Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, December 25, 1902, Image 1

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    Countj Official Paper,-,
City Official Paper.-
VOL. XIX NO. 17.
r III I I 3 I r 1 III II I I 17 II 1 MI -VJ A 1 jjTX-tiW Ilk II I I SV -
This is to hp fhf Knt.ns. . j ... . . " "
never so exteosive be ore Xf tL d " Fa" Trade "
correct prices. We aevert Ltd WeTt? "f ? immenSe stock ad
da, Trade surpass a., previc -ldX ""4f "
room already finds us crowded for JL' lL "ot large additwus to our store
pi,ed witoLiss to cSj$&B? is
son ushers in our present Holiday Sea-
The Ten Years the present company has been serving the public has been one of
conttnued progress The constant increase of our yearly Tales has plac d us at thf
top notch of up-to-date merchandising. Never was our stock so extensive or our
sales so large. Reading that the bountiful prosperity existing in Wal owa county
argues for heavy Holiday Purchasing, we have anticipated a rush of buying by PS
ing an unusual and extensive Holiday selections. previa
Santa Glaus Will Have Possession
He will present the usual assortment of staple holiday offerings, supplemented
by all purchasings of the seasons novelties from the markets of the ICast and West
loys and novelties in endless array will be here to bring joy and gladness to the little
ones. The purchasing power of the dollar was never greater than now. You can be
suited in your buying be the purchase large or small.
We have especial pride in this line. All the wp-to-date
lines in Ties. Four-in-hands, Butterfly Bows, and
the Dress Ties in conventional black and white. Gloves
in correct styles. An exceptional line of every day, dress
and fancy shirts.
It costs but little to dress in style when
you buy here. We can outfit you in ready-to-wear
Clothing, in standard and fashion
able fabrics, or if you prefer a tailor made
Are particularly seasonable just now.
Let us show you our lines.
Bought in the Fashion Center of the
East. These garments by their
faultless make, stylish appearance
and reasonable price irresistible ap
peal to the lady who wishes to dress
in comfort and at the same time in
perfect style. We are offering gar
ments in various qualities of cloth
prices. We can suit any purse.
No matter how little you pay you
get style and effect quality as well.
We alFo have a line of furs. ' These
will be snapped up quick therefore
be prompt in buying. A Jacket or
Cape makes a most useful and ac
ceptable present.
Blankets and Comforts
This is one of our strongest lines.
We nre showing cxcep'.ional values
in these very seasonable goods.
We have as leaders a heavy, all
wool, Oregon made blanket for $5.00
that is a genuine bargain for com
fort and price. You can get tbe
blanket in the regulation grey, with
varied colored stripes or in moroon,
as you choose. Blankets at less
prices. They are Bnaps. Soft,
fleecy and warm. No better present
th.in these. Comforts in endless
Never was our line so large. We can suit you in price,
style and quality. Latest fashions in Ladies' and Gentle
men's Shoes. Our stock is as complete as liberal buying
can make it. We can save you money on your winter's
purchasing. All styles and weight in Arties and Rubber.
. Heavily loaded shelves of the Beasons best, greet you
here. Staples in all lines. Seasonable dress goods in var
iety that insures quick selection. Novelties in mauy lines.
An exceptional offering in Mottled flannel. Similar to out
ing but much finer. To see it is to buy. You will have to
hurry. Only r few bolts left.
Two Extra Specials
An invoice of new carpetings and Floor Oil Cloth just
You will have to luirry n you gCk ju. - r--
, I? iw.if.af !n firftnite work. The good
a large line ui w ,.
heavy kind that is a joy to the housewife. Io better line
every shown in the county.
Extra Special
A line of Oriental Tapestry and
Chenille table covers. Something that
will instantly appeal to any housewife.
Elaborate designs in various colorings.
W'aen in doubt buy one of these.
Early Purchases will be laid away for later delivery.
H M, ft M. GO.
The Big Busy Store
Imnh Pt in WateyNew
Year's Qay.
Lewiston Tribune. Unless one,
pected delay occurs in tbe construc
tion work on the craft, the pretty
new steamer, Imnaha, will be launch
ed on Kew Year's day, and it is plan
ned that appropriate ceremonies shall
beheld in honor of an event which
meant tbe opening to trade and com
mercial activities of an extensive and
rich section of tbe state which has to
long remained isolated. Captain
Harry Bailsman and Builder Easton
are each anxious that the new boat
will be in shape for launching on the
first day of the new year and tbe con
struction operations are being push-
ea as rapidly as possible. The work
on the deck will be commenced this
week and only severe winter weather
could now prevent the completion of
of the craft on tbe date desired. As
surance is now given by the manu
facturers th.st no delay will been-
encoutercd in the shipment of the
machinery from the east and it can
be installed promptly upon its ar
rival here There now therefore
seems but little doubt that the boat
will 1 ready for the initial run un
the Snake by the middle of Jauuary.
Illustrations are already available
as to the result that will follow the
establishment of the upper river boat
service. Parties arriving from the
copper camps report that more men
are now at work along the river than
during any winter season in the past,
while a large number of people are on
the ground planning to inaugujate
work on claims that have been idle
for years. In many instances aban
doned claims are being relocated and
several deals it is understood mav
soon be announced. At all points
where assessment or transient work
is . being done the ore is new beinr
stored, preliminary to sacking lor
shipment. Tbe knowledge that a
transportation service is soon to Le
established has revived tbe confidence
of owners of property and steps are
being taken for extensive work in all
the districts extending from Wild
Goose to Pittsburg Landiig.
The plans of the new boat company
as regards the regular landings to be
established between Lewiston and
Iiuunha have not yet been announced
but it is known that the officers have
made a careful study as to the best
points of entrance to the river from
tbe farming, fruit and stock sections
of tbe highlands extending back from
the river. It is known, however, that
a landing will be established st
Grande Ronde, it beiug the object to
serve all the country lying contiguous
to that stream for a considerable dis
tance back from the Snake river, It
has also been explained that the boat
will be a great convenience to the
people of Asotin countr in the quick
and convenient delivery of freights
from Lewiston, thus eliminating the
necessity of freighting and a special
service between Asotin and this point
will probably be maintained indepen
dent of the regular trip to the Ira na
na mines.
Meeting Called
Ths Members of the Wallowa
County Wool Growers Association
a.e reortested to meet et Enterprise
Saturday Jan. 3, HW3, at 1 o'clock
for tho purpo - of elating oSIkts
etc- All sheep men in the comity are
requested to be present at this meet
ing for the purpose of investigating
the proposod For.-st Reserves, to de
cide on a date to have a wool sale at
Elgin and t-uch other business as may
come before the meeting.
Jay H. Dobbin, gee.
Notice to Creditors
All parsons indebte 1 to the under
signed will pleass call and settle by
cash or notes by Jan. 1st, 1903, or the
accounts will be placed in the hands
Every Saving
Counts for
We will help yon get your due by selling
you your
At prices that can't be beat.
Dry Goods, Ladies Furnishings
A complete line of dry goods and ladies fur
nishings, up-to-date and first class in every par
ticular. Also a nice line of lumishings for the
We always carry a large stock of notions,
where you can get anything and everything you
want in this line. If you are in doubt, what to
buy for a Christmas present come in and exam
ine our line of jewelry and dainty notions.
We are constantly adding to our stock: of
millinery, and if we haven't what you want our
Milliner will make a hat that becomes you, and if
the fashion doesn't suit she can modify the fashion
to suit your case .
if HI'S iJtEffil3&!s8S
Our stock of Gent's Furnishings includes
Hats, Caps, Heady-made Clothing, Shoes, Felts
and Rubbers, Gloves, Underwear, work shirts
dress Shirts, woolen and cotton socks, handker
chiefs, mufflers, ties, collars, etc. We also have
the agency for the Star Tailoring Company of
Our stock of Hardware is complete so when
you want something in this line come in and
examine our goods and get our prices.
Wagons, Buggies.
we have just received a carload of New
!Ioline wagons and buggies and if you are con
templating making a purchase of either let us
ive you prices on both that are down to UhI rock.
we carry a nicely assorted line of groceries
and as we order small lots at a time, and order
often our stock is always fresh.
Enterprise, Oregon.
f an attorney for collection.
E L. Day.