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    - - , rrjr rrty
VOL. 1
NO. 6.
(Sundays Excepted),
15. C. EItE,.lXS, : : f3'i$U5C5EK.
JlcmitV)- Building, Coxs Street.
Terms of Subscription :
Serred by Carrier, per week 23 Cents
Sent by mail, three months 52 50
.Sent by mail six months 4 00
Sent by mail one year ', 7 03
Tree of I'ostago to the .Subciibers.
CsT Advertisements inserted by tho year at
the rate of 1 00 per uare per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
Gfty cents per square firat insertion.
Gov. E. P. Ferry has been invi
ted to deliver the Fourth of July ora
tion at Seattle. 1 1 eis expected lostnrt
for the Pacific Coast on the first of
June, and arrive at Olympia about
the middle of the month. He will
probably accent the invitation and
gratify the wishes of the Seattle peo
ple. There are two ships at Liverpool
bearing the name of Bonanza, one
being from New Orleans and the
other from San Francisco ; and the
ship Big Bonanza is 57 days out from
this coast for Liverpool. The arrival
of these ships ought to advertise the
bonanza mines of this coast quite ex
tensively in Great Britain.
The Evening Journal speaking of
the nomination of Fred R. Strong, for
Prosecuting Attorney says: Mr.
Strong is well known here, being
Oregon born and raised. lie received
his education here, read law with his
father Judge-Strong, and finished his
legal studies at the Albany Law
School graduating in high honors.
lie has been in practice here for
nearly three years. And has a host
of personal friends in the Republican
party. .
Weunderstand that the Northern
Pacific Railroad managers on the
Pacific Division, have got into a di
lemma in the matter of land sales.
They do not dare to sell any more at
present, at least until a test case is
made to try the validity of their
action in the courts, and the people
feeling secure in their possessions,
none ctfre to begin suit to test the
question. It would be better for the
country if this question could be sat
isfactorily settle by the courts.
In consequentof the failure of
Representative Lane to bring up the
Oregon Central Railroad bill in the
House, we are informed that the
grant of lands to aid the construction
of the railroad from McMinnville to
Astoria, has reverted to the govern
ment. There is now no grant availa
ble" for such purposes. Please recol
lect this fact. "We shall hunt up the
items before the dayof election Mr.
Lane is a candidate for re-election.
If he has been the cause of our de
feat in this matter, we shall feel jus
tified in causing his defeat in that
other little matter of re-election to
It was rumored on the streets at
Oregon last Wednesday, says the
Enterprise : That the O. S. S. Co.
have sold out their line of boats to
the O. S. N. Co., and that all the
up-river boats will" hereatter pass
through the locks, leaving the E. N.
Cooke the onty boat plying to and
from Oregon City. Another rumor
has it that J. D. Biles will rent the
boats of the O. S. S. Co., and continue
to run them as before. We have
been making dilligent inquiries from
parties employed on this line and all
the satisfaction obtained, was that
negotiations weregoingonwiththe O.
5 N..N. Co., and that in a few days
the facts would be made known.
Current Euents of the Day.
C. II. Dexter opened the Bay
View house to the public yesterday
Divine service to-morrow at the
Episcopal church at II .. m., and
7.V p. ?.j. Subject of the morning dis
course "Happiness."
Mr. "Whitney, long assistant
keeper at Shoal water Bay Light
house has gone East, and is now liv
ing in Troy, cv York.
For an A 1 cigar, or E Pluribus
tobacco, call on Wm. Edgar.
The Centennial Commissioners,
Oregon and Washington territory,
have arrived in Philadelphia.
The schooner Three Sisters, lad
en with oysters for Swanberg, West
& Co., atSl.OO per basket, leffc Bruce
port for San Francisco on the 4th
The Batavia, Illinois Sews, tells
of a heavy shipment of wagons from
that place for Salem, Oregon. We
observed that somof the same wag
ons came in on the Webfoot, April
A good days job in fish-network
is reported as having been done br
A. Nelson and one other man, name
unknown tons, this week; who sel
vaged 320 fathom from S o'clock a.
3i. to G. i M.
T. II. Foss, one of the noted log
germen of the lower Columbia ar
rived 3'esterday with an invoice of
cats from Washington Territory.
Seven, or seventeen, or seven hun
dred, don't distinctly remember
which; were left at FlaVels. Four, or
fourteen, etc., (still in doubt) went
to the Occident. Frank persuaded
the lot to leave Flavels by the judi
cious use of his revolver. A coun
cil will be held to night as to what
shall be done with the rest of the
cargo. Dogs will be taken in
exchange for cats. Apply along
Astoria Farmers Company.
The Albany Democrat referring to
the proposition of the Astoiia Farm
er's Company to meet at Astoria on
the 28th for the purpose of selling out
the warehouse and grounds and di
viding the stock among the share
holders, says .
We are informed that nearly one
half of the stock is held in this coun
ty, and we surety think that our cit
izens thus interestedshould look after
the matter. This may be a job, as
other corporations in the State have
put up such jobs to freeze out the
minor shareholders 'and gobble up
the enterprise ; and we earnestly
suggest to our Linn county friends to
look closely into this matter before
voting to sell out. In this connection
we .are requested to say to all the
shareholders of this county, who can
not attend said meeting in person,
to send their proxies to the Albany
Farmers Company, who will send a
representative to act for them at that
meeting. The proxies can be filled
out with the name of the bearer left
blank, and it can be filled at the
office of the conipanj' with some one
who will be selected to go. We ear
nesty urge our Linn county friends
to look after this matter and not be
sold out without a full investigation
into the scheme.
The following nominations were
made by the Republican State Con
vention, at Portland, on Wednesday :
For Representative, Richard Wil
liams ; Presidential electors Wm.
Odell, J. C. Cartwright, J. W. Watts;
Delegates, Judge R. P. Boise, J. C.
Tolman. R. Stott was nominated for
Prosecuting Attorney for the fourth
judicial district.
The " West Shore" is fast estab
lishing itself in the good graces of the
people of Oregon. It fills a vacancy
long felt by the reading public and if
continued by the official management
of L. Samuel is destined to meet with
unprecedented success. The next
issue, or the one thereafter, will con
tain an illustrated article on Colum
bia river salmon fishing. To secure
copies of it, address L. Samuel, Port
laud, Oregon.
Pronouncing matches are rajidly
taking the place of spelling bees in
California, the prompter spelling out
the names of local towns and the com
petitors being obliged to pronounce
them correctly. We give out " Sque
jnocqha," and " Pollikorsjhygnupsta,"
Comments' of the Press.
From tho Portlaad "Weekly Standard.
D. C. Ireland very appropriate?
ly chose the first day of May on
which to bring forth his Daily
Astorian, one of the prettiest
journalistic flowers that has ever
decked our editorial table. May
it continue for many years to scat
ter its fagrancc both far and near,
and never wither, fade and diefor
the want of the freshening waters
of public patonage.
From tho Portland Daily Jce.
A May flower made its apj)ear
ance at Astoria on Monday even
ing last. It is as blight and cheer
ful as a fresh-blowii rose, and
will scatter fragrance and joy
amoig many of the- inhabitants -of
that seaport town. It's godfather
is D. C. Ireland, and it is christ
ened the Daily Astorian. We
hope the venture will meet with
hearty support, and that its days
may bo long and useful in its cho
sen field. Its typographical ap
pearance is very good.
From the Portland Evening Journal.
"We have received the first num
ber of the Daily Astorian, pub
lished at Astoria byD. C. Ireland.
It is one of the neatest and new
siest papers in the State and is a
credit both to Astoria anditspub-
1 slier. Mi Ireland is a first-class
newspaper man, and we wish him
every success in his new venture.
From tho Bcllingham Bay Mail.
D. C, Ireland, proprietor of the
Astorian, announces he will issue
the Daily Astorian from and after
May 1st. He says: "Strike while
iron is hot, keep' the ball rolling;
Oregon will yet be known in the
commercial world as she should
British Columbia Parliament has
been in session just one month to
day. Two soda lakes have been discov
ered in Wyoming Territory, one aver
aging two hundred acres and the other
about three and a half acres. It is
estimated that the largest lake would
yield an evaporation of over four mil
lion dollars worth of soda, and the
smaller lake already crystalized is sup
posed to contain another million dol
lars worth of soda. During the grea
ter part of the year tins lake is in "a
concrete mass of carbonate of soda
ASTOIiTA, May o, 1S7G.
Frank Beard sleyPortd Mrs Hansen, Oysterville
MrsItBKnnup. " MrsR Carruthen, A boy "
Miss Mary E Pollock" Misb Sophie Carrutbers"
T li Fos. Deep ri er G A Reed, Ovsterville,
F G Smith,U.S.A.,Caaby(Jus M Jessen, Portland.
JASlnden. " Portd A S Abernetby ir, OakPt
Win Denver. Klobkau Ir.i A Voting. Ft Canby
K M Tabor, Portland A' Rabies. Str Havward
Mark A King, Portland iiuke Taylor, Nelialem,
David Cole, " Dennie C'urran, City.
Eastern Oregon The Abtorian is
doing more for the interests of Eastern
Oregon than any other pnper in the State.
If you havo a friend or a relative in that
section of this country, tend him the pa
per on trial. Only oe dollar for four
p5Axy person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and enn appreciate the
sime, can find the genuine J, H. Cutter
"Whiskey and Mijler extra Old Bourbon,
at the " Columbia Bar" saloon Astoria,
with Geo. Ui-herwood late of Portland to
cater to their lnste. Gentlemen will please
give us a call. Cigars of a fine quality
also on hand. Jas. M. Lynch, Prop.
pSr Everybody goes to the Novelty
Barber shop to get fixed up in style. Every
person may come, and more too, fori have
employed a first-class artist who will smil
ingly manipulate your chin, gracefully curl
your mustache, nicely puff your hair, and
Instpf all, but not least, will perfume your
clothes with the most pupular perfumery in
use, "Patchouly" if you don't believe it just
try it. Hnircutting, shaving, and sham
pooing. Hair dying done and warranted
not to turn red, break or split Parker
Souse, Astoria.
J. ly, Campbell, Proprietor.
Telegraphic News.
Synopsis of Press Dispatches.
Bad News from the Back
Dr. J. B. Penderey, of Omaha,
has returned from the Black Hills,
where he has been during the past
three months. He reports the road
from Custer City to Ft. Laramie
strewn with wagons,, the owners hav
ing fled, been killed or captured by
Indians. During his' trip from Cus
ter to Cheyenne he dressed the
wounds of twelve men, who were
wounded by Indians. It is danger
ous for small parties to undertake
the trip. U Bed Cannon where H.
j E. -Brown was recently killed, a few
Indians can hold out against great
odds, as they secrete themselves in
the rocks and shoot down.
The New Steamship George
W. Elder.
Will Leave for Oregon on
the 16th.
A New York dispatch says: The
steamship George W. Elder, built by
John Roach & Sons, at Chester,
Penn., and recently sold to a Port
land, Ogn,, company, to ply between
that port and San Francisco, will
leave those waters about the 16th,
inst. for the Pacific Coast by way of
Cape Horn. She is now being thor
oughly overhauled and refitted at
Eagle wharf, Uoboken. This steam
ship is about 1,G00 tons burthen, of
handsome model, and very much re
sembles in appearance the new Pa
cific Mail steamers.
Rev. J. H. Wilbur in Balti
more Conference.
Protest against the Transfer
of the Indian to the War
A Baltimore dispatch of the 4th
says: In the Methodist Conference
now in session here, Rev. J. H. Wil
bur, of the Eastern Oregon and
Washington conference, submitted a
preamble and resolutions condemning
and protesting against the bill re
cently passed by the House of Rep
resentatives and now before the Sen
ate of the United States, Iransferring
the Indians to the management and
control of the War Department, and
that a committee of five be appointed
to lay the resolutions before the Sen
ate and President. The resolutions
declare that such transfer would be
destructive to the present policy of
civil and religious instruction to the
New York on the Celestial
Belief that California is Fight
ing a Phantom.
j A"New York Times editorial of
the 4thf or the Chinese question
says: Mob law appears to be the
corrective which Californians are dis
posed .J$ apply to the Chinese evil.
At onerof these club meetings it was
announced that somebody in New
York had telegraphed an offer of
twenty thousand stand of arms at
ten dollars apiece to the anti-chinese
lea&uers. It would be interesting to
know what organization in this city
is interested in arming a mob of Cal
ifornians, whose movement, when
one considers the smallness of the
numbers of the Chinese compared
with the white population, seems
most intemperate. If the people of
California believe as they have ds
clared, that they have 200,000 Chi
nese in their State they are fighting
a phantom.
Crooks, Terry and Custer
After the Sioux Indians.
The Chicago Tribune's Ft. Lin
coln dispatch of the 4th says: The
column to co-operate with Gibbon's
and Crook's Commands from Fts. El
lis and Laramie will start next week.
General Terry, department com
mander, will probably accompany
the Lincoln column and direct its
operations. Custer is expected here
on Friday; and will go forward to
complete the preparations which Ma
jor Reno has been charged with du
ring his absence. The three columns
Gibbon's being already in Upper"
Yellowstone valley, will move to
wards the mouth of Big Horn with
such divergancefrom direct lines as
is necessary to gather the main bod
ies of the hostile and wild Indians.
Terry understands that Crook's col
nmn will again move northward
with;n three weekc.
Death of Benj. F. Bowles,
of the Springfield Re
publican. Dispatches received announce
the Death of Benjamin F. Bowles, of
the firm of Samuel Bowles & Co., pub
lishers of the Springfield Republican.
His death occurred in Paris, on the
4th, of Romin fever. He was 43
years old.
Grand Flourish and Fast
Time from New York to
Sa,n Frncisqo..
Theatricals, the Government,
and Wells, Frgo & Co.,
to make a GrancV
Clear the track for Henry
Vth, and a Representar
tive of the London
Jarre tt & Palmer have com
pleted arrangements for the convey
ance of their theatrical troupe p
San Francisco, on the quickest time
on-record, to plajr Henry Ytii, A
train, consisting of mail, baggage,
Pulman palace and hotel cars, leaves
N. Y, Thursday morning June 1st
via Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, and
Fort Wayne, and Chicago and
Northwestern railroads, and it is ex
pected they will reach an Francis
co in time for dinner on Sunday.
The New York paper's will be de
livered in Chicago on the date of
their issue, The $Ississippi will be
crossed the same day. Postmaster
General Jewell has contracted -to
have the East India Mail carried
and Wells, Fargo & Co., will place
their money s?.fe on board at Omaha.
Special locomotives will be in readi
ness at various points to provide
against contingencies. Six thousand
railroad employes will line the route
to guard the way. The ticket of
sterling silver and limited to twenty
sold for the round trip, will entitle
the passengers to board on the train
and a week's board in San Ifjncisco
price 500. A representative of the
London Times will be a passenger.
. 1
j- m-'ijL