Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, March 13, 1902, Image 6

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tiu3 i tbe trrt to encourage tbe
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Great m5t fiff tb- Star"1
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out cj-t be rjtse i-e-.ii-r be
ways t.;r? u ber ;t:st a tb-y s-e
i-v:tc "be wiLs. "Nt- tbey t-v j..
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licn.e OotijLion
A barm of Oe,nenJiiiy.
A E1SX fTt'TC I"UIieJ,L Olj,- T;.i-ej
-be ;cwt of' W-i:;i;-.,t. Al !r:sb
ir.-iii :ijs.st-(i njuii tbe Tjitar rta.ritts
kt t. iC'ti a: a b:"eb a,0(
k-:c b.n tbeT f..r a lai-u-b. j.iiy;t:r
ibe be s- is fieuB. -"L to trett.u? uiit
I'j tbe liiet-.erj aid otber .OJ'J-2jeLtt
il. fcll tbe Cib fi-TeE. iijd ibe fet-
ibe vit:w,r was returiiii,; t&
l'Cied.i tbe Ir.sbc-tt w b.a ii.wr:
vt ibe r.et.njT. trii tbe-y eit jntti tie
astiwL to bave a ioituuc Cr;uk.
-AVtt'li yt't bar." isn:-d tt bt.
et'EUiiE J. bi bc7'2ia3::y tc tbe very
'New. irxi ber.- ml,J tb Ulan fmni
Iniieii. "Ill bav ijie Boa:r o' tbia.
Eer ye've te-uu rue tt y-
bxe fof a tt!'ii'b ac" jyx" for a'
tbe tbea.tr at" ete ti" tfr.xtf I teb'
ye Ili ttt' tae rcir V jr.: 1i jnst
bLe a tow for tbs oner S-X'ttnitn.
Wbat anpe-rKin Cxt.
EijrifcXid srnds ..4-.( ;i a year on
ber panper. Scotland S '..'!. E'elai.'l
1. FrL"-e sje-nds P-s than
Every woman admit, a, tellits of,
soroe other woman's -rocbies wrh ber :
busliand. that tbe o"ber itm d'jea
not cse esot;h sufw.
r;i.u,, Itth -u- uvl i ArTtrct the
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i,e bor itat: i 1 ro3:j0 .
li.al.lier. VL..:.i.::t .
i'I: '.I.S'!.'". ere! Ue t-'Tet if t,
J. - - "' -.siivLeT"y. and it. tuo. ien-.uje
I a LjT.y a S.de fc?C. tbat a.-'.-r.v.f
stories le-p-iiL to t-r tvii a.rjt
:,U'i.-T. wjtb ele-.'.r.'.. i.ar.err t-.-.i'.-b-
ll.-l.l tLd tbe W uU'ierfui t-Iaee-J
.;-e-J by Un-ir twsr. A few sb.b &j
b'. e tert Umde fclilJ lir-e-i bu
u:.-i:y. crx.- -.ui: of Lor.-
fui-inl ;o be aifer tuii aiore eCtvut
I'Te' biuc ii rexjrted ju.
be:.Te ltv,itg tw. to ti,e startjijc
tie uTe ts (;;..ei; a d'jo. '-are
el.iuated sis to 4i.Lti;y. Lf wi.t;v
braljiiy. ur X-Uif' .Ujir liun-ir T.,.
reui. wou.d b a ujuuiti.ou of
str-Hir.L and s;ei. t!..,, nn o erdoa
f.vt, vr tii titr: was . ioty de-;
ityi twit tue 2vt vr away.
.1 eiiLer tit tiie ias: iiiii.ej (-irctjni-tstii'ts
ttie litjbur would 6'.-oii.i!;b
; -sf tie ojij-'ite of wba: wis des.jrei
lb lue-tbud f drrj.-biij45 to pJ! .u.e-
re..,r-.-(j to uitboui-b it u. i,r.w
ur , irjr ..an in
-" it. and i.un-
'- ror-n!?. .Vow t
t','i.-d t
b oent.er ror-n!?. .Vow it j
rdea uj'-re lehrf-u-Jy. and Be'
is :ei
.y ir.rcu.i. tm :ijjei
o ii'-rs
" .Uoi im.--i. r.Dwn
any trtfttpt to keep their uv-ibod. se-1
Aiawt etery disbonest traiter bus
t.s owl favorite drug and b.s own
ae-lbod f-f admiairieriii it Horse
tbit suffer tecaus of wea'tinee or fcjr
ne of tbe foreies recelie ivti appU
c lions of anewibe--;' tbat remjli in
, -
iitmnierituE t.or over a terd
tra'k wiibow fe-linr tie ptia tbat
-:. 1. -e-r tuc . r,. w s-,.j ,i -.i-; " '
::.::. t-. At ..le t.l.,- :: I.-t l- , "SX fSSJr
-,..1..:. j:lt;,-i.i! : . W-k??5TSj
1 - - f beT..:: :";'..:w - h& tifev
v....;. r .i..j .g. C:..,L ' ff .-fTrtr '-r 1 v
-V'll -;:v it.: ; ; fS i$4f 1
r-:;.- -: :.ti : tj.e tb.-..r. : i.--: w if Wn.', ..b-- . I W I I At. v4
wotjd t 'Aeirs bad tby not received j wkWi tbe tborourbbred baa been ac -
tt,tren-t of tbe veterinary surseoml enstomed. In case tbe borse to not
3e iefete of ibis praet tbe arm-! what is known as a -dope fiend" it to
tnent , sdran-ed that tbe tnorourb- jsslWe to render b!m alow and alug-
br-i bts en aved cnneceBsary in!rith by tbe administration of Uoda-
The '-r me !i-f h 'be art of raaaita; a j num. Tfcto is not often done.
borwr tint is i?.xl? oxiSt to eoto-j No attempt to ever made to conceal
j f'1 tit lw bas been "nerved.-
Eii';re tl.e 5rr.r now ret-trr . Tbat means thst a tborourbbred with a
used as as snerrienc to be applied is boof etoeased beyond cure passes under
:.t;: ilv
A j;..T. s-". ir.i.. ii r. '-
!.'.':!; vr-.:: j.r:-r.. 7: i
:':f.Tict b hx.4 u-'-r escwl b pa::
U- is ri-.: .b a '.-T: to pro-- .:;
S'J.-t it ST-iO"!: of:-L bt:-; 2
t'""' ("Ti"? if! bf- ft..:n:i::--::
8 T.T'iti::.:".rjr i ct:t....t
!.f5 t tf t-E iw t' :b d - ais
' n.rr it.t. Ki.. ... 1.. . .
tbe bind lees, for wbicb re--.c a sj.-ev
. f etbta-. cie. .od eucaii,e to ui
Tbe metbwJs are Dot intends t in-
crea inb but merelv to render tb
tf lire M)
I km f a
S tboroat-bbred obiivjon to pais. 01? is. " ?ir.Lg Ar
' For tbe iiurpMe of imTjsiDg e4 a ttiJt.T ,"."'7 T--'- wt nut etocgb
preparation, of wiji b eocaioe ts tbe T" ;",--ti'" u' IJ K-r lie ei-
; Hitis :tiiTTd,etJt. to uw-d. beifcg admin- utborjt;oa
; istered brjjodentii.!ly, Tb ltk r - . " 'CL''ra' to ibe Leu day.
; to oft! tnade Icck of tbe jaw. " From ' enoiTr-' n Lt'Jd o co:;e-"-t
: tbto point tbe drur to taken on mo ..... ."L. trrtibie anr..
w-Le1!! uj!Qe i&ck or tLe jaw. Frwns
ltbjt jxim tbe flnjy to taken np more
j raj.idiy and a quicker effect to obtain
rapitfiy and a quitter effect to onuJnod.
Tborvu;bbreda are just as suwptible
j irtiruo;uwoi are just as susceptible
10 u,e omf tutu: ti tre bomtn hriart.
When a bors bts rut a coupie of racea
I nder tie effer-t of cocaine or anj other
rtimniant it fat inaui.i fr
do himself Jostice unles be has bad
tbe icjertion. which renews his rbior.
Methods of druBfrint- to Increase
v w.iBr
peed have been here described. To
" " fc
j necessary, as has been pointed out, to
i nerlect tbe ose of tl ctimn'.i .,.
: cf
Armenian Lf f -r If ad Comer to Life
in CnorcQ.
A .''t seis ti.-:. ai ATTLf-iisi. wLi
trt::!; :r -if i 2:?.t i f Aaia
- As.i Mil -. -i tie jT-s.-!.t
Z V -iL BL 0 t!:''H! bm
"'aTwa" " " i(J-
V tI t t.t.? an Ar.
Vj"c-V w Glided oter
' ot
rT. 1 L Uj6
' T " " K-t :c a eotSn aid
" "jriT cf ti oLur-.-L.
! ttan returr-,
' - xd. li.tJ.i j himse'f j
ttrro e of all T,r... . t
f 'o sbr.ea w;.r r "
of tn eo&n
. '""' tier,diiu. who were 1!
iLC iu -!Jtrrt buildinr' tT
- 1 ouulinr 7
Tm t-t-Sfl. but e'et.tu:;T
: cbu-t.-h.
and. iwivrf..
- - ' I A- K
mam Vt-
j Early r, a, ., ,, ,
into a to. ,non w ileT. ,r'n,
w;n.-ijen- tbe tut - T trI'8e
i tbe man who btd t
tbe t.rbt before V, , C bi 01,35 "
f or a r boat Z , tw L:a
' snootitr for t- , 5'-teiy.
! menlan nsw'iST, .Tbe Ar
' bim. demand V "t
for the dan-L er' tirfac-tion
, t,t to Lis rlothea ia
: ! ro run on th k.
S-:e:y his taken op Aticj 4
t x of late y.'r aJ numhir of t,,.
i.j . '.: hv lo formed vhtrk c.
;clvs:e r Dt where tbe wtU
-ie laJien wi!! be e.B.
.- :.--r a:.tiC is ixpa'ir with (Ik.
f ..r :he north wmil. Lot ttif tr
.vi-T an- i!U.Ivr lk!.ir(t w::h tn
- " iK" .r an 1 now ouJ frcnuj anj (
. lie e :o s-t ptiinm.ni evint b.nie.
Wlivr r-r: f various k:o.l h?t
- i . v.k:; n; :a Chicapo of late yer
.-..: tie nit-a h ;rtini: ctj MJ
h xlt v i (.;.!ii:n'r.5 a fHHb..i.l. T
i,-.:ify. .x.-r.-:.. which i ;'rriilt:ij
i.r.iv yj (.n the ice. reintiv ho-'kr
k wtu-h !.k iik ptf t:rk. t
"; -j, .." i-i .! ;e. t bai; made of rutt-r m
fc-vkrv ka:es. which are screw--!
:tc :. The psnie reqnitv
ita:;t.fi. rs;. tnm and tudiin
";.p "ii.-.: "f ! Liry riam; Oo dm prot,
i:.fa-.-rr an,: -hose who fo!?.w tin
j-u - w;th r.:j h ifctero; prorttir taea-
w i i;..c ere sttacbej jrnu-
rcrrr o!irainxl mack
if:- owini: to the n
'.j ar'.tcial hili dwi
the Sy:np itltlst-s. TV
a :.if proun i in anj
: f.fi.t.t the puco-fj f
,i The ..shtio Kiidn. j;
. ot i? charce.l. Derr
'.' ;':'. altbouch they
j-a:r..c.e(l ly tbie wb
; J.:n than to i! .4I
o. :na!i. However, the
ti is not dead in Ca-
z t.ini in tbe rrffin.
k iti:rase un tiud-
11s tit.t a ph(nt
y ! :i.:itijii,p jiay
:;,J fir bi triiible
v ::pntf was ad-M-
r i-iiil- in !b
i-ti Ma:j" Con-
ii.N'i!. a'i..ircnt!r
?at.fatitiu. (or.
.,.t,i.:uiiii tna:
rj'! y smt for bim.
:k :L-r town.
'.0 :i
He t hansed Hio 1ind.
Il ;,ri-!.. n -Tbe I'oitnunni-y
' 7--J- tfe W..n;aij's II nue Com
in. i. Ij i.'i i Kn.cb: wTit.-s as ful-
S f Si fi iT'.li.l-'i ?."itii,. tti-arrf
I'iitjm- tbe rt y.-a-. i.f hi admia-i-"r;;ti-
11 r.it:,' b r ('Jh ti't ...;m.p1 niar-
":iil-e. J.rj'l lieri!e! lnaj.y JnllC "iD-
sptrJ" d:..'.i;!v.. -(i t,, sb.'Wltit ti- sin
'litjvs i f -be r.-b.ti"ti. but tin.tity he
.: a Vi,- :. t,, -j,.. -J'i-;,;. ,lU(j ji'niles
f a v;:;a- le.airy. ;uj'1 iie tumniliate
y n. '::::.! b; pnh,:; fi:i, cai,.bdiy ar-
brr. m j ... ,.ff.t tbat bis wires of
::,r;." i-,i, v-.-r- icbaMv -riMs-d cud
'1,' r- !,.:; 1;, !.;,(! i;; n.-irisb'il it at
r. - --,. ,,. ;;;. r t,,r .,,,.1!,
1 !. . I J.. :, ev.-ti lliorv ei.i'Hl-IIlly
r.. , ,.,...;, j,. , ,f j....
' 1 'H i: li !.;.-! a,..;...l :i ii--'. art-
liti-i-r fai. ju his
: , :. - b ei.-bi.j.sji, ..,,y.,.rDju the
!:.: "-.! wa j ij an t tih-.!-:
bill. t,. ii,.. .-bart'e cf a
i::u"...';:i:::,;i.r. fr.mi wbi' b we inii.v ia-'-r
tbat hi- i.vii uiiii.u was happy, for
v':it a ""''e. earD' ST and b-lpful
nail aii ! a!:..u,. .r im.-ajmldo of !t
r,s fl ;' '" 1 tlie same tiiiitive tiiat
a-tna:.-! ;i. .!,.,rt-taiied f.-i.
Owners or the Karth.
Mf.t jkhij.v ktiow in a ueral ej
tbat Oeat Hriiain is the i,;KSWt laud-
!, r mi ti. ..be. with Russia for a
p.i se, :,,j Very few. however, oculd
p.a. e t.Tbaiid tbe neit balfKloron run-
1'-, ,TU Britisb 'Uj.'':r'? rover 1E-
:.:.:".' sijuare miles, tbe Rtiiwiaa em
lire .-.. ..:jj.4. tbe Chinese empire 4.--ly.4
;be Krencb republic 3.C1.J9,
tie IT,: ted States S.tiW.KH. Brar.il 3,-
An-eutir.e rt'Ublic 1,77)SS.
Turn.sb ei-p rj. l.S7y;(w (jernjan eiu
J'.fe i."js.i. Thes nine niml r-.w-
! ers vt.r three-fourths of the
' world. There are nine other Da:icn
whi.-b have ea.i from i!af a uji:i;0n
to a million K,,iare mile. These are:
rr" .Stat ICKMMl. I'onuital
K-T.",i. Netberiands 75C.C4S. Meiit
T-rT.fn;.. reria CA.A. Venezuela r.'.C-w,:-
'-Jr.". Spain MJE473. Co
lombia SlS.tCf. The whole of tbe fore
po.fc? ''ati.i,niprise s"veD-ei-b:bs of
tbe flol. There are some forty others.
i-h areas ranging- from nearly baJf
million (Peru, to eight square mile
' Monacoi.
World s Wgewt Toy Factory.
It is said that Americans spend more
money i0 provider amusement for
their children than any other Daticn
largest toy factory in tbe world
n New York, n make. l.iXT, dle
tmet varieties of toys. Tbe boildlDg
i five stories high, and bas an aJtooat
output of over a hundred million play
things. Ust year nearly three mil-lH-n
ho shistles were made, and the
tin sold ers reached tbe enormous total
of six millions.
t"D man keep. golnr to see s
rrl he doesn't care for. h is oecaos
of his conceh: he think, she loves bim
w inu. h that she will kill berseJf. If bs
llti wb0 able to reao betwero tbe
M-M w-n MW- MMMM I , I II l -"li III I. .I. ni)lll i i . ii . III I II. ... i , , , , , M ...mm,,-