Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, August 07, 1902, Image 3

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    ) Catarrh
Ii t constitutional disease.
It originates In a scrofulous condition ol
tbf blood and depends on that condition.
It c1?n causes headache and dizziness,
yupslrs the taste, smell and hearing, at
ivts lb? vocal organs, disturbs the stomarh.
lit is always radically and permanently
mred T tlie blood-purifjing, alterative
id tonic action of ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
This rrfnt medicine has wrought the most
wondfrful cures of all diseases depending
on scrofula or the scrofulous habit.
Hood's PiLU ax. the tost caUiarUa.
XRay Not In It
"A? I understand it, an X-ray will po
rk-ht through a man's head. There is
notliine ele quite so penetrating, is
"Oh, I don't know. Pid yon ever
bear my daughter sing?" Tit Bits.
Gutta Perch Pens.
Pens of hardened pntta percha have
been repeatedly tried in this ronntrr
and England, but have not met with
With lectl applications, as they cannot reach
thi ol thediBcaae. Catarrh la a blood or
tuDintutionaldiM'sae, and in ordar to care It
toamuiu&ke internal remedies. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, and actsdirertly
on the biood and mucous suriarea. Hall's Ca
tarrh Core is not a quack mediolne. It was
rrtx-ribrd by one of toe bent physicians in this
ti.ontrt lor years, and is a rerulsr prescription.
ltiteumjKised oi tbe best tonics known, com
lined with the best blood purifiers, acting di
trcilTon tlie mucous surfaces. Th perfect
tosbinstioii ol the two inirredienta is what pro.
inett Qon wonderlul results in curing oataxrh.
send lor testimonials, free.
t. ). CHENEY s ro., Proprs., Toledo, 0.
gold bT drinrvists. price 76c
Bail! family fills are the beat.
Her Position.
Mrs. Parke What kind of servants
do you prefer white or black, Irish or
Sirs. Lane I've gotten beyond that.
I'm looking for servant that prefer me.
Strange Misapprehension.
Bora How do you like that last
poem of mine?
Sagiius First rate. It's so restful,
to soothiiie, don't you know.
Bonis Kent fill! Great Pcott, man!
I'.'f an epic!
.NaggiiH Good Heavens! I thought
h was a lullabv.
Better than pold like it in color
Hamlin's Wizard Oil, which cures Rheu
matism, Neuralgia and every pain. 60c.
A New Version.
"Do you think that all the world
loves a lover?
"Well, not exactly. But all the
tradespeople do." Life.
An Estimate ef 'Art.
"Have you ever written anything
that you were ashamed of." inquired
the severe relative.
"No," answered the author. "But
I hope to some day. I need tbe
money." Washington Star.
Had "Been There."
"I believe her father is well to do,
isn't he?
"On the contrary, I've found him
wry hard to do." N. Y. Times.
It Cures While Ton Walk.
1 Allen's Foot-Ease makes tiftht and new shoes
4sV.mt. It in a certain cure for sweating, cai-
isjiCfwollen.tired.hot, aching leet. lry II
;. iauaru(tKist.'je. trial package mau
ll f'Ktt. Adrew Allen B. Ulmsied, Leiloy,
S. 1.
A Real Bargain.
Mr. Youniitliing How in the world
did you come to deposit that money in
tiie bank instead of buying that auto
Mobile coat you wanted?
Mrs. (triumphantly) Why, I read
in this morning's paper that tlie inter
est had been reduced from four tier cent
Mhree: Puck.
Good sjuess.
"He is a terrible woman hater."
ef! T fliiununl lV.nl a. oivnn lima tio
5U!t have been a floor walker' in a de
Ipartment store." Puck.
The Oldest and Best.
S. 8. S. K a rrnnriinntinti of roots
H "rtw of great curative powers,
a when taken into the circulation
parches out and removes all manner
Poisons from the blood, without
feast shock or harm to the system .
jj the contrary, the general health
fpS'1" to improve from the first dose,
j 5. S. S. is not only a blood purifier,
M an excellent tonic, and strength-
and builds p the constitution
while purging the blood of irapuri-
S. S. S. cures all diseases of a
Bd poison origin, Cancer, Scrofula,
nnatism. Chronic Sores and
Eczema, Psoriasis, Salt
m Herpes and Bimilar troubles,
; an infallible cure and the only
whoote for that most horrible disease,
.watagious Blood PoisoS.
YJord of nearly fi?y years of
fj'ttessf ul cures is a record to be; proud
f.1, S. S. S. is more popular today
It numbers its friends by
rtnousands. Our medical corres
rnce is larger than ever in the
f "wry of the medicine. Many write
r us for the great good S. S. S.
P none them, while others are seck
Pjj advice about their cases. All
FwerB receive prompt and careful
r Nation
le-long study of Blood and Skin Uis i
i ana better understand suca case
r the ordinary practitioner who
V a specialty cf no one disease.
sT We are doing great
V;!TCC good to suffering
V humanity through
dkJlawJl our consulting de-
t partment, and inte
f to write lia if vmi linve sav blood
F,iu trouble. We make no charge
"lever for tiiU
That la What Kohert Treat Taine of
Ifcwtosi Mrivea to Do.
Robert Treat Paine, .of Rnctnn i.
probably tlie foremost philanthropist In
.u,vina. tie comes or an old colonial
family. His grut-grandfather. whose
name he bears, signed tlie declaration
of lndeiHMidence. The subject of this
sketch was lioro In Boston r5 years
njro. craduatpil fmm
- sill UIU (1 Ilia
spent two years In foreign travel le-
"r atuuieu law. lie was well es
tablished In the le-al profession when,
some thirty years ago. he determined
to abandon law and devote himself lo
philanthropic work. He was oue of
9 . -. . .
nif knvuiwi in me organization or the
Associated Charities of Boston, which
has done so much to alleviate the suf
fering Incident to poverty and of which
he is now president lie founded the
Wells Memorial Institute, which em
braces a building and loan association
and a co-operative bank. The Working-
man's Loan Association of Boston,
which makes loans at tbe rate of 1
per cent a month and which has saved
thousands of artisans and laborers who
may be In temporary need from being
Imposed tipou by money lenders who
exacf exorbitant rates of Interest. He
Is at the head of these various philan
thropic associations and is also presi
dent of the American Pence Society.
In 1887 he endowed a fellowship of
SlO.OdO at Harvard College for the
study of tLe ethical problems of socie
ty, the effects of .legislation, govern
mental administration and private
phlauthropy to ameliorate the lot of the
masses of mankind. Mr. Paine is one
of those who believe that the strength
of the strong and the wisdom of the
wise should be used to help the weak
and the foolish. He also believes that
men and women engaged In a strenu
ous struggle for existence cannot be
helped primarily by charity or philan
thropy, but by co-operation with them
in directions which they themselves
think will aid them.
Means of Protection Against Storms
by People In the West.
The cyclone Is by far the worst form
of disaster that visits this 'country,
coming at unexpected times and deal
ing death aud destruction in such wide
spread manner.
When the summer days bring waves
of heat across the stretches of hot sod,
theu the residents of the prairie wet
begin to cast their eyes to the wind
ward. They are watching the forma
tion of the clouds, and he who could not
distinguish a cyclone bank from any
other is Indeed a tenderfoot. Theu the
cry of warning Is carried across the
plains, and the members of every fam
ily make for their cyclone cellars. These
cellars differ In various communities.
Tbe popular cyclone cellar on the plain
of western Kansas, where cyclones a
few years ugo were almost a dally oc
currence, are ordinary sod houses, built
low and strong.
In the Kusslan communities of Kan
sas these cycloue houses serve as the
family residence the year arouud. They
are about seven feet high aud built ex
ceptionally strong. Tbe roofs are slant
ing, and tbe houses are set to the wiuj
that Is, the ends are faced toward the
east and west.
In Oklahoma every farmhouse Is
backed up by a cave, a hole dug ito
the ground and covered by an earthen
roof. Some farmers hare gone so -ar
In protecting themselves against cy
clones that they have a small cannca
loaded with suit and buckshot, which Is
fired into the whirling clouds as they
approach. This has been known to tun
tbe course of a storm. It Is - common
event to dismiss school on the plains of
Oklahoma when a bank of clouds be
.i. n arise In the southwest. These
L-Ind and rainstorms are becoming
r. ' j J I . :
more uncommon every uaj, uu ii is
believed that the planting of trees and
settlement "of barren sod has had much
to do with It.
Sewerage In Mexico.
By the end of this yenr the capital of
Mexico will have a sewerage system
covering the whole city.
When tbe children of a family appre
ciate bow bard their father has to
work for a dollar, it means that their
mother Is not only fond of Uim. but
has good sense.
It Shone.
Re Don't you think Miss Trettie
has a very bright face?
She Ye, indeed, especially when
she is overheated. X. Y. Weekly.
How to Get a Sample.
If you are particular about the spi.-es
you use and want to try the brand
which is par exellence, send us two
S-cent stamps with the name of your
grocer, and we will send yon by mail a
10 cent tin of Monopole White Pepper
or Cayenne or (linger or other variety
you may select. We only want you to
try them, for that will make you know
their strentgh and pungency and purity
better than anything else. Address
Wadhams Js Kerr Bros., Portland,
The Point of Attraction.
"But what can you see in him; he
isn't in the least attractive."
"Oh, yes, dear: he has a very pre
possessing bank account." Tit Bits.
tlTC Pertnam-ntlT Cured So tits or nminniM
111 ftftr rtr: tt' u,of tr. Klin' (ircst Nerft
Aaatorrr. Bond lor FK BE SJ.O0 tril l-.tUran.l tri-n.
. Ds.R.11 Kuia.Lt4..ui ArcSL.Philai.hta,P
Pleasantest Form of Death,
Miss Homely As for myself, I
should prefer to be kissed to death.
An Unkind Member But where
could you get an executioner. Smart
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow'i Sooth
ins; Syrup tbe best remedy to use tor their
Shildren during tbe teething period.
Native Pride.
"The greatest race across the Atlantic
that I ever heard tell of," began the
old racing skipper.
"Is the Oirish, of course," interrupt
ed Hooligan. Catholic Standard Times.
Chimer I'm surprsed that yon
should speak so unkindly of . Miss
Gusch. She speaks well of you. She
was telling me that you loaned her a
book of your verses, and she thought
them lovely.
Rimer Yes; so she told me, but
when she returned the book the pages
were still uncut.
The Kind You Hare Always
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, aud lias been made under his
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you ia this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-pood ' are but Experiments, and endanger Uio
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, lorphine nor other Narootio
substance. Its atre is its g-tiarantce. It destroys Worms
and allays Fererifliness. It cures Diarrhoea and AVIntl
Colic. It relieves Teethinpr Troubles, cures Constipatiou
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, rcgrulates the
Stomarh and Bowels, giving1 healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Me Always Bough
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years.
To protect your health and our reputation, we w
matlon on which we can secure conviction of a deale
are called for. When you're offered something "Just
Buy CASCARETS from the honest dealer. They
marked C on the cover every tablet stamped C. C.
ever fakes are offered when CASCARETS are call
s SIX IV 4 f
f I f II 1 Zm a-sws luu.
X ft
k- -s. "i;i; : til? riflll SLtl
criRARTrruTurririi wwi trMu.
brviM. I41 N !. wlpa urn
! Ion un4 OfaislnM. whr y
dlKatlsa. litl.
fKiaa? air K . J Utasltl taMtlON sa IIIS Pri navpifj Mil tuvr uiasjsaMW aajflVMrrs
I li mXmrXmr tmr k r ! allaaoNta amrf ! Fra of amrrm thmt
arUrwa. Mam sM.itttf fas ksaat alla . alasrt Ukflri 4!A BV A it ET A tdjkv. m
ymm will mmwr Bm wtl ni l
riaThC Tka I (inri
Long Hair
"About a year ago my hiir was
coming out very fast, so I bought
a bottle of Ayer's Hsir Vigor. It
stopped the falling and made my
hair grow very rapidly, until now it
is 45 inches in length." Mrs. A.
Boydston, Atchison, Kans.
There's another hunger
than that of the stomach.
Hair hunger, for Instance.
Hungry hair needs food,
needs hair vigor Ayer's.
This is why we say that
Ayer's Hair Vigor always
restores color, and makes
the hair grow long and
heavy. U.MsMtl. All s-mntsta.
If your dracit cannot supply tou,
send as one dollar and we will express
you a bottle. He sure and a-We the nam
of your nearest express nflire. Adilress,
J. C. AVER CO., Lowell, Mass.
Chinese Women.
Every Chinese woman is practically
a slave until her son marries. Then,
as mother-in-law, she begins to rule,
her son's wife bein, her subject.
fortland, Oregon. Founded U
l Home School for Boys.
Military and Manoal Tralnia
Writs for Illustrated Catalnvas,
Parents rleatrlnr home InHuenres, beautiful
surroundinfrn, perfect climate, careful stifier
vision, ami thorough mental, moral ami phys
ical training; for their boys, will find all these
requirements fully met at Huilt's School, Meulo
1'ark, San Mateo County, CaL
(fend for Catalogue.
TwelUi year begins August 12th.
1KA U. UOlir. 1'h. !., Principal.
Bought has borne the sisrna
Signature of
sSatlaIUam. MIlMm
thm aCoaaavkt
blMU4 bowtU. frnml Mlh.
mmtummwimr miui, nwmw ir)siilt, ilw mmm
sMr bwela t aav fjtmlmirlw yn tvr
wwll mil thmtlmm mmtl ( yr krei
wia iM
'UilJU Jm
k7 . Y"
lVilh -
$3&$32 SHOES HOT
i Established t7rt. l-'or more than a
ouarter of a century the reputation of
i W. L. ouglas shoes for style, com
fort, and wear lias excelled all other
makes. A trial will convince von.
, is: ssl. Ji.i0o,s2o;:r.';;x ,2.3,0.000
Bt imported an4 Amir (cam leathers. Neul'l
i Patt Caff, Enamel, Br Calf, Calf, Vici Hid, Corona
' Colt, Mat. kangaroo. KnM Color K. .. umhI. !
Cfltltioil I ITnutn haw W. L. DOUGLAS
tiKDi and pric atumpfkl on oottom. '
Shoes by mrt, 25c. txtra. JIIh: VaUiiog iYr
Best on Earth
Because It Is niaitv of the htt nistcrlsl possible
to huy. The niaiiufsclnreni sliMilutly pnv 'Si
to 3.S Mr rvnt alMivt ihe nisrkfl prUv ol iwHI
fTsilMi nf WHiniit tinilHT fur the rlviltK of ul
Ing ovr and sklniluliiK ir7 tho crtHlll of His
WHKiin stoL-k, whlrti lNrftrrlit for S to S year lie.
rtirf nisklng up. whlrli nirsitn an liiveNtiueut lu
wood .iiMk of iM'arly one million dollars.
M rit'll K.I.I. Wmkoiis are ilHmiriiHHHrd fur
qmility, proKirtloii, Hiitsh, slreiigtli and llgiil
Why lake chances on anr other?
Why-iiol Ke th lilT A MI U'HEI.l.
mittih.il. Lmwlm St.w.f Co.
Portlaud. Hcattle. Hpoksne. Uolsa.
Agents Everywhere.
Buy the 0. K. BINDER
The Best In the World.
The new McCormlrk Itltfht-llnnd Hinder for
Wri hail ninny imvl and itlnllni't fenliireN, ifp
mwnihiK mil Ihaf In tn'Wtit und henl In lilndcr
mutiufiu'tiire. Jt In built for clfan wurk, quick,
perlifct work. It la the ttluder you want.
Call on the MfK'oruiIrk aitent, or CATA
LOG al A1LKJJ fHKK, hy
Oen. Agt, MtH'orniU-k llarvtBilni Machine Co.
tltf lL1l A lull aTaUDa-lasti
a rviihiniii uujviii
GfABAVTrKB TO rrsei rtv
7 A KETI wtiMii. flw it la over in
aaaalla as..s( I el aaa IBS Lak waplll
Tbla la
aar arat U-adaaoalaL W kmwm faith.
KaraaUtt. lo fare ar aaoaier reroatf
rsa aa f.lr. kainsat ll-tsal. aU swr ataaola
r i
i Mitchell Wagon.
mfr 6 J btii rtiara thm aiDaiacal &4e o Mad tb bbI j ok f
Foot of MitfTtson Street,
ran aire you the rs n In IMlers
anl riiKinm. " 1thiii,hi. I'lm, pn mi, i. me
tal M hiiirry. ,hI sshIiik Mai'i.iues a
sierlaliv. N'e us U'Ure ttuvios.
I DIVIDENDS. - For pr.MM.ftti an.1 J
inn I'RniciiiHii niHii in
!! Nholll 1
rr-rnw jitur nniirv irk ,a-n visr III i
.U..I.1.....1. .-.i - . . w
u Pmoltlf Ccasr Ir.mm Dm. T
S fscsms, SYlafiMsisr.
in . i-.rn.i-. iim n.iiir .mi n.mrYa
Well Machines
nu ALL & CO..
(len, Agts.
Front St.
1 ' Portland. Or
XV gimrnntt to hiMp
rnn Vt'as listva lairarMt
I anfilaT Hat" t fHOlnfV (! lit i llll'Mtl
I IV I C 4 niMktiiH uritrli-lHl Unit
hrniin, itffttrtnlty Kpimrwiim mitl ll ktmlii rrl
MtV mitlti'. IaII'hI ifismln, lrc niMtf. Writ
in and Hf'll sluiw yim luifwt siiltKiitw tut your
Western Aluminum ArtlfkUl Umb C.
XaT.S V4VhlllKll)ll HI. HO'j HtMIHtO HL
Portland, Oregon.
Thta wonderful Chi-
aiasaaa diu't.is im aalt..l
- y.fiJ sfr! bM-miM h riirwa
people witiMiiit ptm
ttmi that re nlven tip
totlle. lit rurea with
ItiitMt Witiiditrl til 1 'hi.
Sw TOk ih'im hertsH, rtM.tn, IttiOsv.
!Wf5 W'Tfi 6 tmrk" ml venelablea
in hi are entirely uii
known o niiillral m-U
fiii'v In Ihtn limn try. ThnniKh Hie iiMenrihna
harnilenk reinetllep thin fMiuitun ilm'litr knnwa
the action ol over MM) different renustien, which
he ftiiccvKNlMlly UMea In different dlneniiea. Jla
Konranlee to run raiarrh, linthina, lun,
throaf, rheuinattitni, nervi'iinne, tttnniarh,
liver, kidney. Mr. j Iiiim hlindredn or teHtlniuu
la Ik. t hnrwew nioderaie. t all and ,( him.
I'allenta out of ih city write for l!ank and
rln-ulHrn. Hend 4 cnt in wifmit. 1'UNhL lr
U2, Third St., Portland, Oregon.
Meiittou pa(ier.
118 A Halt Mdir.. Third and Mnrrlwm Hta.
IHHt'l LAND, illK(iiN.
The nierlti ofthft HprliiKten Medicine tin
pnuy Hr well known. Hoth Mai and Kemala
t'lMiipllratloiin, many which hnve Imfllefl niei il
eal exuerta everywhere, have vleldetl to tha
potency of theiMt lueiltcliiea. I'o thoae who
rauiiotrall,addreaaatHfVe, and all Innirniatloo
will b provided. attf action or money back,
Summer Resolutlon$
Kccloy Curo
Sura relief from ltipior. iilum ami Uibaooo
habits. Ueml lor particulars Ui
Keeley Instituta
k. r. m. v.
Muvail In ami Williams
Av... I'u.SIHllil. Ortfus
HJSN wrlt'sf to adT.rtls.rs pl.ua
an.ntloa tula pa par.
j Ai'kiL 22, mm.
H. I.KK I'AOKT, Hocretarr.
Issues Interest Bearlnf Certlllcatas ol lsposlt
illuwlnx Terms!
'lesstliHii f-'iiil each, payable iiir)n ton days'
the Trust r"om nan y, per cent er annum,
lays' until, iV er cent r annum.
y ilays' nollire, 4 r rant jr annum,
iresi will be pali iiiartrly or souil aiiniialljr If
I0 Third Street, tAwtlanil, Oregon.
)ne who will furnish us Infor
tations.when CASCARETS
v.le more money In the fake.
xes with long-tailed trade-
Remember this and when
us on the subject at once.
25c 50c
rear ao ta flrai Vmm of CAaV
aniiiian MBca m year, ter ibua aur
abaolal proof or jtrrnl aarrlt. an4
Md will
l fl-A-AMnil avbaolaiirlr
o ur soaiar. two o4l botti, !-
dlrrCIOD mad If OH art OMat sUI lalla.sl
sr Bt SB SI
tracwic co, atunta, a.