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Astoria, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, Dec. 2, 1873.
Fa 13.
Monitor BuSeSng, Asfco&a, Oregon.
If. C IRET.AXB, ..Proprietor
abs?cripfIon Rates:
3nc Qs?y i?nc yoar..... .w $5 H)
0no Copy s-ix itrorftffcs . J 00
Khio Copy thrco inHrths. . - 6. o0
SOT Single Xuicte, on Qmts. "tea
Advertising ncj
Ono Insertion pcrsciuarc,101nesorless.$2o0
Kxch additional Insertion, pdr square..... '-2 00
Yearly adr'ts per month, ror square . 5L 30
L. P. Fisher, 20 n& 21 New Merchants Ex
change, is authort7.e& to Ttct &s Agent fcfirtho
Astohi x in San Fnftidlsco.
Any friend who fodis an interest in the pros
perity of this regions authorized, to act as
Agont for tfeis paper, sin procuring subscribers.
Sec AdverlSsed letters.
To morrow s the time fixed for
ithe sale of tke Knappton mills by
Sheriff Wl&tcomb.
We understand the Common'
Council will to-night occupy the new
vshambers, corner of Chcmoque a&d
Lafeyctte streets. There Hs room for
Mr, H, Carnahan of Clatsop
Plains has left a rutabaga at this of
fice which weighed twenty-four
.pounds. It was as solid and nice as
3iny we have ever seen.
Learning of the delays attending
the discharge of ballast from vessels
at Portland, the Captain of the Navi
gator hauled in to Flavels dock here
.last Saturday for the purpose of tak
ing out ballast before he weuld pro
ceed up the river, and it would also
enable the vessel the better to cross
the shoals.
It will be seen that Capt. W. P.
Gray has left the briny serf, and will
thereafter remain on shore, -as part
ner in the Washington market on
Main street. Capt. L. H. Hubbard,
formerly bar pilot will assume com
anand of the Varuna next Saturday,
- when she comes ot repaired, and
iready to resume regular traps on that
. day.
The British sfcip Eskdale, Capt
Jenkinson, finished loading and
cleared fer tke United Kingdom yes
terday. This is the largest cargo
' that has yet cleared from the Colum
bia river. She is a vessel of 1220 tons
register, but carries away 1S02 long
tons of wheat. She has been in the
river tbirty-one days; considerable
over half the cargo was loaded here
the past ten days, but she spent
twenty days on the river above here,
discharging ballast, and taking on
part of her cargo at Portland.
A private letter from Bishop
Morris states that during his visit to
Eastern Oregon he laid the corner
stones for four churches, which will
be built next season. In the Grande
1 Itoride and Powder river missions,
'within the past six months forty-nine
persons have been confirmed, and
the church has secured by gift the
ite for four churches, two lots in one
place, two in another, four in a
third, and two acres in a fourth and
3iave in money and subscriptions
.$5,500 towards building the churches.
"This is doing well for Eastern Oregon.
We have in our office three qual
ities of cement' undergoing the pro
cess of hardening under water.
These qualities may be rated: 1st, of
ipure quarry rock, prepared by Prof.
Hopkinson; 2d, Boulder cement, pre
pared by Prof. Hopkinson, pronoun c
edaNo. 1 article in New York; 3d,
English Portland cement, obtained
. by Prof. Hopkinson at the arsenal in
Victoria. We cannot enter detail to
describe these cements. It is suffi
cient for the present to say that the
first is by far superior to either of the
others. It not only thoroughly har-
. dens binder water, but leaves the wa
ter as pure as crystal, showing there
by its. superior qualities. We hope
the day is not far distant when this
. article will be largely manufactured
from-the inexbausiible quarry of it
Jn this Vicinity. It certainly equals
. ' the famous Borlousne (Portland) ce-
- . i nientj as ihere tes&hare proven.
The snow of Sunday evening and
Sunday nighty still lingers near.
tssr Bsr fresh Oysters, in ctfery stylo, call at
the Parker House Restaurant.
Capt. Eli Hilton formerly with
the pilot boat California, has gone on
the tug Astoria for bar piloting in
Last Friday was the fourteenth
anniversary of tke death of Washing
ton Irvine. He died on the 2Sth of
November, 1859.
Last Sunday Uus region was vis
ited by -a hail storm which lasted an
hour or two, itemed to snow, and fi
nally vanished before a noon day
sun. Boreas will not tarry long
enough to give us more than a taste
of the rigors of Winter.
Last Tfoarsiay night as George
Boss and Eingene Brock were cross
ing the peninsula by the mill trail,
a large panther crossed their track
about nine o'clock- They were arm
ed with a lantern which frightened
the monster away.
The ocntenmal of tike evacuation of
New3Torkcity by British troops, Novem
ber -25th, LTT73, was very shabbily observ
ed in. New York, When the hundredth
annevcrsarc- of tke eY&cwattop. of Astoria,
some day Ik 1.911, "occurs, there will fee a
sligfet noise equivalent to an earthquake of
the present &ay. That was an event wor
thy ef perpetuation.
Some fellow attempted to rob
oicr editor's orchard last Saturday
night, but not understanding how to
work Jollm ChappelPs patent ladders
broke through and fell to the ground.
It is evident from the manner of his
leaving that he imagined himself
shot ail to pieces.
5"A neat, clean, cosey place, for gentle
men and Sadies to enjoy a dish of fresh Oysters
is at tho Parker House Restaurant.
Miss Morrison of this city, has a
very flourishing school at Knappton.
At -a public examination of pupils
last week parents and friends of the
scliool were delighted with the evi
dences of progress being made by
the pupils.
One of the prettiest scenes that
could be witnessed in this part of the
wcrld was that of Sunday evening'
jiist before dark, when the falling
snow covered the house tops to a
depth of an Inch or more, and made
tihe earth appear to be draped in a
garb of pure white, with dark lace
The new schooner Industry from
Deep river left a cargo of splendid
stave bolts at Ferrel's wharf, for ship
ment to Honolulu. We have seen
specimens of stave bolts-from that re
gion three feet across of pure stuff.
Not a knot in the slab of eight'inches
The Bulletin a few days ago cop
ied our argument in favor .of a daily
mail, for which we are duly thankful,
but at the same time that paper made
it appear that Astorians were exclu
sive m these desires. This may be
so, with the Bulletin, perhaps, but
not with all Portland papers as the
Oregonian and other journals come
to hand every opportunity but the
Bulletin never, except on regular
mail days.
The Treasury Department have re
cently issued a new -circular relative to
lights, torches and fog signals, to be pro
vided, used and observed on steam and
sailing vessels. It having been sported
to the Department that' masters of vessels
frequently fail to comply with the provis
ions of the act of April 29, 1S64, and of
sections 47 and 70 of the act of February
2Sth, 1871, relative to lights and torches to
be exhibited and fog-signals to be sound
ed in certain cases, in order that all con
cerned may know their duty, this circular
contains all the provisions of the law re
ferred to, and maj"- be procured at custom
houses all over the land.
Secretary Bichardson ol the Treasury
Department at Washington city, has
caused to be printed and distributed a cir
cular relative to fog-signals, which is is
sued to each sailing vessel with its other
regular papers, to be framed and hung in a
conspicuous place on said vessel. Masters
of .all vessels, as well as raftsmen, fl'at--boats,
Wod-Doaty, and otljer lijfe1 craft;
are interested in this mattcr, and should'
apply -for,the circular. ;, ' -
Re&l Estnte Snlcs.
Following is a list of deeds recorded in
Clatsop county last menth:
Lewis H. Hubbard and wife to Phijip
Johnson, pait of kt one block 113, Shive
lys Astoria. Consideration 350.
Norman L. Smith and wife to Patrick
Conner, 80 acres town 8 north range 7
west. Consideration lo0.
L. H. Hubbard and wife to Jphn Fox,
lots 3 and 4, block 35, Olneys Astoria,
Concideration 200,
Joseph Jeffers and wife to John Warn
staff, lcrs 7 and 8, block 52 and lot 2,
block 125, Olneys Astoria. Consideration
31, Meyer and wife to Conrad Buchter,
lots 3 and 4, block 105, Olneys Astoria,
Consideration 200.
John Adair and wife to Brown & Lein
enweber, block 92 Adair's Astoria. Con
sideration $100,
Charles Gibbras to James Boycc, lots 1
and 2, block 152, Olneys Astoria. Consid
ation 50,
John Adair and wife to Martha A,
Lomisj South 14 of the Donation Land
claim of W W. Raymond 270.32 acres.
Consideration 600.
A dedecation ot streets in upper Astoria
by John Adair.
This is the anniversary of the battle of
Capt. Alex. Dodge, of Portland, was
buried on 'J' lansgiving day.
Owning to the nearness of the holi
days, poultry has stiffened somewhat.
No. 1, of Portland have got their new
steamer, and will have a fine time housin'
of 'cr, etc
The next State fair at Salem will be
held from October Sth to 17th ten days
according to the Oregonian.
The recent earthquake in Southern
Oregon was quite a shake at Jacksonville,
Crescent City and other points.
Judge Upton has denied the motion
for a new trial, and sentenced Dr. Glass to
a term in the penitentiary on conviction
upoa thejtadictment for manslaughter, in
producing the death of Mary Haraman.
The Chinese ceremony of "driving the
devils out of town" continue in Sacramen
to, Cal. If successful there, the Celestial
demon-drivers would do well to make a
missionary tour to New York, Washing
ton City, and other wicked places.
The new portable spring beds made by
Mr. Merrill, are recommended as being
convenient, comfortable and durable.
These beds can be easily arranged to fit
any bedstead ; are light and not easy to
get out of order," and are a decided im
provement over the old fashioned - spring
bed which weighs something more or less
than a ton. There is no chance for dust or
vermin to collect about it ; a desideratum
which every house-keeper will appreciate.
You will find these beds, ior the present,
at I. F. Power's furniture store on First
street, Portland.
Congress is supposedjto have mjet yes
terday. The proceedings of the present
term then, will be watched with keener in
terest than has marked the sittings of any
previous Congress since the close of the
rebellion. To many minds the country is
about coming to the turning point in its
history. It cannot persevere in the course
which it is now pursuing without the most
serious danger to the stability of its institu
tions. Congress has evidently much seri
ous and important work to perform work
which requires individual integrity no less
thand collective wisdom. r We shall soon
see whether it realizes its responsibilities.
The Supreme Court of California has
just rendered a.decision which has settled
one or two important principles touching
taxation. It has long been held that dou
ble taxation could not be maintained. It
is now .declared that the taxation of a
mortgage on land, or the money secured
thereby, and the taxation of the land, is
double taxation. 'This is the "point which
the Savings Banks have steadily raised
and defended for years. They failed in
the remedy sought in tile particular cases,
but tliey gained the." principle for which
thev had been con tending, for vears. The
Uourt also held that barf Francisco is sub
,''-.. ... . . ...,- . - . - . . i
ject to the Code ofthejSjatestifl imperfect.
- rf .-- . 4. ,..,.
The Price of Gold.
Portland, Dec 1. Gold in New
York to-day, 109; Portland Legal
Tender rates, 90A buying, and 91
selling, "
Miscellaneous News.
A State Grange of Patrons of Hus
bandry has been organized in New
In the trial of Marshal Bazine on
the 25, General Boyer testified that
he was willing to grant an armistice
if the army at Metz would declare in
favor offNapoleon.
A convention of the- colored men
of Kentucky met at Frankfort and
appointed delegates to the national
convention of their color, which as
sembles at Washington December
The Boston Cartridge Company-will
commence this week to run their
works day and night. They have
pressing orders for several million
cartridges from the War and Navy
The Controller renews his recem-'
mendation that $25,000,000 of nation
al bank circulation be withdrawn
from the Eastern States, which have
an excess, and be distributed among
Southern and Western States, whibh
are deficient.
The Government at Madrid, de
clares that it is willing and resolved,
to restore tne Virginius and! yield to
other claims of the United; States
its only request now beSng that the
fact shall be first established that the
Virginius was entitled to the profiac
tion of the American flag-
The Comptroller, of Currency ih
his forthcoming report devotes con
siderable space to the subject on in
terest on deposits and certification of
checks. He thinks that the proposed
action of the Clearing Hoose in the
city of New York,, if adopted by the
clearing houses of the principal cities
of the Union; wonld do more to pre
vent the payment of interest on de
posits than any Congressional instru
ment. There are fouTteenaily paper&
in Kansas, and all but one repudiate
the action of governor Osborne in
appointing CrozJer as U. S. Senator
It is alleged that the arrangement
by which Crozier was appointed,, in
cludes the election of Osborne to tfos
United States Senate,, and the- ap
pointment of Crozier tfi the- IL S
Judgeship in- place ot Dehaney,.
whose resignation Crozier takes i&i
his pocket to Washington.
The New Orleans People's Con
vention adopted an address and a
series of resolutions and appointed a
committee on the-part of the people
of Louisiana,, to- repair to Washing-
mgton and present a memorial for
relief from the Kellogg usurpation,
and restoration to Louisiana of her
rignts ana noercies as a iree state oi
the American Union, as guaranteed
by the Constitution of thie- United
States. . . .
Vallejo worn the Cocmty seat in the
late election and rejoiceth thereat
muchly. The Commissioner of the
General Land Qf&ce has informed
Delegate McFadden, of Washington
Territory, that the public surveys"
will nest springy be extended- over
San Juan ami otSser islands in the
line of Northwest boundary; recent
ly on dispute between Great Britain
and the United States
The Oregon State Agricultural Society
offer a premium for the scalps of wood
peckers, crows aneS ravens.
K5T Oystors in every stylo, at all hours of
day or night, at tho Parker House Restau
rant, Main street, Astoria.
Excellent Those Sugar CuretJ Ilams, and
that Fresh Roll Butter, Fresh Buckwheat,
(this year's crop), Corn Meal, Cracked Wheat,
liominy, etc., at Cask's. 12tf
New School Books. I have just re
ceived all the different kinds of New School
Books required to be used in this State, that
can now be ibundin Son Francisco. Also,
Slate pencils, Blotting pads, a good as
sortment of Stationery, Drawing paper,
CARD BOAKD, Perforated board, Ink,
(Carmine, Purplcand Black)- Likewise a
new stock of Crockery, Clocks and a large
assortment of Lamp Chimneys, all of
.which-will be sold cheap for ca-K
,' ,j
TheBriiish. Government hasthns
far spent three hundred thousand
pounas on the Tichborne case.
Victor Emmanuel presented a
cameo necklace to the Jrown Prin-cess-during
has visit to Berlin. She
asked him to call again.
Two'ltaliara beggars in St. Louis
( father and daughter ) are fighting in
the Courts over SI 0,000, the proceeds
of twenty years of street-begging in
the large American cities.
TSe Womextfs Journal thinks
that if Mr. Alexander Stewart will let
the thousand women who are to occu
py his hotel up town make their own
code of police regulations all will be
The-Macon (Ga.) Telegraph puts
a case of the prevailing grab-feverin
this wise; " Collector -Widemer, over
m Alabama, has Bullocked $20,000
of internal revenue money. Orders
have been sent from Washinton to
find, out whether he ean be forced to
divide any of it Jr
C. CFuitoniB another temper-;
ance orator- Durihg nearly five
months7 sojourn ih Prussia,, Austria
and France,, he never encountered
any one laboring under the effect of
intexicating: liquors, not evenksuffi-
ciently exhilarated? to be noisy- Ana. they have neither State Consta
bles nor Prohibitory la-w&there.
An absent-minded Georgian serv
ed out half of a two years' term in
the State Prison, fbr horse-stealing,
before it occurred to- him to show.
that for eighi monthsbefore, and six
months-after tke horse was stolen-in
Georgia, he was living, in Delaware.
The third wealthiest religions de
nomination in this 'country are the
regular Presbyterians,, with nearly
$4S,000,4) church property. The
regular Baptists have over $39,000,-
000, the Protestant Episcopal over
$36,000,000,, and the Congregational;
over $25,000JOOO-
Do not throw, bottles, broken glass,,
or nails into the street. Many horses
are wounded and spoiled by this-:
A gentleman in Philadelphia is
said to liave never failed but once in
a hundred trials to induce a balky
horse to-start,, by tying a string tight
ly around his ear close to his head
Have any of you readers tried it?
One of our agents writes that he
has prevented his-horse from being
annoyed by all kinds of flies, by the
use of a mixture of one-third of fish
oil and two-thirds of kerosene oil.
This is sprinkled on his horse-brush,,
which is passed lightly over the horse
We hope horse-owners will try it.
See how much you can lighten
your harness during the hot weather.
The back strap and breeching. can
often be removed without trouble
from double teams- or carriages. A
breast-plate is cooler than a collar,,
and will answer well for pleasure
carriages. When you are perspiring freely
after a little unusual exertion, or are.
suffering with heat when exposed to
the sun, think of your horse under
the same circumstances, use him as
moderately as you can, and relieve
him as soon as you can.
A farmer and hds-wife called at a
Detroit photograph galleryr last week
to orjder some photographs, of 'her,
and while the- operator was getting,
ready., the husband gave tke wife a
little advice as. to how she must act:
"Fasten your mind on something,"
he said, aortielse you will laugh
and spoil the job. Think about ear--ly
days, how your father got in jail
and your mother was an old scolder,
and what you'd have been if I hadn't
pitied you. Just fasten your mind
on to that!" She didn't have any
photographs taken.
GrFT3, Toys, and Fancy Goods.- S, J. tc
Corinick, (Sant&vGlaus Headquarters), in Fir't
Portland, Qregpji, has just received direct from
tho east, an immense stock; of now Toys, fancy
, goods, music; boxes, albums, dolls, toy bowks,
1 gift books, annuals, and an endless var'oty of
articles .suited to .trade, which ho
offers to. country merchants, in quantities to
'suicat.thlOiWWticash.prieos.. Send yourlor-
ders oarly. ' " n22tf
t, .'.- -y
;1 :. H
" i