham D H Rand
O Port M S Lowenthal
Mrs M Klepstein Miss M Klpstein
Miss Mary KlepsteinMiss I Chamberlain
Mrs K Wmgard John Clark
J W Cook C L Fay
S Lowonberg W P Thomas
H W Littell Leon Bentz
Mr W Sorenberger Mrs J F Alexander
Mrs W Springer Mrs O O Shellv
Miss A C Hensley Mrs G A Dewatt
F G Wilson
w w uarr
J T Cook
H L Landers
W Bullock
F F Fritz
F M Bard fc wf
J Lepley
John Kraft
C Cameron
Wm Hutibard
G W Epler
Miss E Abott
W P Boyd
W Demerritt
E Hendricksou
Amos Brown
Thomas Honie
Miss Eva St Clair
A Quitow
Miss Fetch
F R Swain
P H DawsDn
L A Port, wf fc dr
Wm Loeb
S M Cooper & wf
H Sieben
Hong Lee
J L Hollerbeck
J G Bliss
A B Menkoll
Mra A W Chllds
J J Hunt
E E F Stewart
W K Fowerell
Charles Mavberg
J F Hanley
Wm Hermrod
Miss Dollie St Clair
Sam Burr
Gen Rufus Ingalls
Miss Stears
P Berry
E L Stevens & wf
J Strauss
D Magnus
D Warner
H H Getty & wf
J McMillin
G F Bytela
SH Friendly
Miss J Ackerman
S B White
Miss Bushnell
Mrs Hennes3
w rartzerr & wi
H Wright
J B Saurie
L A Strobel
Chas Vadnais
Mrs Sarah Collins
J Pilger & wf
Mrs Roe 3
B B Bravincle & wf
W E Parker
C O rnmminga & wfChas Reed
wm bw a 3iam John .nice
Wm ufienfin
H W Pnl;maa
F Wilson
Fred Malcom
Don Clark
Gilbert Sarony
Mr L'dd
Mr Beriram
Mr Allen
Mr Donigan
Mis3 Alha Biimer
M Sturgen
Annie Stephenson
E E Crittenden
W Cameron
Cass Downing
W F Bishop
F Valerga
Harry Shirley
Mr Kneill
Dr Zubertier
Mr O'Neil
M Welsh
J Johnson & dtr
The bad effect of mercury will be ef
fectually eradicated from the system,
by u?Ing several bottles of Pfunder's
uregou ijiooa-jruriner, aireaaya staple
Jeff of the Chop House
Gives notice that on and after this" date
he will sell no more wine or beer in hi
restaurant Amen.
Sleepless Nights, made miserable
by that terrible cough. ShIIoh's Cure It
the remedy for you. Sold by W. E. De
ment Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
chitis immediately relieved by ShIIoh's
Cure. Sold by W. E. Dement
Have Wistart balsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooping cough, croup, in
fluenza, consumption, and all throat and
lung complaints. 50 cents and$l a bot-
Use Dlmraitt's Cough Balsam for
Chest, Throat, and Lunjjs, at W. E. De
ment ds'Co.'s.
Use Dlmmltt's Cough Balsam, at W. E
Dement dtCo.'s,
Pope Leo XII is considering the advisa
bility of leaving Rome.
British Columbia is talking of enacting
a Chinese prohibitory law.
Crown Prince Gustof has been ap
pointed viceroy of Norway.
The New York Woman Suffrage society
nos given -aire, .uumway a reception.
There are slight symptoms of Wash
ington's admission as a state this session.
Arthur is Beecher's first choice for
president, though ho would voto for Grant
if he would run.
Speaker Carlisle says Representative
Perry is a blatherskite. They never
speak as they pass by.
The telegraph says that tho DomocraU
are fighting aoont tue tariff. Democratic
fights always result in more Democrats.
Gen. Grant and President Arthur
talked together earnestly in Washington
for two hours last Thursday. Just think
of it!
Oiman Digma is flying in fear acrou
the desert. Tne man tuat bna-s ns head
to Admiral Hewitt at Saake.-u uii "et
The Chicago express train ran into a
land-slide near Co.umbus, Ohio, on
Thursday and was smashed. Tue en
gineer and fireman were killed.
The snow is disappearing from Mon
tana and idaho, and an early spring is
anticipated, iligu water in tuo Columbia
and an early run of salmo quinuat.
Burdette, tho funny man of the Bur
lington Hawkeye. was assailed the day
after tue 17th of Ireland, by two irate
individuals with knives and revolvers.
The American Steamship company, of
Philadelphia, the only Aancan lino m
existence, is goin to sell out to the
'Hmglish. Brittunia rules tha wave.
The new fast mail servics will benefit
Astorians in giving an eastern mail
twenty-four hours earlier than at present.
The joke of tne basinet is it won't cost
any more.
Bonds of the O. R. & N. Co., recently
issued, amounting to 3,00J,OJJ, have
oeen largely taken by German capitalists.
The remainder of the loan has been sub
scribod for in New ifork and in London.
Minister Wallace, whom the Turkish
vizier recently snubbed, has threatened
l'urkey with tho who.e Amencan navy,
and the Turks, who prefer humility t j
annihilation, havo hastenad to apjloize.
A terrible dissase, supposed to bs foot
and mouth disease, hus made its appear
ance among the cattle of the southern
part of Utah territory. It is working
westward and may appear in Oregon
President Arthur will veto the Fitz
John Porter bill. Ho is reported as say
ing that in pardoning Porter ho restored
him to his civil rights, and ho had not
seen anythingin the evidence that had
been presented, whether new or old, to
justify placing him back in the army.
F L Logan, Seaside P Bergman, Tillmk
C A McGuire, Skip J G Megler & wife
W H Mead
Port Brookdeld
S Meyer,
J P Howe,
C Seegyah,
T J Neison,
B S Bali,
do H N Molloy, Si Paul
do V Cook, Cnfton
do HL Con in, Marsh
do land
do J Hays, city
do W T Goodwin, do
O W Hansen,
P Buchanan, Port.aad
paueee house.
E M Grimes, SeasideH A Spaytt, Port
D Lucy, Nehalem C J Jo anson, do
G Watson, Waliuski C Chamberlain, ao
J L Moody, Knuppa Go j Lull, do
J F Stewart, O'kl-ndD Logun, do
B D Orcutt, city L Dillon. de
J ri Moore, OystvillcG Guiubert, Stantcn
J G Gumbert, Pittsburg, Pa.
Htemt-r Da)s (or Jlarcli.
From San Fran. From Astoria.
State, Mar 5Coluuibia, Mar.
Columbia lOJOregon
Oregon lo State
State OiColnmbia 17
Columbia 2."iOregon 22
Oregon 3JState 27
atnto April -HUolumbia April... 1
Sea Sufferings.
Mr. H". P- Leslie, ot Elkton, Md.,
late of ihe IT. S. navy, was cured of
rheumatism and neuralgia, by a Tew
applications of St. Jacobs Oil, the
great pain -cure.
The "WomaiiN JMiyiclmi.
A common sense medical work for
ladies only. Fully answers all ques
tions which modesty prevents asking
a male physician. Give.s causes and
symptoms of all diseases of the sex.
with positive cure for each In pla.n lan
guage, written by latlh s who have made diseases a life study. A plain talk
in delicate language which every wo
man, young and old, should read. It Is
recommended by many eminent lath
physicians as a safe guide for the ex.
Handsomely bound and illustrat.d.
Sent post paid for S1.00. A ddress the
Rochestek Publishing Co.,
32, 33 and 33. Oaburn Block,
Rochester, N. Y.
Just ICeccired.
A large stock of soft and stiff Ilabi In
all the latest styles, at Mcintosh's Fur
nishing store.
Now Is your opportunity to buy good
at extreme low figure:. Cad and .set- m .
C. P. Moffit.
Hosiery, Hosiery, Hosiery!
The latest novelties in Indies and
childreus hosiery at Prael Bns'
At enormous expense has Just secured
the services of Pkofessok Ellis one
of the best white cooks in the Mate; and
effpropos a to excell any of his for
mer effort In the culinary art. Italian
and French dishes a specially.
Shiloh'.s Vitalizer i.- wnat you need
for Constipation, Lois of Appetite, Diz
ziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
r5o in and 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by W. E. DemeuL
5 HH
Made of flue
Will Not Crack.
Thi Qutta Percha & Rubber Mf'g Co
FortU&d, Oregon.
Steamer day State in, Oregon out.
The call for the Bepublican county
convention appears this morning.
Wm. Loeb and J. Strauss are among
the incoming passengers on the Stale.
There will be a meeting of the Astoria
Chamber of Commerce tin's evening.
Iteserved seats for to-nicht's minstrel
performanca at the New l'ork Novelty
leachers examination at county
oupennienaeiu oioop s ouice next r nday
and Saturday.
Police court doesn't pan out very heavy
these times. We arc a law abiduig com
munity, bo wo are.
Mrs. M. C. Loavitt, superintendent of
W. O. T. C. work on thu coast will lec
ture in Astoria April 1st.
E. C. Holden's regular auction sale of
furniture and other goods will begin at
hali-pa3t ten this morning.
J. P. Howe, and Sam Meyers came dawn
from Portland last evening to meet the
minstrel party this morning.
Clatsop county will get nearly $6 per
sshool censos child tuia year. Tne mo t
f,Mge tax law UcCidion may reduce tun a
Orders for job work received by tele
phone at Tuu AsrociAX ottiee. Com
pleted work promptly returns by ex
press. Cuailey Heed, who is "just a plain
comudjau," and sYui. Sweatuam, wuu is
u wuoie anow in himself, will ba among
tne attractions at Uocitltmtal bail to
night. The programme for to-night's per
formance at Occidental hall a tne one
arranged for tuj opening niglit in Port
laud, una bas some ot tut) most attract
ive ten turas ever presented in this city.
Joaquin Miller says that he sighs for
some piace wnero tuere "is reat auu quiet
and peace to suit tne nour of dreams;" a
spot "nedged in from bustle and feverish
rusu for gain." Whackeen mignt come
down to Astoria and snooze away the
nappy hours in some storo that doesn't
everyday from 4 auto 8 o'clock. The
oest 25-ceiit meal in tewn: soup, fish,
aeven kinds of meat, vegetables, pie,
ivtdding, etc. Tea or coffee Included.
A IS who havo tried him say Jeff is the
-.5UILOU8 uineK wm immediately
renew Croup, whooping cough and
Urouchltis. Sold by W. E. Dement
Dimmitt's Cough Bal.-am cures Croup
Catarrh cured, health and swee!
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Prire 50 cents. .Masai Injector free.
Fr sale by W. E. Dement
Shiloh's Cuugii anu consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. Ii
cures consumption. Sold by W. E. De
ment. Jeff-says he gives two meals to any
other restauraut mau's one and can
prove it
Ro xiixon'b new eating house
is now open. KverylUng has Injen fit
ted up in flrst-clas style, mid hi well
i;uowii reputation as a caterer assure
all who like gol things to eat, that ai
his place they can be accommodated.
That Hacking Cougn car. be mi
liiickl) cured bv ishilnh's Cure. Wi
innrantee it .Sc!d li W. K. Dement.
for Inme Rack, Side or Client list
MiilohV Porous Planter, Prieaseents
Fur :ile l W. H. Demi-ii.
Boston B iked Be:m and Brown Bread
every Sundav at Jeffs from S a.m. to
J p. M.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicot
perfumery, and toilet articles. el.eaii
k bought a! the lowest prices, at J. W.
('onii's dru store, opposite OcMden
hrtel. Astoria.
Instantaneous Photographs !
The late and new style dry plate Photo
graphs are made d dly at the
Astoria Mpph Gallery,
Cor. of Demon and Squemoqua Streets,
Opposite the Court House.
Children's Pictures
Oregon Paint and Varnish Works.
Manufacturers t(
Paints.. Varnish ai Lacper.
Any shade mixed and ground to order.
C. F. PEAICSOX tfc Co..
P.O. Box 143. Portland, Or.
A Good Chance.
K. t and -Milage Factory, :s mv health
wiun-taiiow me to carry it on. mis is a
,ood chance to buy a p.i lug business.
Price of Moulding
vJ gfii all moulding over two inches ai
half a cent uer h-ch ner foot : all moulding
u .cler two inches, at five-eighths of a. cent
per intu per loot.
3Iarch 8th, 1S&.
At Oapl. Rogers old stand, corner ot Civ
aud Court streets.
Ship and Cannery work. Horseshoeing
Wagons mad and repaired. Good worV
Leineuweber & Co.,
Manufacturers and Importers of
ail kinds ot
Wholesale Dealers in
r Highest cash price paid for Hides sod
New Spring
We have received from New York, per express, upwards of 6,000 yards ot
Embroideries In -
Of the Latest Designs and from 15 to 23 per cent
cheaper than ever before.
1760 yards of Embroideries from
2137 " " '
1275 " " u
The Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House
jtofesiw5sjWjiteBPF'' J tev3Syi"jj
Columbia Transportation Company.
"Which has been rpfltted for the comfort or passengers will leave
Wllsou & Fisher's Do k eveiy
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 A.M. arriving at Portland at 1 P.M.
Returning leaves Portland every
Tuesday and Thursday at 6 A. M. arriving at Astoria at 1 P. M.
tAu adi'tlonal trip will 0 made on Sunday of Earn Werfc, leaving Porilaa
it i U'i'liick atunduy .IliiiMiHX. Passengers Uj thU rou a connect at KaLuu
for riouud ports. U. B SCO rr. President.
Olotiilng and Gent's
Most Popular Remedy Sold.
?o Pimples. Blotekei, Ckrc!o SomV d
Hieuet, Loss of Ktierjrv :v A "abliu .1 Cou-
.i.:.Tfi.SL T.iiTiil Relief Guaranteed.
Sfoid everywhere. S. 6 iorg5.w.
Bet San Francisco Houses and
Eastern Distilleries.
Tumblers Decanters, and All
Kinds of Saloon Supplies.
VA11 goods sold at San Francisco Prices.
OppMtt fsiktr Bows, JLaseaU. Orw.
Importations !
Lawn and Nainsook,
3c to 12cperyir4
16c to 40c per yard.
50c to $1.00 ptryii.
II 11
Furnisning Stor,
WHmerding & Co., San Fnnoittt.
Loeb & Co., Agents, AttKku
U .hi nJsTOfcl
y J. MJaolQ