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She au Estate.
Monday Kxcopted.
rn-.i.isHEUs ami PnoririCTOK.
A-tturutn Bittfdbt'j, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscription .-
ervad by Carrier, per week -.25 Cents
ent by mail, four months.... ...... 00
ent by mail, one year..... .... ....... 3 Wi
Free of Postaso to Subscribers.
-r Advertisements msortod by the year at
he rate of SI 50 per sr-iare per month.
Transient adrertisinir, by the day or week,
Ifty cents per square for each insortion.
The Alumina and Stonewall .Tack
son arc cotniti" down the river.
By last night's mail we received
the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of
(Jet 24th.
Thos. A.McUridehas been appoint
ed prosecuting attorney for this judi
cial district.
T. A. Orcuit is building a neat
littlo craft at Ranter, and will launch
it en Saturday.
"Prof." Scott, who gave ont:door
concerts in this city a few weeks ago,
is drawing crowded houses on the up
per Sound.
Portland companies furnish the
electric light for $20 a month. We
will be content to work along by gas
light for a 3'ear or so.
The Welcome thinks it is among
the possibiltics that Judge Doady will
be promoted to the circuit, and that
Cyrus Dolph will be appointed to suc
ceed hint.
- The hospital at Hilifax, 2S". S.,
was bunted last Tuesday night: some
forty unfortunates perished miserably
in the flames, it being impossible to
rescue them.
Parties in from the offing say that
the water spout seen off Tillamook
laRt eek was the first they had ever
seen north of San Francisco. It was
unusual v larqe and well-defined.
The J. W. Marr, Coloma and
Robt. Dixon went to sea -yesterday.
Tito Whistler and another bark crossed
in to load at Knappton. The Heli
con is alonsidc the dock and begins
discharging to-day.
Gov. .Newell, who is working for
the construction of a road towards
the Chchalis river and Gray's Harbor,
says that before anything can really
be done, people at home must interest
thomselves to some extent in it. Se
attle Chronicle
Yea, verily.
Frmra Washington territory, so
iar, etecu-iri returns are meager.
Wallicut prec-jnet, Pacific county,
went solid Flepublican. At Stark's
Point, Wahkiakum county, Brents
get 14 voUas, Israel 13, the rest of the
ticket TV.nt Democratic.
N'othing has been heard of the
now paper in Portland that was going
to 'nako it hot for the Oregonian, for
some time. The material is said to
be on the wharf in boxes; the other
paper the Argus will be issued in a
few d:i3T3. Ireland says he doesn't
want any paper in his.
The Chinese are
way into Portland
burrowing their
Last week one-fourth of the block on
Third and Morrison streets was sold
to a Chinese firm for $50,000. The
Mongolians arc capturing the north
side of Chcnamus street, in Astoria,
above Main. The property there is
desirable.but the influx of Chinese will
depreciate rents in that vicinity.
Tito hills about Astoria looked
beautiful in the radiant sunlight
yesterday afternoon. In the years to
come when those hills are ail graded
down and street cable cars make five
minute trips to the suburban villages
on Young's bay, the old Astorians
will tell of the wonderful growth of
fir and fern, of moss and maple, of
vines and verdure that grew "in that
very spot," "when Astoria was only
a little place of 3,000 or 4,000 peo
ple." In 1850, Orovillc, Cala., was al
most totally destroyed by a fire, which
originated in Chinatown. By imme-
uiate ordinance tnc uxuncse were re
stricted to a certain quarter of the
place, and placed in definitely pre
scribed limits. Since then the Oro
ville Chinatown has been burned out
fivo times; SI 00 would cover all dam
ago to white residents occasioned by
these fires. There is a healthy, well
developed moral to the above, a3 re
gards Astoria,
Portland Firemen.
Among the members of the Port
laud fire department the question
arises what is to be done with the
property on hand, as they will soon
disband. It is suggested that all
possible bo realized towards procuring
sufficient funds for the perpetuation
of the exempt fireman's association.
Another proposition is to have each
"company appropriate five hundred
dollars for the improvement and re
pair of the firemen's plat in the
cemetery; others want to have a
"blow out,"' a grand whoop up at the
tine they are mattered out. The
ewttry proposition seems to meet
witt the mtt favor,
A Gold Day For Bossism.
The Empire and Keystone States
Repudiate the Gaggers.
The Republican Party Unloads foraj
Triumph in 1884. ;
The results of last Tuesday's elec
tion throughout the United States arc
not yet fully known, but enough has
come across the wires to confirm what
neatly everyone had already surmised
that the Republican candidates
would be beaten, in 2sev York and
Pennsylvania, and that the Democrats
would mike large congressional gains.
It seems certain that in !New York,
G rover Cleveland, the Democratic
candidate for governor, is elected by
150,000 majority, lints electing a
Democratic governor for the first time
in eight 3-cars, Sim Tilden having
swept the state in 1874. Xew York
gave Gat field 21,03:5, which shows the
extent of the rebuke the voters of the
Empire state have administered to
Messrs. Arthur, Conkling, Folgcr :
Co. In Pennsylvania, which is always
good for 30,000 Republican majority,
Patterson, the Democratic candidate
for governor, runs 20,000 ahead of
his Republican competiter: that is
the first time Pennsylvania has elect
ed a Democratic governor since Pen
nypacker was elected in 1S50, and il
lustrates how ntcely Don Cameron
and the Philadelphia "ifysterious
Pilgrim Club" have been scooped. In
a square fight Pennsylvania is as good
for a Republican majority :ts Iowa,
but steady-going Pennsylvanians, for
once, "bucked" and flung their would
be riders in the ditch. In Massachu
setts, Ben Butler has finally got in as
governor. Ten 'years ago we heard
hiin say that a "Democrat was bo near
hell that he smelt of sulphur," but
ten years is a long time in the life of a
The other states show, in the aggre
gate, a Republican loss, though Mahone
carries Virginia by 25,000 majority;
Nebraska defeats the woman suffrage
amcudmcnt;prohibitinu figured promi
nently in a good many state canvases
and got a black eye. Following is
the latest up to the closing of the
telegraph office.
(srix'i.u, to Tin: astokia)
PoKTL.MfD, Xov. 8, 7:45 r. m. It
is now almost definitely settled that
Cleveland's majorit' m Xcw York will
not be less than 150,000. The Demo
crats claim California by 10,000 ma
jority; Stoneman's election is assured;
there is nothing so far to indicate how
the congressional districts have gone,
though the Democrats have probably
elected four out of six congressmen.
In Nevada it is probable the Demo
crats elect Jewctt Adams governor; C.
C. Powning, the Republican candidate
for, congress will probably pull
through; -the Mormons in Lincoln
county went back on C.issidy and
voted solid for Powning. The Re
publicans make a clean sweep in Illi
nois, carrying the stale by 20,000 ma
jority, and gain one congressman in
Indiana. St. John, the Republican
candidato for governor of Kansas, was
beaten by those opposed to the prohibi
tion movement; the rest of the sfate
Republican ticket is elected."
Tlie Solid Eighteen.
Last week the "mighty minority"
less Yoorhees, who had gone east
met in stormy session in this city for
the purpose (una vowed, but suspected
by sympathizers of Mr. Mitchell) of
bull-dozing J. X. Dolph. Being the
makers of the kiug, in part, they
wanted to dictate, we understand, his
entire course. At this, J. !X. Dolph
smiled derisively the wrdunicus risus
as it were, and figuratively sat upon
the loidly eighteen with all the avor
dupois and weight of dignity. The
Polk and Benton county honorables
are particularly Uattcncd out by Mr.
Dolph's independence of action, and
now beat their brents and cry mca
culpa, because tliey did not vote for
Mitchell. Whether the new senator
has refused to give them all federal
oflices, or will not pledge himself to
get the government to build the
Taquina bay railroad, is not definite
ly known, but that the backs and
hearts of the Polk and Benton bolters
are broken is an assured fact, and
that the entire delegation has gone
home with a reduced estimate of its
mighty importance. Sunday Wcl
nor if your lungs arc badly wasted
away can you be cured by tho use of
Dr. Pierce s "uoldeu Medical Discov
ery." It is, however, unequalled as a
tonic, alterative, and nutritive, and
readily cures the most obstinate cases
of bronchitis, coughs, colds, and incip
ient consumption, far surpassing in
efficacy cod liver oil. Send two stamps
for Dr. Pierce's pamphlet on Con
sumption and Kindred Affections.
Address World's Dispensary Medi
cal Association', Buffalo, N. Y.
Important Xotice.
A full line of artist's materials con
sisting of tube colors, sable brushes,
picture varnishes, canvas. &c. &c Ev
ervthing an artist wants at
A. M. Jouxsox &Co.
Parties desiring some elegant furni
ture but little used, bed-room set, sec
retary, kitchen furniture, ctc can be
accommodated by applying at the Astq
Kixx ottce from 10 to 2 o'clock.
j For an Act to amend Sections 'M and
57, of Title 4. of an Act to ,stao
lish a fJniform Course of Public In
struction in the Common Schools of
this State, approved October 20,
Jk if enacted by the Lujislatire J$.eui
bly of the Stale of Oregen:
Sec. 1. That section Vn, of lttle 1,
of an act to establish a uniform courae-
' of public instruction in the common
schools of this state, be amemlert so as
to read as follews:
Sec. 37. The duties of directors of
school districts shall be:
1. To authorize the clerk to call
special meetings;
2. To issue warrants to the cletks,
authorizing them to collect in the
name of the district, and in the same
manner as the state and county taxes
are collected, all taxes assessed to the
inhabitants thereof, and upon the tax
able property of non-residents;
3. When authorized by a majority
vote of the district, to purchase, lease
or build school houses, and to buy
or lease lands for school purposes,
and to take care of, and furnish their
school houses with the necessary fuel,
light, libraries, apparatus, etc.;
4. To see that the wishes of the dis
trict towards outside scholars are re
spected; 0. To employ teachers and assist
them in the government of the school;
C. To audit all claims against the
district, and draw orders on the clerk
for the amount;
7. To require of the district clerk a
bond of such form as shall seem just
and reasonable for the faithful per
formance of his duties;
5. To examine and correct the as
sessment roll made by the clerk, as
hereinafter provided;
0. To levy rate bills, whenever in
their opinion it is for the -best inter
ests of the district to do so, fixing
therein the amount of tuition to be
paid by each pupil attending school,
and direct the clerk to collect the
same in the name of the district;
Sec. 2. That section 57 of said act
be amended so as to read as follows,
Sec. 57. 1110 clerk shall act as sec
retary of all meetings, and shall, at
the end of each quarter (when author
ized by the directors), make out the
rate bills for tuition then due and
collect the same without dclav.
A Prosperous Community.
An old and valued correspondent
from Chehalis county, V. T., in re
newing his subscription sends cheer
ing words in reference to The AisTO
riak aud adds: "By another
I think you will get quite a number
of subscribers in this county, there is
a great many people coming in here
and locating on lands. T don't know
of any county that has a brighter
prospect than Gray's Harbor. Emer
son's saw mill is in full blast; the
Jennett mines are turning out well.
The steamer Montesano now runs
from my place to Elma, on the Cheha
lis river, and is doing a good busi
ness. Help is scarce here, both
male and jfemale, gaud wages high.
Men and women who are willing to
work can find employment in this
Experiment at Filling.
Early next month tho O. IX. & 2s.
Co. will try the experiment of pump
ing from the bottom of the Willamette
river, sanil to be used m uilins
Couch's lake, tho site of the proposed
new depot. A centrifugal pump has
been ordered and is promised to be
done in twenty days. The bottom of
the river near the Portland shore,
north of Columbia wharf to Wcidler's
mill, is clean sand for a distance of 30
feet down. Water-tight cars will be
run to the bank, sand pumped into
them and then hauled to the place of
deposit. The engineers express the
opinion that the proposed experi
ment will be successful, and in that
case, the entire work will be done by
this means. Oregonian, Sth.
Cape Hancock Record.
Nov. S. Noon. Bar smooth. Wind
east, light. Clear weather.
List of Letters
Hemaining uncalled for in the Post
office at Astoiia, Oregon, November
0th, 1832.
Acorn, Alex B Murker, Alf
Anstensen, F Kclsey, Mr
Anderson, .Nils 1 1 Larson, Lars
Coliins. .lame- Nelson, Ole .1
Caiipbell-Miss .)if ic Xelson, Nils M
Dyer, Stenhen S
Nelsson, M
Downs, Orlando
Douglas, J
Diamond, G ED
Ksteb, Isaac B
liskala. .lohau
Friend, Fred'k S
O'Brien. Daeiel
Owens, George
Parker, U VT
Bosfjord, Olof '2.
-Binearson, S 11
Sheridan, Emma
Walma, Carle
nail, J '
liaageusen, .John
Persons calling for theso letters
must give the date they are advertised.
W. Cha-ce, P. if.
The ladies of the Congregational
churcli will hold a fair and festival on
Friday evening, Nov. 10th, at Liberty
Hall. A choice literary entertainment
will be given, aud refreshments served
oysters, ice cream, etc All are
cordially invited. Admission free.
The alarm of Gro at 9:30 o'clock
last evening was caused by a defective
flue in a heating apparatus in a boat
Bhop near the M. E. church; damage
slight. Mv. Chas. Stockton met with
quite a painful accident while carrying
hose into the" building, cutting a deep
gash in hit wrist
A. M. lehHsen A, Co'.
Oulv ccnttiuc Borax soau. One bar
will do more washing than any other J
soap in the market, and will do it far i
better and easier. Try it.
Coffee! Coffee!! Coffee!!!
A great KALGHPY Success! .hi
received at A. u .lonnson !t i us. a
larce invoice of pure .lava coffee in
tlii'cc-pound tins, positively the bo,-t
ground coffee in this or any other mar
ket. ( Warranted strictly pure). Al.-o
received large invoice of extra choice
grim .lava and Costa Rica coffee. Mel
rose Baking Powder is the let full
weight, no lottery, no fraud. Try it
and l convinced.
Jrcat Jtun.
The pure .lava Cofleo sold by A. 31.
.lohiiiou fc Co. only, is having the larg
est ale of any brand of prcpaicd coftce
ever brought Jo this market.
Heartily Recommended.
Don't condemn a good thini; because
you have been deceived by wrhles
nostruma. Parker's Ginger Tonic
lias cured many in tins section or nerv-
otts disorders, and wo recommend it
heaattly to snch sufferers. Anoc
To all who are sufTerinsr fiotu
errors and indiscretions if youth, nerv
ous weakness, eatly decay. loss of man
hood, etc- 1 will send a recipe that will
cure vou FISEE OF CHAUC.E. TliN !
-,.., -..,n.i,. a ,i;c,.,.rn.i i-., .,.:-
Cim.o. v in sn'uti. Amnrii..i s...wi r. i.if
..' .V.a. . W , -,V I .7. p
nildn-sMHl envelope to the lie v. Joi:ni
T. Lvmax. Station 1), New York City.
In ofiVriiur to everyone throughout I
the land a trial Iwttle of Syrun of Fits
free of charge the California Fis: b run j
Company is fully aware that it weie fol
ly to do .o if the new remedy did not i
possess greater merit than any other ar-1
tide ever offered as a cure for liilio-t- j
ness and constipation, lsttt Know mi,'
that every dose will convince the one
who takes it of its cfliicacy, and make
another friend for the remedy which N
destined io become universal they wNh
everyone to try It. Y. E. Dement," I )ni!
is.t, is agent for Astoria, Oregon.
Hodge Davis & Co., Wholesale Agents.
Portland Oregon.
Try our Borax Soap made expie.-ly
for us and guaranteed of superior qual
ity. Can be used for any purpose, and
will not injure the mn-t delicate fabiic.
A fine toilet soap.
A 31. Joiix-on" & Co.
To tko Public-
I wish to inform the public that my
establishment is the oxi.y iM.AfK in
Astoria that makes candy: I make the
finest fresh candy every day, and this
is mote than any one else can say hen.
Patronir.e home manufacture.
Iohx P. Ci.av-kx.
It Toughens.
SOZODOXT toughens the gums and
makes them healthy, so that they hold
in the teeth firmly. It removes tartar,
gives com tort, is economical of health
and money, and when once used will
never be given up.. Try SOZODOXT.
Wilhoit mineral water, fre-h and
sparkling, at F. B. Klberson's.
Adler's btock of goods now opening
will be sold at the lowest prices.
Albums, decalcotnanie, stamp col
lections, etc., in endless variety at Ad
ler's. All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
ficrftmiery, and toilet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at .1. V.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occidcn
betel, Astoria.
-A Xasal
tree with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh, llemedy.
Price 50 cent.
Sold by K. Dement.
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best of wines, liquors
and San Franci-co beer, call at the Gem
opposite the bell tower, and-ee Camp
bell. Chatterbox,
year, at Adler's.
Wideawake for this
Two Surgeons represent tin; the .NA
Indianapolis, Philadelphia. Atlanta (Ja.,
and San Francisco, will bo in Port
land, Oregon, at the St. Charles Ho
tel, from Nov. I'd to the llth inclusive.
prepared wnii an expensive, oiiiiu ol me
nio-t approved apparatus, for the tieat
ntent of all eases of disease of the .-pine,
hip, knee, ankle, crooked limbs, club
feet, &c &c. They will be prepared to
make the most diflicult surgical opera
tions, including cataract, cross eyes,
hare lip, deformities of the face, div id
ing tendons, operations for disease of
the genital organs, piles, fistula, S:o. A
rare opportunity is offered those need
ing their services. Old patients especi
ally requested to visit them.
The llev. Geo. II. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Ind., says: 'Both myself and wife
owe our lives toSniLOit's Coxsumi'tion'
Ccrk." Sold by W. E. Dement.
Prof. .J. F. Meyer wishes to infoim
tho public and his pupils that he is now
settled and intends remaining here. Me
is prepared to give music and also
French lessons. Scholars practicing
will find every convenience for study
and improvement, at his residence. Mis
experience renders this an opportunity
which it is woith while to any one to
Furnished or unfurnished rooms
for rent; the finest in the city and in a
most desirable location. Inquire at . As
torian office.
Everv ladv should send 25 cents to
Strawbridgc & Clothier, Philadelphia,
and receive their Fashion Quarterly for
15 months. lOOO Engravings and 4 p.tgos
new music each issue. j
Cail Adler wishes to inform the'
public of tho new linent goods he is
receiving now. It is almost impossible j
to enumerate all. lou miouiu g
and see yourself to appreciate his
beautiful assortment of a little of every
thing. Physicians' prescriptions carefully
compounded day or night at J. .
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
Carl Adler lias arrived from
San Francisco with the largest
and finest stock of goods ever brought
to Astoria. Will begin opening this
Parlor organs, Chase organs and the.
celebrated Estcy organ, just received at
Adler's music store.
GraY hairs often causo annoyance,
which Parker's Hair Balsam prevents
by restoring tho youthful color.
It is worth seeing.
coods at Carl Adler's.
What V Those
We learn from A. M. Johnson & Co.
that their pure ground Java Coffee is a
pronounced success and is meeting
with large sales.
Shoalwatcr bay eysters: fresh every
day, at Frank Fabres.
Brace up the whole system with King
of the Blood. See Advertisement.
Removal ! Removal ! I
! I will soon move!
into the new build-!
Jing on Flavel's dock
now occupied by
Ga 1 1 i ck's Furniture
si ore. and will sell
niv line stock of
Olotliino- Gents Fur
nishing Goods, ctc.?
at a sacrifice rather
ithan to move it. Call
jand get a bargain of
'r. j),,
Merchant Tailor. I latter and
Window Miniles. "Wall Paper.
The linct a-.ortmcnt of wall paper
laud window hailc ever brought to
the! Astoria al M. ONenS furniture .store.
Xcvvcxt .tjlcs and lowest pi ices.
Xoticc- to the Iiadirs.
. ., . ,.
Switches m:nu from combings or cut
hair: new mv i tcho m?.de to order
limn I lie mM imported hair, in anyl
hade desired. Old witches repaired.
All work vvai ranted. Hates icasonable. I
Call or atldie? j
riu.r.MiAi'.r ivrSoiioKXi:.
Occident Hair dieting ; saloon. A -to-1
ria. Oiegon.
Oysters! Oyster!!
At Frank Fabre's: in cvciy
Fiesh fioni tlie bed- every day.
Now open at Adlcr".- a fine line of
work basket-, infant's baskets, and
A vet ilPMiiixed paints, the let in
u-e. for sale at .1. V. Conn-- drug .-tore
oppo-ite Occident Hotel.
"Hackiiietuck,' a la-lini: and fra
grant perfume. Price 'JTi and o0 cents.
Sold by E. Dement.
A v ery complete assortment of blank
books, all sixes, styles and prices, at the
City hook .-tore.
Mr. John Rogers of the Central 3Iar
ket. has made arrangements to keep al
he finest fresh fish, etc., in their season
Cadet blue and Terra Cotta note
i paper, the late.-t style, as well as a
eltarnting a:smtmcnt of new -tyle-papetcrie--.
ar Adler.-.
Hallo! Where are. v oil eoinir'.' Whv !
I to 1 rank r nluVs for a pan roast.
1 Smr.oif.- Cri:K will immediately
relieve Croup, vvhoopintr cough and
Uionchitis. Sold by W'.E. Dement.
Have vou tried a stew or pan roast
as Prank Fabro cooks it? Older one and
you'll thank us for the advice.
bullous Catarrh J Comedy a posi
tive euro for Catarrh, Dtptheria and
Canker Mouth. .Sold by W. E. Dement.
If you want something really fine
go to Carl Adler".-.
Best cough candy at Oerkwitz's op
posite Bell tower.
Do you want to make a present?
You will surely be suited at Adler's.
Shipper & Iiybke. No. 11, Oak street
Portland, are I he bou ton tailors of the
P. .1. Goodman, on Clienantus street,
has jtt-t leceived the latest and most
fashionable style of gents and ladies
boots, shoes, etc. Agent in Astoria for
the famous Morrow '.-.hoes.
Mrs. E. K. Ilinkers improved sys
tem of Dress Cutting by chart is ac
knowledged to be the best. Mrs. S. T.
McKean is agent for Clatsop county,
and is prepared to teach all who wish
to avail themselves of the nnnortunity
new presented. Uosidenco, corner of
Lafayette and SiiucmoemiaSts. Astona,
Wholesale ami retail dealers in
Wood and Willow-ware,
Tobacco. Cigars, Wines and Liquors
roi:i:ix and domestic
Fruits and Vegetables.
General Commission Merchants
Xet to Oregon Railway & Nav. oo's Dock.
A. V. Allen,
(M'l'OK.s.Suu ro PACK S: I.LKN.)
'.Vliiilcsaleaml retail dealer Us
Glass and Plated Ware,
Toetlipr with
A. Yau Dusen & Co.
attention of the Public to the fact that
they are Agents for the following sewing
machines, viz :
Tlie Improved. Singer.
Tlie While,
The Crown
Ami TheEIrtridgc,
Which they arc selling from S33. to S50.
each and defy Competition.
Persons wishing to purchase machines
should call and inspect our stock before pur
chasing chewherc. as vvc guarantee to give
perfect satisfaction as regards quality and
TIHiE ii
Dry Goods Clothing' House
Every Dapartment Filled to QverfiowlagI
Tit this department will be found the Latest Styles with Trimmings to
niatchj comprising recent importations of now and decided
Among the inanv- colois in our extensive
line of fall materials may be
Terra Cotta,
Blankets, Flannels, Comforters,
Bed Spreads, Sheetings, Napkins,
Table Linen, Towels, Etc., Etc.
Hosiery and Underwear Department.
We are showing complete lines in
ladies and Children's Hosiery I Underwear
In our Cloak room will bo found
Pompadours, Circulars,
Dolmans, Jackets, Wraps, etc.
While directing attention to this department we feel confident in assorting
that our styles arc hot only the newest, but our prices are exceedingly moderate.
Astoria, November 1, 1S82.
We are receiving by every steamer new additions to our stock of
Dry Goods. Notions, Ladies' and Children's Shoes,
Suitable for the season.
Hosiery Blankets, Mt.
Our stock fo Dross Goods, Silks, Satins,
Velvets, Plushes, etc., show a large variety.
Also an elegant line of Ladies" and Children's
Our tables ave covered with the nicest
selection of Fichus, Ties, Collarettes and
Fancy Goods too numerous to mention.
AVc Study to Please.
2dgPSampies sent free to any address on application.
2fAents for the celebrated Springfield Sewing
Men's Furnishing Goods, White Scarlet Underwear, all Wool.
Fine Selection of Neck-wear, Hosiery, Gloves, etc.
Overcoats, "Ulsters, Business Suits,
The largest anil most complete .stock or .
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