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'give -DnJlB stariau
Serves 'Em Hfght
Captain Purvis, of the steamer
Thin is a Grovel.
luforiiutt.m is accorded us that
. Devonshire, was arrosled vesterday, another combination is coming
t sayi Tuesday's Standard, ity tho T". S. ' beiv.
VnmiKlicil ltootttM to "bet
' are ai.. vouciisaton. me
- JIHjY li KJnjjuihal, n a ciiargf of viewing the umimI information thai it s tho
'-- -'- - j provision. of the pnesenger a-l in ro-' greatest nit ruction ever seen north of
ISSUED ?:VKR7 MORNING, . ard l. the arrangement of hcrih-i on ' San Franeieeo." "iDiyhe it is: maybe
iMnuilhT Ktc;jtl;. I board life h". Tii. law provides ; u ijn'r. Thorv's jnt tbia about it:;
F. iULLOUA. a COMt AJ. 1., .. ,,, . .v, .1 -.1 ,. frt, .,..,- r, j ... ,r ;.-: .,,.,. -. i
land that p.irtitinoh-dl lepled every . right in theatrical mat'
; article that could bo identified found j
1 - . 1
on the deceased) and le:t at tuts j At'.Mrs. Munson't, lud.iui; hotw. '.
office. If .niiyoiiuliMiiihsuig from this Your wf'Wa,
locality, the chain, which n at tuin One of those oil steve: neat and eon-i
office, may servo to identify and explain ! venicnl. -oiie at Foster's,
, , t 1 r.. . 1
WHO IIU IS iillll Ills wu wa. 1 s:I..Vs iV.iifrh fYmiiMin.fJMi
The Australian Pain Autocrat
Mr. 1. C. IH'untf a gentleman who
1 jiiniiiiiiii mil ..
Cure i sold by us on guarantee. It!
j Mire consumntlos:. .sold byW. K.l)o-
i TOMnt. 5
I'cui.ismuus ami; r-.i.-.i-mrrn
,juri-j -.veil kr.owi throus-hoot
!-..; i ( Freshness and purity arc oommuni-
1 - t ' hi . ,flt'i. l4. ! Yl-4.f, ! ? fr
I ... ...... .,1 ISri MiiiM- Saii !
. . fr....j. . ..... -.s..-j . . - -. . ! .- .. i.-j. 9 n . :iti h ;iiiini ai'-,:ii. hi i i i lu w. -.. ... v ..v.k.
i-..ftj.ijr, uw.wr. tixfeet. Tin.-WrtliMHi lanl the I.-. thewUr -mug uuluu: out u:'li:tjruy, ' "' - . . nv::.-blark or brown, t
voii-jhirc aro so arranged 1 hit the pas-.and jwartnuA ovo-y Mi!-: i!t. . ""'''' j
rennso 8ubo,ii,tion: :son.rel.Ke mhwnrr ,b:p nd the ..iy '.,,., m:.1..i,.4, het!ier lie r U piay-fr '; l,ltJ f",L -wIum. pain 0,U,KX. ljlK-,.., Llt,ru 1Iei:f
enrH,yi:.mW.r-rWk UVi..,. ,. a ,h-,ik mark. The n-ja ,,.... ,umms .. hi, .o- l.r H.l. tt- ". " j?; 'ur.r and lvoOU idor
m $n ainiJ. rii:r i.ant!i- .-S fti ' . , ..!', ... . nivnriettir ,ir ihr iw.iid renui:cd 1 " Pnsi ""? -t-hjoi Loiacn J. raA.c
kvr'ii ..nflmr ipijahv is fc.j xn .-sieh jaNsener earnvu, isnr.'s. dances, wnstte, raih, or rin.-.:-i . . t7in ofc-r. Ot DruistN.
Kr..f i'.vu-.-o:o.v,,cribs ,ami in un caso ainmit to M.IA jand aro eatul-u to .19 go.! au -hoa . ti . W1I ..Mrt.,. Hql,,, " -Di peptic, nervous people, -out of
er.lE;lnen7JlnsTrI"Cvti.e?aratThisi? the third trip with Ofliei the j,c in of th.- ii farmers as thou-h na -im.uri..ik .chic . a.i. x,.m p0rt-- cor.DnN LiouiD Beep will
-.,iveriuinen inserted uy tte year at , ' , . . , Mr. J'.itsnsi ha- with him MHiif voiy ciirn. Tatenoother. Of Drug?i-Jts. 1
lien.teuf$l&J stjunrc mnnrh. De'oiiwisn ha matte to this const and j then were- 100,000 people 111 the place, j ... . . t I
ir.iiitadroriirin.!.rthcday or -ok. tlu-character m-nirefi:! nit ro put T.iL the Ia iKTinnnatieti -xlut -.f j111' lJim""w "' -eienimi; t j shHolfs Vilallzcr is what you need j
mv pnniat,Crs,uarnfDroiiPh:nKP-i!an . , i i- i- .-- i i ' , , uor.deriul ami stwoe?ml coit-s the tor Loustlpntion, Loas of Appetite, DIz-j
an conu Lcraouarotor caoti inr-cruon. j lof mnnv f); hoard, but it appears as J nhe Rivo knit: .-he had a Sodj ,-.,-.,. ,.vr - U'm ami ail svmptom ol'TyspepsIa.
" rillT n.mvr " if thevwer, to be cinched all the aame. honr,s and njad- big .,y f..r her " ' -J- " rrior lOaiid J cem per bottle. Sold
'I'Hh. ill'I'V t . ' .... ' .. rjulm 111 all inrts of tint World. i by . h. I )intiU. J
1 have reinored to the
it is stated that a coiiiul.iiiit iian uen 148 minute auDwinticv. .sat- came
11.1K Daii.v AsroniAN trill he att b.v made against Capt. Lankeniiaii. of the jv.addliu out on tli' atae with a
ibn3c. In the i flower in her hair and a frown on her
Komnu porta, (face, and with a contempt mliis glanco
lat the crowd of common ciontures!. i""fli Fritz for the same ol
er from IhccUucan, , ., 11
.r Wki-.clv fWion tnatw wlo$er.iciUf "$"'' r '"
j l,roftj.mr5:c.ii lately .a irivrd from
Aiittralia, where h" h:i b.eii for the
last Jen year.-. matir.factnriiiL' .tnd sell
ing the "magic b.iltn."' After leaving
m irjcd ii itten a rW,l ra. Leave trrdct i at
th- 1 imntina
-Jiovne water.
He dceryi'S
of tobacco and eicnrs
Thr Columbia sails this morning
with a full cat ge: She takes on 2,578
cases of salmon at the upper dock.
five the A. 0. U. W. delegates an old
fashioned Rhode Inland clam-hake to
day. The IMadison company
that, play Iia?el Kirko, aie all good,
and they bring ihoir own HPenery with
Just as We Supposed.
article from the Portland Mercury,!
I in winch it was imiui t appear thai
-llolcomb has an attractive stock ltho Portland boys w:v wry luach
dissatisfied with their treatment here
on tho Fourth. In commenting on
which we id that it w.w jirububly in
spired by some outsider who vrsjoiv
because he ditl not get away with his
bliiH'. Stockton. Foreman of j
The Olyinpin folks ate going tojXo. '1, lereived a letter fr..m a promi
nent fireman of I'ortlaud, last even
ing, in viiieh he Mys: "Tell ail our
friends ihal they must not blatiio us
for the piece that is in tho Mftcurv,
an it h an outsider that is kicking, and
not the boy.t that went to Astoria. 1
will iiuvnr forget the pleasant v.ay my
coiiipau3 wax treated in Astoria; have
been to a good many places, but none
of them oohiij up to Aiioiia. Accept
jour kiudi'St remeiubrancas."
that had :ij,.si'mbiel to hear iier, she
.nijl.-nil,l to nil Mil alleoed
In yestwtlay'a iswe we copied an .,., .'n,. i,.lv .! n
ihrec-hgi-ed chair. Xow we 4lon't
km anyihuii more about music
than a hiit year's bird's nc--t, but if
Ilrace itii tit" whole syslein with King
of t!ie Rloml. See Advertisement.
. Ilav Wi-tar's baisiin of wild cherry
aiivay- at natui. it cures cougns, coias,
bronehitN, whooping cough, croup, in-
that was a sprcimen of ht-r Portland
petforinaucci?. then thumusirai critics
of that city must be as bad oil' in point
of culture as our.self. They prai'ed
her performances:wv copied thefavora-j
there he visited .New Zealand, China, I iiitoii7:i.on:uuiuion. and all throat and
Japan, fiien .u.l India, and brought ! I"!'" ",n'',ainS- eenN andgl n hot-
th-ttersof inti'ddiiction to .somt of the
aiid.Fottlar.d. t. W would stat
that the profeMur h the proprietor of A m.w sl0cjruf JV0, of lh& latwI
e oiy large faci.ty in Uallarat, Aus-.rleat John A. .Moatgoinery'5.
And have, Without a Single Exception,
.-.!.,.. C ," f .... I ,- 11
eini'ti o ban rninci-co-,.,! ,. ,. r.,nt, . v;;T.,r cr
1112 machine.
i The Finest and Best Arranged Stare in Oreiei, j
- 1 .,.,
jblo botiecs ..f the pn.-.-s. and after! "". """' "men we .-.11.111:11 juuge,
eafhi'herplavingw.;fo!thkeap..o-tb:t it w a iiu-ilicme .i wy t.iti
-The Tualatin river ban ben
dammed as a nuisance; .so .Itulgo Stott
sayn. If doing thai to a Kiream makes
it a nttiBance, we don't know whai (o
sa3r about our water Mipply.
TJnsuccesstul Attempt
A Halom di.pat.-h of the 10th ::y.-
The Fdwin lieed ia ready for seal
and will clear to-dny with 38,000 wises l'1 " '.. convicts con
salmon, and 500 tons of wheat and1'11'1 ' ,1,L l)n I?'"tnl.ary,
inuui' ;t ureaiv xor tiuctiy uiis aiier-
tlotir. Tlio captain thinks lie will have
a full crew shipped to-night.
-In Walla Walla, last Monday,
Ins. McAuliff was elected mayor, and
Jnn. Justice, marshal. In Seattle, on
the .same day, II. G. Stvuve was elect-
fresh innde and nlceiy
India, and receives regular -hipments Von want toget some of Roscoe'sico
of the magic balm irom that platv.
Mr. liluuirii showed us -tnu- fc-!
lent printing :idvrtisin the tiiagic
ereatu to-la
L'atanh eured. health and sweet
breath aeeured by bhiloh'.s Catarrh Rem
ely. Triee r0 ecnt. .Masai Injector free.
For sale by W. K. Dement.
gfciim to onr nwlew for having done j Raiw. j (.4!;51,;JJrn',,1VJ.lii 'ras'lVer
so. The paint U thN: Mi. king! 1'i-ofe.s.sor Scott t n.r doing ;i very j Vietj Vf Oregon 'and California 'fnSt
can, mi doubt, charm tho bir.lsj "?- I.umiicm hi I'nitland. He in-j alwaxson hsuid.
noon which resulted in the death of
the latter. They concealed them
selves near the irate leading to tho
outride brickyam, aim when the iate j
was opened to admit a team, slipped
out. They weic rihsetvcd bvthuuard.
eu mayor, anu o. .... uwmery, - .ordered them to bait. Iv atten- i
oh" the biislies with lu-r playing. 1-'',S n -l v,S!l ""- """" "l
but .she- did not think it wiirili lier rw wupkS ! MjJ hav " ,1"uU
wliiloto show what, she eonld do hi p"1 l '" wiH "a,oi uii" t!,,; "
Libel ty Hall; it ha- been with a5iu',,evs in Asioria a), he h..x tm-t with
good many ethers: "it i-. otdj Asto-J ;1--ouilt.-.
ria.' and I hough Astori.ui- jsatronize-j Sub-ei'Ipiinit V lieiiot.
tlmm, they put u oil" with a .simple s lA :irni:tU( ,,. liwll lnait.
anpeniauce. Time and auain we hae Uy t'arl Adler mi that you can subscribe
. , ., . ,. ,, ,7. ,.:. , , ., 1 for an paper. maiKiziiie. or periodical
MtuiLiIiciiy lI.alIamli-ivii:.ciii.j;oiitu,Is,UH( tIu, Vntnl Sl:l,P, orEu.
tiie m:iu thai was ituwoitin tin- actor:'. 1 ope. at publisher-! prices. So .save time
,., .,'' .,. ., ," . .1. .and money by leaving your siih-,crip-Shcndau,
.diss liolhrook. and iirM1 at Carl AcIIers.
Uncle Tom's Cabin company deserve
hoiiorahlti meiitieii: thov did an well Notice
as if they wen- in a San.Frniicisco
Uiou being paid to the demand he .Jhot
-The fastest boats on the raclticiat Oniham, the bdl eniering the tip-
coast are on the Columbia river. It'.
u common occurrence for the boat that j
leaves Portland at 0 a. m., 110 miles
away, to be hero at noon, making
twelve or fourteen landingB on tho
down trip.
-This is the 12th of July, and
when to-morrow or next day you read
cf the annual trouble on account of
orange "flags and handkerchiefs, you'll
remember that one hundred and ninety-two
years ago, to-daj there was a
hatllo on tlio river Boyne, the echoos
of which arc still reverberating.
per part of the back and coming out
of the center of tho breast, killing him
instantly. An employee of the brick
yard, gave chase to the other, and
succeeded in capturing him just as he
, was about to s-wtm Mill creek, lie
was at once o erpovrei ed and rutin ned
to the prison.
A Nice Mouthful.
Our entire atock of mouldings and
frames of ni' kinds, brackets and wall- ni. 1 1 tut ti ratine rrs.rvi!.? tiIII
W have no taint to bin. with the ,K.,j(1 al (0;t :it tJie city Ilook Store
niiiuaeeineiil: Mr. Steohan i a nofnl for the next thirtv davs.
: . , . ,. ",co..
bu:ne.4 man and keeps tuft engage-
mentri; 111 the last etitert.tiiiuiMit our. Realised.
.Mr. K. 0. Ho'.den. exhib-
Wo have seen times livelier in
Astoria than at present. Tho weath
er is .so tianBcendently fine that in
stopping to note it business Ls unat
tended to. The many pleasant sum
mer resorts aeem beckoning people to
go for a vacation and lei the sordid
details of every day life go. for a
--The great number of steam and
ail yachts in our bay compares favor- n,jc
ably with any of tho worlds ports,
and elicits comments from jip-coun-Iry
visitors. Xo .sublunary sight
i prettier on those glorious days than
to see the smooth surface of lhe water
covered with steam and sail craft ply
ing in every direction.
Suiuo one who feels aggrieved
u-. that in our editorial on Mr. Stow,
and her paper yesterday, we weie
"too severe."' We commend that
person's attention to thu following,
cut from that paper. The article is
signed by Mrs. Stow, an individual
who disgraces the name- f woman by
assuming it
"Casrralton m in no way injurious
to either tno mental or physical facth
tics of human auiiu ds. The moment
a pauper or criminal gives birth to
child it should bo castrated. Tho
operation is nomorepainfnlorditngnr
cu3 than ciroumejpir.ii."
Our conespoiidetit cm ein-w u .hat
ited commendable enterprise in -secur
ing the appearance of a lady who is!
nllefed to be .-- icai a A
theatrical manager is not to bo blamed
for any s-hortcoinings or whiin-i on tho
pari of the company, but .i- dis
tinctly a'st-n that busiue-s i.x bu-i-ne.-,
and if our eitizyiis put up
their dollars to see or hear an adver
tised performance, they aiv entitled
I to the bent efl'or's of the peifoimers.
! We may not ba a- an full in nui.sical !
..:,.. icuhlchuh as some, b
Stevens t Son have their store
crowded with new good-, all marked in
plain figures.
Cnas. Stevons and Sou have, a block
of mouldings and moulders tools which
can be bought cheap for cash to closo
out that branch of the business.
Fresh tally and caramels every day
at the Astoria Candy Factory, Main St.
l'rof. Fred MyeY wishes to organ
ira singing olasc of children ; he also
has a fair assortment of fSerman music
for sale. 1 towns over the Gem saloon.
New Goods Received by Every Steamer in
All the X-ateat Styles and Uovelti
Call and Inspect Stock and Get Prices Whether Yott
Purchase or Not.
No trouble to shout goods.
iiaMaaiAimaaimmmaagniMiMia w
Kemember Frank Fabre's ice cream.
It is par excellence.
-Falue's ice cream is the best.
We take ph-asureiu announcing that
t lie endeavor to pi educe a ierfcct rem
edy, agreeable to the taste, and prompt.
painless r.nd cnVclite in its action on
the I.ivt-r, Stojuaeh and Jlowel.s has
been urcessful. ami that the bitter,
nauseous mcdicinci io:;nci! ued for
the purpose are n:pidlv becoming things
of the past. Syrup of Figs is the new
and pleasant remedy and W. F- Dement
Druggist, has been appointed agent for
Astoria. HcMlge. l)avi iv, Co.. whole-
J sale agents. Portland. Oregon.
Children's suits at Mrs. Derby's.
Fancy soaps and perfumery of all
kinds can Je found at J. W. Conn's drug
store, opposite Occident hotel.
Xoveltie-. 11: household articles at
-lee for sale at the Occident Hotel.
.tirln Ice liepot.
(Juneau's bones have been nicely
washed and are now lying on the rrd"
of a shed in Washington; they will be
jslrougou wires and aihcnhitcd in a
day or so, and then good little boys
jean go and see them n Saturday
A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
and that reminds us that if you own a
horse, or -want to own one, or expect
in tho future to own one or want to
own one, come nud get a copy of
"Kendall's Troalise on the Horse. "
We havo it, superbly bound in tinted
paper, and retail the work at 25 cents
a. copy, four copies for ono dollar,
mailed to any address on receipt of
price. The work has received the
official endorsement of men who are
well posted on horseflesh and is all it
purports to be.
-Delegate Jirent of Washington
Territory, and Congressman (Jeorgc
of onr state, aro making good records
for themselves. We arc in receipt of
a printed copy of a speech delivered
by the former on the 20th nit., where
in he claimed the population of Wash
ington to bo about equal .to the pres
ent representative ratio, and the as
sessable value of 1U property about
S.';0,000,000 and the true value twice
that amount. He claimed the clause
in the ordinance of 1787, providing
for the admission of states hi the
Fabre's. Families supplied in an
quantih b leaving onlcr. Also the
litiest ojftters i-ookcm to order, rrantc
Fabies mstersaud ice cream are known
ecryber' as par excellence.
-Ask lose.. one ot those pnj.-ni t.-ed-eisat
-li ou want ice cream that is ice
irt'iim.go to Frank Fabn-'s,
I. .1. Coodman. on Ch.-naniUs sjrn-t.
h:is juit leceiwil itie latest and nu-l
fashionable s:le ..t gents ami ladies
hoots, shoes, etc. Agent in Astoria foi
the famous Mw row shoe-.
Exhibit of the financial condition of
Clatsop County for the fiscal year end
ing June .. 18-s-j.
our doilai-ij are! Frank Fabiobnow prepated to sup-
jut a god a titougn An hau the rj0., al ;: cents per pound, on the prcm
whole busiiiess by heart. isco. Ficsh ice cream every day. Halls
z ' r : parties and dinuei.s Mtpjilieil with ice
I cream at .short nolicc.
Card of Thnukn. . im . . 1
. . ,. ; .. , ,, Fresh ice cream every day at Frank
-t tie atijouincii meeiing 01 i.esouo
Fngitie Company No. 2. held .it their
hall on .Siturday evening, July 8th,
Iho following resolutions were unani
mously passed, and ovd.'nil eiigiiwwdi
upon the records of the eoiiip.un : '.
Ji'mo'iv.. That lhe thanks of
company be and mo heieby tendeted to
Mi. M. C. for the g nitons
presftin au.l Liken f liei appiveiation
of onr victories over competing fire
men in the t urnauient; and Jha the
.same be placed ujmhi lhe ,:dPof our
meeting-room, and a cojiy of "these
ivo!u!iniis lv eiigrosstsl upon the
company record and furnished TitK
Daily .sto1:ia for iiiiblicattoii.
Resolwl. That tii
eomtiany be and ar
s.. mr ,, I
to onr honorable, member, m iss .liome 'iu yon sUITer with I )isnej.sia :u:d
Burke of Portland, for floral tributes, Liver Complaint'.' Shiloh's itaiier i
., , ,, ,. , c if t I guaranteed to cure you. Sold h W. K.
and to Mrs. .1. (i. Megk-r of lirook- J XtrjKciit-
lield, and to Mrs. an Do'ti. Mvs.
.Snow, 3Irs. Ferguson. .Mr.s. Dixon,
Mrs. Worsley, Mrs. av, Mr. C. J.
Trenchard. Altss Van unen, ansa .Mr. John ltogersof theCenlnii Mai
Loeb and other ladies, who kindly
furnished 111 with fhwers and in other
ways assisted in decorating imr h.tll
and engine on tho .a and 4th day.s r
cor.vev rrxn.
Dnlai.ce in Treasury,
June:.lS3l, S 5G6C9
Heecived from saleot
Ilonds, -.'0,000 00
lieeeived pieuiium on
Uonds, luOOO
Keceived from all oth
cr .su 1 ees , , 17,631 50
Total rSSSI
ASTORIA, June 3, 18&.V
M. MKYER Profirtotor.
Pioi.x wflLafjg-QXTjqrojEimgjHuara'
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per QaJlon
Bottled Beer, SI BOptrOonn
MrSprcIal attcnuou paid to onlce ftoui t'uhlie Houses and FamlUes.n
Paid Co. 01 dcr lJS Oa
" Coup'n son Bonds 800 00
Jail lUlihltng... y.OODu
State on Taxes.. 583 72
Hal. in Tieasiir f,337 :$
Total ..
.3SS3 25S33 23 4'
Aut'l i.-e'.l frotnT'axe -S 7i&)C3
Count v 53372
Tola! "i
Paid State on Taxes .. 7,1)07 J
n,.iitars, ir.fiu
all ourees
llv auioiinr iuii.iii'.
Jliiie:. Issi -; -Jit Oo
ar Orders led at Itu- UlCKMAXIA BblU HALL VA t.f pioctptly ltemifd to.
Ovster Saloon.
-What isnieix on a warmda than a ! ' -"!'hool m der-, paid UCi7.".
dish of that exfotisitely llavdied tee
errtiin that Frank Fabie makes v
Parties wi-hui'4 gnu-eric-., piois
ions or mcrchande of an de-eiiiiioii.
isuouin leave uieir or.ici riin. an
P.'iL i.u hand.
I Toit!
., i.....i - ..i ti,.s Dusen feCo. as Jhe are prepared tode-1 ,' . . ,' M,
,e thanks i the f n a),-. n 'of '. pll Mlj Asnoiiiit n 'Ireasury
c heieby extended J the shortest notice. " Juiip... l2 ?wf
Ju another column wUl be found "orthwest teniloiy with (50,000 in
the advertisement of the Hazel Kirko habUan vas csiende.1 to the Oregon
totlnn Trbr, ntnv in this nlace territory, then including Washington
uu.uuiwu.'"; .- 1 j -
Monday night. Mr. Thall, the ad
vance agent, states that this is the
"original" Hazel Kirko company, that
they have played at the Union Square
Theater in Xew York to crowded
houses; that they bring an entire set
of scenery specially adapted to tho
cast, and that they will give as good a
representation of the plaj in Astoria
as though they were playing in New
York or San Francisco. If this is the
case we have no doubt that the house
will be crowded next Monday night.
Ml 01
, s -1.93U 71 S1.0S9 ?M I'L'Mi,
V mount in Treas-irv I, ISM .V0 9S
cnFNA.ML-.s; sritKi-rr, a stoma.
fitlU-: LXUKltnmXKli IS PLKAHhU to ,
A auaounre to Uf public tu-.U hf U iaalr
Iti;: Uic
Boston Crystal Ice Cream 1
j Tai ftuit k-eCrfam -vcr rtisaed up to the
j Aint-tlcau pultiic. Trf It, and be coavtncea
If j ou want nice fi'csh lard, or good
Mtgar-curetl iiams. just front the conn--
try go to f . j;. niiK'tsou s oakery.
Total SiSiM
Amount in Treasury
.lun::!0. iS-Sl
ueir.ntin Treasury
June:!. 1882 61 (n
533 93
31 tr,
h0l;-!!:-!lf .'r'?"",0'"-'"1 :." k0,'r' n! 'IN-tsml balanneonhand
he unest fi esh fish.ete., m their sea .on J .iUno:jo, 18S1
Co to l.'oseoc.s and trv the itostoii
Crystal lee Crmm. Occident P.Joek.
SI 07
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and Idaho territories by the 11th sec
tion of the Oregon act of 1S47- He
criticised the ratio principle severely,
and claimed that it had never been
the rule in the admission of new!
states, and was repugnant to the
spirit of the constitution. Ho showed
that nearly every new state was ad
nutted with less population and wealth
than Washington has to-day.
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Buried on Saud Island.
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Three scow loads of dry fir, spruce I
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Homes For Fishermen.
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remains on tho island and put u cross at the City bookstore.
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up a small silver chain, (tho only j shelves at John A. Montgomery's. K. fi. SPEDDEN, C
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i Delinquent Taxes
S 6JV-7 41 Upper Astoria, as laid out and recorded by
"-' J. K. Kelly, I Bergman and A. W. Berry. f1Uh V
Terms of uavment and day of Mile will bo X they
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Auctioneer and Beat Estate Agent. myS OfcertO,
County Clerk.
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