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Vol. 3.
Astoria, Oregon, Thursday Morning, October 18, 1877.
For 115.
P& 2'jtilg vstonElx,
(Momliiy Excepted ,
utIotfran. BwhUntj, Casg Street.
i orms of Subscription :
tocrred by Carrier, i?r u-wjIc 2" Cent
Sml by mail. sun r month.- 3 KJ
&KK by mail, : year. .. 'J 00
Ftoc of Fosiase iu .SuWeribcis.
t3" AdverJipemtuie- insert od liy (ho year at
t!C rate of 1r! -V e'i- s ju:uc ier imhijIj.
Transient auvertHnx, by the day or week,
fifty ccitte ior y-ujrt ftr eiidi iii.-urtiun.
To City Subscribers.
Tliore re sucJi fax .jf!it chanjro8 in Ihe reyi
dence of wireiiy t'-:mi. t.'tnt ve fhall feci
obliiroil Jo any wV ijisik each hanr?' if they
will reiKrt Ui ::iat- ii tiiiottic1. Uthonvisc
wo fiiall iHt be r?jj untie for failure of the
carrier lo deliver the i Hinir ititiuiitly and
lugularly It diem.
Bi:a n Steaks. , young War was
killed at Upjer Astoria yesterday by Air.
GnAxnCoiscjijnv Vc arc informed
by pretty reliable authority that tle con
cert to be given at Li!xrly hall lliis even
ing will Ik a genuine, treat. The musi
cians named arc said to be way . They
give a must excellent programme. See
A Cii-vxcf: to Tkavki.. The next
Jourfh of July procession in Astoria will
have about !." ntiies of nice planked
.street to parade upon, and yet ihe editor
of theSeniieInel!i?enecr has ihc effront
ery to say that lucre isn't flat land
enough here io level a billiard table on.
Ekfoi:ci:thk Law. "Vc understand
from Mr. Alwrnclhy that Washington
territory has provided a law l' punish
.he fraud practiced by the shippers of
Puget Sound fish in barrels marked Col
umbia ricr Salmon, if this i true we
are prepared io furnish the complaint in
all Its legal conciseness.
Oder ve-t"ixiav took pas angers as fol
lows fro.u Astoria for S?.n Francisce:
Mrs. F. Brown. 3Hss E. Brown. Miss. C
Van Dusen, Miss E. Van Dusen. 1J. M.
I loll, Miss S. Mills, E. P. Thompson,
ilrs. Jo'.ui Steers. John G. Boss, J. O
irantliorue and. wife.
Dkad Fal.t.. We wish lo call atten
tion of the proiHT authorities t' the fact
rhat life is in danger from in.M-cure rail
ings, etc.. at the following p-iints. Op
posite the Cosmopolitan at the entrance
to the Oregon Steam Navigation Co.'s
deck: at the foot of West-eighth street,
near the Half Way heuse: and in front
of engine lire company No. 1.
CirnisTMAs Bali,. Alert Hook and
Ladder company No. 1 are making ar
rangements for a first class parly on
'Christmas eve., at Liberty Hall. The
following com mil tecs have been ap ap
eointed: On arrangement. AAV. Berry,
J.E.Thomas. C.W.Fulton; on recep
tion. I. M. Severn, il. B. Ferguson, J. O.
Bozorth; on supper, M. 1). Kant, J. W.
Gearhart, M. C. Cresbie: floor managers.
F. J.Taylor, S. W. Mudge, A. P.An
derson. a
Akhival oftiti; A.iAX. The Ajax
arrived at an early hour yesterday fore
noon, and stopped at Astoria long
.enough to discharge a large pile of boxes,
crates, and packages, marked IL Alexan
der & Co., containing every article of
seasonable goods for men and women's
Avear, house-keeping, and things gener
ally in demand. The Truck and Bray
.Company were hauling immediately,
.and before Mr. Alexander could get his
breakfast, Mr. Lobenstien was opening
the goods. If you want t) see a fine
stock call there io-day.
"SnAnr" -Shooting. "An eye-wii-ncss"
relates an incident which occuircd
at Snntifs point night before last. Two j
young men of this city hearing of the
nightly visit of a thieving hear to the
slaughter house of Warren & McGuire,
concluded to capture him at all hazards.
About 0:30 p. m. they started for the
scene of operation, armed to the teeth,
seating themselves on the wharf, watch
ing for their game. About midnight
their brightest hopes were (as they
Ahought) about to be realized, as they
saw some dark object emerge from the
brush. "Xow Jack," says Fred, "take
aim for liis head T bang went rifle and
shot gun. and down came the victim.
The -boys in their eagerness to reach
their game went tumbling sumersaults
over, the rocky beach, but what was their
surprise on finding their bear to be a hog,
. beliging to Warren & McGuire. The
'1oys v.ow they will -never go hunting
l) anyaaiore.
Policeman Laughery is under the
Councilman Trullinger is still un
able to attend to business.
The Chief with a barge in low came
to ihe .Santa Clara yesterday.
Afr. Clark Carnahan lias gone to
'Frisco to become a machinist.
Peter Buney goes to Portland to-day
io enjoy the first lay-days he has bad in
three oars.
The Edith is a splendid lower, not
round, square nor Hlygonal, but just
right for taking hold of ships.
Mr. 31. C. Boyd, of Portland, with
the Oregon Branch Home Mutual insur
ance Co., paid us a hurried call yester
day. lion. A. Tan Dusen will spend a few
days in Portland, if he does not get there
to-day in time to return home by Satur
day's boat.
The Santa Clara and Pactolns are
sister ships, and they are among the
finest American bottoms Unit can be
found alloat.
The Dianapore got away yesterday.
Capt. Hansen will see that the men do
not refuse duly for meanness any more
on this passage.
The Elder lost 48 hours by her mis-
bap at St Helen's bar. if there is money
enough in the Treasury of Uncle Sam
to eradicate that bar it ought io be done,
in order to secure success in establishing
a sea-port 100 miles inland, from the
ocean by digging a ditch to it.
Going into Ski: vice. We learn that
the steamer Gussie Telfair will shortly
make regular trips once or twice a week
to Seattle, and take a cargo of 2T.0 tons of
coal. She will be a welcome addition to
the arrivals at Seattle and of value to the
coal mines.
Who Evku Hi:ai:d tiik Like4. 'His
Tacoma now that ''cuts up didos"' with
the Oregon Steam Navigation company.
Listen to a correspondent of the Argus,
from Tacema: "We hope the Northern
Pacific railroad will soon build to Port
land and connect with the Oregon and
California road, so that shipments can
lx' made bribe sound. It ought, of right,
to jk and some of us are persuaded that
if the Oregon Steam Navigation com
pany didn't have such a firm grasp upon
the destinies of this country it would lc
A PnoFiTAm.K Cow. Mr. Gallou of
ibis city has a full blooded durham cow
that proves that "blood will tell" when i
one goes io purchase stock. Besides
furnishing milk for his own table since
the day of last May Mr. Gallou has
sold 774 quarts of milk at 10 cents per
quart, amounting to. -?77 40; and has sold
the calf for Sir, to Capt. II. A. Snow,
which, added to the sales of milk makes
the net profits of the cow amount to
.?!2 40 for the period of live months, end
ing October 15, LS77.
"Wood Polish. No wood for furni
ture is so sensible and economical, and
in the end .o cheap, as black walnut. It
is so hard that it will bear even a great
deal of peundim: from the small boys of
the family without becoming defaced.
Especially for bed-room and dining-room
furniture it Is the best, and as for the
'living-room."' nothing will stand the
test better. The grain of the wood is
quite open, and will absorb a great deal
of raw oil without becoming polished.
If a little gum copal is mixed with the
oil, in a short time the wood will become
as highly policed as a coach hody.
Light House Mattkks. The resig
nation of Mr. J. W. Munson. tendered
last August, as keeper of the light house
at Cape Hancock has been accepted, and
after a faithful service of over twelve
years. Mr. Munson finds himself "at
home' again in Astoria. Twelve years
must be considered a long period of time
to serve in any capacity, and in looking
over the period in review Mr. Munson
finds many changes. The principal one
may be stated in reference to the means
of saving lives at the Cape. When years
ago Mr. Munson took hold of the old life
boat and fitted it up at his own expense
he thought perhaps it might be the
means of accomplishing some good, and
it has, for he has been able to save 23
lives in the time, and now the govern
ment has provided permanent means
for saving lives at various places on the
coast, including Cape nancock. Mr.
Afunson's successor at the Cape is Mr.
Jmes Anderson, principal keeper from
Tokes roint Light, and Mr. Fred JXo
laadiakcs Mr. Anderson's
Louisiana Bull - dozers
(five sh
t Adler's.
. the finest stock in the
city, jf st rece'm'd at Adler's.
La Iiks Take Notice. Just receiv
ed at Id!er"s.erforated card board, red
whit el blue. !ack and other colors at 20
Frrn line of led-jers. record-book
and other blank books, just received at
Hang your banner's on ihe outer
wall, the cry is give me one of Geo. W.
Cornarl's genuine boquot special cigars.
Steam's official gazette for Oregon
and Washington territory. You can get
it at Cornart's book store. If you wish
to get that beautiful song that 'Emerson
jang. "She's Just a Sweet Bonuct." you
can get it at Cornart's music store, with
all the very latest music published.
' IJoqucts Especial." this well
known brand of cigars, at Adler's.
Eastkkn O y i Bfv Fresh lot of
Eastern Oysters per'SgaiiieSEIdiir at
Schmeers. SqucnioeqluvStiecr.
Mrs. Arrigonni is furnishing good
rooms with board at from .; to 7 and
upwards per week, according to location.
The new art taught and pictures
painted in the most beautiful style, also
all kinds of fancy and ornamental work
taught by Mrs. L. P. Comstock. See
sample of the beautiful pictures at the
Bee Hive, where you can learn terms and
the time of classes. Orders taken bv M.
II. Steers.
Choice new sets of crockery, very
unique and novel; also the self-righting
"spittoon." that always keeps upright.
just received and selling at prices to
suit the times, at I. W. Case's.
Hoard and lodging can be had at
Mrs. Munson's at reasonable rates.
The best cooking apples and pears
in the city are to be found at Bozorth's,
who also "keeps a full stock of freh veg
etables constantly on hand at the lowest
prices. Call and'be convinced.
You can always get fresh oysters
in every style and at all hours, (fay or
night, at tiie Central ColVee Saloon. Con
comly street, between Benton and La
fayette. Thos. McFaiiand. proprietor.
Astoria Liquor Store. II. Marx &
Co., proprietors. Sole'agents for Charles
Beb-toek Sz Co.. St. Louis. Mo. Ameri
ca's finest Stonewall whisky, .Snow Hill
lire. Cooper whisky. For sale by all gen
eral dealers and saloon keeiK'rs. Depot
and Uranch House of Marx Jc Jorgen
sen. Portland. Oregon.
Dry gMds, millinery and notions
cheap for thirty days at the Bee Hive.
The DaiTM; of Life, an answer to
the Dance of Death, at the Circulating
Dr. F. I. 1 1 ieks. dent 1st. rooms in
Dr. Welch's building, on Squcmoqhu
street, offers his services to the public of
Peter liuney is 4ill in the market
with all kinds of 'building materials in
his line. J las just received loo.uOO lath.
'2..v) bushels of s-iud. and a large, stock
of first quality of brick at his warehouse
fotof I'cnton street.
The -Dance of Life."' an answer
to the Dance of Death, by Mrs. J. M.
Bowers. For sale at the City Book Store.
Hoard and lodging by the day or
week at the Astoria Beer Hall. Main
street. Astoria. Peter Daviscouit, pro
prietor. Single men feel like marrying
when they see the Medullion range at L.
P. Biehman & Go's.
...Fresh oysters in every style at
White wire goods in every style,
at L. P. liichmau Co's.
Dr. B. B. Freeland has located per
manently in Astoria for the practice of
dentistry. Office in Shuster's building,
on Cass street, next door to Tin; Asto
i:iax office.
"Photographs! The latest styles
taken at Shuster's new gallery, Cats St.,
next to the A-torian office.
JZD For clean towels, sharp razors,
and an easy shave, go lo Gillespie atlAK
keu House Uatus. Hair cutting, hham
pooning, and dyeing.
U3TJttle Van has reestablished
hiin.-cif at the old corner, rclreIn;d by his
late journey lo the Atlantic slate.-, and
will a- formerly attend to all orders in In
line as general jobber.
After this date, coin will be used for
change. and tickets dispensed with: all
drinks and cigars live and ten cents, at
the Chicago ilouse,Main street, Astoria.
Astoria, Oct. ::. 1S77.
gieal Instil
kle. of the National Sur
ma a eomneteiit corns
of ussistnn
Booms at
visile rorlian'.. Oregon
to Novem
other institut
cessfully tic
nal Curvature.
Peralvsis, Club
the .Joints,
. Fistula in
ano. Scrofula, M
rli, etc. Pa-
ticnee from al
unty in the
United Mates iiav
to it for re-
lief, either at the
tule at In-
dianapolis, Indian
l its grand
divisions at Philadelphia, Pai, Atlanta,
Ga., or San r raneisco, Cai. 1 he atlhcted
cannot afford to miss this opportunity of
being cured at home. TheDocior makes
no charge for consultation and examina
tion, and his terms for teatment are
within the reach of every one-
Caxahy Birds. for sale at Gillespie's-,
Parker house baths.
CJffiine i
1st rece'r
Iiks T.J
I blue, ls
f lVtl
. Clillles Hotel. October 22d, trans in th nrriinrri. fruit. house, bltick-
iiltti 1S77 imp!ik?v. "Tt I ..... . . J , - i
lt 'Okkl --- ' KVB&TmV -lI.......i.I- 1 - ..- . Y-k fl III
io?frrTihe world has sue- , -" " ' . L "uua"- ",';"" i
itetas'i lnmivcuM's ot bm- lilut uci)i.iiiiik w '" .
VYet. Fie
ial Cat
ni(fr.E ever ck
ifhine InsI
Up the Klaskani.
Editor Asteriax:
Urgent business rendered it neces
sary for us to take a trip up this sub
urban stream. Capt. Beard with his
sloop Geo. Flavel presented the most
expeditious method of reaching our
destination, Klaskani farm, and so we
embarked with him forthwith. We
were favored with a fine ash breeze to
commence with which lasted to Smith's
point where old Boreas exerted him
self a little for our benefit and carried
us rapidly along. A passenger who
professed to know something about
steering succeeded in limning us
aground opposite Dad's old mill,
where we were detained half an hour
till the flood tide and increasing wind
worked us off. The morning was
clear and bright, Saddle mountain
showing up majestically; Numberg's
farm presented a thrifty appearance as
we rapidly passed. Bartoldes' neat
cottage, McCreary's fruit orchard,
Tracy and Hassel's daily farm and or
chard all presented an attractive ap
pearance, and were worthy the com
mendary observations made by our
party. Shortly after passing the
Granger s hall the wind dice away and
the sweeps were again brought into re
quisition. The stream grew narrower
and the water darker and resembled a
portion of the "Dismal swamp" of
North Carolina, so one said who had
been there. Carnahan's tree still
drifts about in this vicinity. Tradi
tion tells us how one man and his wife
remained on this tree all night floating
in the stream to protect themselves
from the wolves. Fort Metz was noted,
its history related and passed.
At 3 p. in. we arrived at Gray's land
ing rather fatigued and sunburnt, but
hungry enough. An ox team gave us
a lift to Ivlaskani farm, (owned by Mr.
Jacob Kamin), which is under the
management of Mr. "W. H. Gray.
Looking down from the crest of the
highland on this farm, the cultivated
land lies in a valley, one could not re
frain from expressions of admiration
at the scene presented. Everything
looked so neat and thrift, attractive
f;irm house, with commodious out
houses, barns, haystacks, etc. The
The stream running close to the barn
affording ample facilities for watering
stock, etc. We were soon at the house
where the cordial welcome given made
us feel perfectly at home, in a house
that we noticed was a model of neat
ness and good taste. Business made
our stay short, for the time being, we
sauntered along the banks of the
stream passed Corno's place into Fair
field's meadow where we were gratified
with a sight most unexpected, though
perhaps not rare in these parts. Tear
ing across the meadow came a horse
nans bridle, sans saddle with one of
Astoria's fairest daughters perched
gracefully upon his back. Bright eyes,
rosy cheeks, and flowing hair testified
how thoroughly this recreation was en
joyed, and we paused to witness this
display of modem e puestrianism. But
for a moment for piercing shrieks from
the niedow below called us there,
where we found another fair one with
blanched cheeks and uplifted hands
remonstrating with some cows that
were unpleasantly near, that had been
fascinated by her pull back, and were
endeavoring by occular proof to de
termine what this new tiling was. Of
course we dispersed this crowd of
our curious bovines, and escorted the
distressed lady to a place of safety,
where we congratulated her from her
narrow escape from too much admira
tion. Fairfield's farm was inspected and
pronounced a success, business attend
ed to and we returned to luxuriate in
the hospitality of Mr. Gray. A lady
visiting and the accomplished daugh
ter of our host treated us to some nice
music. 2s ext morning early we wan
dered around the farm much pleased
with the systematic manner in which
all work was carried on, and the im
provements made since it has been un
der the control of Mr. Gray. This
farm comprises some 4S0 acres, about
GO under "cultivation 70 head of cat
tle, 100 sheep, GO "lambs, 15 hogs,
chickens innumerable, besides geese
and other fowls. There are 300 fruit
model one.
The East Oregonian says immi
grants are dairy passing through Pen
dleton. The population of Umatilla
count- has increased at least 20 per
cent, within the last twelve months,
and there is yet room for more. Good
land can be had for the taking within
a few miles of Pendleton land that
will produce from 30 to 40 bushels of
wheat ii the acre.
Tiie Seattle Tragedy.
Editor Asto&iax:
In reading over the fearful tragedy,
enicted at Seattle in February last,
and the execution of the unfortunate
man, John Thompson, recently, for
the killing of Baker, . 1 could wish,
from my heart, that some artist would
draw a true picture of the whole scene, ,
from the first intoxicating glasa taken
at the dram shop, on that sacred day
of rest up to the fatal moment when
the noose tightened around the neck
of the p001 unfortunate Thompson,
and his soul was launched into the
eternal world; and this picture fasten
ed to the four walls of every saloon
and dram shop in the land. If the
consequences of the intoxicating dram
ended with this life, the dram seller
might hold up his head, and brave the
evil, with a serene countenance; but,
alas! there is a day of retribution,
when no unrepentant one, can go un
punished; a retribution not to be
meted out by fallable man, but by the
Omniscient One, who never errs in
judgement. At the commencement
of tlu3 scene on that Sabbath day,
there were three responsible actors;
the dram-seller, the fighting-bully, and
the unfortunate criminal who suffered
on the gallows. In violation of the
law of God, and perhaps of the land,
the dram-seller was dealing out the
maddening beverage to the other two
individuals, until a fight ensues, and
Thompson is beaten and goes out, and
lu-epares himself -with, a deadly weapon
for self-defense, he is followed up by
the bully, the light is renewed, when
the unfortunate man, Baker, (for the
sake of peace) interferes, and receives
the fatal stab. His life is taken, and
Thompson pays the penalty with his
As his body is suspended upon the
gallows, let us bring under review the
consequences resulting from this damn
ing business, dram-selling. Here is
the victim of the dram-seller and of
j the law, hanging by the neck, a spec
tacle and a warning to hi3 fellow-man;
yet, as revolting as this spectacle is.
this poor mortal's condition is far pre
ferable to either of the other two prii -cipals
in the tragedy. There appears
to be good evidence, that he died, as
the thief upon the cross, truly peni
tent, and receiving pardon from his
God, although it was refused by man:
the gates of Paradise were opened to
him and he is now freed from sin and
eternal death. How stands the matter
with the other two, who perhaps look
ed on this scene to its close, with utter
indifference? Can they shut their eyes
to the fact that unt;l brought to re
pentance, punishment surel' awaits
them, if not in this world in the world
to come? Cjuld the dram-seller be
sensible of the crimes which will be
charged upon him, resulting from his
business, which is destructive, both to
soul and body of man, he would shrink
from it with horror and seek forgive
ness from hi3 God. I
Hussia ought to import a few
general officers. America can spare
several ship loads.
Forty lake vessels in one day en
tered the port of Buffalo last week
carrying 1,20G,000 bushels of grain.
Fish have been successfully intro
duced into the waters of thirty tliree
states and six territories.
Got. . Phelps, of Missouri, appoint-
ed Col. David H. Armstrong, United
States Senator in the place of the late
L. Y. Bog-. Col. Armstrong is rec
ognized in his State as a battle scared
venteran of democracy.
The sponge fisheries at Cape Ann,
now employ 150 boats, of which 4)
are provided with diving-bells. The
fishermen number about 1000, includ
ing divers, who remain under- water
six hours a day. When fisliing, some
of these divers lose their lives, and
many of them become deaf in a few
years. The total take last year was
240 tons of sponge, worth $400,000.
For Glassware. Crockery, Powder and,
Shot, Gnu Wads. Percussion Caps, in
fact everything that is useful as well a
ornamental, go to J. W. Gearhart, who.
sells cheap tor cash. Goods delivered
free of charge.
Sinr-M aster's. Keadixg Boo3t. Tr.
Peter Wilhelm has permanenth fitted
a ship-master's reading room in con-
nection with the Gem saloon in Astoria.
The latest shipping papers and home
ward and outward bound shipping lists
are. kept on tile Telegraph oince next
Jduor. - - -