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The John O'Gaunt has arrived
Tho Eureka crossed out at 0:30
yesterday morning.
Regular meeting of Ocean
Encampment to-morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock.
Gospel service m Y. 31. C. A.
room at 2:45 as usual. Song service
from Gospel Hymns.
Loryea Bros', advertisement ap
pears this morning. They are pre
pared to do all manner of plumbing,
gas and steam fitting, etc.
There will be services in the
German language at the Baptist
church at two o'clock this afternoon;
Rev. E. Wald, officiating.
A merry party of juveniles, as
sembled at P. J. Goodman's yesterday
afternoon, the occasion being a sur
prise party to his daughter Winnie.
Rev. J. C. Baker not being able
to fill his appointment, there will be
no preaching at the Baptist church on
Sunday. Sunday School at 2 o'clock
r. M.
The Henry Villard has cleared
with $120,000 worth of breadstuffa for
Liverpool. She is anchored at Sand
Island. The Oregon will go to sea
this morning.
The Standard thinks that the
Portland school directors pay too much
in giving their school janitor 100 a
month for a few hours work each day
sweeping out the school rooms.
Some one writing to the Orego
tiian about Clatsop spit and tho Co
lumbia bar, speaks of "Capo Disap
pointment." What can he refer to?
Probably he means Capo Hancock.
H. Sloop, county superintendent
of schools, asks us to make announce
ment that kis office is west of the
Catholic church, and his office days
Friday and Saturday of each week.
The Seattle Herald says: Twenty-one
head of Chinese merchandise
with their packs landed here last
night off the Elder from San Fran
cisco, Victoria or somo other port
town. Wet nurses probably.
The tide guago of 3Ir. Louis Wil
son yesterday afternoon indicated
oscillations of an unusual nature. It
was tho opinion of that gentleman
that there was a violent storm raging
many hundred miles westward.
The old "Union House" iB being
moved to the west;, the earth taken
away from its proposed site is being
dumped on Benton street. That thor
oughfare is to be planked over from
Chenamus street south, this season.
A match game of baso ball for a
bat and ball, played yesterday af
ternoon, between tho boys of school
district No. 1, and school district No.
18, resulted in a victory for the for
mer, who boro away the trophies in
triumph. -
Yesterday morning while. Car
rother's milk wagon was being re
paired at Stinson's blacksmith shop,
the horses which were attached to it,
took fright and fled fast and far down
Cass street. When they got to the
corner of Chenamus the wagon turned
a sommersault to the north and the
horses who saw a shower of milk cans
in the sky wheeled to the west and
made tho best time on record out that
boulevard. Thero was very little
damage to either wagon or team.
To-day is the appointed time for
that fearful storm to strike us. Wig
gin's prophecy has struck terror to tho
hearts of his Canadian countrymen,
many of whom according to tho tele
graph are wasting away for very fear
of tho things that shall come to pass.
Talking to one of our pioneers yester
day concerning tho probable termina
tion of our long spell of fine weather,
he said that thirty-one years ago
on the first of this month he
saw two-and-one-half feet of snow
in Astoria. Wero any such cat
aclysm of nature to occur in
this year of grace what a surprised lot
of folks wo would be.
The annual meeting of the Y. 31.
C. A., of Astoria, will bo held in the
Congregational church this evening at
7 r. M. Address by Rev. A. L.
Lindsley, D. D. The annual reports
of treasury and secretary will be read.
This anniversary meeting will be one
of peculiar interest, and will be
worthy of atteudance. There will be
no evening services in the Congrega
tional, M. E., and Presbyterian
The reliable H. B. Litt will be hero
some time this week to open a branch.
More Brick Buildings.
Among the many improvements
that the present season will witness in
Astoria the improved style of build
ing will bo manifest. The era of
building brick structures may now be
considered as fairly inaugurated. Tho
Odd Fellows' building, now approach
ing completion i3 a good specimen of
what the future will produce. Great
difficulty, however, is sustained m
getting labor and material. Contrac
tors, architects, masons, carpenters,
and bricklaj'ers are alike busy, and
unless agreements are made away in
advance 'tis hard to count on getting
anything done. Capt. Flavel contem
plated building last season, but found
it well-nigh impossible to get material,
and when the Yaquina was burned
with all the lime aboard, the idea was
abandoned for the season. He intends
putting up at least one brick building
this season on the property on the
southwest corner Main and Chenamus
street. It will bo a three story build
ing, 50x100, fronting on 3rain street,
and running back 100 feet on Che
namus street, and when finished will
doubtless bo in as good demand for
stores and offices as is the present
structure across the street from our
office. In addition he intends to
build this summer two structures,
each 50x75 on the site adjacent to the
bell tower.
School Meeting.
There will bo an adjourned school
meeting in the Main street school
house to-morrow evening. It would
be a good idea for every one interested
(which includes every parent and tax
payer in the community) to be pres
ent. In the matter of a new school
house it has been suggested by several
that the foundations of a building be
laid that will eventually fill all futuro
demands, enclosed under one roof,
present provision being made for pres
ent wants and the structuro finished
without any extraordinary demands
upon taxpayers for the coming year.
On tho other hand is the idea of put
ting up a building that while not
ready for immediate occupancy will,
when finished, be of a nature to meot
all possible demauds for some time to
come. The several views will doubt
less bo advanced and advocated to
morrow evening and some definite
conclusion arrived at.
The Whitman Monument.
Tho design for the Whitman monu
ment prepared by Rev. Dr. Hopkins
has been m adopted, and the contract
for its building awarded to Har
kins & Patterson of Portland.
The monument will be built of
light gray granite, quarried on
Snake river and will be thirty
three feet in height. The site selected
is eight miles from Walla Walla. 3Ir.
Wm. H. Gray, of this county has de
voted his lifo to tho work of erecting a
memorial to his friend and comrade,
and his efforts arc now in a fair way
to be crowned with success. Contribu
tions are necessary to aid in the work,
and will be gladly received by that
On Wednesday last three persons
made an attempt to escape from the
Seatco, W. T., penitentiary, which
ended with disastrous results. Jake
Freeman was shot dead, Abe Reeves
was dangerously wounded and Riley
Field recaptured. It appears that
there had been a preconcerted plan
among a certain number of prisoners
to escape. At the opportune moment
they broke from the guard, but a shot
brought down one. Freeman was af
terwards overhauled and killed, while
the third was taken without a shot at
him. Freeman was serving two and
a half years for burglary, since Dec.
1, 1882, and was a negro. Standard.
'Tis wrong to beat your grocer
Out of his honest dues.
Tis worse to beat the cobbler
Out of his boots and shoes.
There is a chance of pardon
For him who steals your coal,
But he who cheats the printer
Will surely lose his soul.
Weak lungs, spitting of blood, con
sumption, and kindred affections,
cured without a physician. Address
for treatise, with two stamps, World's
Buffalo, N. Y.
Wood Chopper "Wanted.
Men who want to contract for cutting
timber into cord-wood can get a chance
for a contract by calling on J as. Belt.,
Upper Astoria.
Astoria Musical Sooiety.
Those contemplating membership in
this society should meet with the organ
ization to-morrow evening, at the M. E.
church. Prof. Cooke will have all nec
essary books and material, and the reg
ular course will begin at that time.
Alert No, 1.
There will be a meeting of Alert Hook
& Ladder Co. at half-past seven, to-morrow
evening. A full attendance is re
quested. By order of the President
C. Bp.owx, Secretary,
In General.
There are a good many questions in
this fleeting show that come up every
little while. Somo arc persistently
held above tho General surface; among
them are woman suffrage, tariff legis
lation, social privileges, prohibition,
education and Sunday laws. At
present the questions of this kind that
occupy the greatest attention aro
woman suffrage and temperance. As
to the first, wo believe women should
be given the right to voto if they want
it. Probably if they had it they
wouldn't value it any more than the
men do, but it would dispose of one
vexed problem anyhow, and make
room for some other form of kindred
The matter of temperance embraces
a wide area, and is often discussed in
an intemperate way. Advocates of
prohibition, high license, and so on
often injure the cause they uphold by ig
noring tho difference between facts and
opinions, and assuming that they have
the absolute truth. It is natural for
tho average human to ''kick." If he
Bcei his fellow-man having what he
considers too much pergonal liberty
ho "kicks." If that fellow-man is
cinched by the men who aro in tho
majority at tho time, he "kicks," In
Portland and Astoria at tho present
timo the question is up for discussion.
It is neither our province nor our
purposo to usurp judicial, legislative
or legal functions, but simply to Btate
the case as it appears to us.
Our definition of liberty is, that wo
have a perfect right to do just what
we feel like doing, provided that wo
do not interfere with any ono else's
right to do the same. This it will be
seen, affords considerable latitude to
the individual, but yet makes him
subservient to circumstances. Society
is only an aggregation of individuals,
and what would be admissible in the
desert becomes a' punishable offence in
tho city. Tho question is one that has
boen discussed ever sinco Noah went
on a high old time after his alleged
adventure in tho ark. Somo men
want to drink, other don't want to
driuk, and don't want their fellow
creatures to have that privilege.
Happiness is what wo all seek:
Temperance men and women enjoy
happiness in spreading their doctrines
and witnessing their success probably
more than their adversaries do, in ob
taining state recognition by means of
licenso and safo guards that "regu
lato" sometimes.
But narrowiug this thing down to a
smaller area it amounts to this. The
state assumes certain rights; these
rights are conceded; among them are
laws regulating education; the state
hero takes away a certain amount
of parental control and assumes
partial charge of the children;
few deny the right of tho state to do
this; the state also says, to- tho indi
vidual "if you commit crime you will
bo punished; if you steal you will bo
confined; if you murder, you will be
hanged" maybe; no one denies tho
right of the state to do this; these and
other statutes are in accordance with
tho direct law of self-protection. In
like manner the state reserves legisla
tive right concerning the sale of li
quors. It is conceded by ail that ex
cessive indulgence in alcoholic stimu
lant produces misery and shortens
life. Here the stato stcp3 in and
seeks to regulate the traffic. A man
may eat too much, or sleep too much,
or talk too much, or drink too much
coffee or tea, and thereby violate the
laws of health, yet injure no one par
ticularly beside himself, but should
he indulge to excess iu moro potent
stimulant he becomes eventually a
public nuisance and a source of ex
pense to the community. -It makes
no difference whether the individual
wants this thing regulated or not; tho
state wills it, aud tho majority com
mand it shall be done. But it should
not be overdone. In Kansas and
Iowa, fanatics and extremists got hold
of the thing and imagined that their
ideas must prevail. The mistake
they made was in appealing to the
feelings and the sentiment instead of
influencing the judgment. Tho high
est tribunal on earth is public opinion;
its decisions must prevail; it has de
clared emphatically and repeatedly
that the liquor traffic must be regu
lated and controlled; it is correct and
proper that that should bo done, but
though it has often been tried no at
tempt has ever yet been successful
where a man was taken by the collar
and made be good in spite of himself.
. Human nature is one of those things
that can not bo legislated against:
certain phases of it may and should bo
restrained, but in all well meant
euoru to guiue tuo puolic to
a realization of" what is best, care
should be taken not to over do the
thing by creating a feeling of resist
ance to sumptuary enactments.
Dry Goods,
MlhhmERY, ehGTBim, BAT,
Will he DIspnHftl of at
An Inkling
20 yards of Plaid Dress Goods for
Satins in all shades, per yard
ZU yards of .Bleached Muslin, yard wide , . . . 1.00
Berlin Zephvrs, all shades, announce 5
Men's Business Suits
Men's Dress Suits
Men's Colored Hose, per doz
Men's Shaker Socks, per doz
Ten thousand miscellaneous
will, by order of the Sheriff", be placed on our
a5T 3PXE" rasisre TABLES.
Comer Main ami Concomly Streets.
Every one knows the place: Nearly opposite the Parker House.
The organ peals, the choir is singing:
I wonder if she knows I'm here !
Iler thoughts, no doubt, arc upward
While mine sink, clogged with doubt
and fear.
;Tisshe, of course; there's no mistaking
Her crowded, glossy braids of brown,
And that's the bonnet she was making;
1 sat and watched her bead the crown.
How deft her fingers are, how busy!
Ah ! happy man within whose home
But, stay! such thoughts they make me
And have no place beneath this dome
Par better should I ponder grimly
My faults committed, duties missed.
How neat her glove is and how trimlv
It buttons round her slender wrist f
Ah ! vain and poor is earthly pleasure;
No wonder that our sad hearts yearn
To some more high and lasting treas
ure They're sitting down; perhaps shu'll
Heaven, she sere mc! She is
A sweet, reproachful glance my way.
Yes, dear, iudeed I have been singing,
And now, my saint, I mean to pray.
Our Continent.
Useful in the Family.
We usually leave it to Doctors to
recommend medicines, but Parker's
Ginger Tonic has been so uaeful iu
our family in relieving sickness and
suffering that w : cannot say too much
in its praise. Salem Argu.
If health and beauty you'd maintain.
And keep vour breath a perfect charm,
Use SOZODOXT with might and main ;
For it alone prevents the harm
That mars a woman's tectli and breath
And leaves her mouth as dart: as death.
That Hacking Cough can bo so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by W. E. Dement.
Shiloh's Yitalizer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite. Diz
ziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottli. Sold
by W. E. Dement.
Remember the place where you can
get your pure fresh chocolate creams,
and molasses candy, at Oerkwiiz' oppo
site the Bell tower.
A sure cure for impoverished blood,
pimplss, and sallow complection, is"
Brown s Iron Hitters. It will produca
a healthy color, smooth skin, and is
absolutely not injurious.
Have Wistar's balsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooping cough, croup, in
iiuenza, consumption, aud ail throat ami
lung complaints, r-0 cents nnd.$l a bot
tle. AvcrilFs mixed paints, the best in
use. for sale at .1. W. Conius drug store,
opposite uccment uoiei.
Furnished rooms to rent at .Mrs. 1.
J. Goodman's, corner Couromloy and
Madison streets.
Shoalwater bay eysters: fresh every
day, at Frank Fabre's.
. A good housekeeper wants employ
ment in a private family. Apply at
Pioneer Restaurant.
At Carl Adler's may be found all
the latest sheet music, the most popular
waltzes, dance music, etc.
The youthful colsr, beauty and lus
tre are gradually restored to gray
hair by Parker a Dair Balsam.
Easter cards in beautiful variety at
Carl Adler's.
Wanted. 3 furnished or unfurnished
rooms for light housekeeping in a pri
vate house to be ocupieu March loth.
Address W. E. T., astoriax office.
Boston Brown bread every Saturday
at F. B. Elberson's bakery.
Mejwh "T.Vi
of thi PxMres:
; 1.50
articles worth from 50 cts. to 2.50
A Competent Watchmnlier
And engraver at Carl Adler's. All
work warranted. Repairing a spe
cialty. Tho Astoria Ularble Works.
The proprietor will furnish plans and
designs when required for all cemetery
work, curbing, walls, coping, etc. Slate
can seamers for canneries.
Nitrou Oxide Gas.
rainless extraction of teeth at Dr.
LaForee's dental rooms over I. W.
Case's store.
Furnished Rooms to Kent
At Mrs. Denny Cumin's. On Cass
street near Congregational church.
Frank Fnlirc's Oyster and Chop
Those wishing a nice plate of Eastern or
Shoalwater bay oysters cooked in any
style, or an early breakfast before going
aboard the boat, should call and see
him. Fresli Eastern and Shoalwater
bay oysters received by every steamer.
Oyntern! Oysters!! .
At Frank Fabre's; in every style
Frvsli from the beds every day.
3Iuthir! mothers!! mothers! !
1 Are you disturbed atnight and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering
and trying will: tin- excruciating pain
of cutting teeth '.' If so, go at once and
get a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup, it will relieve the poor littlo suf
ferer immediately depend upon it;
tliere is no mistake about it There is
not a mother on earth who has ever
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give rest to the mother, and relief and
health to the child, operating like magic
It is perfectly safe to use in all cases,
and pleasant to the taste, and is the pre
scription of one ot the oldest and best
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United States. Sold everywhere. 25
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Cond for liable.
With a baby at breast nothing is so
useful for quieting my own and baby's
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prevents bowel complaints, and is bet
ter than any stimulant to give strength
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A Happy Thought.
It was a happy thought that led to the
production of a concentrated fruit syr
up, so harmless in Its nature that it may
be given either to the mother or her
babe, relished alike by both, and of
such wonderful efficacy that all who
take it feel brighter and happier. W. E.
Dement & Co. will furnish anyone wish
ing Syrup of Figs a trial bottlo free of
charge, or sell ."iu cent and Si bottles.
Ilod.e Davis fc Co., Wholesale Agents,
Portland Oregon.
Physicians' prescriptions carefully
compounded day or night at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
Indies aud all sufferers from neu
ralgia, hysteria4 and kindred com
plaintswill tind without a rival Brown's
Iron Bitters.
Cold boiled ham, brown bread and
Boston baked beans at "Jeffs" Variety
Chop House every night, near Stephans
Theatre sign or the red and green
light. Open ali night.
Boston Ilaked Beans at "Jeff's" Va
riety Chop House every night.
Baby carriages, twenty-five differ
ent styles, at Carl Adler's.
Hallo! Where are you going? Why
to Frank Fabre's for a pan roast.
P. J. Goodman, on Chenamus street
has just received the latest and most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
loots, shoes, etc Agent in Astoria for
the famous Morrow shoes.
Dry Goods Clothing House
Received a consignment of Ladies
Cloaks, Dolmans, Circulars and Ulsters
from a manufacturer that must be closed
out in the the next 20 days at half price,
3fThIs sale is genuine and bona fide and to satisfy the public we would
wish an inspection of these goods as to price and quality.
I 23: X S
.New stock of Foreign and American
? 1
Special attention is directed to the latest shapes in soft and stiff Hats. Nobby
Young Men's Hats.
Gent's Furnishing Goods I
A full line of Men's Underwear.
Hosier, Dress Shirts, Gloves, etc., etc.
Men's and Boy's Dress Suits,
Tlie Old Ycternii.
Joe Charters, Astoria's tonsorial art
ist is fitting up a fine new establishment
next to Frank Fabre's. Past reputa
tion a guarantee of good work. "Come
and see me."
For Sale.
A sloop which will carry five or six
tons is in good order. Also one Bain
spring wagon, with two seats: Is as good
as new, would make an excellent farm
wagon. For particulars enquire of
Astoria, March 3, 1883. 2wk
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc- can
be bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's druK store, .opposite Ocident
hctel. Astoria.
Rawling's fruit stand has been re
moved from the old location to the
building next E.A. Quinn's, on Main
Grace Church Holy communion
first Sunday of every month. Sunday
services at 11 a. jr., and 7 p. m. "Wednes
day evening service at 7 o'clock. Rev.
M. D. Wilson, Rector.
First Pbesbyteriax Cnuncn Ser
vices at 11 a. m. and 7 p. M. Wednesday
eveningprayer meeting at 7 o'clock.
Rev. J. V. Milligan, Pastor.
Coxgregatioxai. Cnuncn Services
at 11 a. jr. and 7 p. jr. Rev. J. W. Wal
ters, Pastor.
Rojian Catholic Services
atlOOA. jr. Rev. L. Dielraan, Pastor
M. E. Church Services at 11 a. -jr.
and 7 p. jr. Lecture and Prayer Meet
ing, Wednesday, at 7 p. Jr. Rev. V. T.
Chapman, Pastor.
Baptist Church. Services every
other Sunday.
Rev. Winlield Scott D. D. pastoral
-e- 1
1? Z 3E2. IES -
WWfm S
A fine assortment of Neck wear;
Business Suits and Overcoats.
Columbia River Exports.
291,878 bus. wheat $ 306,310
53,257 bbls flour....... 257.17G
Total, 8 cargoes ,'. S 5G3.4SG
Wheat. 1G0.903 bits., value S 179.193
Flour, 29,40 bbLs.,
Total, 5 cargoes. ..............
. 5 323.G91
3 To Queensloicn per Mary Hogarth.
From Portland 32,101 bus wheat -..JL.?37,000
3 To Qucaiatoicn per Benciek Laic.
From Portland CC.40G bus wheat ..... S73,G50
" Astoria 7.820 " " ... . 8,937
Totals 74,226 582,587
7 To Valparaiso per Kioto.
From Portland 309,!32S It lumber $G,910
7 To QiieenstoiOTi per Trevclyan.
From Tortland 14.183 bbls flour ST0.915
' Astoria 1,572 ' " 7,862
Totals 15,753 $73,777
9 To Queenxlown per Jeanie Landless.
From Portland 63,926 bus wheat .$6(5,163
- Astoria 10.037 " " 11,010
Totals 73,933 $77,203
10 To Liverpcol per Henry Villard.
From Portland 13,766 bbls flour $68,835
' " 6,770 bus wheat... 7,720
" Astoria 9.077 bbls flour 47,654
2.401 bus wheat 2.644
Totals 22,843 bus wheat.9,174 bbls flour$12a,853
Sleepless Nights, made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy for you. Sold by W. E. De
ment Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Prine 50 cents, Masai Injector free.
Fr sale by W. E. Dement
Have you tried a stew or pan roast
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you'll thank us for the advice.