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"The reign of the common
The State is due from San
cisco to-morrow.
The Garnock has arrived at Liv
erpool 127 days from Astoria.
The railroad from Portland to St.
Helena will be in operation about Sep
tember 15th.
The through salmon train will
leave Portland next Thursdaj-, the
30th inst., for New York cit
Religious services will be held at
the Y. M. C. A. room this afternoon.
Citizens and strangers cordially invit
ed to attend.
Rer, D. D. Ghorraley of East
Portland will conduct services at the
Presbyterian church, morning and
evening to-day. Seats free; strangers
Prof. A. L. Francis is in the city
and during the next ten days will
make his headquarters at the Occi
dent. Parlies wishing pianos tuned
can call or send word.
General Sherman and party were
given a cordial reception at Vancou
ver last Friday evening, and at Port
land last night he was the recipient of
an equally warm greeting.
The box sheet for the sale of re
served seats for Henry Ward Bcech
er's lecture will be open at Strauss
New York Novelty store at nine
o'clock to-morrow morning.
Rev. B. S. McLafTerty returned
yesterday with his family to make a
home in Astoria. He will be heard
from his pulpit, that of the First
Baptist church, to-day at usual hours
of service.
W. D. Pittenger, W. Masters
and N. McKinney, of Hillcboro, kill
ed fifteen deer in the Nehalem moun
tains last week. Another party from
the same town killed a buck weighing
250 pounds.
The Oregon school for the blind
will commence on Monday, September
3d, the first terra of the regular school
yoar. The superintendent is C. E.
Moore, and some of his pupils
would give $1,000 to see him.
E. C. Holden will continue the
auction sale of merchandise at N.
Johansen's store at Upper Astoria to
morrow afternoon at one o'clock. A
choice lot of crockery and glassware
will be disposed of during the sale.
It is with pleasure we notice that
Mr. Nathan Cole, Jr., has made ap
plication to purchase the N E of
section No. 30. of township No. G,
north range No. 3 W, Will. Mer.
That is the right spirit. Mr. Cole
will now grow up with the country.
Mr. George Werner, business
manager for F. W. Stechhan, and
manager for Rev. Henry Ward Beech
er is in tha city, and is registered at
the Occident. Mr. Werner yesterday
made arrangements for a lecture at
Occidental Hall next Wednesday
The 'Longshoremen take an ex
cursion to Knappa on the Clara Par
ker this morning, leaving Main street
wharf at eight o'clock. A band of
music goes along. Tickets for the
round trip for two, one dollar, "can be
had at Wm. Edgar's corner Main and
We acknowledge the receipt of
stirring piece of music entitled "Blue
Ribbon War Song," words and music
by Prof. A. L. Francis, who is now in
tno city, dome ot our Astoria pian
ists, than whom few are more profi
cient, will doubtless give the compos!
tion voice and expression.
The fact that Gen. Sherman will
be is. Astoria to-morrow impels tho
suggestion that he bo met and wel
corned by a committee. No donbt
there are many points of interest here
that the general of tho army would
like to see, and that there are num
bers who would like to see the old
hero. Tho matter can be fixed up to
Geo. P. Wheeler, and W. L,
Rebb, two gentlemen well and widely
known, have associated themselves in
partnership, and to-morrow morning
begin business in their office in J. W.
Home's now building next to Foard &
Stokes. They will transact a general
re&l estate, insurance and collection
business, and will satisfactorily con
duct all business intrusted to their
Portland is enjoying fa crescendo
of brilliant events: first the visit of
tho worlds greatest lecturer, Henry
Ward Beecher; then the visit of Gen.
Sherman who went marching through
Georgia, nineteen years ago; to be fol
lowed, by the presence of a throng
distinguished gentlemen on tho occa
sion of the celebration of the driv
ing of the last spike of the Northern
Pacific Railroad.
Don't fail to take Dinner at Rosen'
to-day. Ice Cream served with dinner.
-A'first-class oyster opener wanted at
roscoE Dixon s.
Ordinance No. 531.
Considerable comment was occa
sioned yesterday by the arrest about
two a. m., of the proprietors of the
Astoria Iron Works, the Occident
Hotel and the Parker House, for al
leged violation of ordinance 531.
The offense of the Astoria Iron
Works was in repairing the rudder of
a boat so that the owner could attend
to his business; the night clerk at the
Occident had taken money for a
night's lodging from some belated
traveler, who naturally wanted to go j
to sleep, and the night clerk at the !
Poi-i.r Hnnco -n. uniiK' nf imiinp i
breach of the peace, fn all three
cases the amount deposited was re
turned and the city attorney very
properly refused to make any com
plaint. The officers making the ar
rest exhibited more zeal than discre
tion in their action. If the ordi
nance is to be observed in
the strict letter rather than
with a view to its spirit and plain in
tent it will prove a fruitful source of
annoyance to worthy and respectable
citizens who don't caro to be harassed
nor annoyed in such manner. People
get hungry and sleepy and machinery
will break just the same whether the
ordinance doe3 or does not exist, and
to arrest a machinist, or hotel keeper,
argues very poor judgment to say the
Railroad for Pacific County.
The latest enterprise that wo have
to note is the incorporation of tho
Washington railroad company. The
company is incorporated unuer tne
laws of Washington Territory, and
articles were filed in tho Auditor's
office August Gth, with the names of
Benjamin Hutton, John Wood and
Robert Chabat as incorporators. Tho
object of said company is to "build,
equip and operate a railway across the
portage from llwaco to tho head of
navigation on Shoalvvater bay; also to
build wharves, depots, warehouses and
other necessary structures, and to
purchase, sell or lease real estate, or
any otner property tnat may
be required for the building aud
operating of said railroad. The capi
tal stock of said company shall be
810,000, divided into 200 shares of
$50 each; duration of said company
to be fifty years." The above named
gentlemen as incorporators are to act
as trustees for the first six months.
The place of business will be llwaco.
It will be some Utile time beforo
active operations will begin, as tho
company will have to hold meetings
for the election of officers, issue stock
and have surveys made across tho
portage. It will probably require
until some time in the fall before the
construction of the road will be com
menced. Journal.
Henry Ward Beeclier.
Next Wednesday evening Astorian3
will have an opportunity of hearing
the world's greatest preacher. This
is high praise, but it is tho verdict of
two continents and the simple an
nouncement that Henry Ward Beecher
will lecture here is sufficient without
a word of eulogy or comment. An
early procuring of seats at Strauss'
will obviate trouble m the rush us tho
time draws nigh.
-It was Franklin who advised a
young man to empty his purse into
his head, for no man could steal
knowledge, and no investment of
money could be better. In the same
spirit may the advice be given to those
desirious of securing a business educa
tion to go to tho long established Co
lumbia Commercial College of Port
land of which Prof. W. S. James is
the principal. Send for a copy of the
College Journal, giving full infornia
No. 1, Vol. 1, of the J'acijic
Journal, published at Oysterville, is
on our desk. It is a neat six-column
folio, and starts out well. In his sal
utatory Mr. Bowen says:
"We aro not here for the good of
our health, the magnificent climate
nor the surf-bathing. Our object in
locating in this county is money, and
money wo intend to have."
This is brief but comprehensive
The new paper has our best wishes for
its success, and we welcome it as
valuable coadjutor in calling attention
to the advantages of the magnificent
country in which it is published.
Upon the arrival of the cable to
cross the Columbia, all things will' bo
in readiness to establish tho United
States signal station at Fort Canby
with the office at or near the light
house. It will be a station of the
first-class, and a cautionary signal
station for the display of danger sig
nais, anu win give notice ot the ap
proach of storms coming up or down
the coast. The day signal will bo
red flag with black square and a red
light at night. Tho Dag and storm
lantern will be hoisted to the top of a
stafi so that it can be seen for some
distanco at sea. In addition to this
the station will be equipped with
code of international signals and flags
and will be able to communicate with
shins of all nations by means tf the
code, and can se:.d and receivo mes
sages from ships outside the bar.
The daily dispatches from the Cape
will be published in Tub Astokiax
For Kent.
A part of a dwelling house,
at this office jfor particulars.
Programme of the Trip.
From the Oregonian we take the
following synopsis to be followed in
the visit of Tillard and party on the
j occasion ot driving the last spike.
(The excursionists will leave New
York Wednesday, August 29th, arrive
in Chicago Friday and Saturday, and
leave in a special train to St. Paul,
where they remain till Tuesday, when
they leavo for Fargo, stopping at two
or three of the great wheat farina, :
ana arnve at -wsmarci: at miunigut
Wednesday. Leaving Bismarck will
ach Little Missouri at 4:30 v. m.
and Billings at 3:39, remaining over
night in the cars. Leave Billings
Thursday, September Gth, reaching
Gray Cliff at 1 i m., where the Crow
Indians will be paraded for the edifica
tion of the foreigners. The following
da' will he devoted to viewing the
sights in Helena.
Saturday, September 8th, will leave
Helena at 7 m., and reach the point
where the last rails on the Northern
Pacific are to bo laid at 9:30 a. m.
The ceremonies begin at 10 .. M. and
end at noon.
After leaving tho scene of the spike
driving, the party will be divided, the
English and German guests composing
one party, and the goncral guests
the other. Thorc will be fully 450
guests, aud the facilities for taking
them to points of interest hi Oregon
and Washington being comparatively
limited, it will be necessary to tako
one partv up the valley while the
others go to the Sound, and vice !
erse. The following programmes
have been arranged:
The English and German guests
leavo the scene of ihe last' ceremonies
at 1 v. m., reaching Sand Point next
Sunday, Sept. 9. Leave Sand
Point at 7 -i. ir. and breakfast aboard
the steamer Henry Yillard. Tho day
will be devoted to a trip over Pend
d'Oreille, returning at 7 P. M. Leavo
at 8 i. M., reacking Wallula junction
at G a. u. Monday and arriving in
Portland at or. m.
Tuesday, Sept. 11. Inspection of
Portland and witnessing tho celebra
tion ceremonies.
Wednesday. Leave Portland at 9
m . for an excursion over the Oregon
and California R. R,, returning to
Portland the same evening.
Thursday. Leave Portland 9 a. m.
on an excursion to Astoria and back
to Kalama.
Friday. Leave Kalama at 8 a. m.
reaching New Tacoma at noon. Leave
New Tacoma at 1 v. m. and arrive in
Seattle 4 r m. Leave Seattle at G r.
ii. for Victoria, reaching there during
he night.
Saturday. Drive through Victoria,
starting at 8:30 a. m. Leave at 11 a.
v. arriving in Seattlo at 0 p. ir., and
if practicable visit Lake Washington.
Leave Seattle 8 p. m. reaching Ta
coma 11 P. m., sleeping aboard the
Sunday. Leave Tacoma 9 a. m.
reaching Kalama 1 p. m. and taking
luncheon on the boat. Return leis
urely to Portland, reaching there in
time for dinner.
Monday, Sept. 17. Take boat at
a. ii. for The Dalles, joining special
train for that point; thence eastward,
stopping at Walla Walla en route,
and then proceeding direct to Yellow
stone park, reaching there on the
morning of the 19th.
Four days will bo spent in the park,
and the party will leave the end of
the Yellowstone park branch Sunday,
the 23d, for St Paul.
The general guests will leavo the
scene of the last ceromonies at 2 p. v.,
and will arrive in Spokane Falls Sun-
da morning. They will rest during
the day and visit the town and the
falls of Spokane river.
Leaving Spokane Falls at midnight
Sunday, the party will arrive at
p. M. Monday.
luesday Inspection of the city
and viewing the celebration.
Wednesday Excursion on Colum
bia and Willamette.
Thursday Excursion up the Wil
lamette valley on the Oregon and Cal
ifornia railroad and return to Port
rntlay- lieave Portland at O a. m.
tor uu excursion to Astoria on an
oceau Bteamer, remaining on steamer
over night.
aturuay Lieave Kalama i a. m.
for Puget Sound, reaching Tacoma 11
a. u. and leave by steamer at noon
arriving in Seattle 2 p. it. and leave
Seattle 3 p. ir., arriving at Tacoma at
5, Kalama at 10 and Portland at mid
Sunday Rest at Portland during
the day and leave at 7 p. .v., straight
for St. Paul, passing by daylight over
portions of road traversed at ntght on
the outward journey.
Jr bilious, or suttertng trom uu
purity of blod, or weak lungs and
fear consumption (scrofulous disease
of tho lungs), take Dr. fierce a "Uold
en Medical Discovery" and it will
euro you. By druggists.
Flue Pianos nnd Organs.
Per ship JirrZanchfon, Carl Adler re
ceived an invoice of I'uuios and Urgans.
Amongst them is the celebrated Jlehr
Bros, cylinder ton upright, one of the
finest instruments made; also Esty Or
gans, etc These instruments speak for
meiuseivcs. rariies desiring to pur
chase will do well to examine the same
tor sale cueap, for cash, or on the in
stallment plau, at Carl Adlcr's Music
When You Come to Astoria
and -want a nice pan roast, go to Frank
Fabre's, opposite the Astoria office.
Dry Goods, CloiE
Millinery, Etc.,
Sheriff O'NeU's Bankrupt Sion,
Corner t.'onronily nnd Slain Street.
This Afternoon
From 2 io 4 o'clock, and in the
Continuing till
Port Charges.
The Kate F. Troop sailed yesterday
afternoon for Liverpool. Her cargo
is worth over a quarter of a million
dollars. She loaded at Astoria
For i
the benefit of the editor of the Walk
Walla Union it may bo advisable to
state that in conversation with Capt.
Parker cf the Kate F. Troop last Fri
day evening, that gentleman stated
that the entire expenses of all port
charges on his vessel would not exceed
$3,000. This statement like all oth
ers of its class is susceptible of careful
proof, and is sufficient answer to our
friend who in his Walla Walla sane
turn champions tho causoof the Sound
to the delight of the papers of that
region who joyfully reproduce his ar
guments, but arc strangely remiss in
favoring their readers with the facts
in the case as stated in Tin: Asto-
Steamer Days.
Till further notice steamers will run
as follows:
ruaic.. ......... ...iwn-;iM. ............
Columbia... :sState
Sent S-it
Queen 2Columli;i 4
j ijueen s
Guack CiruKfir Holy communion
first Sunday of even' month. Sunday
services atli A.M.,and7 :: i m. Wednes
day evening service at 7 :.( o'clock. Upv.
M. D. Wilson. Rector.
Fiiist PitKsnvTKiHAX Ciiri:cn Sor
ices at 11 a. m. and 7 i'W r. M. Wedncs-
day evening prayer meeting at 7:?a)
o'clock. Kev. J. V. Milligan. Pastor.
aril a. m. and r. i. Kev. Sam'l
Wood, Pastor.
Homax Catholic Ciirncu .Services
ntlfl :30 A.M. llev. L. Dielman, Pastor
M. E. Church Service at 11 a. m
and 7:30 p.m. Lecture and Prayer Mect-
ng, Wednesday, at . i m. ite.v. w. 1.
Chapman, Pastor.
Baptist Church. Services every
other Sunday. Sunday School at J p. m.
Kev. JI. 5. Mci.atrerty, . I. pastor, m
Aug. Daniei.son lias opened Jus new
place of business and as he is the first to
reopen aiier ueing ourneu 0111, so ne
will be the first in accommodating old
and new friends. The best brands of
liquors and cigars always on hand.
Cheap Furniture.
The furniture establishment of M.
Olsen & Co., are turning out their own
work, and their rapid sales go to show
the favor with which their furniture
is received. In the last lie davs thev
have sold seventeen sets of furniture,
and the low price at which thev are
able to sell their goods shows intending
purchasers where to go. A large lot of
material Ls now on the way which will
be worked up at prices to suit the
closest buyers.
Duplex Galvanic Belts.
Persons wishing to nurchasc them
will call on J. W. Conn, who is agent
for them, at his Drug Store opposite Oc
cident. JIOICI,
Oysters, Oysters, OysUivs.
at the Astoria Oyster depot; a stew,
iry. pan roasi, or raw ar r rank r nitre s.
Fragrant Cofl'ee
to cheer nnd comfort, at Frank Fabre's
in the Odd Fellows buildhi''.
Just Received
At the New York Novelty Store a last
consignment of The west Sliore for
July, with local illustrations. Price as
Res tan rant nml Saloon Open.
Antonio Mellini opens his Ovster Sa
loon and Restaurant, to-day. lie keeps
all the delicacies in market ami choice
wines, liquors and cicars to order. The
best place for a working man to board.
Water street, opposite Aug. Danieteon's.
.The finest flavored Ice Cream at
Frank iabrc s, Odd iellows building.
Why be vreakc Why not bo
liealtny, roDust, anu strong, iy usinj
Brown s Iron Uittersf
Rogers Bros, plated ware and Wosl
enholm cutlery at Jordan & Bozorth's
new store.
Fiiiisliii Ms,
evening from 7 to 9 o'clock,
Further Notice.
every day at 5 o'clock. The best25 cent
meal in town; soup, fish, seven kinds of
menu, vegetables, imp. mtddine. etc. A
'"v 1 . T ' Jeer, s ruiicu iarei, tea or
tunti; jiiuiuiii-u. ivu vwiu nuvi: mini
him say .Jeff is the 'BOSS."
For a Kent Fitting: Boot
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
AH goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock: new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
A Juicy Beefteal
cooked to perfection is what you can
get at Frank Fabre's.
I.oolc Here!
You are out a treat, and don't 3-ou for
get it, if you miss JEFF'S Dinner every
day from 5 to S. Soups, fish, eight kinds
of meat, vegetables, pies, puddings, cof-
icc, lea. wine, ?. r . neer, or milk. Din
ner 2.1 cents.
On and after the 20th inst. 1 will keep
my Kestnurant open until midnight.
R. Dixox.
The Peruvian syrnn has cured thou
sands who were suffering from dyspep
sia. debility, liver complaint, boils, hu
mors, temaie compiauus, etc. rampn-
lets free, to any address. Seth W.FowIf
&S01K Boston.
Shiloh's Viializer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Diz
ziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 anil 73 cents per bottle. Sold
bv W. VL Dement.
Shiloh's Cough
and Consumption
Cure is sold
by us on guarantee. It
itlon. Sold byW.E.De-
cures eonsumpt
Sleepless .Nights made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
Hie remedy lor you. Sold by W. E. De
ment That Hacking Cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by W.E. Dement
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's
(Jure. Sold by W. E. Dement.
Why sutler from aatateof ill health?
Why be troubled with dyspepsia
Brown's Iron Ditters will cure you.
Uoscoe Dixon's new eating house
is now open. Everything has been fit
ted up in first-class style, and his well
known reputation as a caterer assures
all who like good things to eat. that at
his place they can be accommodated.
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbon, ami the best ot wines, Iiquora
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opiosite the bell tower, and see Camp-
-Two splendid pianos have been re
ceived atGustav Hansen's Call around
and see them. They arc of exquisite
tone and finish.
A tinp lot of Silverware just received
at Adlcr's the old, reliable brand.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
be bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conns drug store, opposite ucuden
hctel, Astoria.
Brace up the whole system with King
01 the blood. 5ee Advertisement.
NOTICE is hereby uiven that bid
will be received until 12 o'clock, noon,
on the -1th day of September, A. i. 1883,
trom any order or association wishing
to purchase a particular site for their
own use in tne new uuy Lemetery on
Clatsop Plains.
me onier or association wno snail out
lushest shall have first choice or selec
tion. Man and diagram ot the Ceme
tery can be seen at the office of City
Auditor anu iieric.
For any further particulars inquire of
A. F. Johns,
Committee on Public Property.
Astoria, ur., Aug. '4, iskj. utu
Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
Plumbers. Gas. and Steam Fitters
Jobbing Promptly Attended to
A Full Supply of
Cannery, and Steamboat Work
a Specialty.
Ctienamu street, opposite Demerit's Drug
store, Astoria, uregon.
The Leading Dry Goods
Clothing House of JLstoria,
I have just received a large consignment of Lace Curtains, and
curtain Materials, in the newest designs, and would invite an inspec
tion from intending purchasers, confident that for rarity and Low Prices
Silks and Bress Goods,
"We are showing on our Centre Counters a collection of the most
elaborate and richest Goods ever shown in this City,
All Silk Bhadames,
All Silk Foulards,
All Silk Ottomans,
"VVe are now showing the Largest and most Elegant Line of La -dies'
Cloaks and "Wraps ever brought to this City.
Black Dolmans,
Trimmed with Lace, Fringe, and Gimp.
Black Silk Dolmans,
Lined and Trimmed with Guipure Lace and Gimp.
Fine Brocaded Satin Dolmans,
Handsomely Trimmed with Chenille Fringe.
Walking Jackets, Mantles, Ulsters and Dusters.
Shetland Shawls,
Evening Shawls,
Wool Shawls,
All Sizes and Colors.
"We are showing, without doubt, the largest, and most complete
stock of Mens', Youths', and Boys' Clothing ever brought to Astoria
Largest Stock,
Ixowesi Prices in Astoria,
At Capt. Rogers old stand, corner ot Cass
and Court Streets.
Shin and Cannery work. Ilorseshoelns. J
w aeons made anu repaired, uood worK
. remain.
Vi'e will take orders for lumber from 100
to COO M., at the mill or delivered.
We also manufacture lath and .shingles of
At quality.
Flooring a Specialty .
Address all orders
8. C, Bkxkkk, Supt.
New Styles in Hats
Fine ClotMi ani Gents ftmislii Boots
Received at the Occident Store.
The Leading
11 1
0 o
H g fl a trm
02 S A g "3 .s
o iggls
m a 5 ? -
1 0 g
IrKZtA 0 2 o
A w gr to in
22 ou
Drap D 'Almas
"Wool S Uriahs,
Satin Soleils,
Finest Goods.
mrv flTD A TYT? TfrTTITrT MP I
tJ.u ihaujiu vyiii iu.ui 1
.'SeasirleBatery & Confectionery.
j Because my Goods are the Best.,
j and Always Fresh.
j Cakes Candies etc., furnished for Wedding
parties, on short notice, and guaranteed to
I give perfect satisfaction,
j Cake ornamenting a specialty.
Opposite . XV. Ilnme's.
Larqest Stock and Finest Goods
Ed. D. Curtis & Co.
Carpets, DpMstery
Corner Benton and Squemoqua Streets,
East ofths Court House.