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VOL. 1.
NO. 27.
t!l KULWl
fi TTnJ (I
t-u-.j. -uwLiJL-me je-uJi-.ia
S?Iw 33:i2Iw stswfem.
(Sundays Excepted),
Monitor Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served toy Carrier, per week 25 Cents
.Sentfey mail, three months -S2 50
Sentry mail six months. 4 00
Sent by mail one year 7 00
li ee of l'ostagc to the Subscribers.
Advertisements inserted by the year at
fcho of 1 00 per square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
fifty cents per square first insertion.
Heading notices, in City Items column, fivo
cent per line per day. No charge less than
twenty-live cents.
When will tbe road leading to
rtihe ceineterj' grounds be made pas
sable? The Concordia arrived at San
Prancisco on Sunday from Shoalwater
I. N. Foster has been appointed
Postmaster at Jewell, in this county.
When will the Common Council
order a tax, if necessary, to improve
the cemetery grounds ?
The Gussie Telfair leaves Astoria
on Saturday for New Westminister,
Isaiiaimo, Victoria and Port Town
send. Christopher Gosh. J that Pacific
county calf is surely going to the Cen
tennial. It was "showed" at Rose--burg
on Saturday.
The winds of Monday night did
3io further damages to booms of logs
smd spiles in this harbor than to shoot
51 few of them ashore.
The new warehouse on Capt. Fla
vel's dock, foot of Cass street, begins
"to assume the proportions of a very
creditably sized structure.
Hon. Wm. Wadhams, President
of the Board of Pilot Commissioners,
took his departure for Portland to-day,
After a pleasant visit of several days,
on business of importance to Astoria,
nind this vicinity.
If you have any matters which
you wish presented to the Common
Council, prepare to present them by
.Friday. See notice elsewThere of Com
mon Council meeting, and of the new
order of business.
The Ajax and Stephens both made
splendid trips last voyage. The Ajax
came in yesterday with the bits in her
teeth. The Stephens is reported as
having arrived below on Saturday.
It is expected the Light-house
tender Shubrick will get away from
Astoria on Saturday, possibly not un
tilthe day following. The first place
:to be visited will be Shoalwater'bay.
The steamer Gen. Canby, Capt.
JT. H. D. Gray, left for Tillamook bay
this morning. This is an experimental
trip, which we hope will result in
opening up a continuous business be
tween Astoria merchants and settlers
of that fertile district.
Some of the best property for resi
dences that has been offered in the
market at Astoria, is to-day offered by
A. Van Dusen, Esq. In every case
the lots or parcels are cleared and in
good condition for building. Some of
the property has buildings npon it.
If you want to invest a few dollars, to
the very best advantage, call upon Mr.
Van Dusen. He will sell you a bare
lot, or a lot with a house on it, a lot
with orchard, timber tract, or anything
he has offered in another column, and
at very reasonable prices.
Ripe cherries and strawberries
were abundant in Astoria yesterday,
on the arrival of th Ajax. They went
off like hot cakes, at fifty cents per
Contract for military supplies at
Fort Canby and Stevens were awarded
to Messrs. A. V. Allen and John S.
Moore, for wood ; C. P. Church for
oats ; J. II. D. Gray, for hay and
Grandma Lanpher, long known
to the citizens of Astoria, is very ill.
Her extreme age and generally de
bilitated system, renders recovery
extreme! v uncertain.
An umbrella tinkerer of ne plus
ultra order, is sadly wanted at Astoria.
A man who can repair that useful ar
ticle can find a cord or so here to begin
Mr. Arrigoni has commenced the
construction of another new house
near his new hotel building. Messrs
Bain & Ferguson are the builders.
We are pleased to know that the
health of our fellow townsman, Mr.
James Welch, is gradually growing
better. We hope to see him sitting
in our sanctum chair, and hear him
converse in his usual cheerful man
ner again soon.
The following named gentlemen
accompanied Capt. Gray on his trip
to Tillamook county this morning,
leaving by the steamer Gen. Canby.
Messrs. John Adair, R. D. Hume,
Mendleson, Brallier, Kofoed, Jacobs
and O'Brien. The party expects to
return on Fridav next.
Judge Dean Blanchard, who yes
terday disposed of his interests in
the Globe Factory, to Mr.P. D. Hume,
is arranging matters for a trip to the
Atlantic side soon. He still retains
his Smith's Point properly, which
will be improved in another year,
and also his Rainier mill property,
now in active operation.
At a meeting of citizens, held at
the rooms of the Astoria Chamber of
Commerce yesterday to take some
action on the matter of appointing a
suitable person to prepare the Cen
tennial address for Clatsop county,
Mr. W. II. Gray, of Klaskani farm,
was selected, and it was arranged to
publish the address in The Daily
Astoriax on the Fourth of July, 1876.
We regret to hear that our friend
S. W. Childs lost his boat Monday
night, during the gale, on Sand Is
land. But in all disasters there are
some grains for comfort. In this case
Mr Childs and his boat-puller saved
themselves. We hope to hear that
the boat may not become a total loss.
As was inevitable, the railroad war
between the through lines, -which be
gan on the eastward transportation
of grain and cattle, has extended to
westward bound passenger rates.
Tickets from Boston to Chicago are
offered at $16, and from New York to
Chicago at $12. Freights from Chi
cago to New York are fifteen cents
per hundred weight. This is the
very desperation of railway fighting.
The more business the roads do at
these rates the poorer they will be.
Thus far, eastward passenger rates
and westward freights have not been
reduced from the figures of a month
ago. But there is every probability
that the war will begin to extend "all
along the line."
A Card. I desire to return my
sincere thanks to all those who so
kindly assisted me, either by deeds
or wordsof sympathy in my late afflic
tion, and especially to those who with
strong arms and willing hearts assis
sed so cheerfully, under trying diffi
culties in performing the last sad
rite, thereby granting the earnest
request of a true friend to humanity,
anrl T Mti flSSnrf nno inrl-all flof tYia.
j sacrifice made is truly .appreciated
by Yours truly "l." w, Cass.
Jerome Stewart S F M Peel Portland
E S Reed Portland A Gray Hubbard
J Michael S F J G Metier Brookfield
Vin Cook Clifton A Knapp Knappa
T B Adams bk Rival E B Durham city
Frank Byrd Clatsop S D Adair city
J A Richardson
A Card from Mr. W. W. Parker.
Astoria, Oregon, "I
May SUt, 1876. J .
Editor Astokian :
As your paper is open to the several
contestants in the pending election, there
by enabling each one to vent his person
al spleen, as well as his notions of public
action and public duty; and as the lead
ing Democrats have selected the Grays
as the most convenient and available in
strument of attack and defense in this
county and district contest, I think it is
proper for me, representing the true in
terests of all the people, (instead of the
whims and spites of the Grays), to notice
their last efforts and elfusions.
In his card in yesterdays Astorian
YV. H. Gray saTs he lost his place "as
Inspector of Customs for refusing to
vote For H. B. Parker for Sheriff," &c.
But I s-tate the case thus, "for refusing to
support the Republican ticket in times al
most as critical as war times." Three
times in the last twenty years I have re
fused to vote for H. 13. Parker, and each
time voted lor his opponent. But his op
ponent each time was tho regular nomi
nated candidate of the Republican party.
'That" is the difference. It is utterly
and wholly false that I ever assisted my
brother in his efforts to get my father-in-law
removed; on the contrary I ad
vised him before he set in and all the way
through, against his course, and ha an
swered that he did not ask or expect my
assistance, and that the greater portion of
Astonans, and many prominent men in
cluding H. "W. Corbett in Portland and
up Ihe valley were with him, as after
wards proved to be the case. But he
failed as I told him he would, and in an
election near that time when he run for
representative, "Independent," I voted
for Gillette, Republican, not because "I
feared being removed if I voted for H. B.
Parker (as Gray said to me would be
the case, if I so voted) but because Gillette
was on the right ticket for me.
Said Gray and all the Grays,are at per
fect liberty to publish and proclaim all he
knows of my "political and personal ac
tions," dodges and all. Concerning offices,
getting them and making them pa3' and
the like, this is the third time, only, that I
have been a candidate for "any" offace,
before the people of ClaUop county, du
ring the twenty-four years that I have
lived in this county, each time a can
didate for the legislature, aud never was
or sought to be, a candidate for any office
that had any "money" in it. Tho first
time in 1855 the canvass showed me one
vote behind my opponent, Judge Callen
der, but he acknowledged one illegal vote
for himself and offered to "draw cuts," as
the law provided in case of a tin, for the
seat. But we accepted the canvas, In
his term our town charter was given us
by the Legislature, and afterwards adopt
ed by the citizens, on a vote for that pur
pose; and the clauses concerning streets,
which Gray now complains of, has stood
till now, "twenty one years," though the
charter has been amended since in other
respects, four or more times. "Gray"
makes me favor the city too much; "J.
H. D.," tries to make me otherwise. Is
not that another "Gray-Boomerang?"
Grays account of the county Convention
balloting is very incorrect, and of what
Bayley said, "utterly false," 1 think.
"WhatI did in the city Council about the
Farmers' "Wharf privilege two or three
years ago, now complained of by Gray,
was in concurrence with the action of
Councilmen C. S. Wright, F. Perrell,
Capt. Reed, and C.H.Pago, who now has
a storeon Farmers' dock" and is legeinff
it so hard on the Democratic side, against
pie, through J. H. D. Gray. Perhaps he
is paying off " the Grays" for services ren
dered some two years since.
So, too, my action about that time in the
Council on the. license question, was not
at all as now represented by Gray, but was
in accord with the action of said Council
men "Wright, Reed, etc., etc., making a
large majority of the Common Council of
the town.
So you see, Mr, Editor all the Gray's
shots are boomerangs in their own hands,
which they handle very unskillfully. It
will take smarter and better men than the
aaid Grays, though I ought not j-ay it,
to impeach any part of my conduct the
last quarter of a century, though heaven
knows I am vulnerable enough. Smith
says the promise of 50 for the road
was ltwithout conditions," and the repu
diation was without cause and in the
customary style of G. No matter who
paid Mrs. Ross 4. But who did not
pay the 24, promised by Gray.
W. "W.Parker.
iZ-S-Miss xBelle Welch having re
moved her stock of millinery goods to the
house of her father, corner of Wall and
Eighth Streets, invites ladies" to call.
The best assortment of hats and trim
mings in the city. Orders from abroad
promptly attended to.
' X9" The very nnest Photographs at ShusteV
k Davidsons, corner of First and Yamhill
streets, Portland, Oregon.
Telegraphic News,
Synopsis of Press Dispatches.
The Latest about Blain's
The Dead Lock in Congress
a Sticker.
England Preparing for War.
Is Speaker Kee a Bribe Ta
ker? Investigation on
That Point.
Fires in Eastern Cities.
Brisk Movement of Grain
Towards the East.
Advance in Freight Rates
A Swindling Lawyer A
Real Bonanza $27,-
000 Strike.
No More Foolin 'bout Cib
il Rights
San Francisco Favored
With a Ripe System of
Mail facilities.
Small Pox Chinamen
6000 more Etc. Etc.
The $64,000 bond charge against
Ex-Speaker Blaine drags its slow
length along. He is a "dead duck"
or as a prominent political wire worker
expressed liimself with respect to an
other defunct pub. funct., "he is
played out."
The Time's Washington corres
pondent justifies the Senate in doing
nothing to break the dead lock with
the House. The position that the
House is taking is one of absolute
domination, and if they don't yield
and meet the Senate in a fair spirit of
compromise on the differences be
tween the two bodies, on the first of
July there will be no appropriations
to pay a dollar of salaries, or to do
anything else wluch may not proceed
under contracts payable out of the ap
propriations for the present fiscal
year. The President, the heads of de-
I partments, all clerks, foreign ministers
and consuls, judges of courts, and even
members of Congresf and other em
ployes will not be able to draw their
salaries. The Democrats think when
this time comes, the Senate will accept
and bills can get tlirough, but Sena
tors say they will let the House take
the responsibility. There are it
should be said, some signs that the
leaders of the Democracy will not be
able to carry out this plan, as the rank
and file are inclined to assert their in
dependence and to refuse to follow
such leaders.
England is preparing for war.
A bold stand will be taken respecting
the Eastern question. One hundred
tons of gunpowder and a million cart
ridges have just been dispatched from
Woolwich to Gibralter, Malta and ihe
Mediterranean fleet.
Clymer's Committee is at work
investigating Speaker Kerr, the Dem
ocratic Speaker. He is charged with
having received 4,500 for securing the
appointment of Aug. P. Green to the
rank of First Lieutenant fourth artil
lery U.S. A., in 18G6. Green was-
'dismissed from the service in 1873, by
sentence of Court Martial. Harnej7,
former dockeeper of the House,
"blowed" on Kerr.
Fires in Omaha, New York city
and Providence, Rlkde Island, de
stroyed property to the amount of
$200,000, on Sunday..
Twenty-six vessels "were- char
tered in New York on Saturday last,
;to take cargoes of grain to Europe in
view of an approaching war. An ad
vance in freights is looked for.
The receiver winding up the
affairs of Howes & Macy, discovered
that through the blunder of the clerk
who entered the deposit on the books
as $30,000 when it should have been
$3,000, E. F.. Bell, a lawyer of
Yonkers, obtained. $27,000 and de
camped. Judge Sawyer has decided that
that portion of the act of Congress
providing that any manager of a
theater or similar institution should be
guilty of" misdemeanor, who should
refuse admission to any colored per
son, was unconstitutional and void.
San Francisco is to be four postal
districts, each with a branch office.
The main office on- Washington street
will constitute one station; another
will be located at the intersection of
Sixth and Market streets; another at
Polk and Pine streets, and another at
the junction of Howard and Twen
tieth streets. The last three places
mentioned will be known as district
stations A B. C All mail matter
for each district will be forwarded
from the main office and distributed
from the station. If this will assist
the earlier distribution of the Cali
fornia mails after it has reached Ore
gon we say amentoit.
Nineteen cases of small pox, with
five deaths have been reported from
San Francisco.
Six hundred more celestials ar
rived at San Francisco in the steerage
of the Galic on Monday last.
A sham naval ennagement is to be
one of the attractions at San Francis
co on the 4th of July.
Shipping Port of Astoria.
W. H. Thorndike, bk., to Liverpool, May 2S
John L. Stephens, ss. 195 tons, Mackie, fm San F
May 27.
Kate L. Herron, sch 26 tons, Thompson, fm Tilla
lnook, May27.
Gussie Telfair, str., 413 tons, Gardner, fra Puget
Sound, May 31.
Ajax. str 1354 tons, Bolles. for S FMay 30.
Rival, bk 2fW tons, Adams, fm "Wilmington, May 27.
Dawn bk, 250 tons, for S. F. May 28.
Sea "Waif, brig, 273 tons, Harstoff, fnrS F May 23.
California, str 674 tons, Hayes, fm Sitka, May 22.
Orient, brig, 312 tons, Adamson, fm S. F. May 21.
Shubrick, U S str, 3oo tons, Korts, fm S F May IK.
Modoc, bkt Christiansen fm San Francisco.May Hf.
Centaur, Ger bk 468 tons Oifarson. fm Hongkong,
May 8.
Jane A. Falkinburg, bkt., 300 tons, Hubbard, fm
Honolulu, Mny2.
Wave Queen. Brbk, $53 tons, Anderson, fm New
castle,? S W., April 17.
Caller Ou, Br. bk., 674 tons, Rea, fm Isl. Java. Apr 9.
Portland, bkt, 494 tons. Gage, fnS. F. May 27.
Garibaldi, bk, 670 tons, Xoyes, from Hongkong,
May 15.
Oregonian, sch 274 tons, Pennell, fm SF.
Assaye, 12S1 tons, Ritchie, fm Cardiff, via Rio.
Canoma, 520 ts, Rosser. fm Glasgow via Honolulu.
Clita, Br bkt.. 519 tons, White, ftn Honolulu.
Doart Bay, ship. 936 tons, fm Europet via Austral
ia and bhangai.
Enid, Br bk., 496 tons, Renouf fm Port Chalmers.
Edward James, Forbes, fm Hongkong.
Forward.Br bk.,744 tons, Strachan, fm Hongkong.
Hero of the Nile, Br bk 335 tons. Pyke, tm Mel
bourne, Feb 21.
Otto. Brbk 465 tons, Carter, fm Liverpool Oct 14
Robert Bright. Br. bk. 309 tons Hennings from
Shields March 13. T
Sam G., 656 tons, White, from Hongkong.
April 12.
Trevelyan, Brbk 1042 tons, Edwards, fm Newcastle
Woodside, Brbk. 700 tons Montgomery, 95 days fm
Table bay. April 1.
For fine and Artistift Photographs, go to
Buchtol & Stolte, 91 and 93 First stxeot, Port
land tho oaly first clasaGailery. in .Oregon.