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The Beecroft.
JCllC :rJaUn $t&iaU Escaped -Probably Drowned.
"""" i m-..j.. i ..r ,-i.,.Ar-.,ii A fcff Hnrs :iff vcc avn a dc.-crin- ' At 11 A. M. I will disn
-rrr-.r-r : r .rr-. --.-;-. i n tuuesuay uvwmc uuubi,.u; .1 atu , .- -o - , , . P , ..,i..,rj r,it.. t..l
i- ... r .t ... ,- t r 1- J 1 lutiirwua iui 01 iiuiixiiiimimiiinin "
uon or me 1 rataigar, :i iour-masier. 1 ,,,,, r, accounto d cparture.
'Monday Excepted;.
PnnMiiKn axii l'nori:iiTor.
Astvrtau Building, Cass Street.
Terms 0 Subscription :
jerrod by Ctirr-er, por irook........25 Cents
Jnt by mnil. four inoutJi...................K 00
tent bv mall, cno yenr.. .............. 9 00
f roo of Posinso to Sub-crlbor.
- AdierU5euient3 uisorteJ by the year at
.ho rate of 51 o0 -orsquurc per month.
Transient advortLdnR, by the day or woek,
ifty cecte per square for oach insertion.
in Sunderland, ly Oswald, in 1875; Mr&. S. A. llebert is noxv in lliu-city,
her length over M i, B fact; taritl. j j2E$&j& .
of beam, 5J9 feet; depth of ImW, 23 'Saratoga waves, bon tons. etc.. made upj
feut S inches draft til feet 4 inehe? :U I1"005 far o' tin- lliuro.s usually
icur, o Licucb, urau, -1 act, 4 muic?. , , fyr Work of the ame qualltx.
I'llK D.XII.V ASIOKIAN' Will hr rent h
m.llattccnt a month. frrcofjxttagc. Read
er icho contemplate from the city can
tiavr Thk Astoria:: follow thrm. Daily
r Wkkklv edition to any post-office with
out additional expense. Addrctsc maylte fix eftn: an desired. Jynre order at
Hi.' ciiiintlnu room.
Zoxaspuhckhun is a new Kansas
post office.
The Annie Main went up the.
river Thursday.
Schiller's works at Adler's.
The Shubrick came in from Tilla
mook Thursda P. M.
iiibbon's Rome at AdlerS
:of Portland, arrested Jack McDon
aid, a desertor from tho ship llany VC63t:1 -' -"-,s carrying capacity.
Mnise. and at inulnislit wont ;md a fine aiwcimeii of naval archilec-
m li..inl .f tho Orcrron with his turo- Below, at tho 0. R. & N Co's I A small house or three 10011:5 MUtabit
on buaid of tlie urcgon -tun i ,. j for lit-ht housekeeping Address A. V.'.
prisoner; but no sooner had tho;dud hes J,s equally hne a "r-.&. onrV this office.
nimblo son uf the sea readied tho i iouK" -" a mtteren: niouei .
J...1. -1.-.. 1 it.. ..: . .. the Beecruft. This ves-.l xxsn built I Hair "Work.
IIUfL- TII111 III --l U 1111 !! I'liririiiii 11111. 1 --- - . - ..- .
over tho dock on the roof of which
he dropped, and stariod for a saloon
for a partint; ylasa, where Ward se
cured him, and putting him in irons
put him 01: board the Fleetwood
the way down, Thursday, 3IcUnnn!
stated his determination not to go
to th vessel, and as the boat
pushing off from Cathlamet, having
got Ward to take the irons off his wrists
under the pretext of necessity, ho
sprang over the guard and ftruck out
for shore, the boat being about 200
yards out in the stream. Tho boat
immediatelj put back to the dock and
Officers Ward and Bnrk, after care
fully examining tho, are of
the opinion that he sunk Wforc
swimming fifty feet. Sumo of tlie
passengers stal that he go! ashore,
but the probability is that the unfor
tunate man made good his word, and
that all his earthlv vovagei ar- vr.
AriionT.:.y. j fo . Everybody ! ! T lT "T"
11 a. m. I will dispose of a miscel- u J 1 A i 1
his lot of household funiiturc to 1m JL i.V ,f i
; A Beautiful Book for the Asking
-Arthur Thing, of Healdaburg,
Cal., is insolvent, j)Oor thing.
('has. Read's novels at Adk-r.
The best way io decide a man's
intentions is by his conduct.
Muyne Reid's novels at AdlciV.
- -'Tia hotter to fail in a good cause
than to ttiumph in a bad one.
--Alluf Ouida's novels at Adlet-.
The Astracan was taken down to
Bilker's bay Thursday afternoon.
Man J. Holmes' novels at AdlerV;.
The widow of President Lincoln
io reported, to be sick and need in
Sew York.
.Samuel Lovei's novels at AdlerV.
C. W. Hanson, long in charge of
the down freight for this place, has
Scott's novels at Adler's book stoie.
The British bark Berwickshire is
ready for sea. She takes out 32,849
centals wheat, worth 52,884.
Mrs. Soulhworlh's novels al Adlei's.
vsi--.-iig-T:ilislI' at tin nearest oilkv
or hy tiKta! card if at a distance), and au!'.
mrson will tit iiro-oi.utl nit'i a licmitifullj
ill -.t r.ttor copy oi a ! v. ll-wkentuJcd '
I on Tin
nier 1881.
! vitni'TT nf f ip .Vpwiiirr Manhino :
qu tier it-giMcreci tonnage is loi'ii ingjAM kuiil- r jiair jruojrv imi iiiiuu- 'wiuij vi :uu uuuni muuuiuui
(1 tons; ?iu-will CUTV irom tins p.irt .MM .-u. l0l), ;U Mjv Unhy mHlinery ontahdiu a ii:iiHtM.iUr and ooj . suh-1 m-
back tn..,i ;viieat and kw tomot uonr.lier , -J, S"i KV .ffi- .l!. mJ - "and1 T-ial-i Vu an "1 ,
-nc carrvinscapacnv ncumuiuv urns, inc j-LVi ; " .1 J i:-koiu cover, u cnargc-
fU.JT . - . -. . - ; i-iti in 'ii . ttAl.ti ., f j vtt.t.l r... X.I.. I..I -n... i.AA-.
----- - i4(v - iuiiiii- iui iiji- iiauvi4.iJiir uijua..
Note the Pompano.
Under datn of the 21 inat., .Mr.
Cha3. J. Smith ,.rita u as follows
from Brookfiold, W. T.: About a
month a!j 1 rc-cpived from Mr. A. J.
Megler, one nf a half dozen strange
fish taken, I understand, in the salmon
seine near Fort Canby. In shape and
general appearance it resembled a
surf fish, or porgie as it is called in
these waters, but was larger, weighing
about fonr pounds; was of a alato
color with a bronze linge on the side,
and had eye3 jib largo a quarter of a
dollar. I learn from Prof. Jordan, to
whom J Rent a description, that the
fish is new to scienctj, and that .so far
as ho can judge from desenpion it is a
kind of pompatm. In the east tho
pompano is caught with hook and line
in large numbers aloug Hie coast, and
is considered one of the most delicate
of salt water fish, it is hoped, if
more of thesu fish are taken, that the
taker will remember tho alcohol tank
of the U. S. Fish Commissioner now
in thu large Kinney cannery, io tho
extent of a dozen specimens.
general evidence of neatness, he p'!
ished decks. trimn-ss of ringing, wolJ J
furnished quarter, and general home j
like asr gives tlie Beccroft an appear-1
The largest stock of goods ever brought
to Astoria is now
All of Mark rAnin work, at
: ut:ctt :sn !f el: .il'ied onlv bv aiioilcatiei:
Yd- I al le biaiicli and suiwrdteate o"llicfc of Tho
j 'ihijjor Manufut'turin,' -'o.
1 lave you seen tho caids at Adler. '
ance of thorongh seamanship and I Mxeaul::v IU-tor. of F.ix
understanding of how at the muk- ! -P---e. : Adir'-; lwik slore.
time to mako pleasant a sea faring life, j Max. Wagner'.s S:m Fran ! N.t-
r i iii i jtional hrewerv t--r ran't bahimi.
Cipt. Christie, who lakes ai much '
pride in his .ship as most men take m
their wives, tells us that tin- .snihm
qualitios of the Beccroft an iiuur
passed. This last trip he llft Livvr
pnol May 18th with 3,100 tons of
miscellaneous freight for Melbourne,
which port he made in seventy nine
days. He la twenty-three dnys in
Australian waters, and 'then .set sail
for the Columbia, arriving off the bar
the fiftieth da' after weighing anchor
in Melbourne, which we believe is
about as quick :i parage as any on
The Singer Manufacturing Co.
l-rifu-'ind OiHre, VA I'liion Sttiiare.
nj:v y(::k.
Dry Goods I Clothing House
r-? &&&,!&'?& i SEWING MiLGHSlE. i ,-,
; lli.- ii:ii!-i":i:n'(! j. .M-tfuIly notices the5 ,r!-"
AioihiugaudeNerytlitugiii tin tint- tiiat having b.-en appuinted
of books ami stationer; al Adlei's book. .ii-at foi the i
and ariel5 store.
Xmns. New Year
eard-. tlie finest eer in the cU . at tin
1'ilv fty-k Store.
NEW IMPRftVFn RiNftFR.i--, . . .
and Mrthd.HI "liVvlc-h oi'vi-rolo. Ktr -trrkVTT SfomnoTi sr-nnr
--Auction Bale at Holden's store
this morning at eleven o'clock. Call
down and bco what he has for sale.
Fresh oysters in every style at 31 rs
Acorns aro worth 75 cents a bush
el in Redding, Cal. Wheat sells for
50 eta. a bushel in Modoc comity, Cal.
novels al Adler"
Tho British ship Chioman cleared
at the custom house yesterday after
noon. She has 37,010 centals wheat,
valued at $54,308.
Another of tliose fine A. R. Clute
organs nt the City Book Store.
Bishop Morris will officiate in
Grace church Sunday morning and
evening, administering tho holy com
munion at tho morning service.
The Walla Walla.
The new iron steamship Walla
Walla, the fourth and last of
the Oregon Improvement company's
line of vessels, arrived in Thurs
day afternoon. From Capt. Do
Wolfe we get tho follewing: Left
New York Sopt. 14th; arrived at Rio
Oct. 5th. Left Rio on 7th, entered
the straits Oct. Kith, heavy sea, blind
ing fnow, and rough weather through
out. Got to Valparaiso Oct. 29th,
left Nov. 2d; arrived off the bar at C
Y. m., Nov. 23d. She is loaded with
railroad material, having on bard
about 2100 tons, and will lighter to
IGi feet to day. Cant. De Wolfe re
ports an .English ship, tho Castlehead,
leaving Valparaiso for the Columbia
the fcamc day he left that poi t.
The Astoria iron Works an- pin
ing in a foundry.
-The Oregon swung seaward at
eleven a. m. yesterday.
On Monday Hansen B103. will
employ a force cf (en men upon the
building of the'Sea Side packing Co.
- -The roadway nn West Sixth
street, between Water stivjd and the
O. I. & S. Co.' dock is being re
moved. The turniturc and livtun; of a lirst
elass dining-room are for sale, inclu
ding an Al range and complete outfit.
Inquire of Mr-. Arrigoni; I'ioneerlles
A Truckee constable quelled a
dogfight the other day, and now I he
people of that caption community
are circulating a petition requesting
him to resign for illegal interference
with their pleasure.
Freh lard, of their own nmniifae
tuie. at Warren & Katon's.
Tho Clara Parker arrived Thurs
day morning with a boom of logs for
the West Shore mills. One of her
rudders got out of place yesterday
and broke the. paddles out of the
.1. W. Conn has removed to the old
stand of Warren and Katon, opposite
the Occident.
Sam Mathews, who ha-, been em
ployed at Kinney's cannery for -several
years, has been engaged by A. Booth
& Co. in their Black Diamond can
nery, on the Sacramenti.
Whips, curry-combs, brii-he,; new
steck: fir-t cla good-, cheap for
s. Gi.wv.
The Sew Testament authorize t
edition revised, for twenty-fix e cent-, at
Chftrles ,St-en-. and son-. Cit Rt-oL
Aux one xvi'hsng to set winter
hoods, or an l.iudof M-winir done, xvill
do well to call up stairs oer the Ceui j
-alooii.oit Mr-.. A!e. ( amphen.
j lit iiuv i.i.-.m d to .iier th.-se unrivalled
Sew m- .Machines on iuc-h" terms as cannot
12.11 ti iiici-t isi" ..iinsii ecriHMiy ill liei'u
of the. iitdtj-eiisab!e atdcle'of household
furniture. I.iber.d dl-.u nut made 011 cali '
sales. Ti.ihoicdtMiiti-;!: I xx ill sell on the
instahiiettt plan Fixe dollars a liiwith. 17 '
eoiilsa duy. ih-a- i'.ian it costs a smoker fori
hars. ill soon uieha.-e jour wife a Sip.m r. ! .
quently I get the
The Best Sewing fiiachlne Ever
Pat Together.
! Old St-win-; .Mneliliirs liken in -'Cihaie-i
. AA is,' A "BlT lA- - -.
HiBiest asusru Movenaes.
or the yenu no J-,-. uit;r old 1 Attuehmem,. Needle Cotton, oil. etc.. a!-,
Bourbon, and thu be.-d ot wines, liiiiiorsl v.axstm hand. Call and examine the Singer C
and Sau Franeiaco beer, call atthel'eui,! Scxviiit; Maehiae and the varietv of xxork it 1 O
can iierinriu ai 1. 1. iioi.ui..n .s.
Asetit Shif-er Man. Co
MAGKlkS fi. (1ROS35T,
opnosile the bell tower, and we Camp- i -a I'erh.tinai
1. .1. (Joodman, 011 Chcnaiuu-. -.tivei,
has Just receix'cd the iate.l and ino-,1
fashionable style of gents and ladies
boot, shoes, etc.
Two nice rooms, suitable for light
lionsekeening, over (.Jem saloon. Terms
v.-ry ler.sonable.
Mi:-. Ar.i.x. Camimi:.i 1..
!. tier 111
Warren Eaton liav moved to the
corner of Hamilton and ('hcuauiu-
streets, hi the building formerlx oeeii-
pieil hx Irenchard Jc I ji-liur.
D.ivuImju, photographer, J'oitiaii.l,
has retained ull the uegatixes xvhieh
xvere taken at his branch gallery xvhile
In Astoria, ami can furnish duplie:tta
of the vnme on shoit noliee. ANo hii
xiexxs of Astoria, II xvaco. Fort Canby,
Cane Hancock, and Young's River Falls
can be ordered direct from him or Carl
Ad lei. at S". per dozen.
Hotel Arrivals.
Capt I) Johnson Trafnlgar; M
n U I tTT
Iron Pips and Fittings,
iXti ujnjh; jKiuii
and that
riTTi miir"'' "
The City Book Store has on exhibi
tion one of the finest selection of holiday
goods ever opened. Call and examine
for yourselves.
An English trader deRcribes
America as "a country where a man's
statement isn't worth two cents unless
backed up by an offer to bet yon ten
There will be a special communi
cation of Temple lodge No. 7, F- & A.
M., this evening, for information, at
half past seven o'clock. By order
W. M.
Chas. Stevens and Son have a stock
of mouldings and moulders tools xvhieh
can be bought cheap for cash to close
out that branch of the business.
The Autocrat brought down a
barge with 525 tons of flour for the
Beecroft on Thursday. The Cooke
brought down a barge of wheat for the
"If Astoria wishes means of trans
portation, she should build steamers
and harges just the same as Portland
capitalists. "Portland Paper. So say
we all of us.
Frank Fabro has oysters in every
style. Stexv aud pan roasts a specialty.
Miss Minnie Warren is the suc
cessful competitor for the premium
offered by Mr. Ally for the largest
club of subscribers to the Youth's
Temperance Banner.
Tho Tug Fearless, frem Umpqua,
came up yesterday. She xvill take
tho place of the Columbia, the latter
going to San Francisco to have new
boilers put in aud be otherwise fired
Arrival of Troops.
The Slate of California brought up
sixty-nine privates and several officers
of the 1st artilley, to garrison Furt
Canby. The Gen. Canby took them
over Thursday afternoon. The de
tachment comprises txvo companies, K.
and .. the first named being ollicered
by Capt. Frank E. Taylor, 1st Lis.
Robert Li. Patterson and John Pope,
Jr.. and 2d Lt. Charles J. Bailey,
the Litter by Capi. John C. White,
1st Lts. Richard G. Shaw and Aimer
H. Merrill, and 2d l.t. If. M. Fill-more.
Julius Ualbsguth, teacher ot vocat
and instrumental music, pinno and
organ tuner. Orders left at Adler's
book store promptly attended to.
The Indians in Mendocino county,
Cal., poison large quantities of fish.
They uso a weed that grows like clover
in bunches and is abundant in that
sounty. They bruise the weed and
then fasten a quantity of it in the cur
rent at the head of a hole of deep
water. The fish become crAay from
its effects and die. It kills overything
in tho hole where it is placed, from
tho largest down to the smallest mill
now. The Indians in this x?ay, gather
fish bv the basketful.
The American barks Almtra Rob
inson and C. S. lluilbiirt arnx-ed in
yesterday afternoon. The O. S. ilnrl
lutrt iu reported as having scum on
board. Several vessels outside.
--The efforts of C. W. Smith to get
on board the outgoing steamer yester
day morning without going through
the usual preliminary of purchasing a
ticket, etc., attracted Chief Barry's
attention, aud when finding that his
general appearance tallied with a xvrit
ten description of a man who is
"wanted" in Portland for alleged
horse stealing, he turned him over to
Constable Ward who had come down
with a xvarrant Thursday afternoon.
He goes up in custody on this morn
ing's boat.
Hot. cold, and shoxver Baths at the
Occident hair dressing saloon, txveiuj
flve rents.
-The soiree of the Social Club,
Thanksgiving night, passed off very
pleasantly, there being jii3t enough to
fill the hall. Supper was ?erved by
Roscoe Dixon at 12, and dancing was
resumed afterward, the nioj-t of thon
participating going homo about 3 . M
A-tylish xx'agonln all the gloryof
iresn lettering ami "-iibieiimj; xarmin
is Rrenham Van Duspii latent arqni-t
The expoits of the Columbia
river up to date this mouth amount to
938,081, with an excellent prospect
of reaching a total of $1,500,000 by
tho last of December, and making the
heaviest export of any year in the
history of tho Noithwest. - (h-ajo-
V) ill it i'Jtfl.
L. A. Loomis left on the Oregon
yesterday morning for a five xveeks'
visit to the East and old friends there
resident. He will bring back boilers
and machinery for tho Transpoitatioii
company's boat, noxv building here.
- i-nlpiidid lot of Eastern Ox-ters
1 just arrived bv ttie State of California
T.i rp-,, C...;tfi'- n.vtnr n!rriTl Moitl
at x inn uuiiiii.i w,u." ., ....
Frelaud, II T Paysley South Rend;
E L RochehUd, A S Flood S F; M F
Hainoii Ai xvf. R A Fattev-.on, C .
Bailey V. S A; K Price, Ge?o II Ward,
Mrs Herbert ehn, S Wyim, X
Wash, Jas Strong, C. Bell, II :rrv
Fleckenstein, Alex Railtre, II II M:.ih-
ews Pertland: .1 Ellis Cl.iUop; U C
Whtlc.i Pone lt Art: S ESnaimwl
Ft Stevens; L- Lo-.niis IIw-.n-: l):an
Blanchard Rainier; S (J Candle, Jas;
Muckle A wf St Helens; Geo Haves
Ciaskaui; Mrs Spear Clifton; D R
Wirt, II Alger, POMam, Skipauon;
P II M Morrison S: fin Indiana; Capt
Brooks A' xx f llarrv Morse; J Smith
ClatsMn; D G Ross Knappa; M P
Callcuder Knappton; J Wheelwright
Oakland: J Blake, II Miller city; SD
Jones, .1 Concaynon, G W Metbar
S F; W I-halon John Days; C II El
holt, C.ithlamct; J Ellis WallnsKi.
iu:ki:k not'si:. j
LDiipie. II Williams, W .Ssii-iil!:)
New Yoik; F Albright, U D Pngblov,
M D Free'.and South B nd; W Tildeii, j
I PI,-. f C.tmiil'; K.l,i Tll.
Mrs Jaa Taylor Newp..rt R I; T.'j
Thome-!, C Bush and xvf, T Broxvn xvf
and 4 chn, Mrs J Clancy nnd 2 ehn,
MrsFinlev and rh, Mrs Thorn and 2
chn, Mis Iv .McCarte, Mrs Andervjit
and 3 chn, Mrs Savoy and 3 film, Mrs
Manning, 0 Connor xvf mid eh, Mr
Shaxv xvf and 3 chn Dnt-.n: G P
Brovx'er City; J Callalum, C Yercoa
Grays Rix-er; G W Miih't Tillamoek:
Judge Callender Cla'ip; f A M
Mytrs, .1 II Watv-ii. H R .ju-i-son, S
Ilillman Portland; B F Coffuy Kn-ippa;
J E Shi-pltanl, ,1 JJiunphrev S F;
W Y Sackell, A Jhn--on Shu"rick;i
J J ih!.-- Cal: J B llronn South Bend;
A t Sacket Lewis and Clark; A Dean,
JI Ablu Nehalcm; T Doig.
Finite ami Steam Filters!
Goods and Tools,
Caiiuery and Fisliermens Supplies
Stoves, Tin Ware and House
Furnisbina Goods.
SfghDo not tail to get my prices and
! examine goods before purchasing.
I X L Store, it ear Farther House, Astoria.
1 ,
1 . -sy-it;-iffii-i3?--r--v.
he and Tea Pot
Also, Agent for the celebrated
muQinfi rtt q.'.'fft innu tim nnp. ?- -v-raev-s- ----e-x -
pe. 'nuMm .,. smu, 'mm Sm01 MEDALLION. RANGE,
Dour with ntutlii'-ss and dispatch.
None hut lh t'la- wurkmen employed.
A laiye :!soitiiienl of
Constantlx on hand
Wilson & Fisuer
Sheet, Round, and Square Prepared
Rubber Packing.
Wiiieli will he oveh.umo.lU! country ):o
d tire or sold Mt lxx-t rfoes.
Corner t'heuatmi.-. ami Hamilton Streets
M:i AS.
two noons east of Occident.
Carpets, Oil Cloth, Wall Paper, Mirrors,
Window Shades, Lacs Curtains, Picture Frames and Mouldings,
Coir.jrl.'te In ever hnmh.
v. r5- V"
4 tl eb $X
A bright sun and a crisp east wind
made Thanksgiving day just enough
like tho remembered Thanksgiving
days back cast to recall memories of
that day in tlie minds of those from
the other side of the Rockies. A gen
eral suspension of business, a due re
ligious observance Ivy most of the
church going population, several pri
vate dinner parties, and a social danco
at Liberty Hall were the leading fea
tures of November's fourth Thursday
in Astoria.
O vi sz
c ; - ti
E 3" -
a CO ; .2
a 5-
rr $
n -o
.2 '--
IS m l'KUlOi: iO MOifl," Al 1-t l. hl.LLlJ l. MiNE ON 1HIS COAS'l
r Orders left at tie- OKKMANLV UKKi: HALL will he -.roniptly attended lo.-S
1. vEYkR Proprietor.
O co
C3 s
-jr. 2
j. 'ta
1 !s
C orn.-r f jvi and iy.iieinoqhe -treels.
astoi:i.. - - - itrnox
lakei: oi:dei:3 rN i.ncr i-kopoktiox.
Less Quantities, - - 30 Cents per Gallon
Bottled Beer, - .., r SI SO per Dozen
-TSpccisl altcntioii paid to ..rder-. ikjih l'ubho Houses and FamlUesa
Washington Saa-ket,, GE0- w DAY-
Jlftut Mi'Ctt, - - .lloi-iti. r '" '
-. "'1 ... '. ri-
S1i!-Sli:fJTFlLIi"-CAI.I. tiu: -AXTISA-
Xition oflhn pnhlii- th thu fuet that the
.r v . . L r
.i rniMiX TO MAXAi'K A SAIAlOaIiovo .Market will fllwsrs ho npr.iicii wtiu a
- - , . , " . 1 j cannerv In UritBli Columhia. iervhe', ii.K..i.osoch.
A!u-oVvV!iVfvlU"1!e :'' Awmtattoiitobe made. R-LLyARIf-rr-t' R1-T QUALITY
iierj or .s.iJ.Ad.iir i. Co. wi.l not be J..V.ilpr . hKhwhiK r.-iVrence; and teniv?. ' . Oxvinir to the
niiiuiiiK oj- -iiiuisisojMjii. mis iuoi so. -.i,iroi.- Tl'ltM'It ISElvlON iV Co.. ; ir ..., b...... -
I will miiirantee lhatthn iiiirreu-ninm ' A'liire-... n iww.i.i.w w.v.u- t ilailx elltS
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