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VOL. 1.
NO. 12.
gV.Jli u ' "1.iLI".;m,i' jiij.ii ,. i j 'j'-i 'L i ' 'it ' -i1- '.. -L -,", ',H-?' f i '.J).L tf.TirJJlilJlJ
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21 n c 1 i 1 8 I
(Sundays Excepted),
1. C. fi:i:LA.V5, : : JrTSSLSSE&r.K.
Monitvr JJiUhluig, Cans Sp-cci.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served by Carrier, por week 25 Cents
Sent, by mail, three months $-o)
Jrout by iiuiil rix month? I 00
Sent by mail one year 7 00
Tree uf lortairc to the Subscribers.
US Advertisement inserted by the year at
the rate of 1 00 jicr mare per month.
Transient adveni-nig, by the day or week,
iifty cents pers.juurc first insertion.
Little Yjui will give you a good
shine for a bit, at the old corner on
Gass street, in front of Case's.
Divine services at the Episcopal
Clmrch to-morrow at 11 o'clock a. ji.
and 7 o'clock v. m. Subject of the
morning discourse : The doctrines of
the Go?pel should be tested by ex
periment Messrs. Bain 0 Ferguson have
taken a contract to put two windows
in the front of the Episcopal Church,
for the purpose of giving light and
ventilation in the' gallery. An im
provement which has been very
much needed.
Captain It. ITobson lias just com
pleted two or three neat cottages on
the remaining ground near his resi
dence at the foot of Lafayette street.
A store-house for Knemeyor's barrel
factory resembles a calaboose, and
ought to be labeled "warehouse" for
the benelit of curious visitors.
II, D. II time ct Co. began can
ning salmon tins morning at the
Giobe-brand Factory in Astoria. This
factory is the most complete of any
on the river. The fTsh are dressed
on the first floor, and ?re then hoisted
by elevators to the cutting and seal
ing room on the second floor, and
conveyed to the baths in the same
room, from thence to the packing
C. II. Dexter, Esq., mine host of
the Day View House, Unity, V. T.,
called last evening, and -we are
pleased to learn is improving in
health rapidly. The Bay View House
is now open for the accommodation
of guests, and we bespeak for the
enterprising proprietor a liberal sup
port this summer.
The Worrell Sisters, " Merry
Makers," gave an excellent enter
tainment at Spiritual Hall last even
ing. The hall was densely crowded,
and everybody was satisfied. The
troupe would have performed this
evening, but the hall had been pre
viously engaged for the public in
stallation of the officers elect in the
rder of Good Templars.
The moving out process in the vi
cinity of Kinney's factory was about
completed yesterdey when Turley's
teams steyrped down and out for other
quarters. Buildings still continue to
go up,- and the entn-e grounds included
in Mr. Kinneys late purchases from
Capt. Hobson and others, will soon be
covered with shops and work-houses.
That locality jresents busy scenes at
all times, day and night.
The new and many marks" on
general merchandise received at As
toria, now days causes considerable
confusion, sometimes among con
signees. Shippers should be particu
lar in marking goods. V. tfcM.
for instance stands for Warren tMc
Guire. " M. & W." for Megler &
Wright ; "W. D." and " Wr. E. D.
also cause confusion, unless the
markers are careful to express the in
tention plainly-.
Current Euenis of the Day.
J. Win. Welch, Esq., of Walla
Walla, arrived last evening on a visit
to his old home. Mrs. W. accom
panied him from that fruitful valley
of Eastern Washington Territory, and
is visiting relatives in Salem.
A Chinook cmoe loaded with one
of the first families irom Tillamook
county, came in over the Columbia
river bar yesterday, and proceeded to
the Cascades last evening, on the
regular annual fishing expedition.
The good weather of the past
week has been improved by every
body working out of doors, and the
farmers of this count' are happy in
thought that they have accomplished
a great deal of work, in time to get
the benefits of the shower this morn
ing. That swamp bounded on the west
by Monroe street, on the east by
Main street, on the south by Chena-
nms and on the north by Concoinly
street, ought to be drained before the
warm weather sets in, if a pestilence
would be averted.
Several new fishing racks have
been .put up on the foundation driven
for the building which is to be built
by the Columbia Diver Fishermen's
Beneficial Aid Societ7, on the upper
side of the Farmers Dailroad track on
West-sixth street.
The streets of Astoria last even
presented a lively scene. From the
Occident to the Post-ofiice, a distance
of three blocks, bo;h side-walks were
densely crowded with people, a liv
ing, moving, sea of humanity, but
"an infant wave where soon shall
float a human sea."
Trullingcr's new steam saw mill
is in active operation, and bills for
lumber are turned out in short ordei .
The want of a good street connecting
the mill with town, will soon be sup
plied. Contracts will be let for such
work next Saturday, may 20th. See
advertisement on fourth page.
Hutter & McELenzie are employed
to-day in the construction of another
handsome fishing boat, at their shops
on Concomly street. They turned
over another one yesterday to Kin
ney's factory. The boats they are
now building are for Devlin & Co.,
and will be copper faster ed and rivet
ed, made of Eastern oak and Port
Orford cedar. The day lias gone by
for Columbia river fishermen to send
to California for boats.
The Oregonian yesterday says :
11 Capt. Harry Ashton is en route from
Astoria to Salem, to enter the list of
journalism in that citv, and bavins:
been recently sojourning with old
friends and acquaintances in the
fishing interest along the river, states
as their views, that never in the his
tory of this industry has the outlook
been- so promising. Mr. Kinnev of
Astoria, Mr. Booth near by, and "Mr.
Hume a short distance up the river
all of whom are large packers
agree in the belief that, no matter
how great the demand, the supply
will, judging by precedent, be fulfv
up to requirements. On our table is
a fine salmon of Mr. Kinney's pack
ing, which, if a specimen of" the gen
eral run, argues that our State "will
this season provide the best packed
stock of salmon in this growing and
profitable interest. It is worthy of
note that the samples we have, con
tain salmon which two hours before
the case was packed, had not been
Rev. Dr. Crang will deliver an
address this evening at Spiritual Hall,
on the subject of Temperance, in
connection with the public installation
of officers by Astoria Lodge No.- 40. I.
O. G T A general invitation is
extended to the public.
sT"Mendle?on Bros., are in receipt of
an excellent stock of nice eay-fitting
shoes, which goes with their choice stock
of clothing, at rates cheap for cash.
South Bexd, PaoiGc Co., W. T. 1
May 2d, IS7G. J
Editor Astohiax :
As it requires many items of inter
est from many places, to make a paper
interesting to all, we propose to send
a few items as thcr occur hi this re
mote corner of the great domain.
To begin, we presume that but few of
your readers know much about this
place, or even where it is located.
This place is about three miles above
the mouth of the Waliapa river, is
well protected from the prevailing
Minds, and is a safe and commodious
harbor for any amount of slupping.
John Wood & Co's., steam saw mill
is located here, and at present there
are eight families, with the usual
amount of bachelors. The greatest
complaint Ave hear, is the unusual
length and inclemency of the win
ter, and the lateness of the spring.
There has been an unusual amount
of sickness in the valley this winter,
mostly colds, attended with severe
coughs, which have, in some instances
proved fatal. Our neighbor Amos
Smith had the misfortune to lose his
two eldest children, within the past
week, from a disease resembling dip
theria, and so called by the attending
physician. Edith, aged S years, died
on Wednesday the 2Gth of April, and
Arthur, aged 0 ye;irs, died May 1st.
The loss will be sorely felt by the af
flicted parents, and it causes a feel
ing of uneasiness among parents whose
children are suffering from colds. The
mill at this place has started again,
after quite a rest for repairs and im
provements, and is now cutting more
lumber per diem, than ever. The
Schooner H. L. Tiernan left this place
with a cargo of lumber for San Fran
cisco, on the 2Gth ult. The Enter
prise, with a cargo of lumber on the,
2d inst.
These schooners have been running
here constantly for nearly a year, and
the masters of each give considerable
credit to our bay as a safe harbor,
and easy of entrance. The schooner
John McCullough sailed from Oyster
ville on the 23d of last month, with
oTsters for Crellin & Co. We have
had as mairy as five schooners hi this
Bay at one time, and it is no unusual
thing too see two schooners loading at
the same time at the mill.
Of the country aiound the bay I
can say but little, having been over
but a small portion of it, but from the
information I have gained from par
ties, who have explored it, there is
good homes for hundreds of families
on its tributaries, and we presume as
healthy a location as can be found
on the coast. We need better facili
ties for getting to and from this place,
and we need enterprising settlers, and
such can do well. More Axon.
-Maj. II. Clay Wood, assistant ad
jutant general, ex-officio assistant in
spector general in the Department of
the Columbia, arrived at Astoria last
evening, and this morning proceeded
to Fort Canby, Cape Hancock, under
special instructions from the depart
ment commander. Major Wood is
one of the most affable and courteous
gentleman of our acquaintance con
nected with Military Headquarters.
Hon. John Brazee, Superinten
dent of construction in the Oregon
Steam "Navigation Company arrived
at Astoria last evening on business
connected with his department on the
Hue. We learn that the plans are
completed for the proposed Astoria
improvements, which will soon be
Benjamin Franklin, of this city,
who has been employed in replacing
a range beacon on Sand Island, re
turned to Astoria yesterday.
Shipping News and Notes.
The schooner Fairy Queen sailed
from San Francisco on the 11th, for
Shoalwater bay.
The schooner Elnora, Captain
Black, arrived j'esterday from Deep
i river, with a cargo of wood for Booth
The schooner Buckeye completed
discharging a cargo of good wood at
j C. H. Page & Co's dock yesterday,
jd armors wnan.
The steamship Gussie Telfair,
with a cargo of 240 tons produce,
sailed yesterday for Puget Sound and
British Columbia ports.
The Adelaide will sail for Young's
river to-morrow, .for a cargo of hay
for T. II. Foss camp on Deep river.
The Elnora is waiting charter.
Capt. KempfTis expecting the
United States steamer Shu brick at
this port next week on buoy service
in the loth Light-house District.
She will probably sail from San Fran
cisco on Monday next.
" The schooner Adelaide, Capt.
Dentz, arrived last evening from
Blind slough with a cargo of wood,
and salmon in barrels. The salmon
are from Bergland's packing estab
lishment, for shipment to Honolulu.
The loading of the River Lunc and
Thorndike having been completed,
both vessels are in the stream waiting
the completion of business settlements
prior to departures for Europe. The
River Lune was taken down to an
chorage off Fort Stevens, by the tug
Gon. Canby, last evening.
The steamship, JohnL. Stephens
left for San Francisco at 3:30 this
morning, and by six o'clock was well
out to sea with wind and tide favora
ble for a srieedy passage. Nine
thousand seven hundred and thirty
cases of salmon, besides a large lot in
barrels and several tons of miscella
neous freight constitutes her cargo.
The barkentine Modoc, one of
the handsomest models that has yet
come to Oregon waters, arrived yes
terday eleven days out from San
Francisco, with an assorted cargo
consisting of eight hundred tons of
general merchandis, and supplies for
canneries. She will proceed to Port
land to-day. A portion of her cargo
for Astoria was discharged this fore
noon at Kinney's wharfT
Drifts and low Heads 7876.
Upper Astoria, Clatsop county. Oregon.
.April 24, l&7o. j"
At a Special meeting of the Colum
bia River Fishermens Beneficial Aid
Society, the following regulations for
the government of all concerned
were adopted. That the following
drifts and tow heads be established
for the fishing season of 1S70.
First Drift. From Woody Island
to Brown's point.
Second Drift. From Brown's Poi nt
inside of Snag Island to the 12th red
Third Drift. From the loth buoy
to Tongue Point.
Fourth Drift. From Tongue Point
to a noint a little west of Booth'?
I Cannery, at a place to be designated
uy a spue or some permanent mark.
Fifth Drift. From the termina
tion of the 4th drift to Smith's Point.
Sixth Drift. From Smith's Point
to the Pacific Ocean.
Seventh Drift. From the red buoy
in the Prairie channel to Tongue
Point up or down.
Eighth Drift. The big snag in
Chinook shoot will be considered a
ov head.
The fishermen in Astoria, in coun
cil have mutually agreed to bind
i themselves to be governed by the
; foregoing drifts, and it is expectetl
1 from boats outside of the Society that
they will also conform to the same.
Any fisherman who is not fortunate
enough to be a member of this Society
' has still' another ounortunitv to inin
this Society, by applying before the
10th day of May, 1876, in accordance
with the notice published elsewhere
in the Astoriax. After which timp
the initiation fees will be raised to
twenty-five dollars.
By order of the Society,
How to make Extravagance Unfashion
able. Of course, moderation in socie
ty is more difficult in this country
than elsewhere, for the reason
that education, character and re
finement have no support in rank.
A duchess may dress simply, live
economically, and entertain plain
ly. ' She is always a duchess, and
in the best society, and to cross
her threshold is to be admitted to
it. But a lady who is not a duch
ess, who has only the rague tra
dition of good family upon her
side must be a very exceptional
person, if, without money, she
maintains any land of correspond
ing position. In Washington, for
instance, a high officer of the
state, who should live upon his
salary and hope to have some
thing from it against the evil day
of his removal, would find it very
difficult to maintain, in a board
ing house, and without a carriage
and without entertainments, the
social standing which an ambi
tious, clever, and darling wife
might require. Yet, by his posi
tion, she would be necessarily ex
posed to the splendid rivalry of
luxury and profusion of every
kind; and if she sold her iniki
ence it would be that she might
shine and conquer by magnifi
cence. Such a woman we read
of them in novels, and smile at
the bold invention of the author
would cany her gay audacity to
the very moment of disgraceful
exposure and ruin. In her house,
superbly furnished with fraud,
and richly decorated with corrup
tion, she would stand supreme
and queenly, in a costly robe,
woven of lies and embroidered
with bribes; careless, graceful,
ready, smiling with free-flowing
gossip : knowing, as she graciously
bowed, and chatted, and greeted
the bright guests of a moment,
that the scene was all a hideous
phantasmagoria of deceit, that
the naked sword hung by a hair
just above her stately head, and
that at any moment, the ghastly
mene. mene, would glare upon
her walls, in the appalled eyes of
her blithe company.
What is the moral of this ser
mon? The text, indeed, is not
necessary to announce. What is
it but the old one, that if we are
to be saved from the swift dryrot
of corruption, the foul decadence
of older States, one way to begin
is, tndividually and unitedly, to
discountenance extravagance. In-
telligence,refinement, wit, shrewd
ness, cultivation, are still more
lovely and desirable than vulgar
ity and display. They can "act,
a fashion' if they will. If they
choose, they can make extrava
gance vulgar by confining it to
those who can be no tiling but ex
travagant. Public Installation.
Tho members of Astoria Lodge, No. 40, 1 .
0. U. T., v.-ill bavo a public installation of
officers for tbo ensuing quarter on Saturdav
evening, May 13tb, at Spiritual Ball. Imme
diately after tho installation. Iter. Dr. Crang
will deliver a lecture on temperance. The
public and all members of the older are cor
dially invited to attend.
T.S.Jkwett, W.S.
rX Loeb has just opened a fine new,
large stock of gent clothing.
5" Any person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and can appreciate thn
amc can find the genuine J. H. Cutter
Whiskej' and Millers extra Old Bourbon,
nt the " Columbia Bar" taloon Astoria,
with Goo. Usherwood late of Portland tu
cater to their tnste.-. Gentlemen will plea?e
give us a call. Cigars of a fine qnnhty
aho on hand. Jas. M. Lyxch, Prop.
Notice. Hemorrhoid or Piles cured
b3 the "Wigbtman Process- without
the use of knife, ligature or caustic ; those
that are sutTering from the above dreadful
complaint would do well to call on Dr.
Wightman while be. is in'town. He will
be at the Parker House Astoria, for two
days only, Wednesday and Thursday
May 17th and ISth. P. O. box, 217 Port
land Orogon, where all letters will be
promptly answered, consultation fee 2 00.
Dn. O. F. Wigut.vax.
LiajLagUfc, L J - --- -Jht i
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