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NO. 34.
Jltc ixls Qstzxinvu
(Sundays Excepted),
ft. . IkEL AM, : : II BLISIIER.
Houitvr Building? Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served by Carrier, per vcek 25 Cents
Sent by ujiul. three months $2 50
Sent by jikiiI six. months 4 00
Sent by tsiml one year 7 00
Tieeof 1'ostage to the Subscribers.
RT, Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate ot 51 00 ier square per month.
Transient advcitising, by the day or week,
fifty cents pcrs iuare first insertion.
lleadinjr notices, in City Items column, five
ticnts per luiepei day- No charge less than
twenty-live cents.
The is
loading at Booth's
When will the road leading to
the cemetery grounds be made pas
sable? Several citizens hare
jiew tanks. Water
is not good until
it tastes of the tanks, then it may be
preserved and put down.
The Caller Ou will be ready to
conic down the river tj-morrow. The
Portland will be ready also, the last
of this week. Tins will leave only the
barkentine Jane A. Falkinburg in the
river a3ove Astoria.
Hie bark California left Wilming
ton side by side with the .Rival. The
latter arrived at Knappton May 27,
-and the former arrived at Victoria
jVIay 31st, four days later.
G. Al. Stroud, Esq., one of the
most affable conductors tha; ever
collected a fare, is sojourning tem
porarily at the Occieent, in this city,
lie brought with him a son who is in
bad health, and will stop for a time
-at Unity in the hope of receiving
benefits from change of climate.
The times are improving rapidly.
That shower of mutton in Kentucky
lias been followed by a shower of eggs
in New York State, and a shower of
oysters and fish chowder in Wisconsin.
And the other night a shower of shav
ing cups, boot jacks, bars of soap, and
kindling wood occurred in a back
yard up town.
It turns out that only a small
fraction of Ben Holladay's property
at Ophir farm was sold, but it took
three columns and a half and ten lines
in trashy newspapers to tell about it.
'Three columns to the abuse of old Ben,
half a column in abuse of his family,
and ten lines to say that the sale
-amounted to about 3,000, "of the
most common articles." Ophir farm
consists f about 1,000 acres of the
best laud in. New York. With im
provements valued at no less than 3,-
000,000. Poor (?) Ben Holladay! in
deed. The contagion of investigation is
spreading. The past week a disciple
ofHeister Clymer attached himself
to certain members of the Astoria
City Council, and demanded that
there be an investigation into the
affairs of City Recorder. He insisted
that there were iniquities screened
behind the desk of his Hon. Judge
Taylor, that would cause a mantle of
shame to rise upon the face of every
honest Astorian. Remembering the
words of Alexander Smith ;
Behold, the oeean's inmost heart is pure.
Though tho sait fringe that daily licke the shore
Is gross with sand.
we patiently awaited develop
ments, but the accuser got drunk,
.and is now in jail, which brings the
investigation to an abrupt termination.
Fourth of July.
Editor Astemax:
The coming Fourth will be generally
observed throughout the country, and
Astoria should not be behind hand.
We can have a grand good time in the
grove, and have some one who is well
acquainted with the early history of
the town of Astoria, write a history
commencing back to the earliest set
tlement up to the present time, and
read it to the reople. It would not
only be interesting to the new
comers, but the old inhabitants, would
take great pleasure in hearing of the
"old times gone by. " Let our citizens
take hold of this matter, push it along
and. make it a success.
The School Exhibition.
Forty-seven dollars and thrty-five
cents were taken in at the door last
Saturday evening by the School Exhi
bition. The expenses were:
For Hall 12 00
For Piano 5 00
For Moving Piano o 00
For Printing 3 50
For Footlights 25
For one wash bowl, broken 1 25
Total $27 00
Leaving a balance of twenty dollars
and thirty-five cents, which will be ex
pended in getting up a report for the
Public School.
Maj. Martin V. Brown has much
to say in his June Gth Democrat about
the next World's fair. Better think
it over carefully in this world. He
voted and then immediately started
overland for the Centennial.
A correspondent of the Ligoneer
(Lid.), Banner says "it is probable
that sixteen out of twenty of all the
fish canneries on the Columbia river
will be sold out at Sheriff sale this fall
on executions." Rather a bad photo
graph of Oregon, that; to send so far
away. We are ignorant of any causes
likely to produce such result, unless
it be, "scarcity of fish." Sic emit
fata hominum.
Two gentlemen are stopping at
the Occident, Messrs. Boyer and
Covctte, on their way to Europe,
from the far interior. One of these
gentlemen, Mr. C, was in Astoria
more than a quarter of a century ago.
He finds quite a different looking
place to-day, from the Astoria of 1S50.
He has met with a few whom he
knew here then, but far the greatest
number of those composing the in
habitants of Astoria in that day have
scattered, many have gone to their
final rest
Some wild bets are being made
to-da at Astoria on Tillamook coun
ty. We have no news from there fur
ther than that reported in another col
umn. Last year at the ela
tion the county gave Warren 35 major
ity. The vote was 132. How the
majorities are to be had on which bets
are made to-day does not clearly cross
the threshold of our somewhat mysti
fied comprehension. Some bets are
made on eighty for Wilson, some for
seventy, and so on. Wilson has sev
enteen' majority in Clatsop to get
eighty majority in the district, Wilson
must have sixty-tlu-ee majority in Till
amook. Taking the vote of last year
as a basis, a change must liave come
o'er their dreams in the past Leven
months, to make a difference of ninety-eight
voters in the aggregate, with
only 132 in the county October 25th,
Veterans of the Mexican war
turned out in the procession on Dec
oration Day at Carson, and were re
warded by finding themselves des
cribed in a local japer next day as
u nice old stiffs.."
Tide Table lor Astoria.
(From table of United States Coast Survey.)
High Water.
Low Water.
A. M.
1. M.
I A. X. P. M.
4 41 1 lsl
j 5 o (KJ
H in 5 50
7 03 (! 30
7 40 7 08
8 ."4 7 4(5
U 10 8 27
9 4ti 9 09
10 10 9 50
3 -10 :U 10 30
4 11 12 11 11
o 12 l)S 11 47J
(5 .. c 00 12 ;i
7 0 20 1 42
8 0 o3 2 24
9 1 30 3 041
10 2 0J 3 401
11 2 4J 4 101
The height is reckoned from tho level of av
erage lowest water, to which tho soundings are
given on tho Coast Survey charts. "When tho
time in the a. m. column is followed by i it is
afternoon, and when in tho p. in. column by a
it is forenoon.
Gold Bars 800 nar.
Geld in New York, 112.
Legal Tenders in Astoria buying 89; sell
ing !H).
Coin oxchange on San Francisco 14 per cent,
Currency exchango on San Francisco 14 per
cent premium.
Coin exchango on New Yoak percent, pre
mium. Telegraphic transfers on Xw York 1 per
cent, premium.
Currency exchange on Now York Y per conk
Trade Dollars, 92 buying; 93(594 selling;
half dollar, W14 buying; U7&!n selling.
Snn Francisco Markets.
Flour. Extra, $3 50i 00.
Wheat shippers will give SI 70 for choice
lots alongside vessels; millers aro paying
SI 73.
Barley Light browing, SI 20; choice, SI 37
feed, Si 20l 23; Bright Chevalier, SI 40 143.
Astoria Markets.
Flour,Oregon City, fobl
" Ex Family
" Willamette superior, u
" Graham " "
Middlings, $i ton
Corn Meal. V cental
0 00
3 23
(5 00
40 ()(
4 0J
Ground Karlcy, fton - 420044 00
Bran & Shorts, ' 27 00&40 00
Hay " 2o 00
Unions, 3 Bushel 2 30&3 00
Butter, eastern, in tubs, fl 1...
Choice roll " ...
Cheese, " ...
Cured Meats, Hams " ...
Sides " ...
Shoulders, " ...
Breakfast Bacon " ...
Smoked Uccf, " ...
Corned Beef " ...
Corned Pork, u ..
Lard, in tins andcaddics " ...
Kjrgs, t dozen
ChicKcns, '
Hides, Dry, ti
17?i IS
10 i 12Xl
Virioli i
1 ,w - m-
4 OOfro 0
Veal, 44 orti
Corn Beef, V- bbl 11 0013 IJO
prepared, Java, f lb Xitny
H10, " ;2X.C:-
Moco,"eUb Sfr.iT
Sugar, ci ushed, r lb 1 1&13
powered, "r1 lb 13&17
Island. V lb WMV11.
Syrup, extra golden, gallon 1 00
" T1 keg 40014 23
Tea, Young Hyson. 0 lb 534 70
Japan, in papers, lb 30(j73
" " in lacquered boxes 'pi TohO
Candles, V lb 20
Oils Uevoe's fi case 3 50(3 73
Lead, Atlantic, whito fi U W
Bice, V lb 7(010
Salt, Liverpool, lb cental 1 00& 1 30
" Island,? cental UU&l U
kJI'lLti I1UUIU )J v.. .................. .....M. -i- .
t lb.
. 130&2 23
Soap, Astoria, ? box
' " fancy,? box....
Shipping Port of Astoria.
" clearaxcesTasd departures.
California, str 674 tons, Hayes, for Sitka, June 7.
RituI. bk 290 tons, Adams, for S. F., June 7.
Centaur, Ger bk 468 tons Cork, June 6.
Gusbie Telfair, str, 413 tons, Gardner, for Puget
Sound Juno 4.
Ajax, str 1354 tons, Bolles, to S F June 3.
Sea Waif, brig. '273 tons, Haratoff, to S F June 3,
Orient, brijy, 312 tons, Adamson, to S. F. Juno 2.
Shubrick, U S steamer, 3oo tons, Korts, Northern
Cruise, June 2.
John L. Stephens, ks. 19 tons, Mackie, fm San F
June 6.
Portland, bkt, 494 tons. Gage, fm S. F. June 3.
Dawn bk, -J.M) tons, for S. F. May 26.
Jane A. Falkinburg, bkt., 300 tons, Hubbard, fm
Honolulu, May2.
Wave Queen, Br bk, 853 tons, Anderson, fm Ncw-
castle,X S W., April 17.
Caller Ou, Br. bk., 674 tons, Hea, fm lsl. Java. Apr 9.
Sheep, r- head.... rff?- the Momons to clean the-Gentiles
Apples, green, t box lOO-loO
, ' ljy "Jb si4(u 1214 out of Potato Valley. George Q.
Coileerecn " !!".'..'.'.'..'."..!'.'.'.".".!!!.!! 2&2o Canton is also trying to legislate the
Garibaldi, bk, 670 tons, Xoyes, from Hongkong,
May 15.
Oregonian, sch 274 tons, Pennell, fm SF.
Assaye, 1231 tons, Ritchie, fm Cardiff, via Rio.
Canoma, 520 ts, Rosser. fm Glasgow via Honolulu.
Clita, Br bkt.. 519 tons, White, fm Honolulu.
Duart Bay, shipt 936 tons, fm Europe, via Austral
ia and bhangai.
Enid. Br bk., 496 tons, Renouf fm Port Chalmers.
Edward James, Forbes, fm Hongkong.
Forward.Br bk.,744 tons, Strachan, fm Hongkong.
Hero of the Nile, Br bk 3J5 tons. Dyke, tin Mel
bourne, Feb 21.
Otto. Br bk 465 tons, Carter, fm Liverpool Oct 14
Robert Bright. Br. bk. 309 tons llennings from
Shields March 13.
Sam G. Reed, sh, f56 tons, Wbite, from Hongkong.
April 12.
Trevelyan, Br bk 1042 tons, Edwards, fm Newcastle
Woodside, Br bk. 700 tons Montgomery, 95 days fm
Tble bay. April 1.
Telegraphic News.
Synopsis of Press Bispatokec
Don Cameron Secretary at
Anna Dickinson's "Crown of
Cincinnati Jealous About Anna.
Blain and His Crackers.
Mullett with One House
Kind Old Uncle.SamueL
How he Cares for the Squaws.
Members who wTere positive biat
Don Cameron would not accept the
AVar Portfolio, have changed their
opinion last Thursday.
Perkins, of the Cincinnati Times,
barbarously invites Anna Dickinson to
sit down on her "Crown of Thorns."
Blaine keeps crackens in his desk,
and after one of his volcanic speeches
he tosses them down his throat as
though they were wafers.
Mullet, the famous ex-supervis-
ing architect of the Treasury,, owns-
but one house in Washington.. Itfis
friends call him a poor man.
Left and Damp, the Mountain
Meadow murderers, have been ad-
mitted to bail the former in $20,0001
j and the latter in 15,000. And so
' endeth the farce.
A strong effort is being; made by
Indians out of the
TJnitali Reserva-
The amount of treasure stolen
from Wells Fargo fc Co. at the stage
robbery near Boise City on November
10, 1S75, was S7.06919. Of this
amount about $4,000 has been re
covered since the capture of the
Owyhee robbers.
Our Government is kind to the
Indians. While all the young Sioux
warriors have gone to add Sitting
Bull in his fight with thetiroops, they
have left their old men and women
and children to be cared for, at the
McKee has turned his property
into Government bonds, and the
Government will have nothing that
it can seize when it comes to bring
the civil suits against him. Other
Ringites will probably make the same
disposition of their ill-gotten gains.
The accounts in the papers
throughout the country shows that
Decoration Day was observed morn
generally than ever before, and ths
day is growing in popularity as a com
mon holiday.
June 5th, Story of the Chicago
Times commenced the publication of
a three-cent daily Evening Telegraph
from the Times office ; independent
politically and in every other way i
in size a seven column folio. t
It is reported that orders from
military headquarters have been re
ceived at the various posts in South
ern Arizona, which will probably re
sult in the concentration of troops at
convenient points, to be prepared to
effectually suppress any resistance of
the Chirichua Indians to their trans
fer to the San Carlos
A private letter from Badollet &
Co's factory, dated? June 7th, says:
"We have reason to believe that Ed.
Williams and Johnson, boat puller,,
two of our fishermen have been lost,,
not having been seen or heard of since
Sunday evening, of which you
please make not&inyour paper.
' It has beem asserted that more
money was being- expended than re
covered by the government in Mr.
Bristow's prosecutions-against revenue
frauds. This is stated to be a mis
take. The outlay thus far- has been
only about 25,000, while it is asserted
on departmental authority, that the
amount secured from seizures, assess
ments, fines and forf eitures, aggregates
about $3,140,000, of which 600,000 in
cash has already found its way to the
News was received from Neha
lem precinct this morning, Tillamook
county, to the effect that the vote
stood there two to one for Parker, as
Representative. We maybe able to
get reports from the county to-night,
via Portland, as the route across the
dhode to Yamhill county is more ac
cessible thaiL the route to Astoria;
if we do not, there will certainly be
something lmae to-morrow that will,
enable people; to form conclusions as
to the general result of the vote for
Joint Representative-
The French people were in ear
nest when they resolved to construct
a colossal bronze statue of Liberty, to
be erected in New York Harbor,
work has been commenced on the stat
ue near Paris. An idea may be form
ed of the manitude of its dimen
sions when it is stated that the shoul
ders are over forfcyfeet broad, and
the head twenty-three feet high, from
chin to crown. It is also said that a
man can easily conceal himself in some
of the folds of the drapery. The stat
ue, beides being commemorative of
the ood will between France and the
United States, is to serve as a light
house. New York is expected to fur
nish the pedestal, but has as yet
done nothing' towards its erection.
.iEhRepublican, Democratic and In
dependent chowder was served atHoldens
3 eaterday.
jZ&,-The West Shore is 'the only
illustrated paper m Oregon. L. Samuel,
Publisher, Portland. 81 50 per year.
Sendffor it.
jfJMiss Belle Welch having re
moved her fctoc of millinery goods to the
houe of her father, corner of Wall and
jfiighth Street, invites ladies to call.
The hobt assortment of bats and trim
mings in the city. Orders fiom abroad
promptly attended to.
jZj The finder of a small passbook,
with letters in i addressed1 to Thomas E.
L. Logan and to Thomas and James Lo
gan, which wab lost" on Saturday lust, be
tween Astoria and the upper town, will
conier a favor and be thankfully rewarded
on leaving the same at this office, or at
the residence of Aix- Goslin, at upper
3" Sherman & Hyde, music deal
ers, Portland, Oregon, will please accept
our thanks for a copy of "Dnrling Little
Jesie," a beautiful new song and chorus
written in the popular style by James A.
Kerr, and which it is thought may be
como a popular as " Is my Darling True
to Me." published by the same house.
Price thirty-tiue centa, po?t paid, on re
ceipt of the afli;untin currancj'or pottage
PoBtage-cnj the Weekly Astorian
Is two cents a paper to any part of
the United. States, whan sent by peo
ple not connected with the newspaper
office.. W will will send four copies
(separate dates), equivalent to one
mouth,. to one address, in one wrapper
(post-paid) on receipt of 25 cents.
For fine and: Artistic FhGtographs, go to
Buchtol & Stoltd. J1 and !tt First street, Port
land, tfeo-oali' fLsstiQluss Gallery in Oregon.