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Pill DAV
AUGUST 11. ISsa,nasic by Pr.if. Francis ami D. A.
f.Mondnr Kv.'ojitt-a.
Pimm iiii-j:. mj Pi:oiriKrnt:s.
.!..,'.. JSllihl'WI, 'rtlAS
Twins of Siibscr.'i-tion .
t6nISFwmr.irM -lU;I,lj,, , , T - . .ii- v i-
t-rr.U.j tsjiJ.twiraK.aih- . f.J j0. ted the ALms. and "Almi-dMli tn-1
br(.- -y mf.l.bc ytsr .. " J, tertalnjiijjhcr sister's ttiu." The ul-
or ...sntecrii. jtiTOtcd m0(llllation f 3!, Monroe,
w ii!ioni"iuier.uinsprii'u uj mejiar an
bc.:.tcofr..ersla:,re,.crmnnth. !sccIll. flin Diclcen uliilc her histri-
rr-nsiontndverti,inn. by the day or e.k.j ; .,. f dl.inons,ratcil ;n
"J"iik Daily .vstoriax iriff he i-tnt ln
miilat"ccnti( a mtmlh.frccof poxtaye. Head
er irho eontt inflate absence f rum the city can
iuivf The Astokian' fUinr them. Daily
ur Wkekly f'7to;ii? o anu nt-opicc Kith
out ttddittoiial crjicnte. Athlresnc mau l
ztuingcd an often ax tlejtircd. Ijmcc urAcrr at
the. cfftintintJ room.
-The Astoria took out the .Fas. A.
Garfield yesterday.
- Portland is to have six more
miles uf water mains.
-Dr. V. W. Gtesy, of Aurora, is
in the citj', on a short seaside sojourn.
- Tito Yamhill Reporter man has dis
covered a "German stiver ' mine, -lie
expects to find a ledge with out crop
ping showing freo brass, next.
-John Fitzgerald, a Portland ship
carpenter, was killed at Itock Island,
on July .'ilst, for the sum of 20 which
he had incautiously displayed.
The safe of ICroetz tfc Kratz, at
East Portland, was robbed of 6,")02.u0
last Sunday morning, and no clue can
be found to the mysterious loss.
Mrs. E. T. Crawford, wife of
Prof. Crawford, Supt. of the Portland
public schools, died last Wednesday
night. The funeral will take fplace at
Salem, to-day.
David Fauset died at the hospital
yesterday morning. He was a woll
known character around town; the
remains will be interred at eleven
o'clock this morning.
Cannerymen are busily engaged
in gathering up and housing stores
and plant of all kinds. Contracts are
being made for a considerable quan
tity of new work for next season.
Those who take a trip on the
I. S. K. Co.'s or Shoalwater bay Co.'s
lines will do well to stop at the Pacific
House at Oysterville. Carruthers
knows how to keep a hotel, and will
make it pleasant for all summer so
jonrners and travcleis.
The Palouso Gazette man shows
good grit. Though burned out, and
down to bed-rock lie never missed an
iBsue of his sprightly paper, but kept
right on as though nothing had hap
pened. As a newspaper man ho is a
success and is bound to win.
The directors of school district
No. 1, have decided that school shall
begin on the first Monday in Septem
ber. The following corps of teachers
has been engaged for tho ensuing year:
T. R. Coon, Mrs. T. R. Coon, Miss
Carrie Field, Miss Dcra Radollet.
The Wallaceton, which has been
lying in the stream for the past two
weeks, on account of some hitch in
reference to taking on flour, is now
about ready to clear. She has taken
on thcflour, and will probably load
about 1,500 more cases of salmon.
The Dalles is reported to bo full
of sneak thicvos and swindlers. Thcro
are a few of both classes in Astoria,
though, for the last few weeks tho
itinerant peddlers and fakirs have
mostly left. That chap with the soap
swindle, whore all the money went
"to the firm," was the worst of all.
Astoria is getting to be head
quarters for all kinds of marino re
pairs. There is always a vessel of
ome kind being refitted. Time was,
not so very long ago when all that had
to a to Portland; now our machinists
do it as well and at far less cost to the
owners of the vessels.
Boarding house runners are not
the only ones who shanghai. North
ern California farmers so 'tis said
drive big header wagons into town,
and whenever they find a drunken
man, scoop him in, and once on the
ranch they coerce him
work in the merry har
h. 1 it 11
is paper, and the paper coolly re-
marked aflenrard that the only way
of explaining this seeming mysterious
affatr is tliat tho Lord wanted to
catch him while he wrb prepared.
A Western man was struck by a J line. 3; Fleetwood. 14: and the Fleet-
. ....... . . ...i ivnrul mil In Carrel: TViint fmil-iiwr !,.-
clime and killed shortly alter lie Hail i lnlin) whll.h ,s ahou, ; mi, joiVntn.
u tin live vears back subscrintioii to and landed out .. minutes behind the
Last Even5's Entertainment.
, im. .. c i . !
I he performance rit evening was
! .... V .
:t rfnmitr iilnieiit Tin rffvf?im. 1
,s A "
uieiit began with some iiinriuncntal
jMcInto-Ji with a piano aecin;nni
; incut by Alias VanDu.-ui.
Mim Monroe then appeavo.l aii.l i
'read from -'David Coppertiold,- fol-
11 '
: lowed by a recitation "The Char-
J coal Alan." ( Hiier recitation and
. readings elicited tin- applause of the
t .kir1kak.k ... .. . ..t ...... !!.... W. !.
vOIOtt ttllS OlSUjaveU III lite (ioaill I
her dramatic tendition of that part of
"Itomeo and Juliet," where Juliet,
wavering between hope and fear, swal
lows the polinn given her by Friar
A beautiful cornet obligato, "Then
You'll remember Ale," was enthusias
tically encored, and was responded to
by that lovely air "The Heart bowed
down with weight of Woe,"
At the close of the entertainment,
Miss Monroe announced that fthe
would give another reading to-morrow
evening, at the sameiiule stating the
programme, which is an attractive
W. H. Weathcrby has disposed
of his interest in the Eagle cannery
and will remove to California for a
time on account of ill health.
The Dalles Mountaineer .says: Wo
leant from our neighbor, Hon. Robt.
Ma3's, that there has been marked at
his yards 10,000 head of cattle which
have been sold to Lang fc Ryan to go
East over the plains. This, together
with 1,000,000 pounds of avoo! and
80,00( mutton sheep, shows that
Eastern Oregon has elements of pros
perity which are constantly increasing
in value -and are not dependent upon
A funny story comes from Clacka
mas of two men, who, each owning a
mule, wanted to get up a race. Each
mule was given a pint of whiskey,
and when that dose became active in
their frames, they turned on their re
spective owners and chased them into
the timber. One man broke his leg,
and the other had a narrow; escape
from being o vet come by the hilarious
quadrupeds. The race has been post
poned. If you want to speculate in lay
ing off town lots for an accessible sea
side resort you have a good chance to
do so to-day. The western boundary
of the 100 acres comprised in the
Collinberry farm runs along as tine a
portion of the ocean beach for bathing
purposes as there is between Point
Adams and Tillamook head, and it has
the advantage of being but three
miles from Skipanon landing or two
from Fort Stevens, thus avoiding a
long and dusty ride, besides lwing in
close communication with Astoria.
We have received a programme
of the Stale Teachers' Association,
which meets at Salem August L'lstJ
aad continues three days. The pro
gramme stys that no effort will be
spared to make this the most profit
able and entertaining set-siou ever held
in this sta'tc. An excellent programme
of work has been an-anged, able teach
ers have been secured to present the
different topics before the association,
eminent men and women will deliver
addresses, read papers, and give elocu
tionary readings and recilatiotw dur
the evening sessions, for the edifica
tion and entertainment of the gen
eral public as well as for the teachers
who may be present. Music of su
perior excellence will bo furnished
for each session, and everything pos
sible will be done to render the meet
ing both highly profitable and enter
taining. The session will be held in
the legislative hall of the capitol
building. The principal lines of rail
roads and steamboats will sell round
trip tickets to all persons attending
the association at a reduction of forty
per cent, from the regular rates.
Tlte Fact lu the Cane.
As a statement has appeared in your
paper concerning the running time of
the steamers Lurline and Fleetwood, in
which it is claimed that lite former made
the better time, we would place the
facts beforr the public On Julv 31st
the Lurline went through, making but
one landing. The Fleetwood ran throuch
Skatnokawa slough two miles further
and made 18 landings. The Fleet-
Avondlefc Astoria ir: minutes ahead and
Lurline'.s. August 7th, landings Lur-
I iJUltUlf UUH IV I L -VMWHU UUL 1L 111 i; lilies
.lhPart Fi.KF.TxxVmi.
i .Itnn -..! InTf tl.l.: !... 1
j Just before you start fishing Salttr-
day night, you must be sure am? get one
of those six-foot leaders, and nook liooks
at tho City nook store.
j arrived In Portland 2li minutes behind
mto fmin to tIie ljUrline- .Xtra lime used by Fleet-
vest field. wood's time K hour belter tliau the
..., m.,.:. v:..n;... . i tr..-i
state xs Utri. Sullivan and Frank
ffkltitccti ilnft-c
i..',... . .... .. . ,. .
. .ra"l.?"Is " "" """ - ,
noon to plead. :td da.x-
noam guilty entered, each sentenced
' to penitentiary for one year.
.I.e. Chapman v, Julia and B. Kohn-.
irt li t 'linum in WintAii fill nlfT
Fulton for dcf:.
Jc to file complaint. I .lay.
I l(iiiiiriT m'nrni iil Ji:nv lill Si.tftir-
d..x.lo plead further. .
mS ,,n,'n v" a ,: A" V ( "' ,M
yL m) Kilim.x Vs, .;.. n,..uh ,., :,i.
Iliitfiii tfk innL'ti tiktft ittaiitt mrki
joveiruled. Oth ilwv.
j)C,nrr,-jr overruled, le.iw Jo fi'.c an-
( m.
! F-,.uv L F lien-.
luilouicnt for nln 1."U and eoK.
Vndtew O. fhri-taiiiMMi. naturaheil.
. . ,,, -r i ii m i-
Mate of Oregon -Merohe!I .MurHuiio.
Arraigned. aliened till tu-da to plead.:
Mate of Oregon vs Peter Carlson.
Arraigned, allowed till lo-d:n to plead.1
Admitteil to bail in sum of Siono.
State of Oregon vs do. Ki. and J.o. C.'f.'
Arraigned and allowed lill to-da Jo'
plead. .
Mate of Oregon Tho-. Mitehell.
Case dismissed. ;
In the matter of the assignment ot
Davich. Assignee discharged.
P. A. .lohnson ys O. II. Wineenr on
All night session.
Should be Kept Down.
The conflict between white labor
and Chinese cheap labor which has so
long been waged in California has at I
last reached Oregon and Washington j
territory. It is not a matter of argu
ment as to which side to take. First,
last, and all the time, any attempt to
engraft the system of Chinese peonage
on this northwest coast should bo
fought. Tpou tho successful repulse
of Chinese labor Ylcpcnds the future
peace and prosperity of this common
wealth. In Salem, a short time ago, a sub
scription was raised to build a woolen
mill. The amount icqtiired was
pledged. Some of tho subscribers
put in a proviso at the time they sign
ed their names that no Chinese should
be employed in the building. This
was eminently right and proper.
Their subscriptions are now refused
by reason of that restriction clause.
In Seattle, in a street contract involv
ing several thousands, a firm of Chi
nese contractors were allowed to put
in a bid, and of course they went
away below their white competitors.
They should not be allowed to bid,
nor should they be allowed to work in
the Salem mill. If it simply involved
a question of present dollars and
cents it would be ridiculous to make
such discrimination, but it is a far
reaching matter, and involves the
future wretchedness or happiness of
every class of society in this state and
adjoining territory.
Classen v Oerkwilz have bought the
branch Candy stoic next to Stevens &
Cos hook .store, and will hereafter run
both place. Freh eandy always on
The new firm of B. F. Stevens & Co.
aie trying to please all. dive us a call
and we will prove the assertion.
A meeting of Alert Hook and Ladder
Co. is hereby called for this (Friday ev
ening at 7 o clock shart, for the intnose
of nominating candidates for depart
ment onicers at the coming lireman.s
election. A full attendance is requested.
C. Bitou.v, .1. O. Bozoutm.
Hecretary. President.
Regular auction sale of furniture
and bedding, carpels, etc., Aug. 12. 2 i
3i.. at Ilolden'.s auction room.
E. (. Auctioneer.
The Coflinberry Dairy Farm, lOi
acres on Clatson Plains, will Imj old to
the highest bidder at IJ olden s auction
rooms to-day. At the request or panics
interested in the sale, who aie iu atten
dance at the District court, the hour of
selling has been changed irom eleven
o'clock to VJ, noon, when the court ad
journs Tor ranch.
Koith on UatN."
The thing de.-ired found at last. Ask
Druggists for Rough on Hat." It
clears out rats mice, roaches, Hies, bed
bugs. I.V. boxes.
The new Empire store with the finest
and lie-t selected stock of dry goods and
ladies' shoes ever brought to Astoria,
will open in Johnson's new building,
about the middle of August, by Pracl
Wanted to Rent.
Housexif live to seven room--, for fam
ily of two. For a suitable house a good
rent will be paid. Apply to this Office.
Special JVotire.
For the next sixty days I will dispose
of my goods nt a sacrifice to make room
for new stock. My goods are of the best
quality, were bought from first hands
and will be sold so cheaply that anyone
wanting anvthing in the line of books,
jewelry, toilet atticl.. variety goods,
etc.. can get them at a lower price than
elsewhere. Oo to Cat I Adler.s Variety
AMtona Ice Depot.
Frank Fabre is now prepared to sup
ply families, restaurants, hotels, saloons.
etc., with pure mountain iceon the prem
ises. Fresh ice cream every day. Balls
parlies and dinners supplied with ice
cream at snort nonce.
-A new show window has been ad -
tied to the City book store.
Wo have just received a nexv lot of
jewelry, fishing tackle, ant stationery
at the City book store.
Novelties In household ai tides at
Its Wonderful Efficacy.
Vn rctncilv ever discnx'Pred imismsms ,
n-meuj tur uiaiux-en-u jhimm -1
n,,, ,,,inrr,.i nftionev of Svnm f p;
'Plirt nnt -Stf ifit It ivliinli if nriiAl !!
- " ""'1V " .... "7" -TI ""
impurities from the system, at the .same
time giving lone to the liver, stomach
'and bowels, placts it ahead of all other
.,,... .' .. llotlill!r of , ..,..,
- . . ...
more easily taken, u is selling xer;,
niphlly. V. E. Dement, I jnjssbt. l,a
K..i.i ix..i,i'l fnr X..!iin?i
n.'u... Daxis A-Vo.. wholesale agents'
l.r:ni..l. Oregon.
Elegance and Purity.
Ijidii whi appreciate e'c-jMULv and
puny aif usm: Parker's H-iir Bal
sam Ir :.- the hest article sold for re
tiini; !r hair to its oriind color.
Renal y am! losti e.
- -
Always Refraslnne.
.it-- i - " . i i
, A deJinons odor is nnp.itted by
J' " ,.,ogue, uicu is aiways
lvfivshnig, no matter how treely tited. i
Knrnlilirl ItnoniH to !.
At Air-.. aI unions lodging Iioum'.
" .
Wootl for Sale.
1 have about .-".v hundied and fifty
cords of dr hem'ock, whicli I will sell
for cash at S:J.7ri per cord. 1 will deliver
; the wood to mv customers.
j . K.JL.Muno.v.
I A law bottles of your indeed valua
ble medicine, cnllori Ptnmlft-'s flr.'nti
1M . , .,-r. , . ,- , ,
Idontl Punlier, has entirely cured my
rheumatism of 10 years' standing.
Roseburg, Ogn. H. Sl'hwmitz.
--The "Always handy1 stovepipe
shelves at John A. Montgomery's.
Wedding im.eiiK' beautiful and
appropriate at Carl Adlcr'.s.
.Birthday presents, baskets, albums
cwelry, etc., at Carl Adlcr "s.
Carl Adlcr's babj' carriage-, must le
seen to he appreciated. Stop in and look
at them.
Fabre's ice cream is the best.
A sure cure for dyspepsia.
before meals as directed.
Shipper & llvhke. No. 11. Oak .street
Portland, are the bon ton tailor of the
No specific for local skin ailments
can cope iu popular favor with Gi.kxn's
Srr.PHL'i: Soap. "Hill's H.vii: axi
WinsicKi: 1)yi:,,.-0cis.
and Toxic IxvifiOK.vrei: impaits
strength to body and mind. Tnkcvo
other. Of druggisL".
For lame Back, Side or Chit two
Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 'J3 cents.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
Catarrh enred, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catanii Rem
edy. Priee3) cents, Masai lnjeetnr free.
FoV sale by W. E. Dement.
Sleepless Nights, made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy tor you. Sold by W K. De
ment Wilt you sutrer with Dispcpsia and
Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's Yitalizer is
guaranteed to cure you. Sold by W. K.
That Hacking Cough can be so
quickly cured bj' Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by W. K. Dement.
Shiloh's Cough ami Consumption
Cure, is sold by u- on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold bj W. K. De
ment. New rich blood obtained by using
Shiloh's VHalrer is what on need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite. Di.
7mtss and all symptoms ot Dyspejisia.
Price 10 and 7" cents per lwdtle. Sold
by W. K. Dement.
J. (t. Davidson, photographer. Port
laud, still retains the negative- taken at
A.sloria last year, and will furnish dupli
cates from t'liein on shnit notice. His
landseain; views are much admired and
iu large demand. dw lm
If Mm want nice fiesh lard, or good
sugar-cured Iumus. ju-d from the coun
try go to F. B. Klber-on's bakery.
No more good weight at the orient j
Baths. Three, first-clas barlicrs. Alh
work guaranteed. Childrens hair cut
ting a specialtj. J.O. Cha::ti:i:.
Fancy soaps and perfumer, of all
kinds can be found at J. W. Cntiii"- drug
store, opposite Occident hotel.
Fine cutlery at Carl Adler-.
P. J. Goodman, on Cheimmus street,
has just received tho I.dcst and
fashionable st'e or gents and ladies
1 oots. shoes, etc. Agent in Astoria for
the famous Mo.tow iioes.
Fresh taflfy and caramels everj tla
at the Astoria Candy Factory, Main St.
John P. Classun.
Bemembcr Frank Fabre"' ice cream.
It is par excellence.
Fresh ico cream every dav at Frank
Fabre's; Families supplied in any
quantity by leaving order. Also Hie
liupst oysters cooked to order. Frank
Fabres oysters and ice cream are known
everywhere as par excellence.
For that Headache! Try the Ore
gon BLOOD PURIFIER," the vege
table remedy, it's tli'e cure.
Fresh fruit received at O. A. Max's bv j and San Francisco beer, call at he (i era
exery .steamer. Xo skde trash. Kverc j opposite the bell toxver. and see Camp
xariel.x of Oregon and California fruit , bell,
alxvays on hand. j
-Mcintosh has received the largest
and most complete stock of hats in the
city. Men's sizes from (ft" to 7..
What is nicer on a warm dav than a
dish of that exquisitely llax'oivd ice
cream itiai ri.uiK. raorc uianes.
Atr .Inlin Unfrora nt tlw. (Vntr-,1 1..
i, --""' ..."" -'ft
l L has made arrangemens to keep al
' hc fintot frCsh fish-ct-in th
-Physicians' jirescriptions carefnllx
comi)oundcd dav or night at J. W. i
Hotel8 ln,g Sl0rP' lipnSitC ccU,cnli
A nexv stock of stoves oi the latest ! ',,1,is rn,c Iia3 an exception in Pfun
styles at John A. Montgomery'!?. i der'a Oregon Blood Purifier. Try it.
Tln ireat Autraliati Komeilyror
nHtU IV1 I I O IVl I
Toolltnclie. Xcu raffia, I3;iclaclic
Sciatica, ;ut. r.umbngo.
Sprnius uiid Swellings,
ISuciis uixl Son his.
Hriiiscs.lIiMHliH'lio. Frosted Feet
mill 1-airs. Soro Throat. Pain
iu the Chest, KsirAohr.
Corns ami Itiinions.
And all llodily
Tin-, rennw in-d Australian KeiiiCitvisniailc
eUnlveIy t" Australian lierlw. frown by
the Cenuaiis unite rosewood scrub district,
(Jiteenslatid. AtiMmlia. who make herli cul
ture a specialty. It does not contain av
iMttxnnotis ingredients wh:iteer. and ti tne
iu the world for tli?aliie complaints.
A IVrfcrt Cure Guaranteed in Kv-
ery Comi.
It coits lint raj eents per bottle, and it Ls
simply foolishness fnr those who are sutler
int; pain not to use it.
Full Directions accompany each llottle.
Sold ly all Drupjiists and Patent Medicine
PROF. .11. A. SCOTT & CO.,
Mole IronrietoiM A. .llauufucturcrH
Xos. 1 '3 and 2- Itridse street, Ballu
rat, Victoria, AuKtrnliu.
AllKKM'iX DEPOT - - Snnla Clara, t'nl.
XV. V.. !K3IKXT, Sole A sent for
As twin, O rccon.
Wholesale and retail dealers In
Wood anil Willow-ware,
Tobacco. Cigars. Wines and Liquors
Fruits and Vegetables
General Commission merchants
Xct to Oregon K;tih:: .; Xav. co's Dock.
To all who aie suite-ring from the
errors and iudi-eietioiis -f youth, nerv
ous weakness, rail. dce:fcy. los- of man
hood, etc. 1 will send a recipe that will
cure you FIIKK OF CIIAKOK. This
great lemedj was discmcrcd h a mis
sionarx in.S.iiilli America. Send a self
addressed emrlnpe to the IJe. Jost:in
T. I.vm.w:. Station D. New Vork City.
Ken in and crv.
Wells tli-a!th Itenewer. greatest icm
eil on earth for impotence, leanness.
-eMial iMiihtx. etc.. .l. at druggists.
Oregon DejM.t. DAVIS tc CO., Poitlaiul,
Biaee up the whole .sy-tcm with King
of the Blood. Sec Aiheitiscnienl.
True h:tppuic.s.s i.- derived from the
ii -e of Pfunder'.s Oregon Blood Puri
lier. People who have tried it onco
never give it up, liecause they want to
remain happy.
Cntnvrli ortltc Itladtlcr.
Stinging, smarting, irritation of the
urinary p't-ssages. disea.sed discharges,
cured lv Ruchujiaiba. SI, at druggists.
I Oregon Depot. DAVIS & CO., Portland,
The Peruvian syrup has cured thou
sands who-wcresnifcrine from dvsnen
sia.debilHy, liver complaint, boils, hu
mor, female complaints, etc. Pamph
lets free to any address. Seth W.FowI
1 & Son Boston.
For the genuine J. II. Cutter old
i Bourbon, and the best ot wines, liquors
(.-f,"r'. M,-,u,ar ,mve,sl t,,e,la
i ,,ri -u3r3 . .
j Lessons given in Wax and Pi
tloxvers taught in the latest .style. An-
x at the Cilx Book store.
Anx one xxishiug xvells cleared or
Jogs iiamox'edouit'kly and in good shape.
' "T,? " "'v,",""."'.- ""..' -'"': ....j-v.
win enquire at .lonn tiogers, cciurat
' ' ...-.umw. . .i ....-, iU .,
much thought of by people having
tried ever so many mixture, pills, etc.
I have removed to tin?
And have, Yithout a Single Exception, '
The Finest and Best Arramefl Store in itaot.1
i -. .
Xew Goods Received by Every Steamer in . "
Call and Inspect Stock and Get Prices Whether You
Purchase or Not.
No trouble to show goods. "-,, -
ASTORIA, June 3, 188?.
spsoiaxi kjrjroxjjq-ogiBtXBma?.
Less Quantities,
Bottled Beer, . -
WSpeeinl atlrution jiaid to orders
torOrdets left at (lie CERMAXIA ItKERt 11ALL will le j.ioruptly uttended to.-
LOE.B & CO.,
5 1
.1 E KS IX
Best San Francisco Houses and
0r-AIl;oods sotd tit San fninclsco Prices.
Opjioslte Parker House, Astoria, Oregon.;
Department Election.
general Election ot the Astoria Fire De
partment will be held on Monday, August I ,,.,, 11Mj n... rMimiB
N.lietiiccntbelionr!ioClOA.M.and4P.3i..IBI,NMl "a L"rr -,-ul.
for the purpose of electing a Chief Engineer
and two Assistant Engineers, for the sith
department year.
Election to be held at lower ball of Rescue I
Engine Co. No. 2. !
liulges appointed bj-Hoard of Delegates: (
.1. 3Iacomber, or No. is. t II. Stockton, of,
No. 2s, and A. V. Rerrj. of Hooks. Clerks'
appointed : L. E. Selig, of No. ls. It. S. Vors-
ley. of No. 2s. FRAXK j.TAYL01: '
"sec'yA.F.'D. dtd
House with one lot or a good lot cen
trally located for building purposes. Per- i
oas naving property ror saie xviu pieasc an
dress H ASToniAX Ofllce. tf
Notice to Taxpayers.
inir the State and Countv Poll taxes, and
will continue until all are collected.
Persous having taxable property in flat -
sop County are also requested to give in to
me statements of all such property for as
sessment. W. AV. PAItlvER.
County Assessor Clatsop Co.. Oregon.
Astoria. August 3, 1S82.
Rooms, with Lot GO by 1W) feet. Oav
windows, etc. For further Information antl
rlc inqulrooll C. W. SinVELY.
30 Cents per Gallon
- S I SO per Dozen
from Public House and FamUIs.S)a
If U.K llllliJllUUlJ IU Ilio lilf O
Mllkc usc of the Vegetable Kingdom. Atoo-
I'or the
Vew ar aid CU1,
lVrr. 4:ne, Myitpcast. etc.
-F, ha 4 -tt-f ---" 1i .
h OK
Kldao an.l BUtfUer lsi,
Has Stood the Test
For particulars aad testimonials from Wfll
known people In our State read locals and
Irlif ... fil ai BAtlL
. To insure a cure take six lots for $3.00.
1 Your drm-rU keetis and reeommendsJ
. " urui-iKeep.juiurecoiniena'w.
Aik for, and see that you get the genuine;
Annual MteiiM
. holders of the O.F.L.&B. Association
will tic held Ht tbc hall of Beaver Lo4f No.
S3, immediately after its session on Tbundar
nlght. August i-itli. for the election ot offi
cers for tho ensuing year, aud for tho tnuut
actlouotftuch other ouslneas as may coibh
before It. A. J. MEGLEK, Sect.
abBVBrLlBLm 4