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'd'lC ;0";VUi St0X4- The Fourth ofJuly Committee
igggjBeawu-.mjj&sj. Axajut '-wan ujh rrrr mm n,nm,in'
SA.TUKDA1 .Il'LY ir.. 18-j
, ' . . On Tuesday. July 18th. 1882. atSo'clK ... . .., nnn .,,,., .,-,., ..,-u
U:i iinu-ddy evening a i.uge aim, outside the iwr. amidth utwikiiis ,..M in lhe building opposite A ells. A'VrV Affections smarting fteoront
ri,ct,ie mi rr,t , -s K. ,. . w ,,,,, ,is,f seas tssM llfelfe-!
the ruums of Itosciie ieo. 2. to bear! Toy of the temped god who madly ifim. ew j,ih1: of good? which were Vvli SK?in., "" i iiepw, wa n t
llie .epoil I int. J omui i'i . .i i,i, .,,...-.. I vmii reef that hi". 1 f?i.: i.,. ..0,1.1 i.a cn;fv Vqii . --
--i---- - - ----- -!inana''iu! The ahead. Kmneisen creditors. Tl-.p stock consists Husband! I.riug ycir poor sutler-, j
ISSUED EVERY MOP.21ING. ' was in detail, and below we -ivv a' lrt VK,uw,'ONp,,a!Wm loa,! of Mlver aud silt-r plated wan, dam- j,,., Wlfe a bottle "F 1-Tinulor' Or.-gon i Hftte J
. , -' r- areuriu-n . ask bed -qiroad-. towels, dress ".. pinnn priMFTl: ' IF5& )
51imla ,8Uimnaw of us tangent pr-iuls: Acios- a sky that huw- no friend! '.Ti(ntS .shawls "cats furnishing good.-. ii.huu jciiii ;-h. 1
-.HALLmtAN OOMPAST.. i The total Mibscripliom, to the cole-j WiinWhu-broW and w -Kre.hiu,,s -u-ii nnrH?anouunul-i I
!'ri!UMiF.i.i;i'::.nanv. 'hration aggtegatod S1.0JG.'..5, .i this! riven. )0r aftej-noros. TnereAvill beomUe:'t-, eated to Ha; completion by Gr.rxj-'.sJ'
I ; IJnUJiitQ, Cos 1 ml.
T". 7 ... ,, ! I low v.'ill shci.-ucli her -ioal within ..,;.i.i .,',,.1. .-,ri,-... .Im-i.Tim in-nr. Sri.rm'i: soai.
j is i. oe added m iccoivwf tr-mi tue he ,;,rt, Lhemfori and sfaSn of m vat-1 . -Him.V l)vi:. black or lirown.
oan commuter. maKing wie iimoiiii. 1
hall committer, making the amount I . . . ron. ThfCXiioiisinust Infold, and if j tufj rti.
rrrmso Subscription. jto be aw.,,.1 !.y tho ,,n,aiac, j 0,hf.f':,,' " '0",,, !",rt iS1;.l,!Voii.:S;!.,,, -Mple- NlSiuoiscrabtej
w-ii-l J. Cmr. per vk -r',tsjl,li5.03. Oi ihi, iS1.7tO was n-.t I The l.iborm--' lurk biimoHii- ilt liilUr ! l Vuniionetr- . by that tprnblf couh. Shiloh's Cre is
-it'ymnil. foiirwimtlii...-. & ',- , ine.,,ri, 4fc , ,, ! bem: the reraedi tr von. MliyU rl)e-
1. .r.u.H.oaawrr. ,Jpsid ill. leawii M.Obo 4., iiithehain.n, Vnd t,w bnnc crPft viUH ,iiiiiW mr . .... men:
-ror ..f iv.tnSB ioulrIt. lof the committee t., l.B jaul out. Of, ' "jJ- , -,b. ns . ' -1- ' , t,,r larm.- Back. Side V Chest uiej
-.tvoriioiaon:.- ii'ertcJ by thexer it
'n- rato of SI o'J por pquuro par month.
rrnnient nilvertisins. by tho dnjr or vcok,
5ly enH per square for each insertion.
teinr,c?r.s domt
prizes SiOt: decorations, .f GS..": innch j . it I can hp cojiqucr i::u-ii jjiaiU
$102.2."i: ehnwdftr. S'.)1.8.": music. 1
S237 T0; Hbrity car, .rClS; team, i
S10.00; stationery, 12.80; drayae and
lexprcasagc $17.00; beer S3ti.i3; jiriut
Voiir Wi!V Want
-. ... .. ... .
ii...- wi n... .. i...R!t...nL . uneoj iiioseon v,oo-: lieai ami -mi-:
Their anifrv iTivi
1 Forsile by W. II. Dement.
I tVil: ou suffer with Dispepsia ami
! Liver Complaint V Sliilnh's Vitalizer is
1 have reirjoved to the
Titi: Daily Astoria n rJ
mall at 73 cents u month, frceof potaijc. Head
er irho coniemplatrabtcncefiom the cltu can
'iavf Tin: Astoman foUme them. Daily
.i Wkkki.y 1ition to Aim vn-nflcf with
out additional cxpente. Addrewfi man he
:( njtd an often ax tU-xlrfd. Ixatr order at
(he counting room.
-The LanccGeld and
Bain aro utiil outside.
The Northwestern Marriage In
surance company ib "busted.' Empty
is the cradle, baby's gone.
The Annie Johnston is said to bo
tho first American iron bark thnt ever
sailed into the Columbia river.
The Jag. Duncan mailed for tho
United Kingdom Thursday with whoat
aboard to tho value ef $38,C47.8."i.
Jacob Gcvdcs, of Portland, was
thrown from his buggy last Thursday
night, and probably fatally injured.
Regular communication of Temple J
Lodge,No. 7.A.F. iy A.M., this even-!
ing at 7:30 o'clock. By order W. M. j
l xfnf Lingf3"-'5", painting, 7.80; this makes'.
a total of S1.0S2.23, loaving a lul-j
auce in the hands of the tie surer f
The above is a condensation ot the
disbursements: ihc individual ainminis
subscribed, and the itemized vouchers J
tor each urn pam aie m me nanus oi
the secretary, I. j. Wnr-ley, and m
be seen )y auy one desiring t d sn.
v.-Miient. Ske oiu- at FostorV.
Ulord norefnlf " lo run on
IStlhvCfiKl 11)11 .f-M JleiXtt. ll..lllf.Ilt
jiuiun i - .-v.... ...
r,,on.Milioi..iitf-irp.a.v.wi.miin'j w , i... ......i..!
.vim uy . r-
.Tai. O.
A Tide Gauge.
One of the neatest mechanical de
vices we have seen is uo in course of
construction by Ben Wowley, who is
tho originator uf the ilea. at iV. 2s
engino hotije. In the rear of lhe en
gine a hole is bored ihrmigh the lioer:
thnaigh this inns a ?ieder Imiss
chain, having at iti extiemity a Hut
disc, which tloats on the water. The
chain runs thnmgh a pulley attached
to the ceiling, and on the other end
is a bob '.villi reel attachment. On the
wall direciJy in front of t ho entnmce,
and close beside thin hob m a black
board, with a graduated cale, and as
i.. TMieriai :u r.iiiu.-inrjii ii" m-t-n m
, Siv Cai 1 AdJer o thai on uleribe
Ouuddc the the -.tonn lifinU wildly i f)r an. palmer. majaine. or iM'riodieal
inockiii" IpublNhed in the 1'nded Mate. orL.u-
Vt human weakm.. nnt- in at.-: rope, at publisher-.' prices. .So save time tand nionc' by leaiiij your subsenp-
WJiilo in their nil til.-- -sni-P lh. 3hi "u :" ' .v,
is rockinj
Cuas..Stkvi:.'s .v: n.v.
A prey to everj deiiinn- eliamjeful
-im1"' . , w s.u x. ii.-,.i r entiie .stock of moulding", and
Lhe wav to port Klhiuimh ih-c fraine of all kinds, bntekets anil wall-
breaker-, standiug inickets.aJso a le: of other -'oods. will
i -ii:e ioeiuau senum-a, in uni. :ci war. ,d t t ,., ,;ity ink .Store
V. i- -lortne n-xit nri ays.
The Jiavi-n ir her hope- within thej
bur. j
Outside tlit- the oi-ean oh-es
Ami night betnN over all her deathly
Witlliu the Jlat.sotne tender heart Io
If ships will liml their leftiui- ne.irthc
Now for the ake of Uiom- oiu .plritn
Who to-.s upon tempostuous -.ce. afai,
Pray that llie bark beleauuered may
not perish,
I'.iit anchor safel et within theltar
Catanh cured, health and sweet
breath eeuied by bhiloh's Catarrh Uem
iily. Price ."0 cents. Masai Injector free.
FoVsalcbyAV. K. Dement.
Sliihih Couih and Consumption
Cure i sold by us on guarantee, it I
cures consumption, .'soiii uy v. . r.. ue
meut. .Vovelties in household articles at
-Professor A. h. Francis will bemj a.l falls with the tide,
town in a day or so. Parties whing, . . - uM hh
to have pianos tuned will bDar tins "i tlti lj(k. j aIlll uh,Ulf.:. ir is U(rvsl,,,0
lnmu' jt get uatcr in certain localities, or
-in the last number of the Catho-jiuit. l night a tin;-lamp i. substi
lic Sentinel appears a letter giving u.tutcd for the bob, and an- instant's
dencriplion of the cliarituble instirii-j glance at t he blackboard sluurs the fic
tions etc.. of Astoria. jact slate f tiie tid
There is to be a fast mail front i
Suro Sign.
JC... Tt- . (!nn "n-nn.Tc;(.rfc tlin tlTN.i 1
. , , , , ' , i hwiiy e.sabJi.shed .ueusiMuer
train having Ktarted last Thursday.'. , . . . . . ;
m. . . ? ., j receives mbnei ipt ions fruiii lai-ge eiins,
This is good news lo eveiyone on the. ' "
nhieh iiix!f the piiiihslicra, but which
j the Ni v, York Times lat'-ly explained
-If you want a good sewing uia-as follows. -'A wliltah i.n'tchant in
chine with a guarantee from the uianu-i this city wIm had income rich a the
facturers, and at a price that is far be- business, .mv.s hi rule U, thnt when
low tho olo scale, call at N an Diiscn .. jie sens :i bill of goods on credit to
immediately subscribe for the local
paper of his debtor. So long as his
cusiomers advertised liberal"., and
vigorously, he rested; but as ssoon as
he began to contract his adei lining
space, he took the fact ?. evidenco
that there was trouble aiiead. and
invariable went fur the debtor. Said
he. 'The man who is too poor to
make his business known is too poor
to do business.' " The withdrawal of
an advertisement is evidence of weak
ness that business men aie i"t slow to
act upon.
You will find what 3011 need.
General Miles, commander of tho
department of tho Columbia, has or
dered that tho bravo hoys in blue shall
daily practice gymnastics. Increased
allowance of daily rations will also bo
Loob or Co., who sometime ago
inaugurated a new enterprise by es
tablishing a jobbing house in wines,
liquors and cigars, find the trade so
justifies their expenditures as to de
mand large increase of slock.
Tho Allbany firemen will inaugu
rate the opening of their new hoso
house next Tuesday by a blow-out, at J
which J. Iv. Weatherford will orate,
and sundry prizes will be run for.
Tho meager purse offered will not
justify our boys in going up and
scooping it in.
Contract Signed
The contract for the building of tho
brick building for the Odd Fellows of
this city, was signed last Thursday
evening. If is the intention of Mr.
Mayo, tho contractor, to begin work at
once, and though the contract specifiers
'Jau. Lst, 188:5. as the time for c-uiinle-
-The American bark Annie John-jtion of the contract, that gentleman
jitou, arrived 111 yesterday afternoon. J is of the opinion that he can be
Sho left Liverpool March 18th. She
will be remembered as formorly being
tho Ada Iredale, bumed at 3d aud
destroyed, which was after tossing
around for a ycaror more, finally towed
into Tahiti and rebuilt. j
through before then. It is the un
derstanding that as much of the woik
as possible shall be done byAsfmia
To Salmon Shippers.
We have for sale at this otlice an
improved stylo of drawback entry
blank which requires less writing and
is generally more convonieut than tho
Hazel Kirke
"Hazel Kirke." lhe pht which, j
without interruption, held the boards
of Madison Theater, New
York, for sixteen consecutive month",
and which, b loason of its enormous
rim of nearly seventeen hundred con
secutive nights, has surpassed the
longest rim on record, will be offered
al this place ne.t Monday, by the
oiiginal compniry. No othei play fori
many seasons has been 50 waimly
greeted. The author in this plr.y has
successfully leviw-d a chis- 01 dramatic
work that of late vi-hh li-r. fallen tin-
der th.s dti-t of neglect, l'liu class
Loing g -d. iti ivtuiu to the -.tugc. is a
matter to be greet 'd with pleasure. It
may be said I hat in no other play of
the. same cast o is fheio a mm pure
and .siiMple .--:i-it. or si iimiv whole-
ome .-iop.ithy. It ; a conventional !
study from the iiit ti I.tft. but a fine
one. Perhaps sis stiungost claim to
novelty lies in the .-kill in ahieh tho
deeper feelings are so handled as to
avoid the iiaiial el'-ment of evil intent.
There is no villain in the play. What
ever of wrong or suffering it depicts
arises out of mistaken purposes
never out of motives in themselves
dark or impure. Its appeal is thus
made directly and continuously to tho
ircnerous bide of nature. Whatever
emotions it touches aie pure and true.
11h lesson is directed against pi hie and
self-will: but so gently is it taught,
and with so much tenderness, mi warm
an intciest, and o pretty a stoiy of
love, that it glides into the hcait al
most unconsciously.
Get your Mats al Call Adlef'.s to
All of Zola', woik- at Adlei.
llenn ftieville'.s fascinatin-i work's
just leciM'.ed at Carl Adler'-.
Put eh.i--j.Ts for four IoL in Olnevls
A-loria. suitable for lesidunces. One
lot in Shivel'. Astoria suitable lor bus
iness pnrpn-es. Apply to
.I.O. lionl'TII. genl.
We take pleasure in announcing that
the endeasor to produce a nerf-et rem
edy, agreeable to the taste, ami prompt,
painless and elfictive in its action n
the Liter. Moiuaeh and Dowels has
be-ii .sucee-.sful, and that the biller.
natwent:-! imilicine formerlj Used for
the purpose aie n:pidl lM-eoiuimjthimr
of the past. S nip or Fig, is the new
and pleasant remedy and W. D. Dement
Druggist, has been appointed agent for
Astoiia. Hodge. Davis & Co.. whole
sale agents, Portland. Oregon.
For that Headache! Try the O1.1
gon P.LOuD Pl-RIFIKU, the vege
table remedy, it's tho cure.
Fresh ice cream every d:t at Frank
Fabre's. Families supplied in an
ipianlitj bj leailng order. Al-o t!ic
hnest o'y-stc-rs ooketl to order. Frank
Fabre- iyster and ice cream are known
ever where as par exeelhuice.
Ask t see one of those patent fefd-ei-;
at Foster's.
If you want iee cream that is in:
i'icot:i. go to Frank Fabre's.
1. .1. it.oUiiMii, on Chenamiis-treer,
has jut iv-fu.l lhe latest and most
nishfonable stie of jrents and !ad:s
bonis. shoe-. etc. Agent in Astmia for
the famous Morrow shoi-s.
Fabre's iee cream Is the best.
Children-. suits at Mr.. Derby's.
A new .tock of stoves of tho latest
-t les at John A. Montgomery's.
In OIiipj'.s A4toria.
Uot m dm: sroirv and a half.
Has sec rooms, wooil-shed. chicken
house, i-tc. and a iieer-fallinr. Ihinj; snrlns?
of sihxIw uter on the lot. Trlco. 350. Loca
tion, about eli-lit liiitnitrs walk fromlVit-onii-o.
Applvtn l-C. IIOLDEN.
jeO-tf Iteal Kstate Ajient.
1'Iuln and I'aney
Mtt's made 10 the best -tIo fioni
sr. to C0.
Satisfaction Gnarantned.
Ve door 10 Weston House.
And have, Without a Single Exception,
The Finest anil Best Arrowed Store in Orep, j-
? 1
What is nicer on a warm d.i than a
I1.J1 f.f lliot i.vnnilit litiMtt-.-il i.j
!enain that Frank Fabre make-.'
Parti; s wishing groceries, j.iovis
ions or merehundise of any description,
should lene their oidcis with A. Van
Dusen & Co. as they are prejiared to dc
Iicr giids in an pun or the ei! on
the .shoitPl notice.
If ou want nice freh lard, or uoihI
sr.,ar-eureil hams, just from the coun
try go to F. D. I'lbcr-on's bakery.
Mr. John Kogersof IhcCi'iitral .Mar
ket. has made arrangements to keep al
he finest fresh fish, etc.. in their season
Dyspeiitic, ueivous peoph. "out of
I -tuts." Comikx'.s Li0i"ii Ui:i:r will
cure. Tnhc no other. Of Druggists.
For Sale,
mwo ackes or laxd. with oxe-
JL Morv house, situate within 300 feet of
whailat uatbtami-t, Washington Territory,
Trice .--po.
One aeir- of l.iuJ. with two-story house
ltu:te within :& fi-i-t or -kuhc wharf. i'Uce
Fariii of is", acres, with house, and two
Wi.od uliaii''. 1'iniitase one-half inlle on
I'ohtinUa Klver ; Fuat-rc-salilcrlanilnn place ;
siiuati- one mJle from a!oc whaif. Price
For pirli.-iil.-r- c m-nire of Geo. 15. Roberts,
fathlariiei. W. T.. or I-. K. Stronp, Portland,
Orcpoii. d-wlm
Co to Roscoe.s and trv the Dobton
Ciyslal lee Cieaiu. Oecidi-nt Uloek.
Those uniting deal's at tin City biMik
store are the hesi in the eitj . They are
.something nice and durable, ami just
what most .oiiim ladie.s would nnoreei-
ate fmm the giver.
Three scow loads -of dr lir, -pruce
limb, and bark, just reeeivrd and for
sale at (m"d-k.
The Peruvian -yriin ha- eured thm:
sands who were -altering fiom il-iep
sja.debilil, lii-r (Mnudaiiit. lvoif-, hu
mni.s, leinait eompinint-. etc. raiujiii
lel tree to anyaiklrc--.. Set It W. Fow If
A Son- itiKtou.
For tile ueutinie J. 11. (Julter old
Dourbon. and the best oi wines, liiuors
and San Franeiseo beer, call at iheO.-ni
opposite lhe hell lower, and see Campbell.
Exhibit of rhe liuaucial condition of
Clatsiji Count for the fiscal year einl-
Xew Goods Received by Kvery Steamer in
JLlltli Latest Stylos and STov-iltiM
Call and Inspect Stock and Get Prices Whether You
Purchase or Not.
M) trouble io ahoiu goods.
ASTORIA. .June :3, 18S2.
M. MEYER -- Proprietor
- --
inir.luiie.''0. i.Wi.
or.vrv rr.Mi.
lkilauce in Tieastirv,
.1 une :. issi, r: 00
lleceivcil from -saleol
Dond.- i0,000 PO
Kecehed pu-mium 011
P.onds IPOOO
Keceixcd fiom all oth
or sources 17,651 r
Total $i&238 Tj
Does any one of our readers want
a cranberry swamp in New Jorscy, or
a patont pump or a bras3 clock, or a
. . ... 1
grauu piano, or a uox. oi soap, 01 -'.style you aie using. Wc sell thcin as
chance in a lottery? Wc have no 8ojchcap ns ll0y cm ,)0 nnicured eise.
for anything of the kind, though tho where aJlll wi )e jl!casetl to jjjj your
irreprossiblo eastern advertising agents j (UHler W(J Jiave been fnru.'j,-1,
seem to think differently. ; them all the hcason to canncrymen
A special meeting of the Portland jvno hyI5eve -' living a little of
board of trado will be held this after-lhoir rao"ey in Astoria, and they sjy
noon to take steps to prevent the pro- the prefer them to tho old kind.
posed violation of the law for the pro- j
tection of salmon. The Oregonian
asks: "Who has given notice of in-;
tended violation? Who's going to
atop fishing should the law bo violated?
Oregon or Washington?" Give it up.
There is a movement on foot to
build an orphan's homo in this slate,
to bo under tho supervision of tho
Good Templars. It is tho intention
of thoso who liavo the matter in hand
to have the homo located in the town
raising tho most money for its erec
tion. Mrs. Charters is soliciting stib-
icriptiona for the purpose in Astoria,
aud tho good of the cause suggests
that the request inset with substantial
Read the ad. of the General Miles
for to-morrow's excursion. A fine
day will insure a good time.
Scripture informs 113 thai X im rod
was a mighty hunter; Mr. Angus
Sntherlnnd, of Knappa, wouldn't feel
a bit lonesome in Nun's commpany.
Though busily employed, he has this
season trapped aud killed nine bears,
and thinks he may make np the even
dozen before the twelve months ex
pire. Ele;enteen hundred and eleveideen
f the newest and most popular noel
Dickens" work, fine edition, onh ."
cents al Adlcr'.s.
Alert Hook . Ladder o. So. 1.
A special meeting of the above cont
panv is heiebv called to meel Saltirda
coining, the, at K o'clock sharp, to
consider the icport of the Committee 011
Uy Law., applications for membership
and such other bn-me--s as ma conn
before the meeting.
Paid Co. older- 2l,K8uJ
Coup'nson IJoitds 800 00
- Jail Duilding... 0,00912
Mate on Taxi-.. 53 7
lial. in Ti fa uir r-aT :&
Total 33,'.SS 2.VWS.233 20
sTATi: Ft'XI).
A mt 1 e'd iroiuTaes .S 783 03
Count "5S372
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, SI SO per Oosen
cvSpocial attention paid to ordew from l'utdlc Ileuses and Famliies."Wi
WOrders left at the GKF.MAXIA HEEKf HALL wUl he promptly attended to.
Total. -:&:
P.iiil sjat on Tii.s . 7h7 33
-riiooi. ri'VO.
Anio'nt r.--eivcil frii
all.-oun-.-. lSJTl
l.v auiotu-.t uiui.iid
June :', 1 sit . . ." s ji i oo
S'hool orders paid I J til?::
liil. ..a hand...... Gil 01
-AuuiM'.s mixed naint-. the Ih-.-1 in
Use. for sale at J. W. Conn., dtug store
ojiio-uc wccitieiu iiou-i.
IJrace uji the whole s.weni with King
of the lilood. See Ailvortisemeiit.
re the meeting. r H
tubers aie requested to attend I yri.-hpsi .....i fllll. ,
iplly. Dyorderofthe President. Lj:7
Mr. (!. Xeimeyer. one of Portland's
r.-t fashionable Merchant Tailors is
in the oil v and isstotmimr at the Occi
dent. Am one -wishing a really tine, ar
ticle of clothing can be well suited in
price ami quality by callim: and in
specUnu his slock of -samples.
iVooit for Sale.
1 hac about six hundred and fifty
cords of drv hemlock, which I will sell
for cash at"S3.7.i per eonl. 1 w ill deliver
the wooii to mv customer.-
Call and examine tho-o b.ibv wai:.n
at the City book slore.
Tin -Always handy" stuxej-ipi:
shelves at John A. Montcoiner..
t cake, fruit and
candy factory.
.? 1J33H713 Ly871
im'.ckaskd rtrxn.
Aiiioniit in Treas-ir
Jiui;-;'-o. 1&.S1
Amount in 'Treasui
June:P). 1SS2 $33 &
S"a ss
Total ..
?J33iW rt.'.vn.
Amount in Treasury
.liinv'B, 1SR1
! Amount in Treasury
June:'. IKS-. 5107
You want toiret smneof IN. , ..!... t.. Tolal .1 b.
cream to-tlay: fn'sh made and niei-Iv! i.kxkuai. summakv.
flavored. i Ti.Jal hahinceon bund
Xo more good weight al the Orient
Ivaths. Three firt-elxs barbers. All
work guarantei tl. Childrens hair eut
ting a specialt. .!.(. Chaj: i i:i:-.
June. '9. 1S31
Receivetl from nil
-Si 07
- 3,' 69
19431 01
$.-,0,488 GO
Oyster Saloon. -M
CllEX.VMUri SritWvT. AhTOklA.
JL announce to the puhlle that he Is maS-
In; the
Boston Crystal Ice Cream !
Thutlaest Ice Cream er duhed up to the
American public. Trv It, and l-e convinced. '
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15a 1. cash in Treasure
Applicable as follow
To the payment of
3 7,189 07
tre-h fruit ieceit-il at C. A. Max's by pa?,i Comuv fund.... 2i;i5A 03
every steamer. No stale, trash, iuery .. iomw,n kOOuo
variety of Oregon and Calin.rni.i fruft , t'l "m- Soio
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j State taves 7,907 33
Steven- & Son have their .-torei .-..i.r.i i i.i
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ist-r Fresh ice oicam even day. Halls j Faffy and .-aramels everv tlax ! fT"10"' ' m
names and dinners siipnlied with ice nf thi Astnrin tvmifv Vnoton- vr..i.. -si School ollOl
cream at short notice. i 1 ' '' - Deceased fund. .. . :9S
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ProLFicd Mvcr wishes to organ Jit is par excellence. " " ! 0N n.
i7e a singing elase of children: he al-o . - .Total $ 7,189 07$ T.189 07 Tjmirobl
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iLonns ding store, opprslte Occident r or payment oC which .shortess'
That Hacking Cough can be sojiiotci. . ,sin Treasury
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We; 7.- 7 , , . Deliuouent Taes
L'uararitee it. .So d bv W.K. Dement. Chas. Stevens & Nn havo Tor sale t u "Ull. . aM
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When von go to liwaeo. .-top iu ai i nix iiiauuiui.s.
Adler -before you start and get one on -
Walter Scott's novels, only 23 cents. lee for sale at the Occident Hotel.
ou that I havo removed my lres-!
inolda'' rooms :
Freua. Ckeaautu St, to Ca St..
Next door to Tnr. Astociax offlce. I
thank the ladles for their liberal pationage.
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Blooil tuid Liter CeMUlat.
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t'eier. A2He, Bjsptjpis, etc
i Homes For Fishermen.
Auction. Plenty or water. lUcli soil
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912 44
Total $ 7,44985
It. it. SPEDDEX, County Clerk.
rVgVU ft4U Ul'lUtVitl J1 t JM. 4MUV.4k I
Donation Land Claim, adjoining ,
Positive Cure
lUditt-y and Bladder Lieas,
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! Price ---!. pr Mtla.
To Insure a euro uie-dx lots 1'oraXO.
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Ask for. and see Hvaiyou get the gcaulae.
Upper Astoria, as laid out and recorded by
J. K. Kelly. I Bergman and A. TV. Berry. 1" IIKL'EUY IVK NOTICE TO WHOM IT
Terms of payment and day of sdo will be! A may concern that rav wlie. Aaala L.
duly announced. ( stone, having left my bed and board wttbouj
ForfurtberparUculiuNandexaiulaatlonof 1 just cause or provocation, I will not ba re
recorded plat, apply to tspoaslblclafutmnfor any debts TiraT may
E. C. UOLDEN, be contracted by her. W. L. STONB.
Auctioneer and Eeal Estate Agent. ' Astoria, .Tuly ;tlu 1SS2. it