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• Fish early in the morning
when waters are cooler and fish
are more active.
• Look for fish in deeper water,
where it’s cooler.
• Focus on warmwater species
like bass, crappie, bluegill and
• Travel to higher elevation
lakes and streams where the
water, and you, will be cooler.
• Consider a trip to the coast
where ocean and bay fishing
can be good throughout the
and Tahkenitch Lake have
warm water species available.
Ollala Reservoir, Mercer
Lake, Siltcoos Lake and
Tahkenitch Lake have warm
water species available.
Cutthroat trout
Trout fishing in streams and
river opened May 22. Fishing is
restricted to artificial flies and
lures through Aug. 31.
Cutthroat trout
Trout fishing in streams and
river opened May 22. Fishing is
restricted to artificial flies and
lures through Aug. 31.
Mid coast lakes stocking sched-
ule for this year is posted
online. Stocking of mid coast
lakes began in February.
Siltcoos Lagoon will not be
stocked this year due to contin-
ued low dissolved oxygen.
Trout scheduled to be released
in Siltcoos Lagoon will be
diverted to Cleawox Lake. In
addition, fishing for warmwa-
ter species such as bass and
other panfish should improve
through June as water tempera-
tures warm and these fish get
more active. Ollala Reservoir,
Mercer Lake, Siltcoos Lake
Steelhead, spring Chinook, cut-
throat trout
Summer steelhead are in the
river. Fishing is good in the
lower gorge. Casting spinners,
drifting bait or using a bobber
and jig can be effective.
Spring Chinook are available
in the Siletz. Be aware of the
regulations for the Siletz, 1 wild
Chinook per day and two for
the season through July 31.
Trout fishing in streams and
river opened May 22.
• Note: The 3.5 mile bridge
(aka Steel Bridge) in the Siletz
travel during Th anksgiving,
Christmas or during spring
break. A family with a three-
sport athlete either stays home
for practices or travel to a tour-
nament to watch their son or
daughter play.
In July of 1993, our family
took our one-and-only fami-
ly vacation. Brandon had just
fi nished his rookie year in Flor-
ence Junior Baseball and our
girls had not yet reached the
age for Florence Junior Soft ball.
My wife and I determined this
could be our last summer with-
out a sport-team commitment.
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gorge is now open to motorized
vehicles, but is only open to
public vehicles on the weekend.
Anglers can walk/bike in the
road during the weekdays. If
anglers do walk in they can
park at the one mile gate and
start from there.
Cutthroat trout
Trout fishing in streams and
river opened May 22. Fishing is
restricted to artificial flies and
lures through Aug. 31.
Steelhead, spring Chinook, trout
Summer steelhead are pres-
ent in decent numbers. Low
clear water can make fishing
for summer steelhead challeng-
ing, but there can be some good
action at first and last light, or
on those drizzly overcast days.
Concentrate on deep pools and
deeper riffles. Drift fishing,
spinners, and flies are good
choices. Light line, small pre-
sentations, and fishing the rif-
fles and deep pools at first and
last light can increase success.
There are still a few spring
Chinook available in the
Wilson River, although num-
bers will be very low, especially
considering the low runs we are
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Cutthroat trout
These lakes and ponds are
now listed individually in the
alphabetical listing. Spring
trout stocking begins around
March 1.
COUNTY BASIN: Crab, trout
Streams and rivers are open
These lakes and ponds are
now listed individually in the
alphabetical listing. Spring
trout stocking begins around
March 1 (see stocking sched-
Dungeness crab, bay clams,
rockfish, trout
Streams and rivers are open
to trout fishing. Trout anglers
are having success using small
spinners or flies. Anglers can
use only artificial flies and lures
in streams above tidewater. The
daily limit for trout in streams
is 2 fish per day and they must
be 8-inches or longer.
Recreational fishing for bot-
We loaded up our caravan
and went to southern Califor-
nia. We went to Disneyland,
Knott’s Berry farm, (the best
rides), Sea World, Universal
Studios and to a California
Angels baseball game against
the New York Yankees. Wade
Boggs would have fi ve hits
on this night. With a trio of
three-sport athletes and one
four-sport athlete, we knew our
family vacations were at an end.
Every year from 1994
through 2003, we took sum-
mer “Sportcations.” We trav-
eled to support our children
and their teams. I coached and
Lisa assisted in the many off -
fi eld needs of the team as we
traveled to tournaments during
the summer. Many a weekend
were spent at campsites around
Western Oregon.
One of our favorite tourna-
ments took place in Siletz. First
with Brandon, and then three
more summers with our girls,
we camped near the ballfi elds
with the team. Not all par-
ents could travel, so our cara-
van oft en carried two or three
additional players. Camping
out bonded the team. Parents
planned meals, snacks and ac-
tivities for the team at night
and between games when time
allowed. One night, we took the
team to Bullwinkle’s near Wil-
sonville aft er a long day at the
We had a car wash fund rais-
ing activity for a special tour-
nament in Beaverton. Camping
was not an option, so we stayed
at a motel. When we fi rst ar-
rived at the fi elds, the girls —
all 12-and-under — were wide-
Th ere were four games being
played at once in this soft ball
complex. Teams from all over
Oregon and some from other
states were all there. Our girls
saw members of other teams
exchanging pins representing
their team. We had no such pin,
so my wife and a couple other
moms went to a hobby store
and purchased materials.
Th at night at the motel, the
team members sat down and
made over 130 “Tsunami”
pins. Th e next day, they traded
whenever they had time be-
tween games. Some opponents
thought our team pins were the
best because they were hand-
made and trading was fast and
furious. It involved no cars. We
also played well enough to earn
a trophy.
If you are similar to my
wife and I, you the amount of
time and money needed to
take “Sportcations” in order to
watch your young athlete play.
During the time we followed
our four athletes in their play-
ing days, we traveled to more
than 80 Oregon towns. We also
traveled to Seattle, Reno and
Atascadero, Calif., to have our
girls attend special soft ball and
pole-vaulting camps.
Th ese “Sportcations” put
thousands of miles on each of
4-1 deficit with Northrop and
Blankenship, who scored 3
runs and 2 runs, respectively,
helping to secure the win.
The team, which has players
from Florence, Marshfield,
North Bend and Reedsport,
will face North Oregon in its
opener on Tuesday, then
Wyoming on Thursday (after a
bye on Wednesday) before fac-
ing the at-large team on Friday.
South Oregon is part of the
National Division at Regionals,
wich includes teams from
Wyoming and one at-large
team; American Division teams
include South Washington,
North Washington, Montana,
from 1B
Sissel had 3 hits in the game.
From the mound, Halpin,
along with Landon Croff and
Klamath Falls to a 1-hitter.
South Oregon came from
behind, overcoming an early
The best kept secret in
Florence, also has the
best view of the Bay and
Siuslaw River in town.
the number of smallmouth
bass you can keep in the
Coquille River Basin.
Trout, warmwater species, large-
mouth bass
Legal-size rainbow trout
were stocked in Tenmile Lakes
in early June. Trout anglers
trolling spinners and wedding
rings in the main part of the
lake are catching lots of trout,
some over 20-inches. As water
temperatures warm, trout fish-
ing will be best in the early
mornings. Trout fishing is open
all year in Tenmile Lakes.
Fishing for largemouth bass
has been good. Water tempera-
tures are in the upper 60s and
bass will be found in the shal-
low water near weed lines and
submerged logs in the morn-
ings and evenings.
Yellow perch fishing is good
in water depths of 10-15 feet
and along weedlines. Anglers
are using small jigs or a worm
on a hook fished near the bot-
SOUTH: Trout, bass
The South Umpqua and
Cow Creek opened to trout
fishing May 22.
our Caravans and our Moun-
taineer. Th e mileage totaled
to more than 21,000 miles
for just a single round trip to
these locations; several towns
were traveled to over and over
during sport seasons. Th is add-
ed several thousand more miles
to our cars.
When your daughter or son
chooses to participate in extra
school competitions, sport or
non-sport, prepare yourself to
have many such “sportcations”
in your life. Make sure you car-
ry a fi rst aid kit, an ice chest, a
bleacher chair or folding chair
(depends on the sport venue),
snacks — and an extra supply
of emotional support.
Families on vacations share
fun and excitement with each
other; families on “sportca-
tions” also have fun, but also
some disappointments. Th ey
share this with teammates and
families — creating the kinds of
memories only made through
Alberta (Canada) and Portland.
Pool play will continue
through Friday, with the top
two teams within each pool
moving on to the single-elimi-
nation championship game —
with the winner of that advanc-
ing to the Babe Ruth 13-15
World Series in Longview,
Wash., Aug. 9-16.
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tomfish is open in the ocean
along with bays and estuaries.
Beginning July 1, the daily bag
limit for marine fish will
reduced from 5 to 4 plus 2 ling-
cod. The retention of cabezon
starts on July 1 with a 1-fish
sub-bag limit. Anglers have
reported catching rockfish,
greenling and striped surfperch
inside Coos Bay near the north
jetty and other submerged rock
to trout fishing. Trout anglers
are having success using small
spinners or flies. Anglers can
use only artificial flies and lures
in streams above tidewater,
except the use of bait is allowed
on the South Fork Coquille up
to the Forest Service boundary
upstream of Powers. The daily
limit for trout in streams is 2
fish per day and they must be
8-inches or longer.
Smallmouth bass have start-
ed to bite in the mainstem
Coquille River. Smallmouth are
hitting on crankbaits, jigs and
bait in the mainstem and South
Fork Coquille river. There is no
size limit or daily bag limit on
Let me Showcase your property.
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seeing on other basins.
Cutthroat trout can be found
throughout the river, with sea-
runs beginning to enter tidal
areas. Fishing should be fair to
good, with spinners or flies
good bets for success.
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