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.DEC.2&. 1K1
(Monday CxccMod;.
A&triait. JinVdhvt, Cass Street.
Attention! Attention!
All those indebted to the Central Mar
ket will please call and pay their ac
counts beforo 15th of January, 18S2. By
j so doing they will oblige and iave cost.
j Rescue Jubilee Troupe,
t s
A c.vv.n.
To whom it may concern : It being
currently rowrtoil, and we- are some
what surprised lo say in some eases be
Those that uo not comply v.'ith this re- Hcvcd. that a noted cou
yuost. thoir accounts will be closed. j admittance lo the hall of
J. ltOGKUs.
i News
A Pioneer Gone,
cornea from Union
Out of Service.
county, The chairman of the 6re and water
saya the Standard; of tho death of ouo j committee of the Common Council
of the oldest pioneers of Oregon, Hon.
urtesan gained i .Tnf,nT, n-Ae. who died at Eaclo val-
thu buildine; ;, ., ' . ., ,lt - ,
UIl W1U J-Ulll Ull.,
Terms of Subscription :
oervoil by Carrier, por wpck........... Cents
enr by mail. fourinonths............5 00
Sent by mail, one year....... ..... 9 CO
rue of Postage to Subscribers.
Jr Advertisements Ineerted by tho year at
tho rate of 81 50 ;er square per month.
Transientadyortislnp; hy the day or wodc.
4fty cents per square for each insertion.
Thk Daily astokiax vill be xent by
matlatloccnt amonth.frccofjwstagc. Head
ers who contcmplatcatecnccfrom the city can
have The Astokiax follow them, Daily
or Wukkly editions to any pot-offlce with
out additional expense. Addretucs may be
enangrd as often a. dad red. Leave order at
the. counting room.
Poor old '8L
Court next week.
And now begins the swearing off.
Puget Sound is full of drift wood.
Sheriff Twombly has nearly all his
subpoenas sorved.
Frank Fabre has oysters in every
style. Stew and pan roasts a specialty
Whatever you do or don't in '82,
keep your promises.
Another of those fine A. J. Chase
organs at the City Hook Store.
Contributions received up to tho
hour of going to press.
Fresh candy every day at the As
toria candy factor-.
Monday is a better day than
Saturday to receive callers.
A large invoice of parlor, cook sto via
and ranges at J. A. Montgomery's.
The quarterly examination of
teaohera for Clatsop connty begins to
day. -
Max. Wagner's San Francisco Na
tional brewery beer can't be beat.
A little judicious sweeping would
make some of our thoroughfares look
Turkeys, geese
Warren and Eaton's.
and chickens a
Chamber af Commerce.
Regular meeting was hold in Judge
Eowlby's rooms on Tuesday evening.
A petition was ordered to be forward
ed to Congress asking that a special
appropriation be made for the perma
nent improvement of the Columbia
river bar. Also for the renewal of the
dragging (or harrowing) as a mean1? of
immediate relief.
Another memorial was ordered to be
forwarded to our representatives, ask
ing that the Astoria land grant be de
clared forfeited unless the railroad
company filed bonds conditional on
the completion within two years.
Other petitions were ordered to bo
forwarded, asking for an appropriation
of 750,000 for the Cascades canal and
locks for a canal connecting Shoal
water Day with the Columbia and tho
improvement of the Chehalis river.
Masonic Installation.
The folio wing were installed officers
of Temple Lodge No. 7, A. F. and A.
M., Tuesday evening: 15. Tan Duseu.
W. M.; C. .1. Trenchard, S. W.; F.
W. Ferguson, J. W.; L W. Case,
Treasurer; E. C. H olden, Secretary;
F. W. Baltes, S. D.; F. W. Newell,
J. D.; J. K. Mason, S. S.; A. John
son, J. S.; L. Hartwig, Tyler.
in costume at the recent masquerade : ioj m maw cuuuty
ball given by Rescue .Jubilee TroumH after a short but
on Monday evening, uec. siu, aim y -
this fan! to all who have o currently ceased canio hero
Council Proceedings.
VAstnrdav nfiic'nllv l.nHfipfl TVFnvnr
Ireland that Engint- No. 2 is out of
service, and repair are needed for -tho
engine, but an tho chairman dis-
likes to have discussion over such
ho feels dis-
act in the !
matter nf repair. A a a fire is liable;
to break out at iiv time, it will bo'
essential to safety to have the engine '
put in trim as soon as possible.
nainful illness. De-
before tho days of
.mnrliil tlin cinin vi hr.-iin" tuifiirft tflK i. ? x: ... it. ..".. ..1 I l."l"t- ,,-. ..-.. ". ?.. ....! 1
icjiuuw iiibsiuuv, ii " ......v .... t canv cmiuraituii acroaa nio uiiuus. .u- j uma, ..w ihimuui i
community as mitigated liars ana mv- - 7 '.j,,, ,,. .,.,.:
meditated slanderers of our wmhI name.! moat forty-seven yeara ago. In the j pw-cd t lot tin- (.nniu-il
and the Troupe will imj :i liaiviMiim' vcar 1834 six men cumo out with Cipt.
reward to anyone who will furnish u r
the name of the party who first tartd Nftthauiel Wyetn to establish a trad
such report. jn2 post, who remained aficr ho had
wj!d out his goons io the Hudson Ray
i e.ii.uum- ilii. nniu vc-ar Rev. Jason
Top citveonncil met in reeiilnr scviLceand other missionnries of The M. ;
sion last Tuesday evening. After the jE. Church crt-sard the plains in
iicnnl -nrAlimiimrii"! tin- uartiRcfite.s of Wvi'ths c-iuiDJi'V: tlKTC was also a
street Supt. and street committee as- 'sailor sved fiom a wreck; nn English
cepting the work of J no. Hobsuu, sailor also crossed tho mountains; the
Geo. Flavcl and J. SV. Welch woro j brig Maryland. Capl. John H. Conch,
received and tiled. '. brought several men,-and i party
committee KKroins. caii)o overlnnd from California uuduv
A report was received from commit- j the guidance of Ewing Young, who
Mrs. Twilight and Mrs. Illsley have
taken charge of the Pioneer Restaurant,
which has been thoroughly renovated
and refitted. Mrs. Illsley lias charge of
the cuisine. Good coffee .1 specialty.
An oxchauge starts in poetically
to announco that "tho days go by,
one by one.'" Yes indeed, ono by two
tho onions fade, three by four the
jugs run dry.
Chas. Stevens and Son have a stock
of mouldincs and moulders tools which
can be bought cheap lor cash to close
out mat nrancn 01 1110 nusines.
Tho bark Shooting Stir, of 073
tons, once so well known on the Pa
cific coast, has been sold at Hamburg
for Russian account, and has had her
name changed to Ellen.
The Chico Enterprise is the fresh
est and liveliest of our California exchanges.
Ilot, cold and shower baths at the
Occident hair dressing saloon, twent3'
five cents.
Municipal elections are "passing
off quietly" all over the State. Gone,
but not forgotten.
Articles that sold last week for S2 at
Carl Adlcr's, are marked down to Si 50.
Si 50 articles to Si, and so on.
Tho British bark Sidlaw that
sailed hence Aug. 4th, arrived at Liv
erpool Dec. 26th.
You can get some nice New Year's
presents at Adler'.s for less money than
last wesk.
Tho Bellona and Doon went up
the river yesterday; tho Castlehead
will be taken up to-day.
It is not yet too late to get your girl
a nice writing desk and some stationery
at Carl Adler's.
Grace Church school. Miss Uewett
principal, will reopen Jan. 9th, 1882
The select nature of this school makes
it deservedly popular with parents.
The department at Washington
has decided that Lombardy Poplar
and Balm of Cotton wocd is not timber
in the sense that the law relating to
timber cnlturo requires.
The goods, chattels and personal be
longings of the late San T. Clans, de
ceased, will be sold at Carl Adler's to
day and to-morrow.
We hear more reports of good
coal finds in tho country southeast of
tiB. This will be a shipping point for
coal some day when those extensive
veins are opened.
For handsome holiday presents,
such as toilet cases, cologne sets, per
fumery cases, fine .soaps. clo go to
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
The Dayton Chronicle declares
that there arc girls in that place who
put feet four inches wide into shoes
two and one-half inches wide. This is
indeed too too and a half.
tec on wavs and means, to whom had
been referred an ordinance prescribing
certaiu duties and fixing the compen
sation of city attorney, was received
and filed.
Various ordinances were read and
passed. It was moved by Councilman
Spsxarth that the matter of improv
ing West fith street, or refunding
such money as has been paid in for
such improvement, be referred to
street committee to be reported on at
next meeting, carried.
The following claims wera ordered
paid by warrants:
Astoria Iron Works
J. W. Gcarhart
Thco. Bromscr .....
Jno. llobson
Geo. Flavcl
The following were referred:
Carl Adlcr
W.D. Baker
Judges and Clerks of election. . .
Theo Brocmser
On motion, council adjourned.
Better go than wish you had.
Where.' Why, to Adler's to get goods
at : per cent, discount. Charley Vays
he just delights 111 snowing goons.
Up country papers complain that
the railroad men wont tell them any
thing. It is only justice to say that
railroad employes are in one sense
like telegraph operators; they are sup
posed and expected to be reticent; and
garrulity i3 fatal to promotion.
S4U :u
. lODG
. 8 50
. 20 00
. GO 00
. 10 00
8 50
5 00
,r. 00
was a notable cnaracier in cany nays, i
With tiiis last company canio Joseph
Gale, the subject of our sketch, who
seems to have been 0110 of the very
earliest of tlwso who were neither
missionaries or connected with the
Hudson Eay company, who bocamo
permanent citizens of Oregon.
Mr. Gale was undoubtedly ono of
those who petitioned congress in 1S-10
to establish a territojial government
for Oregon. We find honorable men
tion of him in proceeding of early set
tlers. About 18il the enterprise of
building a schooner of forty tons bur
den was successfully accomplished uu
der great difficulties, and r:as assisted
by Capt. Wilkes of the Exploring Ex
pedition, who furnished materials for
rigging it in part. When completed
the vessel made voyages to San Fran
cisco, or Ycrba Buena then railed
under command of Capt. Gale, which
confirms the belief that he was a sea
faring man, and na such originally vis
ited this coast.
After returning from California with
his vessel, which was traded there for
a large band of cattlo, Mr. Gale was
elected by the settlers in 18-13, with
Alanson Beera and David Hill, an ex
ecutive committee- under a provisional
government, and this fact ha caused
the report that 1ms was one of the
early governors of Oregen: That com
mittee wielded the executive power
and the title was not really misplaced.
d an
Ilackmeiack." a lasting and ra-: is2riciss;:-35,
giant perfume. Price 25 and o cent. '.
.sold by W. K. Dement.
The Eureka fired iier gun and J
The British bark Muriel, Muir
I master, forty-four days from Guya-
juil, arrived in yesten.
Why will you cough when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief. Price
10cLs50ctsaml$. Sold by W.E. Dement.
A Skipanon note of tho 28th says
they expect an interesting debate at
the Sea Side Lyceum on Saturday,
Dec. 3lst. Subject for debate: Re
solved, thai the spoils system known
in politics is a curse to the Govern
ment of tho United Stutes. A. E.
Allen, affirmative; M. E. Newport,
Br m .v
ias just received the latest and most So it appears that Joseph G ile ha
oots. shoes, etc. " honored name m. early times, was in
fact ono of the very earliest to reach
The State of California leaves
Portland on her downward trip at
eight o'clock this morning.
Persons desirous of getting skates
can be accommodated by leaving their
number with me. Gr:o. Koss.
One is a mere bug, the other is a
beer mug. Thero's j'onr ready-made
answer. Make up your own conundrum.
Captain Houston of the Duke of
Connanght, has a little Rtranger on
board his vessel, who arrived on the
1st of Dec, the ship being in lat. 12
N., long. 123 W. He calls the little
fellow David, and the parents are
proud of him.
Shiloh's Catarrh llomcdj a posi
tive cure for Catarrh. Diptheria and
Canker Mouth. Sold by A . E. Dement.
As usual no mention was made of
some of the finest sustained characters
at the masquerade last Monday night.
Among the dczen or more wu heard of
were Uncasand the squaw which, wo
are told, were incomparable in make
up and bearing.
Shiloh's Ci;i:i: will immediately
relieve Croup, whooping cough and
Bronchitis. Sold by W. 15. Dement.
Are you made miserable by Indi
gestion, Constipation, Dizziness. Loss of
appetite, Yellow Skin V Shiloh's Vital
izer Is a positive cure. For sale by W.
E. Dement.
A gentleman who had not visited
Astoria siuco '78, called into one of
the stores yesterday to find what pre
mium they were paying on twenty-
dollar gold pieces. On finding that it
was pretty much the "other way and
that folks were glad to get bilvcr in ex
change, he manifested tnuoli surprise
A Xasal Iniector free with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh. Kemedy.
Price 50 cent. Sold by W, E. Dement.
List of Lstters
Remaining uucalled for in the Post-
office at Astoria,' Oregon, December 29,
Crocker, 11 B
Cum, Jno
Davis, Daniel
Gates, Lafayette
Goodridgc, Chas L
Ilatcheson, John
Harmon. Geo
Harrison liarl
Isaacs. James
Johnson. Xeltie V
Kelley, Henry
Leathers,! M
Laughlin, Bedford
Marshall, Chas J
Persons calliii!!
Mathlem, Marie
Majors, Miss Jessie
Nye, Miss AHc
Newton, Thos
Oliver, Albert
Peterson. P P
Barasey Miss F
Bogoeo Frank
Steele, W R
Sani, John P
Smiley, Mrs J L 2
Sherman, Frank
Stone, Mrs Annie I
Yangcison, Henry
for these letters
Buy your Children and Friends something
that will be of service to them
I have received a large consignment of
Which I will sell
wholesale rates.
Buyers will save money by
. purchasing of me.
I X L Store, near Bavliev Hoicse, JLsboiu.
TheBossCoffee and Tea Pot
There are a lew more chances left
yet to win one of those lovely dolls
which are to be raffled at Mrs. Derbv's,
New Years eve.
Wheat ia piling up rapidly in
Portland. There will a whole fleet
come in somo fine day. They're out
A few moro chances yet to be taken
for that fine graphoscope at tho City
book store.
A thing of beaut j-is a joy forever.
Any one 01 tnose beautiful things at
Adler'.s will be a present and perpetual
joy if you buy and give it to the one you
like nest, j
There are now ten surveying par
ties at work locating the lines of the
O. & C. R. R. and C. P. R. R. be
tween Roseburg and Redding, and the
cost is not far from 81,000 a day.
ror the genuine J. II. Cutter old
Bourbon, and the best of wines, liquors
and San Francisco beer, call at the Gem.
opposite the bell tower, and see Campbell.
The Dayton Chronicle man tells
of an event that happened "eighteen
hundred and eighty-five years ago."
What a wonderful memory the D. C.
m. has.
You ought to buv one of those illus
trated works at Adler's for your brother
ana sisier.
Statements are again going
around the country about the first
man who publicly suggested a Pacific
railroad. The first man who publicly
agitated that question was John
Plumb, of Dubuque, Iowa, in 1830.
Those writing desks at the City book
store are tho best in the city. They are
something nice and durable, and just
what most young ladies would appreci
ate irom me giver.
Speculators, and airy other per
sons desirous of securing valuable im
proved property, should not fail to
attend the assignee's sale of the
Bailey lots and residence at the Court
House door this afternoon, at 2
The Vancouver Independent says
the commander of the Columbia has
received a very flattering letter from
tho geueral of tho army eulogizing
the troops in this department on the
efficiency they havo attained in rifio
practice. It will be published in
general orders.
Mr. John Hogers of the Central Mar
ket, ha. made arrangements to keep all
the finest fresh fish, etc., in their season
Up to the 16th inst. 110,000 tons
of wheat had been shipped from Port,
land. This, with what shipping now
in that port, represents over 4,000,000
bushels or 3,000,000, and, sa3-s the
Uaj'ton Chronicle, furnishes a power
ful argument for tho improvement of
the mouth of the Columbia.
Julius Halb.sgnth, music teacher for
piano, organ or voice culture. Cleaning
orcans will be properls attended to by
leaving orders at Adler's book and
variety store.
Thirty persons were recently
poisoned in a Michigan town by eat
ing sausages. This comes of leaving
brass collars on dogs, a most pernici
ous custom.
Poor Santa Claus is dead. 113 many
friends will be pleased to hear that Carl
Adler has administered on the estate.
Congress, by special enactment,
has made Monday, December 2Gth,
1881, and Monday, January 2d, 1882,
legal holidays. Deeds, notes, and
such papers, made on those days, will
hare no yalidity.
Mrs. Bob Ladd, from Portland, a
test medium of great power and experi
ence, is at the house of Mrs. Job Rns.
where private sittings may be had daily.
Public circle, for which 25 cents admis
sion win lie ciiargeu, every evening this
From the Oregonian we learn
that the O. R. & N. Co. carried down
the Columbia from July 1st to Dec.
20, 62,214 tons wheat ami 10,518 tons
flour, of which 10,000 tons was held
over from 1880, making the amount of
this year's crop dolivered to market
here 62,732 tons. There is yet to be
shipped 49,356 tons, making the total
surpluss of 1881 112,038 ton3.
The Pendleton Tribune asserts
gleefully that Senator Grover is going
to get a bill through the Senate to re
imburse the State for 131,000, ex
penses in the Modoc war. The
Tribune should remember that it is
not consonant with prudence to exer
cise its vocal propensities while still
surrounded by a boundless contiguity
of shade.
The Rev. Geo. U. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Ind- says: ''Both my.self and wife
owe our lives to Shiloh's Coxsumption
Cure." Sold by W. E. Dement.
In July, 1877, the 2f . P. R. R.
forfeited its railroad grant by not
building certain parts of tho road
which were to have been finished by
that time. A petition is now being
circulated over Washington Territory,
asking Congress to declaro their grant
forfeited, and a part of the public do
main again.
this region, and no doubt assisted in
its development wish earnest ofiorts.
He leaves few, if am', of the ban 1 who
met lic-iY! in 1834. to lament him. ihe
fact is strongly impressed ufiou us thai
very soon the Ia3t of the early pioneera
will h.we met in the hen-after to i-'Sibb
there the memories .f th.f liy-que
davs. ' '
In 1879, says the Walla Walla
Union, M. C. Moore & Co., of Walla
Walla, loaded the Hanna Limits and
Alice Cooper, with Walla Walla
wheat and sent them from Astoria to
tho United Kingdom on their own
account. Tho two ships earned 4000
tons. Portland merchants have just
sent their first ship to Europe, and it
was a small one.
General Miles has issued orders
requiring each post commander in the
department to assemble his otlicers
once a week and havo read to them a
portion of the army regulations, etc. ,
of the new revised code. An out
sider, judging by the size of the book,
thinks the readings will be finished
about the time the youngest lieuten
ant is placed on the retired list
During the first tuentv-two davs
of the present month vessels with
529,489 centals of wheat on board,
cleired for ?ea at tins port. Two of
them, currying 96..0 centals, went
out; the others, with 432,983 centals,
are still here, and all the tugs in tug
dom couldn't take them out. Thre
is another article i-n the Columbia ha-.
Wo look to Washington for an an
swer. There will be a courco of lectures
in the M. E. church onunencing on
the 17th of January 1832, when J H.
Acton will lecture, to be followed by
J. A. Gray nn the 2ith, and G. W,
Izer on the Slat. As the proceeds
aro to 1)0 applied to the bencfiL of the
new church it 'will be a success not
only for the merit of the lecture but
in consideration of the disposition of
the accruing fund".
During tho year just past about
fort' thousand acres of State land
have been sold in Baker county dis
trict. There is now in the hands of
the State Land Register about ninety
thousand dollars in notes given in pay
ment of State lands, which bear inter
est at 10 per cent, per annum. About
one-half of the 500,000 acres granted
by Congress to the State has been sold.
Most of the Stato land in Union
county has been sold, but large quan
tities are still held for sale in that and
Umatilla counties.
must give the date they are advertised.
W. Cilo-oh, P. M.
-- r
I havo Jiet received the finest assort
ment of fanej uoods iu my line ever
brought to Astoria, consisting of ner
fuinery cases, toiict M'ts. toilet cases,
fine perfumeries, fancy soaps, combs,
brushes, hand glares, and toilet articles
of all kinds splendid presents for the
holidays. Call and
prices before purchasing elsewhere, at
J. W. Conn's drug store, opposite Occi
dent Hold, Astoria. Oregon.
Hotel Arrivals.
F C Congdon Portland; John Ellis
Clatsop; Mr Mills Bay Centre; G S
Rowling barque Antartic; F George
barque Woodball;S R Smith Skipanon;
Cotter Landores Abbey; Roy Oimara;
RS McEwan Skipanon; J Houston
Duke of Connaught; O Hitiman
Forest Grove; J Kahn, R S Freeboon
Pertland: J Miller Cathlamet; Chas
Grant Portland.
George Watson John Day;F A
Davis Oregon City; George Lohmau
Win Field A M Twombly city; Capt O
It Staples Mir Alice; Fred Stucke T
M Taylor Portland; P A Seaborg
, ir
1 . 1- iu . . 1 i.Ti
t; JPIiiir1
iSk'i IMS
Al-o. AKtMit for tli celebrated!
Carpets, Oil Cloth, Wall Paper, Mirrors,
Vindow Shades, Lace Curtains, Picture Frames and Mouldings,
Complete in overy branch.
Dealer 111
iron Pipe and Fittings,
Pirate anfl Steam litters
Goods and Tools,
Cannery anfl Fisliermens Supplies
Stoves, Tin Ware and House
furnishing Goods.
Dona with neatness and dispatch,
.Xono uutnrst class workraca employed.
Alarge assortment of
Constaatly on hand
UN HAHfi, -
esrOrdcrs lclt at tlic GERMANLV BEEK 1LLL u ill be promptly attended to.-ga
M. MEYER Proprietor.
SPEOXjSlIj JKT32Cl-rBa"0ElM:EJDiffia7.
lakge' orders in like proportion.
Less Quantities, 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - - - Si 50 per Dozen
BSpccIal attention paid to orders from Public Houses and FamUles.-g
Washington Harket, Vak is ieceabei without
Jin Street, -
Astoria Oregon
.tVtion of tho public to tho fact that the
. ttnn of the rrn'a
above Market wul always be supplied with a
Which will bo sold at lowoat rates, wholesale
and retail. Special attention KiTen to sappu -as
'i;kthkb notice
x fj .nu no terms w peace until
ever man In Astoria has anew
suit or clothes
:iaia: by measy.
Look at the prices :
"Pants to order from - - S3 oo
Pants. Gt'uume French Casslmere - 12 Be
I Suits from - -- -- -2500
The flnost line of samples on the coast to
select from. P. J. MEANY,
Main street, opposite Parker House, Aatana,
' S5? '
,2 It "
iTr -j
' -s-