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VOL. 1.
NO. 3.
- V '
glte S'Ixj gstjacxaa
(Sundays Excepted),
Monitor Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served hy Carrier, per week 25 Cents
Sent by mail, three months 2 .10
Jfent by mail six months 4 00
Sent by mail one year. 7 03
" Tree of Postage to tho Subscribers.
tt35" Advertisements inserted by the year at
the rate of "1 00 per square per month.
Transient advertising, by the day or week,
fifty cents per square fiit insertion.
Information from Washington
states that up to the lGth ult., Pro.
Hammond lias not succeeded in bring
ing a single post-trader nor Congress
man "to the foot of the cross."
It is stated that in the case of Cap
tain Kelly, of the bark Thorndyke,
the evidence elicited shows the sail
ors as well as the mate, to have been
pretty rough characters, addicted to
continued quarreling, and fighting,
regardless of the time, place or pres
ence. We received friendly calls and
greetings of good cheer yesterday
evening from Mr. Geo. T. Myers of
Ranier, Mr. L. Sohns of Vancouver,
who were on business visits to this
growing c;-ty and our worthy, true and
tried friend Mr. T. P. Powers of upper
A fellow who was probably dis
charged from employment on the
Revenue Cutter, for i n com pete ncr, is
out in a column of the Mercury mak
statements under oath which might
X30ssibly lead him into the Peniten
tiary as a perjurer, if he was of suffi
cient consequence to be worthy of
We are in receipt of a copy of
Senator Mitchell's report accompany
ing Senate bill No. 17, to ' aid the
Commerce of the North Pacific Coast
hy the construction of a canal and
locks at the Cascades of the Co
lumbia river. The report reviews the
action of Congress lutherto had in ref
erence to the matter and is briefly a
history of the entire subject from De
cember 16th, 1872, at which time au
thority was conferred upon the Com
mittee on Transportation routes to the
Seaboard to take testimony bearing
upon the general question. It also
embraces correct statistical informa
tion and other facts respecting the ca
jjacity of production of this region
yaluable to Congress, and shows the
want of this improvement to develop
these resources as we have never be
fore seen it shown. We regret that
our columns will not admit of the pub
lication of the report entire. That it
will have weight in Congress we are
The Portland Evening Journal,
to make its Police court notes enter
taining has adopted the Buffalo Re-
puuiic styie oi reporting, nere is a
spicy sample of the style: Michael
O'Dougherty took the seat just va
cated by Gustavus Slaughterhaus.
"Mike," said the Court "or rather
I'll call you Michael, for short,"
"you're a Portuguse sailor, and came
around the Horn; but last night you
didn't go 'round the horn worth a
cent. In fact you got too many
horns aboard, and here you areiiow
with both port and starboard lights
dowsed, and head gear nearly all
carried away; I've been to sea my
self and know how it is. Chief:
This .cn of a gun's been on a run,
a And needs a little rest;
Thirty days in room forty-one.
And feed none of the best."
Current Events of the Day.
Fresh peas and1 ban nan as ap
peared j-esterduv at Job Ross' mar
ket. Car' loads of potatoes were re
ceived at Warren & McGuire's this
. The range, telegraphed for for
the Parker llouse came up by the
The steamship- California with
part of a cargo for Sitka went to sea
this afternoon.
The barkentine Modoc sailed for
Astoria on Monday.
Yesterdar the annual
rain fell in this vicinity.
The Melanothon, Portland and
Orient eacli arrived at San Francisco
from Astoria on Monday.
The schooner Kate L. Ilerron,
with stray buoys on board, arrived
last evening from Tillamook.
The Commodore Perry
"wallfcinji the
waters like a thing of
Hie," about Astoria tins morning
Mr. X. Kofoed has refitted and j
repaired the (jlobe Jiotel winch is
now kept both as a hotel and restau
rant. One of the most magnificent
rainbows ever exhibited to mortal
e3Tes, was shown in Astoria last
Among the freight which ar
rived by the Oriflamme yesterday
was a handsome steam fire engine for
the Albany boys.
The Cleta will come to Astoria
from Honolulu at an early day. She
is an iron barkentine, 519 tons, and
belongs in Liverpool.
The ship Duart Pay, a new iron
vessel on the way to this port from
Europe, will go first to Australia,
thence to Shanghai with coal, and
then to Astoria. She is probably in
Australian waters now.
Joseph Hume, Eagle Cliff, 'ship
ped over 5C0 cases of Salmon by the
Dawn, Cutting & Co. -shipped over
400 cases by the same vessel, and
400 cases from other factors was re
fused for want of room on board.
Old time residents welcomed the
appearance yesterday of "Uncle Da
vid" Ingalls behind the counter as
successor to J. W. Gearhart, for a
few days, as the latter is off to the in
terior on a flying visU. Mr. Ingalls
was formerly one of the leading mer
chants of Astoria, but long since re
tired from the active avenues of
. Seven hundred and fifty pounds
of brass was cast into bells at a Port
land foundry last week. One of
thee bells will summon the people
at 03rsterville, "V. TM to religious
sei vices. Other Ovsterville belles
ne'ed not take a back seat however,
as we understand most of them had
a hand in making up the purse for
this new bell.
The barkentine Jane A. Falkin
burg, with 20S tons of Sandwich
Islands produce, from Honolulu, ar
rived last evening. She made the
run up in nine days, but was kept off
shore by light variable winds. She
is consigned to Messrs. Allen & Lew
is, and proceeded to Portland to-day
in tow of the Brenham. Pilot M. M.
Gilman. Draft 11 feet.
The Bee tells of a singular per
son in Portland. It says the man
"laid an egg on our table yesterday
afternoon that measures three inches
in length, two inches thick, eight
inches in circumference the long
way, and six inches and three
eighths the short way, and weighs
four ounces." That man evidently
must have been "hen pecked."
A correspondent who occasion
ally "takes a nip" tells us how it was
done this forenoon : "A spirited
spiritualist spirited us off in a spirit
stirring spirit to our spiritful spirit
ist and friend, the spiritual spiritual
ize Peter, of the spirituous Occi
dent Saloon, who spiritually spirited
us up at the spirit-stocked bar, and
then spiritfully and with usual spirit
ualmindedness declined our spirit
lessly offered change. Our high
spirited spiritualness spirit-rousing,
we"spirited ourselves off in a spirit
ualistic manner."
We "are pleased to hear that
Mr. J. L. Hepburn, late of the Glen
Ella canned intends to proceed im
mediately with the work of con
structing a new cannery at Woody
Island. Mr. Hepburn has so de
meaned himself, since he came up
on the river as to call about him a
host of warm hearted friends who
would be loth to part with him now.
Mrs. Hepbnra arrived yesterday by
the Oriflamme from San Francisco. "
Crush Them Out'
We admire the style of the Port
land Bee in a general sense, but must
take exceptions to its comments on
Monday bst with respect to the en
j terprice of Seattle. Speaking of the
: energy with which the Seattle peo
ple are pushing their railroad pro
! jects the 13e3 remarks :
! It really looks as though they might
j yet build the Seattle and "Walla "Walla
railroad through to the east side of
the Cascades. Such an event would
be serious to the interests of Portland
in securing the trade of that country.
- If Portland would re-
tain her supremacy, and the O. S. X.
Co. command the the transportation
for Eastern Oregon and Washington
Territory, they must cither prevent
the building of a railrcad from the
Sound to Walla Walla or build one
from Portland first) and make the
probable competition too strong for
our northern neighbors to under
take. If thev should succeed in get-
ting there first, and establish lines of
trade and transportation, it would
be much harder to compete with
them tnan it is now to keep them
Bro. Stearns ! We blush for you !
And yet, the sentiments you so frank
ly express is but a reflex of the " en
lightencdsurface" of Portland policy.
Forsooth ; how can Portland even
now expect to "secure the trade of
that country," if such trade is to be
secured by preventing the people of
that region from building a railroad
as 'OU propose? Is it any wonder,
we ask, that feelings of hostility to
Portland are entertained by the in
habitants of other sections Astoria,
The Dalles, Vancouver, Puget Sound,
for instance whose spirit of enter
prise must be put down ; crushed
out; that nothing "serious" may re
sult to the interest of Portland ?
Shame on you, Portland !
We are on the anxious seat to
day, expectancy disturbs our sereni-J
ty. The sanctum scissors gleam
with uncommon polish, and seem to
enjoy in anticipation as a bright
girl might hope to be "Queen of the
May" the delight of clipping choice
articles from the Daily Astoihax.
jftee, May 1st.
Col. Reed's Panorama of Oregon
views has become noted for its true
delineations of nature and as a work
of art. It will be sent to the Centen
nial for exhibition to the thousands
Of visitors there, and will no doubt
be a great attraction. It opens with
a splendid picture of Astoria, and the
mouth of the Columbia river. Then
follows several Columbia river
scenes including Mount Hood. Com
mencing at Portland it shows a charm
ing view of that city, and ascending
the Wallamet portrays Oregon City,
Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, etc.
JSSTDr. Welch finding that it would
not be possible for him tQ quit As
toria at the advertised time accepts
the situation like a good dentist (as
he is), and still remains at "No. 10,
Occident Hotel.
Eastkrx Oregon The Astorian is
doing more for the interests of Eastern
Oregon than anv other paper in the State.
If you havo a friend or a relative in that
section of this country, send him the pa
per on trial. Unly one aollar Jor lour
05" Any person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and can appreciate the
same, can find the genuine J. H. Cutter
Whir-key and Miller. extra Old Bourbon,
at the Columbia Bar" saloon Astoria,
with Geo. Usherwood late of Portland to
cater to their tntte.-. Gentlemen will please
give us a call. Ciaars of a fine quality
alto on hand. Jas. M. Lynch, Prop.
3" Everybody goes to the Novelty
Barbershop to get fixed up in style. Every
person may come, and more too, fori have
employed a first-class artist who will smil
ingly manipulate your chin, gracefully curl
your mustache, nicely puff your hair, and
last of all, but not least, will perfume your
clothes with tho most pupular perfumery in
use, "Patchouly" if you don't believe itjust
try it. Hair cutting, shaving, and sham
pooing. Hair dying done and warranted
not to turn red, break or split. Parker
House, Aitorift.
J, L. Caipbell, Proprietor.
Telegraphic News.
Synopsis of Press Dispatches.
The Centennial Opening
next week.
Belknap Claims Immunity.
Big Scheme for some high
old Failures.
Death of Thos. Dodsworth.
Veteran on foot to the
The Bristow Scandal still in
a ferment.
Portland, Dalles, and Salt
Lake Railroad, bill on
the Calender.
Receipts of Wheat in Europe.
The Pacific Coast 61,000
Quarters ahead the past
The Stock of Wheat in Eu
rope, Condition of -the
Daring Attack on a Railway
Train in Cuba.
San Francisco News.
The Director General of the Cen
tennial exposition has given notice
that the exhibition will be open to
the public on Wednesday, "the 10th
inst., at noon. Exhibitors are no
tified that their spaces and exhibits
must be placed in order not later than
Monday evening.
Should the Senate decide'it has
jurisdiction in the Belknap matter, it
is "understood he will have no diffi
culty to prove, in an action before
the court on his indictment, that
Clymer Guaranteed immunity if he
resigned. Clymer denies any such
A big scheme for some high old
failures is oh foot. Banks will intro
duce a bill to utilize the product of
gold and silver mining in the United
States. The method proposed is simi
lar to that of the ancient deposit
banks in the Italian commercial re
publics, and of the banks of Amster
dam, Hamburg, and of the London
goldsmiths, so long as they acted as
safe keepers of specie committed to
their care. The notes issued on this
system would have a purley repre
sentative character, and the currency
would be actually put in circulation
not by the government but by the
owners of gold and silver bullion.
Thomas Dodsworth, originator of
Dodsworth's band, died on Sunday,
aged S6. He was born in Sheffield,
A new Albany (Ind.), dispatch
of Monday, says that on that da3
Geo. W. Dietz, a veteran 76 years of
age, started on foot to Philadelphia
to attend the Centennial exhibition.
He was escorted from the court house
to the east boundary of the city by a
large concourseof the citizens, headed
by a silver cornet band. &
Secretary Bristow was swori on
Monday at his own request and made
a statement to the effect : He had
no connection with the Mary Merritt
case except in the capacity of a
friend to Felland, attorney for Frice
Bros., all of whom were his neigh
bors at Hopkinsyille and his personal
friends. In the opinion of the wit
ness Elmschf, the vessel was not
legally seized, as she had a British,
register and was not guilty of fraud
or willful negligence. Bristow says
that he did not wish to be understood '
as even implying, that any wrong
was committed in the settlement of
the case, and wished to say explicity
he had no knowledge that the in
formers in this case had beega settled
with before this investigation was
On Monday last Mr. Mitchell,
from the committee on railroads, re
ported favorably on the bill to extend
tl'ie time for completing the survey and
location of v the Portland, Dalles and
Salt Lake Railroad; placed on Calen
der. A Liverpool dispatch . of the 1st
says the wheat receipts past week from
Atlantic ports waS 26,000 quarters; Pa-
cine ports, 87,000; other sources, 13,
500." Reciepts of com, 34,000 quar
ters. The Mark Lane Express says the
activity caused by the Easter holidays
is not yet over. The transactions are
limited to supplying immediate re
quirements This and tho absence of
everything like speculation tended to
contract operations, the supply keep
ing pace with the demands, and the
stock diminisliing slowly. The conti
nental demand continues, and has ta
ken several cargoes, which arrived at
calling ports, but has not shown itseif
to any extent. Stocks in parts -of
Germany and Erance are reported
short; but latterly purchases has been
made by several grain markets from
Russian and American ports, whence
direct shipment is made; trade is dull.
The fine weather depresses the market
and in some instances holders have
yielded slightly, but the decline is
scarcely perceptible. Mazie is lower
under large supplies. The French
demand occurred very opportunely for
the sellers of oats. In the country
markets flour is fairly steady, but the
London trade is dull. There has been
no important change in any department
during the week.
Intelligence from Sague Le
Grende via Havana 30th, and Key
West, May 1st, states that on the
morning of the 25th the train from
Las Crimes was attacked by two
hundred Insurgents at Cifuentes sta
tion. The ten soldiers and one officer
who were on board made a heroic de
fense, but were compelled to succumb.
The engineer, conductor, and many
passengers were wounded, the Insur
gents burned the cars.
San Erancisco dispatch says
that Platte Purr of Portland has
brought suit before -tne register in
bankruptcy against the Nevada and,
Northern Telegraph Co., to recover
$28,750, alleged to be due him on the
construction of the line "from Winne
mucca to Portland. The act on which
the bankruptcy of the company is
predicated is the attachment ou the
company's office by Ladd & Tilton.
The attachment placed on the
stores and coal of the Pacific Mail
steamer Alaska on Saturday was re
leaped on Monday, on a bond for $27,
000 to enable her to sail for China
and Japan.
BT'Splendid assortment -wall pa
per and window blinds just received
at Gase's.
The number of vessels built in the.
United States last year is less than the
total of any year since 1802.
- v$r-J,
A. - ti
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