The Siuslaw news. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1960-current, September 01, 2021, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Page 10, Image 10

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VOLLEYBALL from page 1B
very happy!” she said.
The first two sets, went
very much in Mapleton’s
favor, winning them 25-11
and 25-12.
“The third set, we lost
a little bit of steam, so
that one we lost 21 to 25,
which was still a pretty
tight score,” said the coach.
“Their fourth set was really
a hard-fought one. We lost
that one 26 to 28, and it
was back and forth the en-
tire time. Then, we pulled
through all the tiredness
and everything, and took
the fifth set 15 to 6. So, that
was pretty great.”
Notable stats from the
game include Milbrett, who
had eight aces, Summer
Flansberg with five aces
and three kills and senior
Opal Burruss with six aces
and five kills.
SOCCER from page 1B
play with one less person
on the field, the unex-
pected changeup also had
repercussions for the goal
“Derrick [Vanduch] was
not prepared to play goal-
ie until the second half,”
Tomaro said. “Whenev-
er something like that
happens, and things get
thrown off, it’s a stressful
stepped up and command-
ed his post.
“Derrick stopped their
second penalty kick, which
was good; that kept us
alive because that would
have been the eighth goal,”
said Tomaro. “It’s really
hard as a goalkeeper to
come in and have to take a
penalty kick, and he chose
the right direction to dive
on the first one.”
Despite the shakeup,
the Vikings kept fighting
in the first half, but be-
cause of Newport’s strong
defense, Siuslaw was only
able to get two shots off.
“I think they made
some good plays in the
first half,” said Tomaro.
“Something we are going
to have to think about is
when we’re trying to put
the ball through and beat
the defense running on to
a through wall, it’s real-
ly hard with teams where
goalies come out [of the
box] like Newport’s did.
He came out really far, way
outside of the box, and just
attacked the ball with his
Their second game of the
doubleheader was against
Pacific, and according to
Dooley, “We lost in a hard-
fought four.”
Despite the loss, Dooley
saw it as an opportunity for
her girls to gain more ex-
perience before their first
league games this season.
“Pacific was hitting it
down a lot more, so we
were getting a lot more ac-
tion at the net, which was
pretty exciting to see,” she
Standouts for the Pacific
game were senior Micayla
Flansberg, who had four
aces and one kill, and Mil-
brett with had three aces
and three kills.
The Lady Sailors’ spirits
weren’t broken in the slight-
est at the loss, with the girls’
only disappointment being
the lack of an opportunity
for a rematch, as they won’t
compete against Pacific
again this season.
“The girls so wanted to
play Pacific again!” said
Dooley. “On the bus they
kept going, ‘We’re playing
Pacific again, right?’”
What pleased Dooley the
most was the grit her team
showed throughout the
night. Their effort made
the experience as a whole
both positive and educa-
“I think they played real-
ly hard,” Dooley said. “With
any doubleheader, it’s great
experience, but it also can
be really tiring, especially
when your first game goes
to five sets. I think they
brought a really good ener-
gy to it. They were commu-
nicating and doing just as
they do in practice, which,
again, is awesome. It was a
great first night!”
After Thursday’s games,
Dooley and her girls were
all eager to play in their
tournament at C.S. Lew-
is Academy, where they
would get an opportunity
for a rematch with CSLA’s
“I’m excited to have fun
today!” said the coach after
their first match.
On Saturday, the girls
competed against CSLA,
Southwest Christian Acad-
emy (SWC) and Mitchell/
Spray/Fossil (MSF) in a
round robin tournament.
Each match was played
best out of three, with six
matches total.
Mapleton played SWC
first, losing in two sets 12-
25 and 19-25. Although
SWC came out on top, the
girls played a great match
and had two aces from
Shird and two from Mil-
brett. Summer Flansberg
and Opal Burruss had great
games as well, Flansberg
holding down the back row
and Burruss hitting strong
early on in the season.
The girls were in great
spirits in spite of falling to
SWC and went into their
next match against CSLA
ready to win, which they
did. The girls took it this
time in two sets themselves,
defeating the Watchmen
25-15 and 26-24.
In set one, they took the
win with kills from Shird
as well as Lexi Flansberg, a
freshman and younger sis-
ter to both Micayla Flans-
berg, an outside hitter, and
sophomore Tanae Robbins,
who plays rightside hitter.
Robbins had an ace in the
game, as did Milbrett.
Robbins went on a serv-
ing streak in set two with
four straight serves in a
row, two of which were
aces. Milbrett and Shird
also had aces, and Burruss
and Jahala Blake were very
aggressive at the net. The
second set was a close fin-
ish, but the Lady Sailors
weren’t going to let it go to
Their final game of the
day was against the MSF
co-op team, which they lost
in two sets 15-25 and 13-25.
MSF’s team was very strong
at the net and with serving,
which caused a lot of errors
on Mapleton’s side.
In the end, the girls had
great attitudes and they are
buzzing about getting their
season off to a great start.
They played Eddyville
Charter at home on Tues-
day, Aug. 31, after printing
deadlines, and their game
at McKenzie scheduled for
Sept. 2 was cancelled. Their
next game is on Tuesday,
Sept. 7, at home against Al-
sea at 6 p.m.
feet and booted it out there
so we didn’t even have a
chance to set up a shot.
“When you’re playing
a team like that, and ei-
ther, 1. the defense is just
as quick as you and you’re
not getting the shot; or 2.
you can’t find that sweet
spot in between the de-
fense and the goalie where
you’re getting an opportu-
nity, you have to adjust,”
she said. “You have to try
a new strategy. You have to
do more of the quick back
and forth passing because
that play wasn’t working.”
The main struggle for
the Vikings, though, was
having to play with one
less person on the field,
which Newport utilized to
their advantage.
“They scored a lot of
goals because they used
space really well,” said To-
maro. “They spread out,
and they were just passing
around us. They would
drive the ball towards the
corner, deep to the line,
and our defense would
get pulled over, but they
would have one or two
people waiting in front of
the goal. Then, they would
pass the ball out to those
people who were basically
not covered or defended
and have an open shot on
the goal at 18 yards out, or
even closer. Those shots
are hard for goalkeepers
to defend because they’re
close, and that person
can choose to shoot right
away, or dribble in and go
one-v-one with the goalie.
… When the person has
the ball at their feet and
they’re that close to the
goal, it’s really hard for the
goalie to make the save at
that point. So, they scored
a bunch of goals because
our defense didn’t adapt
quickly enough to that
play they were running.”
The first half ended with
the score at 0-7. In the sec-
ond half, the Vikings were
able to get three shots off,
and the Cubs didn’t take as
many shots as they did in
the first half.
“They didn’t want to end
the game,” said Tomaro.
“So, they were basically
playing a possession game
and trying to maintain
control of the ball. They
were also a person up, so
there was no way we could
guard every person on the
field; they had 10 on the
field and we had nine field
players, not counting the
goalies. They always would
have somebody open, and
I thought that our team
did a really good job of
just continuing to apply
pressure and to attempt to
win the ball, and when we
did win the ball, to try to
make passes.”
Siuslaw definitely has
some very skilled players
on the team, and as they
are new to playing at the
varsity level, Tomaro ac-
knowledges the fact that
they still have much to
learn as far as working as
a unit.
“I think one thing that
hopefully the kids will
see from this game is that
even though we have some
really skilled players who
can bring the ball up the
field, going one-v-one and
trying to dribble through
people is not going to get
us the chances against
teams that at this higher
level,” she said. “We have
to perfect our passes and
our movement on the field
and play more like [the
Cubs] were playing, be-
cause if you’re passing be-
fore the defender gets close
to you, they can’t steal the
ball from you. Whereas,
if you’re trying to dribble
past them, then they have
an opportunity to take the
Siuslaw was able to
take shots throughout the
game, “and unfortunate-
ly, they were just a lit-
tle bit off,” Tomaro said.
“They just were not quite
on target. But I was hap-
py because at that point,
we were playing a person
down, and we still did get
In the end, Siuslaw gave
it their all, but Newport’s
team has been playing at
the varsity level for longer,
and the Vikings need time
to grow together.
“I thought we were play-
ing a team that had a dif-
ferent level of intensity to
start out,” said Tomaro.
“Our kids just don’t have
the intensity in warm up
that the other team did.
That’s something we’re
working on. It’s our second
year at this level, so there
are things we just have to
There were some stand-
out players in the game.
“Jason [Garcia] had a
great game, Ray [Brito
Xilot] had a good game,
Dylan [Jensen] had a good
game, Noel [Hernandez]
had a good game, Alex
[Goss] had a great game;
a lot of kids played well
individually, we just have
to now move to the lev-
el where they’re more of
a cohesive unit,” Tomaro
said. “I’m happy with the
way almost every kid on
the field played — some
of them it was their first
varsity high school game,
and you have to settle in.
It’s just that now we have
to move to a different style
of play using different
on-field techniques so we
can compete with teams
that play this way, because
they’re all good players,
but you can’t do it alone.
And I hope they saw it in
this game.”
Tomaro plans to work
more on this moving for-
ward, specifically focusing
on passing with her team.
“When we work on
passes in practice some-
times, they’re like, ‘Ugh,
passing again?’ But it’s
because these other teams
can pass, and their pass-
es are going right to the
person every single time,”
she said. “When we have
to chase a pass, it’s just an
opportunity for the other
team to take the ball, and
then you have to win it
back again. So, we’re go-
ing to talk on Monday and
hopefully they’ll be able to
look at things more clear-
eyed and prepare for the
next game.”
Overall, Tomaro was
pleased with her team’s ef-
fort in their first game of
the season.
“I am really proud of
the team for playing with
heart and intensity and
persevering through a
tough situation,” she said.
“Not one player on the
field gave up and, through
their persistence and con-
tinued efforts, they adapt-
ed to the situation and
were able to create some
goal-scoring opportunities
of their own.”
The team’s next match is
tonight, Wednesday, Sept.
1, at home against Cre-
swell starting at 6:30 p.m.
Their next game will be on
Labor Day, Monday, Sept.
6, at North Bend at 6 p.m.
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