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Replace or renew Boater Education Card online
Life jackets?
Fire extinguisher?
Food and water?
Boater education card?
It’s Friday at 11 p.m. and
you’re leaving at dawn for the
lake when you realize, “Oh no,
what did I do with it? Is it in
the boat?”
No worries.
With the Marine Board’s
new online storefront (open
24/7), boat operators can order
a replacement boater education
card and print out a temporary
permit and go boating right
away. Boaters no longer have
to call or visit the Salem office
during business hours to verify
they have a card, and then wait
for snail mail for their replace-
ment — which typically takes
two to three weeks.
“This time every spring,
from 1B
insurance, and that insurance
should come with roadside
assistance or else you’ll have to
pay for RV-specific roadside
help — even if you have road-
side assistance for your cars.
boaters get their boats and gear
prepped, and sometimes panic
when they realize they can’t
find their card,” says MariAnn
McKenzie, Boater Education
Coordinator for the Marine
Board. “It’s easy to go to our
online registration system to
have purchased an AIS per-
mit, applied for a boater edu-
cation card or registered a
boat, the Marine Board’s
online storefront already has
the boater’s baseline data.
Simply register to create
an account.
Once boaters establish a
user name and password,
they can login, and click on
online services drop-down,
and select the Boater
Education Card replacement
application link, then follow
the directions.
Once payment is verified,
will have the option
Ned Hickson/Siuslaw News
to print a temporary permit,
order a replacement.”
which is valid for up to 60 days
The cost of a replacement and must be carried onboard
card is $8 and the storefront the boat. If you need assistance
accepts most major credit with the online process, contact
the Education Section at the
Go to Marine Board at 503-378-
and click on the RegLine icon 8587.
from the homepage. If boaters
The Mandatory Education
law was implemented in 2001
and requires boaters to take an
course, apply for a boater edu-
cation card and carry it with
them on the water when operat-
ing a powerboat over 10 horse-
The program was phased in
by age beginning in 2003, and
after 2009, all boaters were
required to take a boating safe-
ty course.
The card costs $10 and is
good for life. McKenzie adds,
“Remember to make sure you
have your card with you when
you’re out on the water. It’s a
Class D violation and boaters
could get a $110 fine.”
To order a replacement
boater education card or to set
up an account with the Marine
Board’s online storefront for
other permits or licenses, visit
It also helps to have another
set of eyes on board (and no,
your dog or cat does not count).
You’ll need someone to help
you back in and out of tight sit-
uations and to remind you of all
the things you forgot to do
before taking off.
Make a checklist
Like any good pilot, you
need a checklist of things to do
before taking off and landing at
your site. There are apps for
this and lists on the internet,
and they come in handy when
you have about 20 things to
shut off, like your water heater
and pumps.
One of the few places that
will welcome an RV with open
arms is Walmart, where you
can park without hassle (some-
thing you cannot do in most
municipalities) and stock up on
supplies, as they have a whole
row dedicated to RVs.
Also they sell baskets, lots of
them, which you’ll need to put
everything in because, remem-
ber, your house on wheels
moves and things definitely
will have shifted during the
ride. Also, if you just got done
camping, you are one of those
people dressed weird in
Walmart ... just saying.
Relax (or don’t do it)
Take the slow road, and stop
and see the world’s largest ball
of twine, have a sandwich at
the beach and see the sights
with your family and friends.
Sure, it gets a little Outward
Bound at times, but in the end,
the memories are what you’re
really buying.
Do your part and
volunteer today
to help support
these local
organizations in
our community!
Volunteer•Get involved•Donate
Habitat for Humanity Restore
Staffed by volunteers, the ReStore accepts donated appliances, household
items and building materials; fi xes them, displays and sells them to raise
funds for Habitat programs. Come and join the fun!
ReStore 541-997-583 • 2016 HWY 101, Florence
Helping Hands Coalition
Assisting those in need in our Community. Free Hot Meals Mon-Wed-Fri
11 AM - 2 PM
PO Box 1296 • 1339 Rhododendron Dr., Florence, OR 97439
Call 541-997-5057 to Volunteer
Meals on Wheels and Cafe 60
Meals on Wheels are available to people over the age of 60 who cannot get
out much due to illness or advanced age and who are not eating properly,
regardless of income. Cafe 60 is available for those who prefer to make new
friends in a dining room setting.
1570 Kingwood
PO Box 2313, Florence
Peace Harbor Volunteers
Join the Peace Harbor Hospital Volunteers, you will fi nd an area of interest in
a caring organization.
400 9th Street, Florence
541-997-8412 ext. 209
Us Too Florence
Also, you don’t want to for-
get to lower your TV antenna
before leaving the campsite, as
they make terrible tree pruners.
Have a plan
Wanderlust can be a great
thing, but you have to under-
stand that you can no longer
drive and/or park where you
are used to driving and parking.
You need to research RV-
specific routes that take into
account things like your
propane tank and the size of
your vehicle. You don’t want to
drive 20 miles down a dirt road
in, say, West Virginia only to
encounter a small bridge
intended for 19th-century mule
traffic, with no space to turn
around. Also, you might want
to check up on the site you plan
on visiting.
Good Sam is a RV resource
online that offers trip planning
and Frommer-like RV-park rat-
Learn to love Walmart ... and
from 1B
tribal and federal agencies,
environmental organizations
and community groups.
COASST believes citizens
of coastal communities are
essential scientific partners in
monitoring marine ecosystem
health. By collaborating with
citizens, natural resource man-
agement agencies, and envi-
COASST works to translate
long-term monitoring into
effective marine conservation
Currently, more than 800
volunteers survey beaches in
California and Alaska.
The training session will be
held at Lane Community
College Florence campus,
3149 Oak St., from 10 a.m. to
4 p.m.
Reserve your training spot
by calling COASST at 206-
221-6893 or email coasst@
We Do
“Where You Always Get a Whale of a Deal!”
Metal Buildings • Wooden Sheds
Consignment: ATVs, Rvs, Boats, Cars & Trucks
Complete Detail Service:
RVs, Cars, Trucks & Boats
Enclosed/Open Trailers for Sale or Rent
Boat, Motor, Trailer Repair Service
Used Vehicle Sales
Veteran Owned & Operated • Jim & Bonnie Johnston, Owners
2530 Hwy. 101, Florence • 541-997-4505
Saving men one PSA test at a time. “Someone to talk to...who understands!”
To include
your organization
in this directory,
please call us
@ 541-997-3441
Fri./Sat. 5/29-5/30
378 Kingwood St
furniture, household, books.
Moving Sale
Sat. 5/30
89021 Sutton Lake Rd.
Lawn furniture, tools,
gun supplies
Sat 5/30
RV Park at 42nd/101 #9
ham radio equipment, furniture,
antique radios, RV and car
accessories, dolls
and much more!
10am-4pm Fairgrounds,
Eugene, 541-683-5589
garage sale signs
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