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! IM.milM.imU Ml I
Chinook Moonshiner's. Homes For Fishermen.:
Why -TI'lH vatO'VHll Council Proceedings. ! In Tuesdjiy'sFaradc.
- - - - - -1 r.r r An adjourned council meeting iraf The procession on it?xt Tuesday,
AbTOltlA OREGON: ; hold last Friday m'glit. A pi'tition from i WH wntain inuch lliat is rare and
.'-. " property owners afong the line of Ce- costry, but we doubt it any portion uf '
SUNDAY JULY :!. JlMUdar etreoi. from West-sixth to Salmon j it "f greater va'.ne, .r cm ha made
. -:isi -- - . !..,... .,;l-;,. tin. nno. ti !.. r..itlr.d ' more attractive than the Liberty civ.
rjtr.usiv ucv vwoi'mtjulvt.
AH ihnt wnnf, foi
-. -." " T
ISSTJHD BVaEY SIORSWG. l'hy eioaihiiig over with three-inch ! ich xviH contain :hnty-nine little'. tlU'll Ollt
ill thiol-' Ar.ftHT- ilfntj of water. KIch soil !
HI lIll'r.dinifyMv adac t it vegetable can!eu.. f
I -
VonriMV Kt'1ft . -J . l,.r ..-..: rt.iJi ro.ii'-onlinir -t Sovereign . -s. -i i i .. "" MIU3H III in iicim. survejeu IJUl-JO Ol I
.v.onny Kt.e...M. j planks, vras read, and on mu.ton, re- ( iMlte. each repleading .i , . p.-,.nlrt will AMor..r..i.i.nUi.-r...!h.rn i-ht of Itobertl
.1. V. HALLORAN & COMPANY. ' f..n..j .,, -,,, cm,nittce on -trceis mid ' atnto, (one being for Washington ter-: pilUUll i- rtlilAU, W 111- M.ortrss Land Halm, adjoitunj;
M.ii i" n' ci'iiimuiu on -iu.i i mi . ,., , i . . x L ,, i , , - - 1 :-r -it.. ?i J:oil oni and reeerd-d uyi
1 rin.f.iiKi:i am. I i:Aw:iirr.i:-. bH A I,l,lit-ll,n frr. 1)ro,,. j ntory. w Inch ,.iul,t : bo a -''-) poll o-. reDOl't ill U. J-K.Kol!S. I "mn ami A. W. Cfm-J
I-'.,.... ..;Wf (l,, ,. i;.!lv flwnM; aloIlg he line of Hemlock ; The foUowin, is a par- of the :,ame: 'Ui l,m . Vr V , HTu "' !
Street from the east side of East-sec-i " SPen. Annie Bemoan,'!). AMU S MerohSUlt Ba5grt'-'s
Terms vf Subscriptien: ., i .i i ,. ,-c'. !.. Ki..;i nf if,.i.ilm.L-, n'l Child, Sadie fluids, Hsia -n i Oh ---. ..,1-.-. IL r. HOl.DKN.
,nl street to ns.t-ni limit oi .iemlock" . I 01101' nllOD. WlldC' AiMi-nirt-r s-ml Kstate .i?n.
shr Carrier. ,w wk ''L?rt, a,Ling the eounei! to order the '" V,"u ", Crno -Millt-r, LclilUl UUJA wt -c
SSS' SU paired by sheathing with ' Ella -h-ichr, IW U..!den. InmUie you caI1 o-0t VOlll' A T A 11
--A.lvortumon.s:n3crt,d l.,tl,oTr ,.--. -. l .mw .... ; - L
hretoofSi:..) .er.iinrcr'cr month. atretta ami public way. , j(i 0CCtlbH)U. j i -r. cxei: r.i r
rriaMM-a.trortfainc.bythoday or w-jck.i The report from the ommitlee on ,i', -clO -.". -- - c.
i. i. rvi.i j .
1 hav removed to th
aui: A; Ai.Lu.)
ifty conrii rcrfiuoro for each infrtion.
I street and public ways, on the peli-1 " Oraii:, Alollie i-i-r, ivatie
nun askm- council to t-auw Wew- -McKean, Winnie .Mclvean, Ki:z.a.Mc-
bixth street to be improved from tin. i l" Vu oiin.K .Magsjic JIc
Knitiii-. ib lift.
Tiik will in M "oi'th side of NValt "acK' e,1 ---"a-. --:"--' rfrisl,l rooms U ivtit. Apph
maUiit-occnitatmnth.frcrof pelage. ltcmt- Bide of IJerry street. vas read, ami .n " ""' ';'""1- --"'-- --- ... .m .... 1..11J.
erirhoroHlrnploterrVrjjrcroni Wcri;ci,n : ,,,, ref errc, jball, .lessio .lewctt, C.lllie Vaughan,; --
incrTuu A-miAX .rflir fJirfli. I)aii.vj " .. ' ... . ., loia JJeillmm, Alma Win- All MjnsiWrt p-""!lo. nliiT.n .th
MrWKKi.v.1fMf..anvi-orirffi. An ordinance providing .or paint- j - ' Annie rheumaiiM... ue PfumWH Oregon
..; -.i;.jiuI rj-po,. jto.rf. H.7rfius the City I fall and lleli tower, was nie (.oodman. Ann c uooauun. , ,,.,
.,..,, . ,j " J 1 'I'l.o niMiniiittix. in -'jnr.i wkh tolliinna I unlior. :vdd at one dollar a
IIIAlUf Itlti lll,iGi .KlJiruii.ii'Pii w.
'f llfUUliliU I Willi. I
'! .1.... .i ..- :.. .......i ..f -.
.. -9 1MV Lli;iL LXli:V 2Llt" llft ill lilVU .4
. was passed. An ordinance proviuiiii' . J - . , j
WWt.-v- VI iuui;. -r .
-FiajjR and arches m& oin; up for constructing and lavm sowers in
iu abundance. Sijuemorpia street! certain poittons of Ca, ALtin. lieu- j
luo;a jjay. ton, Lufnyctlo, Waahin;toii .md .Jaeh-1
w.... i c vjfr.m .;ir,.,. 1. Jsou 9tre,t5. wes read and referred to
.1... M.ui.r.i:.f. t.i..i. ii ..vit-icommiitee on .sUvetsandimblie a.s.
i. M. Sunday scltool at noon.
Ittjv. J. T. 3IcCorniac will hold
divine son ice nt the uppertown school-Jioihi-
at tJ o'clorlc this evening.
--The tug Pioneer elearod from
I'liiladclphia last Tuesday. Sim will
bo-due here about the loth il September.
-Frim the Oregoniiui we leant
that Beaver J odjc, of thir. place, has
sent ??M8 as a donation for the Or
phan's Ilome.
Voue "ii 'Vant
l (Jneoi illusion siove-: neat aim eon-
storia i.s noted for, there need not be! indent, ss-i on.- at Fosters.
number of od louhii.'j "iris that J
It was ordered that the auditor and J
clcik ivo notice b' jiubltcniion, that
ordinance No. 448, concerning fniujj
fire enickets within eeitain litnitsof
the city, was Ntill in force. (The or
dinance appears i:t ihi morniuij's ir.
sue). An ordinance appropriating
$250 out of the general fund for the
payment of the eily assessor for ser
vices for the year 188- as such asses
sor, and authorizing the dm wing of a
warrant therefor, was passed under
suspension of the rules. The claim of
E. C. Hohleu for f2."i! was ordered
paid; the claim f Daniel Whipple
Bihhop Morris, agisted by ltov.
Dr. Ne.vms, will olliciiite in Grace-;for 551.:) 1 was lefenod to the commit -
church, Astoria, to-day, duly 2d,
morning and evening, at the usual
There will be the regular meet-
tee on health and police. The claim
of E. U. Halves ft.r7. 75 was refei nil
i to committee on lire- and water.
ingof the Y. M. C. A., at thoir rooms Councilman Taylor olfeicd the fol
at a quarter to threo this afternoon. 1 lowing resolution which was utmnt
Every one thnt comes will be heartily inously adopted
the slightest dilliculty in supplying
such a want, and some young lady will
doubtless be proud to be the center of
such a far train attendent upon her as
lite above list represents.
To the Ladies.
A visit to the engine hints. jester
dav showed unusual aeiivdy among
the firemen in getting their engines
polished and brightened even to a
greater degree than uual. We all
know how flowers enhance the beauty
of a room, and are assured by the lite
department that some bouquets of
dowers will be the crowning feature
of embellishment: the gay colors of
the fragrant blos-som gleaming in ra
diant hcautv on the glittering oilier
and nickel and bntsM of the engines,
Flowers are needed to complete the
decorations, and the deparlmont
earnestly request the ladies of Astoria
to aid them in their (-.forts to please,
by sending them on to-mo:row 3ome
Four. Ii of July iH4'omiiir.
Fireworks of ever kind at Chailev
.MaiN. lioimwi candles, fire crackers,
ski roekejs. ele.. ftom the fac
tofi. Wood for Sale.
1 haie about --K huudn-d and tift
cords or dry hemlock, u Inch twill ell
forci-h lVs7."i pereiird. I lull deliver
tlie iiiH'u to my rttsiomers.
It. U. Mai:io.
To the Ijadien.
.Mrs. Uappleiea. dte.-v.maker, (V.s
.-ire(-t. nil door to Tiik Antoima.v
olllce. Also agent for the reliable I'.ut
toriek ;itterirj-.
Astoria lee lepot.
FniuU Fabre is now pn'pared to sup
ply families, restauninls, hotels, saloons,
etc.. at :; cents per pound, on the prem
ises. Fresh ii-e rream every day. Halls
parlies and dinncts -tipplied wit it i.-e
cream at short notice.
I'ourtli or.Inl.V IretH ISnll.
Iv.-M-v!liin' liMV :ni(l l:ivliioii:tlili'
in white kid uloves, ties ami ftiruishitis
goiMls at .Melntosirs Clothing bton-.
iVli.'U-viIesint r.-t.ttJ d.'.Urr u,
Glass and Plated Ware,
Tii-thi-r wtllt
Wines, Lipoid TolaccolCip's
11u largest and :nfwt complete stock of
3i, in itii'ir Hue to lie fonnd tn tin city.
Corner oft'ass and StJPmi)cqlip Strerti.
AS fill:! A. OKI ICON.
And have, Without a Single Ecepcoc, - .
1 The Finest M Best Arraoeed JStsre i toga i
'. -r i
New Goods Received by Kvery SteRmetin,
All the Latest Styloa and TovAHmm
TaJl and Inspect Stock and Get Prices Whetiier Y"oa
Purchase or Xot.
No trouble to show goods.
What antagenism: A good liver in
IiwArrJ, Thnt the auditor and cleik dowers to deel: their engine will. ' j nem,f ia,t?a 1k lire UliW to
,..,. ho aml he is hvieh' directed to give Tuesday's parade. remedy this evil: Use Fmnder's
:a ve oim lou (laVh, lMticc ;n TjK l)Klh. AsTO .otire. tltvgon lMooil Furificr, wlucJi will re-
f.r iv flint, r In entnmoii .imir-il TimTini .-!.. .i:nr... ... ..,...,......:. ,:n i..i.i I tum-n nil immirUlix: ft-noi vnnt- lie.-.r
-The German Evaugelical oi vor.u, now organ- .. , ,..,. c,mllcil Ijml0Sl,
t?.ed, will have divine service to-day j t(J imi,1We aM(1 repair that portion of
at 2 r. .v., at tho Uaptit church. Cedar -tIVtft, lj-i: between t!w oist
John Gantenbein pastor. Mo of slstl slWtt .,nd tlc
--The roadway is in tcinnor.irv con-!weRt ,i,u "f &"" tvut, by rfieatli-
ditiou for travel. O'Brien and others
went to work yesterday and put it in
as good lix as they could until it is
placed in permanent order.
iug tho same with planks three inches
in thickness, and by repairing the rail
ing and piling wherever out of repair.
Councilman Gray oti'ered the fol
lowing ies"liHioii which was uau.ini-
The 19 3'oung ladieB who arc to
represent the several states in Tttes-I
day's parade will please assemble, at I
Mrs. E. J?. Warren's at ten o'clock
tin the looming of tho Fourth.
- Henry Martin a, fisherman of the
Fisherman's Packing Company was
accidentally shol yesterday at upper
ir.wn. The ball has been extracted
nd the matt ia now doit." well at St.
Mary's Hospital.
-A fisherman whoso namo ve could
not learn fell yesterday from tho
whatfing at the lower part of tin city t given uf intention to u-pair ilemlock
to the rocks belew: receivintr severe I street between the east line of Easl-
brnisps on the side and chckl. lie second attd the east !im t.f Hemlock
was taken to the Hospital. ' street iu the Mine manner as the pre-
. ceding.
On motion, tho matter of letting
riio diireieut companies will hold move all impurities from your liver,
themselves in readiness on .Monday j ----
evening to iceeive and escoit the visit- Ai et it r.s mi ed paints, the best In
nig iireiucii. l . .1. I .,f.. for sale at .1. W. Conu,s ,lrug .store
(duef hngmPiT. jopjiostie Occident Hotel.
Liias. nteieiis ,v oou uae tor vww
Tile uk of Oregon l!lobd I'urilii'r.
-Cheap explosive aredatejeious; get
the genuine lireiiorks of Cart A Idler.
and are auenis ror iue new .Mtuiei ew
in machines.
Fresh ire cream every day at Frank
Fabre's. Families supplied in :tu
...... . . ; .?.. i. i ... .!- . i . .i.
The death oj Guiteaudoe.s nol inlet-Hpiamu i ie-.iii.iu unier. .iis mi
motisly adepted:
iiVjorivf, That the Auditor and eh-rk j
be instructed to give notice by
publication in Tnr. Diha Ast.i
kia that th common council pro
pose to improve and repair Sal
mon or East-second Hired, in Shive
ly's Astoria, from the south line of
Cedar stteet to the north line of Hem
lock street, by sheathing said Salmon
or East -second at reel with three-inch
plunking, and by repairing the piling
wherever out of repair.
It was also resolved that notirc be
fere with the salcof Adler's ll.j-js. He
has the genuine liinitina ami is selling j
it ar Ion tales.
Then will be a balloon ascension at
Carl AdlerV. on the niht of the Fourth.
In the meantime buy one of those Chi
nese lantcjlis for .1 our little Isoj,
All ilho are afllicted with suit
thetim, it -h. :c::Id head, itup'-iigo. and
ciery other erttplion of the skin, should
u-eC.t r.vN'-Sn.piiri: Soap.
liui'st o'hlets eMled to order. Frank
Fahres bisters and ice cream are known
eieryuhere as par excellence.
-A Nasal Injector fnv with e.ich
lioiiie i.r Shtloh's Catarrh. Ilcmcilv.
I' .siihl hi W, V Hemenl.
For Dyspepsia andl.herCi. ip!.n :t.
ion have a nriuti-il ifiiar.ii.tee on cirri
iMittle of Miiloh's Vitalier. II neie'i
fails to cure. .oId b . K. I Vmenl
Nw Sluts iu Rapid Succm1oh !
Knsas'ni?ut of
Kmt man. Coiuedlnii and Dftaeer.
Serin I'omie ((neon
The. Prince uf Old Itlan Iwper-
Together with a new
All the Old Favorites Retained.
MaMiiaiftiMUiinuauiiMa. S
ASTORIA, June "J, 183?.
M. MEYER .Proprietor.
Cot.iu;s Lii.uu.'sLiijriu I.:.::; am Fa.iien icecream is the best,
Tomc l.Nvir.oi.'ATiu: will cure tndiges-i
tteii.d.spepsi: nr osof apiM-lite. .-I.s; Von w:tnl toiretsouieor Koseoes jcv
Oprit ad ilir Irar. IVrfurmuuce llttrj
Mhl. Knitre hanr of lr-
urauuor Oacr a 1V-I.
i 'tiiaprisiii; all the latest
We jjive the Best
Variety Entertainment
In the West.
'tit.- llii-alie is ir-.w.h-d lujdilly. aSd all
wmi ume uiwii -co nit-eiiii-n;iiiuiiriik pru- It to heisiicd tuuiiygiieiicIsAiiuer.
Mr. Hill as a caterer for the nuhllc's
umt-'Miiciit can n.u l. ece!lcd. Auiliody
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, S I BO per Ooxen
aarSpc ciul attention paid to ord.-r from TuWle uatlFaililes.V
foi't:uMcn': ivmthcr. (if hrmmisls cream Jmlaj : fresh made and uiceli
I'he l!ei. (Jen. II. Thaier. of I tour-1 '
lion, Itui.. s:tis:-otit myself ami witel jr tm want nice fresh hud. or "nodi wishing m si.(id a plejwmt eiculii am
Oweour beso.suii.MrCovst.ilTlON'Ki,pnr.piir.'iMifiiiic int Hi., .niii-i see sii.xrK!li.!l nit and hemty without Ull
('I uv tih b W. 1 Dement. .r ,ut p, i. i; Flber-a.nV h-iken wu1tj.sin,ul.l Iia;ne the opjiortualti and
Wh will oti cotigli when Shdohsl ..,,. c. . .,....,... . I the i-ntp.iii cuipi !-. the f..!lr.iv!iu'. wvll-Cureivill-ive-imnuliate
relief. Price i 1' ! ! ' i " ," " " ,' fc K"M Wl1'
10 els -,. e?s and -I. Sold hi V. K. Ii- W "," "V '"i I T.' ?1? l" r'1-1 Fmk W.u.T.y.
, , eau h Imught che:ip for e.tsli to .-lose' ... , . ,,-,.. ...
"" "K lent that hrauch or the busim-s. w-" .l-l l ",K-
i - . - Mi:. Cu h:i.i-s Kojii ri:.
-ltev. Ii. A. Oriswell will pioiich'
in the Presbyterian church at 11 a J
.v., and iu connection with the suit
ptoperty owners repair the loadway
.tn iiimi-c Ast(ni:i ii'iiitinmriU- u:iti!
ire the Sacrament of the Lord's Sup- , , ,. ., -. .', , .
1 ! such time as (he conned count older
l.'ri hiii nc Aiwiiiiiiruni ru, iuiiuii , i i .- i .
. . J the sumu lepauvd, was reterred to
school at noon. No evening service.
committee u:: strou and iiuldie nay.
that nil may have au opporiunitv to. . ., .. ,
-1 '' ' i I In iiir.ti.iii .iiiiiiil -lit imirii,.
attend the Bethel sen ice in the M. - . . , .
E. church. . Fire Delegates
-We are in receipt of tho (hdifor-j U " '',ti"f' 'f the Fire delegates
man for July. It has some fine'1'1'-1 evening. ' H. Stockton, U.S.
articles in it and is worth reading. ifWoreley and A. A. Cleveland were
the proprietors of that periodical would lwnted from Rescue No. 2: 11. F.
dispense with thai horrible compound j Stevens, Joe Charters and F. A.
of idiotfe vacuity furnished by s0me-l-Fishor from As:,,,,a Xn- !- l" ,lu!
tu: ..i: :!.. ri. -v,,.i -I state convention of Jitvmeii to be held
iiiiii cijriio; Usui) .iii-i'iuu, i
--1 hae tMmht the .s!,.ria Camli
taclor.i.auil am prepared iinnil.v anil
sell the choicest candies and eoiMectio'i
er. A full slock of I he linest sweet
meats, nuts, etc.. aluoison hand.
Ino. J'. I'
The IVruiiaii.sMtip has t'UViui thou
sands who were suifetimr from dispep
sl.i,debil:ti. liier comj.laiut. boll's, hit
inot-s. female comphtlitls, (!. Pamph
lets freeloaui address. Set It W. Foiilr
A- Sou- ''.o-Io'n.
I hare iii l;ie iiltole s-:em Willi King
orthcKlood. See Adiertisemcnt.
A Hell invoice of l.ill's elislom
made muIs ami dolniaus arrival last
eVt'iiitfi. Call and see IJiem hcfoie ihe
r . .. . . . .. - --. rk
- .o muieood weight ul the Orient j i.o l.. i:o;coe.s ami Iry Ihe Koslou J. virvhoi.'. annate withtu:aiO feet of
i;.tuis. i in eo inM-ciass nai tiers. .nii rvstai ice i ream, oeenient nioeje.
woik guaranteed. Chihtietis hair cut-1
i.unaspeciuiii. .i.t..iv::ri.ns. Another of iho-e ime . It. Ci.-.i
i.s sirnnaei: io itos'i. am is mxcki.lku ky nonON 'iw coAi
m Otdcrs l.U at the ItKltAlAMA rllJif.! II ALL v.Ut te pJOxapUy SUeialJ to."
Mi:. .loi.. Cooi:.
Mi:. Walph: I'.iis.
AH "1 nlnch will aw:r !iildly in th.lrUd-,
ferenl s;--.m:iIII.vs. j
Ope.i..irs.ncert everj Oleum;?: p.-rforut- 1
au.'e.'.ai.iaii(-iii-:al : cnlnuice luthcatie!
on la-mi sin-el ; ornate tys ori Cht-mi-
Fre-dieM and lim-si cak.-y, t'niit and V" "!'.V.!l! Mn'''' at Ihe Astori-i e.mili la.-ion. ! ,,1MK'" rt
Look outf r New Stars.
.Mr. .lohn tJo'jersof iheCeniral Marl
I kel. lias maite arnttmeiiienis lo Keep alt rn cain
Iheiiucl fre-sh lish, ele.. in their s.-.isn rur d,t-
fltW'ti VI ICKr. OI l.M. WITH ONE-
the average reader would get more
enjoyment from his purchase.
in Astoria on the oth inst. The. fol -
' lowing were electtsl member of En
IjiineCo. N. L: Martin Ols.-n Tho.s.
--A Long Branch train wont piung- Shuinbly, das. Smith. Th.w. I'.rid
ing through a Shrewsbury river bridgej well, and .1. F. llallor.iu.
on the Now Jersey Central railroau
und killed twenty people last Friday
evening: eighty others are -seriously
wounded. Several prominent men
were badly hurt. General Grant es
caped with slight bruises. Economy
in tho us2 of safct- rails was the
Union service iu tho Mothodiat
church this ovening to commenco at
7:30 o'clock, object, to promote tho
cause of missions amongst sailors,
fishermen, etc. Tho meeting will be
addressed by Chaplain Stubbs, of
Portland, Rov. 3Ir. Walters, of the
Congregational church, and others,
All friends of sailors, longshores
men and fishermen are cordially in
rited to attend.
Alert No. 1.
There will lw: a drill at 0:1)0 to-morrow
evening, and a meeting immedi
ately after to eiecr. delegates to tho
state firemen's association, a full at
tendance is most desirable.
.1. 33. Tjiq.mas.
Attention is directed to the ad
vertisement of the Acme Minstrel
troupe, who will appear in an attract
ive entertainment at Liberty Hall to
morrow and Tuosday evenings. The
performers comprising this troupe are
t ' . f ll.lllll iMltafl i 'til I if Ii !
the gre.t coinpicrcrof lti:ioiiucfts mid
Liver complaint. Relief ci-i-taiti in
every ease.
rte-slt fm it icceiied at C. A..M:t hj
eieri .steamer. No stale I rash. Kvery
variel;. of Oie-jon and California fruit
ahvajstm hand.
Ate. you made miserable i Indi
rection. Constipation. Dkzineas. Loss of
appetite, Yellow Skin ".' Shiloh's Yital
izer is a jio.sitiie cure. For sale by W.
K. Dement.
For the uenutne J. 11. Cutter old
llo-.tibou. and the best ol wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Hem
opposite the Ih-II. tower, and sop Campbell.
ori:uisal Ihe City Doolc.More.
t wharf at t'athLuatt. Waslmifiton Territory.
i Trie-tin..
Uae acre of land, with lno-sior hotte
I sitnnie within ." leer of same nlir.rf. Price
.. ..: . - . - . rami oi is:. :ien-. v.. in niiii aim two
, Aovellu's sr, hottsehohl arlu-ies .it v.-iMid wtiaits. rnmlase one-half mile on
Foster's, J cohiinhin l.'uer : Siiacresahl.'rlaadoa place :
i situate one n,l!e from aliie wharf. I'ricc
lee for SJlIe:it the )! Iti.L.I .' 1.50.
(For partiiMilars t of (Sen. 15. Itoticrts, j
CathlaniPt. IV. T.. or I . K. Simns. rortland. ,.
styles at .loin. A. Mont-omerx's. , " -on . "J .
Threest-ow loads of dr lir, .sjiruc.
1. K. IV4AKK.1. T. W. Bum
Astoria Market !
' f'OK. CHK.NAAlUft :jli'D HAaliLTON' SfS.
w. uttr.X Jt Kx're.X, lritzs
W'hulal nn.ttall Dloih.
Fresh and Cured Meets
A futt line of
Make use of the .-eU.blc K.nd...,. U.o- ,inJ'!jim,5r- E- 'se' 8te' P
xEOixzaeo MiicHi). 1879.
tear shuv supplied gf tie towt tuta.
limbs, and bark, just nivived and for
sale at Gray's dock.
I li.u.-
Fauci xiaps and i)erfumer. of all
kinds can lie found at ..I. W. Conn's drug
store, opposite Occident hotel.
A complete stock of boys and chil
dren s Mtits just received at .Mcintosiis
clothing store.
Call and examine those baby wairons
at the City book store.
Bv-kfs.1.,.. -,- .m 1 AMtiiri .i Imrh i.titmi lit t
Trov.UMuni ... .oB.. ..., prof. Fred Mver wishes to oruan-
thc newspapers published where they
have appeared and the programme is
a sparkling one.
Flags and fireworks at Carl Adlei's.
izea .stnuincclase of children: he also
has a fair assortment of Ceriuan music
for-sale. Jtooins over the fJem sttloou
Stevens A: Son have their store! Totclv Reduced the Price
crowded Mith new irood ,. all rh' Jjaieif neuueeu uie rnce
phiiiMittres j uf allm llisi-Class
If ott want ice ejeatn that is U: i:otn in ilttr.s n Alr. T OUJKK,
tTrom. go to Frank Fabre't.. ! n ...
sit 00
io zo
d - - tn
L'ho-ewiilin' desks at UieCiti biMikj Finest cn cd Calf Itimts
.stoieare the lies! in the eity. Tii'ei ate "$ H !.M.i
something nice and durable, and" just i lva Sm",r oM
what most yottiiK Indies would npprcei-:
ate from the giver.
Withlnx lutl theBet
Genuine Mercer French Calf
-P. J. Muodman.on Chenam.L, s, r,.(., ., . Sb0
has j ted. received tho latest ami must I ; , 4 ,.
fashionable .style or gents and ladies! , , ',. , ,f , '
lH) Agent in Astoria for1 OpiQMte the . h. & N. Co.'s Dock.
the famous Slorrow 'shoes. , "
What is nicer on a warm dai than :t ,
dish of
""""" Ovstcr .Saloon. CUJ
Slniiit ami Liter t'impluiMl, BW
cw or Old (Wilt,,
l'cfr. Asur. Hhm-itI. etc.
tuuioitncf lo Itse puhllc ttMrf t 1 tn&k-
iltl-xro Cure 'ln?,lle
MUHer -t BfculilrrBUt-a, ' BOStOll CrySUl IC6 CrUB !
CkiaMlc Skin Tfwbt-.s ;
ami KhrumalUai. The uaf t Ice Crcaa. ever dlslied op to Ui
American public. Try It. sad be convinced,
TJ. ,, j , ; lip nlo iuriiWh,'ln tirst-cJa style,
JiQ'S ntoodf tht'lcsb j oysters, hot coffkk tea. etc.
fob years' I trTf
I For particular aud tcstinioatals fimu wrill Hlao ond CmnV tlumim talui,
j known people tn our State rend locals and Ladies ani Wnry Oyster MJMfl,
- ( Trice
of that exquisitely llavored ice I Clipper built, copier fastened,
that Knmk Kahre iinl-es ' dounlc mast lessel, lies at
inarrratiKraure mams. . case'i wharf. Kel to -
- XI. per Ilettle.
1 To iustuc a eure take six lots for .s.".0i.
. Your drugKi".! keeps and recommends it.
I Ask for. and sec that you get the jjcnitf ne.
IMca.- sve nw a PiU.
UttSCfiB DIXOK, fnrtar
Ilemciibcr Frank Fahre's Ice cream, j Tlie uAlwa3s Handv' stovepipe
U is par excellence. m shelves at John A. Montgomery's.
isMva iLisiiPfi. rri-i"lit nr i(.
Ask to see one of those patent feed-' cursion parties to all iirts of
nt Knlir'c . MuWiilnmli!:iriiir:iml vii'ililt
--.--. w-.... ... t ...w..-. ..-..-. y - . . . ' 3UUU1U lt'HC: 1ULII UIUU13 lllLil i. 11111 ... n. m r . .. ..T ... . 'I
eff-ror rurtlier jiarticu ars impure ot John ncn t- P. thee irn nretwirwl tr diU H,B ?l?cr. l ?' v-J ?wiD7 ca Yieaaeiay,
Ro-'prs. CvntRd Market. Orof uuscn a. tney arc pre parei it on e-. thesthot July, il. at the hour of ar.jw.
novels, wnmj wri.f i. uru Urer ffooda in any part of the city on E. C. UOLdELV.
Jt aster ana owner i c sowinni uuuw.