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Yol. 2.
Astoria, Oregon, Saturday Morning, Not. 29, 1873.
No. 12;-
Mr -
Monitor Building, Astoria, Oresoc.
Sf. C. IRGI.AST2 Proprietor
Subscription Kates:
One Copy one year .. . S3 00
Jne Copy six uftnth-? : 00
Oao Crtpv throe months c - 1 30
&3 Single Number, Ten Cents. .
Advertising .Ratcv:
'One Insertion porsquarc, lOlincsor loss...S2 30
ICach jutilitional Insertion, per square 2 00
Yearly adv'is cr month, per square 1 3U
L. P. Fisher, 20 anS. 2i New Merchants Ex
ohange, I5 :uitliori.e3. to act as Agent for the
Asroisu.v in San Francisco.
Any friend who feels an interest in the pros
perity of this region, is authorized to act as
Agent for this paper, in procuring subscribers.
The postage en the Tut-Weekly
Astoman is 15 cents a quarter ("Cur
rency) which must he paid at, the
"subscribers post-office.
air Oysters in every style, at all hours of
day or nightg at the Parker House Rkstau
liAKT, Main street, Astovia.
CapkGeorgeFlavel returned from
4iis San Francisco visit hy -the Ori
iiamme last Tuesday- lrs. F. and
the family will remain in 'California
several months.
Mr. Henry Kindred, . who met
with a frightful accident recently on
board the steamer Dixie Thgnipson,
nearly costing him his right hand, is
recovering slowly.
The lower red buoy on Clatsop
spit, Columbia river, has broken
from its anchor, and was met by the
-Orifiamme outside the bar on Tues
day morning. This was a very im
portant buoy, and -should be imme
diately replaced.
33A neat, clean, cosey place, for gentle
men and ladies to enjoy a dish of fresh Oysters
is at the Parker House Restaurant.
Gen. Adair and Messrs. C Lein
enweber tCo., of the upper town,
.have recently made an important ex
change of real estate fronting on the
ba3r, with the view of extending im
provements upon one balf oft&e prop
erty involved in the transaction,
amounting to some seven or eight lots.
Several parties are now on the
streams of Clatsop county in search
of valuable furs. Mr. Philip Oondit
of Clatsop Plains informs us that he
Jias caught about twenty fine beaver
within a month past, on Clatsop
creek and in that vicinity. Messrs.
H. S. Dyson & Co. are doing very
well on Young's river.
"We are in receipt f a fine clus
ter of large ripe Mack-berries, pluck
ed from the parent stem on the day
before Thanksgiving, from the gar
den of N. F, Mudge esq., of this city.
Blackberries from the bushes in Ore
gon on Thanksgiving day J put that
in your newspapers, ye of the Atlan
tic side, who are commenting upon
inclement weather, frozen up canals,
-and deep snow drifts.
Last Tuesday evening we receiv
ed a handsomely printed invitation
.and complimentary ticket from the
Oregon City Turn Veriens, to be pre
sent at their party at Myer's Hall on
the evening of the 26th, but as Messrs.
Hobson & Warren had also conferred
mpon us a token of friendship in the
shape of an elegant fat turkey, for
our thanksgiving dinner, we could
not consistently leave Astoria on that
day. We thank our friends however
for their kind remembrance, and
especially are we greatful to Messrs.
Hobson & "Warren for their present.
After the close of the Lodge, at
Odd Fellows1 hall i.i this city Thanks
giving evening, the members present,,
numbering some thirty-five brothers'
of the order, re-assembied, with Mr.
I.- W. Case in the chair, and tempora
rily organized an, Odd .bellows' Hall
- Association. Messrs. J.-H. D. Gray,
G. H. JEJage, C. H. Bain, J. Chappell,
an&'G. Reed, .were. appointed a eom-
xnitiee to draft articles'of incorpbra-
- tion.fix. the ambunt of capital, deter-
.niinji.fctthe value 6f shares, ete.,n&
" teport'ibextOLhursday evening..- 3
' Tillamook serf rolling more rain.
Skating on the walks fine sport
McCormicks Almanac for 1874 is
Sheriff Twilight is now ready to
receive taxes on the new assessment.
During the operation of starting
some new machinery at the Hem
lock tannery on the 27th, a man
stumbled and fell into a vat prepared
t receive ox-hides. lie came out
looking very much as though he was
opposed to that sort of tanning pro
cess. Thanksgiving day 1S73 could not
have been more gen erally observed
in any community than it was here,
by the people of Astoria, and every
body -appeai-s to have been recupera
ted and ennobled, by such rest and
social reunions as the day invoked
many a fat turkey, pig, or chicken,
was -sacrificed in honor of the event.
On the 26th one of the workmen
on the roadway of the Farmers
wharf dumped the top of a pile into
the Farmer Pet, (a square-toed scow
used about he works), and in the
confusion which followed lost over
board a cross-cut saw, hand-axe,
hammer and other tools, which will
.probably sprout, before they are re
covered. The new circular saw at Leinen
weber and Co's was started up on
Thursday, making about 99,999 rev
olutions a minute, or thereabouts.
Our informant says he counted as
far as 99,900 when his eye was caught
by a man in one of the tannery vats
who drew himself out on sight. The
saw was stopped, but will resume
some day next week.
Capt. Flavel's pile driver, which
has been to Brookfield under contract
to drive the piling for Megler and
Jewetts wharf at that place, was re
turned to Astoria on Thursday. The
work progressed rapidly under the
supervision of Mr. Gist, and notwith
standing his disabled hand 260 large
piles were securely planted, in nine
working days. The driver was away
thirteen days, T. J. Reeves engineer.
KS"i"or fresh Oysters, in every stylo, call at
the Parker House Restaurant.
Beaver Lodge No. 35, Odd Fellows
of Astoria, will celebrate the anniver
sary of the institution of the Lodge,
December 22d, 1S73, by a social re
union at the hall; and on the evening
of the 31st by a second meeting, of
similar character, to bid the Old Year
adieu and welcome 1S74, at both of
which a happy, joyous, festal occasion
may be anticipated. The order here
is gradually gaining strength, and
promises well for future years.
Now comes the statement that
Captain Jones, of the schooner Ener
gy at Shoalwater bay, did not try to
slip off without paying a debt of hon
or. It is said that he was prevented
from coming ashore b' the preval
ence of a strong southerly wind, and
that he voluntarily tendered the
money to Sheriff Whitcomb, who
was going the same way, as he was
anxions to cross the bar before the
sea got too heavy. The difficulty
with the cook originated from his
shying a plate at the Captains head.
The ". other side" say that Captain
Jones was justified in acting as he
We have in Astoria several young
men of mild disposition, who are as
careful of themselves as they are of
those about them, and whether it be
owing to the salubriousness of the
climate, or what, the croppings of an
even disposition will appear upon the
surface often when least expected, as
was the, case a few evenings-siiice, it
a discussion "oh the subject of a ceme
tery improvement, wnen one oi our
youn'g men made a stirring appeal in
behalf of the improvement, eonclud-ing-his
argument with the statement
that the cemetery should made a
place of public'resort. Verily, there
appears to . but' little other uses for a
cemetery here but we quite coincide
i&iviSi6.nJjJ &VPprac-
nciitMJ yjJi.u vemiMi iiUi,.iuejgruunus.
The Portland Bulletin says that
"the shoaling of the Columbia at
points below (Portland) is now the
one thing wThich injuriously affects
our commerce. An appropriation
should be obtained "to remove these
obstructions and clean the channel
at the earliest possible day. It ia the
one great need of Oregon being in
importance to our producing classes
far above anything that Government
can aid us in." It is indeed a very
great misfortune for Oregon that the
Pacific Ocean will not throw an arm
inland 120 miles to Portland of suffi
cient depth to float sea craft. The
city of Portland has been, is, and ex
pects to continue to be, of such im
portance and benefit to the producing
classes of this State that it is a mis
fortune that she is not in tide water,
with a harbor equal to the necessities
of the case. Congress has made a
grant of land to secure the building
of a railroad to such a point on the
Columbia'as will admit the entrance
of the largest of sea going vessels.
But railroad companies arc monopo
lists, and Congress should, now make
another appropriation for the purpose
of dredging a ship channel from As
toria to Portland, that vessels may
compete with the iron horse, and de
prive his neigh of the terror with
which it now afflicts so many. There
is now one vessel (Prof. Airy) above
hog's-back, a small ship arid drawing
but 17 feet of water whiclrcannot get
down the river. She has been there
several days waiting for the moon to
stretch the tides a little more but it
is slow and questionable. rMuch in
jury thereby is being die to the
producing classes, and if it is not too
late we would suggest to President
Grant that he include in his message
to Congress an item on the improve
ment of the lower Columbia,and rec
commend that, as it would be unfair
for Oregon to expect the whole Uni
ted States Treasury to be emptied in
her lap, the breakwater construction
at Port Orford be posponed a year or
two. By all means let the producing
classes oi Portland have ashipchan
nal to their doors, at the expense of
Uncle Sam, for Nature is unkind and
One of the standing jobs which
will besiege Congress for some time
to come is the proposition to refund
the cotton tax, amounting to about
sixty millions of dollars. At the last
session it was brought to a test vote
in the House, and though defeated,
developed more strength than its op
ponents expected. There are indi
cations of preliminary movements to
bring a powerful lobby to bear in its
favor at the approaching session.
The Philadelphia Leger says it
is one of the first duties of the hour,
and most effectual methods of end
ing the panic, to cultivate the idea
"that the world is not coming to an
end because of the eollapse of certain
unfortunate enterprises and unwise
Count de Chambord's unlucky
letter reminds one of the saying of
Martin Van Buren, that he would
rather tunnel -fifty miles, to hold an
interview with a
person, than write
him a letter.
Rev. A. C. McDougall, of Califor?
niaia now on a visit to this State, to
labor in behalf of the temperance
cause. He is not acceptable to all,
by considerable.
-The Chinese have taken to large-
ly adulterating their teas. In London
notices have-been given tomerchapts
in China that all spurious teas will
henceforth be'destroved.
Excellent Those Sugar Cured Hams, and.
haUrih.JioiL Buttor. KrVsh iwww '
fitiiir year's .crop),.Corn;Moal.-.Cracked .Wheat. ' M
Hominy, aMC&L':" lT.JlLtf fj
The lBrice of Gold.
Portland, Nov. 2S Gold in New
York to-day, 109; Portland Legal
Tender rates, 90 J buying, and 91J
Miscellaneous Kexrs.
The Utah Southern Railroad to
Provo is finished.
McMahon has accepted the resig
nation of several of his Cabinet.
Reports that violence had been
offered by the Madrid populace to
General Sickles are pronounced false.
There is no possibility, it is said, of
settling the diplomatic controversies
between Spain and the United
States for many months to come.
Colonel Wm. II. Farrar, formerly
United States Attorney at Portland,
Oregon, and of the late years repre
senting much Pacific Coast legal
business at Washington, died on Fri
day last.
The Spaniards claim that the Vir
ginius was not an American vessel;
that Ryan was not an American citi
zen, and that the vessel was in un
lawful expedition at the time of the
The prospect of war with the Unit
ed States seems to be accepted at Ha
vana. The Captain General and-his
military chiefs are having frequent
consultations. Active preparations
are being made for defending Ha
vana. The mills in the vicinity of Troy,
New York, employing over five thou
sand persons, resumed work on the
24th. The mills at Newburgh and
Poughkeepsie, which have resumed
work, give employment to 650 men.
Tweed remains in the Tombs, but
is complaining of the dampness and
stench of the cell in which he was
first placed. Over one million dol
lars' worth of his property was trans
ferred on the 25th. It consisted en
tirely of real estate in New York.
The Counsel for Tweed present a
bill comprising nine objections on
which to base arguments for stay of
proceedings. 'I he prosecuting officer
may ask time to consider the bill,,
and Judge Davis may possibly take
time to consider the points presented.
It is reported in the meantime that
Tweed will not be placed on Black
welPs Island.
The explanations given by the
French Government with regard to
the pastoral of the Bishop of Nancy,
ordering prayers for the recovery of
Metz, and Strausburg, are regarded
as unsatisfactory. The Archbishop
maintains an attitude of resistance,,
and is surprised at the severity of
the measure.
The War Department has issued a
general order requiring that all dis
bursing officers, as far as practicable,
shall keep the bulk of all public funds
advanced to them in independent
Treasury offices, and limit the de
posits in the local depository banks
to such amounts only as may be ac
tually necessary for small local pay
ments. The agent of the Associated Press
is authorized by Minister Sickles to
say there is no foundation for the re
port published in New York on the
21st, to the effect that he (Sickles)
had broken off social relations with
the Foreign Minister, and that' he
had expressed an opinion that war
was inevitable. The agent is also
authorized to state that official and
personal relations between Minister
Sickles and the Spanish officials are
unchanged, and that Mr. Sickles has
not expressed any opinion as to the
Trending question.
The New York Republican Cen
tral Committee have adopted a se
ries of resolutions, declaring the cap
ture of the Virginias and the slaugh
ter of the crew an outrage demand
ing speedy redress and security
against repetition, extending sym
pathy to all people struggling for
freedom, but declaring that if Spain
is in earnest in her design to estab
lish a Republic she will liberate the
slaves in her territories and eive
the people of Cuba a government of
their own choice; concluding with a
resuiuuuii expressing conscience in
the Administration to uphold" the
honor of the Government in the mat
The French barJclNouvean St. !
.t i i i, )Ua , .. , , ,, I
Olichael has4beenchartered .-to-load'
;lieatfor Cork at--410?. Shecomes
rom San Francisco. -i " i jM?inthisjcOunty. . v
A. M. Simpson & Brother of San
Francisco, leading men of the North
Pacific coast trade,, have purchased
the steam tug C. J.. Brenham, for use
on the Coos Bay bar- They Iiave
built a vessel at Coos bay every year
for several years past,, and we under
stand intend to build another next
season. Of the vessels built by them
we have in this trade-the-barken tines
Melancthon, Webfootr Oregonian,
and the Portland. Tliy are all first
class vessels.
We are informed from private
sources that the following vessels in
South American ports- October 25th
have been chartered to load with
grain in the Columbia river for the
United Kingdem: Sophia D.,.McCas
lin master; Nonahtumr Thomas; Al
loa, Henry; Ssgamorer Woqd; Ad
miral Fitzroy, Francis;- Itasca,, Rich;
and the Annie W. Weston,. Yates.
We do not feel justified in adding
some of the list$ without further in
formation.. The Portland Commercial has the
cargo of the Mariano- down for the
United Kingdom. As the Mariano
cleared from Astoria for San Francis
co, the cargoes of the schooner Hera,
barkentine Portland, and steamer
Idaho, could with equal propriety be
included in the list, but are not so
mentioned by that paper. Perhaps
the Commercial thought the Mariano
sailed on a foreign voyage. It is no
doubt difficult for interior papers to
note exactly the movement of sea
vessels. . We have often heard of fast men
slow men, and the like, but for genu
ine business men, refer to some of
the masters of our coasting vessels.
Capt. Clements, for example, wishing
to get to seawith the Rival as early
as possible, himself turned out at the
star light, and as captain, mate and
stevedore,, loaded 20,000 feet of lum
ber at FerrelPs wharf before break
fast! The Commercial Herald says the
purchase of the C. J. Brenham for
Coos bay was made necessary from
the-recent wreck of the only service
able tug. there and that she will go
at once toher new field of labor, as
a fleet of vessels now lie there unable-
to reach the Coal banks for want
of a suitable tug.
The trial of FrankHarrismate of
the ship Sunrise, was concluded at
noon on the 25th in the- United
States Circuit Court at San Francisco.
Harris was convicted on the 20
counts of indictment for cruel treat
ment of sailors He- received the
verdict of the Jury with perfect cool
ness. The schooner Ivanhoe,. Wells
master, went to sea on Thursday with
a cargo of flour, etc., from Portland
for Coos bay,, in exchange for coal.
We hope Capt. Wells will make an
other similar exchange, and thus
open a new line on the coastwise
trade of Oregon.
The ship Roswell Sprague, hence
for Liverpool February 20th, with a
cargo of 44,000 bushels of wheat, and
afterwards put into Valparaiso in dis
tress, after a severe storm,, left Val
paraiso for San Fraucisco on the loth
of October.
We understand that the bark
Whistler, Captain Simpson recently
from Knappton to Bolivia with a car
go of lumber, will not return to the
Columbia river at present. She is
now hi San Francisco.
The schooner Gotama, one of
Simpson's vessels reported outside at
San Francisco, a few days ago, as the
telegraph stated "from Astoria," did
not go from here, but was from Coos
bay. .
It is stated that the Ellen Goudy
goes foreign from San Francisco, with
fi o!.rcrct nf w"hpaf. Inarlpl of. Vsillam
and that vessel is dropped from our
list thus.
The new schooner Ettie Mav.
loaded with, wheat.for San Francisco,
left'liere yesterday. ' Sheis a.meat,
trim, little vessei,4built(!atu W estport
J.- .r rrv
.r-Hi .;. iMff tut ,lv 2,' Pil r. -U ;
i- " " w .ivir'iv .";'..