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Brown & McCabe are having an
office built, 23x23, on Capt. Flavel's
wharf, just north of his office.
Dan Castello's circus showed to
a large audience last night, and the
universal verdict was "the best circus
that ever visited Astoria."
Several coal prospectors are
scouring the country between Astoria
and the Xehalem for new coal de
posits. Some indications have been
found that look promising.
Andrew Anet, a member of the I.
X. L. Co., died at his residence in
upper town yesterday morning, of
heart disease, aged 33 years. The
funeral will tako place from the Scan
dinavian church this afternoon.
All persons who arrived in Oregon
previous to 1853 are eligible to be
come members of the Oregon Pioneer
Association whether they came by
water or land, and all who were born
in Oregon previous to that year are
also eligible to membership.
In another column appears notice
of the marriage of Mrs. E. S. Warren,
and Mr. I. W. Case, of this city,
which event took place at Oregon City
last Sunday. The many friends of
the bride and groom join with us in
tendering heartiest congratulations.
Messrs. Hellenbrand & Forsyth,
of Salem, who have been at Xestucca
beach, found there a fishing boat be
longing to S. D. Adair & Co. They
hauled the boat up to J. W. Hellen
brand a and launched her in a small
lake for safe keeping until the owners
call for her.
In the polico court, yesterday,
George Foster, charged with vagrancy,
was discharged; Thos. Wallace, charged
with vagrancy, was discharged ; John
Wiseman, charged with disorderly con
duct, was fined 5 ; George Hill,
charged with keeping open after mid
night, forfeited $50 bail.
The Walla Walla Watchman man
says he travels on a pass from the
railroad company, and that he can en
joy his free ride and do his duty as a
member of the legislature at the samo
time. When a man succeeds in de
ceiving himself, he always trie3 the
samo game on other people.
The hydrographic surveying party
in charge of Assistant Engineer Otto
Von Geldern are about through with
their labors on the bar, having taken
several thousand soundings. Clatsop
and Peacock spits will receive atten
tion this week, and then the channel,
more particularly where the hulk of
the Sylvia Dt Gras lies.
R. D. Dodson, a carpenter work
ing on the Eagle mills, two miles west
of Dilly, accidentally shot and killed
himself on Sunday. The circum
stances, as near as can be learned, are
these: At the time the fatal accident
occurred, Dodson was in a room lying
on a bed, resting, or simply lounging
the tune away. He was known to
possess a mania for pistol shooting,
often firing out of the window of his
room at such objects as Ins fancy
might select as targets, notwithstand
ing tho warning that he would some
day get hurt had often been given
him. When the Bhot was Gred parties
in an adjoining room took no notice of
it, until about a minute had elapsed,
when they heard poor Dodson ex
claim: "Boys, I'm shot clear
through," which wero the last words
he was known to have uttered. In a
moment his friends wero at his side,
but all efforts to save were vain, as in
a few minutes life was extinct. Ore
Ionian, 15.
Trial of Jos. Havs.
Yesterday's session of the circuit
court was altogether taken up with
the trial of Jos. Hays, changed with
tho murder of E. D. Baker, o:i the
13th of last May. At half-past three
in the afternoon a jury was empaneled
and the case begun, F. D. Winton
assisting District Attorney McBride in
the prosecution, C. W. Fulton and F.
R. Strong appearing for the defendant
Chris. Radmeyer was tho first wit
ness called, followed by Drs. Baker
and Fulton. Upon the conclusion of
tneir testimony, ueorge iu was
placed upon tho stand, followed by
Hattie Marks, whoso testimony . was
exceedingly damaging to the defend
ant. At its close the court adjourned
to ninsjo'clock this morning.
Baker was stabbed in Georgo Hill's
saloon about one o'clock on Sunday
morning, May 13th, and died at the
hospital next day. On the 15th
coroner's jury was summoned, who,
in their verdict, charged Jos. Hays
with murder. On the 17th he was
given a preliminary examination bo
fore Justice Fox, and was held with
out bail to await the action of the
grand jury at the present term of
court A true bill was found against
him and his trial is now progressing.
A girl to help take care of children
Apply at once at tins office.
A fine lot of Silverware just received
at Aaiers tne oiu, reliable brand.
Rogers Bros, plated ware and Wost
obelm cutlery at Jordan & Bozorth's
What a Returning Astorian Would j
To an Astorian who had been ab
sent since the first of last month, tho
appearance of that portion .of tho
city east of the old sawmill would bo
a singular one. Were he to faunter
down Water street, strange indeed
would be the sight. Whcro Humo'a
sawmill stood, oit of whose tall brick
chimney poured clouds of thick smoke, i
he would sea a pile of shattered
debris. The mill and the lumberyard ;
have disappeared; the chimney, once
the highest and long the ofily brick
chimney in the state, is a shapeless
mass; part of the material is already ;
carted awuy, and nothing would be
recognizable to our returning Astorian
but the old engine bed. On the same
side of Water street he would find a
force of men busily cnged in open
ing West Ninth street, so as to inter
sect the western extension of Cedar
street and continue southward up the
hill and past the Catholic church. On
the east side he would find, upon in
quiry, that all the ground was leased,
and that, every available inch that was
not already covered with buildings
would be as soon as material could be
procured and put in place. Were ho
from the smoky interior, the brilliant
rays of the sun would dazzle him as
reflected from the glistening tin roofs
of tho new buildings across the street,
and, moving eastward, he would find
the sound of saw and hammer growing
louder, till farther progress was almost
barred by the crowds of busy workers,
some removing the charred and black
ened posts, others resetting founda
tions and squaring beams, still others
putting them in place, and more on
ladders and scaffolding framing and
nailing at a rate that suggested they
wero working on contract.
Were he to turn his eyes northward,
he would see a strange sight a con
tinuous line of half-burned piles, as
thick as piles are generally driven, and
covered with half-burned beams,
melted glass, twisted pipe, old iron,
bits of copper, charred box ends, bar
rel heads, and other truck. In the
slip he would sec a funny looking
craft with a grappling iron fishing up
its long-lost brothers, viz.: sundry
and divers pieces of wator pipe. So
far about J.5C3 of these have been
brought to the surface, and the good
work goes on.
Ftirthor on fhe dweller in Astoria
who, by his absence, had been saved
the anguish of the fire, would see
great barges from which lumber from
Weidler's mill at Portland was being
discharged, and would find a broad
and firm roadway built by the 0. B.
& Co., on its private property, 410
foet eastward from jLhe old entrance
and directly opposite the now landing
place. North of that roadway he
would find an army of men encased
in very ugly but very necessary work
meu with saws cutting off the tops
of the burned piles, showing a fresh,
smooth surface, as sound as tho day it
was driven. Swavinr on the flood
tide he would see a scow with n pile
driver, and in place of the jarring
thud of the driver he would notico
how well and quickly the chain was
thrown around half-burned beams,
which wero wrenched from their bolt
ings and scut adrift. He would note
tho immense amount of labor it
will tako to get this burned timber
away and the piles cut down ready for
the new foundation, and make a men
tal calculation I hat it will be January
1, 1884, beforo the new dock, which
will be eighteen inches lower than the
old dock was, will be completed.
Balancing himself on a giddy plank,
tho strolling seeker after useful
knowledge would now go out to tho
edge of the old dock and on board one
of the vessels lying at the edge, where
clouds of soot and a smell of sulphur,
alternating with the rattle of a donkey
ngine showed where cargo was being
lightered so that tho vessels that come
to the seaport of Oregon may go east
ward, ercn unto tho pleasant inland
city of Portlaud-on-the-Wahlamet.
-Dinner at "J EFFSCI10P HOUSE
every day at 5 o'clock. The best'J" cent
meal in town; soup, hsli, seven kinds of
meats, vegetables, pie, pudding, etc A
glass of S. F. Beer, French Claret, tea or
coffee included. All who have tried
him say Jeff is t he "BOSS."
"When You Come to Astoria
and vrant a nice pan roast, go to Frank
riiiiii's, iippo-sue nil jhToni. onice.
Fragrant CofHce
to cheer and comfort, at Frank Fabre";
in the Odd Fellows building.
3Iore West Shores.
Just received a new lot of July Xum-
uer wuicu &uii on sigm. a iso a new in
voice ol views ol Gloria, l on tigs iuver
.Falls, Tillamook Rock Light, Fort
Canny, etc., at Carl Auler s.
Fine Ornament.
A beautiful lot of Plaeoucs of all de
scriptions and designs; also other nov
elties just received at Carl Adler.s Book
Tho finest flavored Ice Cream at
Frank tabrc's, Odd rellows building.
The best preparation of iron a doc
tor can prescribe is Brown's Iron Bit
ters. because it does not injure the
teeth as other iron medicines will.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint ? -Shiloh's Vitalizer is
cuaranteect to cure j'ou. Sold by W. E.
AverilFs mixed paints, the best in
use, for sale at J. W. Coun,s drug store,
opposite Occident Hotel.
Alleged Rain Yesterday Morning.
Citizens who rose early yesterday
morning, were greatly surprised to
note that as the hour came at which
the rays of the morning sun usually
shone upon their eastern windows,
that useful luminary did not make its
appearance. As the hours went by,
and six, seven, eight and nine o'clock ;
arrived, the continued non-appear-anco
of the sun caused the greatest
surprise. So used have wo of As
toria become to cloudless skies by day,
radiant with glittering etars by night,
that the general gloom was the gen
end topic of remark.
lTpon observation it was found that
though the sun had evidently risen,
yet there waB a layer of moisture
some distance abrve the earth, so
thick that its rays could not penetrate j
it. Careful observation proved that
this unusual vapor was growine in
thickness and density, and that as
increased in volume it took a darker
hue. Men who had lived where rain
used occasionally to fall said it re
minded them of the appearance that
the sky used to present just before a
shower, and even ventured the opin
ion that there was going to be what
they called "a shower." Their pre
dictions wero received with "wild in
credulity," though we cannot see why,
for in those countries where rain is
said to fall, it ia evident that some
such appearance must be noticed in
the sky as was seen here yesterday
morning. However, be that as it may,
it is certain that- this great mass of
dark vapor which seemed to come
from Youngs river, or perhaps the
Nehalem, moved up and soon was so
directly over the city that, the sky
seemed to come down at the samo dis
tance from every side.
It was also observed that small drops
of water which had evidently con
densed above were dropping on the
streets, the roofs, and whatever olse
animate or inanimate that happened
to be out of doors. One individual,
who was about to take a walk, notic
ing this returned, and sallied forth
wiih an umbrella, opened and held
d irectly over his head and at a right
angle with the horizon, but he was so
jeered at by those who witnessed the
unusual spectacle that he closed his
umbrella and disappeared.
By this time the attention of those
who refused to believe that the appar
ent rain was only a phantom of the
imagination, was directed to the side
walks and streets which had assumed
hue that is caused only by the
prompt and steady application of
moisture. It was now evident to the
most incredulous that it was indeed
raining in Astoria, and after our citi
zens had recovered from the first
shock of surprise that the singular
phenomenon naturally produced, a
deputation proceeded to the top of
Main street hill, having with them a
piece of ordnance, and having got all
things in readiness, fired a salute of
five guns. This occurred at twenty
minutes past nine yesterday morning.
The report of these guns at once cre
ated the impression that it was thun
der, and every one, without regard to
age, sex, or tormer conaition ot servi
tude expressed themselves iti torms
evincing the greatest surprise. One
party who has been haunting the
county jail for the last two weeks was
seen to strike his breast and heard to
say something about "mercy" and "a
conscience," and it is with the utmost
difficulty that Sheriff Twombly in
duced him to be quiet and not give
himself awav in such unseemly
At twenty-five minutes to ten, it
was plain to the dnllcst comprehension
that rain was really falling. Sailors
on the ships in tho stream, to whom
such a sight as "rain is probably not
uncommon,refuscd to take any special
notice of the phenomenon, and kept
steadily at work, but tho general ces
nation of all occupation and tho uni
versa! interest evinced by nearly
evervone elsu showed with what won
der the phenomenon was regarded.
For fully twenty-six (or as some assert
twenty-seven minutes,) the drops fell
continuously, and when shortly after
ten o'clock the cloud or mass of vapor
we spoke of rolled by and the sun
shone out once more, his rays fell
upon a much surprised community.
It is probable that papers published at
other points will have information
concerning this unusual occurrence,
and should there be any thing addi
tional to what is hero noted we shall
publish it in the interests of science.
Such phenomena as are here described
are as rare as they are wonderful,
though from the way the mist started
in at nightfall it would seem that the
hearts of our citizens are gladdened
this morning by an abundance of
welcome rain.
loolc Here!
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day from 5 to 8. Soups, fish, eight kinds
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ForaXcat Fitting Boot
Or Shoe, so to P. J. Goodmans, on Clie
nanius street, next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best ot wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and see Campbell.
Positive and
ilry Mi Cloli,
Millinery, Etc,
Sheriff 0' Neil's Bankrupt Store,
Corner eiicoinIy and .TZalu Strei'lM.
This Afternoon
From 2 to 4 o'clock, and in the evening from 7 to 9 o'clock,
Continuing till Further Notice.
Getting Ready for Sluicing.
The steamship Walla Walla went
down the river last night to commence
tho work of cutting a channel through
St. Helens bar. She was accompanied
by the government snag boat Corntllis,
which will be used in placing and
shifting the anchors by which the
steamship will be moored. She has
on board two anchors belonging to the
Coloina, two from Astoria and two be
longing to tho company and formerly
used to moor a wharf boat to at Wallu
al. The lightest of these ponderous mud
hooks weighs 3,000 pounds, and the
steamship will be made fast to them,
two on each side, by nine-inch haws
ers. The greater part of to-day will
probably be consumed in getting the
anchors in position and everything
ready for work, which will commence
to-morrow. With the experience of
last year and the greater facilities af
forded by having the steam snag-puller
to move tho anchors, the work of cut
ting the channel should make rapid
progress. Tho channel will be cut a
little closer in shore than it was last
j'car and the direction will be more in
line with the current of the river,
which will reuder the cut more easily
kept clean. After a few days it is to
be hoped that we shall hear no more
of steamers or ships being stuck at St.
Helens bar during this season. Orc
gonian, 7.v.
Our I'rosrcs.
As stages are quickly abandoned
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first Sunday of even month. Sunday
services atli A.Mantl7 im. "Wednes
day evening service at 7.'i0 o'clock. Rev.
D. Wilson, Rector.
Fiust" Curnrir Ser
vices :tt 11 a. m. and 7 0 r.M. Wednes
day evening prayer meeting at 7&0
o clock. Kev. .1. V. .Millignn, Pastor.
C'oNo keo AnoxAr. Cuuncir Services
at II a. sr. and 7S i r. Rev. Sam'l
Wood, Pastor. p
Rosiax Catholic Cnuucn Services
atlQ.'!0 a. m. i:ev. h. Dielman, Pastor
M. E. Curium Services at 11 a. m
and 7 ".'50 p. m. Lecture and Praver Meet
ing, Wednesday, at 7 p. m. Rev. W.T.
Chapman, Pastor.
Baptist Curncir. Services every
other Sunday. Sunday School at 2 p. ji.
uev. ii. b. ;Mci,atrerty, D. D. pastor.
Ami will continue to WAVE until ALL in
this lioastoil laud of Liberty are deprived of
tin right to
After VI o'clock midnight : then lie will si
lently fold It up and depart for the Sacchar
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Changed Hands.
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y before the Kail I toad comes.
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atieimauu maKe any omecuons uiev may
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County Assessor Clatsop Co., Ogn.
Astoria. August C, 1S33.
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ffl U
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