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Astoria, Oregon, Sunday Morning,. October 28, 1877.
No. 124.
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r JT N7 r rr 3 N7 - v y j- y
glxs gsiJg gvstoximx.
(Mondsy Excepted),
f3. C. IHT.IaA.'SR : : 1UH&1S2IES.
Advrian Bwldiivj, Cats Street.
l erms of Subscription :
-ktwI by Garrwr, per week .25 Ccj(f
jBuh! lr unit!, i'our uMMtiis - Pi OH
4imit by mull, cio year. - U 00
Pice of l'Miiice U .Subscribers.
jtW Advertisements inportcd by the year at
.k rate of SI ."i'J jer iirc pur month.
Transient advertising, bv the day or iroelc,
Hfcy cents jcr iure for each insertion.
.To City Subscribers.
There are 3ueh fie iucnt chanjros in the resi
dence of our iU v i-ntrciiH that trc shall feel
obliged to anv who make such changes if they
will rejKjit the nme to thisohice. Otherwise
wo ."hull not bo reiin-iMo for failures of the
earner to de-liver the paper jiromptly and
regularly to them.
Cai-eful observer declare that the
custom of carrying an extra cigar in the
vest pocket has gone out of fashion.
Mr. 0. A. Dodge, of Glen Ella, is in
Vermont, where he lend Miss Katie A.
Smith of Leicester, to the hymenial altar
-on the 12th nit.
The Akbm Bcssc will take back to
hina 00 celestials who have either
made their little fortunes or become dis
gusted with wehfoot.
No 2 Company have a fine alarm bell.
Through the court ot Mr. .Job J Joss.
Jt is a historic bell. It was used several
hundred years ago at a cathedral in
.south America.
Capt. Davis of the Jin f us E Wood
has concluded to mit following the sea.
and .f 10.000 or mwo wiili-etUc him on a
Jarni in tlie Wallainet' valley somewhere
befoi'e another oar.
. -.&.
The Oregon and "Washington sav
ings bank (Win. Reid). asked the Wasli
injgtoa Tci-ritorial Assembly to askCon
gresv to remove restrictions on foreign
hanking in tlie territories.
Articles of incorporation for tlie
ean "Wave Tin Min located in Doug-la-
county, have been made out and fill
ed.4The principal office is in Salem: the
capital stork is ;mxo, and the incur-
porators are Win. Manning. Frank Cooi
r. A. B. Farrer and T. 15. Jackson.
Tlie Cani)2." has now made three triiis
iii to ihe lrftaittok bay from Astoria
this ft.,1. As the next ii ,p will mlmhly ,
'the .astuiM until spring, shippers j
Ml'WIlH DC hUf L" UU'ir llTlglll IS Oil lUUMl
-in time. At last advices tlie salmon
veuc running faiilv.
Portland is lull of thiee,, sharpers,
swindlers and confidence men of liigh
.and low degree, whose necessities have
-harpened their wits, and who take ad
vantage of every cirr-timstance that may
.arise to imiose uksii tlie public. Thcy
willbe here in full force pi.sibly, lx;fore
leaving the .slate.
The Telegram didn't come to time
with its cockle-burr, and has completely J .ew. in lhis eitv People in the east
discomfited us. hear the man: uThe; crn states scarcely believe these things,
urepou frieaai - a igauoneompany have
a right to run their boats where ar.ct
when they please. This settles tie mat- j
tor." Xow don't you fly the track. Mr. j
Telegram, if fhe.y finally conclude to
send the Wide West on to the Astoria
Rev. Fv Elliott, appointed to Astoria
at the last session of the Oregon confer
ice. has resigned his pastxirate and will
jeinovc liis family to Portland. The
Advocate says: Bro.( Elliott has been
sorely tried with dangerous illness in
his family ever since his appointment -
Rev. W. C. Chatun. late of California,
has consented to take his-pjace. and we
suppose the appointment will be made.
Dr. Aug. C- Kinney left at our office
yesterday one of the first cans of corn
ptessed corned beef 'put up at Kinney's
Astoria cannery. We are not n confirm-
ed follower of Epicurus, but from the
limited opportunities afforded us to iK.
dulgeinthe luxuries of the bible, we
i. vrir wiiiiito- fo niiniu iht x- !..,,.
...- --.j ........0 .. . ... v..... ..v, uuiiy
nver seen a staple article of
1 cuet an-
nuine lux -
, . n f
" . T11 ?.
diet an-
proach more qlosely toward go
uries than the contents of th
meat. It is a splendid article, and should
ne-m every nouse in sue lanu. usoneiess.
i . J.V. i -1 :
mid -prepared as it ia,ve frnink it will be
found cheaper for family use, Ihau-meats
usually purchased at the market btock.
The cannery istoow in successful-opera-
Stipn. "
Harvey Pike will contract to paint
tills weather.
The Pomona yesterday reports four
vessels outride, bound in.
Capt. Mudge is preparing for a
weeks hunt on the Molalla.
The new bell for the Catholic church
In this city has arrived and is on the
Yesterday forenoon the sun shone at
8:.T.. !) :10, and 1 1 :0l. We make this note
that people may understand the truth. '
The name of A. C. Kinney appeared
in the out going tfst of passengers. This
was not our Dr. Aug. C, who is now in
The City of York struck in the
Wallawct. Why not take the dredger
in your own collections district, brother
Portlanders ?
Mr. M. J. Kinnev was around yes
terday attending to business just as tho
ugh he had not been away to the sunny
land of California.
The Gen. Canby had to leave tor
Ihvaco before time yesterday morning
in order to be able to make ihe landing
lclow on a favorable tide. The cost to
the company the past few days in broken
linesjrying to make landings in rough
water, amounts to more than freight
comes to.
The Pomona, CapL Tanneek, like an
old friend, dropped in upon us suddenly
yesterday, without any notice whatever.
We are greatly pleased to meet Capt. T..
ami friends who have accompanied him
to Oregon on the voyage from New Zea
land. The passed near to Pitcairn Is
land and have furnished us with an xnr
teresting sketch of the visit of those
people, to the Pomona, which we shall
publish on Tuesday.
The .Sociable for the benefit of Mrs.
Coe was a decided success, many f our
most prominent citizens availing them
selves of the opportunity to combine
charity with pleasure. Mr. Peter Fox
the floor manager attended to his duties
with becoming dignity and grace, and
was appreciated. .Several officers from
the forts Ik'Iow were on hand and execu
ted the Went Point step to perfection.
j Even one appeared to enjoy themselves
which is a sure guarantee that more
pleasure of the kind would be appro-
l,rinlel-v lionized
Tiu; AsToniAX is in bad repute in
certain (juartcrs .and sometimes our
.statements are dis)utcd, but we never
iuii a l ui iti isTij ib trimw iiirlv iiiirf.iii'i-
flenting anx tliiiis?. K Job Poss would
COHie hto 'our 0C(t juul teI1 lls aiat hu
c0l.M j.dw-e jlcars Gf the foiirUi, fifth
and sixth cnp, together Avith blossoms
for a seventh cro". and the budding
stem for bh ssoms (f the eighth crop tills
season, we might say that we scarce ly
believed him. But when he brings the
fruit, and the blossoms, and the buds,
that is oecuhir proof of the fact. This
he did do, yesterday. Besides Pears,
Mr. Poss laid on our table blackberries
of the fourth, fifth and sixth crops, and
blossoms and buds for the seventh and
eighth cros from his vines in the same
yard where the pears alwve referred to
j but whcn Wc. a?e i)roHgilt t0 witness the
fact we are compelled to make the slatc-
ment. Last week Mrs. Ross preserved
blackberries from the same stem from
whieh the fruit was plucked that she
preserved lat August.
It M just a year since Dr. Rtrous-
! borer's difficulties cuhninn.tid. nnd now
it is stated that he is deputed to "o
and manage, in tJie interest of his
creditors, the vast property which he
formerly owned in Bohemia. Dr.
1 Strousberg's offences do not seem to
i have been of a kind which are regard-
ed as very heinous in a commercial
country. He borrowed heavily from
a joint stocK Dank m Moscow, and
when a shrinkage in value took place
it was found tb;s,t his securities would
not nearly meet the advances made on
j them. The shareholders were furious
wj1 tne directors, and these in turn
' with Strousberg. lie ews to have
! lmide two rmrt crror3'- J?irst, he did
' noi pi'ovide for uiiforsecu contingeu-
...,,, ;
ln snaP or a war, and, sec-
,, , , , , ' . ' ..
? ondly, he had far to many irons u
i .1 t. i ,J ,
! the fcre; but no was entirely apan
from nncLibove the class of mere vul
gar adventurers.
His history is a ro-
ntmnn rtf i:fV ,i i, M. ,i ,u
throng the British embassy at Berlin
on gala occasions will for many a day
look at its saloons with curious inter-
est as the whilom Jiome of ihe Euro-
. pean fyfont.e Cristo of speculation.
. Bv the rcoucsf?of many citi-
I open'a Dancing Academy at
all. on or about November 1,
the latest and modern styles
g will he taught by first class
Good music will he in attend-
all of the classes. Parties get
ting tin a private club-can have lessons
pri ate. Children's chiss Samrday after
noon, and soiree every Saturday even
ing. For further particulars, inquire of
(Jeo. W. Cornart, at Cornnrt's music
store, Chenamus street, next door to
Hamburger ffllr cheap dry
Ivertisement. .
g vou want Uiiit is nice in
line, can bo found at Ad-
apest prices. 'jrae'ccis neaiana cneap
at A(
v is scarce but vou' do not
need much monev to trade at Adler's.
Tillamook caiuicd clams lor sale
at E. s. Larsen's.
Mrs. Arrigoni is furnjshing good
rooms v. it h board at from . to 67 and
upwards per week, according to location.
Choice new sets of crockery, very
unique and no el: aJso the self-righting
'spittoon."' that ahvavs kt&ps upright,
just received tuid'seiling at pfjees to
suit the times. afc,JW. Ca.e;s.
Hoard ami lodglngcan be had at
Mrs. Muiwnfs at reasonable rates.
The best cooking apples and pears
in the city are to be found at Bozorth's,
who also keeps a full stock of fresh veg
etables constantly on hand at tlie lowest
prices- Call and'be convinced.
You can always gel fresh oysters
i .every style and at all hoifrs, day or
night, at tlie Central Coffee .Saloon. Con
comhy street, between Benton and La
fayette. Thos. McFarland, proprietor.
Astoria Liquor Store. II. Marx &
Co.. proprietors. Sole agents for-Charle.
Penstock 6z Co.. St. Louis. Io. Ameri
ca's finest Stonewall whisky, Snow Hill
fire. Cooper whisky. For sale by ail gen
eral dealers and saloon keepers. 'Depot
and Branch House of Marx & Jorgen
sen, Portland. Oregon.
Dry goods, millinery and notions
cheap for thirty days at the Bee Hive.
....The Dance of Life, an answer to
the Dance of Death, at the Circulating
Dr. F. P. Hicks, dentist, rooms in
Dr. Welch's building, on Squomoqha
street, offers 1ms services to the public of
Peter Runcy is still in the market
with all kinUs of 'building materials in
his line. Has just received l()o,C00 lath,
J.WK) bushels of sand, arieSi large stock
of first qualify of bnelrarjiis warehouse
foot of Benton street.
stoves and fall goods for house
keepers in great variety at L. P. Rich
man Sz Co's.
The '-Dance of Life," an answer
iothe Dane of Death, by Mrs. .). M.
Bowers. For sale at the City Book Store.
Board and lodging bv thedav or
week at tlie Astoria Beer llyll. Main
street. Astoria. Peter Daviscourt, pro
prietor. Singh men feel like marrying
when they see the Medallion range at L.
1. Richman & Co's.
...Fresh oysters in every style at
"White wire goods in every si vie.
at L. P. Richman & Co's.
Dr. . R. Freelandhas located per
manently In Astoria for the practice of
dentistry. Office in minister's building,
on Cass street, next door to Tin: Asto
iuax office.
jKrPhotogrnphs! The latest styles
taken at Slnister's new gallery, Catb si.,
next to the Abtorian office.
.C- For clean towels, sliarp razors,
and an ea-y shave, go to Gillespie alPAit
kki: House Baths. ILiireutting, sham
poiining, and dyeing.
fJtSTLittle Van has reestablished
himseif at the old corner., refreshed by hi
late journey to the Atlantic states, and
will a formerly attend to all orders in hia
line a? general jobbr.r.
After'this date, coin will be used for
change. and tickets dispensed with: all
drinks and cigars five and ten cents, at
the Chicago House, Main street. Astoria.
Astoria, Oct. .'J, ls77.
For til ass ware. Crockery, Powder and
Shot, dun Wads. Percussion Caps. in
fact everything that is useful as well a
ornamental, go to J. W. Gearhart, win
sells cheap for cash.
Goods delivered
fiee of cliarsre.
Can'ahy DiiiDS for -sale at Gilles-pie's-,
Parker hou-e baths.
The latest shipping papers and homo-
ward and outward bound shipping lists
are kept on file
Telegraph olllce next
;Merchants wishing the popular
customer and merchant, obviates any di-
tinted claims, and in many waj-s makes It
it:most.deirabl mode of transacting a
vcndtt business. ,Try u
goxls. ee ;
. ...-JU1MIUB
the -.ttionent
ler- ;k the clif
Shir-masti::: ? Rkatuxo- Ropn.-Mr. ror, &m Francisco, concludes a
eier ilhehn has permanently fitted ur to heP j0Hrnai descriptive
up a shipmaster s reading room m con- n;., , fv tWi' rir ,, i,:itl (
..";:,... .;n. -!., n. i. :,. i ,.t.. ...t.. tlvinn tt IP to ROSeUlirg, Willie
"credit cheek" can purclnw them at Tub ; snow-canned meuntains: her int
AhTORiAX othce, at loa than Chicago hanstible forests; her green and for- aaae"'
pnce. the checks are rapidly growing tnnv..iiVR . tvJrsWl bv such irreat 0eth
n favor. 2,o busmen man who has ever nn, h -trfnl r:rprs nR ;,: mhmihui dough
tried tie. system win ever ananuon it. it ,;; ,. ; . .i . . p-.Vp o
i..i. i :.. i.. ... i.... and ton in with fish: cixe a
cai'rik. uiui . ki'f'iiiiiir. wiiuiiu in.w in rifirit -vr ---- - r - -w
.-3 -i .xi-.--i ..... .- , wrnj
A. R. Shipley, of Oswego, has
been appointed acting Master of the
Oregon state grange during the absence
of V'm. Cyrus at the national grange,
which meets at Cincinnati, on the 21st
of November.
The Standard says that there is
a large number of unemployed men
in Portland seeking for work. If
they would go out into tlie country
and take contracts of clearing up farms
so that fanners could afford to have
the work done, they could get all tlie
work they want.
Hardin Nolan, who eloped with
the wife of his cousin in Washington
couiviy last summer and was captured
in Astoria, pleaded guilty at the pres
ent term of the Circuit court, in Mult
nomah county and found guilty of
adultery and sentenced to the peni
tentiary. The Yamhill Reporter says: all
kinds of fruit and vegetables may be
seen, almost any day, in almost any
stage of growth. In one garden near
here are potato vines bearing blossoms
as well as fully matured potatoes; in
another we find blackberries ripe and
luscious besides blossoms and green
berries, while almost any of our farm
er's orchards will show numerous ex
hibits of the same kind among apples.
Has the vegetable instinct predicted
that our moderate seasons are going
to be perpetual, or what are they try
ing to do?
The Hillsboro Independent says:
1-1,000 bushels of wheat, stored in the
Hillsboro warehouse company's build
ing was brought last Monday by L. L.
Williams for $1 10 h per bushel with
sacks. The price has dropped since to
1 1G1 17. Harrison Humphreys,
who now lives near Scholls ferry, says
a man in that neighborhood hauled a
load of wheat to Portland this week
and sold it for 1 25 without eacks,
and another man from the same neigh
borhood hauled his in the same day
sold it for 1 23. So it would ap
pear that wheat has not declined at
Among those who suffered from
pickpockets at the State fair, were
Hon. Hiram Smith, $15; Mr. Dufur,'
120; It. Imbrie, $1S0; Tom Morgan,
a 250 gold watch; Mr. Beck of Port
land, 11;- Geo. Ooggins of Portland,
100. It is said that Coggins pulled
out his money and boasted that the
scalawags could not get it and before
a half hour they had it. They also
captured Mr. Perkins of Yamhill by
selling liini a buggy, in a wagen shop,
while the owner was out, and took his
check on a bank in Portland for 1,500
paj'ing him the difference and then got
him into a little game and captured
check, money and all, but payment on
the check was stopped by the bank.
The McGibony family were ad
vertised o sing in Grass Yalley, Cali
fornia, on tlie 13th of this month.
They have received many complimen
tary notices from the press of that
The" government snagboat has ar-
J rived from the upper Wallamet and
will be tied up for the winter, the ap
propriation being exhausted. Over
1,000 snags, stumps, etc., have been
removed from the Wallamet hy this
craft the past season.
Dora DarmoreoOtbe Mission Mir-
of a
on a
smfc visit to tlys state, as follows,
j "In conclusion. lean truthfully say
that Oregon has morcnatimil advan
tages, and a combination of pictures-
iie landscape superior to any ytato-
which 1 have ever seen. Her lofty,
ber moist and equable climate, ami
fruitful soil, make her one of the
I most desirable states in the union
1 .in. which to n-aHe.a homo"
The Dutch are still at war in
Achen, and lately lost .tAvo oflicers and
sixty men, while eighty were wounded.
Tne Achenese lost only thirty-eight
killed and wounded.
There Is to'be an exhibition of fine
arts in Turin in 1879, and the Minis
ter Public Instruction has offered sev
eral prizes for the best works in paint
ing and sculpture.
One Harvard 'student is paying
his way through college by turning his
room into a stationery and book store,
and another, a graduate from Wes
leyan University, is meeting his ex
penses at the laAV school by working m
a barber's shop.
Laieiy in the Lembcrg assembly
(Austrian Galicia) Count Krufcowinski
said: "We farmers are all "bankrupt;
there are not ten persons in this as
sembly who are an exception." Mortg
ages bearing interest at 10 and 12 per
centum have brought matters to this
A number of old cast iron carron
ades, which have for many years been
regarded as obsolete and unserviceable,
ave being utilized by the British" war
department. A full battery has been
sent to Dover Castle, and many more
are being modernized at the royal gun '
A Swedish Moody, a young man
of 24:, E. A. Skosberg, by name, has
been conducting a series of most sue-
cessful revival meetings in Minnesota.
He is said to be a speaker much like
Moody, simple, earnest and eloquent,
of fine personal appearance, and a
giftsd singer as well.
The rapidity with which the Ger
mans adopt every improvement in
means and methods of warfare is
shown by the fact that all the guns
carried by the sliips of the Cerman
navy, or mounted in the fortifications
on the shores of Germany, are breech
loading rifled ordnance.
The Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern railroad company have paid
for sixty-five of the eighty-one lives
lost at the Ashtabula disaster, at a
rate averaging 5,000 a piece. The
most expensivelifa sacrificed cost the
company 9,000, and a 'newly-married
couple were appraised at only 3,000.
-Dr. Pv. Beverly Cole of San Fran
cisco possesses an interesting relic in
the shape r f an onyx snuff-box, lined
with gold and bearing on tha lid a
mosaic representing a landscape three
inches long, and consisting of 9,000
pieces of stone, so artistically put to
gether as to resemble a delicately
finished picture on ivory. The box
was presented by the Empress Jose
phine to her surgeon, whose grandson,
gave it to Dr. Colo. '
Another turf scandal lias occurred
in France. At the Lyons races, Daron
de Roehetaiilee, ruling his own horse
Compere, was observed palpably to be
pulling him hard ten yards from the
post. Ho was hooted on tlie . course
by the losers of bets. The Lyons
racing committee holding the meeting
interdicted him from running horses
for ono year. This comparatively
ciomsiy; is grounded on the
fact that he had no bets against his
horse, -but wished 'not to win so that
Compere might not have to carry extra
weight m a coming race for wluch he
was entered.
At Kanthlai, Ceylon there is a
magnificent tank on a scale so enor
mous that it would cost more than live
million dollars to erect it. Jt was con
structed about A. D. 275. Still more
remarkable is the great store tank of
Kalowewa. Its circumference is sup
posed to have been hardly less than
thirty miles, and it was kept full by
two rivers. Channels extended from
it over fifty nles, which conveyed an
unfailing supply of water to certain,
large store tanks and thence to minor
village tanks. The Ceylon govern
ment propose to gradually restore
many of these great works. Heie
we see -how the ancients prevented
Since .the beginning ,cf the war
three large manufactories have been
established in Russia for the prepara
tion of .condensed forage .fqr the cav
alry horses of the J&ussian army. In
the establishment at j3t- Petersburg
there are five large ovens, capable or"
turning out over 30.000 'pounds in 24
hours. The food is composed of oat
imeaL per.-fiour, rye-meal, and ground
linseed, a small quantity of sa't being
. inf. constituents are kneaded
er iji large wooden trougln, the
being afterward rolled. out hi 'a
bout as thick as a man's finger,
iuitui mro aiscnraoi uiree ami a
hair inches diameter. These ae tliep
. dried in tlie ovens, and finally strum?
1 on wiresf or transport.
; a
r. V
, -
. "s