The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, May 09, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
NO. 8.
.,j.;-jjz';'z"J-1- " ' -' -.-" i-ia IJ v'g;:
IV- "X.'-'-T- . U"X?S
iu.".'.mm -J!'J'.aimJLJ.JLJJm ' Ln-jt-mn'J-iu.-i I'Lu-.i'iimiuw-iw wumm,i .miwfrr mm i a i , ji'i,ij'igym! nwwwi
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VJ 1 I P
-PiyiP Jl' JiPJv Ji'JIJJ li
(Sundays Excepted),
).n.IRE?3, : : P'BLSSS5EK.
jJicmi&r Ihuhlxny, Ca&s Street.
7e7s of Subscriptien:
Served by Carrier, per week
Sent by ninil, three months...
Fenr by mail mx month?
23 Cents
$2 On
cut iy man one year vj
Tree of Postage to the Subsciibers.
K3T Advcrticment5 inscited by the year ait
the rate of L IK) Uer n:aie per month.
Ti ancient advciiifimr, by the day or week,
fifty cent? pcrquaie fiit inseition.
The Turn O'Shanter will complete
cargo al Knuppton and be ready for
seu at noon to-morrow.
No stoppage of work from Chi
nese strikes has occurred at Booth d
Co.'s factory, as currently reported.
Spuds are worth two cents at As
toria markets to-day, by the sack.
Messrs. liea tfc Fulton have dis
solved co-partnership. Mr. 1'ea re
mains at the old oliice, Mr. Pulton
and Mr. Itobb join in business to
gether. The owners of two sacks of oys
ters, marked Diamond 4, is requested
to call at the 0. S. S. wharf for his
T. S. Jewett- has secured a plat
of the town, which he had made by
Cone from Allligator cloth, and
wears in the shape of cool, easy fit
ting shoes.
Messrs. S. P..and J. F. Barrows
delivered their ninth fishing boat at
Booth & Co.s Cannery to-day. We
predict that next year not a boat
ivill be brought heie from California.
The vicinity of this oflice the
past week resembles, the operations
of a rich mining camp. A huge force
of sappers and mineis are working on
Cas, Water, and Squemoqha street
improvements, under contract from
Capt. Flavel.
A raft of spiles belonging to the
O. S X. Co. broke ad rift several days
ago but after considerable trouble
were secured without much loss,
when the boom broke again last
night, and the spiles went on a per
fect jamboree. A new foundation on
Water street, in process of construc
tion by Mr. 2s. Kofccd was attacked
and rudely punched. Satisfactory
compensation for the damages is ex
pected by Mr. Kofced from the com
pany. The plans and specifications for
the new Public School House, made
by Messrs. Bain & Ferguson, are now
with the clerk, Capt. J. G. Hustler.
Inasmuch as a meeting has been
called, to take into consideration the,
matter of raising money to build the
building, tax-payers should call and
become familiar with the plans, that
they vote understandingly. We do
not think any better plans could be
made or matured in this State for the
A ten o'clock this forenoon a
thud was heard in the vicinity of this
office which sent us to the street. On
looking eastward we observed that
the Water street planking for a, dis
tance of 200 feet fiom Cass street had
gone down exactly 12 inches accord
ing to contract. The work was done
by D. A. Byers, with the aid of five
men, in four hours after preparations
were completed. One hundred and
fifteen piles had to be sawed off, to
lower the street, end the caps, string
ers and planking and all went'down
together without break or accident
at the time above refered to. It is
a good piece of work, places the road
way on the proper grade, and will be
a convenience to business.
Current Euenis of the Day.
The "Wave Queen sold her coal to
the Gas Company.
Pickled clams is an article of ex
port from Puget .Sound.
Trout fishing is splendid, they
say, but we don't see nary trout.
Job Rocs has just received an
elegant outfit of corals and shells.
If you go to Portland to " Fourth
of July it," take your blankets along
tith you.
Mr. Arrigoni has purchased an
other lot in tiie vicinity of his new
hotel building.
Mrs. 0. W. Hume comes upon
the Stephens. Maj. ieinhart also
returns to Oregon to-day.
The weather ! AVell I'd say so ! t
Aint this delicate? And all such
" passing remarks" are commonly
heard on the streets now everywhere.
The whole family five in num
ber were poisoned. Mushrooms.
Place 20 miles fiom Salem. Elliott
by name.
The Oregon bark Edward James,
Forbes, arrived at Hongkong. She
went on the berth for Astoria April
l?r. The Forward will come via
Victoria. Garibaldi and S. G. Reed
will come direct.
A quere blunder in and item last
LSaturday spoiled a t-;ood dars work
by .Mr. .Nelson ami another man, on j
fish network. "We should have said)
that thev salvaged and hung the 220
fathoms in nine hours.
The captain of the steamer Da
kota, on his last trip to Tacoma
dropped down to the mills and took
on lumber to help make out a cargo.
It was " that or nothing."
The Abercane is reported by a
San Francisco paper as arrived out
from Astoria in 90 days, April 21.
She sailed from here on 17th day of
February to Cork, and if she did ar
rive ouf, as the News has it, has
made a most remarkably fast trip
Feb. lth, to April 21st, sixty-three
days from Astoria to Cork ! A hew! I . , , ,
I . An interviewer reports Charles
San -Francisco salmon quotations -n K i i j.i j. i
are as follews: Barrels and half bar- Francis Adams as declaring that he
rels are dull J at SG oO to 7 25 for for- j has no "i" itching for the .Presidency :
mer, and S3 75fa 4 for latter ; 2.Ub that it is a th-.mkless office at the best;
tmS2 50;2-lbtins,S2 40; Mb tins, , that ?vhocver hasit now limsi expect
"-It is reported that the Oregon ' il , with vast care and trou
Steamship Company intend placing a; ble; that neither party, as such, is
line of ocean sleaiuors between Vic- likely to come to him, because he is
toria and San Francisco next month, j not in sympathy with politicians and
auu also lo put, on a simmer steamer i
to connect with that port and Puget!
Mr. Villard, President of the
Oregon Steamship Company says that
K,. ,,... r- !-...- rO:.,. fr. ' "U 1I.1,...
tuu lieu ?iw..,m, Vcw. . X..K-1 -
was to sail from ZSew lork on last
Saturday and is expected to make the ,
trip in sixty-five days.
Mr. Hill Harmon has purchased
one-half interest in the St. Charles
Hotel, Portland, Oregon. The hotel
is being thoroughly renovated and a
new dining room has been fitted up.
Mr. Harmon's partner in the hotel is
George Coggan, Esq.
Post-offices along the Columbia
river are getting to be so thick that a
good sized mail boat can land at two
offices it the same time. One at the
stern, and one at the bow. Our friend
Joseph wanted to be Postmaster he
got it, three weeks ago ; now he don't
want the d billet. It's a nuisance
to any man. And that is so. Ask
Charley Dexter if it aint.
An apparently
genteel" is doing a land office busi-
nessin Oregon and Washington terri
tonr pawning his teeth. His modus
operandi consists of the usual beg of
a loan of So, followed by putting up
his false teeth as collateral "for a
day or so." He is well stocked with
teeth, 1 95 for a set wholesale, and
as soon as he rakes in five dollars for
one set, posts off to the next place
rakes in another S'5 00 : and so on as
as it is a sate town to stop in.
then he suddenly departs for another i , ' ,..'.." I . , i '
town, and thus "canvasses the State treaty modification to prevent the
and Territory. Pass him around, evils of wliich the Pacific coast com
Ilis stay as at Astoria was very brief plams and reiterated his former state
ana he did'nt pawn narv a tooth here. . , -n ,1,1111 i
He was spotted by an old Cheyemier. ! ment to PaSe tliat lie had S m"
- structed Minister Seward to bring the
pS" Any person inquiring for a fine subject earnestly to the attention of
quaiuy oi nquor, ana can appreciate me
same can lina the genuine J. rk Uutter
Whiskey and Millers extra Old Bourbon,
at the 4 Columbia Bar" saloon Astoria.
with Gkro. TJsherwpod late of Portland to
cater to their tastes. Gentlemen will please
give us a call. Cigars of a fine quality
also on hand. J as; M. Lyxch, Prop.
Telegraphic Sews.
Synopsis of Press Dispatches.
Gharles Francis Adams De
clines the Nomination.
Blain Pressing Onward for
Sixteen Acres of Lumber on
fire, by Incendiarism.
j Rich Gold Strikes Reported.
Secretary Fish on the Chi
nese Question.
Umatilla Indians will
be Removed.
The Sandwich Islands Treaty
Set for Monday next.
Favorable Report from the
Senate Committee.
Terrible Wind Storm
Chicago, Leavenworth, Kan
sas City, etc., Suffer
Heavy Losses.
The Bandit Chavez Behead
ed. never acted in party war.
A New York dispatch of the 0th
says : Blaine still leads for the Cin
cinnatti nomination, though the Bris-
t pressure on the party machinery
l i j j
grows stronger daily. ' Politicians now
concecie more ireeiy mat uoiJUing
would beat Tilden in tliis state if both
were nominated. The best opinion
denies the recent impression that Til
den had captured Southern Georgia.
Another incendiary fire started at
Williamsport, Pa. on Saturday even
ing in Beaver mills lumber yard.
Sixteen acres of lumber now are burn
ing, and it is feared that from 00 to
35 acres will be destroyed before the
fire is controlled.
The Boston wool .market is didl
with prices in buyers favor.
Dispatches give glowing accounts
Horn Mountains. To rich to be coi
sidered reliable at present.
A. J. Parshal brought to Chey
enne on the Gth, from Custer, $100,
0C0 in gold dust.
Congressmen, Page and Pijjer,
had an interview with Secretary Fish
on the Chinese question on Saturday.
He assured them he was not only
.;n; i,j. -;0 w,, .,
j the CiuuesG government.
The House Committee on Indian
affairs will report favorably on Lane's
bill to remove the Indians from the
Umatilla reservation and open it to
On Fernando Wood's motion the
House had made the Hawaiian treaty
billthespecial order for next Monday.
At the conclusion of the call of States
for the bill, three more speeches were
made on it. The expectation is to
reach a final vote on Monday.
The Senate committees have re
ported favorably on the Klamath res
ervation Hen lands, and the bill to
extend the time for the survey aiid
location of the Portland and Salt Lake
railroad three years.
A terrible wind and rain storm
prevailed tln-oughout the east on "Sat
urday last. Considerable loss of life,
and great damages to property are
reported. Several prominent build
ings in Chicago were heavily damaged.
Hacks and carnges were wrecked in
the streets and abandoned.. Nearly 50
vehicles were seen on the south side
after the tornado had passed, all turn
ed over and some of them Worthless.
At Leavenworth, Kansas, immense
damage was ' done. The terrific
roaring of the wind there cannot
be likened to anything but itself. The
creaking and groaning of trembling
buildings, the crash of falling walls
and flying timbers made an exhibition
of the fury of the elements which
those who witnessed it will never de
sire to see repeated. At Kansas city
the entire railroad traffic has been de
layed and interrupted, and it will be
several days before the usual order of
things is restored.
A man arrived in San Francisco
on the 7th, from the southern coun
try, earning with him the head of
Chavez, the bandit for which the
Governor has offered a reward of
Proceedings of the Commissionej''s
Court held May 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th,
Present L. A. Loomis, Chairman,
Samuel Walker and Sebastian Gies.ey,
Commissioners and J. P. Goulter,
Ordered That the receipt taken of
Richard Carruthers in full of all de
mands against Pacific county, on ac
count of J. J. Cafiee, be approved.
Ordered That all fines and f orfeit
ures collected and all money paid into
the County Treasury for liquor, bill
iard and other licenses, under the acts
of the Washington Territory Legisla
ture, approved Xov. 13th, 1873, 'and
2sov. 12th, 1875, be applied to the
school fund for Pacific county.
Ordered That a license to retail
spirituous malt and fermented liquors
at Bruceporfc, be issued to John Rid
dle for one year from this date, for the
sum of one hundred dollars.
Ordered That the amount to be
paid for a billiard license in this county
shall be fixed at $12 per year.
Ordered That the Board, talcing
into consideration the fact that , 93
persons have signed a remonstrance
against the granting of a petition for
the vacation of the Crooked creek
road, decides that said petition be not
Ordered That the petition for the
division of Knappton road district "So.
10, bo not granted.
Ordered That the petition for the
alteration of the Brookfield road dis
trict be not granted.
Ordered That the resignation of
Martin Stickles, tis Justice of the
Peace for Brookfield precinct be ac
cepted. Ordered That R, S. Baverstock be
appointed Justice of the ircace ior
Brookfield Precinct.
Ordered That the return of the
Sheriff in the matter of the addi
tional assessment of G. -T. Dastabrook
be approved.
Ordered That the settlement of
the Auditor and Treasurer of Pacific
County be approved.
Ordered That the settlement of
the Auditor and Sheriff of Pacific
county be approved.
Ordered That in those road dis
tricts where the taxes are principally
paid in money, the 'Auditor is in
structed to require bonds of the su
pervisors for double the amount of
what is likely to be paid them.
Whereas At the time of building
the Court house, the county Commis
sioners, decided on building it differ
ently to what they would had there
been more money in the Treasury,
and the contractor proposed to add an
extension of ten feet 6n the length of
it for $175, and several citizens fur
nished $152 coin towards said exten
sion, and now the county has funds
over and above all indebtedness-, they
wish it applied to the public purpose
of extending the Court house side
walk, therefore it is:
Ordered That a draft be drawn on
the Treasurer in favor of I. A. Clark
for the equivalent of that amount in
currency to be applied to said side
walk extension, viz: 174, and it is
ordered that said money shall be ex
pended under the direction of E..G.
Loomis, R. H. Espy, and I. A.
Ordered That the Treasurer be
authorized to loan the sum of $dL50,
approxriated by this board to the
school fund, on good security until
the 1st day of December, 187G, to
draw interest at the rate of ten pe
cent, per year.
Ordered That the settlements of
the fallowing supervisors of roads ha
approved, viz: Robert Carruthers,
Supervisor of Peninsula district No.
1; John Scully, Supervisor, Walla
pa District 2so. .G; G. H. Brown,
Supervisor, Toke i)oint District "No. 8 :
A. S. Mayors, Grays River, District
No. 12, andW. W. Lilly Supervi
sor, Wallapa District No. 14.
Ordered That the settlements of
the following Supervisors be accepted,
viz: Levi Supervisor of Oysterville
road district; Martin Stickles Su
pervisor Brookfield District No.4-' 2;
Isaac Smith, Supervisor North River;
District No. 7; J. B. Knapp, Super
visor; Knappton District No. 10.
Ordered That the Auditor be in
structed to write to all the. road
Supervisors who have not settled their
accounts-this term of court, to have
them forthcoming at the August term
of court.
Ordered That the Board taking
into consideration the report of Ji
B. Knapp, Supervisor of Knappton
road District, instruct the present Su
pervisor not to allow the credit given
to Col. Dickinson for sixty dollars by
J. B. Knapp on this years road tax,
on the grounds that it was obtained
by false pretense. The said Dickin
son having promised to donate that
amount on the part of the Mill Com
pany, in consideration of J, B. Knapp
donating the sum of 20 dollars liim
self, which said J. B. Knapp did,
and building a sidewalk with the
money, winch was also done.
Ordered That no reports of road
Supervisor elections having been "re
reived by the Auditor, from the road
districts named below, the court makes
the follqwing , appointments for the
ensuing year, viz : Wallicut District,
No. 5, John t Hunter ; Chinook Dis
trict, No. 4, Joseph Brown ; Bruce-
port District, No. 5, Charles Fisher ;
Lower Wallapa District, No. 6, G. M.
Armstrong ; North River District,
No. 7, Amos Smitji; Tokes point
District, No. 8, G. H. Brown ; Tar
lett District No. 9, Alfred Baker;
Knappton District, No. 10, Joseph A.
Whealdon ; Deep River District, No.
11, George Hill.
Warrants were ordered in payment
of bills.
f- -
? 1
- '