Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, October 09, 1902, Image 1

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    founty Official Paper.
City Official Paper.-
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We wish to announce to the people of Wallowa
Countv that we are now receiving our stock of
Foil and Winter (food
which is by
far the largest
stock anil best
quality of goods we
have ever received. We
solicit your r.alrcnage and
trust our goods and prices will
merit a liberal porfion of your pur
chase. With us it is not a question
how low we can make prices but how
good' quality we can furnish for the money
and how well we can serve the public in fnr-
shing their requirements. We do not cwim
to be philanthropistsor that we want to sell
o-oods below cost but we will meet anv
competition in 'our locality. We are
now biu-y opening and marking
our new stock and haven't the
time to go in detail in ad
vertising any specials
but will say that
our lines are quite
complete in the
different -departments.
Clipped and Copied Frcm
Our" Exchanges.
Labor bodies of Montana will ad
dress a mammoth petition to Presi
dent Kooseiielt asking him to inter
cede in the great industrial struggle
between the Pennsylvania . magnates
and their employes.
A. !ew smelter company has juft
been organized in lenver with a cap
ital stock of f 20,000,000.
English authorities hi London took
General Corbin and John W. Gates
to task vsterday for running an auto
mobile fester than the speed required
bv law.
The Lewis & Clark Fair.
The Oregonian has secured a state
iient'itom all of the members nf the
n xt legislature on the jropo:eJ ap
propriation to Ik made when the law
nakers meet next winter. T.'ki fol
owing is the opinion sent in by IJrp
esentative Burleigh of Wallowa and
I (lion cou.iti-.:
Enterprise, Oct. 5. (To the Kditov.
I nm not sufiieiently advised at
present of the intentions and pur
poses of the Hoard of .Directors to ex
press a decided opinion as to what
action the Legislature should take in
the matter. Speaking in a general
way, if the fair , is to be of sufficient
importance to secure an appropria
tion from Congress, and from t lie
states generally, I should favor an ap
propriation of a sufficient amount to
erect a suitable state building, large
enough to accomodate each county in
making a county exhibit. That
would arouse a local pride in each
countv and secure a countv nunroii-
t. r.Uarfc. tliel'ort Oair.ble man rhabn sufiicientlv large to make the
who lost G5 twt.nty-dollar gold piece t.xhMt ,,ossii,1(,. Mj wlu,n V(H,
get the host possible: exhibit from
each county in this state you have a
This is the season when you expect special
reduction sales; but surely you never antici
pated such sweeping reductions as we're male
ing for th itf ale. You can't realize the extent
until jou come and see.
great thow within itself.
I should think a special levy of 1
mill added to the state tax would
produce ample revenue for the pur
ine opinion llie Fair
on a ranch near Maehiaa hist we k,
thinks that his trick dog. which was
with him at the time the nxMu-y dis
appeared, carried awsy and buried the
sick of gold pieces, which weighed
four jMiinds,
The annual migration of Chinese j pose. I am of
to their native tand has begun. The lean be made a greater success bv
K:nprccs of India, which sailed from ' deluding alto-ether upon larg
Vancouver Monday, carried 7C0 j propcialiu:is and not attempting
Chinese ami refused the sppiications . much, but bv malum: a oractiial
of 1 50 others who detired to go. of each dollar of smaller appropri-'
Word has reached Vancouver that ! turns,
the cabh steamship Colonia buoyed.' Ia the meantime Portland and the
the Pacific cable one mile off Fanning j i.rd of D'lviHors shuuM t; k sUps
Island Monday morning, having . laid ; to arosise a greater inteiest and tu
3445 HHiilical miles letveeii Van-1 thusiasm in the Fair thionghout tie
Easy to Buy
Two good points about
these shoes are -they are
easy to buy and they are
Easy to Wear
Ve believe that we have a
stock of men's, ladies and
children's, shoes that will
afford a satisfactory shoe
for everv calkr.
couver and that point since Septem
ber 18.
W. K. Hearstf in accepting the
Democratic noinii.ation for Congress
from the lltii district, yesterday, said
that he was in favor of Government
ownership of certain things, such ue
railroads and telegraph.
In a speech from a balcony of his
hotel, at Brussels, yesterday, General;
Dewei reiterated that they had not
come to Europe to seek vain succor
to regain their independence, but to
obtain help in repairing the ravages
of the war.
At Grand Eapids, Mich., yesterday,
Lti. ,t flu. inwf- tvriv. ! nr t ritlif'iii! n : .
7 " . Plums; later wi
and citizens ol county aim it. j
II. Miller, of Chicago, were arraigned!
n' ti olmr'Tp f if ninnin" a lotterv and 1
nro uotiiitr it through the fraudulent;
use of the mails.
A dispatch from Manila yesterday
states that General SuMinier-in com
mand of the American forces on Min
danao Island, has sent an ultimatum
j to the Rultun of Uacoljd, proiuisii.g
I him the same treatment received by
the Moros if !io did not give m
1 l best made, I
In ypESTJflTTJNfii
ntmun 1
i. ' r
ItOlvmt OCtAH TO Ofi4,
V viV'-ili
l f on want
fl.itcrs, St.louhMG.
state. Secure not only the support of .
the members of the Legislature but
the enthusiastic support of the men",
and women who have to pay the
stute and county appropriations.
j. a. in: ii i ricii
Representative from Umatilla and i LfldiCS HfltS fOf Mid5
Wallowa counties.
Pleasing Clothes for
We!lDressed Men
When we buy our stock we.
arc anxious for rijfht quality
and riyht price, we are
anxious to procure for our
customers the best the
manu facturers produce.
There's Quality, Style and
finish in these suits and
every buyer speaks of hi
pleasure in owning them.
Fruit for Sale.
I have for sale at Rouse's place on
Alder rilope, YelKiW Transparent,
Dutchess and Early Pennoek apples i
: at one cent a round, also Peach !
have Fail and Win- I
ter Apples, Pears, Prunes, etc. The
Alder Slope Fruit is very tinn this
C. D. EMMONii.
To list, a few choice stock ranch".
that are for sale, within next few
days for a colony of Eastern sloe
These beautiful1 lulls tire veritable dreams and the rush
of the gelling reason U past
The Inference is Plain
The best of the wearing season is coming nnd these, huts
may be bought at a bargain. He sure to see them at one
lien's Neckties
How are you off for tics? Summer stock
needs replenishing. We are showing some
of the swellest and handsomest you ever saw.
Light pretty summer colors, the brand new
ness of the styles, the fairness of the price
all combine to attract men.
men who an;
to Wallowa
ii t. '
I countv to locate. If you want to sell
HHot Weather Hat
re e
A decision reddered by Judge Tuiey
yesterday in Chicago, in a suit ineti-
J.--W--t--- i tuted by the Illinois Manufacturers'
: '-'--"-'-- --"- ' I : a tlli,(tir.n iiihv. it is estiiuted. CAtkt
jthe Chicago Telephone Company
more than .1,0'J0,M, unless the Su
preme Court reverses the judgment of
Judge Tul.v.
The demand for eggs w g;eat in
Baker City that several carloads of
: Eastern egs haw to be shipped into
! that city every year.
i The upphi crop of Oregon last tea
! son was b')0,0d! lynxes of fi t sh and
j 150,000 pounds of dried fr.iit. The
crop tins year win it uounniernoiy
h.rger, hough th-.' price realized will
be less.
here is your opportunity. Apply at
llit IlLl A.sllll VlllV, IJIH7)
prise, Oregon.
Notice to Sheepmen'.
We'll fll you with a hut that will look well ua well ns
feeling coinforlable. Tho fasbioimblc. summer bemi
.vear sliown liere oipilit to please anyone who wants to
be in style and to by sensibly comfortable.
if hese Straw Hats
The Jackson Ranthoulette bucks
from Dayton, Wash., are in a pasture
near Enterprise and in charge or li. '
will hold their color and their shape. They are
fcnonfh to stand cleaning, which will inauro
being a credit to you all through the season, ,
W. liioom. Parties wishing ty f :ir
chuse wilt cull an him.
G. F. Jackson.
PaintiKg as it Should be
The paint we sell in the rijjlt' kind. It ban good body
. nnd will cover your walls effectively. Plenty of good
colors and all the paints are mixed so they won't run
peel, crack or bliter. Just ns nearly perfect an paint
can he made. You get it nt a reasonable price.
Notice is hew-by giyn that the!'
Coition, of the ffjg QoOtlS
,.! ,-. Cnur'v were connected Monday. I count) will meet in Liuei pi lse on 1
J. H. McCi'ufliK, Assessor.
Pca:b P(ur3, Apples and Peers.
aud the booi;s close 1 as reipiir. d by i October V, the same being the fiwt
law. Out of a total tax of Itt3,77'J.20 ; Monuay in saiu n.onin
there has been bol.ectexl U'2,UJO, j
leaving about 7000 delinquent.
Gideon Pteiner, a well-known fish
dealer of Salem, wants the next Legis
lature to repeal the law, which creates
a close season for catching black bass, j For sale verv cheaD at the orchard
He says the iish are plentiful tnougb ; on te jag- Keavi ranch. Will be
now, so that they Viil not be xrer- jadivered at your home If desired,
minated even if the people are per-! Address C. II. Oubuks,
mitted to take th.!:n at a;i seasons of; ' Enterprise, Oiifgoii.
the year. , - I
It is just the reason for wearing these- summer ilresB
good and if you are wise you will select one or more o
them. Plenty of variety in color and grade, but every
piece is this season's stock and will be comfortable for
your use.