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Astoria, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, July 11, 1882.
Vol. xvu.
No. 86.
H &
A flourishing branch of trade in
W-ihino-ron i- office brokerage I
ua-mngton i3 omce oroKerac. j
Evcrv dav advertisements are seen
in the papers offeri
or a hundred doll
sometimes a much
places in departments.
coupled with the
not possibly onou
to live on. for be
ment requires
suiroundinsp now no these peo
pb live, and where doe. their liv
ing come from? Half of the down
right scoundrelism in regard to
ofiiees here is not. known on the
outside. Sometimes it is the office
holder who fleeces the government,
snmotimp; tho office-holder is
flnpnMl. An nrrlv siorv o-ime to
urpiitv-fivc per cent., frequently as "srpiiici 10 , ....u.- .. .,Fr.. , .. n;evV.m7 AclTly a..p.n.nce that Fanny did "J' ' V . " 1
. if.. 1 i4 - 1 hood of MoiiK'-ona. 'W'c wen: 011 dead, "i ho minors were psr..Unl nine years n?o. J-. I thought it mat iKJVo.s,ni. A smoldering are can 1
much as half the salary obtained, "oou "' - l"u-- l worms, and went to work antvwlili ahot-- ..,,'" -, Kpfvi-oneo. : KefefeacMi
, .. , ..-.. . t-Iio Jii.rl. iiiMiric. mid had a lm at tlie o:ivuinai:ces. Nt. 0:10 mile of u. c. -Eioni nfil-. te-j)0 st:uiruined, but scattered , . . ... M
atiu the salary mennoneu is not ' . . . . . nveealourofmychiwrsn,uieiraaeixMui;as iwus. nuui.h.oi ncuo, uavisiUo. M.S. BURKELUtj! Knapn.
,t i..-n -c----. v. .t.r, uno hsttuctoil view as lie tram : uie uibinci uai: ui.mmi iih-mmi uji-ioiiow.s: auw, o ,.y v,.m. .- are ihl immiv hckuu up. , .AnAVvAV.TrA'?. NV.;uvul'uuUi't,K- " . waluilmu, roa
more than Still or . Jow, vhcnlu,IU,,',," ,i . Kmnia. J years: John, 9 years. :.ow comes . - .!. A. sTROMJi:lD(JK, Wholcsah Leather Dealer.
., , . i, . ...i .1 knr-ii sdrniT. When 1 (lift notioetl in tlieir remonibraiico, anil at Inttthe result: Alice and hiunui camq out alt --- - aiidlinulnjM. 1 A2JDKEW KOBERTS
hip uonus is suiaracicu, mere isj-i" -' . . . . riKht, but riiarley passed rony-llvo nd A t'AKI). . L A. uohfll. or Dolph, Urouaug,ti. Dolphi-i JOHN CEAX.ot
;.,.? .!, ,lo,ri. l Hie hair, SUOWy Wlllio Hi ooair. u-.-i ''""-'"'"".' ?.. "e ,c?"i e"tF'. .'..-.''Vr. """'uJ.Mr..m.,Mr or
,io..f irn,- n..,1 From lhi? llu-re extended down past her eilitlth var. Who nan exhibition in my store. . : weaKhes- enm ileay. 1S3 or man-; lr. O. K. XOTTAOE, .M. D., I
i.jii ... .vi...v - - ... ...... ,1 iiirouzm 1 UL.i. iiuu jiuv. i.5- - Hw.iii- ! - ---- - -- j- ....... jrc-iiyi:i.
in ,uw. wii.. ant. ; . . jotiriraiy, j.ti.. j-irru.iiiK,ti. ;.. 1 w in 'n.t a reeijie uiai win raysician.
1 ..,..! ., 1, .f'nti ..fJuuiM .-fulfil, livoil siiiflo 111 the village 'he .M ..v.. r -1 -- w iw miiiwi' m.i.-
light a few daysVco in regard to a tending down from the clouds, j him during her long life.' She
deserving young 'woman whogotjhich were dark in color. The j knew ho had not forsaken her.
a place at ho a month in the sixth j clouds were boiling and surging.! The old lady and young man had
auditor's office. She got it through TI,e first c,0,uls Iooke, Uke 1,cav-v ! hoen rol,lfi(1 " J'Kire bcfore
a lawyer who had some kind of aba"lss of M,ow- Viv51 ihh ofTho ,owr ,,:"1 Plenrrtl myste
shadv connection with a senator! Hglt"g -Tl 'J:'til V nd j riou and she had kept her faith
-. . , tn u 4-.i,i !,..' down. Where wo wen: the wind ' durinir the Uws interval. The
that lhe senator had
pledged the
lse,and the
as to give it
place to some one else,
best ho could for her was
to heron the condition that she
1 r rj-.i 1 1- .
oeui"; swiiiuieti, ami, oousuituur
.. " :.,:.:' -L u .f
'. 'J . ... J
viseu ner to deposit tnc money mp
.. J.otiI- ..,li:not n 4I.0 loiwo r. I
a bank, subject to the lawei s 01-,
dor Finnllv she wont to tho son-i-
iler. i-inall) she went to the sen.1-1
tor and told all the circumstances.
,, , , , .
He was astounded at the conduct
ucu at iue coiiuuli
and remedied the
i, beo-irine: her to
! . ofc
of his agent,
matter at once
keep quiet but the poor girl did
i' ,1 -ii. ji.. a: ifnn storm :ik 5t nrmsnrl W:ir.l - - ! - - Trrrr
uivmc tnc pa. wui t. e . Tac Woman Carried the Jury. Wood forSnlr. i" . I euniimi.Hl in taktnjj it,
pointed candidate. Thisshe did for Wicltlalil. lie t..ouil lookei like U)p; y k . -- 1 ami am glad to sta that after two
r. .. .rt4h ,.: huo-esnow dnlts. .on thasloim m.ui hi --i,w lorw.isu 1 tao about siv liundr.d and hrtyj .. , ,
two years, every month carrying "l" . it-ontlv sued for tho price of a cnrds.,f dry hemlock, which I will ell wwiln's continuous iiw of your valu-
Ium 37.50 to the lawyer. At last slruck the f'art" ll .-wvpt every-: - ' ' h.r cash at. S.-.73 per cord. 1 will deliver nb!c On-on Blood Purifier, lam
J . Ui.:.. :.. : 1. 4 ..:...:.. dres. lie was at once a witness thewoou to inv ciNloinor. . . ? . '
-out ine poor iriri am 1 , ,,,., .111 j ii . i-jl;troed or the "InniU deonvod iKef-.
1 000 A,l Zni lPart of t,,f' worlt1- So ""-: sHi h:ul or,lor0(1 ,,,c ct,l!,a.c U) ,llfiStJiVJ beauti?., 3! I .-how,, on bSlliJ.
1,000 she had put up., hop Hko a , t(C (lul,t of ? iraIckI hai , ,,.h ,.u. . :
i - - . . ,. , . ., , I plications will priMhieo the gh.-s and
not set the 1
Last View of Garfield.
Sherman of
inp; at Elraira,sai
tho nth ni l?iv
k..w v,.. , . - ..... -., -
l..,.Cl.l JrlnnlnPlm-n.
wim,iuttu.y ii niui.jji ... v.i. .v.
land. You need not. look aston
ished; I really saw him not his
spirit but his own form and fea- j
tares. Iliad visited the tomb to!
lo homage to the spot where the
martyred president was sleeping.
The watchman iu charge, on learn
ing whence I came and who 1 was,
iiskou uiu a j nuuiu aw lo '-'
th. timciflent f -n: .. trri'itU-
r 1-.1 -. 41-..A..f.lll,..KAI
" "' o -'
surprised as you can be. HH
simply showed me ho was iu ear
nest, invited uif into the tomb,
unscrewed and removed the lid
from that sacred casket, and there
lay General Garfield before me,
just as he had looked the day of
the funeral as if in a weary, un-
refreshing sleep. T was surprised,
for, despite the emaciation of those
nobie features, I was at once
struck with their likeness to the
General as I had seen him alive. 1
presume years will pass ere the
preserving traces of the embalm
er's work will have been removed
from all that is left on earth of
j i - .1 i il r l- I. .i.I ...-..1 'I'lw. I..f.'.- T-. il.rtt1", ii" ;is:i ;: v ',, , v. ";'
and corners in the hull of a ship. cue". 1 li" law or tor the dn-iii" andi-.eNpeciall a(ml for the l!;,:md pari-. allamg irritation, give
Iowa, who is visit- L, t t - inini)Wii,lUl lo ffrt rifl of , plaintiff, in om-s-queslionin-, ft In-iw 'nd . ncluie of tone il i,- lJ'LV.S'?":
'T Precirlent l , I . ,. li........ .. . . . et it lasts Ions on tlioliair. aii.l liMMis il to- Inr o'lrtj yoar isrnwn 3 bronchial
A three-year-old child of Mrs.
"Wallingford, living on Lake Wash
ington, twelve miles from Seattle,
while playing on the doorstep last
Tuesday, was attacked by an eagle
and elevated eight or ten feet from
the ground. The screams of tlie
little one brought Mrs. Walling
ford to the rescue, who succeeded
finally in driving the eagle away.
The child's shoulders and arms
Twcrc considerably lacerated by the
4 sharp talons ot the eagle. The
Another was so overcome by excite-
jment that she has since been prostrated.
(How the Iowa Tornado Looked
A Des Moines dispatch to the
,-,. - .. m: ,i .. .i ;i. !.,,
cago 1 inn:.-, mus 'm...- i..v
tornado of Sunday: A irent Ionian
n- eventv-five.tals lfll w,,e" ni w;is nbCml iind the body 01 n yoiiiijr .n..dtahe had! 1 ohtHl,. a bSttlo of Biirtui.nii,."
un '"-. ,,-,... . .i. ,..,1 :.. .. r..-i.;.. 1. .1 - JirLANKS OELUKRATBU VKIt-
I .- .)- - - e.. .-. . 1 . .Ann HAm 11 Tilt MT"lt ""
urs u-uallv but ,our ,m,os uon" OI 1U"!I ,,,IUSl- '1--1-"'" - -,. Miruei: (ecmiliu ). 1 caw her a teaspoon- .i. muek complete curt- I day.-.,;
, , , f.i.,.,... me, 0.7. of ,1m.'. Tin peculiar action of iIicfulintlii-inoriil!ijsiitlniiotIicratulBht,:rflorl:rinar. aiTt-etinn-. sunirtimr. treiuiont'
larger sum, for 3l,lU a00lU h.u ui nines soi.iu 01 I- """ rhu-h she pa.ed seventy-two .worms nndnr .imioiilt urination, kidiiev diseases J
' ,-. 1 !- 1.. e. : 1 ;.. ..r ft. ....,;.... . ....1. n. ..... irn-; :i well chiM. ju.v then I liave never... .,1 .ir,....,u ..-..... Dm,;,) nwisl
ireiicral v &wcue J oim " ' ,nl "" "" "' "" ' ' been without t in. n iiinily. The health of ': V JWH ,d f r
nilfir 10 -fVO """ "" nraliMteu iTniciuu.! uu'ir :icnou umu auwuL - -- - - iifriri' in- i.n4ii ciipit ui.iwrr v
... iimiklKl cnillMHil 1)11 111 II!C Iiortil. serviill me UUUV Ml le. uv;ii uwiiu. huhi.i... .. - -- --."-'- - -".:, -,".
a t- . 1 . -.. .1 . ....II' .. : 1 ...1 .J.,. . l.....v,, ...! tvnnf thorn nnsrnm T .- I 'J.. l.. .. : ... ' w . -.. w- ...., aasi. I um iij, WK
-j -I . . 1 I. r ..1 ..2. 1 ...- .. -.l ri.l -. !".. tm It. Ilia l..i ... .! nni 'I'l. r.k3ltlT ir 1 Ulirinn
-n :or :iiixoavi:-" " :,,..,.. ... , 1...1..1 '!!!lt"Jl:,IL. To ,.11 who are saff-rin- in.m th?olJ-K.?M-
I r '. 1 MT 1lir1V CVI 31 IlMIllv il! I"1J111 IHT II li ! ILTHil'l ill 1J.II.L1 JUI1I1I1 IIIjUUI- -IA1 wuiiu-. t i--w.i i- niinun.
. Il4ll4 i H-llil. lt,, ........, -. ...-- -- --- - -j !- I'm & 1W1.4. 11 IO.JIIiJ lin & .HMMMMWMiMMHiMMMaMaMMMaHHvHaa
.. 1 mm- .....'..i.j.r i.,..i:i- 11.. i.,.:,,,.,!
ing to mi- grouim. 1 i- a-
ouite lirro when lirst seen, and j
M " . , ,.
kept "otting smaller and smaller ,
until Tt vaiiished. Almost iinnu-
diately another funnel-shaped j
column appeared some distance
west of the first one, black in
color, almost moving o.l and ex- j
w;ls variable. It soon began to
rai- Wc' d51 ,lot 'athe o-isyj
untH acloss HiS" bridge. From J
ithc br"fc xvt' :m a ?rslnd v5ow ofj
Story count)-, where it crossed the :
--- -- .-- -
liisrln-. it tdowed out a ditch I
.n;.,i.n.. ;..i.Aa A..,.n ti,m.,i. .i.!
- - -c
I hard, beaten eai th. 1 ho dost rue
Hard. eateii eai tii. I ho aostrue-,
tJ0!1 of farm properly in that sec-
1 - ..
"' nM ycr -ensic.
-rr i
Kats jyreatlv infest ship-, and
, f ,
are by them conveyed to every
! selves in very numerous crannies '
s nnS&cn
that she was! """B"' Jl3 l'""J- "' u"1 I"""1 '" , ,.,.., ,, ' K.U..M.ision-. i ei loci ry tree from rheumatism.
a.. .. ,,nnnrin. '- . , . ., . i , i , i pan-., ucomaius ufiiucr on nor ue. :"""" " "V "-, ""...- "".
to a leponcriii. ci,: !., .,. -;, ,1C. in-icirofl if jI.i h:i.l nni l.-.eeil her. on.i n ;ii n..i o.ii .,r ...!.r n-i.a ...t,... ! simiors ami niibltc supakcis aru subleet
rers ami caro ovorv.scn expiessiv lor me occasion mi fr..,i, n,,,! ..i.m.. 4 iroeiio- have Uvn iccn m mended bv
. . ...,.,
, VOyagCj whether the former remain '
in the ship is best known to them-1 W'l.rt.. 4,n. ?.i I ..,3:.. 1
..tu.-. ...... ...t ij.i .......ii
company had ships of their own j
.i "1 i ... ....
- uioy cuipioyeii .1 i.u-c.ucuer, wnot
and brown inhabit the amo vessel,
... .
sometimes cantured TiOO ral it. wanted li) know if he thou.-it. ,,UUU,C-. rom wnielisne walnT.l lij Street Imnrovemi.nt Notice ' DlllLtK MAKtlttV
' . . ., , . , tiueiiv'oitae iianvo rcnicii. . lite ivru- ... .,".; , r, . . . J I
one ship iust rolurniih' from t'al- lacing would mako n.-r arm -wail-' vlan bark. or. as it wa- railed in the ,au11( h is iiereby eiven that the- .
. . ni. ,. . . , 1 U1I 'PI ' 1 .f". 1 mi "iimhi, viiiiiiii;i;ii. ......... ....... ... ..7 ... .. ;.u.....
etitta. 1 he ship rar is often the 1 or or her shoulders narrower. I hi,(;rni(.rn forla-r'ioverv.ou berreier.- proiw.eio.iidertho improvement mid 1 11m. 11 inmn nTitiMTiin
black species. Sometimes black-S was i.. anatomical for the legal .!! : d . WZJV.: .SSS MM iiVliHillM- MlflHB
. . .mm'-- - - - - - - - .. - - - . -
aim unless uiov carry 011 perpetual
hostilities. ihe"one n-irtv will keen
' 1 ----- --- - - .
climb up tho wet sails 10 Mick I
, t-. .
il.o... Q,i;.,... 1,., .:...,!
:1i?irri iMiilini -it- .. ..f ... ...... '
,- imu.ii ,tr ,t iiiL'lll I'l. lyll ... -
HIT !ll 1I.IM irrkm r-ilc ll-it'iiwi- I
111 the head of the vessel ami the fie drcs roo,s hack to t tie store, Hired ami any year, sciem-e im i t.M eei me -;-iu.-are oium repair, aim un-
, . " ... 1 , ,. , i a nothing 10 take it.s place. It eflVettt- ' reiaoa-miu.-e signal uy ine own
other to the stern. The hip lat is' hero it will no douhi hnd a jallv cmosa morbid :pi"Ute -dinm- 's,lf two-thlid-.ot the property front
. .. ' I, , . ' lauts. 1 re'-loriii" lla natm.'l tune ..r mg on said portion tiled
very anxious that his supply of ! broader purchaser. iRlo willi the A inlitor and rierkof said city,
fresh wnier ,ill not ful- ha ...;n ' "--- rr-rr. jofli.jiior as ir dues a feer.and de.tro wuiiin ten das from tlie final mibhca-
lresu water Miall not I.11I. ho uiil . lUlK p. 0:Ujs .m. ; jjtM,Ver. J both alike. The paw errul tonie virtue lion or hi-notice, the Coinmon Council
come on deck when it rain ami. .. ... ,.,.... of tlie Cin.-hona i- pre.ned in the uil rder-aid repair-to be ma.le. By
........ ...,. 10 ..u ...,.,.vi.- ..jnl:ii,-t!inls: -There are ihree live, viceiojs We guarantee the ingredi- xM.ttMur-j.iaai.isa
spirit cask for a water cak. and . . . . . v- ,- , ' nls ol tlic-e bitters to Ik- ah-olutely
, . . . . . cities in America .Now ork, pare, and ot the b-i kin.wn qHalir. Street Imnrovement Nntir.
he gets drunk. A captain on an ni. , -p. fM . . . . A trial will. -atisfv von tiiat this t-the "eec improvement XMottce.
a ' 1 I hienoro l)eiiv.r lhi 1 what ......... .. V. . " - Vnrii !. : 1. ..,.1... ..:.... .i. .1
Amprioin ;hm U ermlitml fnr fl?e h DCsl liilier ill toe won.l. " I lie pr.v.i 01 .,-""" - " ""-.V '.-V " 2l.
uneiicansmjiis 1 rcditod (01 - tj n, , j 1 j j the pudding i-in the e.uing." and we' Common Couneil m U10 ; City or Ash
credited) with an iuaonious bit of! -!... .nuiimi ..ij.,..m. xvIHinjjIy abide thK ti-i. For.i!e by i;rI"se ' onler t he iinprovemcnt
' - Iia oinriit iri L-iinii li it-ni-rtiiiKn. .- ..ii .i..rr;.-t.- r,..r. .i i .. i. .,!... i.'irl ion ol ",t tUli streel . II Nil
,." , , " ".depot cost a million, and it is to!
discharged a cargo at a port in , , , , ' . . ,
Tr , , , a ,. ,. .be enlarired aim a park attached, i
Holland, he -found Ins ship in!,,,, . . '
. . .. , ,. ' ilhc opera house cost .one and a ,
juxtaposition to another which had .... .. .r
, . . quarter millions, and i- a majnnfi-i
just taken in a cargo of Dutch . .- t ... -.? I
, ,. ... . . . , cent piece or architecture of harvp-i
cheese, lie laid a plank at night . , .r . . . r.,
fn . l. ". itian ami .Moori-b type, lavishly;
from one vcsel to the ether: the! , , ,..'., . .
rats, templed by the odor, trooped . wrml sons d nrht. ,
along the plank and began thejly. The city has suvou daily pa-1
feast. He took good care that l pers. and a lot of literary ".eek-
the plank should not be there to
cm-rn tl,n... .. .i i Denver, it is a uia.c oi elegant
sen e them as a pathway uackS. , . 1 -i r .
1 J houses, cut stone buildings, tesse-
again, and so the cheese-laden Iale(1 pavements, four-in-hand
ship had a cruel addition to its! drags, polished marble, mining
outward cargo. ! millionaires, newsboys, bootblacks,
- .... i women of scarlet hue. and five-
Counterfeiters ought to be cent beer gardens with orchestral
ashamed of themselves for making j accompaniments. The police are
plates so near like the genuine jail uniformed in blue and gold,
that treasury officials can't tell ; and are mostly ex-mining super
which from which. It is wrong to j intendents or Nevada and Coni
bring trouble on such a perspirer stock experts striking their regular
as Folger. I level.
A "Novel iii a Pnraeraph.
A number of years ago some
..,..r., :. W..l.. ;.. v.,!..t-;n.r n f.tvro
'""' ...--, -, ""had
,,1,1 ,,;iiM. i,.n.,.n 1. .inoil.hcr.
old pii that had lonir been elo-
....i ... ..-.-. ..-. . ... . ... dj 3Il.uvsir vi:runi-sin.iry in .South Ai.K-riea. .Semi a self I
into the presenre of the body h:oe is manufactured only i aililnSfd enveloiR- to l la- J Jew .I05r.n1
1 .... p., - b n-t 1. u o T. I, Xew yorkl.'iiy. j
very strange scene oecurc-d. II ie Fleming Bros., Pittsburgh, Pa., J
old lady fell on the co.i.s- '1Vnh1fJnro?ftTivtT Don't lend money" toTt friend,
kissed it and addressed it by vory'-ryheeiu . Vrl,.Vt .Ur when you eom to ask for it
term of endearment spokon in a cenw a bottle. you may lind thai yon have lost
bygone generation. He was hi r
only love and she had waited for
miners removed the old lady to
her houe and that night her faith-
ful spirit rejoined that of her long
lot lov,M"-
.. , . , ,
l,lslwUhl l,ress on lhc l'"ul m'
that the inry could see its faults.
r. ..
r . . . : . .ji .1 . .1 1
. , , , Joovo
,l" "," "
around her skeleton arm to show
how loose it was,or lifted thesurplus
I.IUUV It W.I.-, Ill ll-ll IIH- tllllll,
p, or ir,abboi t he -lp. irivms it a bealtliy action It n-
f , .V '. , ",ov.i; ami cundaml ruff and InimoiN t
iweeaS of malciinl on her bosom, MJy its u-e lallmjr hair i checked, and 1
1 1 .1 .1 ,'anew growth v.iiili,- iuoiIik-ciJ in ail
'explaining at the s.11.10 nnio thaticasiN where the rollick-, are not do,-
fix jurors could sec that lhe maker 1
as to mako tre- loo-or. .ho
replied thai her corset measure
fflC tllV'.l l!llllv ltlll 1 1 1 lf-1 IM IllTfl li V
v - t- .'I
seventeen aim a hall niche-, and,
,i... .1 :..:... ...I.. -.-..... 1
...v.., m,. ....i -,..i...i .-.-... a-..., ,
igontleman, and he was leeblo1
? t , .....
iroin uiai 111:10 out. 1 m- juiy avo
.a vordiet for tli.s dorian!, ami
I . .. .am .-. ja.Hn: .! . . ......... n..I.I . .11111 ll.ll.ini. IIIII .11-1 lllll'I'MV fill I 111" III
; ivi'if.w: f ri Ir.inir. ... irrrl.iifl nti. 1..... :.... l:,l..w ....:..... ...,.- ...r....r iril.i-ril III.- I oMiimni I.iiiiiil
, I;...i.. -..... rnnrHAagaliisl inalarial iver hHla. im the
CeilllllU llKII ll0l Cll 1)1 ll,UUW , ,Snrn ! tlif. ,lnvc .f tl... r.lCl C,..,:,l.
!were. 111 the days of the ord .Spanish
, . ,
li,s- is a treat io walk about j
: About nine years aso I had a child ,
years old ami almost dead. "Hie aoctor 4
attending hcreonld not ten. what alien
1 nskcdium if hi? did not think it wa3Sciiur2 of busy people
Vorra?!. He said no. However, this did not
MoSjIIM UIIUSj rilWJiirpi, AJ.vm. ,0,IOV :l,i your friend, too.1
( )!d Fuller maxim is still full
of wisdem: -If thou art a master
u.ftmn;M.n-Ki;.w; ;r .. ...,..i,.t
be sometimes bhiui. if a 1 ant, )
soiueiimcs ueai.
Lltiabaud! J5riiiLf your poor .MiU'er
inj; wife a bottle of Pfunder's Orecjmi
(Jm of the most effective ways
nf n!eaMiir awl iiiakiiiir one's self
jlove( ;, to bo ciiePrfui. joy fiens
more hearts than tears.
Various Oani.-
A.K aiainii years, care.
iiiMi.iimiiiriii, ami iK'iciiiiari iiiiiiiuoii-i
inon an openue to turn im nair qnn.. - """ .". "" . A";"juir
Sal wtbor f Hii iuelmtJ it i,,W1l'"w f'r"vo.u5 debildy ami weakness
ipieniatiuvlj. Ayukn Hah: Vk.ui: will rtlie!ieiioniiioiiiiieiioii sl,atilrus-
restore faded or ray. HSlil ur ml hair : Orem Dejwt. DA.VIS & CO.
loarieli brown or deep black. a ma j J rllanil. Or.
j, jp Utire(. Itsuriehsand deaiiMSiI.;- - --
.i(.nfil nm.rfito f. Ii.i-n II... t.'.tr nr.i
froinicss or vontli. Ilarm!e4aiid .-'ure
t.l inl mic ifi . iln.... tl... ..I...- .....I
Fon S vi.k i;v am. i:-.
Peruvian Kilter-.
Cuchona Kubr.
TheCoimn'mclum w.i
k-w 111 IVm in 101. The Cnunl.-N-.
Ui wH,.f ;v.,N pr,vraU'd In an interiiiii-
under virion-, names, until Mtmanis
called it Cim-honii. in honor of lhe l.s.h
.Aj,0 had hroughl them that wmVh was
j u mis uai . ;i.u-i .1 lapic ui iwo linn-
Order it. l.oehtCo..asenls for Astoria.
King of the Blood
I.- not a "fare all," it i.a bliMnl-piinliernud '
Kins of the Hlno'd prevents and
's these bvattackln-f the rmu.. tmnnritv
uiiiu- iiiuuo. YiieiniMsniui phsk-iansa?rev
in calllne It 'the most Rcnninc and efaclcnt
r.....i , - r.t .."--;- -...-" -...
IKeiuration for the purpose." Sold byDras
jats, 1 per bottle. See testimonial, direc
tions, top., in pamphlet, IreatLse on Diseases
ot the Wood " wrapped around each bottlo
v. ).m, SON & Co., Froi
1CJI1LII ill 3111111. hk 111' I I" 1L Il 1. HirAII ---- --.,--..! m. p. I.H ' - -n -v
; .. t """,mx '" v11 1 :,.H."1 r'i ir.esjs. common council 01 the Uitv of Astoria,
li ce iffi .liimi lL!mlV,,lI,, lT m: ! lroiKe to order the repair and improve-
fi-ct-. bat belli" reallv branches nr niia-s .,f t Nieoml street in .Shively s Astoria, from
thatreat ccm-iie disorder. Immiriiv m the south line of Cedar street :o the
nioort. such afe J);.r;frt, jftlUavi'nr, north line of Hemlock street, bv slieath-
r tVr"i ".tlt"t'Ci''nhtntioH. An-m. hi- nig lhe same with three-inch planking
!5-"rtSSS5!5Srtf- ft:-"", ""--'- - smnl l stntighteniiig the piling where
nia,rder. i;nif n,J Vv.V.:.'.'' ,.l" .straiicesttined Uy the owners of two-
There arc persons who do not ;
Know no;.- to waste ineir urae
and hence become the '
Croat reind. wa diseovereil bv a mis
IM.n'i lie in the lfou.
A.-,k.lru.ajil3tsi'oruKouRlioni:als.n Jt
clears out rats, mice, bedbugs, roaches,
vorlniR n,C-S MlSt in&'PCts. fJc' pcr box; j
No hotter Blood Cleanser than Wni.
I'fimdcrV Orcyim Blood Purifier.
Rheimiati.siu caso No. 1125- After
suffering 10 years with rheumatism
and using during that time every ro
conmuMided medicine and tho best
physician's ndvico without lindini; re-
1 lief, I tried a bottle of the Oregon
Blood Purifier, and feeling better af-
A li jkht You.vo Kit .
Sksnii3- .llfii.
... .,
U Oils lil-allll ilLMIOWOr.
-Tlut Hacking Cough can be so
,lUi,.kI eure.1 b .Shlloh's Cure. Ve
"iianuitri- it. Sold br W. K. Dement.
' . ...
i-.-i;ui:ii. i-oiu r inrc inroa
lUl. XIecl irueutly
a nenwWH,in: aseo.
0- "" s ironeiiiai tro
Acoiiuh. i-oid or -sore throat should bo
result- In
or consumn-
lio.l. Ilidtlll.l Itl.lllUIIIi.l Llllt:ilt-i .III I1IIL
disorder the -tomach like cmigb syrups
i.m av.iiituiri uiu i-i iiui:i:ii on nu; hi
iihsiei:m, and always yive ncrfeet
satisfaction. Uaiie' been tested bv
wide and coii-.i:nt two for nearly an en-
tire generation, they have attained well-
merited rank among the row staple
nox even when-.
.i-.ii.-i.u-. 11. 1.1.' i 1 .;!-. ouiii m i'i ui'iii.'i u
- .. . . .
ftvw" -tiroianu the "" j
llciiiloek-Jti-i-i.hysiieathlng tho same
vvlll! S'lbi: three inches in thickness
"- . " . ..- i";i"n miu-
Auditor and Clerk,
ly's Aioria, irm the north siile or Wall
sirret to ike south -ide of Berry street
b grading the same to the established
snide to the full width of said
s'reet. and unlevJa leinonstnmce.aimied
by the owin-rs of two-thirds of the proj)
erty ftnutinoii .ii.l porotm ot said
si i eel lie hied with the Auditor and
iMcr-of .s.ddeii within ten days trom
the final .publication of this notice, to
wit: .!id S'-d, 18S-J, the Common Coun
cil will ord.-r the .ud iiiiprovciaent to
be made. i'. order of the Coiniaon
'oniieil F.C.XOUKIS,
.Inly Jd. is-si. Vuditor and Clerk.
Street Improvement Notice.
NOT1CK i-. hereby gien that the
I thirds of the property fronting on said
nortion of snul street, hninieil with the
.'----- ---.-. -. j .----- -"":. --"'-
Auditor and Clerk of said citv. within
ten days irom the tinal publication of
this notice, the. Common Council will
order said repairs to bo made. Bv or
der of the Common Council
July 2d, 1832. Auditor and Clerk.
i impm fi-rrmiT 1 inn
niriii 11. ill II 1,1 li lilH IL
Of OAllfOZ-ZXlA.
A. Me KT NX IE, Manage.
For Oregon. Washington and Idaho TerritOfW.
Cratea & C .
Heurleluen a
-."camlner ami
m 2
CO g A
is w
o g
CO z
The Pioneer Machine Shop
i-.-i-.. . 1Xwi
Doner anop it" as'
i if
AU Llnd of
i'roiaptly atU'iutoU to.
A .prvinhy niiule of repahin
UK-vio.sSraKKr, Xkai: 1jli:kki: flOfrfK.
aninr Wort 3t9mhnsit Wnrk
HOIier WOrK. bteaniDOat WOrK.
and Cannery Work a specialty.
-1 a t"mnrri-ftt
Orall lecriptIoiiM made to Order
"at Khort Xotlee.
A. 1. AYass. rsidpnt.
I. W. CASK,.Treasurer.
.loii.v Fox, Superintendrnt
Corcc-r 31nln and Cbeaamus Streets.
-j J
Xh Rs I
umtxx ct
The Celebrated
nd other English Cutlery
. ... . .. ,....
wd other En gluh Cutlery.
Genuine Meershaum Pipes, etc, 1 Foster's EmporiiHU.
..k ArT"', . JXottCoKplrteStKktalUtato
HatrheN and Jewolrjr. Sfazxle aad
Breeek I.oadiBK Khot Gnu aad j FlTeWOVlts! Flags!
KifleM, Rvelvei-H, P18(o1n. ,
aad ABiHinnitioa' Fmita Both Forela aaa D.saieaU
Assortment of ifine SPECTACLES and KYR
latins between J. T. Borchers and F. M.
lyouunu in ino nsn pacKing ousinass. under
tho name ot "The Astoria Variety Packing
Co.." Ls this dav dissolved hv mutual eonsnt
I the bailne?s will hereafter be conducted
liYIKIliri MIMPtIt
M.,VM1WJ. vwuiJUii,
ex aaa'Gattie
. oLClhel 6i Robert.
John Crufi" XCa.
! C. II. WlbMfr. Rontq nrtA Khn
JOS. BUltKHARU.-BoAMatd Snuldlnj
J. j. GILL, or j. K. Qui &Co.. Stoticexs7
r zauvxuu. orzaaifeottfa.
Eaehoftho above men' has SlO.OOOtcair-
ance In thl Company. . .
5 t o
- . ;
T.1 ..
:. .'yjj.i .- iJ-
Tyt. J. C. SHAJ74KS,
Dlnraset of the Tkrat a Specialty.
OIIlco over Conn's Drug Store.
C'aty Sarreyar
or Clatsop County. Offlw :Cheoanu street.
Y. M. C. A. hall-Oroosi J(o. 8.
V. s. Couuai4iiierr Salary PaaUe, a4
lasaraaee Atcat.
Arc at lor the Ihunburc-Bremea Fire Ina.Ce.
of Ilamburs, nermany, and or lae Traveler-,
' Llfo and Accident las. Co.. of Hart-
ford. Conu.
Offlcc la rythian Building. Rooas U, 12.
Attorney and Counselor at Law. .
esrOukf In Pytbiaa Building. Bowns 11, 12.
1 ASTQltlA,
- - - OREGON.
Officr Over the "Whit Hoose Stare.
! I.iwiDKXCE Over Elbeiaoa'a- Bakery, op
t posito harth & Myers' Satooa.
I 4 L. ItliTOS. 31. .
Fhy Blelaa aad knew.
Vll r.OO-VUl A. T. AX1CH9 (fTWCVCJ MUtS.
Rooms, at tho Parker Houif.
I " pentist;
- OiUtQO
Rooms la Allen's building up sfaira. curut z
ot t-'aaud Sifimocihe strecto.
' J .
AllUltahl Ai. L.AJV.
! Otienamus Street. - A5T0EIA. OblwtH)&
i v.T-
May be found at the Court House.
1IAI3T Si CO.,
' Door. Windows, jMIt Traa
as. f.aataer. Kt.
, All kinds or Oak Lumber, GUlss, Beat 9f&.
i terial, etc.
Turning and Bracket Work
'. Stexra Mill new Weatoo hotel. Cor. Ckw
i evl vo and Astor streets.
t Wjnes .an(j Lj
ut superior uraad.
Mrs. 1 S. Jewett.
Up stairs, opposite Mrs.Boe0ts' Boards
:V " "O.