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Yol. 3.
Astoria, Oregon, Thursday Morning, October 25, 1877.
No. 121.
gr-Mi j inj.i.i
Am lf
jfe Jil' Jl'il' ij
gfte g&ilsj Qslvxxnix,
(Monday Exceptod),
Aatoriaii BnUdinq. Cos. Street.
Terms of Subscription z
tecrved by Carrier, per week :2 Cents
nnt by mail, four months 53 00
43imt by mail, cue year. . D 00
Free of Postage to Subscribers.
H3T" Advcrtieracnti inserted by the yenr at
ie nitc of $1 W por qiturc pur month.
Transient advert'sin::, by t!ie day or week,
iSfty cents ier square for cach&nscrtion.
To City Subscribers.
There are such frequent change in the resi
tlenceof our city luttrons that wo haJI feel
t i a ..!. ... . i - i. i rril
ooiixoc io any who inahesm cimnpcva u bj
will report the same to thioitic(. tithe: wim;
avc shall not be repon-ille for failures of the
I-. i,. .Kit.... 4l.n .......... ..i.i..(tti .nJ t
regularly to them.
niIUVl LU UKllw UIB lKijici inviuiHij unl .
Look out for burglar-. There are
Jots of, them ,vp the country and they
may drop dovn to Astoria.
Empire city has been sold. The re
ceiver tubes immediate possession. The
News wiil be printed at Marshfield in
The face of nature was nicely wash
ed yesterday morning, but like a crying
Smby it was done at the expense of nu
merous squa'ls.
. --
The Dallas iteinizcr has changed its
iress to a handsome six column quarto
form. The Itemizer is one of our most
emitted exchanges.
.The Independent Order of Good
Templars propose to treat their friends
ttnd fellow citizens generally to some
-theatricals soon, which will be enthusi
astically received no don hi.
- ---
Messrs. Fairforwl & Sonmished load
ing the Santa Clara and C. W. Cochrane
Tuesday. The Abeona was finished
yesterday, and we challenge any Port-
land stevedores to load a ship quicker or
better than the Santa Clara was loaded
under the superintendence of Richard fish they can get, hut they do not get
Lemon. She has 2.07," long tons of wheat' half as many as they can can. The
'that was put aboard at the rate of over i fish tire very nice, being mostly silver
7r, tons an hour, and the other vessels shies. We hope they may get enough
were loaded with the same rapidity. If to induce them to return next season,
there is anv quicker work or more com- j They were just one month too late for
-petent superintendents we would like to Jlie st run; should have been here
hear of it and them. b3r the first of August. 1 hey canned
w, a small lot of cockles or clams, which
deferring to Mr. G.W. Hume's can- 'vei-e truly very nice They want to
.iierv enterprise on Gravs harbor the get a few bushels of-clams to can, more
., . .. , ., ,. , 'as an experiment than for present
'v.oarihr savs: "As fast as the fish are , r, t ,, , i-, ,-j1 r ,
, . . . profit, but the clams, like the fish.
i.uc r vw,.o Wi. ..., uuvu. .... M.mi.i ,
a schooner, which lies in the .stream, and
will be shipped out of the harbor on her
and transferred i-o some other craft for
foreign shipment. Last week, two men
in one night, -caught ISO fish, and for
some days past the ten boats have aver
aged over iG0 fish per night. These
salmon are .the anie as the Columbia
river fish o-xily not quite so rQ. and are
now in excellent condition. They are
caught in the river and the bo-it3 go up
.stream for miles, each night We :may
reasonably anticipate that the number
of fisheries will be increased, and that
several of the streams emptying into
Shoalwater bay and Graj's harbor will
be made use of by enterprismg.cannery
men- next year."
Tb.ere.are about thirty dnen employ
ed in the manufacture of boots and shoes
in Seattle, and one of the principal man
ufacturers inrorms the Intelligencer that
he can not possiblj fill the orders given
him, as he could not find help enough to
do it. And yet prices aye good and wages
are fair. FewT people stop to tin nk of the
importance of the boot and shoe busi
ness, would be, pezhaps, astonished
to learn that it costs more to shoe the
world than to house them. That is by a
.careful estimate an established fact. It
takes the product of the labor of an
.adult two days in the year to shoe each
individual of its inhabitants. When we
reflect that four-fifths of the inhabitants
ire too 3'oung to labor, we can realize
the extent of the burd a it must be o.i
-those who can. We should he .glad to
see more of our boot aiid shoe business
done at home. We have an abundance
of hides and bark, and first class tanner
ies making leather for us. Twenty years
:igoLiey employed one hundred thou
sand hands in Massachusetts making
boots and shoes, ow they employ half
that number, as the business lias become
distributed all over the United States.
In San Francisco they have about fifteen
tiundred hands employed in-the busi
ness. Astoria ought to supply -wrk for
00 men at boot and slioe making.
Bodell Bay and Emily Champlin are
ready for sea.
City of York and Edward James
went up river yesterday morning.
The Trojan lias chartered to load for
Liverpool in San Francisco at -1 17s.
The Hazard, Buttcrmer, and Nation
al, left isan Francisco on the 21st for As
toria. The Elder also left on Tuesday.
Bev. P. 0. Jletzler. audit of the
American Bible Society will preach this
(Thursday) evening -at 7 o'clock in ihe
Baptist Church.
The Elder has several Astoria pas
seugerson board, including Mr. M.J. Kin
ney, Mr. C. II. Bain and family, C J
Trenchard, Mrs. Trenchard and Miss
Allie PaugburiL
Mr. Isaac S. Junes returned from up
river lat evening. Jle had the good for
tune to meet a neph'ew at Kahuna. Mr;
, , rn)llll, ; ..,-: ,,.l,,.i 1.a1,..
- " - '" "- VJ V!'-""i""' "
not Seen but once ill 22 vejirs. The meet-
IJi, 4lO fc C4JWJ VfJH .
iiiir ..(c o inn.
Astoria merchants are shipping
goods to New Tacoma upon orders.'
We look for the time, to come when the
PorJand merchants can be accomodated
here in a similar way. Our friend Van
Dusen has waited many years for this
auspicious begining, and we congratu
late him on the near approach of the
iood t;me coming come.
Capt. Ilusiler calls our attention to
the fact that the Captain of the British
iron ship Burmah ,' running between
Melbourne and Liverpool, writes to S.
F. thai, he has discovered a plan to
pi event the erratic movement of the
compass-needle on inrn ships. It is
nothing nore nor less than to keep the
cumpass embedded in a ho:: of earth,
and the Ca,ia:n claim- that it is a perfect
corrective of the evil sought to be reme
died. It is worth a trial.
SoMh Bend News.
Our coiTospondent at South Bend,
Pacific count, Washington territory,
writes as follows under date of the
Watson Bros, are canning all the
Mr. John Wood is improving and
will be out after a while as good as
The schooner Marsh loaded with
oysters for Bay center oyster company.
Sailed on the lGth. The .Schooner
Three Sisters now in, to load for the
Washington oyster company, Bruce
port. Also the schooner John McCul
lough to load for the Bay center oyster
company. The scliooner H. L. Tier
nan will be at this place in a few days.
Not much of 'interest to note.
Weather fine.
John Wood & Co. sowed last spring
oi the Willapa, some barley as an ex
periment; it proved a decided success.
Grain full and heavy and the yield far
beyond their most sanguine expectc
tions. S.
Good Words for the Home Paper.
The New York Times . says you
might nearly as well forget your chur
ches your academies and school houses,
as to forget your local paper. It
speaks to ten times the audience, that
your local minister does. It is read
eagerly each day and week from begin
ing to end. It reaches you all, and if
it has a lower spirit and less wisdom
than a sermon, it has a thousand times
better chance at you. Lying as it
I does, on every table in almost every
house, you owe to yourselves to rally
liberally to its support, and act from
it as able, heightened a character as
you do from an educator in your
midst. It is in no sensce beneath no
tice and care unless you yourself are
beneath notice and care for it is your
representative. Indeed, in its char
acter, it is the culmiation of the im
portance, interest and welfare of all.
It is the aggregate of your pwn censer
quence, and you cannot ignore it withr
-! put miserably depreciating yourself.
ng 3ou want that is nice in
the stat
rime, can be round at Ad
ieapest prices-
ler's at
rackets are neat and cheap
is scarce hut you do not
money to trade at Adler's.
vour sheet music go to Cor-
for musical instruments, go to
Cornarts; for jour violin and guitar
string.-, got) Cornart's; for everything
in the music line, go to Cornarfs "music
store, Clienamus treet, next door to De
men ts drug store.
Tillamook canned clams for sale
at E. S. Larsen's.
Vny person in want of building
materials froiuKuney's wharf.duringhis
absence, can get the same bv applving
toT.S. Jewett, or A. Wing.
Genuine Louisiana Bull - dozers
(five shooters), at Adler's.
Mrs. Arrigonni is furnishing good
rooms with board at from ( to :S7 and
upwards per week. according to location.
Choice now sets of crockery, very
unique and novel; also tiie self-righting
.spittoon. that alwaj's keeps upright,
just received and selling at prices to
suit the limes, at I. W. Case's.
Hoard and lodging can be had at
.Mrs. Mtuison's at reasonable rates.
The best cooking apples and pears
in the city are to be found at Uozorth's,
who also keeps a full Mock-df froh veg
etables constantly on hand at the lowest
prices. Cail and'be convinced.
You can always get fresh oysters
in every st le and a"t all hours, (fay or
night, at tin Central Coliee Saloon, Con
comly street, between Benton and La
fayette. Thos. MeFarland. iroprietor.
Astoria Liquor Store, JI. Marx &
Co., proprietors. Sole agents for Charles
JJeb.Ntoek & Co., St. Louis. Mo. Ameri
ca's finest Stonewall whisk j Snow Hill
fire. Coo)er whiskj'. For sale by all gen
eral dealers and saloon keepers. Depot
and Branch House of. Marx !t Jorgen
sen, Portland, Oregon.
Dry goods, millinery and notions
cheap for thirty days at the Bee I live.
The Dance of Life, an answer to
the Dance of Death, at the 'Circulating
Dr. F. P. I licks, dentist, rooms in
Dr. Welch's building, on Squemoqha.
Mreet. oilers his services to the public of
Peter Buney is stjlljn the market
with all kinds of buil(1ipgmateiials in
his line. Has just received 100.UOO lath,
2,(KM) bushels of sand, and a large stock
of first quality of .brick athis warehouse
foot o Benton street. ' -
The "Dance of Life,' an answer
to the Dance of Death, by Mrs. J. M.
Bowers. For sale at the'Citv Book Store! !
Board and lodging by the da y or
week at the Astoria Beer Hall. Main
street. Astoria. Peter Daviscoiirt, pro
prietor. Single men feel like marrying
when they sec the Medallion range at L
P. Bichman & Cos.
...Fivsh oysters in every style at's.
White wire good-, in every style,
at L. P. Bichman & Cos.
Dr. B. B. Freeland has located per
manently in Astoria for the practice of
dentistrC. Office in Shtister's building,
on Ctkss street, next door to The Asto
j:iax office.
;53KPhotographs! The latest styles
taken at Shtister's new gallery, Crs si.,
next to the Adrian office.
0'Zi" For clean towels, sharp razors,
and an eay shave, go to Gillespie at I'ak
kkii House Uatiis. Hair cutting, sham
pooning, and dyeing.
JjSTLittle Van has reestablished
himself at the old corner, refreshed by his
late journey to the Atlantic states, and
will as formerly attend to all orders in his
line as general jobber.
Alter tins tiate, com win ue used lor
change, ami Jickets dispens oil with; all
(iriiiKS ami cigars live aim len cents, ai
the Chicago House, Main street, Astoria.
Astoria, Oct. ., 1877.
For Glassware, Crockery, Powder and
Shot, Gun Wads. Percussion Caps. in
fact everything that is useful as well as
ornamental, go to .1. W. Gearhart, who
sells cheap for cash. Goods delivered
free of chartre.
Canary Birds. for sale at Gilles
pie's, Parker house batfis.
Ship-master's Beading Boom. Mr.
Peter Wilhelni has permanently fitted
up a ship-masters readme room m con
nection with the Gem saloon in Astoria.
The latest shipping papers and koine
ward and outward bound shipping lists
are kept on file. Telegraph olfice next
door. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..
Oregon offers great attractions to those
in search of new homes, to-wit: Hoalthy
and attractive diversity of surface. Grand
scenery and mild climate. No excessive
cold or boat. Average temperature, sum
mer, 67, winlor G9, Thunder-storms
very rare, hurricanes unknown. Death
rate lower in Oregon than in any other
State, east or wet. Soil of unsurpassed
fertility, especially suitM to cereals, fruits,
flax, hops, and bay. No failure of crops
in Oregon for thirty years from any cause.
No droughty as in .California. Great
abundance of the finest fruit. Stock-raisin
tr vprv profitable. As a fanning country
Oregon is not surpassed by any part of
tng union.
fiiie el
at Alen. M
Notes from 3Irs. Dnnhvny.
In her letter of the 8th, Mrs. Dnni
way to the Is ew Northwest has the
Did we tell you about a meeting in
Walla Walla, at the theatre, where,
through the kindness of manager John
Jack, of the famous Annie Firniin
troupe, we lectured one evening, be
fore a very large assembl, upon the
"Use and Abuse of Amusements?"
Speaking of the theatre, have we
told you that in our opinion John
Jack is the most deservedly popular
caterer to the public taste for legiti
mate amusement whom it has been
our good fortune to meet since our
itinerant wori; began? If we have n't
said it before, we take delight in say
ing it now. And whenever cr wher
ever one, or dozens of you, may chance
to have opportunity to attend his
plays, go. You will not regret it.
There are thousands of people in the
great Northwest who need just such
relaxation from business, and all great
or even petty troubles, as they can get
in no other way so easily or cheaply as
bj attending some entertainment of
the kind, where they may be stirred
to tears or laughter by witnessing the
proceedings upon the mimic stage.
Waitsburg, though not as rapid in
growth tis Dayton, is a center of consid
erable trade, and contains many ex
cellent citizens. Like its more suc
cessful neighbor, it is surrounded by
an immense alluvial district, where
the husbandman may reap immense
returns for his toil. Many of the
settlers forn.erly lived 5n the Wil
laniet valley, all of whom are well
pleased with their location and sur
roundings. But the cry for a railroad
resounds through the land, and the
people accept the inconveniences of
staging with many a mutter of discon
tent. Yet the stage road is in excel
lent condition, and is well equipped
with Concord coaches and substantial
roadsters. Mr. Fettis, the gentleman
ly proprietor of the line, spare." neither
labor nor expense to keep the high
wav in repair, and his drivers have
reduced their business to the nicety.
of ji science. Once, when we were so
fortunate as to be upon the outside
seat, the coach encountered two
wagons loaded with lumber, and
coupled at the length of twenty feet
or more, and we were on a narrow
grade, where the least mischance would
have precipitated the whole concern
from a steep embankment into eternity
"Easv, now, now mybojs! Steady,
there; whoa!" said the driver, co:ix
ingly, and the frightened and shrink
ing horses held their ground while
the traces of the passing mules slapped
their shins, and a projecting piece of
timber well-nigh upset our top-heavy
diligence. The danger past, the dri
ver iit his cigar, and for once we for
gave him for smoking.
Though Umatilla does not grow in
size, it is the center of a rapidly-growing
trade, and its inhabitants are pros
perous, xrogressive, and intelligent to
a high degree. We found only one
person who tried to 'put on airs," and
she was once a servant, who inveigled
a gentleman into marrying her when
women were scarce in those parts; and
ladies tell us that she rules her hus
band as with a rod of iron. We do
not doubt it.
At The Dalles there is a woman who
is a very successful merchant. We had
ard wl t ah sho wna
!, nmi , . ftllP ,:-'
and how
much opposed to our mission, so, seek
ing a little fun, we entered her store
when we knew there were several cus
tomers present, and asked her to take
the people's paper. Good reader, you
should have heard her snap:
"I don't believe in tyrannizing over
the men !" she said. "I Delieve in
letting them manage their own busi
ness. "
Everybodj laughed and waited de
velopments. The termagant went on
with her speech. To have heard it,
you would have thought the gentle
creature, to be consistent, should her
self crouch at the feet of men, where
she consigned your humble servant.
Somebody came up and wanted a
statement of account The man's
rights woman cast her flashing eyes
around m fury.
Where's thr.t Chapman?" she asked,
alluding to her hen-pecked husband
and law-maker.
The sheepish subordinate appeared.
'If you don't 'tend to your business,
I'll have to turn you off and hire a
book-keeper!" exclaimed the believer
hi womanly subjugation.
The Price of Wheat. Wheat
ought to be one dollar and fifty cents per
bushel all over the Wallamet valley.
San Francisco pays from $2to 2 23 per
cental. A cental o wheat is a bushel
and two-thirds of a bushel. Wheat
afloat at Astoria is always worth as
much as wheat afloat at San Francisco.
"The European Plan."
The following, which we clip from
The Grocer of Sept. 22d, 1S77, illus
trates the style of death notices prev
alent in Liverpool tins fall. If that
style should be adopted here it would
be the means of reviving a dull adver
tising seasen:
The death is announced of Mr. W.
Gary, of Sales House, Shepton 'Mal
let, at the age of eighty-one. The de
ceased, who was highly respected in
Somersetshire, had carried on for more
than half a century a large business in
English and foreign cheese. His death
will not interfere with the carrying on
of the business.
The above obituary is followed by
an interesting article on "The Sausage,
Benching Out After Trade.
From the San Francisco Bulletin.
The Chicago Tribune recently called
attention to the fact that there had
been a great revival and expansion of
trade in that city. The secret of the
revival was that the whole area of
country tributary to Chicago was filled
with money, or its equivalents. Agri
culture in the west has had a good
year. The markets have been better
than usual. But so much could not
be said of manufacturers and mechan
ics. The war in Europe has helped to
sustain the prices of farm products.
But it has not increased the wages of
the mechanic nor given him much ad
ditional employment. Chicago reaches
out westward for trade about as far as
Wj'oming. The difference between
gold and greenbacks is now so small
that we hear little about the special
advantages of buying for paper money
in Chicago. N
While it has not been a good year
for agriculture in California, there i3 a
vast country tributary to San Francis
co, in which the crops have been good,
-md which may be said to be ''full of
money." One may find now-a-days
merchants in this city from Arizona,
Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington
territory, with some as far east as Ida
ho and Wyoming. All this country is
commercially tributary to San Fran
cisco. The Pacific coast is an empire
in itself. Its productive capacity has
been this year probably somewhere be
tween three and four hundred mill
ions. It will never be less. The great
areas of unoccupied territory are fill
ing up rapidly. We have not such a
populous back country as Chicago, and
the throng of country merchants who
come here is not as great. But every
year the difference is reduced. The
duties on direct imports paid in San
Francisco are more than five times
greater than are paid in Chicago. The
former is much more prominent as a
buyer at first hands.
The mild mannered Brick Pome-
roy, in his Democrat, advises the kill
ing of all congressmen who dare to fa
vor the resumption act in the ap-
proaching term of congress.
Advertising by Splurges. Profit
able and successful advertising is an art
founded upon principles which may be
said to constitute a science. Most sa
gacious business men who advertise ex
tensively do not go upon blind, irregular
impulses, but proceed according to an in
telligent and well-considered system which
they have deliberately adopted. Such
men understand perfectly that one of the
most valuable secrt3 of profitable adver
tising consists in constantly keeping them
selves and their special line of business be
fore the public. The name of the fijmf
its location and the articles or class of
articles in which itdeals, must be familiar
ized to the public eye, and through that
to the public mind. It is the constant
dripping that tnake its impression upon
even the hardest Tock. To effect this,
steady and continuous adveit'ging is far
better than occasional splurges, no matter
how showy and attractive. It is no doubt
true that a big splurge three or four times
a ycr.r, tilling a colum or two with display
heads and double-leaded matter, has its
effect. But unless thoe spasmodic oppeals
are supplemented and reinforced by mall
standing advertisements they are in danger
of making no lasting impression. In the
long run the persistent advHtiser, whose
name staros the reader in the face every
time he lakes tip his paper, will accomplish
his object much more effectually than
his rival who relies upon a splurge every
three ot six months. This in a principle
which needs only to be started ir. order to
secure recognition by sagacious business
men; and almo-t all men of that class who
have succet'dfd in building up a great
business- by advertising have acted upon it,