The Siuslaw news. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1960-current, January 28, 2015, Image 33

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Tuesday Prime Time
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM
February 3, 2015
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
KVAL News at
CBS Evening
News With Scott 6pm (N) (CC)
Pelley (N)
Inside Edition
(N) ’ (CC)
“Teachers Tour-
nament” (N) ’
Wheel of For-
tune “Fun & Fit”
(N) ’
NCIS: New Orleans “The Walking (10:01) Person of Interest “M.I.A.” KVAL News at
NCIS “We Build, We Fight” An
openly gay Navy lieutenant is slain. Dead” A Navy lieutenant commander Reese and Root look for Shaw. (N) 11pm (N) (CC)
’ (HD) (CC)
is poisoned. (N) (CC)
(N) ’ (HD) (CC) (DVS)
Late Show With
David Letterman
(N) (CC)
Tonight Show-J.
- 13 13
KVAL News at
KVAL 5pm (N) (CC)
NBC 5 News at
KOBI 5:00 (N) (CC)
NBC Nightly
News (N) (CC)
NBC 5 News at
6:00 (N) (CC)
NBC 5 News at
6:30 (N) (CC)
Tonight (N) ’
The Insider (N)
’ (CC)
Parks and Rec- Parks and Rec- Marry Me “Date
reation (N)
reation (N)
Me” (N) (CC)
- 16 16
KMTR at 5pm (N)
at 5:30pm (N)
NBC Nightly
News (N) ’ (HD) at 6:30pm (N)
The Big Bang
Theory ’ (CC)
The Big Bang
Theory ’ (CC)
About a Boy
Parks and Rec- Parks and Rec- Marry Me Gil
plans a bachelor “About a Prosti-
reation “Donna reation (N) ’
tute” (N)
party for Jake.
and Joe” (N)
Chicago Fire “Three Bells” Shay’s NewsSource16
sister visits. (N) ’ (HD) (CC) (DVS) 11 at 11 (N)
Wild Kratts ’
Ask This Old
House (CC)
Nightly Busi-
PBS NewsHour (N) ’ (HD) (CC)
ness Report (N)
Genealogy Roadshow History lost The Big Burn: American Experi-
in Hurricane Katrina. (N) (CC)
ence (N) ’ (HD) (CC)
Frontline “Firestone and the Warlord” Firestone’s busi- Growing Up
ness in Liberia. ’ (HD) (CC)
Gambling ’
KOAC Odd Squad ’
KEZI 9 News at
KEZI 5:00 (N)
- 36 36
- 34 34
Celebrity Name Family Feud (N) Modern Family
’ (CC)
Claire returns to
KLSR Game (N) ’
the workforce.
KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News at Entertainment
ABC World
6 (N)
6:30 (N)
Tonight (N) ’
News Tonight
With David Muir
Secrets Unsealed Presents
5 PM
3ABN Today
The Simpsons Fox News at
Lisa makes a new 7 (N)
best friend.
6 PM
QVC Quacker Factory by Jeanne Bice Tuesday Night Beauty
10 14 307 - WGN-A ›› The Game Plan (2007, Comedy) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Access Holly-
Portland News The 700 Club ’ (CC)
11 - 23 23 KEVU wood (N) ’
7 PM
25 25 236 114
26 56 248 137
27 29 206 140
Celebrity Wife Swap Laila Ali
LIFE trades lives with Angie Stone. ’
Dance Moms “Abby Got Served”
Abby’s rival seeks revenge. (CC)
(4:00) College Basketball Indiana
ESPN at Wisconsin. (N) (Live)
31 58 360 205
FNC The O’Reilly Factor (N) (CC)
32 60 356 209 MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes (N)
(4:20) Movie ’ (CC)
34 32 290 172 DSNY
49 48 278 182
50 26 282 184
51 46 265 118
52 35 258 133
55 45 269 120
57 61 355 208
61 51 254 130
Friends (CC)
WTBS Friends (CC)
Wizard Wars “Fire and Mice”
10 PM
Quacker Factory by Jeanne Bice
(11:05) Mike & (11:35) The Of-
Molly “Mike Can’t fice “Sexual Ha-
rassment” ’
Read” ’
11 PM
Lock & Lock Storage
Raising Hope
Family Guy ’
(10:02) Child Genius The remaining (11:02) Dance Moms The ALDC ar-
eight children compete. (N)
rives in Los Angeles. (CC)
SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC)
NBA Tonight (N) NFL Live (N) (CC)
Family Feud ’
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
Family Feud ’
Mick Dodge
SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC)
30 for 30 (CC)
King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
Filthy Riches
Hannity (N)
The O’Reilly Factor (CC)
The Kelly File
On Record, Greta Van Susteren
All In With Chris Hayes
The Rachel Maddow Show
The Last Word
Hardball With Chris Matthews
Girl Meets World Girl Meets World Austin & Ally
’ (CC)
’ (CC)
’ (CC)
Dog With a Blog Cloud 9 (2014)
’ (CC)
Dove Cameron.
Austin & Ally
’ (CC)
Bar Rescue “A Horse Walks Into a Bar Rescue Las Vegas’ first gay
Bar” A western bar. ’
nightclub. ’
Daily Show/Jon South Park (CC) Kroll Show
Tosh.0 “Risky
Business Girls”
Tosh.0 “The
Hurdle Girls”
Movie ’ (CC)
(10:50) Girl
Meets World ’
Bar Rescue Customers bring their
own alcohol. ’
Framework (N) ’
Tosh.0 “Hey,
Baby Girl”
Tosh.0 “How to
Teach” (CC)
Tosh.0 (CC)
Dog With a Blog
’ (CC)
Bar Rescue “Barely Above Water”
Splitting one bar into two. ’
Kroll Show (N)
Daily Show/Jon The Nightly
›› Fast & Furious (2009) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker. Fugitive Dom Torretto ›› The Fast and the Furious (2001, Action) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker. An
and Brian O’Conner resume a feud in Los Angeles. (CC) (DVS)
undercover cop infiltrates the world of street racing. (CC) (DVS)
Seinfeld ’
Seinfeld ’
Seinfeld ’
Seinfeld ’
Face Off Former champions coach Face Off “Monkey Business”
Big Bang
Big Bang
Face Off “Let the Games Begin”
Josh Hutcherson guest stars.
Big Bang
Big Bang
Face Off “Royal Flush” (N)
Ground Floor
Cougar Town
Troy: Street Magic (N)
Conan (N) (CC)
Face Off “Royal Flush”
The Real Housewives of Beverly
Hills Lisa Rinna shoots a movie.
The Real Housewives of Beverly
Hills “It’s Just a Scratch”
The Real Housewives of Beverly
Hills “Drama Queens” (N)
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (N)
Watch What
Happens: Live
House Hunters
Fixer Upper (CC)
The Real Housewives of Beverly
Hills “House of Cards”
Fixer Upper (CC)
Fixer Upper (N) (CC)
College Basketball St. John’s at Butler. From Hinkle Fieldhouse in India- Ship Shape
napolis. (N Same-day Tape)
TV ’
West Coast
Modern Family
’ (CC)
(11:31) Modern
Family ’ (CC)
Modern Family
“Coal Digger”
Modern Family
’ (CC)
TLC Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress
TCM ››› A Tale of Two Cities (1935) Ronald Colman. (CC) (DVS)
Moonshiners “Shine Overboard”
Moonshiners Josh and Bill secretly
TDC The final weeks of shine season.
sell their shine. ’
Fat Fabulous
Kate Plus 8 “The Room Project”
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Fat Fabulous
Modern Family
“My Hero” ’
Modern Family
’ (CC)
Kate Plus 8 “Cleaning House” (N)
Hunters Int’l
Real House-
World Poker Tour: Season 12
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Modern Family
USA “Storm” ’ (CC)
“Alien” ’ (CC)
’ (CC)
ANML To Be Announced
The First 48 A mother is found
A&E burned behind a house. ’ (CC)
SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC)
The Last Word
HGTV House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters House Hunters
(4:00) NLL Lacrosse Calgary Roughnecks at Toronto Mark Few Show World Poker Tour: Season 12
ROOT Rock.
Sirens “Briandip- Sirens “Tran-
ity” (N)
scendual” (N)
(11:01) Modern
Family ’ (CC)
Fat Fabulous
Kate Plus 8 “Cleaning House” ’
Fat Fabulous
(7:15) ›››› Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Charles Laughton, Clark Gable. (CC) (DVS)
(9:45) ›››› The Thin Man (1934) William Powell. (CC) (DVS)
›››› Top Hat
Moonshiners “Bros Before Hooch” Moonshiners: Outlaw Cuts The
Moonshiners (N) ’ (CC)
Big Giant Swords (N) ’ (CC)
Moonshiners ’ (CC)
Tickle takes risks. (CC)
most dangerous season. (N)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
’ (CC)
Storage Wars
(N) ’ (CC)
Limo Wars: Las Limo Wars: Las (11:02) Storage (11:32) Storage
Vegas (N) (CC) Vegas (N) ’
Wars ’ (CC)
Wars ’ (CC)
››› The Fighter (2010, Drama) Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams. Two brothers ››› The Fighter (2010, Drama) Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams. Two brothers › The Roommate (2011, Suspense) Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam
FXM reunite to train for a historic boxing match. (CC)
reunite to train for a historic boxing match. (CC)
Gigandet. A college student’s roommate has a sinister side. (CC)
HIST (3:00) To Be Announced
Shark Tank ’ (CC)
Restaurant Startup (N)
CNBC Shark Tank ’ (CC)
››› X2: X-Men United (2003, Action) Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen. A power-mad militarist
AMC pursues the mutants. (CC)
Man v. Food
TRAV Man v. Food
64 62 246 204 TRUTV World’s Dumbest...
Trisha’s Sou.
66 53 231 110 FOOD Pioneer Wo.
Boy Meets
Boy Meets
70 34 311 180
FAM World ’ (CC)
World ’ (CC)
62 28 277 215
Counting Cars
Counting Cars
Shark Tank ’ (CC)
To Be Announced
To Be Announced
Counting Cars
Counting Cars
Shark Tank ’ (CC)
The Profit
Paid Program
Paid Program
›› Terminator Salvation (2009, Science Fiction) Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon
Bloodgood. Humanity fights back against Skynet’s machine army. (CC)
››› Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes. (CC)
Bizarre Foods/Zimmern
Man v. Food
Man v. Food
Hotel Impossible (N) (CC)
Hotel Showdown (N) (CC)
Hotel Impossible (CC)
Bizarre Foods America “Detroit”
World’s Dumbest...
Imp. Jokers
Imp. Jokers
Imp. Jokers
Imp. Jokers
Imp. Jokers
(11:01) Kart Life “Big Dreams”
Chopped “Duck for Dinner”
Switched at Birth Emmett pays a
surprise visit to Bay. ’ (CC)
Pretty Little Liars Hanna sets out to Pretty Little Liars Spencer spends Switched at Birth Recalling events Pretty Little Liars Spencer spends The 700 Club ’ (CC)
clear her name. ’ (CC)
time with Jonny. (N) ’ (CC)
from a drunken evening. (N) ’
time with Jonny. ’ (CC)
iCarly ’ (CC)
Henry Danger
Henry Danger
Henry Danger
Henry Danger
NICK iCarly “iQ” ’
CNN Special Report (N)
CNN Tonight (N) (Live)
CNN Anderson Cooper 360 (N) (CC)
87 68 312 185 HALL (4:00) Midnight Masquerade (2014) ›› The Lost Valentine (2011) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Betty White. (CC)
NHL Hockey Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild. From the Xcel Energy Center in St.
NHL Overtime
89 89 603 159 NBCSN Paul, Minn. (N) ’ (Live)
(N) ’ (Live)
71 31 299 170
72 57 202 200
Hunt., Country
Pat & Nicole
Ram Outdoors
Imp. Jokers
Chopped “Drawing a Flank”
Full House ’
Full House ’
Anderson Cooper 360 (CC)
Imp. Jokers
Chopped Meatless ingredients.
Full House ’
Full House ’
CNN Special Report
›› The Nanny Express (2009, Drama) Vanessa Marcil, Brennan Elliot.
To Be Announced
501 501 501 300
Spirit of Wild
OUTD The Hit List
(5:15) Real Time With Bill Maher
HBO ’ (CC)
549 549 512 310
(4:00) ›› We’re the Millers (2013)
MAX Jennifer Aniston. ’ (CC)
579 579 537 318
Mandela: Long
› A Night at the Roxbury (1998) Will Ferrell. Two hap- Episodes “Epi-
SHO Walk to Freedom less brothers try to open up their own nightclub.
sode 404” ’
598 598 544 327
(4:00) ››› Silver Linings Playbook (6:05) ››› Akeelah and the Bee (2006) Laurence Fishburne, Angela
TMC (2012) Bradley Cooper. ’
Bassett. A girl hopes to compete in a spelling bee. ’ (CC)
644 644 526 340
(4:45) › Coyote Ugly (2000, Romance-Comedy) Piper ›› Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) Eddie Murphy. Woodland crea- ›› Thor: The Dark World (2013, Action) Chris Hemsworth. iTV. Thor
ENC Perabo, Adam Garcia. iTV. ’ (CC)
tures ask for help in saving their habitat. (CC)
must save the Nine Realms from an ancient enemy. ’ (CC)
418 418 606 153
(10:35) Modern
Family Haley
goes to college.
The Kelly File (N)
Futurama “Calcu- The Nightly
lon 2.0” ’
The Real Housewives of Beverly
41 63 273 129 BRAVO Hills “Wining and Dining”
48 64 256 132
9 PM
Canon Cameras
Maranatha Mis- Contending for the Faith Religious.
sion Stories
The Rachel Maddow Show (N)
Castle FPolice investigate a frozen Castle “Always Buy Retail” Strange Castle High-end home invasions
TNT corpse. ’ (CC) (DVS)
murder scene. ’
end in murders. ’ (CC) (DVS)
46 47 280 183
Signs of the
SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC)
NBA Coast to Coast (N) (Live) (CC)
Walker, Texas Ranger ’ (CC)
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
37 50 245 138
44 52 242 105
Dance Moms Maddie heads to Los Dance Moms The team prepares to Dance Moms The ALDC arrives in
Angeles. (CC)
go to Hollywood. (N) (CC)
Los Angeles. (N) (CC)
Futurama ’
43 38 687 -
Its in the Bible
The Tonight
Show Starring
Jimmy Fallon
KEZI 9 News at (11:35) Jimmy
11pm (N)
Kimmel Live ’
(HD) (CC)
Wrestling Death Wrestling Death Wrestling Death Wrestling Death Wrestling Death Wrestling Death Outlaw Country: Parks/Recreat Raising Hope
Dr. Phil ’ (CC)
The Dr. Oz Show ’ (CC)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent A
Law & Order: Criminal Intent “Ica- Portland News
philanthropist goes missing. (CC)
rus” ’ (HD) (CC)
36 44 249 107
42 54 229 112
8 PM
Anything Goes-Rick-Shawn
College Basketball Florida at Vanderbilt. Memorial Gymnasium. (N)
Bar Rescue A members-only bar in Bar Rescue “Weber’s of Lies” Jon
35 43 325 168 SPIKE Kansas. ’
helps a former strip club. ’
40 65 244 122
Making Waves
NBC 5 News at
11:00 (N) (CC)
Total Divas “Insecurity Breach 3”
E! News (N)
Fashion Police
›› Maid in Manhattan (2002) Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes.
E! News (N)
E! Total Divas “Twin Leaks”
Mike & Molly
Mike & Molly ’ Mike & Molly ’ Mike & Molly ’ ››› Marvel’s the Avengers (2012, Action) Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo. Superheroes join
Justified “Noblesse Oblige” Raylan Justified “Noblesse Oblige” Raylan
FX “Mike Cheats”
forces to save the world from an unexpected enemy.
follows a trail of explosives.
follows a trail of explosives.
28 30 209 144 ESPN2 College Basketball West Virginia at Oklahoma. (N) (Live)
Walker, Texas Ranger ’ (CC)
29 66 301 106 TVLAND Walker, Texas Ranger ’ (CC)
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
Mick Dodge
30 49 276 886
NGC Mick Dodge
38 20 247 139
Give Me the Bible
TMZ (N) ’ (CC) MasterChef “Junior Edition: Monkey New Girl “Swuit” The Mindy Proj- Fox News at
(N) ’ (HD)
ect (N) ’ (HD) 10 (N)
Business” Creating unique dishes
using bananas. (N)
3 317 226
24 36 252 108
Forever “Hitler on the Half Shell”
Marvel’s Agent Carter “The Iron
Ceiling” Peggy is finally trusted with Henry and Jo work to solve an art
crime. (N) ’ (HD) (CC)
a mission. (N) ’ (HD)
Who Wants to To Be Announced
Be a Millionaire
(N) ’ (CC)
Gospel Outreach Journeys ’n
About a Boy (N) Chicago Fire “Three Bells” Shay’s
’ (HD)
sister visits. (N) ’ (HD)
(6:15) ››› Charlie’s Angels (2000) Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore.
Three nubile crimefighters must solve a kidnapping. ’ (CC)
Hunting TV
Truth Hunting
Hunt., Country
›› Non-Stop (2014, Action) Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore. An air mar-
shal contends with a dire threat aboard a plane. ’ (CC)
›› Grudge Match (2013) Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone. Retired box- ›› Godzilla (2014, Science Fiction) Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Wata-
ing rivals return to the ring for one last fight. ’ (CC)
nabe. Godzilla and malevolent foes battle for supremacy. ’ (CC)
House of Lies
’ (CC)
Shameless “A Night to Remem...
Wait, What?” ’ (CC)
Inside the NFL (N) ’ (CC)
› Next Day Air (2009) Donald Faison. A delivery man
gives a package of drugs to the wrong people. (CC)
Hack My Life
Chopped “Say Cheese!” (N)
Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince
CNNI Simulcast
Chopped “Just For The Halibut”
Friends ’
(11:36) Friends
CNNI Simulcast
Away & Back (2015, Drama) Jason Lee, Minka Kelly. (CC)
Pro Football Talk ’
RMEF Team Elk SnowTrax (CC)
Alaska Outd’rs
Gold Fever
››› Pacific Rim (2013) Charlie Hunnam, Diego Klattenhoff, Idris Elba.
Humans pilot giant robots to fight monstrous creatures. ’ (CC)
(10:05) › The Legend of Hercules (2014, Adventure)
Kellan Lutz, Scott Adkins. ’ (CC)
60 Minutes Sports (N) ’ (CC)
›› National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002, Comedy)
Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid. ’ (CC)
(11:45) Femme
Fatales ’
Inside the NFL ’ (CC)
(11:05) › What’s the Worst That
Could Happen? (2001) ’
››› Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks. iTV. Walt
Disney tries to get movie rights to “Mary Poppins.” ’ (CC)