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'giX gailXJ 5'teimX,
(Monday Excepted),
Asturiaii Building, Cis Street.
Terms of Subscription :
berved bj' Carnor, per troek ..2o Cents
Sent by mail, four months ?J 00
Sent by mail, cno year - 'J 00
froc of 1'osiaffo to Subscribers.
fi Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of SI SO jor square per month.
Transient adverti-uns, by the day or week,
fifty cents per siunro for each insertion.
Tirr. rTiA" astoiman will he sett! by
wail at7 cent a month, frccof potayc. Jleaa
.r. who contemplate absence from the cilti can
haw Titb ASTOurAN foliow them. Pau.y
vr Wkkkly cations to any pol-ojlfcc toilh
ttid additional expense, jtddrcsc may he
ttianuvd ax often as desired. Leave nrdvrs at
t)c cnWAtina room.
Third and Lasl fall.
We dimply must have money from
those who out' us. Oin creditors want
theirs fcnd we must have what is flue us
so that we can pay then;. This is the
last call we shall make through the pa
per. If there is not a settlement ir some
way, very S0071, we sliall be compelled
to place our accounts in the hands of an
:itlorney for collation.
-The slock of hats at the White
1 louse, store is the finest in Oregon.
-''Probabilities" are for rain to-
A new lot of crockery to be seen
at Bailey's.
The Katata went to Portland for
inspection on the 2Gth.
Sec late specimens lightning pro
cess of photographs, at H. S. Shustor's
Art Gallery.
! .
Oranges are cheaper than apples
in Astoria, Call at Baileys and secure
Best Salem flour is sold in this
city at $5 50 per barrel by Warren &
Warren & McGuire have the
early rse potatoes for seed. Farmers,
please remember this.
"Man's Faithful Friend," the
Dog; and "His Earnest Study," the
Tortoise; is a picture greatly admired
by visitors to our office.
C. H. Bain & Co. will, .from this
date, discount ten per cent, for cash,
n former prices on sales of mould
ings, sash and doors.
The lamp-lighters horee stuck in
the mud of Main street night before
last, and delayed the lighting of the
whole city until after "bed-time."
-A fine lot ot Whitaker liams to be
J"ound at Bailey'-G.
"She is a swoman after my own
heart," remarked a citizen at the din
ner table, the other day. "Not
much," ejaculated the old lady, "she
jIs a woman after your money."
Remarking upon the failure of a
prominent man in the cannery busi
ness, a friend remarked: "When a
-man begins to go down hill all nature
.xeems greased for the occasion."
The steamship Oregon made the
run from If ew "York to Actoria, via
Valparaiso, in 04 days and nine hours.
How much will the new State of Cali
fornia beat that time? Bets are in
-During the absence of Mr Carl
Adler people are invited to call at his
store .and h-elp themselves to whatever
they choose, at bed-rock prices. His
present stock will be reduced to make
room for a. large assortment in new
lines of goods.
Mrs. Capt. -Oilman is preparing for,
a four monthe journey to the east, ont
visit to friends in Chicago, St .Paul
etc. The many friends of the lady
.will be pleased to wish her a safe and
.pleasant excursion.
Mr. T. J. Dryer, the founder of
tho Oregonian, is tying at the point of
death in Portland. His grand-son,
Mr. Win. Ogden of this city left for
Portland yesterday, in consequence of
tthedllness.of Mr. Dryer.
The Grays river mail carrier Mr.
iilartz, is missing. His boat, sail and
oars were picked np near Foss camp
-an Wednesday. Mr. H. B. Parker
vof this city, the contractor, sent a
1 nb-at out yesterday to.earca ior him.
No Terodo at Astoria-
Hon. H. Holbrook, the mayor of
Xew Westminster, who has been so
journing at the Occident for a week
past, and visiting places of interst in
this vicinity,sailed for San Francisco by
the Elder. We have enjoyed his visit
very much, and he informs us that he
has been delighted. He wilJ return
to his home with renewed interest in
Astoria. He feels that the fact that
that pest of sea-ports generally, the
teredo, does not atfect our dock-pilings,
etc., is of itself enough to invite the
investment of millions at Astoria, ttnfi
he thinks that our Chamber of Com
merce should take special pnins to
impress this great fact upon the minds
of all men pursuing -commercial vo
cations. Mr. J. G. Megler arrived down
yesterday y the Elder, and intended
to remain over for the up river boat
to-day, "but in consequence of illness
of Mrs. Megler his steamer Edith was
dispatched from Brook field for him,
and he 'returned home last evening.
The Standard says, Hon. I. W.
Case, Grand Master Workman of the
Ancient Order United Workingmen,
has appointed W. S. White, Esq.. of
East Portland, a Deputy Grand
Master Workman, with full power to
institute Lodges throughout the entire
O 0
district. Mr. White is a worker, and
will do much toward building up the
Order in this state.
The Standard says: "Dr. Win.
Pfunder proprietor of the Oregon
Blood purifier has just received letters
patent on his compound and trade
mark. Owing to the rapid increase
ot demand for this mixture his pre
sent labratory will be doubled in size
in a few weeks. The demand is so
great that better and increased facili
ties are imperative."
The effects of the supreme court
decision in the case of Welch v. Tay
lor, will make some sweeping chang
es in Astoria porperty. "Will this
vexed question ever be settled. It is
apparant to some that there is too
much lav? in Oregon," says a corres
pondent. Will the curious lease the pub
lic school house (as we have no room
for comments), and allow the dispu
tants to discuss "the matter ad. lib.
Calvin B. McDonald, "thetripple
thunderer,5' has entered the temper
ance field, and is said to be doing ef
fective service. We know of none
better qualified to speak of the evil
effects of intemperance. Jim .Rey
nolds, when editing a Boise paper
some years ago, said to his readers "for
the evils of intemperance see our
inside;" Calvin can produce the
evidences on his outside unmistakably.
A band of hias cullns Indians from
east of the Cascade mountains, are on
the Elder. They have been sum
moned to Washington to have a ica
oa with 'his "accidency." and their
success will develop a new batch
of "Chiefs" to go on a similar
mission perhaps. If a -gang of white
desperadoes were to act as these fel
lows have acted, sit back as 'fiend
ly" red men and set their dogs upon
defenseless settlers, they would pay
the penalty by having their necks
Quite a sensation occurred in
Bergman & Berry's -stable, night be
fore last. In a stall daext to that of
the little mule a .cow is kept. By
some means the mule was placed in
the cow stall, and vice versa. The
man who does the milking unsuspect
ingly tackled the mule, as it was
i nearly dark and the mule is about the
size of the cow. He was saved by the
milk-pail, though he was slightly in
jured by a sudden exite through the
roof. Berry says the d mule has
not got through kicking yet.
Prof. L. J. Powell, superintend
ent of public instruction, in reply to"i
several letters, has stated that accord
ing to a decision of the Supreme .court,
indebtedness may be deducted from
assessments for school purooEes. or
. & j
that taxable property within the mean
ing of the statue which authorizes the
levy of taxes by school districts, is that
property, which persons within the
district own, exclusive of indebtedness
within the state, and that clerks of
school districts, in making assess
ments, must follow the generjfl law
go.warning assessors.
A. False "Witness.
Certain parties in California who
started the rumor that a certain cannery
on the Columbia river was so badly rup
tured by a direct shipment of fisli to
Europe last year, will be chagrined to
hear that the rupture is only a smill
pimple. Why California cannery
men should circulate such rpports is a
mystery to us. They come here; they
make money here; they. splurge on
their "ill-gotten gams;" for' if it is
such an outrageous business they are
equally as guilty as the Web-feet,
whom they so despise. If they do hot
like Oregon, if they believe Orego
nians to be flats all together, we ad
vise them, as sharps, to keep in tune
and confine themselves to apples, and
peaches, and strawberries, in the
cannery, line.
An Unexpected Reception.
There is a sparkle of humor
about some of the Mormon girls.
An old reprobate of the sect ad
dressed a note to a young woman
who does housework, asking her
to become his second wife, as his
first was growing old, and had
ceased to be to him an object of
admiration. The woman answered
his note, "informing him that she
had a young lady friend in the
kitehen, who would entertain his
proposition with more favor, and
fixing a time when he should -call,
to prefer his suit in person. He
arrived at the appointed time. The
two girls dressed a young man up
in woman's clothes to receive him.
During the interview the old fel
low became suspicious that he had
been "sold," on hearing a suppres
sed titter. He proceeded to make
a retreat, when this is what hap
pened, as described by the Salt
Lake Tribune:
He proceeded slowly towards the
door; but just then a pan of hot water
fell over his bare head, and before he
could realize the situation, a bucket
of slops was soused into his face; turn
ing in the direction from whence came
the last dose, he received a rotten egg
in the left ear. He now turned to
run, but was met at the door by a pan
of molasses and flour which settled
over his face and neck, trickling down
his back in dirty pale streaks that ate
a passage through his endowment
robes and ran around this toe-nails. At
hist he got the slops and molasses and
ancient eggs and the -bu&cwh'eat batter
out of one eye just long enough to soe
which way the back alley lay, anfl flie
shot out into Main street the most
despicable loooking wretch on the
Dr. J. Weleli has arrived in As
toria for the purpose of tilling his
engagements here, in the practise of
dentistry. See card elsewhere in this
Our Nasby (Postmaster Chance),
interviewed Moses and the chiefs on
the Elder yesterday. Old Winap
snoot and Xaeby were "familiar
lfriends" years long gone by, and the
old chief remembered the incidents of
those early days with pleasure.
The card of the Eorton House,
Portland, will be seen in another col
umn. This is one of the best hotek
in Portland. We acknowledge a very
pleasant call from Mr. Thos. P. Korton
yesterday. He came down by the
Elder, and will return by the Ancon.
It is something astonishing what
great results follow little causes. An
item a few days age predicting that
Mr. C. SL Wright would himself oc
cupy (not alone), the new residence he
was preparing to iuild, calls forth the
fact that the house is already engaged,
and so is Capt. A. W. Berry, it is pre
sumed that the ihoiise is for him. The
name of the young lady who is to be
come mistress of the place .has not
yet transpired.
Referring to the remarkable
journey -of Hon. John Whiteaker to
Washington, the Seattle Independent,
(Hon. Beriali Brown,) says: "Mr.
Whiteaker emigrated from Missouri
across the plains more than a quarter of
a-century ago, and never saw a railroad
or .an ocean steamer outside of Oregon
before this trip. He is a man of indomi
table energy, and nothing which
could be overcome by human efforts
would deter him "from meeting a per
sonal obligation or performing a public
duty. If his party had been defeat
ed in the organization of thebouse by
i his neglect he would have regarded
himself as deeply dishonored."
The best "poster" is that which,
is sent regularly -into &he faniy circle,
The Sea-Port Question.
Olympia Daily Experiment.
The ice srore in the Columbia
during the past winter has demon
strates a fact fraught with a crave
considerations. Portland may con
sider herself the entrepot of this
part of the coast; butthinking and
wishing, though bolstered with
buoyant hope, often ends in bitter
disappointment. Heavy shippers
are not going to allow their freight
to be diverted twelve miles from
its direct course to the open sea
for the flimsy pleasure of sustain
ing a monopoly. Astoria is to-day
head and shoulders above Port
land in its situation and facilitiest
as an entrepot for the Columbia
river trade.
Brick Pomeroy now prints a
paper in the old Opera House
block which he built in La Crosse
with such a grand flourish many
years ago. He rents the .building
from -his first wife from whom he
was divorced and to whom the de
cree of divorcement gave the
block. He now lives with Mrs.
Pomeroy No. 3.
Fresh oysters in every style at
Schmeers'. See advertisement.
The cheapest ever oiTered is Ham
burger's Embroidery.
Nick Equivalence has concluded
that there is no millions in shipping
sailors, and lie has given up that busi
ness, and is attendimr closely to keeping
a hotel. C'aM at the Chicago House and
see for yourself.
Frch oysters in every style and
at all hours atthe Pioneer restaurant.
Parties in want of good Odar
Shingles will do well to apply to 11. C.
Comegys, Kalama, W.T.
You can get Pniuernickel bread at
Mrs. S.Tiinder's bakery in Astoria, where
it is baked regularly and kept on hand
for sale, the same as other bread.
Your complexion is sallow, and
skin yellow, your liver is affected.
Obtain'from your druggist a bottle of
Pfunder's Oregon Blood Purifier.
Keep your blood pure and vour
health must. ln irdfirl Hio crrpnt miriftVr I
. -V .. - - i.. .'i; . "
is I'lunaersuregoniiiooa runner. AH
Astoria druggists have it now.
I. C .Johnson may be found at the
Occident in Astoria "every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday eveiiimr. ready
to attend to mesengernlnty in Portland
or to points along the river in a satisfac
tory manner.
Five thousand yards Embroideries
from 5 cents upwards, at Hamburger's.
Get your baskets filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
TJuy your domestic goods -at Ham
burger's. You can do better than at any
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
Ovslers served in every style at
the Walla Walla Restaurant.
P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies boots,
shoes, etc.
.New invoice of those Medallion
Ranges at Magnus C. Crosby's.
Twelve yards Chinese Grass Clotlu
;k inches wide, for one dollar at Ham
burger's. A new lot of full bound blank, and
receipt books, specially for use in can
neries, at the City Bwk store.
Mr. .f. Stewart.-stone and marble
cutter of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to all ordering ork of him, and
will do a better job for less money than
any outside workman. 1 lis work in the
cemetery here shouldlbe sufficient reeoiu
TiiiMidation. Before von let vour con
tracts for work of this kind it would be
well io call upon Mr. 'StewarL
The Vcckly Artorian.
One of the best pajvws published on
the Pacific coast, is mulled to subscri
bers every Erklay, postage paid to any
part of the United States, at the follow
ing rates, in advance:
urn; i'u c w
Months lOOIJJ
Single Copy - 10
?"A limited number of small adver
tisements will be inserted at the usual
Apply at the office, or address
D. C. IiiEi.AXi), Publisher.
Fusfekmablc Drc.s-Miilng.
Miss M. J. " having made ar
Tangeinonts with Miss E. C. Benedict to
do euttinir and fitting in her shop, and
feeling fully competent to offer herself
as a first-class trimmer, worild be pleas
ed to hawe the ladies of Astoria give heir
a call, as she will hold herself responsl-
ablefor all work done, lerans reason-
Next door to The Astokian
Miss E. C. Benedict wishes to
inform the Ladies, that slie. will still
continue instructing nil thoe 'who wish
to learn Mrs. C. K. RI ulcer's system rf
Dress-cutting, having taken rooms wifli
Miss M. J. Kelley.
The Best Family
Sewinc 'machine is the 2?ow Ameri
can, sold in Astoria by Chas. Stevens &
Son at the City Book store. It is a light
running self-threading machine, in fact
it is the onlv sewing machine which has
a self-threading shuttle and self-setting
needle. It never breaks the thread;
never skips-stitches is the lightest run-
1II1I, mm -.J in -.-.j .., .. ...w .- ,
family sewing machine. Chas. Stevens
& Son, agents, Aswna, TJregon.
l,oDGrNG House Persons requiring
furnished or unnirnlsUecl rooms can be
accommodated at reasonable rates at
MrSjaiunsoirs cnenanius St., Astoria.
Metropolitan HalL
two asrxtEXYS
Commencing Friday 28th
First Appearance of
Universally acknowledged to be the most
Brilliant and Artistic Combination now
.before the public.
Under the "Management of Mr. Jolj
Maguire, Manager of New Mar
ket Theatre, Portland.
The company is precisely the same as dur
ing the .successful engagement just closed at
"Baldwin's, and after a bnef tour of the State,
we shall again return to that Beautiful Thea
tre for another four weeks engagement.
This is the only minstrel company that has
ever had the honor of appearing m Baldwin
Theatre, San Francisco.
It is a. 'Chaste, Klejrnni ami He
lmed Performance.
Every Act and Song is New.
- - 30c and 81 OO
No extra charge for reserved seats. They
arc now ready at Caufiold's drug store.
Business Manager.
Mi's It Variety Thiatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the New Theatre wer
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted by Mr.'Wm. West. Architect and
Builder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will be given a
First Class Entertainment,
i M'i.:nii r. t-.... ...,- .i -v..i... .
"" 11J"l,l'l,111 "-iijr ui
equalled on tins coast. Our Per
formance Commences with our
First Part o! Male andTemaie
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats,.
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Pantomimists and Jugglers.
To see our Refined and Vnequalled enter
tainment. New Acts, New Song's and com
plete change of rrogramme twice a weak..
OHO. IIITJT,, Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Cbena
nnis Street. Performance to commence
at eight o'clock precise.
II. B. PABKKK. - Proprietor.
THIS 1TOTKL Is the largest, most comfort
able and best Kept hotel in the city. I
supplied with the best of spring water, hot
and cold baths, Inw'liershop, and a first-class
saloon with Invst of .liquors and cigars, and
line billiard t:dilc Free coach to and from
J the house ; charges reasonable, SI 00 to S2 5
per nay, according to room occupied.
Private Boarding House.
"Will accommodate day hoarders or accom
modate ;kiv ith board and lodging.
Trices -reasonable. In Imnills' building,
Jefferson street,.opposite Wells, Fargo a. Co-
Express -uflice.
: npA'TPwr t. rTR'T.
"Water street, near the 0. S. N. Cos Wharf,
HENRY 110TIIE IltoliniriOR.
newly furnished, is conveniently situa
ted to business, and will be .oonducted so an
make itallrst class stopping place for th
public generally, and will be -open from tbia
MEGLER & WKW1IT. Proprietors.
Astoria. Oregon.
i announce that the above hotel has been
repainted and refurnished, adding greatly to
the comfort of its guests and is now the
te ui
hotel north of San rmncisco.
Between Squemocqhe and Jefferson.
Board and lodging per week jyi u
Jnanl per day
Single Meal
er nay i ec
Tne tabic will be supplied at all thncB with
I the best the market affords.
pttqt a ttsr a xp
i SE0- BROEMSEB, - -
'Fresh roysters. and other Hli-
cacies u tie season, served In
every tyie.
Opposite the Telegraph efflce, Sqnemon&fe
street, Astoria, Oregon.