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Astoria, Oregon, Sunday Morning, July 2. J 882.
Vol. xvn.
No. 80.
Sceues at the Scaffold.
Washington, Friday,
miii was peeping- over l he hills to j
the east of the prison, lighting itsj
Mniier wans. .- hum iimnr over
,., p i
tin tin bid wjilors of tho eastern
.1U11L.W.10U.. j ' tt ..i. .1.,. !.,..,..,,.. .. ,.ii..iiict . nt'ifli fu ii imu.ili:itimi fur n. lie- n:liet:P.iiie when in.' uliUUKI 10
1.. .. I1 I WWM I
At daylight this morning-, through is fl :1 lhi. wr;tio- it' hold this thv sonant. W.i hum- Pie.sMeni Arthur and whim ho .hi-
i.,.- n...u..una ,,... .,.....--. . jj HOt j)(cii ivtunun to jai l;Iy prav thou wiil deliver mm :il,ciaro(i mat urn nauon -wi'iiim :?
Wlh permitted to see Guiteau. The! ' . . VJM1,W of u,...,,..., " this, supremo moment oi hi life., down in blood."
, , . .., the hot and tlnrstv crowd. 1 lie
branch of the roiomac and hid) , , .
. I roads leading to the prison were
trom viow the poisonou inaish , . , , f
, l ,m . 'thronged with btrairglors of all
that hues its shores, iho assassin , ,. . - , ,
, , , , ,. , . . . ages, sox and condition.-. (Juooiti
had slept but little during tho ' ,11
V iii.1 Clippie who.e lojrs had been am-
n , , r . ., , ..,
ovo.rvbodv at the iail awake with.
".-,. . iniong on a pair : wo. men pogss.
her cries, and Guiteau was in no . , . ,..,. .1
' ..Colored inon and women composed
mood for resting. Between ;i ami . a t . , t tr ,
. , ? ,-!.-. 1 Itho jrreater part of the spootatoi,
.1 .v. M. he dozed at brief intervals,! , . . ' . ,
... , and as the sp.ioe 111 none 01 the
but lie was in a condition of nor- . ' ,
..iiii; nviitnmnnt frifit rkprn'nnii!!
... .V..V..W.. ...... r... .......v-
t.:... r .i:.. a..:i :.. i.;
111111 jujiii mui -iiiij. .iiiiii.ii 111 mo
undershirt and drawers lie pace.l
back and forth within the bounds
r t.:. o 1:1 4: :.. i.: '
01 ins ceii iikv; a u":i 111 ins u;i"c. . . 1111 1 ...ui:.
a hanging should bo made public.
He frequently tossed his hands . 1 1 .1 ........c
1 ' Guiteau showed great nervous-
forw'ard with an expression of ve-! , , .. . . ,firt,i
1 .Hess and appeared greatly startled
hement rage, and snarls as a cat j , , . , t, . ." f
6 ' . , when he heard the rail to of niu.
whines when plavmg witn a mouse. . , ., . ,,
1 - n . iketsonthe stone lloor of the ro-
His eyes glowed with excitement! , ,. , .. . ,, .
, tunda. and from that moment Gni-
and they were set far back in his i . . ,,
, , ,. .. teau appeared thoroughly ovei-
head with black lines sun ouiuhng. .', .. ' ". r 1 .
a come with emotion, wept freely
The skin was drawn over the cheek . 3.1- .
, and seemed lo bo m great an-
bones like a stretched parchment ..
and his fingers worked eonvul-10 ... . . , ...
, , , ! 1 he scene in the iotunla, while
si vely aa he placed them upon the j .. . ,
- j 1 'waitiuir for tho prisoner, was one
bars and faced his visitors. Jjelorej. . , i.i- ,
, . lonr to bo leiiirmbored. oldieis
a volley of expletives, cursing
President Arthur, Justice Bradley I
Warden Crocker, District Attor
1103 Gorkhill and other officials who
.. .. 1 j.: ,.,rt
cution and imprisonment. He
called upon Almighty God to cuisejTho ovcin(Jnl of. the officers
and kill them, and became so vio-;!i,cut ie jaU tioor was watched
lent in his expressions of rage that , wUu o:Qy aUtinVimu Aftcr the j
wo had to leave the comdor. About Jionlh WAmtul j, m1 ,M.,.n ri,.,t hy t,J(, s
six o'clock Guiteau sat down to, i v
breakfast. Tie started in with an I
apparent gwuappeme, miii unas. gano brus,, j,-s ha-r Al jo-i Thou knowest Thou did'st inspiio oollin Warden Ciucker aoend.:d
evident he was feigning an uncoil-noudMtk.un wilisUl. was blmvI1 jCJ-uficld's removal, and only goo.l the steps of the T-air..ld and ad
eem he did not feel, and his stom-;the W0ricl0Sfti wh Js L.oar tj10 jhas come from it. This is the best dresMiiir tho crowd said: 'Th.:o
ach refused to sustain him in the! -yxl ThJs whfa. usually blows a-ieviilonoe that the inp:raiion came who deired could viow the"
attempt to deceive, for after hm-j 0lock, and by il Guiteau w:.s J from Thee, and I have sot it forth Then a crowd of spoetators was
ricuiy swallowing a tew moui.uuis
he dropped his knife and fork and
stopped in his meal. Tie vainly
essayed in a moment after to com
plete his repast, but could only
nibble at the things on the uiblc
and soon gave up in disgust. Hc.of thc vMw clicked, and then
jumpeu up iromiueiaoieaiKi tieiiW;U(lt.n Crocker made his appear-1
r.,a.w- ... ..ww. ....,.,..... ...w... auce anil a moment later tlio fn-.ijuick and shaip, and 1 know thc
ing walk, but the deputy warden miliar face of Giiitoan waeen.! Divine law of retribution will
at first refused to nermit him lo dnlnM. .. .. .n:.i . i .1 i . -i. ..... . ,
; . j
so. mis t lire w mm into another
paroxysm of rage, and he became
very violent and launched forth into
a tirade against the jail officials.
At length the warden allowed him
to take his walk, lie tramped up
and down for a few minutes, and
tiring of his exercise, went back
to his cell. There he affected to
busy himself in writing, and had
another visit from Dr. Hicks. At
10:20 ho took his. bath and diessed
himself for the execution. Dr.
Hicks after his visitsaid that when
he left Guiteau the hitter was
calm, being thoroughly sustained
by his idea of inspiration. "When
he first entered the cell the assas
sin wept copiously and explained
the tears and emotion by sa'ing
that he was filled with joy at the
prospect of the nearness of relief
from his persecutors. Yesterday
afternoon prior to Mrs. Scoville's
visit to the jail, she" sent him a
bouquet which without knowledge
of the warden or his deputy was
carried into the cell. Deputy "War
den Irtish passed through the cor
ridor soon afterward and noticing
the bouquet he asked who had
given it to him. u3Iy sister," curtly
replied the assassin. The warden
was about to pass on when he con
cluded the bouquet was worthy of
examination and took it from the
cell. It was handed to Dr. "Yil-
Hams, the jail phvsician, who care- j
"fullv examined the flowcis ami do-
'clflretl that thev had reen drujrged,'
Jimnnwnate! with some poison,
- uts nn(1 C;lk.- sel ,, their!
' ,,-,. t,lrttl,fu1 ,. nf ,h,.troosi
.""" - ' -J......V. -"I
, ,. ... , .i i
!'! did a thriving bu?:nos with
I . I
putatod below the knee.-, hohiiled
' . .
tan was grauuaiiy uiiou im- m--i
id liiemselvo- on Iho sandy
, 1
h)fr U)e 11XCCSS-VC 1(..u prepared to
wituntU ti,'P aunonppomcnl of the
Were drawn on one side, and a
,.;. , .n,,!.., f W thorn
?, ot!(1 Jr undorstoil I
that Guiteau was. very umch ile-Jtiuct and deliberate omphasis'tlm
pressed, and h was eipecfed - thntlt.llewing: .
Inro.sonl ji vov djlrpt.xinr cl.rlii 1
o.imuii iiic pi iriui'r JJl'lJlIil' Ilion
composed, and turning away be-;
- t, ljk f - tJ ....
delay to-day was by special at-' know that '1'hou, Fathoi, didst the.
rangement, so that ils startling fact "Jr which I am murdered,
summons might not conic befoioi This government and nation, by
the officers were leady. Two min-
!utes later the iron gates at tho end
i lie jace was paimi ami me mus-
icles arouml the mouth moved ner-;
vously; oth"r than this i here was.
no sign of faltering. The pro-
cession moved (piiekly to the sea f-i
fold and Guiteau ascended tlifc '
somewhat steep steps with as. much I Divine law of retribution is in -
steadiness as could iie expeutod exorable. J therefore predict this
from a man whose arms woio; nation will go down in blond, and
tightly pinioned. At ihe last step ! my murderous fioni executive to-
he faltered for a oioment and was! haiiirmcn, will go to heli. i"lv
assistcd by officers' who walked up j laws are inexorable. Oh, TloJ,
on cither side. Upon reaching the Supreme Judge. w unto the
platform was Guiteau placed im- nieu that violate Thy laws; only
1 ....... l . ' ,
mediatelv behind the drop faci'iir weeping and irnashinir of teeth
.. , '. r . ..: , f, , mm , .
the front of the scallold. Capt. .awaits them. I he American press
Coleman stood upon the right, Rob-
ert Strong upon his left, and
"Woodward directly behind him.
Jones took a position on the north
side, near the upright of the beam, j
and "Warden Crocker tool; his po-j
sition at the southeast corner
of the construction. There was j
a slight delay while spectators I
were pushing and jostling through ;
x , , . J
the door leading from thc rot inula
lo thc corridor at the. lower end of I
which the gallows wis placed, and
Guiteau meanwhile gazed upon
tho crowd, looked upon the beam hue. and now I go to Thee, Savior J "rd". Heartache, meimchr. ccncml rra
... , , '. , . , ... . . r , . . ... ... , H ncxr. Heart IVh-gj-c, nropAU. Kltlncy T)i.ea.c.
over his head and quioklv made a i without the slightest ill will toward PuV. nhcumaUnm. Catarrh, serwia,Shin
survey of all the dread paraphcr -
nalia. As soon as the crowd
gained access General Croe'ker
waved them to uncover and all
heads were bared. Dr. Hicks then
prayed in iIhct wetri: "ratber,;
out ol ino depths uv esy lo tiie.-.
Hear our supplication for th.. sake .
of Jesus Chri-t. the ?avior whoJMiid or dow. This w-.s peculiarly
.... . .
Let thy light descend upon him
and libnrate his soul from his per-
- .
son. May he appear Iiefoiv you nooso about his ncek. .Mr.
absolved bv ihy great incivy. Strong plaoed ihe- black rap nvor
From blooii-guikini'.ss iMiv'er him his h:ad, and as hv 1;1 m (j'niteuu
and us. bjhrist have mercy on us. i calleil out. "glory, glory, glory!'
Lamb nf (iori, who taketh away" Instantly the imp was .-.prung.
tho sin of tho world, have merev ; Tlio body turned partly nrnum!.
on us. Amon and amen." ; but then w:i. ut :h.'.slightei per-
Duringtho pravorGuiteau stood8 copiibh motion of iho limb-,
with bowed head. At tho eon-' When the drop foil a yell was
elusion I Jr. Hicks opened the I sent up by r-onie per.-tn- iu.-ide
Bible ami Guiteau in firm tones! tho jail. This was ro-oehoi'd out
said: M will read a seleotion iside bv a thoti-aud or moie. peoido
from the 10th chapter of Mathew,!
th- lb-t voiseS .
'lls'v" He then read in a ;
Hear strong voice and with good!
intonation, showing little if am'
nervousness. Or. Hicks then pro-:
ducod tho manuscript which was.
prepared by the prisoner this -
inorninir. and held it before him .
while Guiteau road. While Dr. i
Hicks was arranging the maim
script Guiteau exhibited slight
nervousness and moved several
I times fromone foot to the other.
Uo soon recovoied his oompnsuro
and looked uxor the -oa of
tur:od faces.
f am now going lo roadSio you
!mv last dviiic praer.M He ihon "
iti'ad in aloud tone and wilh dis-
inns." .
-Father, now 1 go to Thee and
the Savior. 1 haxv finWidd the
u.ork Tho,. gayest me t do, and I
. 0lIv tlM hai,py to fJ TJ
ti. ..."... i.i .i :...,
uv- huihi ui-. iiiii 'I'l'1 ti-inll
"ry mission, but Thou knowe.sL it.
j,, book, .lhal all men inav
this aot, I know will incur the physicians and Dr. Hieks, tcod
eternal enmities as did tho .lews about tho coffin. John W. (rtii
b killing my man, my Savior, teau joined the company and fan-
The retribution in that ea.e came '
,siriKO ims nation ami my muiiier-
ers in the same way. The dia-
bolical syMoin ol this nation, it
government and the. newspapers s
toward me, will justify Thee in
cursing thorn, and 1 know that t he.
has a largo bill to settle with Thee, i
J righteous Father, for their viudic-i
"tiveness in this matter. XoMiinir ,
j but blood will satisfy them, audi
now my blood be on them and
this nation and its officials.:
Arthur, tho president, is a coward
ami an iugrate. Ilis ingratitude?
to the man that made him and
saved his party and land from
. '"'"
ovei throw has no parallel in histo-
ry; but thou, righteous Father, will
. , .. ,-, ,
judge him. rather, Ihouknowest
, , lit. ,
me, but the world hath not known
ia human being. F,irowell,yo men
of earth."
; At several points ho paused and
j endeavored to impart increased
j emphasis to his words by the pe-
cuiiar facial expressions t-o often
nearu during tus trim wnen ne wa
anerori at sor.iethirur which was
Attendant- ihon piuioiie.l hi
leir- ami can-fully adjuMfd tho
who hurrahed lustiiy. Thoio w.i?
genond on,laught of tho pnpu.
lace on the jail doors. OlhW.,
weir unab'.o to withstand ir. and
hundreds of people crowded into
the office.
For at least forty .-eooiids after
the drop fell the body hung
motionless. Thou llwre was a
slight motion of tht: shoulders
and logs due lo musoular uoutrau
tion. Three minute.-, aft-r iho
drop fell I he body was loweivd to
'he examined by physicians. There
was dv:ded aeuoii of the heart
up-jXtdlv M minu'os, and iho pulse
ilnlt-"rtl two minutes longer.
J When tin' b.d had hung with
T.-t just touching tw ground
over half an hour, it was lowered
''' ' coffin which was waiting for
- tho scufloia.
hart been broken. When the
body was lowered the blaek cap
was removed and face expos,.,!,
The.featuros woio pallid and emii-
j,0.,i. A,,uf ,,.. moIllil w; ,..
inMi.iA ....:...,.. n i.
"i- ih.-iiih, .iin-i im
body had bren anaugeil in tho
formed into a line :.d :,n.I I,...
tween the scalfohl and wall .f the
jail and viewed the ion:aSns.
Some jail ofiiceis, two or three
ned his dead bu.theFs face to keep
away tho Hies. John , Guiteau -o ., the eair..l.l, but
..... . ...
sioou uuriug tlio scene just williin
the line of officers at the bottom
of the stops. When liberty was
given to iho ero'wd to iw ijie
body the scalfohl was at onco filled
with people who c.irioti!v ov.-nn
. ined every joint and boh.
-- --
- Vuuig nieu unfuiitiiiat-ly
cwirnote.l tlinoasisa, potHouin iii.
'''"'t ui find noihing bctn-r to iv-
," health tlum I'fiunU-i orei.'.u
'" ,ll"M'-
u.. ,...,., ,, ..
- JiackniL'taek. a laliii' ami lr.:-
"iant perfunte rnce-i.. and ."4 ivnl-..
Nld b W. IL Dcnieiit.
K'JTip ftf tile Blood
. . ., ...
lsiint it "rer.-id. "il lsnliliHnt-piiriKcranii
fAfll ilr-inr2 tllrt jlrlllifflmi on.l 1lt. :..
u'ucs ,l,a,"i ii"ni-. known ii dinvrcnt
iiami'sio uiNiiiiRiitMi uiem ai-comiirUi rr-
fPcts' nnt bclii n-allv brancbis, ur pha of
iiuiKirai Kniriii- iiiMiriii-r, iuii.rii.i oi
Blood, such nm j)upnfic, i:ioxnc.
A.ircr i ompinwii,! -ofirojiT(i'i, .trrou- .
Dtfortlrnt. Pintnlm. Ulctr. SicUinnn. .It.
A. Kins or tho JKloed prevents and
cures these bv ntlnrklnir Hie eauc. linnuriiv
j of the blood. Chemist -.and pli ci.ins nprce
in t.uiins u int niosi genuine ami eincieni
preparation for Iho purpoo." Sold bv Onij;
Kisls, 81 per bottle. See testimonials, dlrec
lion. &e in p:unphlet, 'TreatLse on PLscases
ut Uie Blood." wrapj)d around each botUa
D. RANSOM. SOX & Co.. Props
Buflalo, N. Y.
The"Four:h of.Iulv will be gen-i
erallv celebrated in Southern cit
i ios.
Furn ShIu'.I ICikiiiih lo l.vt
.t..Mi. MiinunV ludRing Iioiin.
TlieA-lti::: Sliiit and Oil Clothing
J:'actr ha laovcil next houo t
intrifiVs Uotol. ivons wishinj; fiod
oil I'lnlhiii: lo Ic.-'oji them ilrv will iIease
.V writer in the N'ew York Even
ing Post relates an interesting an
ecdote of the lato Dr. John F.
Gray, tint father of homeopathy in
that State. A poor sewinor girl j
who wont to Dr. Gray for advice, I
was given a phiaKol medicine and '
told to go homo, and to be bed.
"1 an't do that. Doctor.'' the irl
replied, "for what I am dependent I
on what. I earn every day for my
living." "If that is so,M said
Dr. Gray, -fu change, the medi-!
cine a little. Give back mc the
phial." Ho then wrapped around
it a U) lull, and returning it to
her, reiterated his order, "Go home j
and go to bed," adding, ': Take j
iho medicine, cover and all. i
sicfifuliiiH m'tiptinns, such as pim
plw, discoloration of 3kin especially
cm f-iee, nill disappear rapidly by
usin I'fuudor'.s Orejni l!ord l'uri
lier. RiM'huiallin.
Xi. iiiek ODiupIrte euie i days.
urinary aliivtioii-. sniurtuur, lreiuent;
or iiiiiiciiir urination, Kidney diseases.
Si. at driij;i'.t-. Oregon Dopnt. DA Yl.S
,tCO., I'nrtland, Or.
Iii'f OiW tJt MHmo.
,.'hk 'I"0,1". . 'r ll
iit-ui-' urn mii, luu'cvwunuxa, ru;Ci, f
.......... ..... .... ij. uiii i.- jvi iv. t
j -
Wi'lW ileallh Henewer. A!)olntfc
..Mux' fur ueivoiii lebilit- aiunveakness i
of the ri!Prative functions. 31, at drus-,
Ulsls- Oroii Ui'pftt. DAVIS Vitl
I'nrtlnml. Or, ,
iothor! .liothfrs!! .tlollitis
I ifi itif it-Ib'.l tf iii
r jour n-t in a i.ic eiuid suffcrim !
anu t uijr with Uie ovcruciatins pain?
r f attiijir teeth y 1 1 1 so, o at once ami
M a hiiltlo ul .Mr.. Wuislow s sjootluug ,
syrup, it will ie!ii'e the poor llttlo suf-
fen-r iniincilMteh -iloiK'iul unon it:,
there N mi uiMaki' about it. There is?
not a mother on earth who has overt
ibs-d it. who will not tell mi at oiu-o .
thai it ivill ifutilatc the howoK and
uhi' n-t In tl:r tinii her. and relief and '
health lo tie fluSri.oponit'iigHkuiiiagic.1
It i-. ierfroll ..uVtu u-ut in all ease-,
and pleasant tu the t.i.te. and is the pre-;
seriplionof one ot the oldest and best?
n-niale phskaian and nurses in the!
United .stnles. Sold everywhere. 25 1
cent-, a noun.
Xotliln- hurt or L'uniiHtakablo
(.'uiilVrr.'d iijhui ions of thousands of
.saileivi-H oniilii uiiuiuate and laaintnin
tint reputation whioh Ayi:i:sSai:aia-
kii.i.v enjoys, it i-.a compound of tho
eri'.auio atieraiivo, with Ihe
liNiiiu'i uf rt iviuui and lion, anil is
the niot eilVoiual of all remedies for
M-rohiloiio, mercurial, or bloiHl disorders.
I mrormh Niiceesfui and certain in its
remedial etUft.-
... . .."..., .. . UiniU 111 113
vt. it produces rapid and
o of Scrofula, Sores, loi!s.
I'omptcic run
!liuuur. I'imples, Kruptions. Skin Dis-t-.Hes
and all di-urdors rising from im
pnriij oftho IiIotmI. Uv its imigorntiiiir
ciTeef- it alwav, re!iecs andotten cures
Liver foii5ijIau:l. Feiuale Weaknesses
and lrrcgiilnrllic-. and is a notent re
newer ot vitality Kor jiuritjiiuj the
hlood it h;e no eijunl. It tones up the
sy-ioni, rtoie- and preserves the
SiKilih. and iuiuit vijor and oner'ry.
For foitv ears it has lieen in extensive
ue. and N IcmI.ij the mo-t available
medicine for tho suffering sick, any
where. Fei: Sam: kv am. J)i: m:i:s.
I'ernviau Hitlers
C'lsstonii Rubr.
The Count Cinchon was the bp,inish
Viceroy m IVru in USX). The Countess,
hU wife, was pro-sfratisl by an intermit
tent fever, from which she was freed by
the u-eof the native remedy, the Peru
vian hark. or. as it was called in the
latigua:'!' o! tlie country, "Quinquina.'
('rateful tor her recovery, on her return
to Kuroj-.e in 1l2. -he introduced the
Temedv in Spain, where it was known
under virions mimes, until Jinmcus
called it Cinchona, in honor of tho lailv
who had brought them that which vva's
mon' jirtvious than tho gold of tho Incas.
To this day. alter a I:ue of two hun
dred ami titty .vcurs, science has hen
iisnoihingtotakeits jdace. It effectu
ally cure-, a morbid appetite for stimu
. lants, by restoring' thu natural tono of
j the stomach. It attacks excessive love
of liquor as it does a fever, and destrovs
both alike. The powerful tonic virtue
of the Cinchona is "reserved in the
1 1'oriivian Hitters, which are as effective
j against malarial fever toslay as tliev
were in Uie days of the old Spanwli
u;eiM-.. nr ;u;ii.uH;e inu inreui
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pure, and of the best known quality.
A trial will satisfy you that this is tho
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tho pudding is in the. eating," and we
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tmm wml lice
For Oregon,
102 riftsT .sxui:kt. i'ortcod. k.
Kelreci :
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J. A. sti:
nod uadln
C. .V. DOl
Col. .1. aicCItAKEN. of J.McCraken &Co.
U r. iiKMUCtJSE.v, or Hoiulchsea i
Dr. (. K. XOTTAGE, 11. D., lcnralner aad
1113 slclan.
ii..u:i5aipri?ir;i.ailonaJBai;. v. spAtrLniN'o k;v .ni.
OWURIDGi:, Wholecntii Leather: Dealer. V
!. 'AXDltKNV r.ODKRTS. of FtdMJ &lohrt
it'll, of Dolpn. Krnaausa. Dolph i JOHN CR.VX. or JotaLOwt Co. .
asiouia. - okkhox.
' "& rioneer Machine Shop
Boiler Shop
Aii uu.ix or
riotapUy utteaarU to.
A speeLilty aiailo or repalrias
BE-NT6K StitKKr.' Xium iwnkyk
HoCHitrj '
. v . -
.niuniA. - onKiiU.
wS. i
. T7 0Tic-0er Uie WUf SdW.0K--
iteiBCHHIIlH. flAvnlrligiO- Hini.ioslier.:irin&-.Myois'.Saiija. jr., -
. .
. .t. ...... .
htaiidlirnken'o ., .... . .
Boiler Work. Steamboat Work
and Cannery Work a specially
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John Fox. Suncrlntondeut.
; Corner .Mcin oaJ Chaaauius Street.
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The Celebrated
and other KncriL'h Cutlery.
Genuine Meershaum Fines, etc.
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Kreeeh l.oaHiux -Htiot ;ani and
KillvM, Kcvolver.i. lMhtoN.
and AuniiniUoa'
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Corner Caw and Squemoqu sireet".
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E, Manager.
and Idaho
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C. 1L "S lber?. UooLs and Mooes.
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J. K. HILL. or j. K. auTCo.. Stailonert.
FlLOfK. ZASOVJCH, ol 7nn IrrnTiMBr"
lK'iior the above meatias $10,0iitasai'
anco in tals Company.
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OlHee over Coan's Drag Stow.
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! of Hamburg, Gennaay, and ot tkfe cTmt
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, ford. Conn.
, rOalce la Fy tidaa Bulldlns. Boo?t$ 11, 12.
I Attorney and Countdor at Chtu.
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at Cays and Stjeir.ocqhe sttef.
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t Cla-naiaui Street. - ASTOWA. OShUii
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May be found at fha Court lloo&e.
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Turning and Bracket Work
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evlve and Asior htreets.
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i loakinc rooms
i uiaKins: rooms
j Froau CkeuaiuiM St. f Cass St.,
J Xel door to Thk Astobiax office. I
ihauk thc hutie for their liberal patroaago.
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Foster's Emptriwn.
Most Complete Stick in AittfU
Fireworks! Flags!
Fralfx Beth Forelsm stiiln
Wines and Liquori
Or Superior Brand.
Corner Ctieuainas nod
SteBhana Varittiet !
grand opEimra.
Have a new bowling alley. tbeJaJwMJJ
j ben in town. Admittance net;"' r
. . AL S. VUiUSELL. ot Kaaoo-AureU ACo.
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