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VOL. 1.
-J.K&.2&' .
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Will -i
glxs grdB34Svfe
. (Sundays Excepted),
Monitor Buildiifj3 Cass Street
Terms of Subscriptien:
Servcd'by Carrier, per week 25 Cents
Sent bynmil, three jnontbs.I .. S2 50
Sent by instil ?ix months 4 00
Sent by mail one year , 7 00
Frcef Postage to the Subscribers.
B5T Advertisements inserted by the year at
'the rate eft -51 00 per square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
fifty cents per square first insertion.
Heading notices, in City Items column, five
cents per lino per day-. No -charge loss than
twenty-five cents.
When will the Common Council
order a tax, if necessary, -to improve
the cemeterv grounds ?
The steamer Shubrick sailed for
the north this morning. -She will call
at Shoalwater Bay to-day on her nor
thern cruise, in ,the - Tliirteenth' Dis
trict. The Commodore Perry arrived
from Sand Island last night with a dis
abled fishing boat in tow. It belongs
to Mr. S. W. Childs, and will be fully
repaired at small expense.
Fish scarce on the Columbia
river ? !Nbt this year ! Twenty-two
"hundred before noon at one cannery,
and three precincts to hear from was
-about the average vesterdav.
The Josie McNear brought the
Sea "Waif from Engle Cliff last even
ing. She was left at IBootli and Co's
factory, to complete cargo, and will
'carry out for San Francisco to-day, in
all about 15,000 cases of salmon.
The Ilwaco Steam Navigation
Company's steamer Gen. Canbymade
' a special trip to 'Unity last night,
taking a barge load of lumber from
Trullinger's Mill for Loomis and Car-
ruthers. The lumber will "be used
in building a stage stable, for the ac-
commodation of stock belonging to
"the Unity and Oysterville line.
The Oregonian says that the run
-of salmon, (in that city, perhaps,
on trucks and drays), is fully below
the average, and imploringly asks
needful "protection to secure the
continuous prosperity of our fishing
interests." A little of the "needful"
nvould be a good thing to protect-cer-tain
other interests at Portland com-
-mon sense views foster public spirited
-enterprise, sometimes.
"Who started all the bosh and
clap trap about bribery in connection
with- this Sandwich Island treaty ?
"Did the Portland Board of trade have
a hand in that ? then why not enter
a protest against such confounded
proceedings. There is some satisfac
tion in knowing that the investigation
thus far has not developed an iota of
peculation in the whole business.
The life of The Daily Astoriak
is assured. The past month proved
beyond a doubt that we can make a
respectable daily paper live in Astoria
and by. the aid of the many warm
hearted, liberal citizens, whoso nobly
second our efforts, we mean to do it.
All that there is of the business, out-
side of a living, shall be planted in
the establishment, every dollar
cleared shall be invested in the office,
and Astoria shall reap the benefits of
the investment. Do not hesitate to
-.stand by your city paper, friends ; it
.-shall stand bjT you.
School Exhibition.
.The children of the Public Schoolof
Astoria will. rive an exhibition this!
evening, at Spiritual Hall. All are in
vited. Admittance twenty-five cents.
The Aiax arrived from above at i
.,,.,. I
3 p. m, to-day bound out.
Readers of the ASTORIAN Will
hearty congratulations to
join us in
Cantain and Mrs. TTamhlin. Mav thev
x ' J y '
journey long and prosi)erously along
the voyage of life, without the inter
ruption. o jl, single wav.e of trouble
to prevent them from making the
home port in peaceful waters.
' The memorandum in regard to
ihe Turkish troubles, agreed upon,
has been communicated to the guar-
rfnfooiiKr Pnwpw AVIiiln mniiif ni-
ing' Count Andrassy's note as a basis,
it concedes the consideration of re
forms demanded by the Insurgent
leaders. The French and Italian Em
bassadors have given official notifica
tion' of the complete concurrence of
their respective governments in the re-
suits of the conference.
The experimental trip of
the '
Gen'tGanby to Tillamook bay has had
J l
the effect to bring ,people to a reali
zing sense of one very important fact.
That is this: That Tillamook Bay is
but little farther (in time) from Asto
ria than the distance from Astoria !
to Kalama. The run was made down
ih less than seven hours, and the re
tiian trip in six hours from the Bay
Jo Astoria. There is not one single ob
stacle of any kind in the way of steam
communication between the two points.
This is a matter whicli we have ad
vocated for ten years, in the Oregon
ian, Enterprise, Bullet in, and Asto
rian. .Now we hope, to.see some of
the predicted results follow this exper
imental trip by steam just completed
by the Ilwaco Steam Navigation
Company. "We are assured that the
company will put a steamer on the
; r
pfirblx, Armstrong is taking about
as nice pictures, at the As-toria Gallerv,
a any gallery in the State. Give him a
iTSr-Mr. Charles Stevens at the city
BookStore U offering special inducements
to persons in want of articles in his line.
He has a splendid Ftock, which he is
closmjrout at cot, intending to quit the
iTSfiMiss Crang will commence a
private tchool on Monday next, June 5th,
in the Public School-houe. Gharces
fifty cent per week for each scholar.
i3F"Miss Belle Welch having Re
moved her stock of millinery goods to the
house of her father, corner of Wall and
Eighth Streets, invites, ladies to call.
The best assortment of hats and trim
mings in the city. Orders from abroad
promptly attended to.
We refer our readers to the adver
tisement of n farm for sale on Deep river.
This is the best opportunity that we know
of lor any man wanting a good place,
cheap, suitable for dairying or farming
purposes. The only reason for wishing
to sell, is that the present owner Mr. C.
M. Stark is about to engage in other busi
ness, $ Any person inquiring for a fine
qualify of liquor, and can appreciate the
yame, can find the genuine J. H. Cutter
Whiskey and Millers extra Old Bourbon,
at the 4 Columbia Bar saloon Astoria.
with Gt-o. Usherwood late of Portland to
cater to theirtuste. Gentlemen will please
give uh a call. Cigars of a fine quality
alto on nana. j as. M. 1akch, 4rop.
3T Everybody goes to tjie Novelty
Barbershop to get fixed up in style. Every
person may come, and more too, for I have
employed a first-class artist who will smil
ingly manipulate your chin, gracefully curl
your mustache, nicely puff your hair, and
liut of all, but not least, will perfume your
clothe with the most pupular perfumery in
ue, MPatchouly" ifyou dort believe itjusl
try H. Hair cutting, shaving, and sham
pooing. Hair dying done and warranted
not to turn red, break or split
Parker House building, Astoria.
J. L. Campbkll, Proprietor.
Tide Table xor Astoria.
(From tables" of United States Coast Survey.)
High Water.
Lov Water.
31 ay. a. m.
i M.
A. M.
p. M.
3 ...10 31..
-1 II 12..
5 12 US.
5 o co..;w 4 4L
ii.jil 5 :w
...11 47J (i 10
..U2155i;. 7 05
4 111
5 0'i
.7 50
(5 3U
7 OS
0 20.
.... 1 421 7 4
s 0 55 2 24 5 84 7 4
! I :W 3 041 ! 10 8 27
10 2 0 .. 3 40 9 4'i 5) 00
11 2 AS. 4 1G 10 Hi !) 50
Tka lii1if is rnnl'miAil ft-rtin ill A lftTnl ftfor-
eraee lowest water, to which the soundings are
tZtTlm&J I
afternoon, and when in the p. m. column by a
it lS'forcnoon.
snipping OPort of Astoria.
Gnssie Telfair, str., 413 tons, Gardner, fm Paget
Sound, May 31.
Ajax, btr 1354 tons, Bolles, for S FMay 30.
Rival, bk '290 tons. Adams, fm Wilmington, May 27.
Dawn bk. -oQ tons, for S. F. May 26.
Sea Waif, brig. 273 tons, Harstotf, fm S F May 23.
California, str KT4 tnn. T4jvb. fm Aim?
Orient, brig, 312 tons, Adamson, fm S. F. May 21.
',u,,ncK u w tons. Korts, fmb h May 19.
Ccntanr, Gor bk 4(S tons Offarson. fm Hongkong,
May 8.
JanoA.Falkinburg, bkt., 300 tons, Hubbard, fm
Honolulu, May 2.
Wave Queen. Ilr bk, W3 tons, Anderson, fm New
ctttlu.X S W., April 17.
Caller Ou, Br- blc,fi74 tons, Kea, fm Isl.Java.Apr 9.
Portland, bkt, 494 tons, Gage, fm S. F. May 27.
i Garibaldi, bk, G70 tons, Xoyes, from Hongkong,
.May is.
Orcgonian, sch 274 tons, Pennell, fra SF.
Assaye, 12S1 tons, Eitchie, fm Cardiff, via .Rio.
Canoma, 520 ts.Rosser. fm Glasgow via Honolulu.
pistons. iiiiie.imonoinin.
Tlii.nrt. liftr. shin CiK Inn"! fm Kurntio Tin AmtMl-
. ; -'! f. --, .
ia and SShangai.
Enid, Br bk., 496 tons, Renouf fm Port Chalmers.
Edward James, Forbes, fm Hongkong.
Forvard,Br bk.,744 tons, Strachan, fm Hongkong.
Hero of the Nile, Br lk 335 tons. Dyke, tm Mel
bourne, Feb 21.
' Brft "?" J;ftrt"f fm Uv0?x 0ct,14
Robert Britrbt, Br. bk. 309 tons llcnnings from
shield March in.
bam It. Keedi sli, foG tons, White, from Hongkong.
April 12.
Trevclyan, Brbk 1042 tons, Edwards, fm Newcastle
"Woodside, Br bk. TOO tons Montgomery, 95 days fm
Table bay. April 1.
Financial. t
Gold Bars SOO.jmr.
Gold in New York, U2.
Legal Tenders in Astoria buying 88; sell
ing &).
Coin oxchango on San .Francisco J4 per cent,
premium. ,
Currency exchange on SanPrancisco per
cent premium. t '
Coin exchange on New York percent, pre
mium. Telegraphic transfers on Xow York 1 per
cent premium.
Currency exchange on New York percent
premium. t
Trade Dollars. 92 buying; 93wfl4 soiling;
half dollar, MXA buying; t)7(l)7 g'clling.
Astorm Maricets.
Flour,Oregon City.AXX. bbl.:.... 57.1
Ex Family G 00
" AV illamotte superior, " 5 25
" Graham ." 4 GOO
Middling, tl ton 40 00
Corn Meal, "H cental 4 00
Ground Barley, Iton 4200&44 00
Bramfe Shorts, 1 27 00(10 00
Hay " 25 00
Onions, B Bushel 250(58 00
751 00
Butter, eastern, in tubs, i3 H....
" Choice roll , " ....
Cheese, ' ....
Cured Meats, Hams. " ....
Sides, " ....
Shoulders, " ....
Breakfast Bacon ' ....
Smoked Heef, ....
Corned Beef " ....
Corned Pork,
Lard, in tins and caddies u 1VAY
Eggs, fi dozen 2025
Chickens. " 4 00(55 07
! Hides, Dry, i...... .-...-. 07
X.U1UU, iiav
Beef, " 5(jG
Pork, ,4 S10
Mutton, " &7
Veal, 44 5i
Corn Beef, " bbl 11 00l'Hj0
Sheep. Q head 2 50:l 50
Apples, green, f box 1 00,1 50
4 Dry 44 lb :. AV2A
Peaches. " 44 lil
Coffee, green 44 ...T 24(J?25
44 prepared, Java, lb :15;r73
" . Bio. ,4 82'j
Moco, ? n :17
Sugar, crushed, ft lb 14i.
4 iowered, ft lb 1517
44 island, ft lb ty&WA
Syrup, extra golden, ft gallon 1 00
ft keg. 400(ff4 2-1
Tea, Young Hyson, ft lb
3 50g3 75
1 001 50
IKXLtl 10
44 Japan, in papers, ft lb
44 in lacquered boxes ft lb
Candles, ft lb
Oils, Dovoo's ft case
Lead, Atlantic, vrhito ft lb
Kice, fi lb
Salt, Liverpool, lb cental
44 Island, t cental
Spice, wholo ft lb
Penor. " ft lb
Soap, Astoria, i box -..90.100.1 25
fancy, $ box 150(52 25
Tobacco, lb f... U5l 00
Matches, ft gross 2 20
Nails, ft lb 5G
Lumber, rough. fttl 10001500
4 finished, fM .' 15003000
Shingles, ft M 250(S3 00
Blankets, ft puir. G 00&10 00
Sheeting, per yard 10(51G
Water proof, " " 1 00(l 50
Ticking, " 18&45
Cottonades ' 25(50
Flannels, all wool ft yard SO&i'y
Checks, ft yard 1G30
The very bnest riiotofraphs atShuster
Davidsons, corner of First and Yamhill
streets, Portland, Oregon.
The American Colonist in Oregon.
By Rev. George H. Atkinson, D. D.
Those "who saw Dr. Whitman over
taking the emigrants, whom he had
encouraged to start, at the North Platte
River, ,in June, 1843, and heard him.
bid them throw away their skin-boats,
prepared for crossing, and saw him for
?e il0S and re-crossing
that vicle stream, swimming his horse
to imci the best ford, and at last
heard liim order the one hundred or
more teams and wagons to be chained
together and driven in one long Hne
t6 ford, for two miles, that river,
swollen by spring floods, cheering the
drivers, permitting not a moment's
halt lest they sjiould sink in the quick
sands, will-never forget the man and
the deed.
General John 0. Fremont had been
sent by President Tyler with an escort
to make and protect a path for this
emigration, but he found the path
opened by their wagon train, and
guided and guarded by the vigilant
care of Dr. "Whitman. He had taken
one wagon across in 1806, and now,
seven years later, he could take one
hunclred. At Port "Hall the usual
effort was made by the Honorable
Hudson Bay Company's agents to
exchange horses for wagons under the
old plea of the impossibility to take
them to the Columbia River, bat Dr.
Whitman interposed, asking the emi
grants to trust him as they had done,
and he would take iheir wagons to the
Columbia. It was done, and they
arrived saf ely at his station about eight
hundred strong, their families, wagons,
furniture utensils, and seed, to be
refreshed from liis gardens. The flour
was transported one hundred miles on
horses "by Rev. H. H. Spaulding,
another missionary, from his station at
Lapwai, as Dr. Whitman's flour mill
had been burned by his foes during his
absence. Then he sent 'them on
their way rejoicing down the Columbia
This immigration, outnumbered all
the employes of , the Honorable Hudson
Bcy Company and their immigration
from Red River. It opened " and
advertised the route for wagons across
the continent, and saved Oregon to
the United States.
. Dr. Marcus Whitman, the mission
ary patriot, saw the crisis, put himself
into the " breach" and saved the State
from foreign control. When this grand
scheme was in process and the wearied
colonists were slowly arriving by boats
and wagons in the Willamette Valley,
hungry and sick, with torn garments,
and almost penniless, their appeals to
Dr. John McLaughlin, Superintendent
and chief factor of the Honorable
Hudson Bay .Company, for flour,
groceries and clothing, met a generous
response. He ordered the clerks to
sell them what they needed, and let
none suffer, granting credit when
necessary. For this act, having been
blamed, and required to assume the
debts of the settlers, he nobly said:
"When any come to my door starving
and naked, I will feed and clothe them.
I have done my utmost duty to the
company, but when you require me to
sacrifice my duty to my fellow-man
and to God, I can serve you no longer."
He resigned his office, and thencefor
ward identified himself with the Amer
ican citizens. His noble face and
princely form and most generous deeds
entitle him to rank among the noblest
benefactors, inscribing on his banner,
" Humanity the Highest Patriotism.
But wisdom was needed to adjust the
provisional government. The legisla
tive committee and " triumvirate"
executive, with other officers of the
people's choice, had served about two
years with fair success, yet a more
definite constitution was needed, and
an executive head.
To one who studies the principles and
purposes of the Provisional Code, re
vised from the Iowa Code, with only
such assumption of sovereignty as the
settlers,, isolated and neglected by the
general Government, required;' the
impression will be made that there were
statesmen among them worthy to be
the tribunes of the people. It is enough
to say that Congress, ingranting Oregon
a territorial government, Aug.14, 1848,
recognized and endorsed the acts of
their provisional government.
On the great questions of religious
liberty, personal rights and self-govern
ment, the rights and extent of citizen
ship, the protection of property, the
co-ordinate rights of taxation and rep
resentation trial by iury, the prompt
execution of. the laWj the guards against
excessive pumsiiuieiiE ana tne exclusion
of slavery, the American colonists of
f Oregon proved themselves equal to the
citizens of other States, and superior
in some things..
A Card from J, H. IT. Gray-
To tlie Voters of Clatsop Ceunty:
' I am again balled upon to defend
'myself from the attack made by Mr.
(W. W.. Parker, who has sacrificed him
self in the interest of the -dear people
by holding federal and county offices
in Clatsop county some twelve or fif
teen years, who, when he coidd no
longer hold his office of Deputy Col
lector with a salary of $jL,800 per year
went off after Greeley for office, and
now comes back to the Republican
ring for office. The people want Mr.
Parker to explain, his act of opening
letters addressed to other persons while
holding a Government office. He is
now a candidate for office. His acts
in future will be judged by the past,
and without he does explain this mat
ter fully and to' the entire satisfaction
of the people they will not per
mit him to represent them
anywhere. Don't fly the track
our Republican Martyr, answer those
nuts for W. W. Parker to crack about
trying to suppress the saloon business,
when H. B. Parker, his' brother; had
secured a license from the city, for a
long term ahead. Explain what you
I said in the presence of other gentle
men, that "you coidd not expect me
(Parker) to be in favor of a wharf that
would take thet business away from my
property." You say "you think you
acted in concurrence; with other Coun
cilmen in your movement regarding
the Farmer's wharf I say that you
know that you opposed this improve
ment and when I asked you at the
time, why you did so, while talking
to me tlirough the delivery win
dow of the Post-office in this
city "tliat the wharf would never
be bnilt and there was no use giving
the Farmer's- Company any rights."
You have not given onii .cent to help
the Astoria Chambei of Commerce
you opposed the wharf company.
You 'have not subscribed one cent
to aid the Telegraph', you have
written letters all over this
and Tillamook counties containing
false assertions which you did not dare
to face me with, on the stump, but
have sent messengers to Tillamook
and remote j)arts of the county with
false reports that I went to Tillamook
for electioneering purpsses only. Why
did not you go on the Canby to Tilla
mook because, you are too stingy and
wanted to sn&ak on behin.d. The trip
of the Gen. Canby to Tillamook was
made to show the people of Clatsop
and Tillamook that a steamer can go
there, and the trij was made from As
toria to Tillamook in seven hours, and
the return trip from bar to bar in tour
and a half hours, and from bay to As
toria in six hours and ten minutes.
The result will soon be seen by the ac
tion of our cannery ment
I see in the Astorian a note from
Capt. John West saying. that I was the
first man to mention Cprbett's name
to him. I may have mentioned Cor
bett's name when I first spoke to West
about running for Representative, but
Mr. West was not willing to change
from .Corbett to Mitchell in the coiir
test of 1872, although I personally re
quested him to go for Mitchell in pref
erence to Corbett, whom I found had
turned against our interests since I had
spoken to Mr. West about the matter
in Jan 1872. J.Wm. Welch and my
self presented to Mr. West-a petition
signed by 70 odd Republican voters of
Astoria precinct, in fact nearly every
Republican in the preeinct, except the
Parker's, Badollet, Bowlby Spedden,
and two or tliree more of the ring who
are now trying to make capital against
me, signed the petition. Mr. West
now claims or wbulc endeavor to claim
that my mentioning Mr. Corbett's
name so impressed him that he never
got over it. Too bad. f
Take Your Local Papkk. A man in Marion
county la?8 week saved S150 by taking his
local papor, the Mercury", and there ia a man
in this counts, nean Brownsville, who told up,
a short time ago, that he had made anfcU-ncre
tract of land, by being a reader of the Demo
crat. He bad been wanting for a long time to
buy an 80. adjoining his farm, but could get no
track of the owner, who was a non-resident of
the State, and finally saw it advertised for
tax sale 1n the Democrat. He attended the
sale and bought it for a nominal sum.
sitwI i?
now tho owner o f it. Albany Democrat.