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glxs- giii3j siraimx,
(Monday ilxcoplod).
D. C. IP.EF.AND : : PL'SStiSSEffER.'
A&iuricut, JJmldivg, Gass Stored.
Terms of Subscription ;
Served by Currier, per Trock.. .25 Contf
ticnt by mmI. four months 5S OS'
Sunt hy mail, .ne year. 9 00
Frco of l'ociao to Subecribors.
t55T Advortieraonts inserted by the year at
tho rate of SI 0 ior -nuru per month.
Transient nHrcrtisinc, by the day or weok,
fifty cenw per square for each insertion.
Tjik Daily astohian will he -next hy a month, frrcofpottafic. Read
er who contemplate aimence from the cilu can
itavc Tup Astokian follow thcrn. Daily
or Wbbicly cAitionx to any pout-office irith
hit additional erpentc. Addrawes may 1w
unarmed as often a desired. Luai'c orders at
the counUnv mom.
.Sew invoice oi those Medallion
Ranges at Melius C. Crosby s.
Twelve yards Chinese Grass Cloth.
"45 inches w Me, for one dollar at Ham
burger's. A new lot o'f full bound blank, and
receipt book-., jvcially for use in can--neries,
at the City Roo'k store.
Mr. .1. Stewart, stone and marble
culler of Astoria will guarantee satis
faction to aft ordering work of him, and
will do a bettei job for less monej than
siny outside workman. His work in the
cemetery here should Insufficient recom
inundation, before on let your con
tracts for work of this kind it would be
well to will upon Mr. Stewart.
A new lot of crockery to be seen
at Bailey's.
See late specimens lightning pro
cess of photographs, at H. S. Snorter's
Art Gallery.
The name of Mr. Frank Elberson
does not appear in the list of passengers
ly steamship Ancon.
Warren & IVIcGuire have the
early rse potatoes for seed. Fanners,
jlease remember this.
The Daily Statesman is consider
ably improved of late in its "personal
appearance" and press work.
C. H. Bain & Co. will, from this
late, discount ten per cent, for cash,
on former prices on sales of mould
tings, sash and doors.
Since writing the notice which
appears elsewhere, the Salem States
man comes to us all bedraggled 'With
ink in the deepest kind of ihrty
Dr. J. Welch has arrived in As
toria for the .purpose of tilling his
engagements "here, in the practice of
dentistry. See card elsewhere 'in this
Mr. A. F. Gunn, with Messrs.
Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch,station
ers of San Francisco, is traveling on
-Puget-sound, and will soon visit As
toria in the interests of trade.
A fine lot of Whitaker hams to be
found at Bailey's
Grand Master H. H. Gilfry has
issued a general dispensation for lodg
es of the jurisdiction to turn out in
regalia if so desired, to celebrate the
sixtieth anniversary of Odd Fellowship
5n America, on the 26th day of April.
During the absence of Mr Carl
AdJer people are invited to call at his
tore and help themselves to whatever
ther choose, at bed-rock prices. His
present stock will be reduced to make
room for a large assortment in new
lines of goods.
At the sale yesterday Mr. G. W.
Hume became the owner of the Arri
goni hotel property, paying therefor
the sum of 5.150 cash. Mr. Hume
thus adds to his intecest at Astoria.
The sale was conducted by Mr. B. S.
Worsley auctioneer, for Mr. Gilbert,
-master in chancery.
. -
Dispatches of the4th, from San
Francisco, informs us that "the body
of a 3roung unknown man was found
on a pile -of lumber at Hathaway 's
wharf that morning, a pistol shot
wound in the right temple, and the
right hand clutching a Sharp's four
shooter. From papers on his person,
lie is supposed to have been a baker
by occupation and to have recently
arrived from Oregon." Some fears
were entertained by friends of Mr.
Frank Elberson that this was him.
-but Mrs. Binder has letters announc
ing that he may bevexpected home by
Mio Ancon.
Letters from the People.
Astoria, March 26th. 1S79.
Editor Astorian :
Permit me a small space to answer
"one of the city Dads." He says:
I call your attention to the council
proceedings of Tuesday which
lime the council adjourned, to meet
Saturday 2Jd. .Sewnal ordinances and
resolutions having been read and re
ported upon at the meeting the 38th,
were laid over until the adjourned meet
ing, mainly because two councilmen
were absent. When the council met on
the ir2d, councilman Shhcly moved that
matter laid over at the last meeting be
Waken up, which motion was carried,
and ordinances toirether with report
laid over at the meeting of the 18th were
taken up and acted upon, and no others.
The following is from the records
of the council on Tuesday March ISth,
among other preceedings:
An ordinance making an appropria
tion for expenses of litigation. fcc.
and read first and second times and on
motion laid over until next meeting
and refered to committee cni rules
and regulations.
Ordinance increasing salary of night
watchman, &c, read first and sec
ond limes and referred to committee.
Ordinance for employment of speci
al attorneys, iV:c, read for informa
tion and referred back to committee.
Ordinance regulating "bar-rooms,
ra, was reported on and a subtutesti !
ottered by the committee, and reterretl
oack for amendments.
Ordinance for licensing certain
places of amusement, laid over until
next meeting.
Resolution dismissing city attorney,
laid over until next meeting.
All these matters were reported on
and taken up and acted upon at the
adjourned meeting.
The records do not show any ordi
nance or reports laid over from the
18th until the adjourned meeting as
alleged by the City Dad. In fact, as
appears bj' the records there was noth
ing laid over until an adjourned meet
ing. What was -laid over, -was laid over
until the next mee.tiug, and as the
distinguished president of the council
ruled the Saturday meeting being
only a continuation of the Tuesday
meeting, it certainly stands to common
sense it could not have been the next
meeting. Again, Mr. City Dad, I
quote from record and not from mem
ory. City Dad is wrong in one of his as
sertions as is clearly shown, and if
time and space allowed we could show
him wrong in others. As for instance
1 am informed, that some of the coun
cil, even City Dad himself, knew that
ladies had left the sidewalk on account
of the lamp-lighter's horse.
Tiie fact is Mr. Editor; the council
were determined to dodge the Main
street lamp question, for the reason
that the residents of ihafc locality had
made their grievance public, and
warned the amour proprc of City Dad
and his associates, and there lies the
gist of the whole matter.
There are other puint&in City Dad's
letter which ought to be noticed, but
inasmuch as he admits the wrong
and promises amendment, by lighting
the lamps again, 1 leave the matter to
rest where it is. Bjxlsidkk.
Astoria. Oregon, Msrdh 26,1879.
Editor Astorian :
A communication in Tue Astorian
to-day signed "Yin" reflects severely
on a fling at the city council, by
a correspondent of the 'regonian in
the issue or March 21st, and further
states, "this correspondent has, in sev
eral former notestaken occasion to-elur
and misrepresenfthe council." "Yin"
also questions the competency of any
person to act as a regular correspon
dent of a paper having the circulation
that the Daily Gregonian has, nmless
he confines himself to the truth. In
this I heartily coincide with him. I
have been reliably informed that the
present presiding officer of the council
(is he "Yin?") is under the impression
that I am the author of the "flings,
slurs and misrepresentations" com
plained of. By your 'permission
I wish publicly to undeceive Mr. Gray
and every one else interested, by as
suring them that I am not the author
of the "Astoria notes" which have
lately appeared in the Oregonian. 1
have not written a line of news for
the Oregonian since the stranding of
the ship City of Dublin, in October
last. When anything of importance
occurs in this section of the state, cal-
ciliated to interest all the readers of
the Oregonian, I have been accustomed
to write it up, and that paper has
always been pleased to publish it, but
I have never imposed upon them any
"fling, slurs or misrepresentations"
reflecting on any one, nor any con
ceited puff or personalities referring to
I should not have troubled you
with this, had I not known that
lying misrepresentations have been
made as to who is really the -writer of
the "Astoria notes," alluded to by
"Yin." Yours respectfully.
E. C. Holden.
The Walla Walla 'Watchman truth
fully remarks that every now and then
we hear of bilhord and pedestrian
matches, how many runs made, how
many miles walked, but we never
linivl o m;fnli nmrmrr viil onIC4-4-nMn
wood-choppers, plow-men, nor how
mny raUs ,ne -could split cord wood
pile up, or acres turn m a day;
may hempen yet
Jomnfiilisfic Imposters.
It appears that the Police of Astoria
were not slow in "spotting" the fel
low Geo. Legrand. referred to in the
Itemizer extract quoted by us. It
turns out that the man Geo. Daniels,
who has been "starting a paper" The
Fisuermax, at Astoria, for about a
week past is the same person alluded
to by the Itemizer as guilty of sw-nd-linw
them out of several dollars col
lected as subscriptions, and also the
one who got the best of several firms
in Portland, among others, L. Samuel
of the West Shore, of whom he came
out about 30 winner. Officer Oliver
received word to arrest him here on
Tuesday, but as he had. no warrant,
deferred the duty until yesterday
when the bird had flown. Now, one
more word to the people of Astoria.
The Astokian diice is always with
you. We stay here 32 months in the
year nine months of that time we do
not make a dollar and fifty cents a
month over expenses; but we stay,
the printers stay; we pay taxes, and
all help to keep the city together. If
any of you want a little extra printing
during the flush of business three
months in the spring and summer,
Tun Astorian is here to accommodate
you. You need not put up for any
set of seedy adventurers; by doing
which you have lost so frequently
before, and now probably lose again.
The IaIIcs Portage.
We "have had the pleasure of exam
ining a map. showing the survey of the
Columbia river between The Da'lles
and Celilo, which was recently present
ed to the Astoria Chamber of Com
merce on request, by Major Gillespie.
When we examine thi3 map, in con
nection with the report of Mr. Haber
sham who made the survey, it will
be seen that the improvements which
Mr. Habersham proposes, n order to
make the river navigable between The
Dalles and Celilo, are not very exten
sive. We regret however that no
estimate of the cost of these improve
ments accompanies the report. In the
river and harbor appropriation act of
the last congress, the continuance of
this survey was provided for, and it
is probable that the estimates of costs
will -soon be made.
Ifcwill be well in the meantime, for
our Chamber cf Commerce to petition
that the work of improving the river
so as to Tender it navigable from The
Dalles to Celilo be .proceeded with,
and be made a partof the work of
improving the. upper Columbia.
If this be done it will benefit a large
body of farmers who live between The
Dalles and Celilo, a distance of four
teen miles, and will be another step
towards opening up the lordly Colum
bia from its month to its head.
The schooner Trustee, -now load
ing in San Francisco for Astoria, is
the last vessel built by A. M. Simp
son. She took the rigging of the lost
schooner Oregonian. Mr. G. W.
Hume informs us that the Trustee is
a tine, staunch vessel.
We met General Adair yesterday
for the first time in a long while.
"Wintering" in 'California has given
the General renewed energy. We
also met Mr. S. D. Adair, for tlio first
time in about two years. Sam ie pull
ing through his seige of sickness all
Tumt, but lias had a liara time oi u.
Oregon beats the world for fruit.
A seedling, originated and propa
gated by Barton of Portland, proves
it. The new pomological beauty
ripens in October and will keep till
June. It is called the Centennial. It
is of fine flavor, and solid fruit. Speci
men copy left us by W. H. Dodge at
tests the fact.
--The board of trustees at Junc
tion has passed an ordinance increas
ing retail liquor license to zo) per
annum. The saloon man must not
only pay this sum, but get the consent
of a majority of the legal voters and
give a bond of $500 not to open house
on Sunday, or sell Eqnor to minors
under the age of 18year3.
. a .
-A relic of the .copper age,
no less than a part of a ships cable
which was fished out of the sands at
Tillamook, is on .exhibition at E. S.
i Larson's store. The ship bearing this
cab!o was mpst Uke,y the sll!p t,1!lt
discovered America. Perhaps to the
sorrow of her commander. The cop
per age preceded the iron age.
The oompany to arrive here by the
Ancon and play tit Metropolitan hall
on the 2Sth, and 29th, is highly en
dorsed. It is said that Messrs. Barlow,
Wilson, Primrose and West have few
if any peers in their individual lines
of business. The houses which have
greeted the company elsewhere hare
been hirge and appreciative. There is
a newness in the songs and jokes of
the entertainment which is seldom
found nowadays in minstrels'. Among
the few old things done by the com
pany are Barlow's "Old Negro Special
ties," which the public demand. "Old
Black Joe" is one of his most artistic
piccures of the venerable darkey, and
never grows stale. George Wilson's
songs and specialties are side-splitting
and new, Nobody but the irresistible
George can so convulse an audience.
Primrose and West need no praise,
they have no rivals as song and dance
men in the United States. F. M.
Rail is a good banjoist.
Several papers in the Willamette
valley, irrespective of any political
bias, have found fault with Governor
Thayer for practicing law before judges
of his own appointing. Candidly we
confess that the thing is not altogether
to our own liking, says the Inland
Empire, but what can "be done to
remedy the evil Will any of those
same papers advocate the formation of
a new constitution to give a governor
a salary befitting the chief magistrate
of a great state like this? Our fears
are to the contrary. Had the state
been admitted under a constitution al
lowing the state officials salaries King
ing from $2,500 to $4,000 a year and
compelling them to pay into the state
treasury quarterly, under oath, all fees
received by them in the discharge of
their duties, she would have been
thousandsof dollars rich erf or it to-day.
Her offices would have been heretofore
filled by upright men, instead of land
jobbers and constructive salary-grabbers.
Does any one suppose that such
leading citizens as Henry Failing or
William S. Ladd, could be induced to
accept the office of governor at its pres
ent salary? .Not for a moment.
Fresh oysters in every style at
Schmcers'. See advertisement.
The cheapest ever offered is Ham
burger's Embroidery.
Nick Equivalence has concluded
that there is no millions in shipping
sailors, and he has given up that busi
ness, and is attending closely to kenplng
a hotel. Call at the Chicago House and
see for yourself.
Fresh oysters in every style and
at all hours at the Pioneer restaurant.
Parties"-?!? want of good Cedar
Shingles will do well to apply to H. C.
CoinegySjKalama, W.T.
You can get Tuniernickel bread at
Mrs. S. Binder's bakery in Astoria, where
"itis baked regularly and kept on hand
for sale, the same as" other bread.
I.C. Johnson may he found at the
Occident In Astoria every Monday,
Wcdnesdiry. and Friday evoning, ready
to attend to messenger duty in Portland
or to points along the river in a satisfac
tory manner.
Five thousand yards Embroideries
from 5 cents upwards, at Hamburger's.
Getvour baskets 'filled for a little
money at Bailey's.
Buy your domestic goods at Ham
burger's. You can do better than at any
other house.
Fresh fruits and vegetables at
Ovsters served in every style at
thinVafla Walla Kestnurant.
P. J. Goodman, on Main street, has
just received the latest and most fash
ionable style of gent and ladies hoots,
shoes, etc.
Peter Runey Is still in the market
with all kinds of building materials in
his line. Has just reeei veil 100,000 lath,
2,000 bushels of sand, and a large stock
of first quality of brick at his warehouse
toot of Benton street.
Yashlouable 1)ress-3Ialiins.
Miss M. J. Kkiley havfng made ar-raiigements-with
Miss E. C. Benedict to
do cuttina and fitting 1n her shop, and
feeling fully competent to offer herself
as a ursirciH5 iriiuuicr, w iiiuii ue inclin
ed to have the ladies of AstoniR-give her
a call, as she will hold herself Tesponsi
able for all work done. Terms Teason-
Next door to The Astouiax
Miss E. C. Bkxkdict wishes to
inform the. Ladies, that she will still
continue instructing all those who wish
to learn Mrs. C. K. Hi ulcer's system of
Dress-cuttimr. having taken rooms with
Miss M. J. Kelley.
The Kcst Family
Sewing machine is the New Ameri
can, sold in Astoria hy Chas. Stevens &
Son at the City I5ook store. It is a" Jlirlit
running self-threading machine, in fact
it is the only sewing machine which has
ft-serr-tinvatting snuiue anu seii-seuing
needle. It never breaks the thread;
never skins stitches-; is the fmhtest run
ninu. and is in every respuac me nest
family sewing machine. Chas. Stevens
& Son, agents, Astoria, Oregon.
l . " ... i- A, 1 i
The Finest Stock.
When we savthe finest stock we cer
tainly mean it; and not only the finest.
1 but the cheapest lot of pictures in the
citytomos, h-ytameMJ
& s011j jajn street. Which must and
. will he sold.
Metropolitan Hall
TWO jsixcsextss
Commencing Friday 28th
3First Appearance of
Universallv ac!novledcel to be the nios-;
Brilliant and Artistic Combination now
before the public
Under the Management of Mr. Job.
Magnire, Manager of New Mar
ket Theatre, Portland.
The company is precisely the same as dur
ing the successful engagement just closed at
Kalriw in's, ami after a brief tour of the State,
we shall again return to that lleautiful Thea
tre for another four weeks engagement.
This is the only minstrel companv that has
ever had the honor of appearing m Baldwin"
Theatre, San Francisco.
It is n Chaste, "Elcpmrtmd Kt?
lined Performance.
Every Act and Song is New.
- - 50c and SI CO
jSo extra charge for resen ed seats. They
are now ready at Cauiiekl's drug btoie.
Business Manager.
Hiirs Sew Yariety Tkatre,
Containing six
The Decorations of the New Theatre werd.
executed by Mr. F. Holt.
Painted-by Mr. Win. "West. Architect and
lluilder Mr. Kemble.
On and after this date will he given a
First Glass Entertainment,
Which for "Refinement and Novelty cannot
be equalled on this coast. Our Per
formance Commences with our
First Part of Wale and Female
Consisting of
Singing, Dancing, Acrobatic Feats,
Negro Sketches, Trapeze Performers,
Pantomimists and Jugglers.
To see our IJefined and XTneqmlIed enter
tainment. New Acts. New Sonu's and com
plete change of Programme twice a week
GEO. HITJT,. Proprietor.
Entrance to Boxes and Circle on Chenn
miLs Street. Performance to comment
at eight o'clock precise.
H. B. TAltlvRIt. - Proprietor.
TTTTS TTOT.EL Isthe larjrest. most comfort
able and "best Kept hotel in the city. Ik
supplied with the best of spring water, hot
and cold baths, barber shop, and a first-clas
saloon with best of liquors and cigars, ami
fine billiard table. Free coach to and from
the house : charges reasonable, SI ) to $2 50
per day. according to room occupied.
Will accommodate dav boarders or accom-
modate any with board and lodging.
rnees reasonable, in lm:al!s' hiuloimA
Jefferson street, opposite Wells, Fargo a Co 'a
Express office.
Wer street, near the 0. S. N. Co.'s Wharf,
HENRY ROTnE. . . ..!. PKOrRiErrCTJ.
newly furnished, i cnnvenientlv situa
ted to business, and will he conducted so :
make it a first class stonnlne place for te
.,: ,. , iVi". "" r .
, pjB--eraii,anu wm im open irom iuu
MEGLER & WRIGHT. Proprietor.
Astoria, Oregon.
JL announce that the above hotel has been
repainted and rcfuimished. adding greatly ift
the comfort of its gucst.s and is now the bess
hotel north df ftui Francisco.
D. U TORPIN - Prowuktob
Between Squemocqlie ami Jefferson,
Astouia. OKKOO.
Roard and loddne ncr week, S wv
j isoaru per uay wt
Single Meal 25.
Tne table will be Minnllcd nt nil dime wiih
the best the market aUonis.
WALU W A Iil A "
TRKO. imUKMSKK, - - PKorniCTon.
VrosU oynlrrs. mid other deli
cacies of the vc-ivum, served In
evury wtyle.
Opmwlte. Hie Tolcgrnjm onice, Squemoqte.
reel, Antorla, Oregon.
- . jMtte. - ,y . . . . Jl