The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, September 01, 1882, Image 3

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Tx: iiUilw 'AstCV-VtUl, Columbia's commerce
.... ..-iThe
tSmmmf n
Prominent Part Astoria Takes
A Trip to Baker's Bay
n. u. iitt
Nothing is mote diucilv dluatra
skies that
Ti -taii a clock you wind it up.
ihifh in aiiminer And then it goes tin-ion:
Vtnrri's Tivoii- ,;,,t vrhen you wind your business
1RIDA-Y... ..SEPTEMBER- 1.1SS2 tivo of (he glowing trade of the Co-f rimmed circle, half wooda, half ivatcr,; """.' y,lkl.r.s Cictte,
-cTZ " "" " jlumbia nvcr, and Astoria s impart- 'reflect no fairer sight than a sailing
.bSUED .VSEx MORNING. M n aii .MJ thm u,c ! vc! on the smooth surface of the And, would you your business
fMoadty Ezcci.tcd). ... c -i - !,.. , .. . ,. i Irom going to old Nick.
presentation of a compilation of Columbia rockni" on the rippling ,, , 4. i i . i-i i i 1.
J. F. HALLORAtf & COMPANY. . ,- .. , . . , , . ,. wmm,u,a iu.mu0 hi uw, I ' .-, PraJ llo ot lu,irj that like tin Hork.
p.-... ,n.... .. i...t..rc wtioi relative to the foreign hm . current or swmginj&lowly al the dock VtllI vMl .r,ved on tick.
uas completed his elegant fall stock of
dresses ami cloaks. J5y sending size of
bint, length of sleeve, skirt, waist and
under arm. he will end C. O. D., dresses
from 610 upward-.; dolmans -from Si3. t
iWre.: II. r.. Litt, J
Third and Alder. '
i'rum lintfdhig, Cojs iStrtrt.
Terms ol Subscription .
rved by Carrier, pot week- .......25 Gonts
rr.t br mail, founnonth-1.........- .?-'. 0-!)
i h? msil, one year. -. u '0
Free f Postazc toSuliori!'er.
! there
? .
was tent from the Columbia
river to Jvugland, .salmon, w neat and
flour to the value of jv,nOJ,So2.
Shipments for the remaining four
months aggregated more than did the
Yaweol .Mrau-.-.
like a racer watting tor tne worn.
the fnat eight nitnuhdof 'Sljfixmi thestauu of tho judge. When' -" ------
ii j m i . i n ..I.-; 'xieai Xi5taie xrausauuous iur iuiy,
all is done, the Kilmun and the w heat, , 1882
etc., all on, the clearances effected at' ... , ,. .. ,, ... ,,,.,,
' 7 Hiram and Esther lhown io Calh-
tlie custom house, nud nil the matter-i:,rinepocdrnan. Jot .". blk '. MeClure's
nf.fnf- Imrrl hv r.rnf'ipa details ' ASIOTMI. -l.UUU
. ....... ....., -' i
attended to, there is a little bit of
Alvrnys Refreahjne.
A dilieious odor imparted by
, Kioicsi.iti -Cologne, winch ia always
refreshing, no nint'erhow freely used.
-ilnckiuetuek." a lasting ami ira
, giusii peifume. rnee'-Vi and ro cents.
nM!v W. K. Dement.
A.lrertifcmems inserted by thayenr at fiit eight, but as we treated of that
before, we shall here confine ourselves
rstoif l J per square pfr month.
Transient ad rortisins. by the dcy or tvccJc,
ifty ccau j'cr sounrofor each insertion.
TlIK llAlM" ASTOKIAN 11 ill he Utl bH
mml tit ". cent a immt h.rtt of ilaitc. Head'
er ho contem)latrr.l)e:ivcfrom the city can
v- Tni: aVtoujax iMir ihfin, 1aii.v
WtKKiA edition to anu )nt-if;ce iclth
n.i' n.iUUoitiil rxr;rjj?e. .irfdr&WiC- way It
;n i..acd a often tn dclrah Isicc ordnv at
Ihf counting room.
The man who "lodged a com
plaint," and "boarded a steamboat,"
saya he is going out of the hotel busi
ness. Mr. .J. F. Warren, of Knappa,
ii in tho city: 3Tosms. J. C. and
Charles Ross are als( down for a brief
The partnership heretofore exist
ing between Wctherbce and Thomcs,
is dissolved; ill health enmpolbng h'.
Wethcrbec to retire.
A Iwcnty-fivc thousand dollar fire
burned half a block on Ji street be
tween 1st and 2d, in Portland last
Wednesday afternoon.
- The saw-mill and sash factory of
Tullis & Son, between Chchalis and
Nowaukum, on the line of the X. P.
R I!., was burned last .Monday
-Mrs. Virginia Kinney is prepar
ing to build on Chenamus street, op
posite Flavcl's warehouse. Tho build
ing will be two stories high and
T0v7n feet.
- The firemen at Vancouver are
reported to have .become "weary of
their treatment at tho hands of the
city government," and to hare accord
ingly disbanded.
Rev. Father Smith, of Isew Or
leans, who is paying a visit to his broth
er in this state, is stopping at Ihvaco.
lie will officiate at the Catholic church
on Sunday next.
-The scow Alice, lying at the foot
of Uenton street, caught fire from a
stovepipe j'csterday morning and
blazed up lively. The engines wcro
quickly on hand and put it out.
Damages $25: no more hurt.
- -T. ,1-. Matlock, of East Portland,
is privileged to wiite "Grand Deputy
Chief Counsellor Of Tho Independeni
Order Of Chosen Friends For Mult
nomah, Clatsop, Columbia, Washing
ton And Tillamook Counties,'' ifter
Ins name. Gr-r-r-r-acious!!
poetn- about the little jaunt the Ycssel
takes to Bakers bav, before sho
to comparison. During the first eight jipreads her white wings and flic off
months of the present year, there were
shipped from hore to England, pio- j
ducts to the aggregate value of 0,-
157,f91. Here wc have a gain of over
two-and-a-half million dollars over the j
corresponding period of last year.
Of this -0, 157,091, there was ship
ped during the month that closed last
night, St,2l7,li3. Of this 1,217,-
Astoria contributed 1,130,805:
Great fires are still burning in var
ious sections, inflicting considerable
damage. Tn the vicinity of Portland
much loss is reported. Awnings in this
city were covered with ashes j'estcr-
day afternoon, and a cloud of fog and
smoke obscured the sun all daw
-Mr. A. .T. Mcglcr, secretary of
the O. F. L. nud B. association, gives
notice that ho will receive bids till tho
l0th inst., for renting mid occupying
the first floor of the brick building now
in process of construction on tho
southeast corner of Squcmoqua and
Cass streets.
- The Sisters of Charity have ar
ranged to make some extensive im
provements to St. Mary's Hospital.
When they are completed, typhoid fe
ver and cases of erysipelas can be
kept isolated, and patients will have
a comfortable piazzi on the sunny side
of the hospital.
The Portland Standard advises its
readers to boil the water before drink
ing it. Yes, but how are you going
to gel it cool again? Water isn't
goed: it'll rot the soles of one's boots,
and under the microscope is shown to
be full of all manner of horrible
crawling things. But it doesn't con
cern us much at present anyhow,
hero in Astoria.
the remainder, $8G,P.GS, was shipped
from the interior. The aggregate of
the August clearances exceeds in
amount any monthly aggregate in the
commercial history of thcColumbia liv
er. The nearest approach to it was the
total of last February- l,2r2,925. It is
but jnsr to state that that aggregato
represented the value of wheat that
was shipped in pan from Poithnid,and
that the August figuies owe their
prominence to the fact that some unu
sually large .shipments of salmon were
made during last month from this
port. During last month five vessels
loaded entirely at Astoria; two of them,
the American ship Elwcll and the
British ship Wallacctown, earned out
tho most valuable cargoes that ever
crossed the bar"; the last-named vessel
took out the most valuable cargo that
ever left any Pacific coast port in a
sailing vessel ftiOO.112.
The most casual inspection of the
figures we here present will 'show the
importance of this place as a shipping
point, and the imperative necessity
that exists for such improvement to
the bar as will be commensurate with
that importance. Were this a little
onc-horso place that now and then
loaded a coasting schooner with gar
den truck, it would savor of impu
dence to aslc for an appropriation of a
large amount of money, but as it is,
wc present an anomalous aspect
shipping cargoes that aggregate over
a million dollars in value some
months, and thus comparing favorably
with New York, Philadelphia, Balti
more and San Francisce: and yet tied
down and hampered by an obstruction
at the mouth of the river that H i
ihf interest vf rival iiaif to l.rcj there,
lest their glory should depait when
the cause that occasioned it ceased to
exist. These parties talk of "tugs,"
and "dredgers"' and "barrowh" and
"harrows" and "scrapers, ' and kin
dred bo3h, and send out mendacious
and meretricious circulars that, both
at home and abroad, tend to create
and confirm the imprcsMon that the
bar is only a secondary consideration,
and that no effort beyond endless in
spection and prelimary surveys and
elaborate delay i3 necessary to clear
nwaj and obviate this great obstruc
tion to commerce. We, of Astoria,
have the power hi our hands to right
all this, and till such lime as we
choose to exercise it, the breaking
waves on ihe bar will keep out tho
class of vessels that it is to our inter
est to have come in and load here.
In publishing facts, -and commenting
on them, and sending such statements
broadcast to every port in civilization
we do our individual part in tho
LOria. Cl.vUW. u- j- in .-nvu im- i.nv-JL ,;ui iuv
United State ro J. W. Slaughter. ; fn-h'onablc style of "gents and ladu
W. H of X. E. 4 of sec to. T. ." north'. !. -lo.jt. etc. Agent in Astoria ft
Water by July 1st. 1883.
Tho proposition lately made by D.
P. Thompson, of Prtland, to our
city council to furnish water, and
accepted with certain? provisos by that
The Y. M. C. A. excursionists, to
the number of 75, got back at 8:J10
last night, thoroughly tired, but all
unanimous in saying that they had "a
good time." The capsizing of a boat
delayed them a little, but no accident
occurred to mar tho pleasures of the
Mcintosh has leceived the largest
and most complete stock of hats in the
city. Men's sizes from Tf to ".
Mr. John Rogers of the Central Mar
ket, has made arrangements to keep al
he finest fresh fish, ct, in their season
Fresh taffy and caramels everv d.iv
al I he Astoria Candy Factoiy, Main St.
.loirx V. Classen.
If you want nice fresh lard, or good
Migar-cured hams, just from the coun
try go to F. 1J. Elbersou's; bakery.
.-Fanej soaps and perfumery of all
kinds can be found at J. . Conn
store, opposite Occident hotel.
body at their last meeting, will I'ieh find receivec at C. A.Mav.-, by
, . .mi -r 1 every steamer. No stalc tra.h. Every
be signed next 1 nesday. Mr. 1 homp- ariCj v (1r Oregon and California fruit
amended alwajs on Jiaiul.
s m is satisfied with the
agreement, and the work will go on
as aooii as the preliminaries are ar
ranged. It is a part of the agreement
that the work shall be in full opera
tion by July 1st, 1883.
to England, traversing two elements,
the upper works hi the air, the hull
in the water, and each tributary to
her progress; the air closes beiund
her sails, the witter behind
and neither leave :i trace.
Steam is all very well, but you en
joy expectation in a sailing vessel
which steam defrauds you of. How
will the wind blow? Will this calm
lastf When a breeze springs up will
it be foul or fair? In a .steamer you
don't think of these things. ou
plod along like a packhorse. Tho
fine old traditions of seamanship, the
beating to windward, tho reefing down,
the lying to, the running or scudding
are all blown away by steam. Jack
has tucked his tarpaulin overboard,
blacked his face and gone down with a
shovel into the coal bunkers. He is
no longor a sailor but a fireman or an
engineer, and all our maritime notions
have been melted down into a propel
ler. But this isn't getting down to
Baker's bay. However there is no
hurrj'.the tug hasn't got alongside
yet. Outside, beyond tho line of
breakers that flash in from above the
emerald water, is a ship. Though
well within the offing she still carries
skysail masts and on nearer approach
one sees that her yards are not crossed,
but her roj-als top a beautiful sweep
and surface of canvas, and the white
cloths sho lifts against the rich blue
sky, have all the softness and bril
liance of a bird's wings. She held
her spars erect, for there was not
weight enough in the wind to givo her
a list, and the elegance and dignity of
her appearance were absolutely
human. The trembling water gavo
back no image of her shining
sails, but the shadow of her
hull was dark in the sea beneath
her, and defined the thin line
of foam lacing along her side like a
cord or white wool, unwinding at her
stern and trailing far astern until it
vanished amid the blue sparkles.
A full-nggcd ship will always be
the noblest example of man's handi
woik She is a real creation a living
thing, full of instinct, owing her life
to thai same breath of heaven by
which we ouielves exist. All
else is more or less mechanical
of the earth, .earthy and illustrates
its perishableness by the very quali-!
ties which keep it flourishing. The
jarring and grinding of a steam engine
makes us feel how small a flaw would
stop ii, and we think of coal and
gauges and rivets, and grate-bars. A
grand building U wondeiful; but it is
stationary; it is dead. But a sailing
vessel! Sho seems actually .sentient!
She might have been born of the very
element she ridos so gracefully; hor
hull of the deep sea rock, nnd her
sails of the storm-driven foam.
In saddening contrast lic3, near by,
a wreck. There is no inanimate ob
ject that appeals so pathetically to the
feelings as a deserted wreck, taosing
upon tho piteous sea. Shorn of her
beauty, her masts broken, her rigging
trailing in confused heaps, surrounded
ly the heaving waste of waters that
make her desolation supreme, she re
sembles a dying creature; she seems to
know her fate, and to bo faintly strug
gling to save herself from vanishing
into the fathomless grave that nlowly
sucks her down. Tho sunshine Hying
between the fast rising clouds from off
Tillamook, flashed in the snow storm
of spray which were hurled over the
almost submerged hull: the forcgr.ard
swayed wildly, like a beckoning arm
entreating the beholder to stay, nnd
here and there, along her side, black
fragments of bulwark, stanchions or
such things, stood out when the coils
of green water had poured from her
decks and left them exposed, and they
so resembled motionless human be
ings standing drowned and supported
by their death grip, that it was impos
sible to behold the illusion without a
thrill. And yet we hare not got to
Baker's Bay, and as this is spinning
out into too long an articlo, further
observation must bo postponed
'. .1. KtHMlmnn. on Chenaniu i trecr,
has ju- received the latest and most
and ladles
N W. of N E. V of sec io. T. ." north. 00.-.N. -io.j;. etc. Agent in Astoria for
P..T -psr. 40 aero-5. tb :-;.'Wus Morrow bhoes.
George W.nndSaroh F. Wood to Maria .
G. Baavon, lots .". fi. 7 and :, blk ". - Upmcinbor Frank I-abros icee ream
ShivelvV Astoria. . hi.- 1 or excellence.
S G'eorgF. P.irkerto .lohii P. Rjan, 0 r " .;,""' ,. . , -
v i'nf r.iMim of w i iinii-1 Miii.oii.-s I'fP.i: will immediately
. 'i .tV. . .. . v ...... . ..i . ,..-.:...... ' ...t.nx. .:.... ,.,.nl. .,.!
1 . if J K I. mm ! '. f . itntii; '.i'iuii. 11 ii.Fwiimi; . uuiiii wiu
ban!. X K S. E. J, and E. u of S. W. U V?:,evV ..Vn,uA ""U'U? ,ri0Ufin .
andX. W. IS of S. W. $ see. . T. 7 ! Bronchitis, bold by W.E. Dement
nortn, k.u wot. .1,005.
10 S. G. ami Maria (I. Ihi.ivru to
Andrew Zflflnos. lot Ji.
lier Keel, I Astoria. 5200.
11 Edward Black
A re you made miserable by fndi-
Mk 4 Shivolv- geiitii, voiisupHiimi, iii7ziiitas,i.ssoi
iijipeute, 1 fiion okiii . oiiiioiia 1 11:11-
to Mr-. .1. (. Boz- i " s :i l'-s'l'vo euro. For sale by W.
K. Dement.
orlli. lot d. blk ft! aiid lot 7. blk J7. .100.
14 L. G. and Maria (. llaaen to B. .1.
Letlern. lot P, blk 4. Shivelv Asloii.t.
13 J. Ward and Susan L. hhivelj lo
John M. Olsen south 120 feet, lot 10 blk
4. S150.
19 C. II. and Anna L'age to Pel or
Wolfe, S. X of X. E. i sec UK T. s 1101 in.
R. 8 west. 130.
20 C. II. and Anna Page to .John
Blake, X. H of a. E.U and E : or S.W.
S sec 2, T. 7 north, R. i west. hTft.
21 C. 11. and Anna Page to A. Booth,
blk 130. Shivelv's Astoria. 2,7M.
24 C. W. llamblin and Hannah M.
Uamblin to A. L. Xoe. lot l, blk DO. Mc
Clure's Astoria. .$77f.
20 A. Griffin and Julia A. .-danton to
Flora Olney Mason, interest in tide lands
in tr.irt itf tlie Olnfv pstafo. Si "00.
?.s a. and I ,. M. llininan to W. Tal-1 Shipper A: V.s bke. No. 11. Oak street
Iaut, tide land adjacent to McClure'si BoiHaml.are thebon ton tailor of the
donation claim. S4,ooo. metropolis,
'MJ .1. u. and nannau irumnger lo
-Hasten & Oerkwitz have bought the
branch Candy .store next to Stevens &
Co"s book .store, and ill hereafter run
both places. Fresh candy always on
What is nicer on a warm day thau a
dish of that exquisitely flavored ico
cream that Frank Fabre makes?
Highest price paid for old web and
junk. Cuius. Evansox.
1 111 Inquire of Foard & Stokes.
Mr. C. 11. Cooper intends to leave
about the I3t Is or next month for San
Franebeo to be in time for the arrival
ofthelale.-l Eastern and European importation-..
X'. W. Tallant, tide land adjacent to
McClure's donation claim.
AHtoria Ire Depot.
Frank Fabre is now prepared to .siiji
ply lamihes, restaurants, hotels, saloon's,
etc., with pure mountain iceon the prem
ises. Fresh ice cream every day. Balls
parties and dinners supplied with ice
cream at short notice.
FuriilstiPil Rooms tn Let
At Mrs. Muhmhi's lodging house.
The Results.
All persons feeling dull and depressed
or perhaps levcrish with no appetite, no
energy, the system clogged, the liver
torpid, and the bowels inacthe. who tire
wondering how to find relief, should
put chase a fifty-cent or a 1 bottle of
Sjrupor Figs, read the circular around
the bottle, follow the directions, taking
a few closes of this pleasant remedy and
be restored to health and happiness. It
may Ik had or W. E. Dement, Druggist,
who habeen appointed agent for Asto
ria. Hodge. Dais &(.. wholesale agents
Portland. Oregon.
To all who are .suffering from the
errors and indiscretions of outh. nerv
ous weakness, early decay, loss of man
hood, etc., I will send a recipe that will
cure you FBEE OF C1IABGE. This
great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionary in South A meriea. Send a self
addressed envelope to the Rev.
T. I km AN". Station 1), Xew York City.
Another Wonderful Iirovr.v!
11 has been discovered within the
last lew davj that the nicest place to
buy your fall stock of provisions is at
A.M. Johnson's.
Ithasakso been discovered that the
largest nnd best lighted stoie i A. M.
lso that he has nothing hut t!rt-
class goods al ery low prices. A No
that the children am waited on imme
diately. Also that your goods are ent
to your house, on the instant, and the
Irtdies know thai it is the eieanest
grocery store in town, and p!c:e-e not
forger it. A.M. Joh.vsox.
Have's balsam of wild cherry
always at hand. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, whooping cough, croup, in
lliieira, consumption, and" nil throat and
ping complaints. 30 cents nml,51 a bottle.
If ou want pure wines and liquors
of all kinds, go to J. W. Conn's drug
store, opposite Occident Hotel.
Aei ill's mixed paints, the best in
ine, for sale at .1. W. Conn.s drug store
opposite Occident Hotel.
When you want pure drugs and
chemicals or" any kind, go to J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure for Catarrh. Dipthcria and
Canker Motuh. Sold by W. E. Dement.
I'hjsiei.uis' pie-eriplions carefully
.ded day or night nt .1. .
Conn's drug
-tore, opposite Occident
The Re;. Geo. II. Thajer. of Bour-
uou. mo., ,saj: "lioin myseii and wue
oweour lives toisim.ou's Coxstrjii'Tlox
Ci i:k." Sold by W. E. Dement.
-A Nasal injector Iree with each
hoi Me or Shiloh's Catarrh. Remedy.
rnee .u cent. ou ny , ,. uenient.
For the next 30 Days
Unparalleled Bargains!!
Dry Cfoods and Clothing !
to be sold at a
These Goods are of the VERY BEST QUALITY,
and are offered at remarkably
Iow Prices
Previous to the arrival of our FALL STOCK.
Let every one call and be convinced ,that we mean
business, and that goods of the same quality were never
before offered at such low figures.
HAll the Upper Town busses will stop at this
store each way.
Astoria, August ,'io, 1882.
700 Acres! Eairyor Stock Farm.
Valuable Timber Land.
5t Jlsilrj Cow. -J Tlircoquur
(cr Xcvsvy Hull. 2 Iforcs.
I Volte Worfr Oxen, 2 3111k
W'ugons. Farm ami Dairy Im
plt'iiH'Kts u:ul Furnlttirr.
"( ton. II:iy.
Brace up the. whole sy.stem with King
or the Wood. See Advertisement.
Elegance aiid Purity.
Ladies who appreciate elegance and
purity nro using Parker's Hair Hal
sam. It is the best articlo sold for re
storing gray hair to its original color,
beauty and lustre.
As spring with its changes of
weather creates a 1 evolution in the
very bowels 01 tne eartii. so does
Pfunders celebrated Oregon lllood
Purifier create the desired change in
the human system. .Send in your or
ders direct to Pf under it Co., or anv
wholesale house in Portland.
Foi Dy.spepsiaandLiver Complaint,
vou have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Shiloh's Vitalier. It never
fails to cure. Sold by W. E. J lenient.
I lie utiute laliiuhse lricrt Is fur
SAL!' nt a wrj Ion ::iinil-icnieiil, lz.
XD.OilO. one i III rtl of which can
.(ami 011 ZI2rtgn;;e.
It Ls .situated on Lewis and Clark's- Itiver,
7 utiles south of Astoria, and 2 miles from
Clatsop lcali. Tliere is a good steamboat
lanuinsr niiion is acccssioic to any ni tne u.
It, &N. Co's river steamboats. About half
ol tlieTw acres is tide land, well bridged, on
which cattle keep fat the year lound. The
other half, level timber land, and about 200
acres In lame gra. Thousands or eords or
hemlock, fir ami sjniec can be cut. worth
tun dollars and a half at the landing
to which tliere is a good wagon road from
all point. Kerv cord cut finds a ready
mniKet. In addition, tliere Is any quantity
of mill lumber and go kI piles. Good dwcll
im; lioifep. barn, and necessary outhouses,
wllh an orchard nt 10 or 12 acres, containing
:dmnt all kinds of fruit bearing trees, etc.,
etr. This desirable property has a frontage
of two nnlcs on the river hank, and is :m
ininiDlv adapted for settlement by a com
pany desiiing to colonic, as it Is large
enough to divide into several farms aud
hometead1 The contemplated bridge be
tween Astoria and ClaLnp plains connects
on this property. Party wUblng to sell Is
now supplvpig Astoria with milk, and If de
sired will hand over good will and business
to the purchaser of the property.
If not sold before September loth, at pri
vate sale, the whole property will be sold bv
catalogue sale, at Public Auction, to the
Happy Greeting to All !
I The Empire Store
AVxt Door io tliv I'ythlun Ittiihliug j
K now open with : very iHet au1 i-ompleto itock of
; DRY G0QB8 $ MW9N9, j
Ladies' and Children's Shoes. 1
For the genuine .1. U. Cutter old
Donrbon. and tho best ol wines liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Clem
opposite the bell tower, and see Campbell.
Fabre's Ice cream is the best.
1' ice cream every day at Frank
Fabre's. Families .supplied in -any
quantity by leaving order. Also the
finest oysters cooked to order. Frank
Fabres oysters and ice cream are known
everywhere as par excellence.
If you want to see a fine job of me
chanical work, call and see a set of
nickle-plale measures made at .1. A.
Montgomery's. TJioy don't do any but
first -class work.
For Dilliouanesa and Sick Stom
ach, try a dose of the OP.EGOX
BLOOD PURIFIER. A vegetable j
remedy. i
highest bidden, for cash, on Friday Septem-
ber loth. 1.'. at ll a. m. Title Warranty
l'er further particular-, apnlv to
E. ('. HOLDEX, Auctioneer
and Ileal Estate Agent.
Boat Found.
a small unpalnted .skin, with homo
made oats, and one pair of rowlocks. Uoat
mav he had lv proving property and paying
charges. B. C. lvIXDKKD.
iST'Clerks conversant with the English, German, Scan
dinavian and French languages will be in attendance.
Astoria, August i!fi, 168-J.
Whate'er besides ou chance to want.
Ne'er hill short of SOZODOXT.
Hut always keep it in yoursight, '
A source ol ueauty aim uengm, ;
To cleanse your teeth till with your smile I ASTORIA
The most fastidious you beguile. - -
I. "W. CASE,
''oiner Chenamus and Cass streets.
- - - OREGON
M. MEYER Proprietor.
Less Quantities, - - 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - . " " $ I SO per Dozen
VSpecIal attention paid to orders from l'ubllc Houses and Families;-
jCU. C
!inHirter and holesale dealer In
Cigars and Tobacco, Smoker's Ar-
Mr. A. Malcolm lias received a
fine stock of ladies' wear, selected in
San Francisco by Mrs. Derby, and has
also secured the services of a first-class
milliner. Lace ties, et, of fashionable
Style and reasonable prices.
r. s yur t
7l.i. tvill -nii Ariiirrh i lutt. vl.iW.I. m l '" MX. m
Cure will give relief. Price
10 cLs :0 cts and .?!. Sold Iy W. K. I e-,
nieiii. - 4.:-. rat -j r..i
' lerv tc tc
-On the Pacific Coast, coughs ; Thc laniest Wld finest st'ock of Meerschaum
colds are invariably caused by a dc-: and Amber goods in the city. Particular at
rancod Liver nnd Stomach. For n, tentton paid to onlers from the countrj'. and
euro remedy, use tho Oregon Rlood
Cheiuiinus street, Astoria, Oregon.
Orders left at the GERMANIA BEEl UALL will be promptly attended le.
, --