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Vol. 3.
Astoria, Oregon, Friday Morning, November 2, 1877.
No. 128.
-ST tfo ii&
gfe & Jtefarrisra.
(Monday Excepted),
AiAvrian Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subset Iption :
terved by Carrier, per week 23 Cents '
Sent by mail, four months 5 -U
Sent bv mail, cne year.........,...... u W i
Irco of Postage to Subscriber
rtaer Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rare of $1 .7J per .qti;irc per month.
Trnnient sidvciti-ins, by the day or week,
fifty cents per sijuare for each inseition.
To City Subscribers.
There arc such frciucnt cbnnpcs in .he resi
dence of our city patron lliat wo sliull feel
jbliired to any who make such changes if they
will report the same to this office. Uthei who
we shall not bo re-poniUo for failures of the
CArrier to deliver the paper promptly and
regularly to them.
Mr. James Ilandall has taken the
Knappton box-factory for tlie ensuing
Two vessels arc loading at Kiiapp
ton, one of which will proceed to Val
paraiso, and one to San Francisco.
s5aKjiug Columbia is employed on
the bar, as much as possible assisting
the Astoria, until the return of the Breij-
The Tjllock arrived jestcrday from
Hongkong. She left the flowery king
dom Sent 12th. She it a very neat and
lrcity bark.
h Australia there is compounded
zi medicine winch is a sure cure lor ague
and fever. A gentleman of Astoria has i
the recipe and is preparing to fix up
borne of these medicines for use about
-The North Dend. Simpson Brother's
new barken tine, Capt Houdleit arrived
from Tori land yesterday laden to her '
deepest water line, 14.(5, with wheat for J
San Francisco. The North Bend is one j
of the finest vessels in the Oregon built
lleet She will go to sea to-day.
It is reported that the Pacific Coast
Steamship company have made arrange
ments with a Philadelphia firm for the
construction of a first class iron steam
er similar to the Granada but abnut )
feet longer, with guaranteed speed of 14
knots, to be delivered in eight months,
to be placed on the line to Oregon and
Puget Sonnd.
,Ve bid Cant Tober good bye yes
terday, and wish him god speed on his
voyage to foieign lands. The next time
lie visits tins port lie will claim a res-;
dence in Astoria. He is one of the "n- ing 30x60 completed for his cannery,
purchasable commanders. Wo omit the j ;inj tiiere were twelve white men and
publication of the PoiUand letters he ninety-eight Chinamen ready for work
received while here, offer ug to pay him when I was there,
for taking his vessel (the Ssnna C'ara) to In conversing with Capt. "Webster,
that port, if he would do so. at his own who is well acquainted with the har
special request lie has loaded twice at ! bor, I learned that the lowest water at
Astoria, and his refasal logo to Portland low tide on the bar at the entrance is
this time shows thai he is u man that 24 feet, making it perfectly safe for
cannot be bought with money. my vessel to come into. The old coast
- survey has an island in the mouth of
Numerous of our old-timers who ; the harbor, but this island is nowhere
have been awavfiom Astoria on visiis to ue seen now, having all been yrash
to friends in distant parts of the COdlIl..yj ed away and tlie inaiii channel in its
areieturning to Astoria and oJier Oie-iPan,e - ,
gon homes pleased with their jaunt and i . Ther.e " nothing of importance go-
t . 1. 1 ! i i I ing on in the vallev at present, all ex-
glad to get back, among whom may be -f . , ,- A flwi ' ww
noted Mr. John Ladollet and Capt L. The fanners j ye been restivc over the
W. Poole, who stepped in on the steam- ( , continued wet weather, hindering
ers ycsteiday morning. Mr. Badollet . tll fpom imvinff for wieat.
uriugs us good ciieenui word lrom
friends and relatives whom we have not interest in future that come to my
seen for years. His visit has been one knowledge. I will try not to overes
of great pleasure io him. Capt Poole is timate anything, although I am anx
as glad to get back as if he had struck a ious to see something to give us a
bonanza. We welcome our fellow citi-1 start. All this country needs is a few
ens home again. ' live men with a small capital, to make
this one of the richest in the territory.
Our good friend Stephen G. Spear, 'As for advantages for new coiners
ever mindful of the wants of the frater- liunting homes and farming lands,
nity, has again placed us under obliga- ' there is no better place on this coast
tions for choice sample productions of than the Chehalis valley. There is
his picturesque homestead near Cluton. ! no danger of over-rating, the value of
This time it comes in the shane of a few this climate, soil; etc.
prize carrots. Nothing particular about
them but a variety not generally grown
in this country (yellow Belgium), which
we pronounce the sweetest, and tender-
est, and richest kind. ilieni the
' , - :; i , t
becreuiQuiuui nucttutxinuuuceu as
nice squash pies as we ever ate. Mi.
ing Mr! and Mrs. Spear, and Mrs. Frar.-
cjs, fortheir kind remembrances, we' sit
dowirto another fine5ias7ipJenade,of
bpearsaysmese maite and married agaim. His second wife
as nice pork as wheat W e have no rea- havinK died two years ag0 he rettiri
il .t.i
son to doubt me statement. Again thank
Collections were
active yesterday,
but coin was du-1.
The salmon fishing law passed the
Olympia house on the 31st.
The Broughton arrived yesterday
and proceeded to Poriand in tow of the
It will be seen that the sailing of the
steamer 'or Tillamook bay hxs beenpost
loned until io-morrow.
A strike is imminent in this office.
Tliil..tvi.linl ni-lii w:n.i nf ifot'inrr
;"" "" "-"" iv, -.t ... ,.. ...,
for pOOiS until the eddo-- m'ks his COW
K Alexander & Co., have opened a
, , , . .
very heavy stock of fall and winter
goods, which it will pay purchasers to
call and inspect
Mr. Bo'son who has been absent
from Asioiia live weeks, may be found
at his Jewcilyshopon M:mi sheet, to
day, again pre)? red for business.
The Henriette and AMiy, both
German vessels. wee at toe Earner's
dock, completing c; rgo yesterday. The
former will be ready for sea to-day.
Gill nets do not seem to do as well in
fishing for salmon in Tillamook bay as
spears and boat hooks. The Indians
were bringing in 20 to 40 to a canoe at
last accounts.
JJop Kee married his wife ye. ic-day
! in this cily, to settle all disputes at s-ug
as to how he may heieafier conduct- h;s
local domestic affairs. It was a queer
sequel to a peculiar muddle.
Four collectors mot on the corner
of Main and Squempeqha streets yes
terday, and tried to kill a rat. They
were evidently intent on drawing blood
of some kind in lieu of iilthy lucre.
'Itoscoe' of the Pioneer can always
furnish the ravenous with luscious oys
teis, prcpaied in the most temping man
ner, in the most recent productions of
cusine, at most any hour of the night,
and do it so expeditiously that whoever
patronizes Lucas will be sure to call
again soon.
The plans for the canal abound the
Cascades of the Columbia have been ap
proved by the Secretary of War and the
Cl..rjnccr jn charge of this distiict has
received orders to make the necessary
arrangements for the purchase of the
land. It is anticinated that work upon
this canal will be commenced early in
Gray's Harbor.
A correspondent writing from Elma,
Chehalis county to the Intelligencer,
A few days since I went down to
tlie mouth of the Chehalis river, and
found active operations in progress at
Hume's cannery. They have tried the
fish and find them ;is good as those of
tlie Columbia. I did not see Captain
Hume, as he was away after another
vessel which he intends to load with
stave bolts. I have heard he has her
:n ti. iiari,OP nm- He had a build-
T wili trv to :rt voll aii ifems 0f
Michael Hay, a former resident
of Calesfcoga, Cal., has been arrested
ty Deputy Sheril Atwood, of San
Jon W county- Ra lt; 1S stated
married a woman some years ago in
B t afchusetts. but aCter a
: ,'k , a ,. ni:r :
time left her and came to California
ed to bis first wife: but ha vino- domea-
tic troubles, he left her and returned
to California againt Now comes a
brother of the deceased wjfe and ias
rv sold at It Alexander &
next uO days at San Fran-
king and eating apples
and pears
itv are to be found at
keens a full stock of
fresh vegtf
constantly on hand at
the lowest
CaJl and be convinced.
;s compressed corned beef
nk clams at retail at E. S.
and Tilla
ml IlickifioLt & Dai ley's.
iiburger for cheap dry
goods. S
Mrs. NkuiJioni is furnishing good
rooms with board at from $0 to $7 and
upwards per week, according to location.
Choice new sets of crockery, very
unique and novel : also the self-righting
uspittoon," that always keeps upright,
just received and selling at prices to
suit the times, at I. W. Case's.
Board and lodging can be had at
Mrs. Munson's at reasonable rates.
You can always get fresh oysters
in every style and at all hours, day or
night, sit tlie Central Coffee Saloon, Con
comly street, between Benton and La-
Astoria Liquor Store, II. Marx &
Co., proprietors. Sole agents for Charles
nonstock cc Co., bt. Louis, Mo. Ameri
ca's finest Stonewall whisky, Snow Hill
lire. Cooper whisky. For sale by all gen
eral dealers and saloon keepers. Depot
and Branch House of Marx & Jorgen
sen, Portland, Oregon.
Dry goods, millinery and notions
cheap for thirty days at the Bee Hive.
The I)anec of Life, an answer to
the Dance of Heath, at the Circulating
Dr. F. P. Hicks, dentist, rooms in
Dr. Welch's building, on Squemoqha
street, offers his services to the public of
Peter ltimey is still in the market
with all kinds of 'building materials in
his line. Has just received 100,000 lath,
2.000 bushels of sand, and a large stock
of first quality of brick at his warehouse
foot of Benton street.
Stoves and fall goods for house
keepers in great variety at L. P. Itich
nian & Co's.
The Dance of Life," an answer
to the Dance of Death, by Mrs. .J. M.
Bowers. For sale at the City Book Store.
Board and lodging by the day or
week at the Astoria Beer Hall. Main
street, Astoria. Peter Daviscourt, pro
prietor. Single men feel like marrying
when theV see the Medallion range at L.
P. Ptichman tXr Co's.
...Fresh oysters in every style at
White wire goods in every style,
at L. P. Biehiiiau & Co's.
Dr. B. R.Freeland has located per
manently in Astoria for the practice of
dentistry. Office in Shuster's building,
on Cass street, next door to The Asto
iti.vx office.
j&e-Photographs! The latest styles
taken at Shuster's new gallery, Cns st.,
next to the Atori:m office.
3?&r For clean towels, sharp razors,
and an cay shave, qo to Gillopic at Pau
ker Housk Maths. Hair cutting, shatn
poomng, and dyeing.
After this date, com will be used for
change, and tickets dispensed with ; all
drinks and cigars five and ten cents, at
the Chicago House, Main street Astoria.
Astoria, Oct. 3, 1877.
For Glassware, Crockery, Powder and
Shot Gun Wads, Percussion Caps. in
fact everything that is useful as well as
ornamental, go to .1. W. Gearhart, who
sells cheap for cash. Goods delivered
free of charge.
Canahy Birds. for sale at Gilles-pie'?-',
Pnrki-r houe baths.
Ship-master's Heading Boom. Mr.
Peter Wilhelm has permanently fitted
up a ship-master's reading room in con
nection with the Gem saloon in Astoria.
The latest shipping papers and home
ward and outward bound shipping lists"
are kept on file. Telegraph office next
Mrs. Hop Kee yesterday lodged
complaint against her celctral biute
who wishes to drive her xrom the paths
of virtue. "We happened to be in the office
of the i ecorder when the tiopical beau
ty( ?) was reciting her wrongs to our
modest city official, and Ihe s.ory she
told awakened an interest which we
could not repel. If congress tr some
other authority in Uncle Sam's domin
ion do not interpose obstaes to tbe pro
gress of the heaiheii'sh ri of this class
of pagans m ocrmidst. dearokl Unc'e
Sam had belte3e"i out Because the Josh
worshippeis can beat our christian in
stitutions all to pieces in their mode of
swearing, and systems of justice. If any
evidence is wanting as to the modus,
operandi, appeal to your police Court,
in Astoria, Portland, San Francisco, and
Eighteen thousand persons emigrated
;n 1876 from the .Extern jmd "Western
.State to Oregon.
.The best
FisJierHien's Meeting.
. Oregon, Oct. 01. 1877,
the fishermen of the
convened at Astoria,
day of October, 187,
s in the chair, on nio
was elecied Stcreta-
tian lvomas
ty of meeirng.
Mr. W. W. Pai'Ker moved that the ol
ject of the meeting be more fully seated.
The president cal ed on the secreiary
to State ihe object".
Mr. A. II. Sales moved that a commit
tee of five be -appointed to state tlie re
quiiements of the fishermen on the
The motion was seconded by Mr. W.
W. Parker and after stating to the meet
ing his leason for so doing moved f.un
the committee consist ot seven mem
bers. The mover accepted the amendment,
and on motion, the resolution was adopt
ed. The duty of the commitiee being to
draw up a remonstrance against any
obnoxious laws that might be drawn up
by the board of Lade inPOti land, or any
clher navies.
Mr. Parker moved that it would be
beneficial to the fishermen 10 have a li
cense of five dollars passed for the fish
el men.
Mr. Jas. W. Welch in commenting on
the resolution, read the salmon law as
passed by the Portland board of trade
and remarks on the same.
Mr. Raymond moved that wedenounce
the action of the board of "iiade in the
matler of framing a law to 'govern the
fishermen of the river without consult
in the parties concerned.
x'he motion was unanimouslv adopted.
Mr. Welch moved that Lie committee
In appointed by the chair. The motion
was unanimously ado ued. J
The chair then nominated the follow
ing committee, namely: W. W. Parker,
Barney Gallagher, Thomas Dealy, F.
C. Beed, Cross Temmin.os, J. W. Welch.
On motion of Mr. Welch the chairman
of the meeting. Capl. .lames Williams,
was declared lue seventh member of the
Mr. Dealy moved that a committee of
fiiance, to consist of five members be
Mr. Parker seconded the motion which
was unanimously adopted.
Mr. A. II. Sales moved that when this
meeting adjourned it should adjoin n to
meet at the Court house, at Astoria, on
the 1st Wednesday of Noveiiibei,1877,at
7 o'clock p. m.
The motion was cairied.
It was ordered that the minutes of this
meeting be published in the Astoiuax.
Mr. G. W. Baymond moved that the
meeting do now adjourn.
The motion .was seconded and the
meeting was declared adjourned to meet
at the house, at Asioiia, Oregon,
on the fitbt Wednesday of Novenioer,
Communication on the PIsliLu LaiT-
Editok Astektax:
At a time wien the salmon fisheries
and salmon laws are so much talked of,
and when so many persons fioin diffei
ent walks of life make the subject inter
esting by giving the views on the sub
ject, it is no more than fair niay that we
ui Astoria should say soaieuiing on the
subject. The only parties intere'ted :i
this matter are IhenienibeisoC the bo.nd
of trade of Portland. W el 1, 1 would sa v
this much that the fishermen of ihe Col
umbia r'verougtitlo vote a leather
to their sect clary. For without the en
ergy of that personage, whoever he may
ue. tne lisiiermen ot inisuver wop id he
without a law, (as they should be; and
salmon would leave the waUMs of the
great Columbia. The regulations don't
specify that a salmon must have a per
mit to enter the rivei, but it does specify
tl at the fishermen must have a permit to
go after that salmon. And fishermen, it
savs more than that it says that thcie is
a bin'th's point, in CIatop county, Ore
gon, and that theie is a 'Scarborough
point in Pacific county. Washington
terriloiy. Now, in older that the board
of trade, or some body else up the Wal
lamet slough, may know wnce Smith's
point is located, its the west end of the.
peninsula formed by ihe. Yopng's Tver
in its connection with ihe Columbia liv
er, and is the western limit of the city
of Astoria.
From this point to Cane Disappoint
ment where the waters er: the Columbia
river embrace with the Pacific ocean
is a distance of 19 miles. Now, fisher
men, the average wiuth of the Columbia
river for that distance would be about
8 miles, or a body of water a mile wide
and l;2 miles leng: just ilunK lor a mo
ment the magnitude of this nuul swin
dle inaugeraled by the board of trade,
have yoii ever considered this mauer.
Clatsop countv would he crippled in it,
resources 200,000. One hundred and
fiity miles of the-waters of this our home,
our means ot suopoii, in fact; our all. dt
nrive us of thisrivei, it would be as well
tor you to say that you will kid Astoiia.
This is one trand swindle and theie is
no body ooliiic. no gentlemen of legisla
tive ability that would saiieio-i such a
damnable intringment on the ri'dits of
t le eiti.ens of Clatsop county, 150 miles
of a river; let some of Ihemembeisof
the board of trade deduct this from tlie
Wallamet river, and tell us through tne
public iress wheie thev can find the ter
minus. Fishermen of Clalsop county
look to vour interests and study them,
marshafvour forces before its to late,
pat on the armor of your inalianable
riglrts as citizens of the United States,
say like men 'that you will protect your
interests, don't allow yourselves to be
shackled in open day without making an
effort as good peacable law abiding citi
zens to do iustice to yourselves, your
country and your families : present your
selves through your official county and
,city papers, the several issues ox the
At aineih of
rJames William
AsTonAX, the daly, vrcekly and Sun
d?y issues; say to Mr. We and Others
up the rive t mt you w?nfc io do your
duty, and that you are willing to make
Ibis piopaation stick, and send salmon
rom Cktie Hancock to the Clackamas
foMhat piupoce; this is the only pro
tection jou want.
In order ih?t this mailer maybe made
satis-'aetory io all concernedjProf. Stone
basdur'iig?, veiyshorL period of time
hatched from the establishment on the
Cackaaias over a million, qf voun'sal
mo'i. and even if they are fall salmon,
the CoHimbia river fall salmon are as
good, if not better than those that are
put up bv Messrs. Hume, "Walson Bros
jacKsou cc Aijeis ami ouim utmuuui
river salmon packers now engaged in
Suiting up salmon outside of the colum
ia river. We can have this industry in
creased so that we can, instead of being
Pmited to time, fish all the year round.
The only thing Prof. Slone wants is
plenty of salmon taken and brought
alive to ihe establishment, to insure us
an abundance of salmon for all tinie to
come. Soliciting information and the
co-opeiaLion of all good men of Astoria
for our enterpise.
I remain. veiy respectfully,
Thomas Dealey.
A Medical Drift.
Some interesting correspondence has
recently been published in the Lon
don Lancet, between. Dr. Richardson
of the "regular school" of medicine,
and Dr. "Wyld, vice president of the
British Homeopathic society. It ap
pears from the correspondence that
there are a "large number" of homeo
paths in Great Britain who desire to
drop their distinctive name and be in
corporated into the "regular school."
The following points are made in Dr.
Wyld's letter:
"We admit:
First That- the views expressed "by
Hahneman are often extravagant and
Second That Hippocrates was right
when he said, "some diseases are best
treated by similar, and some by con
traries," and therefore it is unwise
and incorrect to assume the title of
Third That although many believe
that the action of the infinitesinii in
nature can be denounced, its use in
medicine is practically, (by a large
number in this country), all but aban
doned. There are many accomplished phy
sicians of this school in the United
States. But we have never heard that
they were drifting towards the "old
school." The changes in the practics
of medicine during the last fifty years
have been wonderful. And no where
have they been more radical than in
the regular school. If the practice of
fifty years ago were sharply contrasted
with the present, we should perceive
how great these changes have been.
It is not likely that all educated medi
cal practitioners will acknowledge the
standard of a single school. But there
ought to be some common ground of
recognition, and some fundamental
principles which all could acknowledge.
Since the practice of medicine can
hardly be said, in its present condition,
to be on any exact scientific basis, and
new discoveries are being constantly
made, all earnest and enlightened men
devoted to the healing art might, with
out any sacrifice of principle, cultivate
a catholic and fraternal spirit which
would go a long way toward liberaliz
ing the profession.
The new relations which' public
men will sustain to each other after
the coming memorable winter says the
"Washington, city "Reporterr is one of
the current speculations here. There
has ever been an undercurrent of so
cial and individual affinity bringing -men
of different parties into special
associations outeide of politics, and-
many causes of repulsion between
representatives of the same -political
ideas. It often needs only some slight t
entering wedge-to break up old political
combinations and to rearrange their
elements in new ones. There are
many such causes at work thisvwinter.t
and the politicians are on, the lookout
for new bedfellows.
Single copies of the Weekly Aetobxax -neatly
done up, with stamps to pre-pay
postage affixed. r sale at this" office
Send a copy to your frienda in other parts .
of the world. Prkie, 10 cejitac5py J "''', Vl
Any fHanS wfio leek anjpteret ia tn pros
perity of this regioa, is authorized to act as
4.eent for this paper, in procuring subscriber?.