The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, May 05, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
NO. 5.
:y-' --VAi!.-'::wu:.'g'''tr.-J.;v- -
TV"tviA,t-g-y.r..r.!iJi"'- 'kij.; vl-j,j.v..j' !ti"1a:g7'
?..: J ,-JLJ.UJ-tU'.'.." llt' Pt-JJg..,,'ymi'' J -u 'rg''w3', ' J-JJi1 Jl-"1 TiiJL!iVW-K3JL'"ElM':; ,iiijjmwrawwsB
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k. LSV1 fflRvviL
S2 v0ixrxlB,
-J. i'TIT
Cj """
(Sundays Excepted),
ft. C. nttSLAXB. : : ITBL2SSSEK. I
Monitor Building, Cass Street.
terms of Subscriptien:
Sarrfed by Carrier, ier vreclc 25 Cents
Serti by mail, three months : 5i r0
otly maUix month? 1 00
Sent by innil oc year " 0D
Free ot'i'ostttge tu the Subscribers.
trir Advertisements inertcl by tho year at t
tho rate of -1 M or Vii:irc ier month.
Transient :ulvei iisimr, by the tiny or week,
fifty cents per square iir-t insei!un.
Subscribers to The Weekly Asto
iiiax who wish to take Tin: Daily As
Nomas' instead, may have the transfer 1
made on our mailing book at airy tune,
and the balance (if any), due them on
the weekly account, will be placed to
their credit on the daily account. If
it should prove to be the c:ise that the
daily will not meet with patronage
sufficient t justify the publication
then ihe weekly would, hi such event,
be asnin sent to them. . Wc shall be i
pleased to give all an oj orluiiity to
assist in testing the experiment as to
whether a didly newspaper can be made
to live in Astoria. We believe it can
be successfully maintained, to the di
rect advantage of every inhabitant.
liea c0 Fulton have removed
their law ofiice to Warren s.
McGuires building, up stairs.
The li lot number of the DAily
Astoriax is on our table and is a
neat and new. -;y little sheet and will
be published every evening, Sundays
excepted. Orcgonian
A Harvest Feast of the fourth de
gree wil be given Saturday evening
by Clatsop Grange 2o. 15G, at the
Church ou Clatsop Plains. A splendid
entertainment is anticipated.
Speaking of the Astoria Portland
telegraph line hi process of construc
tion, the Oregoiuau yesterday says: j
'Astorians are ;vs eagor to
hear the i
click of the magnecUc apparatus as is I
the average PorlJander. " "As Hie av- j
erage Portlander ! " Yes: and have
been for twenty years past.
Tax payers in Astoria who have
not passed in their checks of assessa-
ble property to County Assessor, E.A. Jri ,JU ? suollci UKl
r,, , .," , , ; if ' . . . i m response to inquiries hereto day,
laylor, will find that worthy ofhcial I as to the Hereabouts of the bride
at the Court-house every day, this I "deponent hath nothing to say."
week, ready to receive and iecordfTnere is certainly some mystery cbn-
the documents, and will save trouble
and expense by piomptly attending
to those little things.
"We do not consider whisky drink
ing a crime. If it was, licenses to
retail liquors would not be granted.
Drunkenness is not a vice it is a
disease, just so assuredly as consump
tion is A disease. Sb man should
ever be fined and imprisoned, accord
ing to our turn ium, for drinking, so
long as licenses are granted 'for the
sale of liquors. The case of a poor
demented, and drunken woman in
Portland, and that of S. P. Haslett,
are cited to prove that there are ways
of obtaining-drink which are bej'ond
the dep;hs of humanitarians to fath
om but we venture to sa- that for a
town of this size, where so much
liquor is daily consumed there cannot
be found so few drunken persons, nor
a corresponding number of saloon
keepers who will not sell liquors to
confirmed inebriates, if they know it.
Men who would do so should have
their licenses revoked.
Current Events of the Day.
The Dawn arrived at San Fran
cisco on the 3d.
J. Wm. Welch is expected home
daily irom Walla Walla.
- The Gussie Telfair arrived this
forenoon from northern poi ts.
Judge Dowiby, on a flying visit
to Oystcrviile, is expected home to
day. The steamship Oriflammc, Capt.
Boilcs, went to sea for San Francisco
Capt. Eli Hilton has gone east of
the Cascade range of mountains in
search of health.
, The Tarn O'shanter; loading lum-
berat Knap)ton Mills, will be ready
for sea on .Monday.
Mr. Gutter, of flutter & Mcken
zie, went to Portland this morning
to begin work on the Falkinburg.
Capt. IT. A. Snow, who has been
under the weather for borne time past
was able to be about town yester
day. A daughter was born this morn
ing to bless the family of our fellow
townsman Mr. Starr, on Hamilton
Frank A. Dwyer, an old disciple
of the " Art preservative" arrived to
day from Portland, en route to San
Francisco under engagement to the
C. A. May, assistant keeper at
Point Adams Light-house, has fallen
heir to a son ! Mav 1st, 1S7G. First
edition of C. A. 3Iay.
e congratu-
late you and yours, Charley.
The Oriflamme had on board 500
tons of assorted produce when she
reached storhi to-day, to which was
added 1200 cases of Salmon, and oth
er freight, prior to her departure for
Dr. .T. Welch, the popular den
tist, after a slay of six weeks, took
his dep artuie this morning, but left
hisshingle on the Occident bulletin
board, which means that he will re
turn agahrin AwuiM, and attend to
those in want of his services.
Orders for the Daily Astoiuax
in wrappers, post paid, to any part of
Ihe United Slates, will be received
to-daj A full file of the week; six
copies in one wrapper, forwarded
for twenty-live cent". Send the pa
per home or to friends in oilier par Us
of the world, let people know you are
alive anyhow.
The ui most precaution is exer
cised by river pilots to avoid. running
over fishermens nels, but in spite
of all he could do Captain Drown ran
through two nets coming down with
the Orifiamme to-day. Very much
trouble in this respect would bo
avoided if all lishermen would take
trouble to keep posted with the reg-
ul"UI1!'-"eimii pacing iy.u.
PoHjLuJ tha
Skidmore would be ace
It was currently reported in
that Mr. S. G.
iccompanied on
his trip to the Alanlic States by- Mrs.
S. G. Skidmoie. The bridal-room on
board the Oriilamme was engaged,
and everything appeared to conlirin
the reports, in circulation. Ancle-
! S:mt brides-cake
was sent to tne
1 1 1 l2 L 1 . 1
noHrtM Wll l linc;r rtirinmctonnn.
which cannot be explained at present.
At a meeting of Astoria Lodge
Xo. 40. I. O. G. T. held on Saturday
evening the 29th ult., the following
officers were installed for the ensuing
term: T. S. Jewett, W. C. T.; INIiss
Emma Horn, W. V. T.; P. M. Davis,
W. S.; John Bozart, AV. -C; If. T.
Spedden, W. P. S.; Mrs. D. 1C. War
ren, W. T.; G. AV. Pavmond, W. M.
Miss S. Joplin, W. I. G.; Prank P.
Uobson, W O. G.
We were in error in stating" that
the officers elect of Astoria Lodge of
Good Templars were installed last
Saturday evening. Officers were
elected Saturday evening, and we
are reliably informed will be pub
licty installed next Saturday even
ing the ceremony to take place at
the Congregational church.
The installation will take place
at Spiritual Hall, Saturday evening,
May 13th.
We believe the last statement to
be correct. If it is not; will proper
information be furnished, under seal
of the lodge?
AVe propose to get this matter up
correctly; if it takes-us all summer
or somewhere near it.
Australian Travel and Trade.
A veteran among the wharves esti
mates the number of first class passen
gers yearly traveling from Australia to
England at between sixty andseventy
thousand. The Trans-Pacific route is
a favorite with the Australians for
many reasons, chief of which is, per
haps, that more of the world can be
seen for about the same money by
crossing the American continent rather
than by making the long ocean voyage.
Their experience hitherto has been
somewhat calculated to dampen the
ardor of the Australians in coming ri
San Francisco, however, as parties of
them have been made the victims of
breaches of trust, which, to say the
least, seriously discommoded them.
Eveiy one remembers a that upon one
occasion, at least, a party of Austra
lians, who had through tickets to
England, found them invalid upon
their arrival in San Francisco, and
were obliged to pay an extra fare to get
across the continent. Such instances
"are apt to give bad odor. Put ihe tide
of travel has once more set in. and
. ,i. ..:,,....: ,i
btUJU Ul Ult; fciuUilblUJJ, ilillL U1J.U1 UU1)'
oiipmn-flffoiiiPiif. fm- itc mitinii!niPo A.
present the line is maintained by Colo-
nial subsidies only, although it gives no
special impetus no the commerce of
i i -xi In . l r A it
i:iuuiL wiui inu uxpoiLS vi Kjiuuuriwi,
bound for a good market, so that it is
really of more advantage to California
than to the Australians to lend a help
ing hand to the project. The inter
course between the two countries has
hitherto been so spasmodic and uncer
tain that it is positively a relief to feel
that the present State of aflau's is per
manent. It is unfortunate that the
Pacific Mail Company should be labor
ing under such a cloud at this stage,
just when the line has got under pros
perous, headway ; but this will prob
ably be the helping hand to start it
once more on its old-time career of
success. The Alta thinks that it is a
reproach to the American people that
it has been appreciated only abroad, as
the subsidy which enables it to keep this
Australian line in operation comes
wholly Jfrom the Australians them
selves. Yet the establishment i ill have
the tendency to make of San Francisco
a great commercial centre ; therefore,
for the g)od it may do San Francisco,
if for nothing better, we should wish
that the course of the Pacific Mail
Company will soon be all fair sailing.
Eastuux Oregon The A&torinn is
doing more for the interests of Eastern
Oregon than any other paper in the State,
li you have a friend or a relative in that
s-ecticMi of this country, bend him the pa
per on trial. Only one dollar for four
5"An3' person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and can appreciate the
same, can find the genuine . I. II. Cutter
AA'hi-key and Miller- extra Old Uourbon,
at the "Columbia Bar" saloon Astoiia.
with Geo. Ushu-wood dote of Portland to
eater to their taste.-. Gentlemen will please
give u-a call. Cisjaisof'a fine quality
abo on hand. Jas. 31. Lvxcii, Prop.
5" Ever j body goes to the Novelty
Barbershop to get fixed up in style. Eveiy
pen-on mayecune, and more loo, fori have
emph3ed a iir.-t-class artist who will smil
ingly manipulate your chin, gracefully curl
3our mustache, nicely put!'; your hair, and
lastol all, but not least, will perfume your
clothe- with the mo-t pupular pei fumcry in
uc, "Patchouly" if you doi.'t believe it just
liyT it. Hair cutting, shaving, and sham
pooing. Hair d3'ing done and wan anted
not to turn led, break or split. Paiker
House, As loii.i.
J. L. Camfhell, Proprietor.
' "ItTvysto Aiwi.ktisk." This is true in
every department of business, and. no ono ap
piceiates its truth more fully than . H.
Thompson. Some timo since ho received tho
Agency, for this county, of the Cunningham
(iajden City Clipper Plow," and immediate
ly advertised the samo in our paper. Green
li. fcimith. Ksi.. a patron of the Gazette, saw
'the advertisement and forthwith rushed to
'Lhomi son's and purchased four of these cele
brated plows which at once have sprung into
popular favor. 2s o mater how good and valu
able an aiticlo may be, a mcichunt Or dealer
may keen it upon his shelves, or in his store
for month. or even years, and but lew will
know anything of its good qualities, unless he
advertises, lor years Mr. Thompson carried
on business here, and spent but little for
advertising. Within the past two years his
business has increased nearly, double, and ho
attributes it to judicious adveitising. If you
want to thrive in business, advebtise Cor
valli8 Gazette.
Telegraphic News.
Synopsis of Pi'ggs Dispatches.
Jeff Davis going to Europe.
Jay Cook, McCullough &
Co., Investigation.
Winslow to be Delivered up.
The Extradition Cases.
Destructive Fire in Salem.
The Woolen Mills Lost.
Paymaster Spalding Releas
ed from Confinement.
Religion in Spain.
Dangers of the Irreconcila
abl'e Utramontane Atti
tude. Southern and Central Pacihc
. .. TCI -
v OaCl oCiieniCS j,X-
r pOSecl.
A Warning to European Fi-
If the Senate will Behave
Congress may Adjourn
in J unc.
Uneasiness over Silver Bull
ion. .
Jeff pavis sails for Europe, with
his family, in a few days.
Chever, who it .was stated, went
to Europe to avoid producing the pa
pers relative to transactions of Jay
Cook, McCuilough ct Co., has ai rived
and will appear be'fore the committee
on" expenditures in the navy depart
ment with his documents to-morrow
in the matter of the ntival fund
and that Grin.
The Pritish government has in
formed thfc American legation that it
will release "Winslow to-morrow,
Wednesday, and that two other pris
oners, Gray, of Xew York, and Brent,
of Louisville, whose extradition is
also claimed, will be released when
their terms have expired. Although
this notification has been given, the
government has not' formally replied
to America's argument, owing to the
absence of Loid Derby, caused by
the recent death of his mother.
In addition to the arguments al
ready made public touching the .in
terpretation .of the act of 1S70.
America has adduced a precedent.,
occurring in 2S71, wherein Chief Jus
tice Cock burn ordered n surrender
to Prance under similar circumstan
ces, upon tho opinion of the French
consul that the prisoner would only
be tried for the offense' for which he
was extradited, the Chief Justice re
marking that without the consul's
assurance, he should have decided
against the prisoners.
The Salem Woofen Mills were
totally destroyed by fire on Wednes
day morning at 10 o'clock. . It is
thought the fire originated from
spontaneous combustion. The loss is
estimated at about 8122,000, includ
ing stock and fixtures, on which
there was about SGI, 000 insurance,
divided among a number of Eastern
companies, none of which were will
ing to insure to any great amount,
owing to the risk, the buildings being
of wooden structure. One hundred
operatives are thrown out of employ-,
ment in consequence of this loss.
In reply to Admiral Rodgers re
quest to be allowed to release Pay
master Spalding from confinement,
Secretary Pobeson has directed Ad
miral Pogers to use his discretion in
the matter. AdmirarPodgers' there
fore informed Spalding that be was
at liberty to go at all times from his
residence until the conclusion of tho
trial, being understood he would re
port at every meeting of the court.
A Jladrid dispatch of the 3d says:
In Congress to-day, the debate on the
new constitution was continued.
Alvarez opposed the tolerance clause
and declared the monarch was lost if
the religious unit was not maintained.
Corbello in reply, pointed out that
Spain possessed colonies in America,
Africa and Asia, and. had relations
with the whole world. It would be
impossible for her to keep these colo
nies and maintain their relations, if
the government adopted the irrecon
cilable ultramontane attitude.
Congress can easily adjourn
in June, the appropriation com
mittee only awaits the revised esti
mates of Secrctaiy Taft, and the
preparation of the Sundry civil
bill, "which is necessarily the last
appropriation bill prepared and is
usually loiovrn as the omnibus
bill. Of course the threatened
dead-loch in the Senate must be
taken into consideration, but if
the Senate behaves itself, there
will be no reason why Congress
should, not adjourn by tho middle
of June.
Considerable uneasiness is
manifested at the Treasury De
partment over the unsatisfactory
working oi the silver bullion, and
consultations have been held as to
the method of averting the dearth
of small change . It is maintain ed
here that Secretary Bristow has
already the power if he chooses to
exercise it, to prevent any further
scarcity, and to relieve the count
ry by rmying out in exchange for
legal tenders, or to meet in daily
disbursements the $3,000, 000 of
silver coin which was on hand on
the 30th of January, "18J5, when
tho specio resumption act became
a law.
X San Francisco dispatch of
the 3d says: J. 11 .Robinson, Anth-,
ony, Goole, stock holders of the
Comtral Pacific Hailroad, have
dawn up a memorial addressed to
the sfock exchanges and bourses
of Xew York, London and Euro
pean financial centers, stating in
effect, that learning that the bonds
of the Southern Pacific llailroad
are to be placed on these markets,
the warn operators that the Cen
tral & Southern Pacific Railroad
Companies are in realty one and
tlie same corporation, that tho
Southern Pacific has beeh. built
by funds belonging to the Cen
tral, and that the issuance oi the
bonds of the Southern Pacific was
unauthorized and illegal, and
that they propose to bring suit
in the courts of this State to have
such bonds declared illegal and
invalid. The memorial will be
forwardced by mail 'to the several
Belknap's wife avas a very wealthy
widow woman of Wash ington when sho
married him, about two years ago, and
subsequently lo 'ame noted lor the elegance
ot her enteitamments.
The Democrats want to meet in G
tional Convention at St. Louis, in the
ot nominating Ilendrick. 2sew Yc
citv would be a great advantage to TilcLen .
His fYienda could gather there with great
er facility than anywhere else.
The London Tinjesdoe not entertain
a very hopeful view of the attempt of tho
German Government to establish an ex
clusive cuirency in gold. At the present
moment German gold reichsmarks would
be in course of importation if it were not
for tlie freight and insurance, which just'
absorbs the profit which the business would
otherwise yield.
, t