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i this l4e R. E. Jaekson
. f . rthor notice have charge of
'.un erf Tmk Daily Asto
v ' d 'liver all pjqiers and is
..ihoria-d to collect for same.
. r.. Seit- 24. 1.
-The Fic'wmi arrived in yesterday
w.lh froi ht.
VV.ter S. Mow' minstrels will be
O-t 'ber 8th and Oth.
Ti..' receipts at the Oiympia land
arc over Sou, 000 a month.
--Ihe Miles Is advertised to
fcr Gray's harbor this morning.
Portland capitalists are
h-Ia SG.500,000 worth of
said to
Tho QHren goes up stream this
u.rn:ng, and the Gohimhi sails for
s-n Francisfio.
J. A. Vaughn loaves this morn
i:.j on a two months' visit to Keiths
Viilc, Missouri.
-Commencing with Tuesday, the
21, tl.p San Francisco stoamera will
run on three day time as before.
A narrow gauge railroad is tho
latest improvement at Capt. Gray'a
d"jck. It is operated exclusively by
mm power.
Olvinpia is to have a 84.000
steam lire engine something the
territorial capital has badly needed
for some time.
Articles of incorporation of the
grand lodge of the Knights of Pythias
for the state of Oregon, have been
filed in Portland.
Thtro is some talk of having a
steeple chase down Cass street, best
two in three; the street is in fine con
dition for a hurdle race.
- The price of logs is reported to be
lower on the Sound than for some
time past, SG.50 and 7 being the
rilling figures at present.
- -It is to be hoped that a continu
ous rain will clear away this villainous
smoko that has praved such a fruitful
source of annoyance all summer.
- - Huntington is the point selected
for the junction of the Oregon Short
lUah'JV'O R. ttjST. Co. 'a lines.
Jht u"1 nat or terminus of tho former
company s lines has not yet been de
termined. We are indebted to Bon Woraley
for copies of tho Western Fireman, a
red-hot, wide-awako journal exclu
sively devoted to fire matters. Asto
ria is well represented in the corre
spondent's column.
The Queen arrivod in at half past
two yesterday afternoon, with an un
usually large number of passengers,
u of whom were nicked up out
side. Capt. Alexaudcr was seriously
indisposed last evening.
Birds in their little nests agree,
but"cditors on the Sound continue to
call each other liars and sons of dark
ness: the worst of it is they prove it
sometimes. So far the Seattle news
papers have the best of it.
Capt. Wass brought the Victoria
in yesterday. He reports thick
weather all tho way up. Cant. Howes
is on tho Queen, having been tempo
, transferred from the Oregon
whuh iias cone on the dock in San
Francisco for ropmrs.
- The regular fall bear stories
come to us from all quarters. One
man says he saw two and got a shot
at ouo near Easle Cliff, another tells
of seeing the tracks of six near Knapp
ton on the road to the Nasel, but so
far Clatsop county is ahead, as a most
trustworthy intormant sav3 he saw
three playing leap frog at the Wal
The county court sitting as
boardof equalization of assessessments
has adjourned to Tuesday, October 2,
when it will hear and determino all
complaints of unequal or erroneous
assessments for Clatsop county; in
the mean time all persons interested
can examine the assessment roll at
the assessor's office in the court
The Walla Walla Statesman
thinks the present tendency in the
newspaper business is for tho big fish
to eat up the little ones: for tho large
city newspapers to crush out the
8mallor local papers. There is some
truth in the observation, yet a local
paper can always command support
and influence if kept free from "jobs,"
or any suspicion of trickery.
Mr. Belknap, whose place adjoins
Col. Stone's near Knappa, has
stripped a vein of good coal, about
six feet in width, with alternate layers
of slate The coal is of good quality,
burns readily, and is a fair indication
of the coal measures that underlie
this whole country. Coal from
iuiappaana the JNehalem will some
day bo among regular shipments from
mis point.
Leave your orders to-day. at Frank
Elbcrson's, for baked beans and Boston
brown bread for bunday morning.
Ifew Millinery
At Mrs. Malcolm's. Will have a fall op
ening m a lew days.
Oysters in Erery Style,
AM ctffee at Mrs. Loyett's.
L0SSOPTHE cairkbkomb.
Ashore, South, cf the Columbia
The dense fog that has hung over
land and ssr for the last two month3
has been a source of continual danger
to navigators, as has been oviuced by
several marine causalities both hero
and olpewhcre; notably the Ions of the
liettre off Cape Flattery, the stranding
of vosels in tho Sound, and the Queen
on Clatsop spit; the Ona at Yaquina
and otbjjr causaltles.
Yesterday and the day beforo the
smoke which hud been blown from
Clarke Co., W. T., mingled with the
usual gray fog from the ocean and
made a haze almost impenetrable to
the eye. The ocean steamers Victoria
and Queen in charge of experienced
pilots crossed in, the latter vessel
bringing the captain and crew
of the English bark Cairnsmore.
A dispatch had been received at noon,
concerning the vessel, and the Pioneer
was promptly dispatched to render
such aid as might be necessary, the
Gen. Custer also going down. At iwo
o'clock the following was received at
this office:
Ft. Stevexs, Sept. 23, 2 p. .m.
Tiie nglish iron bark, Cainismore,
940 tons, Gibb master, 155 days from
London, came ashore about half
past four o'clock yesterday after
noon about two miles south ot
tho light house at Point Adams, off
Coon Head. All hands deserted" her
about half an hour after the vessel
struck. She is woll on tho shore: the
crew is supposed to have been picked
up by a tug at six o'clock. There are
;ood many people down here watch-
ins her.
.1. II. YOUXG,
Signal Corps.
Immediately upon the arrival of Capt.
Gibb and his men, Vice-Consul Cherry
look them in charge, the captain fur
nishing us with the following report:
Left London on Slay 28th for Port
land, Oregon, with a cargo of cement
for Balfour, Guthrie & Co., had usual
weather to the Horn, where we ex
perienced. Heavy weather ana very
light winds on North Pacific. Came
off the Columbia river about two hun
dred miles on the 20th, from which
time experienced foggy and smoky
weather, not being able at any time
to get sights. On Wednesday night
the 26th inst. about 11 p. i. the ves
sel took the ground, a heavy swell
spndiug her further in all the lime,
nothing visible toward shore, ship
striking heavily, did not hear either
bell buoy or whistle; burnt blue lights
and showed large flareups. Next
morning at daylight could just see the
land, with two objects moving; took
them to be people; swell increasing
from ten a. m., ship striking m or
heavily, later in the afternoon shift
took a list to port. On consultation
with officers concluded to abandon
vessel, which with great difficulty.
owing to tho heavy sea, we were en
abled to do by tho boats. At five r.
M. scut boat containing 1st ofiicor to
find our whereabouts, but fortunately
at C a. ai. were siahlod by steamer
Queen of the Purine and taken on
I hero wish to thank Capt Alexan
dor and his officers for their kind
treatment of myself, officers and crew;
landed in Astoria at 3 P. M.
AsTOitiA, On.. Sept. 28, 1883.
Tho first mate of the Cairnsmvre
was on the ill-fated Fernalenz one of
the crew, a lad of twelve ha3 rather
unique experience, this being his
third adrenturc of tho kiud.
There is but little hope entertained
of saving the vessel.
The Oregonian aud Standard are
scalding Mayor Chapman; the ITcics
has all the inclination to take his part,
out JacKs the aoiuty, ana "none so
poor to do him reverence." This last
expose is a sad commentary on the
prevalence of municipal corruption.
It would seem as though politics was
a game, and a very dirty game at that,
ana any man that engages m it mtiBt
either play the same tricks as his op
ponent or stay out.
"What shall the new state be
named?" is still being discussed by the
Territorial press. Leave the name as
it now is. George was first in war
let the new state of Washington be
also, like him, first in peace; he was
first in the hearts of his countrymen
let the commonwealth that is to be
be first in the thoughts of emigrating
thousands by reason of its magnificent
natural gifts and abiding sources of
permanent prosperity. Call your
state Washington; and thank the
Lord that you have a right to name
your state after such a great man.
Tho most superficial roading of
the Northern Pacific's publications
shows how bent on "booming" Ta
coma property, that Company's di
rectors are. The Northwest, for Sep
tember, received last'night, speaks of
a wonderful enterprise at that wonder
ful city, an actual investment of.$30,
000 in the "salmon fisheries," when
the wholo salmon industry of tho
Sound could be stowed away in one of
our Columbia river canneries aud not
be noticed except tho cannery superin
tendent came along and ordered the
salmon fluns overboard as not bein
worthy of a Columbia river label.
Mistakes in Newspapers.
The Poughkecpsie Eagle, jn an arti
cle on ''How Mistakes Happen in
Newspapers." figures up tho number
of type used in a newspaper the size
of tho Eagle at G00.000; that is the
actual number of bits of metal ar
ranged for each newspaper in prepar
ing a paper of that size for the press.
We suppose few people think of the
printing trade as one of the most ex
act and particular handicrafts, but it
is. In malnng type, vanntion3 that J
might be allowed m the finest mithin-
ery wouiil renuer type useless- it is
very rarely that the type furnished by
two different foundries can be used
together without a groat deal of
trouble, even though they should try
to make it after the standard. We
read once in a while of a wonderful
piece of cabinet or mosaic work con
taining twenty or fifty thousand pieces,
the maker of which has spent months
or even years of labor in producing
it, and the people go to see it as a
curiosity; but the most elaborate and
carefully-fitted piece of work of this
kind ever made does not compare, for
minuteness of detail and accuracy of
fitting, with that which the printer
does every day. The man who does
the first is looked upon asAjnarvel of
skill, and if a hundred of is pieces
arc put in wrong Bide up or turned
around, it is not noticed in the gen
eral ;ffect; but if the printer, in fit
ting ten times as many pieces together J
in a single oay, puts one the wrong
way, everybody sees it, and is
A Ease Libel.-
Some one who claims to know says
that he helped fix up a lunch basket
for one of the excursionists who start
ed off yesterday morning and that it
containel among other items, 4 bottles
whisky, 1 pound crackers, 3 bottles
whisky, j- pound tobacco, 2 bottles
gin, l can uevneu nam, o Dotues
whisky, 1 cold chicken, -f bottles
whisky, 1 dozen cigars, 1 bottlo
whisky, 1 can pigs feet, and some
whisky. It seems like a good many
crackers, but then jou can't always
The Boston high school girl con
demns the phrase "tumble to the
racket," as vilo slang. She says
precipitate in the direction of the
clamor" as a more elegant expression.
About 3,000 patents remain un
called for in the Oregon City United
States land office. Send your certifi
cates and get them. Put it off for a
few years and some shyster lawyer
from the east will come on, pick
some flaw somewhere, and make you
put up or give you trouble, as they
have done in the Western States.
The most attractive way to serve
watermelon is to remove the rind and
cut it up into squares. Serve in a
rystaldish with powdered sugar.
May bo so, but it isn't half so much
fun to crystal dish the melon as to
have the melon all to yourself and
just eat it.
"Visitors toll U3 what is a manifest
fact that Astoria is growing at as pro
portionately as great a rate as any
city in the country. And this, too,
without a railroad or any adventitious
effort to create a false prosperity.
Next season the work of grading the
hills will be prosecuted with a view to
comply with the increasing demand
for private dwellings. For the next
few years the rule will be, ihe water
level for business houses and the
higher ground for dwelling houses.
When the scuthern and western poi
tions of our beautiful peninsula begin
to be covered with buildings the
Younji's bay front will bo a bonanza
to those who own it.
-The Seattle Herald refuses to a!
low its columns to be used for the
purpose of "booming" propertj. That
is all very well, and to bo commend
ed; such clever articles as the Herald
daily contains must necessarily result
in enhancing tho value of property
and heln the material prosoerity of
the go-ahead city in which it is pub
lished. It is a duty that a daily paper
owes to its patrons to give tho first
and most reliable news of any thing
calculated to help its city, and it is no
less tho duty of an honest paper to
contemn all selfish effort oft the part
of thoso who would gouge the eyes
out of a town for an extra ten dollars
a month, and refuse to countenance
their pilfering schemes. Such dodges
never succeed,
is the title of a large illustrated treat
ise, by Dr. II. v. Pierce, Buffalo, .N
Y., sent to any address for three
stamps. It teaches successful self-
Ilcst CuMoai Work. Hoots and Slior.
Can be had at I. J. Arvold's, next to
Citv Book Store. Ladies and gentlemen
call there for tne finest fitting boots and
shoes, and lowest prices. I'erfect lit
A Juicy Bcef,tenlc
cooked to perfection is what yon can
get at t ranK aore s.
Roscoe Dixon's new eating house
is now onen. fcverythius has been lu
ted up in first-class style, and his well
Known reputation as a caterer assures
all who like good things to cat, that at
ins piace iney can oe accommodated.
Insure against accidents of all kinds
iu mu oiu reiiaoie xraveiera ol iiari.
ford. Wheeler & Robb, agents.
Boys' clothing at cost at the Occi
dent store.
Life and Accident Insurance ool
cies written in the Travelers of Hart
ford, uy Wheeler &Iiobb, agents.
The Travelers Insurance Co.
sures against accidents of all kinds, and
I iays claims promptij. v heeler
loub, agents. -
Fainting in oil colors by an entirely
new method can easily be learned by
any one having time for a few lessons,
upon application to Miss Lineker, resi
dence next to Capt. Bogera.
Ten weary, fool-sore travelers.
All in a woful plight,
Sought shelter at a wayside inn
One dark and stormy night,
"Xiuc beds, no mere.' the landlord
Have I to offer you;
To each of. eight a single room.
But the ninth must serve for twi."
A din arose. The troubled host '
Could only scratch his head:
For of those tired men no two
Could occupy one bed.
The puzzled host was soon at ease
Ho was a clever man
And to please all his guests, devised
This most ingenious plan.
In room marked A two men weie
The third he lodged in B;
The fourth to C was tlion assigned;
The fifth retired toD;
In E the sixth he tucked away.
In F the seventh man;
The eieht and ninth in G and II,
And then to A he ran,
Wherein the hot. as I have said.
Had laid two travelers by.
Then taking one the tenth and laat-
Ile lodged him safe in i.
Nincsingle rooms a room for each
Were made to serve for ten,
And this it Is that puzzles me.
And many wiser men.
. War Cloud-
Some days ago the British ship
Scottish Tar arrived in Krt, and the
sailors belonging to her had a little
trouble about gettiug their wages.
James Laidlaw, British vico consul,
for some Reason advised that the
claims be not paid, and thereupon C.
H. Hewett and Yocum & Clarnu, in
behalf of the seamen, filed a libel in
U. S. courts and had an officer put in
charge The captain and consignees
were were willing to pay, but the vice
consul objected. Yesterday Mr.
Hewett called at Mr. Laidlaw 'a office
to see about the matter, when he was
ordered out by the diplomat, with the
information that the latter would not
recognize the former, aud a war of
words took place between the two
gentlemen. A high counter prevented
them from getting to each other, and
Mr. Hewitt withdrew. The next
time Mr. Heweit calls on the British
vico consul, he will stick an American
flag in his hat and stay to tea. The
amount ot the original claims was
10a, but the additional costs will
ran up to about S800. Standard.
She Took the Sjgn.
A woman who opened a small milli
nery shop engaged a painter to paint
I - r ( 1 .
tier ;i aiu. uuu 11 iuim muim mu
ther day it read: "Mrss. J. Blank,"
eta, and she called out, "You have
put an extra 's' in Mrs.? and must
paint the sign over."
The painter saw tho orror but
didn't want to correct it, aud re
"Madam, haven t you had two hus
"Yes, sir."
"Yon were a Mrs. whon you lost the
first husband?"
"I was."
"And do you think u woman can go
on marrying forever and not lengthen
out her title? 'Mrs.' means a woman
who is married or a widow. 'Mres.'
means a woniau who hits been married
twice and is young enough to mam
again; and only yesterday a rich old
chap in our shop and said if he
thought von heart-tree hod come
Oh. well, you can uil up the
sign, she interrupted.
And there it is to-day.
-Writing from the Nelmlyi.'! a
correspondent of the Register say?-:
"It is raiuing in a Jjd, oid-fuehiun-
d style, and Xehalem rejoices. I
wonder it they won t rejoice again
when it quits. One hundred and
thirty-five days without rain is
severe drouth for any country and not
experienced before in Xc1ikSoi:i since
its settlement. But I see no delete
rious effects; everybody enjoying gHxi
lealih, the hay crop and gardens ah
tairly good, and potatoes good m
quality and tree irom ought. it is
true the butter yield is light, but the
price will be proportionated higher.
It has been a cood time to burn xnd
much of it has been done with no seri
ous damage. So taking all things into
account. I think the Keh&lemites cs.n
say, "All tilings work to our good
The rain comes down quite fast; smol
dering fir en will be put out, the smoko
will be settled and the deer and eik
will come down from the mouutaiu;
the hunters will bo happy and elk
meat plenty. Salmon are very plen
tiful in Tillamook and jNehalem, boats
taking from 50 to 100 a night. But
the one cannery could not take caio
of all that came in, so they quit re
ceiving any from this river, aud our
fishermen have faces :i3 long aa the
salmon they caught. Having no bar
rels or salt to pack in, they cannot
profit by the rich Harvest that provi
dence casts at their feet."
Ijaecs, IiaceK, X.acc.
at I'racl Bids. Empire Store: all stylos
and prices. Some fine qualities.
Fmsraii t Coffee
to cheer and comfort, at Frank Fabre's,
at his old stand.
When You Come lo Astoria
and want a nice nan roast, go to Frank
Fabre's, at his old stand.
JJapIe.v Galvanic Bells.
Persons wishing to uurchase them
will call on .1. W. Conn, who is agent
for them, at his Drug btorc opposite uc-
cident Hotel,
Silks, Satins, Drews oorts.
atPrael Bros.
ooil Stand to Kent.
m? sniLihle for a barber shop and
bath, or for other punioses can be had
of L. I. Johnson, on the Jtoadway.
X.adlct Itnyius for Fall V'cr.r
should see those handsome goods and
trimmings at the Empire Store.
The 35-iiplrc Store
has re-opened and displays some hand
some dress goods.
Save 3Ioney,
Time, labor and risk by subscribing at
Carl Adlers for whatever newspaper or
magazine you want
To The Public.
We lake this method of cautioning the
general public to exercise care in any
transactions they mav have with Mr.
Harry Boyd, agent of. the Hamburg
Bremen Fire Insurance company, as
our experience with him is of such a
nature as makes us positive he is not to
ue trusted.
Bkrqmax & Berry,
Mark Sciilussei..
(Orcyonian copy.)
Girl lYnntctl.
To eok for a family of three persons
mast get breakfast read v by G o'clock
a. m. Apply at tins omee.
Kcw Se-.vixijr Zilachiues.
A lot of latest improved Howe Sew-
ttifj machines at satisfactory prices can
Of nan at i. .). Arvoid s.
Aotice to the F.ndies.
Switches made from combings or cut
hair; new switches made to order from
the best imported hair, in any shade de
sired. Old switches repaired. All
work warranted. Rates reasonable.
Call or address
Occident hair dressing saloon, Astoria,
FrastJi Fa?re's Hotel.
Frank Fabre has the finest accommo
ihitinns for lodgers to be found in As
toria, over his restaurant In Kinsey's
nuiiding. j-A'eryunng is neat and clean
and the beds are new, soft and comfort
able. If you wantgood board and lodg
ing go to Frank Fahre's
Ahuu'Ih & Winnemncea It. It.
The American Hag, that boasted em
blem of r. S. liberty, is a humbug in
Astoria, and Jeff, of the Chop House,
has taken it down in disgust But all
the same he will continue to give the
ln'st meals in town, from 5 A. M to 12
midnight, for2i cents regardless of cost,
us he is determined to be the boss.
Try his dinner from 4 -.10 to 8 p. m., and
compare it with one you pay 50 cents
lor. JF.FF.
every day at n o'clock. The best 25 cent I
meal in town; soup, fish, seven kinds of
meats, vegetables, me. pudding, etc. A
glass 01 h. i-. ueer, a touch uiaret, tea or
rrHPf iiwlniloil All wlin liov trior
him say ,Ielf is the '-BOSS."
T.oolc Here!
You are out a treat and don't you for
get it. if you miss JEFF'S Dinner everv
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fee, tea, wine, S. F. beer, or milk. Din
ner ii cents.
Oysters. Oysters, Oysters.
at the Astoria Oyster depot: a stew.
iry, pun roast, or raw at l' ranK t ahre s.
For a Scat Fitting Boot
Or Shoe, go to P.J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran-
u'cu quaniy. .y iuu siock: new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
Oi.kxx's SfLvntri: So.vr purifies the
skin. "IIilts II.vik and Whisker
Puck's Toothache Dkops cure in
one minute.
Brace up the whole system with Kine
AJI the patent medicines advertised
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lingers Bros, plated ware and Wost-
enholm cutlery at Jordan & Bozorth's
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Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
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sands wno were sintering irom dyspep
sia, neiMiuy, nver complaint, nous, jiu
mors, female complaints, etc. Pamph
wis iw 10 any address.
&Sonr 'Joton.
Seth W.Fowlf
a xi) Ta: will arrest every ailment of
the lungs, throat or chest
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hromh secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Priire ;"i0 cents. Masai Injector free.
rnrsaieoy .r uemeiic
Shiloh's Couh
Cure is sold hv us
curif consumption.
ami Consumption
on guarantee. It
Sold by W.E. De-
Iron in a cdorless stite and Peru
vian hark, combined with well known
aromatius, make Brown's Iron Bitters,
tht lest medicine known.
Life policies on the endowment
plan written in the Manhattan of New
1 oil:. Wheeler v Kobb, agents.
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1H that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
th remedy for you. Sold by W- K. De
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Frank Fabre's, Odd Fellows building.
Notice to Taxpayers of School
District No. 1 8.
JL trlct So. IS. Clatsop county, state ot Or
eson. Is now due. and the School Clerk will
be found at his olttee on West Cth street.
near Wail street, to ivceive and receipt fori
t no same.
Taxes unpaid after sixty days Irom the
date of this notice will be delinquent.
s ive extra cost and pay your tax,
Clerk School District No. 18.
Astoria. Sept. 5, 1SS3. septG-lm
A Bwi School
"Will be open every
A. r. Hi.VEF, Tcnclxcr.
IJrass and Striiifr Band Music furnished for
Excursions, raraucs anu rarties.
Lessons given on the Violin. Apply at
the Fiimimre Store of Ed. D. CURTIS & CO.
Changed Hands.
Jl lotmerly owned by Clias. Carow.
been boupht by Chas Eberle, who will h
after conduct it.
Good Bread a Specialty.
The public trade solicited. '
Special Announcement !
The Leading
Clothing Sous of Astoria,
For the next 10
liberal discount on
the amount of 10.00 and over previous
. to the arrival of our
Fine Silks and Velvets Reduced,
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Blankets and Flannels Reduced,
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77 i r "1
J UrmbiniL" VXOUUS
I 3
if o tP
Dress Suits reduced,
Business Suits reduced,
Gents' Fine Underwear reduced,
Hats and Gaps reduced,
Boots and Shoes reduced,
G. A. ST1NS0N & CO.,
At Capt .Rogers old stand, comer ot Cass
ana uoun. streets.
Shin and Cannery work. Horseahoeinsr.
Wagons made and repaired. Good work
We will take orders for lumber from 100
U!&V-?.5Lte ,
11c uv jutuiiuatiuic Mill rfuu ouiuica ut.
Al quality.
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Address all orders
S. C, Bexker, Supt
We will sell
In order to make room for our large stock of Men's Clothlag for
fall and winter, and must hare room.
Men's Suits Reduced I
The largest and finest stock of
the city.
d. a. Mcintosh,
Occident Storo,
2 a
Dry Goods
days we will make a
all goods bought to
fall and winter goods.
JLJ Ulllllii OdLAU. vcuuo
,t i 1 ii
IS Wie largest ILL lLU5
SeasiaeBakery & Confectionery.
Because my Goods are the Best
and Always Fresh.
Cakes Candles etc., furnbhedfor Wedding
parties, on short notice, and guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction.
Cake ornamenting a specialty.
Opposite U. XV. Hmae'0.
Prices lit
our entire stock of
Suits Reduced I
Hats and Gents' FuralafeiDE Goods in
Ed. B. Curtis & Go.
Carpets, UpMstery
. Oregon.
Corner Benton and Squemoqua Stuets,
East ot the Court Hons .