Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, March 13, 1902, Image 2

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in-'.-';--,-" j-r;-aria: --
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ci--.- t--,-...; i.x vu:. sZT :', '"t :' T- --
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aac a rra.L so...-:. :aa: cas :a -r- !- taais. Vt-ra. thus adxoc-r-r:
aai.'ii.: -).;u-:r-a - 4- .a it. , s-r.i-r re- a-r aa-i. .ir.Tk
A cae. t -r.T.ii. no ti-.-er oa: of s-- a aaaai aa-i Lilf '-.i- iru
trai: o:.a :-:? a at; i.a-; ?---. rj'a 00: of snaa-aer bwa
V'-"-; - a..--7 a ':ra:ur , L-r p-z.Cj ', r;n-- -r I'j'a a- he a ?ar .
t"ru:r-i. sn... i i:--ia aai a u7-ij-i. : apr ar.a :ari5ih ae sc-a-v I;jt h --
".- j; v .:.:.a.e r .as: .- -'a.s Cr ! pa2-B aa-i pa. w;-.s as.-fjoa, stl
of I --.?.' Aj-i sue. a-a :-.:t. -am-. ; .a.- h-r aaari ::ai.iy ur-:a c.s arrx.
ay. .-ik :.a.- :: u.-. op... Bu: 1 "I ax s. jr.evi." kr ay. aer .Aarai
d jl": a -r- aer :s :.t- :cs fa- very pa it-, b-r vra;-.
T ;-'r i". u.:- aoa Lp Vera' '"Tare are- coxa:s waec t,a tartllf
aa.i a.- a.w w'z.i' oa-- ii-s. aai -"
Ta- i..-r..s: - .uai -.; a -ra-i-i o;d a.a-! "Taere ar sii..-h mon.ears. --r-:a:a:y.'
cr e i.r-a....- ,n 2: ias:aar . a ir.- " :a:rr:p:.Ex a-r rexor--.--.V
a.-l- 2 rn-.-.-c 7 a-"-.:i.-.r. :ae-i
P'-- ' '.a- ;.; c,;
a- a-a ; ra- t'r.'e
.a a i-.ae. (i-.a.-
at a pa--.--
. .... .-;r- a- &aii, yr -.
..f :a- nr-.v a- i- ,
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w ;.-r.:a:-i a.x.
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- you do ..,
' f-1 i.- ?ad i:j:k
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u::- y -ra.iat a.--. .--:
. a.x. -a e-i:s aere.i
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"a -b r-"f-re
r-.- a: '.rr-y -v.-.
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; ? ' -a- r . -r.ar r. -c
a aa ..f -a- f- as. t sx
'it' it - -.-,,.
"" i . :. .a- ay i..,;a
-a. -a ...-.i-ai-.,'., a a..--
1 , - a A- a 7 - -.a.-a -r "f -' a;-." y- A e-i. tr-ar::y.
" 'a . a-r -ra .-a: a- 'r;- r.--i:a. '.y. pcr'-insr
v.- i-:r -.-a..r--. sad err- - n"' a"f raaai. the o-iad nf tu.ia t-nti----
- ? ' A'p-7 to :a..r "'-T. i-:ij.rate fu.tT:-p jiTirp-i'-"
i - i: i r-,.a;t :a :c- :y :aad- fc-ati-r. s-.i-j u-,b their ear.
c .- : e. i.eav-n: Ure h to." eays
-r.T crT' a-l.s lr.t--.ia pr- 'jri -..ii. and iade-j ;h-y Late bar-:y
- : - i-r 'v.-:a -'' pa: oa a rrf!i;.y ua.---n-c.ous
l : a - n -tr a - yjj a.ay r.etr it. in,-2r.or. trha S-atno Lyat iarVca
I r- .a-u -..j a ;r. day fr t.-amr- 'a- d -r .f the fti.rr tu. aad iowis
r t--j , ., -h.;- dsy. V.'a--.a-r '.-i-f.t d.-tra ua thex.
I r aias: a -. rs Jur n.y ...as "They told c I houid End yon here.""
1 a a.:.- at. a; di- a-: o)fr- xe I fae tays, gpeakias to Vera. -I Late come
.7k. hardly t-h-te i: :c thi '. to y pood-by."
p-..a:..- a-- i.u-. 1 a-.-:aa:iy seek after j "But anrely ye are not rwa aooa
fixe. I sa aid Lite to f. on in cry pro- j nrt bef jr cliaaer, not to-night!" rriea
inii'.on; ;o i xre riac a Dierr tr.-.r." Grieelda. thnnder-rtmck by taj fjlntion
"l'uu are chirxaaj-." aayi Grc.da, j of thir dUtctilay, and a Lttic aorry, too.
751 JtJ l-l-t?
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"V a "i Hi i r-- i i b.:
Eu: y : a, re z -r ,:?
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c:-TArri:p. v:i
- . '-" ai era. lar.t-
ii". V-r ".T.: a.i
a-i-r. r.,r- V-s. x - ;-
-""-? -" TL-7r . -it; Cir. i;
"--r r. -T. .-: .... i -rre.
i-v aiiL risx a ii:.
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MJ f: I. -i-s."
c Ivr-t-ari he- .-. w
aai ar ar. tr.li.aa: w.:a a
. 'j:--- me a d?
ij.aaU -a:t-,r Z-Zii. .- 1..:-r 0 t
'"aoai 1 " -iu V-;r ..j,, ...
--- :o d:-t. Aai h-w tob rac
-ra h -. "
- . av .x...2r.T -a r.a-s
, .... . .
-,s "-rr. i :a r-jrr.-r ci rise --r- -
a: Ve-a
c-i CT tray v..
1 rL '1t-i.-J-:r
i -";4"rf: -":-- '': I 2----r 0:4-
'' "i"'- -'f ca-i &aj7- tui
-. - -Hv lj -r on-.
a..-.- b-i-ct a s..ya: (.--. saJ
ralis -r-.;-ly oawarvl c-a rie OLdu
4 s tad '.'ao-a.
"-- Vrrt. d-- ia.i::r trim -
!. .jey 1:2a aar-iy o tr -r
? ar tr.-x -a- I
Aa - i tray -a--:.d y.--. ap..;.-.s.a5 I a-ire -
1. tt.u.i-. ---tii wr :r.a- a ha
" a - L'-i-r-
.a.- i.a. i. a- cai ;:.-; np.L L s
" - -. ra.
" ' ""' ' -- ... a.- .-i.a-
" f----i-. tc. sy .a a...c a
- - i.-.ia.a-.i ar ap-...- lo-.v- t
a a.- r a-r-u tr w a-t K
raa;.- x aer ora. and a a-: tvw ;
---ir rv-a i-r-. a-r nsualy pa ja v ,r;;.
"--rv. a-ter a.. a : h.ru." she ra-rs.
-'vr- ' ti .s 5...: v..;."d;
'-S f--rr-.aa:e ;. a-.! -.t.g -.p.s.; -r:v
ar g.r; iral: . r , a .r. a- H
J'-'. "-.- a;j ;-. .-.. ca. u-
''"-i. w:ra a i.ea: lasra. drawn :r
rt.j ; iy "ae a-fjr-r-j'i i,v;.rf.
..jaa aad said of -ae iaad t Ictr.
ria c..-a :a- j.a-.attay aad i mn
: f.-.-t.
Wa-a r.e r-.cr-. over a a ho-:r ; er
--'"? to a-r axaiex-aa
"1 : a- c;-rij;. a:.-':r that trrv;rh-
-f:a:r :ti- m .ra.ar." jr.s;.ii..
"N"'r ai.s. i it. I; .u wiii ti. .i:a-
r'"r - yon t- -. a.i rh- rsls.a.
- a - l u- .: aa.- ., r ea.:-jr-d I d -a'.rea:
' -- p t:p y..ar p..-.-j,."
"'- r Thert- i-a't a de.vn: ch&i.-
' "I - r-w. C.osI ty - ioliltf
f" his haai to t: .:t a ir:rnui2oi
c : be Gri-lc takes t n4
:: rL . . 7 . r -7. war-rrhy. IT. fccr
nior i ; a -r. -. if te
Al;:;.:; : (- -. .tiar a aa. h tel. aer--f.
w tae taiag. aad sht
. v js .-. t-;t ; .-a i y tewsrd Ln,
: i--ix. up. t.x w.va j-rnii eavrvavj
ia hr eye.
' l- T u x-v r . A? tas orse serf--
-"-v." a.-. r .a see that rve?"
A -" - 7 ::ik" aad -7:i c- . a r-i-
-rie .i.fc.r. "1; ha
.?. but tos are till.
; a .-c x car r
- Vier :n; - w.l. t ia lift these
a . i rd -air... i;j press vsem tack
- ar i v.a-'.j a: tire a sxii
- T x J'-y:..a tv-..d hate g tec et
tral y - - ' a.- "e ;--ss. bat I t-
d y ai m- red by it. aad.
r-f-;:a; ' r-'- .-a it. r-p oct-:de. aai.
:ta a d-- i- i y uatrlU.aj air. prx- -d
-ft tae dr-.K.p.a; teairus and niu'.-
;--:da. aatnrally a jrirt nf p-eat re-
.'-r . j tae r.r p- ia:ty she has
a-...; p-nc-d. Caf.-hias Vera arte
sa- drawj her :i t ..ut of sliht-
"N --r t.ai-r- she sy. riy
c-n-.eth.tr. I"-. s.'X-th.ci. It d--Ti't
ciattcr -aat. tut i -r niTt i aie
tlx d'-tra i ae tray 1.7 another! If
you doa't y.a'h have thv o.d man ct-wa
up-.a ii i k "
'I ctc't." car- Vera. f-arfa''.y.
- "U E.-ast." ;as:-ts -r.A.-;dA. stem!t-.
""It ixr--:a to saow trhat of
n:aa he U. If r-Teavfal. he caa plat
oi '. Harry trita um
;ta.-at tra..t.a; t eip".a:a trhat par-t:-rttiar
aaa e ta:? tr.ar m-aa. or the fail
-:ra:a -aa taer-:-- ae step l.zhtly oat
aai p-azes tr;ta und:.-?j-.ed rapture
ar-.a I'y-rt s tiori.
i;-:.rt r-turas -. the surnnier h-cse
tr:ta a., ta- n ar.a-r ot t-ae :a cad haste
- -ae. It is. taeriy a part of aa tsa-pi-a-at
tt a ..;. h t-l.s hixs'-ld. that he
a:-:-t arst sy a .---'urteu tr ri
firvtr-.-i: t.- the g:rl trh-- has
d.::ari t..--ard Lax such aa ua
dyir.; aaix -s.-y.
"I ax afra.d.' say; Vera, re-akiar
tr-,ta c-.id prec.si.-a. a- -- deiitrer.az her-s--.f
i-f aa ua.- -'--i i-s -a. "that you are
f away tan abruj.y be-.-aaise of
t. aat you h-:-ari x- :iy this mom-.n? "
"l'-a are ricat. Taut is why I am jrv
:ra;." rt-iie I "Tsar-, o-ilc'.y.
"xei a chlliinr tne. aad with
faictiy i.ft-d brtrs. -I regret ei7e-vi-ia-
y taat I shuid have so uafortcaat-iT
oS-ad yott. but t.- so for that it all
s.-uads a little trf-i.il. doa't you th:ak?"
" Not by coxs. I th:ai. I doa't -e aow
I caa do other-rise. Why should I cake
you ua-.x;o-ar,ie" But you cay -.-ai:
it trrrial if yoc like, to talis c-f cetestiar
a n.aa you ha--e oaly se-a for aa hour
or two. aad who ia those hour? " He
pause. -I'.d I cake cyself so speciai y
oio-tionabl-?" c--xaads he. abruptly,
tairaia; to her wive s-.methiar taat is
sur-.y atser. but as surely entreaty, ia
CIS eye.
-As I y-u bef.-re.' iadiaferently.
"ore says J .-hsh th.ir.s-s now aai taea."
"Would y.-u ha-ve a;e believe y.ju d-d
a-f real.y taea a wast you aaldT"
"I a -t have yr.u r-eheve ary
ta.af. returas sue. haughtily. "I oa.y
t.ai it a .:y -.hit yva seouli cur.a.l
.T '-r v.;t t- your father Ue.'aase a
-.aja.e rvc.ars of taiae that caLaot p-.--a.i.y
y.-a :a aay tj."
"I- that h'.tr y.-.a i..-.k at it?"
"Is vaere aay other way; Way should
r-'-c rare wi-ta-r cr n-t I d-.et you I.
- a a. you sw dor the first t:xe yester-
' Way. iadee-dr' He rvrards her tb
seat.y. a id trying to work out ia his
owa xiad tae aaswer to vhs queMVioc
aai thea. su-i-i-:a.y :
"Nevertheless. I do care." he taya.
w-.th a toaoh of Teh-raon-re. "It U the
ia.us-.i.-e of it to wh.- h I obje--. You
had evideatly detemiiaed beforehand to
sa-.-w rue no srra--e. 1 defy yoo to decy
rtl Coxe. can you?"
M.s I'ysart is sheet. The t-ery iro-petu-,-lty
of his a-.-tru-atioc has deadened
her power to reply, an i besides, is there
not truth in it? Had she not prejada-ei!?
"By the iye." he says, "I am adraid
you will tave to put up with in- for a
dew hour every week. I shaU promise
to make them as sh-urt as I poslbly can.
But n:y fatlier like- ;o s tae ttj er
ea day or so. aad I iike t- see hix.. r
y r. taiak." a slight smile .t -;r.- his
fa-e. "yi,u Will be able to live through
"I have iived through a rei n.aay
th.r.." says Vera, h-r .i&rk ey..- afiaxe.
"That a-.ve yi.u a -rhan-.e t-; p.-u--cak-
i--.-d--t. I ax s-rry to U
ei x" ia-.-iav-ai-n -e y.,.: j,ut
' I stayed away. I ax '.:mA n.y datae:
n;i-ht waat to ka-.w wuay He x .-t
ev..- be ai.-ur-! as ti a.;- Die."
"Way sa.-n.tl y-.u ta it f-.r sr&n4
that I ;t?:r y.-ur ab--n-r" ..-r.e Vera,
h-r t... titi.-atius w:ta aas-r. "Oiuie.
ren.ax. or stay away l-rvver tthat i ii
Aad it was thus tKar ta-y pa---i.
'To be r-.at.au i., 1
.t to B H. 1 d.
A cox.par.s'.L n.ade by a- old est!
peuter twei-ty v.ars aco cay li at
plied in a cu- a wider s ne than he ;
had in clad. He was s-.etkinc of two !
V: ys. Ico-hers. who had le-er. s-nt t i
hlx to -r;ra 'he t-ade. They were
bright !:. aad their fa'aer. ia teJii-.g '
the ..arje-Lter -f h.s pleasure at their ,
procress In their work, said he coold j
not see bar oae haad had done just as
Well .tther. . ?
"t'x-xT' said the ca-petiter. -j pre-
sune to say 'ho-.r work l-n-ks aVont of
a pie--, but 1 11 tel! you the dlf eret.--c f
be-wixt th'- - wo ie y. Y"on prve E!
;u- "he r.a-'at too"., and he"! do a read i
c-'. jo"-,; but f'y. if he hasn't cot what
he :,ee-i. he"U cake his own toola. and
say nothinc a':-ut it. 1
"If I wa '"astej or. a des.-rt Island
aad waat-d a h-ox opeLe. 1 should -know
there"d le-1,0 c- askinc E-d to do j
it. without I could -in: tlx- out a '
haxxer. i
But Cy!" added the old carpenter. '
with a snap of bis Eif-rs. "The lack !
t-f a haxcer wou!dn"i sretc- that boy!
He'd have iniethlt-r rlcred up and
that hex o;Ti-d. if there was aay op-a
to it! I expert Cy's going to inarch
ahead of Ed all h.s life."
Twenty years hat-e proved the troth ;
of the word, for while the boy who '
- v u -'. . ... u.a mvup
er is ralll an ordinary worfcavan.
01 "T Vrthodix Vniversity Will Fit-
ct!t Com m ran 1. rate the llvcnt.
It 1 firtitis that Wesieyau rn:ver:ty
of 5d:ddletv u. Conn., the oi !--: Me-h-s!::
itKt.tstu-a of Wars.tv: in ta
t"t 'evi State, sii -uij i-drve ia Jcue.
"ait- - "th aaalvervary if the lei
i f Ji-ha We,;, y. the reauarkiibie f..uo
lier i f iIe:hiHi:sx.
rVraapt a cri'ater re::;iou! orarar.irer
s?Avr I.v-tl aad no one cam. ;erha;s.
ev-r a.'Tiapllshetl much. Every
ymr f r Orar'.y 5 years, he is sii.d to
have riJdtn fully 5.-v miles, ch-efy on
h- rs ii.i. and preached Jikl serauocs.
la a !d:t. a he arranei aad sv-u?d.
h.s K'it-ri.- wLieh bad a tuex'.Krship
of aSct '.' Nf.-re his death, i-ar-r:e-d
oa ac ixaiense5 ctrres;.icdf dv.
rvad overy w..rk t-f note as i: --axe
f-ox -he pr-s. wrv.-e roxxectaries on
the Bli-ie. arraared arran'.xars of the
H-lirvw. Grevfc. Latin and French lac-itua-.-s.
was the author of works on
i-j-.tii-TLy. and o-ntrovers:a:
rre?.t.s-s. cr.:r.!-utei to various jour
nals aad aroridjed over l- voluaaes of
a Christiaa Library. Yet. this versa
tile niaa was never in a hurry.
He was always cheerful, deferea-lal
to woxec aad f.-nd of t-hlldrec. H:s
penrvsity was unSoumW. When a
y uL; can he walked from Loudon t
Flpwo h. a dlstanre of ! dies, that
he cucht tavr core to pive away. In
after s;fe. th-nuath he rexv:ve! fully
$;:-..--. f.ir his writicss and h:s -.-r-s-
aal t i;;s-s d:d not arerase a
y-ar. he left iiothlr.; a; his death. His
pr-.v-ui.ie was: Make all yc-u -.-an i-y
industry, save all y..u car by e-.va.c.y
and ; v. al! r-n can 1-y li!e-raii"y. He
' vt-d :c castaat b tiv-.-y and chee-ful-B.
In Lis yo!;ar--r life he was its
dally 5aa;er fr.x -he fury of ui -i s.
aad h.s d-li-ate 1:1 1 n .1 M: te- aly the
c. r.te:..; ; of the hlcher '-iasses. hi
equals. y-T he w.-rk-j on and aliowe-d
Ci ne of thes-e thiajs So swerve Liu.
f r -x his purpose. He lived l.c?
eui-ua-h. however, to see the toBTUe of
sland-r husaed aai the hand of jierse-out.'-c
stay.! He won pWea trii-ut-s
frox such d:-:n;u:saed nea and crit-i'-s
as It. Johcs-.m and Alexander
John Wesley was bora at Epworth.
Llncolshirv. Ens.. June -S. IT-C Wuea
years of a?e he narrowly esae-I
t umir.2 to death in the fire which iron
euxiej the Ep-worth parsonase. where
in livej bis father. Lev. Saxuel Wes
ley. The future missionary's eariy
traiaia; was re-.-e:ved from his moth
er, who was a hlarhly educate! woiaan.
At he a?e of 10. he entered Oxford,
the oldest and m st famous university
of Enc-and. While in this institution
of lea reins. h cade rat-id pro;res in
t:s studies aad it was here that be. his
l-r -th-r. Charies. f je- irse Whittieid and
a few other students, really founded
J'Jli- WtaaEV.
the great religious orcamziit.ou of
Meth oJism. These young men were so
intensely earnest in their reii-ious de
votions and so niethod.-.-al in their
work and actions that the other stu
dents applied to them, in a spirit of
derisioc the teres Methodists and
Hoiy Ciub. This was in IT-O.
In the latter part of 1T3:. the first
Methodist s ie-y was formed io Lon
don. It C'jns.sted of only eight or ten
Persons, but :he movement spread rap
idly and cany societies were rap.diy
organized in other places in Engiund.
When WeSiey d.ed there were more
than To.i to-mljcrs in England and
over 4.v in the United State, xow
the organization extends round the
world and its adherents number cany
In ITSTj. when Ogiethorpie started
with his ci locsrs for the New World,
the two We;v brothers. John and
."iutrie-. ac.ucpanied him. the former
as a cessionary to the Indians and the
latter a Priva e S-rcretary to the Uot
emur and a cierjrymaD in the new col
ony. Georgia was the name given to
the new settiemeut and here John 'k.
ley labored until K3.S. when he re
turned to England. During bis short
stay in Amer,i.a he bad sown healthy
sed. the plants of which were assidu
ously cultivated by bis followers in the
snbserjuent yea re.
In lToT. Wesley contracted an un
happy carriage with Mrs. Mary Vi
aelle. a woman of talent and apparent
piety, who later did everything pussi
bie to ruin her husband. He bore her
behavior with great forbearance. She
Cnaily robbed him of important papers
and then left him forever. On March
lh ltl'i. Wesley died in London, sur
rounded by a number of his preacheirs
and other friends. Hkj Iat words
were. "The best of all ia. God is with
The Great British ActretM Who Han
Been ia America.
Amencans have bad an opportunity
of -eltg Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the
celebrated British actress, of ' whom
they have read iuu h. but who hajt up
until recently l.m.ted the display of
her talent to England. Next to Ellen
Terry she Is the most distinguished
actress of the day In her country,
though she is but 23 years of age. Sue
began her theatrical career aa an axa-
te;:r aad so proaouaced was her uo
vvs thai sae se.-urr-i an et.tTa.-eni'-ct
with a mirror pTviess oaal u.p-4y
Her r.csil.ad v: the adx -..:Va oi
cr t.s. Whea si r :.rt playexi in t-oa-doa
s;-e was r. -tihted a a .treat
a. -:res. bur t was r t ur.til s: e xa-ie
tvT apre-araro'e .r the I-art - '. Pau.a.
:t "The Sevx-ad Mr Taa ;i:.-y ." that
her fir: dramatic tr ::r:.r-h y-a-
h.evexi. Tr.. p ay ha I itt-a wr JT-s'
tw.. t-s-s Ufore its firs; p--!;ic,V
Arthur Ptcero. :h
allow to i-e a.-t-i u: :.i i.-e ..a i found
s.-aie or w-ho .-a-.--d -H;'.::il to crvat
ir:; the r-. it ass f.aa.'.y ea:ru:-d
to Mrs iaxp!-ei: aroi the playwr.-h:
reer ha .1 reas--r. to ir"et t.'.st i:e cave
it to her She reld Lvii i- a s;el,---und.
Wher. the 2"tr-ss s"r ve-d ir. this -.-".un-try
the clerk of the firs: h.'tel at whi.-J.
she re;istered. -re - f t::- xost ex
clus.ve :n New York. vie..-;.ae..d to JT ve
hjr a rovx. uaiess he .eft N-hirrd the
ruite of a d c whose head ;evp-i out
of her Sf.i-.e euS.
"WhatT' she .'. ru".?.Td. "tnean you
to refuse to allow n e to te-. p Fhakey
Taakey Poo in ct r.- ras1 Then. s r.
MSa. PATRICK fwrtn 1
you may rent your iodc.r.cs to some
one who cares core for her cocfort
than for her best fr.end."
A few hours later she was comfort
ably situa-ed e: an-rther hotel, where
docs are occasionally allowed.
"Pinkey Paakey Poo." she ' said,
whox we scxetixes call Rita for
short, is a B-.tker-rriJot and I paid
?-"' for hix at the ixperial kennels of
the Kite of Belciurr.. These anixals
tise-i to t-e exployej for ficht.r.c pur-!"-.
the er.cour.ters taklac place oa
tables. 1,V years aco."
Marria; e Amoi--; Australian Savages
Etaraoi. i.'al exp-ers acree that w:h
Bi-.st Australian tribes every wou.au
'.s betrothed in iat'aa-y. or even ia aa-tlcipat.-.-a
of her birth. Accord.ng to
soxe xysterious law of their own
th.s :s ar-raraa-rd by the old men of
tae family, the woxen having n ,
voice in the n.s".er. The age of the
p-.;,oe.i husbaad is nr-t taken into
c-onsiderati-a. so that it fre..;u.-atiy
happens iy the tia.e the girl is of
a carriag-.-abie age her intended is an
old can. If in the Cean-ixe soxe
younger can has set his heart upon
her this means a hght. in which the
unfortunate bri de.-.he. as she is
dragged away, is certain to come in
for a share of the blows whitrh the
rival suitors deal out to each otaer.
In sc-ce of the coast districts, where
not til the girls are promis-d in in
fancy, the betrothal of a young wom
an to a can who follows the ecuja
tion of a fisherman compels her to
lose the first joint of the little fiLger
of her left hand. This slow and pain
ful opera-ion is prforxed by a stout
string bound tistrly around the joint
an ena-ag-raent ring wi-h which one
wonid will-agiy dine: a mar
r.age lioea-e. e-juahy ULi-jue. is c-uii-n.on
in s-.-xe se. n. where the chief
g.veS jo the pp.--i-.-e groom a jk--cuilarly
kn-.".ed s-rxs. p.-sesslng
which he is free to k the wife of his
chjice.-Woxaa's Hoxe Companion.
Hot Air in Boston.
Little Exers-.a-Maxxa. I find n-,
carg.nal n-,re m elucidates of tuls
express.-a. wa. a I o:,serve fr.
!y to re-car la xy voluxe of
taie Cla-s...r--Vi-h hated brea-h""
"cat is tae pru-pvr interpretation of
tae phrase?
Macca-"W.-h bated breath." cv
son. coxx .a.y o-ir in fairly tale
your father often r-tiras from
tr.z excurs.,a5 with hated breath.
The pnr-ase it s-ah ins-ances. how
ever has no s:gr,a-.n..-e as applvix
tO the te, ex;,l,yed to aau'thf
fish but is cere.y an eia.-lc term of
dub.ou. xeaaiag k-.d suspl.-iou,
r-c. utilized - t , j " "
. ':v-,c wive in-;,
matwj. s.xp.y be-.-an of the sane.
. it has ga nd by oustom-
you Coxp-ebend. Exer.tt. " .
ma. New Yo-s Ju-'.ge. ""'
To Off-et st IxJniB- Heat.
An a.r-cW.xg sys-,,x 0B a Ta5.
Is .0 be ir.ed at tae Sr. F .
t.on. Great fans wilt bring
cu-r of ,-ld air from a height ofl
.-et ai-.ve tae ear-.h and po, lt
the grounds . D hot days, 'y
Not rT ominendaWe
r.ne ttihg I like eh,ut Mike is he a!-1
eys ne..;,s ms word." :
"Ye. I believe none of his frieDN '
-omd ta.e his wor(J fljr
. Cbe-a tMas.t Gazette. j
A maaTpiT the ts-1
r, after UiepcUUP
ei '-.
Jtr.. Williin fll. Hrt fi.rd.
t irliui. Trtl th Story la aa I,.
l-r ifV. A Terrible Kx-fterieuc.
"It wa- Jor-iUe." saiil Mrs. Cotter
1 hir:o-t i-in-i for death rl0 .j
nr. I'-ut i.c'p came insane and I 4
ve"y grate'.'.'.;.
'T-.-li you the st-iry? Yes, icdei
I lu-vt-r gr -w t;rel of U-lling it. Set.
f.,1 years ug' 1 as tukea ith neural.
g;a and su:ierei untohl misery. J
tnei a great many doctors and seven;
;t:i the result that I fuul
tt-c:.-rary relief hut 1 was iu-i cur
an.i b-gaii to icar that I never would bt.
Ti.en l'.-liivman Keilly, whs is ,
in igi.lx-r of ours, recommended tim
try Ir. Williams' Pink Pills for I'jU
Pe-p:e and I did so. I tliought thti
t:.e first box gave me txnie rviief. ac
n.y i is':-a:ij iiisi-teJ that I keep M
taking tiieiii. I did and I can mill
say tr.al tiiese j i.is are the only ruedj.
i-iue ti-at ever jn-rmuuentiy heaentei
"I r.txl t.- have to give up eaiirit
and lie i a when the jmin came oa.
My ia.-e w -uid swell up so that my eyw
w-.u'.i ci e. The pills have cured ah
ti.is arid I have had no return oi it Ut
ti e last three years. I keep the piU
1- r.st.n.tly on hand as I believe thet
are a w--iolcrii.il houseiiotd reuiedv.
"T I'r. U illiams' Pink Pills
IVile IV p'.e I owe all the c.niio-tI
have t-:.i.-yed I'.-r the j-.at three yean
in i-::ig tree l-. -i.i neuralgia and I u I
gla i ;-e ar-ie t- reiv .mcieiid liieni.M
Mar y h-- u-e n -w tortureij wiii
iH-uraigia w;.i reai with lutt'rest it
ar- ve state!;.t-at which is beyond diMlK
a- it was giwn over the signature
Mrs. William l'.-tt.-r. ho-e huslua
ha i-eeri I -r.i-s tatic register of el-
ti .n in Hartf.ir !, C nn., for over H
years, ani who is Well known tuMus-
out tae state.
Mrs. ('otter, who lives at No. 4i
Wimix-r street. Hartiord, is the mother
of a happy family, unJ is now enjo-i-j
tX'-e.ieat iiea.tii.
I'r. Wil.iariiS pir.k Pills for Pik
To-pie w ill not ot.iv cure cases simih-
to that of Mr. Cotter, but containi-t
as they do. all the elements necessary
give new lite and richness to the Woo:
an-.l rest- -re shattered nerves, they but
pr-'ve-i ettii-ai-iiii: in a wide range of Ja-ea-.
Tiiey are an unfailing specuv
f--r such dis-a-os as locomobjr ataxu.
cartial pa-aiv-is. St. Vitus' dana
K iarica. n-rau'igia. riieumatism. nn-
Oil heiuiaciie. the alter effects of &
fh: of fever and of other acute de
a palpivuti-.il i-f the heart, pale ia
'.-1 e-'ii:piesi.,t,s and all form c:
eakr;e . eiti.-r in male or feniik
I'r. Willi;..-.,- Piak Pills for Pale IV-
Pie are .-id by all d-alers or will k
i-tpaii -n rec.-ipt of j-rice. firr I
r-r.ts a ti- s. mx U xes. two dollar
En ; fifty c-::t-. l-v addressing Dr
:ll:aa.e Medicine Co., i-chelleCtoij
N . 1 .
Sweet Revenge.
I i-"-' An i y-m aren't going an;
r. a v.,i'ati..n this summer?
I "age Y-.u bet I'm not; my Lias-
"' :t 1 cios-d up the house ut
went away he would charge me r
;ut tae same, so I'm going to staj 1'
ii me p get even with him. Ohii Suit
Little Over Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
6e FacSlmlks Wrapper Below.
Terr a-aall aad aa
ta take aa agac
rl L- ---,l"-r mtmtiitf-.'
- Cwh rarlT TesretaMa. jQtKtbHS&i
Seerta maka
Cood eroM. rood
l-n 1 r.. ti . . Ir ....... n-
crops and customers Lavs
grown greater. That's ths
r-et of the Ferry tame.
if t- .. .
m rerry a oeeas oiu
a ua Htu tnan any otner
m ainu. bold by aU deaiers.
1 D. M. Farry
.ill '.J Detroit,
-df Mloh.
'.If. a annual rtHLT.
JOHN POOLE, Portlsad. Orego
'eet-t MatHaoa Straeb
Can (iT yon ths boat ban-aiin "
i-ut-eie,. flow,. ij,MM!f, ,nd yjni..ot
"iii-tn.l.s and Pnmos ani
-aunerr. 60. us befor bayinf