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On mid after this date It. K. Jackson
will until further notice have charge of
the city route of The Daily Asto
kiax; will deliver all papers and is
horchy authorized to collect for same.
Astoria, Or., Sept. 24, lt?8U.
Walla Walla has thirteen church
ors?nitiom. Better consolidate.
The little Gnu which struck on
Yaquina bar last Tuesday, is a total
If all iales be
true, there is rn
' in the matrimoni-
i. upending 4,bo
H ncukct.
Sirs. Powell advertises good cof
fee and oystera nest door to the Oi
cion bakcrv.
1 he cUy treasury was enriched
several hundred dollars lnfc week by
the sale of swedrv license.
Col. It. R. Spodden returned
last evening from an extended trip to
eastern Washington Territory.
The -lecture of Eev. Mr. Mc
l.aflerty on "Things k be Abomina
ted,'" given iost Sabbath evoning.drew
h fitfe audience.
A Waitsburg clergyman who bo-l"-ves
in tho adage "Watch and pray"
has eleared SC00 from his watermelon
patc'i tlu year.
Rev. II. S. McLafTerty delivers
the second of tho promised series of
lectures to-night. Mis subject is "In
fidelitv of Groat jfen."
There will be divine service on
boprd the ship Cltaica lying at Kin
ney's dock at 4 o'clock, Rev. J. W.
McConnac officiating.
Thcro will be Divine service con
ducted by the Rev. M. D. Wilson, in
the Chapel of the Holy Innocents,
Upper Astoria, to-day at 3:30 r. i.
The regular monthly mooting of
the vestrj of Grace church will be
held on Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
A full attendance is spocially de
nired. The Washington Territory Legis
lature convenes to-morrow. J. A.
Burke represents Cowlitz, Wahkia
kum, Pacific and Chohalis counties in
the council, and I). Barlow and M.
Z. Goodell in the house.
B. A. Seaborg, of the Aberdeen
cannery, who is running a cannery on
Gray's harbor, reports the catch light,
Xartly on account of the fall run hav
ing not yet reached its height, partly
'ie the current is so swift He
has about 2,500 cases to date.
Capt. Whitcomb brought the
Miles in from Tillamook last Thursday
evening, with a cargo of salmon and
other freight. He reports everything
lively in that favored section. Yes
terday he was busy loading for Gray's
harbor for which place ho sails to
morrow morning.
The Abericmno is ready for sea; a
few ship's lengths above her is the
H'igtonsliirc, which will be ready on
Tuesday; further up is the Iiarcnstvn-
dale, also ready for sea. Tho Cliasca
and Geo. S. Homer are still loading
salmon; the Clara Parker put off 800
cases for the latter vessel yesterday
--The county court sitting as
board of equalization of assessessmcnts
has adjourned to Te'.:' October 2,
wh t will hear and determine all
com n' aim m uueoual or erronco
assessment fur Clati"i county; in
ihe mean time all persons interested
can examine the assessment roll at
tho assessor's oilicc in the court
h"U e.
Astoria has suffered great hard
ship from inadequate water supply
this summer, but it was one of tho
t'jings that couldn't be helped, and
therefore of no use to grumble about
it. The season has now come when
wcan have plenty clean, wholesome
water, and by the time the next dry
season comes there will be a bounti
ful Bupply.
Uur urays river menus are
about to have a steamer that will
prove of great convenience to people
living in that section. One man who
was in yesterday, and who spent the
better part of a day beating across in
the for. said that it had been three
years since his wife had been to As
gloria, when that steamer is running
tho bdies can come over in an hour
and a half, to do their shopping, re
turning the same day if desired.
While the Queen and Columbia
were lying here Thursday night, one
of the passengers on the former gave
a waiter two bits to take a letter to
tho latter vessel, and that individual
had no sooner got on tho dock than
he went plump into the water, being
unaware of the fact that, there was
slip at Cass street. The affair cau3ed
considerable hubbub, bnt the waiter
was finally'rescued. On getting out
ho insisted on finishing his errand
and delivered tho much soaked
iA. O. U. W;
Tbe societyfof A- O. U. W. jwill meet
in Pythian Castle from andafter Octo
ber 1st Meetings will be,lield Friday
evening or eacn weeic, aOTisw p. m.
Master Workman
Council Proceedings.
At a special meeting of the city
council list evening, Mayor Hahn
presiding, couiicilraen Case, Carruth-
era, uoirs md irencn?rd presont, a
petition of property owners asking for J
an additional street lainn on Polk and
Concoralv street was refcired to street
C9ramittce. The reports of the street
superintendent, police judge and
ton for August were accepted. The
report of the committee to whom had
been referred the matter of utirchpj
ing Cedar street lots wa? accepted.
An ordinance "prondiug for tho im
provement of Cass street was read"
Dirt and second times and under sus
pension of the rules the third
time 4-Jid phased.
An ordinance providing for the im
provement or Mammon .trcot was
road firt and second iinvs and under
suspension of the rules va3 read the
third tune and paased.
An ordinance providing for the'eon-
fraction of a bulkhepd .-long the lino
of Chonamus . trect was read Grat and
econd tiroes, rud leferred to the
street committee.
An orriin: oce authorizing tho issue
f a bond to the amount of $5,000 to
the Clatsop Mill Co. for the purchase jtfr. Miller was handed what was sup
of lots 4 and 5, blk 06, McClure' As- py3(vd to be his sack, and a few mo-
tona wr.s read first and second times
nd under suspension of the rules was
read third time and passed. These
lots are purchased for the purpose of
connecting Cedar, Astor, Cnshing's
Court and Jefferson strot3.
An ordinance providing for the im-
rovement or west o:n ana ceaar
treats wa3 read first, and second times
and referred to street committee.
An ordinanco declaring the probable
cost of improving M?m street was
read third time and passrd.
An ordinance declaring the proba-
ble cost of improving Coui-omly street
es read third time and paswd.
Au ordinance authorizing the city
of Astoria to contract with the Asto-
ria Gaslisht company, to licht the
street lamps and public buildings of
the city for a prriod of twelve months
from January 1st. 1SS4. was read
third time and passed.
Tho followinz claims were ordered
paid: i. A. s;ninn, 5;j.i'j; a. u.
Fulton, $5; W B. ITeadingtou,
357.83; Jno. Spencer, SI. 70; L W.
Case, $27; S. M. Coffinbury, $5.10;
W. W. Parker; $10.25; John
Martin, $1.70; E. Thompson, $1.70
Astor, $53; Chas. Iloilborn,
2.50; J. P. Ilalloran & Co., $103.50;
Jo. Cascula, $27.91), Jno. McNess,
$33; A. F. Beaslcy, $2.50; I. W.
Case, $39.70; M. Elliott, $100; W. B.
Ueadington, $701; IL C. Harrison,
$900; C. U. Hines, $28.33.
A resolution was adopteu concern-
112 the improvement of west Gth
street, and at twenty minutes to
eleven the council adjourned.
The "Wrecked Bark.
At au early hour yesterday morning
two of the tugs went to the stranded
bark Cmmsiiorc. She i3 lyinc on c
narrow ridge of sand some distance off
shore about two miles south of Point
Adams. She lies in twelve feet of wa
tor head on, pointing north east, with
all sails set except fore top gallant and
one other. The tugs went to within
few cables length of her, in three and
Halt tattioms ot wator, but the sea
was breaking badly and no attempt
was made to board her. There were
half-a-dozen people on the shore, but
no evidence that anyone had been
aboard except Messrs. Allen, Ford,
McKenzie and HcCabe,who examined
her yesterday afternoon, at which
time the vessel had made no water.
Capt. A. W. Berry, Lloyds agent at
this port, and Capt. Prideaur of the
Chasca formed board in accordance
with whoso recommendation tho ves
sel and cargo were sold by E. C. Hoi-
den last evening. The vessel as she
ie3 except the personal effects of the
crew, was cuocl:ed down to iirown o;
SIcCabe for $425. The three ships
boats in which tho crew made their
escapo from the vessel were sold to J.
W. Welch for S100; Brown & Mc
Cabe made the only bid that was of
fercd n the cargo and got it for S25,
Its value intact is 34,000.
Marine Movemeuts-The Columbia
The fog hung low over the water
yesterday, and the stream in front of
the city w?.s alive with steam and sail
craft of every size. Tho Queen left
up at eight o'clock; the Columbia left
for ban rancisco about tno same
time; the schooner Maid of Orha,s ar
rived in from Humboldt with red
wood, and the Tarn O'Shanter from
ban jL'raucisco witn general mercnan-
diso:on the Tarn's forward deck lie
lour large arums containing uio caoie
which is to cross
tho Columbia be
tween Fts. Stevens and Canby and
connect tho cape and signal service
station with the world. When fin
ished, the station at that point will be
the onlv one on tho Pacific-coast ex
cept San Francisco, where thore are a
life station, a signal service sta
tion. and a light house. The
advantages of telegraphic communi
cation will be manifold. Daily bnlle-
tins from the cape will be published in
The Astokiax every morning and all
movements of vessels, tho conditiou of
thft bar. etc.. will be known here.
tbtiR avoiding the anuovin" delays of
the nast.
lieutenant Allen will immediately
proceed to have the cable stretched
. v : .t..c if. in
oicticu ibjcsiu v-wm v
win oe complete.
A. Different Affair-
Joe Miller went to' police headquar
ters in a temble stow la3t night. He
said that he deposited in the Astoria
bank lt Monday week a sack con-
t:,inine S6.3C0 In sold. Whea he cot
rc.aly -to leave the city he was handed
a ' ck similar to his, which ho took
UQ . in .Am"n.S uer
upon open;nc lho concern it was
Eex-Mound to contain 180,- all in silver
aouars. Arriving at ponce neaaiuar-
ters he told his story, and a dispatch
was at once sent to Astori?, when to
his surprise the answer came back
that hi3 sack was at the Astoria bank
all right. Miller considers it a narrow
The above appeared in last Sunday's
ATercus'i. The facts of the case are
?s follows: Mr. Miller came to As
toria and had some negotiable papers
which were presented at the bank of
I. W. Case and cashed, Miller placing
the amount $0,500 in a canvas Back
gave it to the night clerk of the hotul
where he was stopping for safe keep-
ing. The same evening (Japt. hit-
comb, who was going to Giay'a har-
bor on the Gen. Miles the next day.
handed the sime clerk a sack contain-
ing $500 in silver which was jJso put
jn the hotel safe. The next morning
menls later Cunt. Whitcomb was civen
hi on application. Miller stopped
off at Cathlamet, transacted some bus-
mess, and in due time reached Port-
land, with the still unooened sack.
On presenting it for deposit at a Port
laud bank, it was found to- contain
bnt $500. The frightened "Miller tel
egraphed to Astoria to find to his
great relief that Capt. Whitcomb had
jnst returned from Gray's harbor, and
had immediately gone to the hotel
proprietor "with a sack full of gold,"
which on being counted wa3 found to
amount to $0,500. It is hard to say
who was the most surprised Cap t.
Whitcomb at Gray's harbor or Miller
hn Portland, when oach opened the
sack. All's well that ends woll, and
nobody is out a cent; our chief reason
for making any mention of tho oc
currence is to make plain the fact
that "'the Astoria bank" had nothing
to do with the mistake.
Sad Death.
Charles Woods, formerly editor of
the 2feics, died yesterday morning
while being removed in an express
w. gon from the city jail to the cojm
ty hospital. Several days ago Woods
was found in an uptown saloon intoxi
cated, aud upon taking him to tho
police station it was found that he
was suffering from delirium tremens.
He was sent to St. Vincent's hospital,
where ho bc.same very violent, and
the sisters being unable to control
him, telephoned for the police to
come and take charge of him. No
body at tho city jail knew tho poor
WIow until Policeman Flynu, formor
by a reporter on the 2Teio, recognized
Woods and notified some friends of
his, who arrived jnst in lima to hear
of his death. The dead man wa3 32
ycars of a2 "ve of California.
He leaves a wife and a little sou who
pre residing at present in Massachu
setts. His father was at one time a
banker in San Francisco, and Woods
himself had performed some merito
rious work on various journals in the
Bay city. Oregonian, 9.
An ingenious method of pile-driv
ing has been successfully adopted in
nu king the foundation of the Palais
de Justice at Brunswick. Instead of
the ordinary pile-driver, a simple
framework is erected to hold tho pile
iu position. Attached to each pile by
sUoles nre two tubes of jabont two
inches in diameter. Theso-are carried
to the pointed end of the pile, where
they terminate and turn inward to
ward one another. Thei ' pper ends in communication by flexible pipes
with tho city water mam. When the
water is turned on it rapidly excavates
a hole, in which the pile sinks by its
own weight, but should any unusual
resistance bo met with, weights are
fastened to the top of tho pile. By
these means and under favorable cir
cumstances, a twelve-inch pile can be
sunk to a depth of fifteen feet in ten
minutes, .bach pile requires, on an
average, 200 gallons of water.
Attention No. 1.
Regular monthly meeting, Monday
evening, Oct. 1st, aS83, at 750 P. if. A
full attendance Is desired.
By order
J j. E. Selio, G. P.,
Sect'y. President.
Xew Ulillincry
At Mrs. Malcolm's. Vill have a fall op
ening in a lew days.
Oysters In Every StySe,
And coffee at Mrs. Lovett's.
Kcst Casfoiu Work, Hoot and Shoe,
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City Book Store. Ladies and centlemen
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I cliAns nnrl Imvncr nrirtAc
Perfect fit
A Juicy BecfTstcaU
cooked to perfection is what you can
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l?ncn TMvnu'c n rut' nntfnrr limicA
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ted up m lirst-ciass style, and his well
Known reputation as a caterer assures
all who like cood things to cat, that a
tus place they can be accommodated.
Insure against accidents of all kinds
In the old reliable Travelers of Hart
Wheeler & Robb, agents.
I Boys' clothing at cost at the Occi
dent store.
Life and Accident Insurance pol
cles written m the Travelers of Hart
ford, by Wheeler &itobb, agents.
Painting in oil colors by an entirely
I new method can easily bo learned by
upon application to jhiss LiineKer, rest
dence next to uapr. itogers.
Hps and Downs.
A dispatch wa3 received at San
Prnc ro last Sunday, from Yreka,
to the effect that two weeks ago ex
Lieutenant Governor Chillis called
upon Mr. Borcu at Myrtle Creek, in
this state, beiug ill and destitute, and
was provided with tho comforts of 'a
home and medical assistance. He re
mained in a semi'Uncunscions condi
tion, suffering great bodily pain until
tho 17 th, when he died His remains
were interred in the Odd Fellows'
Cemetery at the expense of tho friend
whose shelter he had sought. He had
no papers about him to indicate who
his friends were. The deceased was
ona of those who enmu tu the front in
the Republican party in 18G1 and
helped sustain California in the Union.
He owned and operated :i sa:vmill in
Trinity county, abtut Iwulve uules
above Weaverville. In that year lie
was elected lieutenant governor upon
the same ticket with Laland Stanford.
At the close of his two years' Urm ho
went to Nevada, rhd .for the pW
twenty yeara hss boen almost con
stantly in tho territorias. At one
time he amassed quite a form tin in
Nevada, but .subsequently Ivnt it in
unfortunate speculation. Fie :w
about seventy year of age. f . .
Insurance Recortl
of Hoah'G
The ohampiou He of the century, to
the effect that Noah's Ark has been
diecovercd on Ararat, has given rie to
mny humorous comments. The
New York Tim;s is not behind the
other newspapers in this respect and
gives a purported interview between
its reporter and an officer of an east
ern marine insurance eomp.iuy; as fol
lows: Mr. Dennis said that although his
company was one of the oldest in the
world, it had the records of very few
vessels of 2,300 B. C. Upon search
ing through the "inspection minutes,"
however, lie found the following re
cord: Tire Anx. Built by Noah: owned
by Noah & Son; tonnage; 42,413.95;
length over all, 525 feet; breadth of
beam, 87 and 6 inches; depth of hold,
52 feot C inches; built of gopher
wood; bow ports, and trenailed
throughout; used as a passenger and
cattle transport; rated A 1.
"Can you inform me what the
ark was insured for?" risked tho re
porter. "I should not feel at liberty to
make that mattor public without con
sulting the proprietors," replioc LY.
iiSces, fiiices, Laces.
at Pracl Bros. Empire Store: all styles
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to cheer and comfort, nt Frank Fabre's,
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J)ui)!cc fi:tvaiie Hells.
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idunt liotuj,
Silk, Satius, Dress Coods,
t Prael Jims.
Co oil S(mil io ISosit.
Booms suitable for a harbor sliou and
bath, or for other purposes can lx had
ot L. l. joimson, on tJ:e i;odway.
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Time, labor and risk by subscribing at
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Diptheria, Fever, and every depressing
Life nolicics- nn the endowment
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York. Wheeler & Kobb, agents.
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one minute.
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cnl disease of the 5Kin. viz.: (
Sut.viiuk Soap.
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Frank Fabres, Odd Fellows building.
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new store.. '"v -
T Tho Pttblic.
We take this method of cautioning the
general public to exercise care in any
transactions they may have with Mr.
Harry Boyd, agent of the Hamburg
Bremen lire Insurance company, as
our experience with him is of such a
nature as makes us positive he is not to
be trusted. . t
, Bekomax & Beery,
Mauk ScnxrssET-
(Orcfontan copy.)
Jsrl tVniiictl.
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Astoria & IVlnuemurca It. IX.
- The American flag, that boasted em
blem of U. S. liberty, is a humbug in
Astoria.'and Jeff, of the Chop nousc.
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the same he will continue to give the
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Changed Hands.
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been boiipht by Chas
after conduct it.
Ebcrie, who will here-
od Bread a Specialty.
The public trade solicited.
Not to Trespass upon the follow
ing described property, to wit:
The NW 1-4 of Sec. 28, T. 8 N..
R. 8 W.. Clatsop County, Oregon.
The said property being tho property
or the unuersigneu.
HarilwBre awl SUg Clifllery
Hardware, and Ship Chandlery,
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iiiM Sciioel
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Hats and Caps reduced,
Scots and Shoes reduced.
M o.J Btaad, tioraer o:
and Court Streets.
Sliln and Cannery work. Horseshoeing.
Wagons made and repaired. Good work
JL remain.
We will take orders for lumber from 100
to BOo M., at the mill or delivered.
we aiso manufacture lath and shingles ot
Al quality.
Plooring a Specialty .
Address all orders
8. C, BKKKKKrSupt.
At Cost Prices ! ! !
T7e will sell onr entire stock of
In order to make room for our large stock of Men's Clothlag for
fall and whiter, and must have room.
The Ir.rcest and finest stock of Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods in
the city.
IX .A..
Occident Storn,
A !
m S S ri
n 6
S 0
Dry Goi
;dkys we will make -a-
"WHO? .
SeasifleBaiery & Conftctionery.
W JtL"32"?
Because my Goods are ihe Best
and Always Fresh.
Cakes Candies etc., furnished for "Wedding,
parties, on abort notice, and guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction.
Cake ornamenting a specialty.
Oppeaite J. W. Haae's.
Suits Iteduce(3;fl
Ed. B. Curtis
,: r Corner Eestoa sad Sqadsoqaa Streets
. - , v- E&st of tk Ceart Hoas .
IMliMllll III I
Carpels, Mols